LG G5 to hit Canada on April 8… with a bonus!

by: John DyeMarch 8, 2016


The LG G5 is one of the most anticipated phones of 2016 (alongside the Samsung Galaxy S7 and the S7 Edge variant). As such, it’s not small bit of news to learn that we just got an official date for the smartphone’s Canadian release. April 8th is the date to circle on your calendar, but what’s more is that we’ve learned that Canadians are getting a pretty awesome extra perk with their G5’s.


According to Rogers and Fido, those who pre-order the device will get the CAM Plus camera accessory on the house, so long as supplies last. The CAM Plus is one of the G5’s much-touted “friends” that adds physical camera controls and enhanced camera features to the smartphone. Already a favorite among photography nuts, the accessory is one of the major reasons some users are opting for the G5 over the Galaxy S7. Considering the module retails for $100, that’s a pretty sweet add-on to get for free.

lg g5 camera module demonstration aa-9

According to Videotron, pre-orders will begin on March 31, and they are also expecting to bundle a free CAM Plus module. No word yet from the other carriers, but we wouldn’t be surprised if this became par for the course for the G5 in Canada.

The G5 has proven to be a divisive smartphone, with some denouncing its aesthetic as lackluster. Although it’s certainly not as sleek-looking as the Galaxy S7, it’s no slouch in the specs department, what with the Snapdragon 820 SoC riding along under the hood, 4GB of RAM, two rear-facing cameras, and, of course, the modular capabilities that Samsung frankly just doesn’t have a response to in the S7 line.

What are your thoughts regarding the G5 and its release with a CAM Plus? Does this impact your decision to spring for it at all? Let us know your take on this smartphone’s launch in the comments below!

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  • Arman

    Great news being a Fido customer! Any word on pricing!?

  • SXE-EA17

    That “friend” seems like a gimmick imo…you can control the camera via the touchscreen and save the money. The DAC/Amp on the other hand actually serves a purpose that I cannot achieve with the stock smartphone.

    • Dallen Lee

      Doesn’t it add a fair bit of battery capacity as well?

      • SXE-EA17

        It does have a 1200mAh battery inside but I wouldn’t carry that (fat ass) with the phone permanently. Reminds me of the 100$ iphone camel hump.

        • Dallen Lee

          Fair enough, but I’m thinking the extra battery life and easier grip for photos makes up for it. Each to their own

    • drago10029

      agree, the friends feature seems gimmicky with the current “friends” devices seeming not very fun or useful. I know you argue the DAC/AMP but they included that inside the V10 so it seems like they would rather sell it to us now than just give it to us :/

      • SXE-EA17

        They could’ve included that, agreed. If I remember correctly the dac/amp “friend” is not that big compared to the standard lower part of the phone.

        Who knows, maybe in some parts they’ll throw that in to sweeten the deal.

    • Nez Alarcon

      I guess its not a gimmick imo. the word gimmick means that the feature is useless. I think the cam plus is very useful especially if you want more comfort in handling the phone while having a picture or video, plus it has a manual control to make it more comfortable and easy to use. aside from that it adds additional juice to your phone.

    • SunTea

      The cam plus doesn’t just add camera buttons, it also adds 1100 mAh of battery, and I personally would get it just for that.

    • saksham

      there are many options to take a photo on a galaxy like volume buttons , voice control , place finger on heart rate monitor , touch the screen or just touch the shutter button

    • Jon Duke

      Save what money? The one it will cost to get it for FREE with the phone?

      • SXE-EA17

        I didn’t know the human species lived on planet Canada.

        • Jon Duke

          Isn’t it a nice change? Usually, the universe seems to only exist inside the US.

  • V_Mena

    I wonder if they will offer the same in the states.

  • LG guy

    The galaxy s7 wont have the snapdragon 820. But instead the exynos processor in the canadian models. Does that mean the g5 will follow suit as well? Does any one know?

    • drago10029

      no lol exynos is samsung specific.

      • LG guy

        I thought maybe they would use a different snapdragon chip. Since in latin america the g5 wont have the 820. Just wondering.

        • Jsp

          The Latin American models have a different (lower end) chipset mostly to make the G5 more accessible to those who want to purchase it. Obviously for most though in Canada, purchasing the G5 wouldn’t be much of an issue. All developed markets will carry the 820 variant.

        • drago10029

          i see, thing is the exynos chip is made by samsung for samsung. snapdragon’s are for made for all.


    Rather take the black Hi-Fi audio module and a spare battery

  • A.K. S

    This is easily the worst gimmick I’ve seen on a phone, and that’s saying a lot when you take a look at what some companies have come out with. This has a 90’s, trying anything to get ahead, microsoft hardware feel. In a year it will be relegated to the “what were they thinking??” pile. There is nothing to spur me to even bother looking at the device, which is difficult, since I work in the mobile industry.

  • John Larson

    The modular capability is nice. Would love to see a tablet you could just plug the phone into to get a larger display. You’d have all your apps and your one 4G line all right there.

  • Ricardo Rodrigues Silva

    Does anyone knows if the Canadian version works in Brazil? :D
    I mean the 4G band.