LG G5 now up for pre-order in the UK for £529

by: Kris CarlonMarch 10, 2016
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The LG G5 is now available for pre-order on Amazon UK in Titan Grey or Rose Gold for £529. The phone is due to be shipped on April 8 – the same date as Canada – and there’s a funny note specifically apologizing for not being able to ship the phone to the US.


The LG G5 still hasn’t had an official US release date confirmed but with the UK and Canada both getting the phone on April 8 it’s a pretty safe bet it’ll get the same announcement in the very near future. Price-wise, the LG G5 comes out a little bit cheaper than the Galaxy S7 in the UK, which is priced at £560.

The LG G5 is the successor to last year's LG G4, but it has taken a radical shift away from the familiar design and form factor of the G series. The LG G5 features a modular design that allows accessories and peripherals – called LG Friends – to be controlled remotely with the phone or physically added to the bottom of the phone via a removable section.

Unlike Canada though, those who pre-order the LG G5 in the UK won't receive a bonus LG CAM. Amazon UK currently doesn't have any LG Friends listed for pre-order either.

Thanks to Aaron from Weboo for the tip!

  • Armand Bernard

    No silver version? That’s the only good looking one!
    On a different note, the price advantage of the G5 this year isn’t as good as previous years, although that’s no surprise, it makes for a tough choice against the S7. Only time (and reviews) will tell which is the better device for the price.