LG G5 International Giveaway!

by: Derek ScottFebruary 21, 2016

Welcome to the Sunday Giveaway, the place where we giveaway a new Android phone or tablet each and every Sunday!

A big congratulations to last week’s winners of the Galaxy Note 5 Giveaway: P.Panagiotidis (Greece). Enjoy your new Galaxy Note 5!

This week we are giving away the freshly announced LG G5!

Freshly announced at MWC 2015, the LG G5 is a massive departure from the G series of old, offering a new metallic body with a unique modular design, all while retaining the removable battery and microSD support. It’s not just the hardware that is getting a makeover either, with the G5 featuring the most streamlined and fluid version of LG UI to date, while nixing much of the bloat and less commonly used features like Q Slides in favor of a more simplistic experience that “just works” out of the box.

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LG G5 International Giveaway!

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Terms & Conditions

  • The giveaway is an international giveaway (Except when we can not ship to your Country.)
  • If we can not ship to your country, you will be compensated with an online gift card of equal MSRP value to the prize.
  • We are not responsible for lost shipments.
  • You must be age of majority in your Country of residence.
  • We are not responsible for any duties or import fees that you may incur.
  • Only 1 entry per person, do not enter multiple email addresses. We will verify all winners and if we detect multiple email addresses by the same person you will not be eligible to win.
  • We reserve all rights to make any changes to this giveaway.
  • This giveaway is operated by AndroidAuthority.
  • The prize will ship when it is available to purchase.
  • Abdulrhman

    it doesn’t hurt to try


    OMG OMG OMG *fingers crossed*

  • Dark varder

    Didn’t win yet again :(

  • Veikko cx

    i better win this one

  • Dark varder

    Why is it always like this??? Let’s try again!

  • Patrick

    Never wanted a phone so bad! :D

  • Michelle

    I need to win this my moto g is on its last legs, overheating, battery not lasting half a day, freezing, lagging and taking forever for something to load. And at the moment I can’t afford to buy a new phone #studentProblems #NoMoney

    • Best of luck buddy.
      A student in almost same situation

  • webcool

    This phone is imo amazing.SD820,Always on,replaceable battery,micro sd,Modules,.Definetely the best phone of 2016.

  • Best of luck everyone :)


    EPIC GIVEAWAY!!!!!!!!

  • Munchic Pham


  • Dian Kirana

    I might be the only one who don’t have smartphone on this site lol.. let me win please

    • Jave

      I’m with you girl.

      • Dian Kirana

        seriously?? i’ve never had one lol

  • interista93

    Well this lg would be rly nice to own :D

  • Sen. Rockie

    Still satisfied with my G3 but hey this is worth the try X)

  • vmxr

    done :)

  • Haythem Hentati

    i need a new smartphone doesn’t matter which one :/ i tried all the giveaways before , no chance yet

  • cadots

    Need to win this

  • Jave


  • Jave

    I NEED THIS! I’ve been a fan of all LG devices to date but only have had the pleasure of using the G2 and the Gpro and found them to be great and they’ve improved so much over time and this has to be the biggest improvement in smartphones over the last 2 years atleast. Love the design.

  • likeastar20

    Hope i win.

  • Maxwell Mtola

    Wish everybody gudluck.
    My question is the playground really level, does worldwide include Africa? Never heard anybody from Africa won. I guess Africa is too far to send a prize?! Just thinking thanks.

  • d3ac0n

    That magic slot though… Imagine the possibilities!

  • James Erlngson

    I’m DEFINITELY going to win this week :D,

    …he said every week for the past 2 years.

    • Same goes for me

      • Ethan


    • NorgesGlasset

      I never win either, so don’t even know why I try :/

      • bumpy knuckles

        Cuz you’ve got nothing to loose,quit being a drama queen

        • NorgesGlasset

          You REALLY need to learn what a “drama queen” is… ;)

          • pandicul

            i see what you did there. or maybe were both stupid.

    • pandicul

      i still dont know what age of majority means, yet i try

  • gopal patel

    hmmm thanks

  • Bogdan



    IVE JUST GOT TO WINNNN THISSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ercan

    Omg, must have plz

  • saksham

    i wont even join the giveaway the phone is shit im gonna go for the s7 giveaway #TheNextGalaxy

  • Priyanka Modi

    wooow..hope to win

  • Matias Makkonen

    Just bought g4, but this would take the cake!
    Thx for the giveaway!

  • Rick_Deckard

    Just give it to me!!

  • Hrishikesh Mhatre

  • ghulam husain

    r u guys serious??!! the phone just launched!!!

  • Raluca Gabriela

    Good luck everybody!

  • Dhwanish Joshi

    Already in love with the G5! Just give it to me please!

  • alejesse

    What is the android authority username on snapchat?

  • Trav Ratigliano

    i would like to win. I would follow and have a new site to brag to all my friends. Thanks for the vhance to win.

  • Mikhail_Sergeevich

    Oh boy!

  • Dian Kirana

    let me taste the feels of using smartphone please.. on the latest comment I said that I don’t have smartphone. In this comment I’ll correct myself. Actually I’ve never had one lol I have to borrow friends’ phone sometimes. And I’m working on my undergraduate thesis right now (Biology Ed major) i have to borrow friend’s camdig to document things because my phone has VGA camera lol it’s pathetic. I wish I could stop bothering my friends and have my own smartphone. good luck to myself :)

  • Alexander Skaare

    Those bezels are killing me, for the love of god it’s 2016!!

  • Javier Beltran Carceller

    Gracias, buen sorteo¡¡

  • Sonia Beltrán Paris

    Genial, me encanta¡

  • Mustafa Çolakoglu

    Well… I can give away my z5 for this g5 too :)

  • Tepay Kilers

    hopefully this week

  • NinoBr0wn

    YES (please)

  • medude28

    i have to win this one seriously
    without a doubt

  • Luís Roberto Weck

    good luck everybody!

  • Thanks for the chance to win an awesome phone. :)

  • kg

    please pick me this week! :)

  • Daniel

    Want to win this phone so bad :(

    • Paul de Rooij


      • George Yfantopoulos

        hahahaha LMAO so hard

  • Ram-j Luna

    If I win this, I’ll put a tattoo on my arm that says “Android Authority” with the android like a boss logo and I’ll post the picture on facebook. Not kidding..

  • xtinajerez

    Wow i want this phone. Goals

  • Greg Butler

    This is Finally the Samsung killer I’ve been waiting for!!! G5 me please my old Nexus 5 is starting to show it’s age.

  • dp135

    Would be great to go from a LG G2 to a 5 ;=)

  • DonEmu

    10,000th time’s the charm.

  • melvin golden

    love to win this week

  • akitayo

    Now it is my turn for a LG G5

  • ty for a man not working/driving for life, 50% blind now…one of these would be awesome:)

  • Albert U.

    this one looks hot

  • Avinash Kumar


  • Kyuknox17(137)

    my lucky number, don’t fail me now

  • Alina Shah

    Let’s win this time! :D

  • Thai Bao

    Testing my luck

  • Robin George

    I am the greatest fan of LG…..i mean i have been following this company for years now…still i am not having the money to buy…one.
    hopefully…this is the time….OH MY LORD….Please PLEASE Please PLEASE!!!! Let me win…Please! OH GOD PLEASE!!!

  • andy leong

    This is a super phone and I want it !!!

  • Adil Rehman

    I think you never picked any winner from Pakistan , if I win I may give way my Samsung Galaxy S6

  • Brian Obillo

    The only phone and friends i need :)

  • Ahmed Hani

    I hope i can win
    i really need a good phone :)

  • Simien

    Yes, yes, yes!!!!

  • stroke33

    This week I could be a winner!

  • Sandaru Dilshan

    OMG..!please I wanna win..

  • trying my luck… :)

  • Cory Wayne Chadwell

    thanks or the chance at winning

  • First time i got 12 entries from the referral link.Thanks to all those who kindly clicked that link

  • Shafeeq Petersen

    If I were to win do I pay for the device to come into the country or does android authority pay for everything PS I’m in south Africa and would very much like to win

  • jerald langres

    I ho

    pe I win..

  • Isaac Abraham

    Good luck everyone!

  • Dharnendra Deorhiya

    would give up anything for this ! in love with this phone.

  • Best of luck everybody! Good vibes.

  • vaibhav

    i will try my luck

  • Mietippäsitä

    I win or i hope atleast

  • Michael Hou

    omg, my dream phone

  • TessellatedGuy

    How are they giving it away if it’s not even released for public? Is that legal?

  • Gio_90

    Please , please !!

  • Hari Prasath

    I am excited for this LG G5.

  • Gb6

    Freshly announced at MWC 2015…

  • Nikola Vidovic

    G5 FTW!

  • Elena Grigoras Bakogiannis

    perfect…i wish to be the lucky one

  • Jeremy Craig Freeman

    Thank You for the Opportunity to win AA, Best of luck to everyone. :)

  • Roni

    try another chance…

  • Ryan Dede

    I want this phone please..!

  • Kaushik Medhi

    Thanks for the amazing Giveaway. Hope to WIN this Gorgeous phone for my MOM.

  • want to win!!!! my current phone is terrible :(

  • Zohaib Khan

    I ve never won anything yet… plz select me this time… Iam from Pakistan Karachi…

  • Orlando Vazquez

    I need this my phone is acting up

  • cristina

    great phone

  • Jose G

    300 k + entries already!! Let us phone-less people win something for once! xD

    • Gaxx

      how did you got that much of entries , are you popular in something or what

  • Congrats for the lucky winners!And thanks for the opportunity!

  • good luck!

  • Shimei

    My classmate just broke my phone and coincidentally I run by with this… so excited

  • Surya Kiran

    Phone sounds good news, hope i win!

  • Ronald

    Good luck

  • Shimei

    everybody deserves to win this phone

  • I love this fone

  • Aris

    Xcellent! Good luck! ;-)

  • Giwrgos Tsotsoros

    Good luck to everyone

  • ux_one


  • Fernando RR

    G,G2,G3…. G4 Right now… I would love to continue with my G collection!

  • Karl Joshua Bernal

    wew ako napud unta

  • Paulo Britto

    Quero um desse, com certeza!!!

  • Ted

    Well, good luck.

  • Dosdell R.

    Women can be smartphone tech nerds too. I myself is, just a smartphone tech nerd, never an owner. Just like a photography enthusiast, but without photography tools. Can a woman from Asia win this time? Puhleaase?

  • Cee Neiton

    I’m the only one that hasnt won a phone yet :(.
    Along with 40k more people.

    • I’m also in the same list as you are.

    • Mùh

      it’s the first time i enter this compitition :p :D

  • John Rey P. Tarraja

    This would take me almost a year to save up for this phone… I’ve been a fan of LG from the start. but all i could do is look at them in the internet… my best friend motorola flip phone is still kicking. haha

  • Ian

    *crosses fingers even though I’ve been crossing them for 2 years now*

    • 2 years and multiply the number of weeks in one year

  • Μαριος Στ

    i wanted the galaxy note 5 so bad….

    • Next Time

    • Philip K


      • Μαριος Στ

        No man… u dont understand… i mean i wanted it SO DAMM MUCH!!

  • Acrobat1991

    From G2 to G5? Why not?

  • Gaynor Grant

    Great Comp! Liked and Shared!

  • Maria

    I need this phone! <3

  • hydrox

    i really hope i will upgrade my galaxy s 1

  • Zulema Pontes Vidal

    Me encanta y me apunto¡¡

  • darell

    i’m not going to win for sure

  • YES

    May the force be with me :)

  • Atlas Zhu


  • Reack

    I need this phoooooooooone

  • Shafeeq Petersen

    I don’t know guys. If i win do i pay for the shipping or does android authority pay.PS- im from south africa and i woluld like this phone so badly

  • Jackson

    I am going to win I can already feel the the warm embrace of the G5 in my hands, whispering this is the time you will win.

    • Jackson

      False alarm, my wallet just laughed at me… He’s a d***k

  • Subhajyoti Golui

    Because of G5 LG is now not just steps but miles ahead of its competition.

  • Patricia Demedice

    participo! lo quiero!

  • Fardeen Beharry

    give it to me

  • Sahil Sanil

    Guyz did you watch the First Look Video or the Camera Video about the LG G5, in that Joshua (the reviewer) says that the LG G5 is not going to be available to customers for a few months and are gonna improve the camera blah blah blah….. Thats why i was shocked to know that they are giving away the LG G5, so m kinda confused and suspicious….. Trust me guyz I heard it from the videos, if u dont trust me watch it…..

    • Dizzy Rogers

      in the Terms & Conditions they state that :
      – The prize will ship when it is available to purchase.

    • Robert Heaton

      In the terms and conditions it states it will be sent out once available for purchase

  • ThePieceman

    What if i’m not age of majority in my country?

  • yoloMaN

    still saving money to buy the G4; so hope i win this week

    best of luck everyone :)

  • Don Rambarran

    Reeeeaaaallllyyyyy hope to win this…..I’ve been trying to get my dad a Smartphone since forever!!!

  • Esler

    Good luck 2 all ?

  • Haythem Hentati

    how to get the 6 entries ??

  • חיים טרגנו

    You can quit guys .. i mean it

    • Ify Divine Nsoha

      wait what the heck how’d you manage to do that?

    • Sherlock Holmes


    • Haythem Hentati

      inspecting elements , old trick yet so stupid :)

      • חיים טרגנו

        Got me :))

  • MustafaZiraba

    Some luv for Uganda.

  • Sai Loon Naung

    i can’t get g5 even i win because my country is shit :3

  • Dizzy Rogers

    I’ve got nothing to lose.. well beside my pride but hey whats pride ? Lool

  • Dizzy Rogers

    I’ve got nothing to lose.. well beside my pride but hey whats pride ? Lool

  • Jack The Ripper

    Lg G series is awesome! Best design, hella HD and good for gaming!

  • Anders Juel

    i hope i win my s5 is getting sooo slow :c

  • makkyun

    This happened just now and I’m desperate.

    • Marie Brandt

      :( not good

  • prazwal

    imma win this one for sure . yassssss !!!

  • Vinayak

    i want this phone so badly my old samsung wave 3 is just barely usable

  • Jal

    Best of luck to everyone including myself. ;)

  • Rama Maulana

    :) :) :)

  • Jack The Ripper

    I really need this though. Cant afford my phone, and im the only one without it in my fam.

  • Gilbert

    Hope i will win this time i am hoping and waiting for the time of winning i am always your viewers on all of your reviews.Hope i will win.Thank you!

  • Marie Brandt

    I don’t see any pictures of women in the winners gallery .. Girls like cool phones too :)

  • Salah Tazlok

    I hope to win :P

  • nigel foster

    Yes! Me! I got the G3, want that upgrade!

  • Lamar West

    That phone’s all mine. <3 <3

  • Kevin Mathew

    i been playing this for years and i never win :(

  • Sanwor


  • RapperFeri

    I hope win :/

  • Abhi

    Am I the only guy here, who never win competitions like these ?
    I am still stuck with my htc wildfire (the very first one)

  • Shaneel Chanderpaul

    Good luck everybody :)

  • Gedeon

    I have a broken blackberry… I want that beautiful phone :0

  • Edmond Leung

    . Wow, prize phone is fab. & splendid. 2 fingers snap. It is tight, fly & off the chain. Thank you for the awesomeness, the contest, and generosity. :)

  • Pedro Vilarinho

    Does anyone know anyone winning a giveaway?!?! I am a bit sceptic…

  • myuniqueusername

    Monday, 22 Feb., 6:46 pm Eastern USA time: My entries: 11; Total current entries: 490133; Current odds of winning ~1:44,558.

    It’s totally in the bag!

  • Brandon W

    This would be SO AWESOME to win!!!!

  • ? Three cheers for us losers ?
    …but thanks to Android Authority (again) for the opportunity ‘at least’ ?

  • Robert Heaton

    ME NEED G5 awesome modular, Been backing and interested in modular designs since phonebloks started in 2013. ALSO I HATE MY S1 SO MUCH I NEED AN UPGRADE

  • Dorian Heretiu

    good luck to all :)

  • Prabhath

    I never win either, hope to this time………

  • ♖R.J.

    If this phone was a quote, it would say:

    “Be a game changer, the world has enough followers” #LGFTW #AA

  • Jennifer Aseoche Duran-Timonel

    I really need to win this,since my phone was lost last week, hoping and praying. Thank you so much for this great opportunity.

  • Annette Hargan (Nettle’s Notio

    I find it curious that there are no pics of females in your winners gallery…hmmmmm..

    • Lisa Feldman

      I noticed that right off. however I don’t think anything suspicious about it. It’s just by luck I’m sure that all guys have won so far. But, I will be the first girl to win so no need to worry! lol

      • Annette Hargan (Nettle’s Notio

        I wish all the Lady Luck in the world. lol

        • Barbara Stavrou

          There’s one female winner on the bottom right but then again the majority of the people entering the competition are guys so

          • Nicoline Lopez

            She did not win, her husband did and gave her the phone ……

  • Shivon Davis

    This would be amazing :) Thanks so much for the chance x

  • thorsten garbe

    Please let it be me. Right now I could use some positive stuff happening.

    Good luck everyone

  • Ahmed ElDamati

    Really hope to get flagship phone once in my life, I really dream about it.
    Greetings from Egypt

  • Ahmed ElDamati

    I really hope to win once in my life

  • Πάνος

    lets do this! :P

  • androidDude0923

    Give meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    tired of not winning anything :(

  • Israel Buenaventura

    whoa half a million entries already? tsk tsk..
    …best of luck everyone :)

  • Rob

    Where have I been for the past two years… Damn

  • Zohaib Khan

    Hey Android Authority guyz… I ve never won anything yet… plz select me this time it will be my pleasure… I am from Pakistan Karachi…

  • sultanu90

    This phone looks very urban and elegant at the same time. Nicely presented in the video too!

  • Prashant M

    Well does the giveaway also include one of those modules ?!?

  • Here goes another giveaway!

  • Jun Kong

    Hopes to win LG G5 :)

  • billozy

    more than half a million entries in the first day! I’m definitely not going to win this.

  • Bonn Cristopher Taquiqui

    That phone is landing here at my palm ;D

  • Rohan J Singh

    It’s my b’day week .. 25th :) … hopefully i’ll win this :D

    • YES

      Happy Birthday

      • Rohan J Singh

        thanks :)

  • Karen McHood

    I would love to win the LG Smartphone – I have an old flip cell phone

  • YES

    I love Multi-Tools


  • iYaSuOz


  • Miguel Ponte

    This phone will come to my hands in Venezuela

    • Mùh

      how many enteries you have

  • Mat Syrogiannoulis

    hope I win it!

  • Anauli

    I can’t how exciting it must be to win these sort of giveaways Oo

  • Brandon Meadows

    How exactly do I connect my twitter so as to let it verify my twitter actions?

  • Stev We

    one question, as i haven’t seen it mentioned, do you have to respond as the winner, or do they email who wins no matter what? just wondering, because some competitions rely on your contacting them if you are the winner. but i am hoping they just contact your email address.

  • Cedric Constancia

    I hope i will win one day?

  • Chan

    I hope i’m feelin lucky this week

  • Chan

    I still use lg nexus 4, its time I need an upgrade. :)

  • sky1309

    Great giveaway!! Thanks guy.

  • Raging

    I hope I win I am currently stuck with a samsung galaxy note 2 and dont have enough to buy a new phone my screen is cracked and i cant replace

  • Raging

    I am really hoping I win :-)

  • Raging

    Good luck to all of you

  • Hemant

    Never win one lets see this time.

  • jihad uqdah

    How does this giveaway thing work exactly?….I’m new to all this ( o3o)….

  • LG G5 please come in my hands ????

  • Mùh

    shiT i am not going to win :

  • Athul

    Really excited,never thought there would be a “g5” giveaway right on my coming 18th birthday……

  • Angelo Blerpa Allegra

    Let’s try this!!!

  • Steven G

    The Circle of Android Authority Giveaways:
    (Next sunday)
    Well that was a bust. I guess I’ll see if I win next week.

  • Densc

    Another week, another entry! :)

  • Younes

    How much lucky points do we need to win this giveaway?

  • Jim

    good luck to every body!

  • Žydrūnas

    LG G5 is probably the only cell phone at the moment that would make me ignore it not having front-facing stereo speakers! I love real innovations!

  • Rosario Casarino

    I liked

  • Alina Shah

    Will I ever win a phone? Ever?

  • :( I want this phone

  • Jitin

    Giveaways are luck by doing giveaways you are just testing your luck its like winning a lottery.

  • BunThann Sam

    this is my first time I try the competition of giveaway ???? lol just wish for myself best of luck?????

  • nidham

    should we really give you full name ?

  • OK everybody. Stop trying so I can get a chance at this :P

  • dav geni

    Hi all// what should i do to win this phone :)))do i need to collect some points or ? thank you ))))

  • soham basu

    I m not trying to get sympathy here.. But i truly am from a very poor family ..I love android phones but never had my own one.. I see my friends having different kinds of phones and using them.. But still i always go through all the videos in android authority an see their gadgets through my Nokia 3000 rs phone which i got as a gift… I would love to have a android phone and share my views about this phone ..I wish android authority helps me in getting my hands on this phone as a win and speaking from my heart android authority is the best preview and news media of the gadgets market.. Thank you android authority for letting people know about all the upcoming gadget news and keeping people updated… Best wishes For android authority…And al;so thanks for doing such giveaways and i hope that i win……… Wish you the best of luck for times ahead so that this company or website can flourish more………

    • Alina Shah

      God bless you buddy!

    • AntiXerox

      Trying to get sympathy is exactly what you’re doing.

    • Z.kai

      God bless you dude

  • Sami Cooper

    I know I won’t win and yet, I enter, time and time again

  • Garion

    I’m in guys! Good luck everybody :)

  • Ali Ahamed Thowfeek

    Im not a fan of big phones, anyway lets give it a try

  • Finnbogi Páll Finnbogason

    Thanx :)

  • monorox

    “One day”, said the man “One day I shall win”

  • Fernando RR

    I think I might win this one.

  • Angel Chavez Acosta

    Good luck to everyone :)

  • Minas Panagiotakis

    i never win too….you live to wish……and dreaming

  • shaik shafi

    i really need this phone

  • Pauline

    I keep trying! ;)

  • John Kats

    Im not gonna win but its free!! :P

  • Nishchith

    I didn’t see any Indian had won anything from here, please select the winners from India too. We are also participating and waiting for this every week.

  • Christian Tagulao

    hope to win this time.maybe this time the winner is from philippines. :-)

  • djwarcr

    que sea lo que Dios quiera

  • jason smoot

    i will lose

  • carol jessica fuentes de calde

    wonderful is beautiful that cell I want it I just ruined mine and do not want me I need to buy another

  • Dido Hristozov

    wellp good luck, i guess :D

  • Subhdeep Ghosh

    I am trying form past 4-5 years and didn’t win a single thing…hope this this time I win…

  • Chirag Patel

    this is for me :P

  • Kashish Rajput

    I wasn’t on snapchat. but I made my account on it specially for this giveaway so that I get those +2 points.

  • Clement Papa

    i wish there next giveaway is Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge :D

  • Shubham Kumar

    Bill is smart,
    He knows this is just a hoax,
    He never show up here,
    And smile when he see the winner post that they win,
    for he knows they either are some friends of them,
    Bill thinks the phone always remain in the android authority family,
    Nothing happens to change Bill’s mind
    Be like bill
    Don’t waste your time over this like Shubham Kumar .

    Had been doing this times that I can even count to remember and completing all the 10 ways to enter every single time but still haven’t win anything, it’s been over an year .. now I’m starting to doubt it.

    • Lucas Sundram

      Let’s say you got 30 entries every time and there were around 714123 total entries every time (like there is now), then your chance of winning one time in year would be: 30 / 714123 * 52 * 100 = 0.2%. I don’t think it’s a scam.

  • Fernando RR

    G G G G G5!

  • Linda Meranda

    Wonderful giveaway. I’m winning!! (: My granny eyes need a big screen. Great giveaway as always. Good Luck everyone!

  • James Foo

    still waiting for a new phone after my Samsung Galaxy S3 (4 years)….. >.<

  • Wilbur Powery

    I Hope I win.
    I just recently stayed without a phone ??

  • HobbesGrrrr

    Never hurts to try. I am a samsung fan. but missed the Note give away.

  • Dian Kirana

    22 hours.. and we’ll know who the winner is.. i hope it’s female

  • dav geni

    about how many entry do i need to win ? ? ? ? =-=-=-=-=-==+_|+_))+_

  • Jayair

    A.A i really am in need of an upgrade, let this be my chance to win. Good Luck guys

  • Andrew

    Sweet ! My winning chance is 3.21989503e-5%. Definitely gonna win !

  • Zeeshan Hussain

    Is this even real how is there any proof that people actually win except from showing the winners name?

    • Mùh

      how many enteries you have !!!?

  • Dinesh Nexus

    it just a luck

  • Dinesh Nexus

    i really need this phone b’cause i dont have any smartphone im trying to my luck on each and every of ur competition,so cross fingers

  • Zeeshan Hussain

    I’m only just checking this out but I’ve entered it I’ve got approx 20+ entries but there’s a chance I’m not gunna win.

  • matthew cervantes

    I hope i win

  • Got 43 will that be enough for this? Its my best score in all these years

  • Z.kai

    Is there anyone in here won this challenge before

  • A dir poco bello!!! Mooolto bello!! ?

  • iJutsu .

    Oh, I want this one.

  • sohail Azam

    hope i win

  • Petrisoorr

    hope i winn my phone braked :-D :'(


    Sheesh has a girl ever won? After looking at the winner pics I feel my chances of winning are dwindling very quickly.

  • Aston_Van

    This is one’s the perfect replacement for my old phone. :)

  • Cho

    how come i never win ;(

  • Christina Naugle

    i never win

    • Instead of that comment you should comment “Let me win LOL”

  • Jitin

    today i will bethe winner

  • Almost there with 45 entries…..it will be ultra wack if i don’t win

  • Jitin

    im waiting

  • Abhiram BN

    God will make me win some how?

  • Jitin

    30 second

  • Shimei

    I wonder who’s the winner

  • Santanu Debnath

    We try bcoz we SUPPORT Android Authority…..

  • Jim C : ??? Me: ????

    • Alina Noor

      Let’s try again next time :D

  • Jitin

    Congrats Jim C

  • Toño Galan Ramon

    I did not win :(

  • Christina Naugle

    enter and try to win

  • Last Kings

    best phone ever
    galaxy S7 Edge

  • Mohamed Samir

    I will win :P

  • Elton Woo

    One more try. Things change, so maybe the change will mean that I win something this time. ;-))

  • IRv

    when you really want something, the universe will conspire to make it happen!

  • omaar

    i really liked this phone because my lg g2 became old