The LG G5 is finally here and it marks quite a change in direction for LG. In case you missed the hullabaloo of the official unveiling announcement, LG has uploaded its first official video (above) about the G5, detailing many of its little quirks and features.

There’s a look at the replaceable battery and modular nature of the new phone, plus the first two modules: the LG Cam Plus with its extra 1,200mAh battery capacity and the LG Hi-Fi Plus 32-bit DAC that was developed in partnership with Bang & Olufsen. Don’t forget about the LG G5’s Always-on display or the dual-rear camera configuration with wide-angle lens either, that’s in there.

As well as the actual handset, LG unveiled a range of new accessories known as the LG Friends. The video offers a quick look at the 360 Cam, the company’s slim VR headset, and the remote controlled Rolling Bot.

If you are after something a little more in-depth than LG’s video, be sure to check out all of our hands-on action with the new LG G5 as well.

Robert Triggs
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  • Néstor Amador

    Somebody’s taken a lot of inspiration from Don’t hug me I’m scared for their promo video

  • Aleck Maccarone

    Definitely waiting for g6 when hopefully be better rounded of

    • And a Snapdragon 830 (hears like time), Android Nolengur (New Java APIs)

  • SnakeSplitskin

    great promo. The phone looks premium.

    What I like:
    Rolling Bot
    Camera features that are already included: wide-angle, zoom
    Always on screen

    What I don’t like:
    Cam Plus – all you get is a bulky add-on small battery with camera buttons.
    HI-FI Plus B&O Play- this should be included as a standard feature in the phone

    Still Uncertain: the battery module. Is the battery connected to the bottom plate or not?

    I still think this phone will do better than the G4. It looks nice and the software seems quick and fluid. I do think the S7’s features will be better and will be the more popular phone for 2016.

    • Dan McSweeney

      Battery is not permanently attached to the bottom plate/”chin” of the phone if that’s what you are asking.

      It clips onto the bottom section, and you then slide the battery and bottom section into place as a unit. If you are using the camera or audio modules you do the same with the (main) battery.
      If you plan on buying a second battery, it will just be the battery you buy, no second “chin”.
      I am unsure as to whether or not the end of the battery that clips onto the “chin” makes the connection to the charging circuit.
      Judging by David Ruddock of AP’s video posts earlier today, swapping does take a bit of fiddling to get the alignment correct

      • SnakeSplitskin

        thanks for that detail. I did spot a photo from an earlier article pushed further down the chronology which showed the battery separated from the bottom plate. So with that I think LG did a good thing. But if it’s true like you say that swapping takes a bit of fiddling then I think they’ve taken a step backwards. If they can make the insertion and removal of a battery easier then that would be a true success. But if it’s the same amount of effort or more, then they haven’t accomplished much of anything.

        I think to get swappable battery to be as convenient as possible, an OEM should make the phone without a removable plate and just allow the battery to be inserted at the bottom or side like a spring-loaded cartridge much like the Note 5’s S-Pen. Maybe a small sliding door to close it up to make it appear seamless if that would even be necessary.

  • Shemploo

    I wish it was AMOLED :(

    • Chief

      Each to their own I guess but I always found AMOLED displays too colourful and cartoonish.

    • But then it wouldn’t have the always on display

      • winhhh

        s7 has always-on display lol.

    • Khent Reyes

      naaah. even new Samsung phones that has AMOLED screen still suffers from Screen Burn-ins. So IPS screens are here to stay until some manufacturer invents an oled screen that doesn’t burn.

    • Fajar A Yaqien

      Amoled? Monopoly from Samsung.

  • Aweso

    Quick drop test bottom first.

  • Modest Mind

    Refreshing style, nice look! Battery could have had larger capacity (3000+)! Well, let’s wait for independent test results.

  • Rick_Deckard

    Where is the camera manual mode? I don’t know… The quick replacement would work if LG gives another battery and additional charger for free…

  • ADofCLE

    I feel like LG is the only OEM trying to innovate. I just wish their software was better.

    • Dan McSweeney

      Totally agree. I like this idea with the detachable bottom/removable battery. However if this had a more stock Android UI I’d be much more enthusiastic.

      • ADofCLE

        Yeah, maybe even just a little lighter skin. One that’s not so….ugly.

        • rainai

          I used to think that Samsung’s TW was ugly (it’s gotten better now, for me at least). Then I saw LG’s overlay and all I could think was how ugly it was.

  • Sheng Zhe

    It’s been some times since i saw so many innovations in a smartphone

  • Nadia Al-Belushi

    I really hope this pushes Google into releasing the Project Ara modular smartphones/phablets in 2016.

  • SK

    LG never seizes to amaze me, always innovative…

  • Roberto Tomás

    looks cool .. looks like a huge family of products… you could easily spend well over $1k .. maybe over two grand, on this product.

    biggest win: snapdragon 820 design in a high strength body that still has a replacable battery (ie, the basic phone).all the other gizmos are awesome.. but there’s little call for a robot to play with your small pet and very little vr content out there for those light weight glasses to matter.

    biggest let down: the camera — two cameras on the back and all you get is wide angle and 2x optical zoom? that tech can do so much more, much crazier stuff.

  • kaushik ray

    Now here we go. Finally some innovation. Was sick of Samsung reducing and increasing size of screen and upgrading Exynos and Ram with each model.

  • Kody

    The camera module is still ugly and the music sucked. Liked everything else though.

  • Kunal Narang