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LG really upped their game in the camera department, with both of the company’s 2015 flagships, the LG G4 and V10, featuring fantastic cameras. Following the good showing last year, we were certainly excited to see what LG has in store for us with their 2016 flagship smartphone, and that excitement continues to grow after seeing the unique experience they are attempting to offer this time around.

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Without further ado, here’s a closer look at the distinctive camera setup of the LG G5!

lg g5 first look aa-9

When looking at the LG G5 for the first time, what you will notice is the unique camera setup that is available with the device. This time around, the standard lens construction is coupled with a wide angle lens, with the latter allowing for a 135 degree field of view. If that concept sounds familiar, it’s because LG has used this arrangement before, with the LG V10 on its front camera.


The new setup understandably makes for a radically different design when compared to what we’ve seen in the past from LG, but that doesn’t seem particularly surprising, given how “radically different” seems to be an underlying theme with LG’s latest flagship. In terms of specifications, the wide angle lens is of the 8 MP variety, while the other shooter is 16 MP. An important point to note here is that being able to go from wide angle to the regular, more narrow view, happens automatically and seamlessly, as you zoom in and out of a photo. The G5 comes with an 8 MP front-facing camera as well.

lg g5 first look aa-25

One of the highlights of the camera experience available with the G5’s predecessors was a robust manual mode, and the great news is its return with the LG G5. If you’re looking to quickly launch the camera application, a double tap of the volume down button, that is now on the side, will do the trick. The camera interface will look very familiar for those who have spent some time with LG’s flagships from last year.


Starting with the Simple mode, the UI changes into a basic point and shoot interface, with the only icons on the screen being the toggles to manually switch between the wide angle lens and standard lens. Taking a shot is as easy as tapping on the point of focus anywhere on the screen, and aided by the laser guided auto focus system, the camera captures the image quickly. When pinching to zoom, the camera setup automatically switches to the 16 MP standard lens automatically, after which taking a shot remains just as easy. Of course, you can also manually make the switch between the two depending on how you want to cater the shot.

lg g5 camera samples aa (28)

Auto mode is where the interface fills out a little more, with a slew of new modes and features now accessible. A lot of different modes are available in the menu, including one called Popout, that adds a nice stylistic element to the image, by adding things to the outer rim like lens blur and black and white. There is also a Multi view mode that allows you to use all three cameras, the two at the back and one up front, to create instant collages, which can be a fun feature to use. Other available modes include Panorama, a slow motion video capture mode, and also a time lapse mode.


Moving onto the settings, you have the ability to change the aspect ratio and select what video recording resolution will be used, including recording in 4K. HDR mode is in the settings menu, but if you’re looking to take the guesswork out of it, HDR Auto is also available. A slew of filters are available to add some style to the shots, and other settings include activating Image Stabilization, that can be used on top of the OIS that is already available. Speaking of OIS, while taking some video when walking along the streets of Barcelona, the optical image stabilization seems to be doing a great job with keeping things steady.

lg g5 first look aa-26

Finally, there is the Manual mode, where all the granular control can be found. All the options are seen along the bottom, and includes aspects like white balance, which can be adjusted using a Kelvin temperature scale, ISO, shutter speed, and more. What is nice the availability of a summary row of sorts up top, that lets you know exactly what level each of the settings are at.

lg g5 first look aa-10

As you can see in the gallery below, we did take quite a few pictures with the LG G5 already, and you can be the judge of its quality. However, something to keep in mind is the fact that all the camera of the LG G5 at MWC is not final software. This images essentially serve as a preview of what is to come, but if the G4 and the V10 after it are any indication, we are very likely to have another great smartphone camera on our hands.

So there you have it for this closer look at the camera of the LG G5! Given that this isn’t final software, the quality of the images will likely be even better when the device is released. That said, we’ve already had a lot of fun with this camera, especially with the included wide angle lens, and the dual camera setup should be great to use. We can’t wait to put this camera through its paces, and pit it against the best that the Android world currently has to offer.

Stay tuned with Android Authority as we continue to bring you more great coverage from MWC 2016!

  • Jeena Bittenbender

    Well played LG!! Very impressive…

  • you guys are really lucky to hold that new beast smartphone. It will take more that 2 months from official launch to reach that device in India

  • MrDibism

    Whats the aperture of the camera? Is it still the same at f/1.8? Also they mentioned during the live presentation about zooming. Is it digital zoom?

    • Abigél Ráhel

      camera same as G4__ 1.8

      • MrDibism

        Thanks. I am still wondering though about the zoom feature… I wonder if the image quality degrades if its zoomed in

        • GCHQ


        • Since it’s a digital zoom, except when changing between the two cam modules, you’re just cropping on screen, so yes, you’d have to lose image quality, whatever software tricks might be used to interpolate. And when you go to the wide angle module, you’re going from 16 to 8 MP….

    • GCHQ

      But better sensor

      • MrDibism

        I think the sensor is not any better if not the same

  • Gábor Tamás

    Raw format?

    • Abigél Ráhel


  • Zhiyong Sun

    Great camera innovation as well, dual camera, almost enough reasons to upgrade from G4!

    • GCHQ


    • Pēteris Rūcis

      It definately seems like an upgrade for me and my G3.

  • nebulaoperator

    Camera is not quite right in terms of focus. photos has slightly out of focus appearance in over all just like G4.

    • I’m betting it beats the crap out of my 2013 original Moto X. I’m about to get on board I think…

      • nebulaoperator

        Even though camera has thing or two to improve Lg5 has decent shooter.

  • Torsten Conrad

    Should make a focus of LG G5: What LG got rid of. The fact that my G2 alone from 2013 has the same storage as a 2016 flagship is either astonishing or plain stupidity.

    • MinusPlusDivide

      G2 international version has 32GB rom without SD card expansion slot
      but G5 has 32GB rom along with SD card slot

      with that most people storage problem should be solved.

  • Alex Norris

    Honestly, photo samples from G5, disappoint me, many samples are strongly overexposed….(

    • Replicant Jason Booth

      Not final software

      • Alex Norris

        Believe me, final software, just a little will change situation, but no more…

        • Steve Brain

          Do you work for LG? I’m betting no and you’re just a clown

          • Alex Norris

            Dude, you better watch on Galaxy S7 camera samples, and then talk ok.. Maybe clown are you..

          • XYZ

            You speak like Yoda.

          • GCHQ

            Alex Norris is an ugly troll

        • GCHQ

          Not true

    • GCHQ

      Ha! G5 samples are 2x better than Samsung S7 .
      Joshua Vergara did something wrong .

    • Manual focus by tapping (and subsequent metering) in Auto mode easily fixes this on almost any phone made in the past 4 years. Non-issue.

  • Fornavn Etternavn

    Not bad camera and it will be even better when it officially launch

    • GCHQ

      Not bad ? The pictures are excellent .

      • Fornavn Etternavn

        I know, I just meant that they can be even better with the final software.

      • Pēteris Rūcis

        Well, in the wide angle shots you can see some weird colors or lens flare or smth. But for a phone, this ir remarkable! I will probably have to buy this one, purely because of the awesome camera setup.

  • Ricardo

    I loved the angle of vision, but i’m very disappointed with the pictures. i hope that LG can improve the quality of pictures.

  • Ricardo

    I loved the angle of vision, but i’m very disappointed with the pictures. i hope that LG can improve the quality of pictures…

    • GCHQ

      Are you drunk ? The IQ is excellent

  • YS

    What actually happens when you zoom? Does digital zoom happen with the wider camera until it hits the FoV of the normal camera?

    • YS

      According to DPReview, that’s exactly what happens. Shame that the wider angle camera package doesn’t have the same 16mp sensor then.

  • fesca

    No manual controls for video recording?

    • GCHQ


      • DirgeExtinction

        Yes as in it’s still there like on the V10?

  • Frank Littmann

    In my opinion LG missed a great chance. Why did they put 2 wide angle lenses into the phone? Wide angle or 360 can be perfectly done by software using google gamera for e.g. Why not putting some kind of a zoom lens into it, This would also give a very nice bukeh for taking pictures of people

    • MrDibism

      I agree with that! Since Samsung and Asus has started making zoom phones… Its about time for LG to make one :@ I hope they will take note of this for the G6!

    • GCHQ


  • Mike

    Did they improve the mic when recording video? The G4 was absolutely terrible especially at live events.

    • Тарас Королик

      same with G2

  • GCHQ

    Amazing camera.