8 Common problems with the LG G3 and how to fix them

by: Ankit BanerjeeSeptember 7, 2014
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The LG G3 upped the ante in the specifications race by being one of the first mainstream Android devices to sport a Quad HD display. The LG flagship is one of the best high-end smartphones currently available, and has proved to be quite popular, but unfortunately, does have its fair share of issues. Today, we’ll be addressing some of these common problems with the LG G3, and offer potential solutions to fix these issues. Let’s get started!

Disclaimer – The LG G3 is still a great phone, and in most cases, you won’t face any of these issues stated below.

Problem #1 – LG G3 shuts down automatically

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Some users have reported that their smartphone automatically shuts down occasionally. Pressing the power button starts the phone up again, but some have also needed to pull the battery and place it again to restart the device.

Potential Solutions –

  • A factory reset may do the trick in solving this issue. First, make sure that you back up all of your important data. Then, to do a factory reset, all you have to do is go into Settings – General – Backup and Reset – Factory Data Reset – Reset Phone – Erase Everything. Once the factory reset is done, see if the this issue continues, and keep a track of what applications you install, as a specific app may be the cause of this problem.
  • If it’s not a software issue, this may occur because of a loose or defective battery. Since the battery is replaceable, you can pick up a spare, but the best solution in this case is to get a replacement for the device. Since the LG G3 has just released, you should still be covered under warranty.

Problem #2 – LG G3 gets uncomfortably warm

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A lot of LG G3 users have complaints about the device getting uncomfortably warm. This occurs while play processor-intensive games, watching videos for a long time, or having a lot of applications running in the background.

Potential Solutions –

  • Kill all the background apps that you aren’t using, and make sure that the auto-sync feature of some apps is also turned off. To do so, go into Settings – General – Applications and then choose the app and disable auto sync.
  • This issue could also be related to have the high-resolution display on for a long time, and at a high brightness. The LG G3 automatically reduces the brightness if the screen gets too hot, but it may be a good idea to always have the screen brightness at a lower setting.
  • If you have a protective case or cover for your LG G3, a potentially simple solution is to remove the case when you know that you’ll be doing something that may cause the phone to get warm, such as playing high-intensity games.
  • Use the steps mentioned below that allow for a lag free experience, and that should help with this problem too.
  • Once again, if the phone heats up unnecessarily, such as when the display is off, or you’re not doing anything that is processor intensive, it’s best to pick up a replacement.

Problem #3 – Interface slows down or is laggy

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Some users have had issues with lag while navigating around the interface, getting into and out of applications, the recent apps menu, and a general lag with touch response. A lot of these concerns are related to the feature-filled G UI, and there are some simple solutions to help deal with this problem.

Potential Solutions – 

  • You need to access Developer options to able to change some of things required. To do so, go to Settings – About Phone – Software Information, and tap on the Build Number seven times. Going back to the main settings menu, you should now see Developer options appear. There you can reduce or completely turn off Windows animation scale, transition animation scale, and Animator duration scale.
  • Another slightly complicated solution requires you to access a Hidden Menu, which can be done by dialing 3845#*855#, with 855 being the international version. Other versions are 851 for T-Mobile and 850 for AT&T. Sprint users can dial 5689#*990#, and Verizon users ##228378 + send to access this menu. Once in, look for High Temperature Property OFF and turn it on. Power off the device and wait for 10 seconds. Then power it on and wait at least 30 seconds before unlocking it. Repeat the steps above to get to the menu once again, scroll to Thermal Daemon Mitigation OFF and turn it on. Repeat the power off and on steps, and this should lead to a completely lag free experience. Keep in mind that this turns off the feature where the display brightness is automatically reduced when the device heats up, but that shouldn’t be an issue anymore either.
  • To fix the touch responsiveness of the screen, you can go into Settings – Accessibility – touch and hold delay, and adjust it accordingly.
  • You also have the option to try a different, lighter launcher, from the numerous third party launchers available on the Google Play Store.

Problem #4 – Concerns with battery life

LG G3 Vs HTC One M8-23

The LG G3 packs a 3,000 mAh battery, but it does have to power a large high-resolution display, so a lot of users have had concerns as far as battery life is concerned.

Potential Solutions –

  • The steps mentioned above to stop the device from getting warm, such as adjusting the brightness and turning off unnecessary apps running the background, and the solution to reduce lag, also apply in this case to help increase battery life.
  • There are some great Battery Saving applications found in the Google Play Store, such as Juice Defender, that may help. The in-built power saving mode of the LG G3 works admirably as well, which you can access by going to Settings – General – Battery – Power Saving Mode.
  • You can also find out if any particular applications are the culprit. Go to Settings – General – Battery – Battery Use, and if there is an application that stands out, check the settings of the app as well as making sure that it is up to date. If that doesn’t work, you should probably uninstall it.
  • You can find a lot of useful suggestions to save battery life here.
  • The battery of the LG G3 is removable, so if you’re very concerned about battery life, you should consider picking up a spare, or buying a portable charger.
  • If you find the battery draining at an alarming rate, or if nothing works after following all the steps above, it may be a manufacturing defect, in which case you should get a replacement device.

Problem #5 – Poor voice quality

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Many LG G3 users have faced issues with poor voice quality during calls, with complaints of distortion and interference. This issue has been prevalent only with GSM calls, and not while using apps such as Skype, with their also being no issues with call clarity while using headphones.

Potential Solutions – 

  • You can go into Settings – Call – Voice enhancement and turn it on or off, and check to the see the difference in call quality in both states.
  • In the same menu, you will also find Privacy Keeper, that you can turn off, and that may help with the issue of distortion and interference.
  • Users who have complained about this issue have mentioned that this may have had to do with a whole batch of faulty devices, and that a replacement device has worked fine, so that may be the best way to go if this is major problem.

Problem #6 – Audio issues

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Quite a few LG G3 owners have had issues with audio playback. In some cases, users have complained about a hissing noise through their headphones, particularly on the left channel. Others have mentioned that while plugging an aux cable into the device, the phone continues to play media through the phone speakers itself. While the solutions below may work for some, it is still a very prevalent issue with many users facing it with no fix in sight.

Potential Solutions –

  • As far as the hissing noise through headphones is concerned, this may be a software issue that has to do with Android 4.4.2 Kitkat, and should be fixed with a future update to Android 4.4.4.
  • A fix that has worked for some users has been to switch from ART to Dalvik, which you can do in the Developer options.
  • With both the audio issues mentioned, the problem seems to also go away with the right pair of headphones or aux cable.

Problem #7 – Camera app crashes when zooming while recording video

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The stock camera app of the LG G3 crashes when attempting to zoom while recording video, and the recording itself is corrupted and unplayable.

Potential Solutions –

  • Some users have found some success after performing a hard reset. You can do so by following the steps mentioned above in the first problem. Or you can try pressing and holding the power button and the volume down key simultaneously until you see the LG logo. Then release the power button, and immediately press and hold it again. When the Factory hard reset option shows up, you can then select options and go through with the reset.
  • This is bug with the LG camera application that should be fixed with a future update. Till then, you can try a third party camer app, such as the Google Camera, which LG G3 owners have had no issues with.

Problem #8 – Phone turns on while in the pocket

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Many users have complained about the phone automatically turning on in the pocket, when Knock On is enabled.

Potential Solutions –

  • If you absolutely want to use Knock On, then a temporary solution to this problem is the keep the display faced away from your body when its kept in your pocket, or you could use a flip cover to keep the screen hidden.
  • You can turn off Knock On by accessing the Hidden Menu, by following the steps mentioned in the third issue above. Scroll down to Knock On Off and tap on it, and this should disable Knock On.

LG G3 Videos

So these are some of the common problems faced by LG G3 owners. If you’ve had to struggle with any of these issues, let us know if any of these solutions have worked for you. If there is any other problem with your device, don’t forget to mention it in the comments section below, and we’ll try to help you find a fix!

Still need help? Get help from the community in our LG G3 forum.

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  • Jay

    Well, that sucks. Time to update my phone soon, and this was a high contender. Not so much now. Would consider the G Pro 3 if it comes out this quarter though…

    • Timothy

      Don’t let this article discourage you. The LG G3 is a fantastic phone. All phones have problems, so don’t let that stop you from picking up this beast

      • DroidGuy360

        G3 sucks

        • Timothy

          Well thank you for that extremely informative and enlightened comment of yours. Apparently it was such a good comment you felt the need to like it yourself. Well done

          • DroidGuy360

            I always like my comments iBitch. Your mom liked my comments last night after I fuckedher in the ass.

          • Timothy

            Oh dear, we have unintelligent and vulgar. You keep on impressing me more and more. Thanks for this lovely conversation, but I’m gonna have to let you know I won’t be feeding you anymore. Have fun trying to get angry reactions out of people though

          • DroidGuy360

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      • Ex-wife

        Agreed! LG G3 is an amazing phone! There’s just so much to choose from, especially now.

    • Zubie

      I have the LG G3 and I have to say, I have none of these problems. You really let this article keep you from getting this phone or at least considering it.

      • Zubie

        *Really shouldn’t* lol

    • Mike Bastable

      Just get the g3 …if you read the various forums very few people have any of these listed problems. Very few. Compared to the other major handsets there seem to be very few people having problems with the g3. It is also better value for your buck than ANY other phone. Go from it.
      Also LG has the best customer service, really. They have improved exponentially in the last year…

      • DroidGuy360

        G3 sucks. Get that note 4. Biatch.

        • Protoss

          Shut up S Troll

          • DroidGuy360

            U shut up slut

          • Mark Mann

            Ssssshhhhhhh let him sleep

        • Mike Dexter

          Where can I buy a note 4 now!???

          • DroidGuy360

            I got mine from your moms pussy last night. Tell her i said thanks and I’ll see her next weekend.

          • Mike Dexter

            Ah ha! Nice! How was it? And sorry for your lose! Just saying don’t tell people to buy a phone that isn’t available yet… Rod!

          • DroidGuy360

            There. I fixed it since jews like you wanna be smartass biatches.

  • buono

    Haven’t had any issues with my Verizon G3. That said, I’m hoping Verizon pushes out an update since there’s always room for improvement and other G3’s have gotten updates already. Meanwhile Verizon’s b.s. software testing always slows things down.

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      • mux

        so, by dating a person from another race fixes all these problems?

  • DroidGuy360

    Solution number 1: throw it in the trash where it belongs and buy a Galaxy Note 4 when it comes out. You’re welcome.

    • Xavier_NYC

      I wouldn’t say that but I was going to get the G3 until I read all the issues with over heating, breaking etc. I have a G2 now but I’m leaning towards the Note 4.. Have to see what the Nexus has to offer first..

      • Tuấn Ankh

        I don’t really understand the issue with heating in LG phones. I mean, I have an LG Optimus L90, and I get a lot of cannot-increase-brightness-because-phone-is-too-hot blah blah even though I don’t use it a lot (I’ve had it for only 2 days, and it’s not my main phone). The phone doesn’t even get that hot outside comparing to my Samsung Galaxy Light or my HTC One M8 at times, yet I’ve never seen such warning from Samsung phones I’ve owned, the One S, or my One M8.
        Not sure if LG adds that “warning feature to make sure their phones stay cool, or if LG just makes such bad hardware that traps the heat inside so much.

        • Ivan Marincic

          Just root it and put new ROM on it (it doesnt need to be costum,i recommend modifed stock ROM) because LG’s softwares are really buggy

          • Xavier_NYC

            Even though I know how to do that, most people don’t like doing that. I have a G2 and I regret using custom Roms like CM and PA because none of them are stable and my G2 has been going crazy since..

          • Ivan Marincic

            it depends on ROM I always use Stock ROM with tweaks they are soo much better

          • AStarbucks

            I’m too busy with custom ROMs/kernels/modems nowadays but back in the day with Samcrap, I used everything from CM to Slim to PA, Siyah/Dorimanx etc. These guys never have the benefit of the hardware drivers etc. from the manufacturer (unless they are magnanimous enough to release). They are thus never fully optimised or functional in the sense.

            If you root & uninstall/hibernate/Greenify your stock ROM judiciously and intelligently, you get an unbelievable experience. Why do people whine & moan when using phones full of manufacturer/carrier bloatware? At least LG even allows you to uninstall stuff without root!

            Eg. From leaving the office yesterday fully charged till coming into the office this morning, my battery level is 76% still – even though I was messaging friends a lot on my way home from work until bed time – injured rock climbing friend with multiple fractures. All the while playing MP3 music in the train tunnels or FM Radio above ground during the commute both ways.

      • Hayden

        I have 0 problems other than the auxiliary thing, but with the complaints an update will come out I’m sure.

      • AStarbucks

        That’s the same kind of stupid comment I’ve been hearing from all sorts of Android users who do not know how to use their Androids.

        Typically the whiners are the ones who have a ton of crapware running without them even knowing it. ANY ANDROID WILL HEAT UP. Samsungs are so notorious for it for heaven’s sakes. They all run the same Qualcomm chipsets.

        I live in a tropical country where the temperature is 25-32 degrees celsius all year round & I never have heat problems. I root & uninstall/hibernate/Greenify & run a hell lot more apps than people like you even know possible. I push my LG G3 to the limits & I never have heat problems. Go learn something before you post.

        Stupid people.

        • Xavier_NYC

          First of all watch your mouth. I didn’t disrespect you so don’t disrespect me. I don’t know you from a hole in the wall and last I checked I’m entitled to my opinion. Second where there’s smoke there’s fire. One of the best reviewers on the Internet MKBHD said there was overheating and even got a brightness warning when he did a review and he wasn’t the only one. Third I have a computer science degree so I’m pretty sure I am more than knowledgeable when it comes to android. When I had my G2 and rooted it and put cm on it, I still had issues with heating. My friend has a G3 and I borrowed it for a week and I wasn’t impressed and the battery life was not as great as the note 4 I have now. Also she complains about it lagging etc and I don’t want to root my phone. I shouldn’t have to root my phone to get it to work the way it should out the box. Lastly you sound ignorant as f*ck because you don’t know what the f*ck I use my phone for. Are you with me using my phone on a daily basis? I use my phone for work and I am an implementation Engineer so you don’t know what the hell I use on my phone. You sound like a ignorant, dumb a** fanboy. I am entitled to my opinion and if you don’t like it then don’t read it.

          • Morton H

            I totally agree I had the g2 I was happy with it but I returned my g3 I wasn’t impressed either battery was horribly and mines did overheat as well.. I went with the Note4 trust I am no fan of Samsung either but the note4 with a custom launcher the phone flies no lag great superb battery.. Mines never dies.. Screen is beautiful.. I just wish this was the g3 unfortunately I hope LG does better with the 4 and all the speculation coming from that already..

          • Xavier_NYC

            Yeah, I’ve been the biggest Samsung critic and I must say it’s the best phone I’ve ever had.

        • mo.alfaghi

          yh you tell them….. seriously stop whining you *******!
          lol i live near the Sahara Desert and the temp is normally between 34 and 49 and my G3 is really Good,,
          and i wouldnt know about the lagging because as you get experienced with android you would know how to set-up your phone settings so you wouldnt face any problem

    • I agree I have the G3 and this thing blows balls and is laggy as hell when typing. I’ll never buy another LG product

      • hayden

        You must not have the att version. This is actually the fastest and least largest phone I’ve ever used…

      • Brijesh Nagvenkar

        Got it fixed by increasing the pointer speed…

    • Walg

      haha, Note 4 seems great, but I cant bear with touch wiz…. i’ll go either Sony or just wait for the new nexus :D

      • DroidGuy360

        Fuckoff nigger

      • Abd

        Just use Nova or Apex. Nova is faster than Apex. But Apex uses less battery. Or just use any launcher you want. Thats the beauty of Android

        • Pkmmte

          Even with a custom launcher, you’d still have TouchWiz on the phone. TouchWiz is a lot more than just a launcher. We could put a custom ROM to get rid of it but we shouldn’t need to do that…

          • AStarbucks

            But TouchWiz wouldn’t be running & crunching CPU/GPU cycles and sucking battery (if properly written).

            If it bothers you that much, then learn to root for heaven’s sakes & uninstall or hibernate it. instead of whining like the rest of the moaners & weeny whiners.

    • samsung blows

      LG G3 “best smart phone in the world” Forbes magazine. Samsung worst reviwed phones in the world. Nuff said.

      • hayden

        I agree with Forbes, but don’t trust Forbes with phones. It’s frickin Forbes. Not a phone magazine…

        • AStarbucks

          What? The phone magazines & websites are the WORST!

          They are paid to write for the most advertising dollars! Apple, Samsung, typically in that order.

    • AStarbucks

      EVERY Samsung I’ve known from my Galaxy S2 i9100, to the Samsung Note 2, 3 etc. Ask any of those using the S3, S4, S5 and they will tell you when the CPU/GPU is working hard they heat up. Not to mention LAG!

      You know what is so stupid? None of them even has a QuadHD screen.

      • zain

        hehehe yeh exctly

    • G3 owner

      Yeah, TouchWiz is just great for people who don’t like lag, bravo for you smart guy. If you really want Android smartphone without any lag than buy some of Nexus devices, or at least Motorola as they make phones with ASOP – stock Android. Or you could just live with some lag on our G3, it’s not end of the world to have minor lag here and there, it is a great phone whatsoever.

  • marko

    Pathetic are u buying points for other companies? Is so not true i m disappointed of u post .

    • DroidGuy360

      Wtf? U speak english whore?

      • Xavier_NYC

        haha you called him a whore…

  • Xavier_NYC

    I was pretty impressed and optimistic about the G3 when it was first announced but I haven’t heard a lot of good things. I have a G2 now and was planning to get the G3 but with all the issues of over heating, cracking on the bottom near the usb port and many other issues, I think I’ll pass and buy another device.

    • Cole Raney

      I have a g3 and the only problem I have had is #8. It isn’t even that bad. However, I am not sure if it is worth it to upgrade if you have a G2. I came from a galaxy s3 so it was a huge upgrade.

      • Xavier_NYC

        Yeah, thing is my G2 gets really hot too and has been rebooting itself. Also my screen will not respond sometimes so I need a new phone.. Not sure I want to deal with that with the G3 as well

  • jack


    • Jerry Rich

      More like the Apple Sucks World, you want to talk about problems with the 5s? How about the sleep button issue, the battery issue, the ios7 crashing all the time issue, the fingerprints not being recognized issue, the list goes on and on. That’s just the latest crappy phone apple makes. The earlier models are worse. Go on back jack to macworld where others of your ilk like to believe in fantasies.

      • Not A Guest

        Maybe he’s a rare Windows Phone fanboy

        • Jerry Rich

          You know, I never considered that possibility. One of the rarest of the rare. Maybe I owe him an apology. NAH!!!

      • Brandon Franklin

        Hate much? Stop buying your iPhones from Chinese websites ya cheap bastard

        • Jerry Rich

          From experience, I have found that whether I buy all my iphones at cheap Chinese websites or apple.com the issues with the phones are the same.

      • jack

        I take you never used an iPhone to be saying all this crap

        • Jerry Rich

          Are you denying that apple hasn’t had several recalls for the issues that are described above? Some are currently ongoing. I understand that the IOS and fingerprint issues were eventually fixed with firmware updates. To answer your question I have owned a couple of Iphones. I have not owned a 5 or 5s. I quit apple because I like the user freedoms that the android platform permits. And like it or not apple has at the very least the same amount of issues that Android has.

  • DCnish

    My issue with the G3, which made me return it, was the weak signal strength. I wanted to love this phone, but when I compared phones in a weak signal area, both the HTC One M7 and M8 captured a signal while the G3 was still searching or had given up.

  • Kazahani

    I’ve had my g3 for about a week and no issues! It’s great and I love it!

    • I’ve a little over heating here and there but that’s about all.

    • Jaimon Perry

      I completely agree. I have had my G3 for two weeks and haven’t had any of these issues. The battery life has gotten better since I originally purchased the phone. The best phablet that I have owned.

    • Hailey

      Yeah….first week..great.
      First few weeks…..great.
      A few months later, you’ll get some issues. I felt the same way before. Now I can’t even listen to music without skipping/pausing/ugly noise

      • Kazahani

        It’s been about 3 months now. Still love the phone. It will overheat and reboot itself about once every 2 weeks, which is a pain in the ass, but I can live with that since I like everything else about it.

      • Brian

        Same experience here. I take insanely good care of it and get all updates as soon as they’re available. Loved it for the first couple of weeks, then the bugs slowly started. At a month and a half into owning it, the bugs and lag had convinced me the phone was in fact terrible, but it was too late to return it and go back to Samsung. Now I sit here waiting for AT&T to roll out Lollipop, hoping for a miracle that will fix the lag.

        • Ncruze Jideani

          Smh, Brian do you plan on leaving LG altogether? I’ve become a big fan of Lg with the LG G2 and continued onto G3 but at this point i don’t even think i want to venture with G4..to soo to go back to Samsung..maybe i might give HTC a try.

        • llll

          Install LG PC Suite and connect your phone to your PC, do the manual update there instead of waiting for the OTA update in your phone

        • romahnae

          i know this is old and that you were sitting there waiting for lollipop 5 months ago since this comment but .. lollipop turned out to be bad didn’t it, lol? if you were still on the g3. battery drainage like there’s no tomorrow.

      • Ncruze Jideani

        Thank you. Ummm any phone you get will perform wonders in the first few weeks. Are you serious. It’s the first few months like Hailey said are where the issues arise. Lags, crashes, reboots, over heating you’ll get a dose of all of that. Smh

      • lucy

        Ive had the phone ever since it came out i love it i dont have any complaints nd works great

    • fangirl2013

      yeah the first week was amazing… i’ve had mine for about 5 months now and im having so many issues!

  • Sal

    I was really planning on buying this phone at the end of the month but if it is going to be having all those issues then G3 is off my list which is sad cause I really liked it.

    • Gato Mafioso

      Not all G3’s have this issue. Problem is the few who do have issues are the ones posting and it makes it seem like it’s a widespread issue when it’s not. Meanwhile those not encountering anything wrong aren’t taking to online forums to report that

    • greeninja

      So far I love mine. I can get 2 days of battery out of it. Doesn’t heat up. The lag is very slight. and only happens once in awhile. I haven’t tried a different launcher yet but people say that works. I’ve never had it shut down. I’m not sure what people complain about. I can say that the 2k isn’t a big difference over the 1080, but I love the bezel to screen ratio. I had the G2, but dropped and cracked it, so I upgraded to this one and haven’t had all the issues. I just can’t wait til they get different roms working on it like they had on the g2. Plus the interface is 100x better than my note 3 and samsung mega.

      • Sal

        I’ve heard that the tiny lag on the G3 which I did encounter when I was playing around with it at my carrier store, that you can simply switch the runtime from Dalvik to ART and it should be better. Have you done that and is the performance any different?

    • KapteinStein

      No issues on my G3 – or at least less than most phones I’ve had

    • PoisonApple31

      I have none of these issues with my Verizon G3.

  • Andrew Mackoul

    I’m having trouble accessing the hidden menu for the Sprint LG G3, I don’t see temperature properties option.

    • Cole Raney

      Maybe Sprint stripped access to those options. I have the G3 on AT&T and here is part of my menu, there are a lot more options if I scroll down.

  • Pam Oakea

    No problems with my G3. Love it.

  • Jdeebad

    I’ve had the m7 (sucks)
    I have an iPhone 5s (gave it to wife)
    I have a OPO (great phone)
    But the g3 blows them all away.
    Bought mine on first day available on AT&T not one of the 8 problems except maybe a slight lag.
    You what there ain’t a phone out there that doesn’t lag at one Time or another.
    Buy the damn g3 you won’t go wrong

  • beatles

    Lots of issues for a korean made phone!

  • Josh

    Sure are a lot of issues for a “flag ship” phone. Phone shuts down solution: hard reset.. lol

  • Balraj

    Can you do a similar article on z2?
    Or is it already done?
    Thank you in advance

    • Ankit Banerjee

      It’s in the pipeline :)

  • chrisaran

    Gentlemen I present you smartphone of the year

  • Chris

    I thought it was better than my s5? At least I have no issues with my s5 not even lag…. Never rely on a company that is barely getting on their feet. Let’s not talk about that dim screen. Samsung has to teach them how to do it the right way with the note 4…

    lg aka Lag Garbage

    • Lilith_Black

      =.=||| I don’t know abt that…S3 & S4 lags to the point that I felt like smashing it before I rooted. Note 3 lags less but is still does lag. The S5? I’m not sure if I would put my bet on it.
      My experience with G3 is that it is quite smooth and while it feels warm in some display models I’ve seen, it is not as bad as S3 or S4…

    • KapteinStein

      Haha, nothing is more “Lag Garbage” than Samsung.. at least the past 5 samsungs I’ve had. Dont’ think you understood the point of this article. These are potential issues you may encounter, not problems you will encounter.

    • AStarbucks

      That’s so stupid its ridiculous. The S4, S5 reviews all had plenty of lag complaints & they are not even QuadHD! Try learning to read first!

  • Sabik Biswas

    I Have My LG G3 From Last Two Months….I Have Not Faced Any Of These Issues….You Might Got The Damaged Unit….So That is Why You are Getting So Much Of Problem…The Way You Have Written This Post…is Showing That You are a hater…and…you have submitted a hate post…because you can also see that how much popularity LG G3 is Getting…

    • noel kait


    • John Doe

      How Much LG Are Paying Nowadays To Promote Their Products On Android Fan Sites And To Mitigate Damage From Their Poor Engineering? ;-) Srsly, how much you got for this post? $2? $5? I want that kind of job too :-/

    • Shaun Hammond

      Why Are You Writing Sentences Like Titles? And Using Ellipses To End Them?

      • swayda

        Because he is from India and used 6 months salary to buy the phone, he hates that he should have bought a different phone.

        • Rohit Chatterji

          6 months salary? Do you always talk out of your ass or is this a first? I’m leaning towards the first…

        • ithehappy

          I can buy this phone from my one week’s salary (less actually, just for the sake of round things up) and might be able to sell you in different countries and then buy you back and repeat the process multiple times, in other words I am filthy rich, still if I end up getting this phone and don’t find it according to my preference I will be angry and sad, not a hater, muppet.

          Stupid arse.

  • Mahdi

    Woahaa, Too many problems.. Weird..
    I have the hTC m8 since April, and none of these issues happened expect once or twice the phone felt warm.
    Not even a signal crash.

    • noel kait

      These problems are rare occasions

  • KapteinStein

    I’ve had it since june and the only issues I have come across are the hissing in some headphones and that it turns on while in my pocket. The hissing sound is only prevalent using certain brands of headphones. The fact that it turns on while in my pocket and sends photos via my cerberus is annoying but turning the phone around in my pocket solves it. I use knock code so turning off knock on is out of the question. This is unfortunate because with the flat screen away from my body the phone is much more visible in my trouser pockets.

  • Bone

    1) Sell it
    2) Buy a phone with a fitting SoC & GPU for the screen res
    3) Enjoy your half priced LG G2, a better phone than the G3 for everyday issue-free use

    • noel kait

      Yeah you sure told them ::::)

  • Nkansah Rexford

    Unnecessary lengthy solutions outlined. For me, I solved all the above problems in one step: I switched to Cyanogen Mod. That’s aaaaaaaalll it takes. I promise you

    • noel kait

      How did you switch to Cyanogenmod when the bootloader isn’t even unlocked

      • Nkansah Rexford

        Oh! You’ve not heard of XDA forums yet? I’m sure devs have found solutions to unlock it already.

        I don’t own the LG3. Just saying from experience of using a waterproof phone that got hot every second using Stock ROM, but switched to Cyanogen, and everything has improved, even having battery life up to some 32 hours.

        • noel kait

          I check XDA everyday for to see if they have an unlock solution. No they haven’t so get off your high horse.

          • Nkansah Rexford


          • THAT GUY

            random comeback.

    • PoisonApple31

      Absolutely unnecessary solution.

  • Brandon Franklin

    Wow! Apparently this is the lg DIY G3 kit


    Have all above issues with Firmware v10h, except screen turning on in pocket. LG Support recommends to reset the device and all issues are unknown. Did reset twice, after each reset an issue is gone but another occurs. Device gets very hot when downloading data via 3G, e.g. streaming or syncing photos. Another bug is the LG keyboard lagging a lot when two languages are enabled in settings. Still hoping for updates which fix anything.

  • Nat

    Hi, when I plug in my earphones into my g3 and try to play music/videos, the music/videos would play and pause randomly. Also, the voice mate comes on and off randomly. The phone reacts as if there are buttons present on my earphones(e.g. play and pause buttons) and I am pressing them but this is not the case; my earphones don’t have any such buttons . I’ve tried using other earphones and the problem persist, so it’s a problem with the phone. Can anyone help me out? Your help would be much appreciated

    • canigetawhutwhuuuut

      I have the same issue as you. From what I can tell, it’s not the headphones. I’ve actually taken the G3 apart to replace the screen (i broke it during week 2!) and found that the headphone jack is kept on the mobo by some adhesive and nothing else (check out the 6:45ish mark of this youtube vid to see what I mean: http://youtu.be/I-LUBTADX2U). So if you bump the headphones just the wrong way then what happens is that the contacts from the jack pushes away from the contacts on the mobo and the music will pause/stop. It’s faulty engineering. I purchased a set of decent bluetooth over the ear headphones that have been working flawlessly – otherwise I’d have taken the phone apart again and repositioned the headphone jack better and more permanently to fix the issue.

      • Wendy

        My headphone jack won’t work. If this is a hardware issue then I’m gonna ask for a replacement from Verizon. Thank you for writing about what you found out….this is almost impossible to find on the Web!

    • Jocelyn Pfeif

      Mine will activate even when my phone isnt moving. When I went to applications manager to try and disable it, it doesn’t even show up as an app!! How can an app not be listed?

  • starchildskull

    G3 suffers from an inferior screen when compaired to an s5, note 3 or even the g2. Put those phones side by side, go off axis by 25 degrees and u will be scratching ur head. There is no fix for that even when tinkering with the not so easy to find setting. And yes, the 3 I mentioned are a bit over saturated ;)

  • bikrame

    It seems like Samsung ad for me. I have LG G3 and yes i agree there are some bugs but not so much that i have to give up device. This device is awesome.

  • Tony Lai

    I don’t think I have seen the issues above happening with my G3. Owner of first day launch on AT&T.

  • Adam Beňko

    Guys , i want to buy a new phone. What should i go for. G3 or Note 3 ? Or should i wait for Nexus 6 ? I doubt that nexus 6 will beat Note 3.

  • prabhu

    I bought LG g3 32gb version..problem started from the very next day..Its going to be 2 weeks now…I faced lots of issues like phone gets shutdown many times automatically..I need to remove the battery to switch it on..very laggy while using multiple apps.sometimes screen freeze while attending the calls..sometimes camera apication doesn’t work well.I tried every possible solution like factory rest and everything but it doesn’t helps.I have given the mobile to LG service centre today..hope they will replace with the new device.I have done a big mistake by choosing this product believing the success of LG nexus phones which were manufactured by LG.

  • ChocolateThunder420

    Had my Verizon G3 for two weeks and haven’t encountered any issues. Yes, it gets hot but only after extreme video watching and game playing. I love this phone after being w/ Samsung for years.

  • Artria

    I’ve had my gold LG G3 for about 2 months I don’t like it, coming from the Samsung Galaxy 3!! You can’t surf and talk the same time (wasn’t aware of that when I brought it and when my 15 day exchange was still in effective). This is actually my second one and I’m still dealing with the same issues; horrible WiFi connection, trouble with the AUX connection (loud clicking when next song begin and end, most of the time I have to play with it before it finally play music. Even after buying a new AUX cord!) Sometimes it take hours to send and receive message due to lack of signal! Wish I would have stayed with the Galaxy! Its not what its hype up to be! I feel like I downgraded instead of upgrading!

  • Meff

    I have two issues with my LG G3, it will not connect to my truck blue tooth, and I can send and receive emails, but not reply to an email..

  • Eddy

    The LG G3 easily outshines the competition despite it being late to the party. Possessing the right blend of feature and design, LG may finally have the right phone to challenge Korean rival Samsung.

  • sirgrabalot

    Had the G3 for about 6 weeks…struggled with signal, drops calls randomly, audio quality is rubbish, it overheats, laggy UI, loads of force closes. Quite possibly the worst phone I have ever had. Going back to HTC as soon as I can get rid of this piece of crap.

    • sirgrabalot

      Sent the LG G3 back last week and had it swapped for a HTC One M8. The HTC is a thousand times better handset…I have signal where the LG couldn’t get a single bar, no more dropped calls, Sense UI is way more polished, no lag whatsoever and the screen is eligible with black text on grey backgrounds! There was only two things about the LG that I miss: slightly better battery life and a arguably better camera, but other than those little things I wish I had gone HTC in the 1st place! Life was certainly not so Good with LG!

  • Cowsarefood Jr.

    My Voice dialer stopped talking on my lg g3. Any ideas how to fix?

  • Sack1

    I’ve had none of these issues. VOLte voice quality is amazing. The battery could be better but at least it’s removable, so I have a backup ready.

  • LG User

    The issue I keep having with my LG phone is that when it is locked and in my pocket, if the volume button gets pushed the camera will turn itself on and taking tons of pictures in my pocket!!! I would like to stop that, if anyone has any suggestions.

  • jarrett

    i am coming from a galaxy s4 i hate my lg g3 battery is okay, it does get hot it runs around 105 degres farenhight, all headphones i have had the left side hiss, and i have dissabled most verizon apps and close most all the apps that run in background and the interface still slows down and lagss

  • Jamie

    Mine doesn’t shut down but rather often I’ll turn it on and then start my knock code but my screen will shut down half way through and I go through a process where it will do it 10 times in a row not letting me access anything basically. My G2 also used to do this. Does anyone else have this problem?

  • Daniel H Cruz

    Voice command no longer works on my Bluetooth Car stereo….everything else works fine

  • amit shah

    While transfer hd videos from pc to g3 it does not match the full screen size.We can manually increase the size but then clarity decreases so how to fix this?

    • zain

      just download an app mx player from play store nd put the quality on hw mode then it will work

  • flybynite

    Has anyone had a problem with being able to log onto certain websites? I can’t log onto SunTrust using my LG3 with either the app or site. It will tell me my password or user ID is wrong. When I use my boyfriends cell and try to log in, no problems whatsoever. it’s almost like it’s not recognizing my input. Very strange. I’ve tried it several times. And the SunTrust just doesn’t seem to like my LG3.

  • AStarbucks

    I find this plain ridiculous. Which smartphone doesn’t heat up at some point? Android multi-tasks superbly. Every damn phone I’ve used warms up, sometimes uncomfortable. EVERY Samsung I’ve known from my Galaxy S2 i9100, to the Samsung Note 2, 3 etc. Ask any of those using the S3, S4, S5 and they will tell you when the CPU/GPU is working hard they heat up.

    If you have a problem with that, check whether its a buggy app. Its almost always due to a 3rd party app hogging the resources. & please, if you are gaming, stop whining.

    My LG G3 warms up? Sure! But that’s because I root it and run a hell lot more apps concurrently than most people. But I want my phone to work harder for me. For heaven’s sakes, I live in a tropical country right at the equator and I never find any heat issues that are not typical of Android!

    • Wendy

      Please stop whining about people whining.

  • DiaoLaLa

    Everytime i delete file or uninstall an app,it auto goes into system data,how do i fix this?

  • Suman

    While I am in a call & my phone is in mute mode, if at the same time another call came in so the mute got unmuted automatically. How to fix it ?

  • shankar

    i have been using lg g3 since 1 month……..its a amazing set………….but i have a small problem sound related.
    After using few hours my loud speaker stops sound ……..and sound goes to ear speaker ……even if make full volume sound gonna too small. and i have to restart device to set it again ?? If u anyone have any ideas to fix it plz ……???? Lg g3 United Arab Emirates

    • zain

      i also hav thz same problem, no solution,, just need to restart a device,, well m trying to update software V10L
      maybe it will fix it

  • mary

    Having issues with text messages wrapping & repeating? Any suggestions on how to fix this? Thank you!

  • adine

    Hi, i’m using g3
    I have problem with the keyboard. suddenly it won’t work so i can’t type and i have to downloaded other keyboard from the play store. i tried to fix it but still won’t work. Any solution?

  • qureshi

    hello my lg optimus 4x hd p880 , 3G is not working with sim please guide me
    how I do in detail please

  • zahra

    hello. I have LG G3and the only problem I have is that I can not set photo for my contacts (error message is: unable to save photo edit)

    my contacts are saved on phone

  • Edvard

    For camera issue, just use the replacement camera app, the stock one isn’t that good anyway. Try SliderCamera

  • Patrick

    I almost cant u the letter m on my keyboard. After pressing 30 times. I sometimes get the letter.
    And i cant use the letter k anymore
    Can someone help me?

  • Daniel Brown

    Good article… I just got this phone yesterday as I had an upgrade for a penny for it vs, $200 at Sprint, a “Big” 3rd party reseller deal. Only catch is I owe them an extra big ETF if I cancel in first 6 months but I’m almost certain I’m not switching at all, really. In my city, Sprint is very solid, so no biggie sticking with them with the excellent referral plan I got. Once you include the full-subsided upgrades, it’s right there in total cost as the t-mobile plans, but with unlimited full speed data… Enough justifying Sprint, The G3 looks like newer ones have some of the fixes done in firmware already… I already love the display, it’s perfect if you like rich color, just not so outrageously over done like some Samsung’s and their AMOLED’s. In that aspect the display is superior to the G2’s for sure but I can also notice poorer black levels… Definitely doesn’t seem as large sized as it sounds, but I also don’t care about using with one hand all that much. I can easily do my knock code with one thumb.. The camera is awesome, from what my limited use so far.. All in all, I think it goes without saying if you don’t mind a contract, this is by far the best bang for the buck right now. With, I think many of these problems resolved, it’s not a bad way to go at all, especially for the price. :)

  • Dagna Sacharewicz

    Hi. I have a problem with my LG g3…I’ve take it out from my pocket it gets hot and turn off itself. Now I’m trying to turn it on or plug to charge but the damn thing don’t respond at all…dunno what to do. Any help???

  • Michelle Blythe

    I am having trouble with “media” draining my battery. I can’t seem to find the source. I feel as if I have tried most everything. New to a smart phone, any suggestions as to what I am missing? Even one of the techs had no idea what is running. Phone is hot and dies within a few hours after being fully charged.

  • Tay2893

    I’ve had my G3 for about 2 months Now and the LG keyboard stopped working. It’s greyed out in the settings and I’ve been having to use the Google keyboard but I miss the LG one. Anyone have this happen or know how to fix it?/

  • Androidguest

    I have my G3 for about 3 weeks now and used it last night to video an event, I got about 20min footage (intermittent) and then the screen went blank, I charged the phone overnight but I am unable to access the photos or videos. The screen goes blank when I try to access these. Any ideas to help me out?

  • ella

    My camera looks like some next x ray thing and i dont even know how to fix it
    help please.

  • zZG_FLYZz

    Should I get the G3 or M8? I like to use things like twitter, youtube, reddit, etc. and I love customization. I head the G3 slows down when gaming and gets super hot, is that true?

  • Chanade B

    No voice recorder and you can’t copy all texts unlike the iPhone. Also you can’t screenshot every thing either.

  • Stsas99

    Had the g3 for about a month and still no problems. The battery lasts for more than 8 hours with a brightness of 30%.

  • dibrahim

    According to LG using an aux cord with a volume control will resolve the issue for now

  • brye34

    I see a lot of folks preferring the G2 over the G3… I am the exact opposite. The G2 was awful… I had antenna/radio issues, wifi issues, slight heat issues (yes I know… same old song and dance), dropped calls, bounced texts, and lag.

    The G3, so far, has seemed to have addressed most of these issues for me. The battery life is nice, haven’t had a heat issue yet, no dropped calls, good voice sound quality, and everything works well on wifi.

    I just wish the T-Mobile version had a way of turning off the Knock function. It appears out of the long list of items on the hidden menu… Knock On/Off is not one of them.

    All in all I can’t complain…but my honest opinion is, the G2 sucked!

  • AssMilk

    My power button wont work on the phone anymore!

  • neri

    I have factory unlocked G3
    But you tube and everything else is so slow

  • Rakesh Sampat

    I had a Samsung Note 2 on which it was very easy to make a video call just from the contact person. I am unable to make a video call from the LG G3. How to??

  • Emilton Queiroz

    hello i dont know whats wrong with my lg g3. i’ve got the 2gb model. i’ve installed modern combat 5 also asphalt overdrive and the game does not launch…any help?

  • Amer Babu

    After being Note 3 User for a long time, I recently purchased LG G3 expecting all the features of Note 3 will be available with same or higher specs and screen Resolution.
    The 1st biggest problem that i have noticed is the WIFI Direct feature is not available in this phone, i am really depressed that how come a phone with these specs could not have WIFI Direct facility, I am very disappointed.
    Option of WIFI Direct is available in WIFI options but no use of it.
    really very disappointed.

  • jiffy

    Love my phone – it’s the best I’ve ever had! Except it got laggy last night and froze. Pulled the battery for a hard reset, and now it’s stuck on loop with the loading (LG welcome animation) screen and I can’t use it! Anyone have ideas??

  • WombatTheMad

    My issue doesnt show up here at all. I have to hit the button on the back of the phone several times and race to slide my thumb across it before the screen shuts itself off again.

  • shutterbug_1018

    I have had my phone for almost a month, and I have had problems sometimes with calls sounding distorted on my end. It’s almost like it sort of gives a metallic quality to a person’s voice is the only way I can think to describe it. I just tried the fixes suggested above, so we’ll see if it helps.

  • molly

    FML I hate this phone. The g2 was actually better I feel like I downgraded while using my g3 and qHD is so pointless because he can’t exactly find many videos that play in in qHD so I essentially upgraded for a feature that I can’t really use. The battery life is dreadful. Everything is laggy and crashes all the time. this phone is really a downgrade compared to its superior g2. It was supposed to be an upgrade and I was so excited about getting it but now I realize I should have got something else. the issue with that is I find Samsung to be garbage and LG is the only phone that has never broken on me so I just got it because I wanted to upgrade and it was an LG. Sadly now I’m stuck with it.

  • alissa914

    How about disabling VoiceMate?

  • Ali

    Can anyone please help me….
    My LG G3 beat is unlocking automatically when i open the flip case despite that i have put knock code, pattern or even swipe.


  • Mark3eric

    Had mine for about four days. very impressed but the video camera keeps discoloring during filming and finished videos either won’t play at all, play from half way through and van’t be back cued or have strange banding across them. Some are not recognised by the Gallery and they won’t upload to facebook. I have just down loaded the Google camera and it seems to have resolved the issues. I will update in due course.

  • Jason

    Knock on wood, I’ve had none of these issues with mine in the first few months. Just tweaked a few settings and use nova launcher. Its an awesome device!

  • Peter

    I had it for a week then did the really stupid mystake and pressed the Upgrade button on LG PC Suite (its pc software) now it wont stop restarting, no matter what combination i press on the back buttons. Please help if anyone has any good ideas pls.

  • rina

    My only problem is the darn most visited sites went i open the internet! Whats the point of selecting a homepage if it doesnt pop up when you first open the internet! Its really frustrating.

  • john denny

    Lgg3 turn off when in camera and no signal from Verizon,have to pull battery to restart

  • kate

    I have an LG G2 Mini and have a problem with the camera turning on in my pocket or bag and taking photos. 782 in the last incident! Phone gets hot and flash chews up my battery. Holding down the volume button bypasses screen lock and starts camera. Is this still an issue in the later models?

  • Ionut

    Hi, i have an LG G3 and the video recorded has a background noise like a broken radio…. Where is the problem?

  • MelGarga

    I’ve had this thing for less than a month and issues are starting to arise. The tap screen is intermittently unresponsive and will not bring the device out of sleep mode. In these instances the button on the back does the same thing. After a few seconds the screen will come back to life but then will not let me ‘swipe’ to access the actual interface.
    I get booted off when I listen to music on youtube. I originally thought this was an issue with my internet speed but I stream movies on Netflix with no problem so I’m blaming the phone.
    Lastly, when I’ve tried to reboot the phone it will not let me. I hold down the button long enough to show the power off options but they’re all unresponsive. Eventually the screen dims and nods off.
    I hope it’s just a temporary thing because, all things considered, it does offer a lot of advantages over the iPhone.

  • Ncruze Jideani

    Another slightly complicated solution requires you to access a Hidden Menu, which can be done by dialing 3845#*855#, with 855 being the international version. Other versions are 851 for T-Mobile and 850 for AT&T. Sprint users can dial 5689#*990#, and Verizon users ##228378 + send to access this menu

    This doesn’t work.

  • Sirena Ramirez

    I have an LG G3 the white one my phone been really go but today i try to download music but my music going to my pictures does anyone know why? Please help

  • Eric Barnett

    When I use voice mate the voice command button just repeats/turns on and off

  • tom

    I have two lg g3 the problem with the camera crashing with the video zoom is an update to the google app go to your appsand find google app and clear the cache and then uninstall updates then restart the phone camera should work fine, after the restart google will try to update itself again let it update it has worked on both of my phones.

  • billy

    Fucking auto play bullshit.

  • Faddy

    I can’t connect to mobile data with my lg g3. When I enable it, nothing happens. I don’t even get a notification that shows that I’m connected (I think that it’s a “H” notification). Had my g3 for about 2-3 weeks and everything else works fine, including Wi-Fi. Also, I haven’t tried using the mobile data before on my g3.

  • chj

    informative review!

  • Linda

    My g3 keeps losing its Bluetooth connections or won’t connect to begin with. I have to shut it down and restart. Sometimes that doesn’t resolve it either.

  • RandomViolentActs

    My background keeps randomly changing. Anyone have this issue.. I want Sonya Blade as my background. But it randomly changes for no reason.

  • when I am on forums or facebook, when backspacing, it acts strange, adding the word before the word Ibam deleating to the end of the word I am deleting, also, if I try and sepect on the screen, I cant move the begining and end of the selection.

  • Really?


  • wanaski

    Just recently upgraded to android 5.01. Now my Google play store will not even open. Cannot play any games either.
    Love the phone but not with the update

  • Brahmin50

    I’ve had my G3 for about 2 months it is always freezing up. Drives me nuts. My son’s phone shuts off or freezes. I personally would not recommend this phone to anyone.

  • kimberly

    I just got a case for my LG g3 and when I put the case on and turn the screen on it immediately cuts back off but if I take the case off it works fine.

  • California

    The none,swipe,and knock code feature on my lg g3 is light grayed out to where I can’t have access to them. Why is that?

  • Matthew

    About turning off when pressed power button.People cover their light sensor when pressing the button.So device shut downs automaticly.I had that problem too.Sorry for english.

  • Please

    Yo can you NOT have a fucking hidden video start randomly? Thanks.

  • Cj Edwards

    automatically playing sounds and videos makes me fucking rage

  • Elizabeth Conway

    My new LG G3 pairs with my car’s bluetooth system and I can receive calls that way while driving. However I cannot make calls using voice command with bluetooth. I could do that previously with my Samsung phone. I have tried various fixes from forums but nothing works. Perhaps I have set something wrongly while playing around. Is this a phone problem or a car bluetooth problem?

  • GV

    Hello , I had poor voice quality in my LG G3. Not always but it happened frequently. Some time poor call quality and some time people on the other side were not able to here me. Took it T Mobile service center. They asked me to turn off the WI-FI whenever i am not connecting or near a connectable WI-FI. Means when leaving home i need to turn it of and when i come back to home i need to turn it on. I felt this was a weird advise. However when i did that consistently it helped me. However every time remembering to turn it off when leaving a WI-FI and turning it on was a painful process. found an app WI-FI matic and it took care of it. Now i love my G3.

  • JustCoz

    If there’s one thing I hate more then videos that autoplay, it’s videos that autoplay at the bottom of a page, so you have to scroll through every effing tab trying to find them!

  • tray

    It was great in the beginning but after a few mths, gesh. My pen feature is gone, the ph gets warm and so on. Never again. Nor do I recommend this phone.

  • jeffmd

    Aww hell naw… AA can kiss my ass for auto starting videos.

  • Dmitry Chulkov

    here is a solution http://mans.io/

  • Jmoore09

    Suddenly my G3 won’t download any apps… I have cleared cache, removed history, tried downloading on Wi-Fi only then on data only and I have plenty of space available to download but nothing works.

  • shannon

    I have an issue with my google play store. The first week i had it i downloaded one game. Since then google play wont let me download anything. I can look up the app and double click on it and it will say installing like normal but then it never downloads it just says installing until it finally times out. Any ideas on how to fix it?

  • Ty Marie Morgan

    Ive had my g3 since february. At first no problems, but now when I plug in my AUX cord to play music in the car, an annoying voice repeats itself over and over. It says I have to enable voice settings in google app settings. I have been searching how to fix the problem and cant find a solution. If anyone else experienced this or knows how to fix it, can you please let me know?

  • Jo

    My phone won’t turn all the way down to vibrate. dors anyone know how to fix it?

  • Jo

    Oops sorry it is a LG G3.

  • Karen McGuinness

    My LG G3 has a brown/yellow mark on screen. I have sent it back as under warranty and just been told water damage which contradicts what everyone has said this is
    to and genuinely it has never got wet. Not sure how to fight this ?shame as thought it was a Uber great fone upto this and soon many with same issue.

  • Shiva Kumar A

    hi, My Self Shiva Kumar , I Bought the lg g3 handset it was an 6 months ago, now i’m facing a lot of problems like, ” my notification bar is not working, battery going down very soon, in a perticular area touch is not working, ……..

  • abcxyz1

    My G3 has the auto shut-down problem & I actually have to remove the battery to switch it on again.

    Has anyone successfully resolved the issue with the advice in the article?

  • abcxyz1

    touch screen issues

    My touch screen sporadically:
    1) has a dead spot (on letter k on keyboard in portrait orientation)
    2) acts as if someone randomly clicks all over the screen, opening apps, making calls, etc. Is this hardware failure, or could it be resolved somehow?

  • Marlon Brando

    I turn on do not disturb and then press the volume down button all the way off, yet when I’m browsing or playing solitare and encounter a pop up ad the sound comes on.What’s up with that? If it’s off stay off

  • Kat KC

    hello… My phone was on my desk whole day, i didn’t touch it as i was busy, when i turned it on the screen looks like it leaked from inside!!!! what is going on? can anyone help me?

  • Slightly Concerned Kate

    Hi, a little weird bug that I need help with… I have always suffered little bugs with my LG from when I purchased it earlier this year, however most recently my phone (while in sleep mode) has started some kind of ‘auto-play’ of random audio files (Files that are not even on my phone) – while the screen appears to still be in “sleep” mode.
    Often they are someone discussing “topics” (First was providing definition of well known financial terms, second – explanation of a cattle crush)
    *Phone can be in silent mode or normal (When first occurred at work – was a little off putting – as I was looking at the black screen on my phone, knowing it was in silent mode listening to random “discussion” topics.)
    *When unlock and open phone – no applications seem to be running
    *Despite using a “task Killer” the audio still plays
    *All occurrences have been when the phone has been in “Sleep Mode”
    *Phone has been connected in all occurrences (mobile data and/or wifi)
    I search most of the comments below, was hoping someone might have a suggestion.

  • Randy Wilson

    having issues with my LG3 smart phone.. the screen does not come on however I can tell I am touching apps and you can hear the phone turn on and off and hear apps running … but screen remains black.. can anyone tell me what the problem might be

  • Christopher Martinez

    Voice Mate SUCKS so much! It interferes with my music all the damn time. Driving with the AUX connected and the road is little bit bumpy? Don’t worry, Voice Mate will keep you company weather you want it to or not.

  • Barry

    My g3 vigor calls people on its own, flips pages, punches in numbers etc. I factory re set it to no avail. Its 13 months old 1 month out of warranty. Of coarse! Does this sound familiar to anyone?

  • samuel

    my lg have being unable to on and i dont know why

  • Kanishka Ray

    The one issue I have had was with the rear power and volume down buttons sticking and popping when pressed. Maybe some foreign object/grain of sand got lodged in there somewhere, and I needed a lot of extra force to push the rocker down, and it would register a plastic sounding “pop” when I did. I finally got fed up with it, and disassembled the button and lens attachment in the back. I cleaned it, and reassembled, and it’s working like new now.

  • Kanishka Ray

    I’ve had the G3 for a year and a half now…outside of the button issue, it’s been a great phone. I haven’t had any of the issues listed in this article. Battery life varies depending on how much time I spend out of the house. But in general, one day of use usually used 50% of the battery. I don’t have a few tweaks I use to keep the power consumption down, and I also use the Google Now launcher instead of the LG Home Launcher.

  • Montana Wallace

    Hi I am an AT&T customer who just recently got an LG G3 from a friend who was on Verizon. The phone isnt locked by Verizon because I was able to put my sim card from my Galaxy S3 in it and was able to call and text just fine. The only problem is my mobile data didn’t transfer. How can I fix that?

  • Lewie Fassett

    Every time I try to reccord a voice message on whatsapp, a video on snapchat or activate my camera, the phone disconnects from the service and makes me type in my pin code again, but the audio that plays is horribly distorted and will not work.

  • Danielle

    I can’t delete any saved calls that I’ve saved on my LG G3 even after hitting “delete” they still are there as saved, taking up my my msg. room. Can anyone help?

  • j.ann

    I have 3 probs I can’t fix. 1st, I’ve been getting a very obtrusive message onscreen in middle of all actions telling me “google play store has stopped working. ” “Click OK.” That’s only way to clear it from the screen. First directions for fixing I found required me to open the app, but it won’t let me access it. It happens 5 times in 30 minutes. Won’t let me uninstall & re-install. 2) google Maps loses signal regularly (Boost mobile, metro Boston); also, it initially it displays map, but voice directions occur randomly- can’t depend on it (her). At times, I’ll have traveled 5-10 miles, & initial instructions with starting address, still on screen- as it is freezing. 3) camera cuts out on me while I am shooting pictures. Have to re-open, repeatedly. Grrr! Thanks in advance!

  • Jake Parkman

    i have this problem can anyone help?

  • Pedro Rivera

    LG G3 beat is a piece of garbage… the phone is an app that has no priority so bassicaly it is a mini tablet with a phone inserted. Not a smartphone at all…
    When you want to hang out you cant because the screen turns black and there is not any hard button to end a call… nothing works! The worst “phone” I had so far… where is the old fashion “Tungsten” filosophy?

  • Bint Atta

    Hi, My LG G3 korea has been shut down suddenly, i tried a lot to restart it but all my effort was in vain, then i send it to many mobile shop, the people were telling that there is an issue in IC on mother board of this cell,
    Plz could anyone tell me how can i fix my cell phone ??
    Other vise my cell will be damaged. I’m very worried abt my cell :( plz help