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Update, 7AM: The original version of this post erroneously stated that the Marshmallow OTA is rolling out to the LG G3 in Poland. The information turned out to be false, and we removed it. With that said, LG Poland representative Jarosław Bukowski recently teased the Marshmallow update for the LG G3, so its entirely possible that the update is on its way.

US carrier Sprint is rolling out Marshmallow for its LG G Stylo. LG isn’t just updating its flagship devices to Marshmallow though, the G Stylo is also receiving the same Android 6.0 upgrade. Today Sprint has started pushing out its latest update to the handset. Unfortunately, there has been no word on when T-Mobile will update its version of the smartphone.

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The update brings the version number to LS770ZV7 and it contains all the familiar Marshmallow tweaks to the OS, such as Doze and Google Now on Tap. Sprint says that the update should appear sometime over the next few days, so keep an eye out for that OTA notification or head on over to settings to force a manual check.

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  • Jeremiah R.

    For US Cellular? Probably when hell freezes over.

  • Ivailo Yanev

    Well still running 5.0 on my D855 in Bulgaria so I hope it comes soon and it’s as good and stable as the 5.0 :)

  • zver

    This is a fake screen, for now, no update on 855.

  • Hell NuN

    Check your sources, that was a joke on XDA.

  • Karly Johnston

    Sprint…update before everyone else… never gonna happen.

  • Do not be surprised when you’ll see that “format sdcard as internal” is removed on LG Marshmallow. A big disappointment about LG decision. You can not move your apps or spotify data to sdcard anymore.

    • Oh that’s a shame if they did that. Of course reading up on the whole Portable/External deals with Marshmallow, I think I’d be better off staying in Lollipop land anyway.