LG G2 Review Hands On
The LG G2 has seriously impressive specs and some really cool design elements, but we know that a truly great phone needs to be more than the sum of its parts. So, is it? Let’s take a look!

LG G2 official specifications

Display5.2-inch IPS LCD, Full HD (1920 x 1080), 424 ppi, 2.65mm bezel
ProcessorQualcomm Snapdragon 800 MSM8974, quad-core Krait 400 @ 2.26GHz, Adreno 330 GPU
RAM2GB, Graphic RAM
Battery3000 mAh non-removable
Cameras13 MP rear, OIS, autofocus, LED flash, sapphire glass, 2.1 MP front
ConnectivityNFC, A-GPS, GLONASS, microUSB, Wi-Fi a/b/g/n/ac, Bluetooth 4.0 LE
OSAndroid 4.2.2, Optimus UI
Dimensions138.5 x 70.9 x 8.9mm, 140g

The LG G2 has a 5.2-inch 1080p display and runs a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 Chipset with a 2.26 GHz quad-core Krait CPU and Adreno 330 GPU. It has 2 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal storage, 24 GB of which is available to the user. No microSD slot is available. It has a 13 MP rear-facing camera with optical image stabilization and a 2.1 MP front facing camera, both of which capture 1080p video. Powering everything is a 3,000 mAh battery.

LG G2 Review

The LG G2 immediately impressed us with its incredible display, balance in the hand and build quality.

The G2’s design is one of its most talked about aspects, and with good reason, as LG has done some very interesting things here.

First, we’ve got to talk about how thin the bezels are. This allows the phone to have a 5.2-inch screen while the phone itself doesn’t feel large at all. This is definitely not a “phablet.” I honestly think this is about as small as a bezel can get before actually becoming so small that the phone is impossible to hold without your fingers covering part of the screen.

But that isn’t what most people are talking about. It’s the button placement. LG has made a bold move and placed all the buttons on the back of the phone. Some people love it and others, well, not so much. Personally, I found it usable and it wasn’t long before I didn’t even think about the button placement, though I could see some people having a tough time adjusting.

That aside, the feel of the phone is very nice. The rounded back allows it to sit comfortably in your hand.

LG G2 Real Racing Display Quality

The LG G2 uses arguably one of the finest 1080p LCD displays in the world.

Long story short, the LG G2’s True HD IPS+ display is very impressive. At 1920 x 1080 stretched over 5.2 inches, we’re looking at an ultra sharp pixel density of around 424 ppi. Look as hard as you want, but you’ll be hard pressed to see any pixels here. Colors are very vivid, without the oversaturated look that can cause nearly everything to look cartoonish on some smartphone displays.

Of course, a good display is useless if you can’t see it, which fortunately is not a problem here. The LG G2 has a maximum brightness of 450 nits, and outside in the middle of the day in very bright sunlight, I had no problem whatsoever seeing the display, which is more than can be said for many popular phones.

LG G2 Benchmarks

Unreal amounts of mobile power. It’s nearly twice as powerful as the Galaxy S3!

Being one of the few phones currently using a Snapdragon 800 chipset, we were excited to see what kind of results we would get in benchmarks. We turned to our usual tool of choice AnTuTu Benchmark.
We ran the test a total of 10 times, and saw scores ranging from just over 27,000 to over 32,500. The final average score was 29,560. Interestingly enough, it seemed that the first benchmark after letting the device rest a while was always the fastest, with subsequent consectutive runs being a little slower. It’s important to note here that LG told us prior to testing that the review unit we were shipped is not the final finished product, and that test numbers in the version released to customers may be higher.

Next up we turned to Epic Citadel and ran all three available benchmark modes. Ultra High Quality mode gave us an average framerate of 50.9 FPS, while High Quality and High Performance gave us 55.3 and 56.8 FPS respectively. That is pretty impressive considering that the software is pushing over 2 million pixels.
Everyday performance was equally impressive. Scrolling, browsing, launching apps and everything else was always zippy and I never encountered a single moment where anything felt slow or even stuttered for a second. Performance across the games we tested was similarly impressive as well.

LG's UI has come a long way, and is one of the most customizable out there.

LG’s UI has come a long way, and is one of the most customizable out there.

The LG G2 runs Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean, overlaid with a custom LG user interface. You can customize the interface a bit by changing fonts, which changes the font across the entire interface. That’s cool, but it gets much cooler.

Gestures and button-free operation play a big part here. Want to turn on the display but don’t feel like pressing the power button on the back? Knock On solves that by allowing you to simply tap twice on the display to turn it on. Tapping twice on an empty area or the status bar turns it back off. To answer a call, you can just pick the phone up, but it doesn’t actually answer the call until it gets to your ear, so you still have a chance to see who’s calling before you pick up.

Slide aside lets you use a three finger swipe to save an app’s state and slide it off to the side of the screen for later use. Just swipe the other way to bring it back. If you have the lock screen set to pattern lock, you can use this to enable guest mode. Use your own pattern to use your phone like normal, while another pattern puts the phone in a guest mode where you can restrict what apps are available.

With the display off, you can use hold the volume down button to launch the camera, and it also acts as a shutter button. Holding the volume up button launches the notes app.

Looking at the apps, QuickRemote allows the G2 to act as a universal remote, controlling a TV, blu ray player, projector or even air conditioner and Update Center allows you to manage system and app updates without digging into settings or the Play Store.

The button placement results in the camera getting more fingerprints than usual.

The button placement results in the camera getting more fingerprints than usual.

To get right to it, the LG G2’s 13 MP camera is one of the most impressive cameras I’ve seen in a smartphone in a long time.

Aside from setting the quality to 13 MP, I left the camera on it’s default settings and took a lot of photos in a lot of situtuations. On the rare occasions where a photo came out bad, it was usually my fault. I’m sure a lot of this is due to the optical image stabilization used in the G2’s camera. This does a lot of things from reducing camera shake in video recording to improving low light photography by allowing for longer exposure times without blurring. Colors are well captured and images are razor sharp.

That quality extends to video capture as well. While it’s not unusual for smartphone cameras to capture 1080p video these days, not all of it is this good looking, and unlike a lot of phones the LG G2’s rear-facing camera can capture 1080p video at 60 FPS. Optical image stabilization helps here as well, as you can see in this footage I captured while walking around outside. On many other cameras, this would be a mess. Check it out, below.

LG G2 Battery Life is excellent AA

Seeing how powerful the phone is, it might be easy to think that a 3,000 mAh battery might not provide all that much battery life, but the Qualcomm chipset goes a long way to get the most of that capacity. After a fourteen hour day of heavy testing I still had around 20 percent battery capacity left so I’m confident in saying that this phone should be able to last anyone through even the longest days of heavy use. The battery isn’t removeable, so you won’t be able to carry a spare, but luckily that shouldn’t be a problem.

In the end, it’s pretty hard to find anything bad to say about the LG G2, so I won’t. If you’re not interested in this phone, it’s likely going to be for a subjective reason like not being a fan of the interface or the button placement. Neither of those were issues for me, and objectively, this is a great phone.

This is the busiest time of the year folks. We’re deployed on the ground in Berlin as we post this, getting ready for the both the Galaxy Note 3 and Sony Xperia Z1 launches. LG has created something very special with the G2. How will it stand up next to the onslaught of super high end devices coming your way soon? Let us know down below!

With incredibly speedy performance, a stellar and jaw dropping 1080p display, an extremely thin bezel, fantastic imaging capabilities, and road-warrior worthy battery life, it looks like LG has created one of the best smartphones, ever. 

We’ll be diving much deeper into the unique feature set of the LG G2 in a further review and video, and you can count on us to deliver you more quality editorials, reviews, and videos on the LG G2.

Remember guys – we do this for you each and every day! Let us know how we’re doing, and what you want in our reviews. Does the LG G2 have what it takes to earn a place in your pocket? How does it stack up next to the Note 3? A worthy successor to LG’s predecessor, the Optimus G? Let us know down below!

Kristofer Wouk
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  • Postino

    It’s really owesome. Even though I’m waiting for Xperia honami(Zi), I think I’ll turn to this phone after looking at Zi and Note 3 unpack.
    Camera with OIS is much better than 20 MP camera as it offers good shots even in night(I’ve seen lots of night phots and it’s really owesome).

  • HitokiriX

    It’s a great phone overall. Still felt weird to hold it but it’s just not catching on and LG is doing a poor job of promoting it.

    • Anthony Evans

      ? not even for sale yet..

      • HitokiriX

        Some of us are actually in Korea…

        • BDPSU

          LOL it’s not catching on in the 5 minutes it’s been for sale? I’d bet it will sell like crazy in the US.

          • HitokiriX

            I hope it does sell well. I’m not putting LG down or want them to fail. I have a friend who works in their research division… I’m just saying for a flagship device of this caliber, I don’t see any real craze from people to get it yet. On top of that, retailers aren’t helping much. I’ve watched the Vega No.6 get pushed and sold over the G2.

          • macho9556

            U must remember, this is a new line of phone. Take samsung for example……. it literally took them 3 years to make people aware of the galaxy S line. Who remembers the s1 and s2? They wernt even calld that cuz companies like Sprint changed their name to something like the Epic and Epic touch 4g lte. Once the s3 rolled out thts when people started noticing. Hopefully is not th same wit LG

        • Anthony Evans

          congrads some of us are in the US and since its not available world wide yet maybe that is why they are not pushing it yet or its selling well.. yeah common sense I know but still

          • HitokiriX

            I meant here in Korea. Not the world. And the retailers aren’t helping much here either.

  • Solomon Hwang

    LG is stepping up it’s game. I guess it can be easier for a less recognized cellphone manufacturing company to impress the market today. It’s harder for an already-recognized company to make any big impressions because of the high expectations.

  • Clarkkent113

    Sweet phone but I’m pretty much done with custom skins. They slow up phones so damn much. My quad-core Note 2 is crawling through many tasks nowadays (10 months in).

    I’m hoping the Nexus 5 has a 5.2″ 1080p display + Snapdragon 600 (or 800 would be nice) + that Moto X always listening technology for the price of $299 OFF Contract. That’s more appealing than the Note 3 (with outdated Touchwiz) or any of these other manufacturer skins that slow up the phone wasting valuable processor speed and RAM.

    • Thomas Solebrant

      You are confusing touchwiz and custom skins. My LG optimus g had literally never lagged, and from the looks of it, I doubt G2 will either.

  • MasterMuffin

    Still hoping that this is the base of Nexus 5, I dream of those bezels every day :)

    • Thin-bezel-addiction clinics, popping up around the globe :P

      • MasterMuffin

        I’ll never go, they’ll never catch me and mah precious!

    • oli72

      Totally agree. If this is the nexus 5 phone take my money now.

  • Can you tell me why on “LG G2 Display vs Best Competiter” chart is not included with the best display device ever, Sony Xperia Z Ultra.

    • M3D1T8R

      And oddly no HTC One on that chart, the highest pixel density currently available with 1080 on 4.7″. My 5″ DNA with its fantastic 1080 screen is also is not listed, same PPI as the Z and S4.

    • Hey Eddy, sorry about that. We were having some issues with chart prior. Should be all fixed now.

  • technology

    Is it just me or their UI really reminds Touchwiz?

    • Jaun Lombard

      That is what I thought!! Jut look at the App Drawer and all the icons!

    • Vardan Nazaretyan

      It IS TouchWiz, a bit better looking though, at least, in my opinion.

  • Jaun Lombard

    But the phone is plastic…and everyone that hates the plastic of the S4 will hate this phone!!

    • BDPSU

      People will complain no matter what. If it’s plastic, it’s “cheap”. If it’s glass, it’s “fragile”. If it’s metal, it scratches and dents too much.

  • slick8125

    Any hints as to how wireless charging will work? I know about the Verizon shenanigans, but I remember something about a charging cover for the European version, any insight to this and whether it will work in other markets?

    • Johnny wu

      Vzw will be the only version with inductive charging in the US. US versions cannot remove the back… Well without tools and effort

      • slick8125

        Yea, I guess I’m wondering if the exclusive is more a temporal thing or just included in the device vs buying the add-on cover for other carriers. Unless they do it like you said, which is what happened with the note 2 already. That would really suck tho, I’m holding on to naive thoughts til it’s official

  • carlosfrancoz

    Everything was amazing, until… NO MICRO SD AVAILABLE… damn!! why!

    • BDPSU

      Jesus, why are people so hung up on having an SD card? I just don’t get it.

      • jimbo

        1. Why not
        2. My ROMs and tv shows want more than 32gb (more like 20gb after everything else
        3. Remember, you don’t equal world

        • Jay

          Agreed. I watch all my TV and anime on my phone. Internal storage is just not enough.

          • BDPSU

            LOL Anime – what are you, 12?

          • macho9556

            Hey, maybe he lives in Asia. People ovr thr watch anime like we watch movies. Dont matter th age. 12, 20, 30, or 40. Different life styles

          • gommer strike

            He probably meant hentai.

          • Mike Bastable

            try installing Tonido and then stream all your local media to your phone, it is easy to set up and works like a gem. ALSO IT IS FREE and available for iOS and Android

        • BDPSU

          Check your math – 20 GB is less than 32 GB, so what’s the issue?

          I don’t equal world? No, but I think I do equal the majority of smartphone users who don’t need to carry around 10s of GB of data anymore.

          • macho9556

            Just like Bill Gates saying tht the world wz nva gna use and need more than 637kb of memory on their p.c. BOOOYYYY WZ HE WRONG!!!!!!!

          • CpuKnight

            If you use your phone for playing games AND movies AND music like some of my friends. You’re gonna want to have a 64gb SD Card. And dont give me that cloud storage BS when the carriers in my country don’t have the most reliable signal in the world.

      • Rooney-

        What do you do when you want to switch your phone? would you transfer all the data everytime?
        this is where sd card comes to help.

        • BDPSU

          Most people do not swap out phones on a regular basis.

          The point is, for the majority of smartness users, a massive amount of storage is not necessary.

      • macho9556

        Its alot easier to move your photos, music, data and whatever else to th new phone than having to hook it up to the computer and dropping n dragging everything u wna swap. Thts why. Y iz dat so hard for people to comprehend? Its like they nva had a phone with a micro sd card slot. Not having a sd slot is not a real deal breaker for me as ive owned both but i prefer havin an expansion slot just for the ease of transferring data

        • Manny Subia

          “Its alot easier to move your photos, music, data and whatever else to th new phone than having to hook it up to the computer and dropping n dragging everything u wna swap. Thts why. Y iz dat so hard for people to comprehend?”……………..

          Since when has it become difficult to Drag n Drop files??………Talk about 1st World Problems lol

          • macho9556

            I never said it was hard to do it. But its alot easier to take the memory card out of the new phone and put it in the new one. Depending on what u wna transfer it can take anywhere from 30 minutes to over an hour. Especially if u have videos. I would rather take 2 minutes to swap memory cards than take over an hour dragging and dropping everything

          • Manny Subia

            Oh I know man,…….It just really strike’d me as funny that’s all. I totally get the hassle of linking up your phone,….dragging dropping,…..waiting,…..waiting and more waiting. I know I’ve done it a few times myself unfortunately lol

        • BDPSU

          Hooking a new phone up to a PC and dragging and dropping is not hard. It’s not like you’re getting a new phone every week and constantly need to do it. Most people upgrade their phone every 1-2 years. Plus for many people, much of the data is stored in the cloud now.

          Swapping-out SD cards between different brand phones is not always trouble free, either.

          The fact is, the MAJORITY of smartphone users do NOT need a massive amount of storage. The millions of iPhone users have never had a micro SD option, yet they somehow manage to survive. A huge chunk of iPhones out in the wild only have 8 GB internal storage, too.

          If you are in the minority of people who need to carry around an entire media collection in their pocket, then by all means, buy an Android phone with an SD card option.

          • macho9556

            Are u listening to urself??? The MAJORITY of people do NOT need a massive amount??? R u serious??? Where the heck do u live and whats th population…… 1? Thts what everybody complains nowadays not having enuff storage. If tht was th case manufacturers would not go thru the trouble of making same models with different storage capacity. The MAJORITY of people with iphones have one just bcz of th now extinct wow factor that it had not bcz of what it brought. People thought n think that if they had an iphone they were the cool people, tht the iphone wz th it factor. FACT is the MAJORITY of people would prefer a 16gb, 32gb internal memory with expansion up to 64gb thn paying an extra 50-100 to buy the 64gb model like Apple likes to do

          • BDPSU

            Absolutely – the majority of smartphone users do not need (or use) a massive amount of storage. I don’t hear ANYONE I know complaining about not having enough storage on a modern smartphone. I have 16 GB on my phone and that’s more than enough for me.

            Sure manufacturers have different storage capacity options on their phones – and the phone with the lowest option is always the biggest seller. If people desperately NEEDED the extra storage, they would opt to buy the model with more storage.

            And if you want anyone to take you seriously, learn to write proper English. You write like a retarded 13 year old.

          • Gagan Mohal

            if so called 16gb (available space is always less) is enough for you doesn’t mean same applies to everyone.

          • BDPSU

            When did I say it did? I said the MAJORITY of smartphone users. There are millions upon millions of smartphones users, and most of them do not need huge amounts (> 32 GB, which is what the G2 has) of storage.

            Just so you know, until recently I was a level 3 Android tech support rep for a major wireless carrier. So I know Android and smartphones, and I talked to 1000s of end users during the course of my job. You’d be surprised how little the average person does with their smart phone.

          • macho9556

            Wrong, wrong and again wrong!!!! U seriously do not know what ur talking about do u. Why dont u shut up, put ur foot in ur mouth, and lie down b4 u hurt urself. For ur information the g2 comes with about 24gbs of usable storage. Now for the MINORITY of people that all they do is talk on a phone, like u obviously do, that should be plenty. But for the MAJORITY of users that like to use their phones to download movies, record a couple of their kids games in hd to later watch on their big screen, take plenty of pictures, which so totally obvious that u dont do none of that but sit on ur fat ass infront of a computer lookin at porn all day. All those years supposedly workin as a level 3 android watever it was and u didnt learn shit abou tje majority of users. No wonder they fired your dumbass. I rather sound like a retarded 13 year ol kid that knows what he’s talking about than an ol ass fat fart tht duz nuttin but sit on his computer and tries to sound smart. Please bro just lick ur wounds and run to mommy

          • BDPSU

            LOL you still write like you failed the sixth grade. I guess anyone over 21 is “an ol ass fat fart” to you.

            I’d suggest some anger management therapy. If you get this bent out of shape over an internet discussion I can’t imagine what you’re like in RL.

          • macho9556

            Bro, u seriously got some reading n comprehending skills issue. Lemme guess, u dont txt much eitha huh. To u i sound like a mere 13 year ol kid, but thts kool cuz even if u think that of me i still kno what im talking about and u dont. As u can tell by the comments and responses to your posts not everybody shares your closed minded opinions. Everybody seems to comment on the benefits of having expandable memory. I nva said it wz a deal breaker not having one but it is nice to have the option. Not everyone feels the whole cloud stuff n neithr do i. Id suggest u do some homework and educate yourself on some basic reading and comprehension bro instead of jst rrying to sound like your talkin about. Cuz the MAJORITY on this thread have commented their opinions on having an sd card

          • BDPSU

            You do understand that people who come to Android Authority and comment on stories are not going to represent the AVERAGE smartphone user, right? Jane Doe the 40 year old soccer Mom who barely knows how to turn her phone on is not hanging out here.

            It’s actually painful to try to read your posts, with all the spelling and grammatical errors. Is that really how you want to represent yourself to the world?

          • macho9556

            Lol u seriously believe that i have a grammar and spelling issue?? Lol cause thats all your rambling about. Its called shortening long words to shorter words in order to save time and writting space. Big deal if I wright urself instead of yourself, or wright tht instead of that or txt instead of text. Thats how i knew u dont spend no time txtin cz people who text alot on their phones find easier ways to spell long words and thts all I wz doin as im doin now. 4 u 2 thnk tht i had a spellin prblm 4 doin this……… wow, says alot about ur private life

          • BDPSU

            I wasn’t going to respong, but…

            Dude, I text all the time. I understand abbreviating for texting/Twitter. But we’re not texting here – this is a public forum. Do you see anyone else posting here as if they’re typing a text?

            Whatever man, do what you want. This is just wasting our time now. Peace.

          • macho9556

            And thts exactly wat sets me apart from everybody else. Thnk u 4 noticing

          • Imyourface

            @macho9556:disqus You’re not helping the debate macho you just make it more hopeless. No offense. And @BDPSU:disqus as an Android tech support specialist you should know better how to talk to people not antagonizing them. As for this SD card fiasco its was a bummer for LG to not include an SD Card Slot. But still LG is not the only smartphone maker in the world. Sure, you could say it isn’t necessarily for people to use a full 32GB of internal storage, but that’s you, not the whole Android users. If SD Card weren’t relevant then why the heck does Android support them. Even SD Card support is coming to Windows Phone ( http://www.engadget.com/2012/06/20/windows-phone-8-to-support-multi-core-cpus-hd-resolutions/) . As for storage, yes it is true SD Card more swappable friendly, more safe to put stuff in them (if the phone died permanently) and a more affordable way to extent your phone storage space. Using Apple product as an example is a plain mistake since Apple is in a different ecosystem. Heck Apple isn’t even using Android. If you were using the HTC One for example then that would be different. Even Samsung supported SD Card and look at them now. Sure SD Card isn’t relevant to some of the people who never have to use it. But for us SD Card users, Its a deal breaker if the product doesn’t include it. Cheers :)

          • macho9556

            No offense taken lmyourface. Finally somebody who knows what their talking about. May b i went about it the wrong way, but when i kno i have a valid point i will make it known. I dont necessarily think its a real dealbreaker (for me) as i have owned phones with no expansion slot. Im using an lg optimus g to write this and also had a palm pre which busted on me and i lost all the pics and vids tht i had so i can relate to ur comment. Why would the korean version have an expansion slot and not the U.S. version beats me. But it DEFINITELY would of been a nice addition

          • Imyourface

            Damn straight ;)

          • macho9556

            And what exactly do u mean by majority?? If its just u and the lil voices u hear in your head tellin u dumb shit, tht dont count. Truth of the matter is with cell phones going th way they r with downloading games and recording at 720p and 1080p 32 gigs fill up really fast. U my friend sound like u dont kno how to use a smartphone. The MAJORITY of people do alot more thn just talk on the phone. Th MAJORITY of people download media to their phone all the time unlike u that spend most of ur free time being lonely and stuck on th computer

          • BDPSU


            In case you didn’t see my other post, until recently I was a Third Level Android Tech Support Specialist for a major US wireless carrier. So I think I might know a thing or two about what the typical user actually does with his/her smart phone. You’d be surprised how little the average person actually does with their phone. Half the people out there with a smartphone barely know how to turn it on. They just know it’s “cool” to have a smartphone.

            I have a friend who has been using Android for 3 years, she’s on her second Android phone, and she literally doesn’t know how to do anything on it except make calls and text and snap the occasional photo. She has no clue how to change any settings, customize the desktop, use the web or email, or even download applications. I’ve tried to show her how to do things and it’s all over her head. She’s not dumb – she just doesn’t want to be bothered to learn. She really doesn’t need a smartphone, but that’s what she bought. So how much storage does she need?

            I am an Android expert, and I almost never download media to my phone. I use my phone for streaming media, surfing the web, reading news, email, texting, Facebook, Google+, and phone calls. Most of my data is in the cloud. Any photos I take are automatically uploaded to Google+. If I want to game I have much better options than using a smartphone. So how much storage do I really need?

            I’m talking about the storage needs of the average person (which is the majority of smartphone owners) – 32 GB is more than enough for them. Obviously LG must agree or they’d offer other options.

          • macho9556

            And u my friend just illustrated what exactly the majority and minority are. Ur friend is obviously in the minority section and so are you. If u have a smartphone and dont use it like one, your betta off using a dumbphone. U should get a prepaid phone and save some money on your monthly bill. Or u just like getting raped by wireless providers every month. Thank u for showing us andi l

          • BDPSU

            How the Hell am I in the minority? Because I don’t need to store large media files on my device? If I want to watch videos or play games, I have several desktops, a laptop and a tablet to do it on – all much better for those tasks than a smartphone is.

            I use my smartphone constantly throughout the day, every day. I listed all the things I do on my phone – things that a smartphone was designed to do. How you think a dumb phone would meet my needs is beyond me.

            If a micro SD card is so vital to most people, then why has Apple never put one in their phones? Why are many manufacturers starting to move away from including an SD option? Why would they do this if it’s something that the majority of their customers need?

            You are the most obnoxious person I have ever seen on Android Authority. You should be ashamed of yourself. You’re either 13 years old or an adult who acts like a child. If you talk to people like this in RL you must get the crap beat out of you on a regular basis.

            Respond or don’t, I don’t care – I am done responding to your garbage.

          • macho9556

            Lol, who needs the anger management now lol!!!! Dont be mad because i pointed u in the right direction and showed you the benefits of having what u said was not needed. Apples arrogance has dun them in, and why?? Well u should kno, u sound like an apple fanboi. Companies are fading away with sd cards cuz google wants more support for cloud. A service tht not every1 is willing to embrace. I, like every1 else, voiced my fact (not opinion) on this subject. U thought u wz right and i pointed other wise. I said ur the minority because the majority of smartphone users do download and record in hidef and so forth and soforth. Since u said u dont i labeled u as the minority, thats all. I dont really like Samsung but i applaud them for keeping the expandable memory intact. I seriously hope it catches back on cause cloud service aint for everyone and not for everything. I hope u find peace with yourself amd hopefully we can come to agreements in another post on a different matter.

          • macho9556

            Thank u for showing us and illustrating exactly what the minority of people do with their smartphones, as i and almost everybody else who has commented have showed u what the MAJORITY of smartphone users do with their smartphones

          • FL Guy

            Yep – and I at least will. Voting with my wallet on this issue – No option for > 32MB == No Sale for me

          • FL Guy

            Doh – GB of course ;-(

      • carlosfrancoz

        Some of us have a lot of media in our smartphone and need more than 32gb especially when streaming is not an option.

        • BDPSU

          Jesus Christ, WTF do you have on your phone? You really need to carry around more than 32 GIGABYTES of media around with you?

          • Gagan Mohal

            why not?? (and dont forget that 32gb lg g2 has only 24gb available space after all bloatware).

          • BDPSU

            I’m just curious what you feel you need to have on your phone that takes up more than 24 GB.

          • carlosfrancoz

            When i’m biking at the gym, or running on the treadmill (40 – 70 minutes) just to don’t get bored I saw videos or movies on Full HD on my Galaxy Note 2, so I need space

          • Thomas Waznis

            6b of music and movies including a few HD.

          • Mike Bastable

            i think he means or is implying porn and illegally downloaded movies / breaking bad

          • Richdog1980

            Sorry but where are you from, the year 2000? Lets break this down into simple points for the slower among us who seem to have severely limited comprehension capabilities when it comes to this issue.

            1) People use their phones like an iPod. Do iPods come in sizes of max 16GB? No, they also come in 128GB plus. Why? People make their music libraries portable. Add to that photos, videos, audiobooks, and whatever else you can get digitally.

            2) A MicroSD card provides an essential backup mechanism. If the internal memory is full or the phone dies, then you are screwed. With an external SD card, you can have your data on it, take it out of the damaged phone and voila, you still have your backups, messages, photos, music and everything else.

            This is all so painfully obvious that I literally cringe every time I read someone asking why people need more than 32GB, it’s literally such a stupid question to ask in this digital age where storage is so cheap and readily available.

          • Thomas Waznis

            Between the music and movies…yea. My s4 has a 64gb with 50gb used. don’t always carry the tablet and WiFi in the US is still not on the street.

      • cobra617

        It isn’t so much that someone will need all that space. Flash storage becomes slower as more of it is filled with data. This starts to become noticeable at about 50%. So, if you have an external sd card, you can store your space hogs (pictures and video) on it and not have them slow your phone down.

      • macho9556

        Just check out pocket lints review of it. Even they concur that the only thing missing from this phone was an expansion slot. http://www.pocket-lint.com/news/123335-lg-g2-in-depth-hands-on-video

      • mrband

        Because we want more space? Because we can extract it to use files on other devices? Because we can use as a safe backup? Because if we have to pay 600$ for a damn phone we want it all?

    • M3D1T8R

      And the dumb menu button instead of recent apps. They should have made it at least an option to switch it since it’s on screen, but no. It’s like they’re trying to copy Samsung so much that they had to make some stupid weird design quirk just to be different. Though admittedly this is not nearly as bad as Samsung’s buttons nightmare.

      • Johnny wu

        You can customize the “home button tray” to a 3 or 4 button arrangement… Menu, home, back and recent in several different order options

        • M3D1T8R

          Right, that’s all well and good, but they inexplicably made it so you can not make it the standard Android three button layout like on the Nexus 7 or any other standard Android device, which you’d think they’d realize some people would want, since it’s the actual default setup! Don’t want 2010 four button nonsense. Home should be in center, not off center, etc..

          • Markus Ressel

            Pls do your research before posting such nonesense…

          • M3D1T8R

            Please explain how you can make it the standard Android three button layout (back, home, recent apps) before flaming me. Oh that’s right, you can’t.

      • Highly. Customizable.

        • Manny Subia

          Oh wow,……I was totally unaware of this option,………..Manny Likes options!!

        • M3D1T8R

          Thank you for confirming precisely my point. No option for the standard android three button layout (back, home, recent apps), despite being “highly customizable.”

          Or can anyone please kindly explain otherwise, instead of flaming and down voting. Waiting..

    • Xavier_NYC

      Hey, you just have to limit the amount of porn videos you put on your device. You don’t need to MILF videos 0_o

  • oli72

    The G2 is a beast phone. New king on the block.

  • Mo

    I’m just concerned about one detail, battery!!!!
    In the pictures the phone is offline (a part of the wi-fi), I believe that the status which the phone was, could have affected the batter usage. Result on this particular review. Fx, I need to charge twice a day my sg4 with 4g enabled.
    Let’s see if the real life usage will change this results.
    (Looking forward to toss my sg4, I’m done with samsung. Why? immature bleeding fhd displays, ecc)

  • Balraj

    Can’t wait to get my hands on this phone
    Btw I don’t care for note 3 or honami..phablets & also z1 has lots of bezel
    My hands are small..so g2 is perfect for me !!!
    Just waiting for an Indian launch.what about gaming performance ? Quadbeat 2 earphones? Hi fi sound?
    You missed all this in the review :'(

    • Rooney-

      Well, they have told a full review is about to come. so hold up :)

      • Balraj

        Ik I just can’t wait for the review
        I have the money ready lol
        Just need an Indian launch

        • Rooney-

          Thats the only thing to be worried about LG. Announce now and release after 6 months. I have not seen a F7 till now which ws announced way back in january or february.

  • Ahmed Safarini

    thump up if u think its just a gr8 phone only on Paper .

  • techfan

    anyone know the release date for this phone in singapore?

  • A massive LG product , it will surely have great sale within the week. thanks for review.

  • LGBlogUK

    Great review, thanks for the kind comments! G2 coming to the UK SOON! :)

    • Rooney-

      Are you for real?

    • Thanasis Xrisantzas

      If you want the phone to sell you need to have SD card as default..So many features to be used in what,24gb total remaining space?Only a Hd 1080p movie will take half of that space alone…There is no power user in the world what will be able to keep this phone more than a week…This is why it wont sell much…Except if you bring the korean variant worldwide…

    • rahul

      Why are you not learning from us .. We are LG fans ..
      PLEASE GIVE SDCARD ( why sdcard only in korea)..
      removable battery i dont care bcoz of snapdragon s800 and GRAM and higher capacity battery

  • M3D1T8R

    Only 24 of 32GB usable? 8GB of bloat OS? LG really is trying to beat Samsung at their own game.

    • rahul

      u mean to say Android OS wont take memory?? + new google apps like hangout , keep etc will comsume 0 mb ?

      you have always option to root the phone and delete the apps .
      and with 8GB bloatware (according to you for other’s polaris office,qmemo,qmote etc are needed) , its performing without any lag.. ( oh its a feature in samsung mobile S-LAG )

  • Rooney-

    Amazing phone:) And a matching Review. cheers AA :)

    the only thing is, actually two.
    1.Non user-removeable battery.
    2.No SD slot

    Apart from that,LG, You have done wonderful. Kudos

  • Nathaniel William Philip

    Design is nice but not so eye-catchy, I don’t think I could easily get used to the buttons on the back, and the ui looks ugly.

    The specs on this phone are just amazing, the battery is huge, love the minimal bezel but large display, camera is very good and many features seem useful.

    Also since this is made by LG, you wouldn’t stand out so much, compared to a high end Samsung phone or iPhone, or even a Sony or HTC phone for that matter. LG should change their logo as I think it looks ugly..

    A great phone nonetheless..

  • Thanasis Xrisantzas

    What about the yellow whites….also no SD card support in a smartphone that is offering so many fetures that will need the space?16/32gb is a joke…..I wanted the phone instead of the exynos S4 but no SD and the yellowish whites killed it for me…

  • rahul

    This is the best review i ever seen “We ran the test a total of 10 times, and saw scores ranging from just over 27,000 to over 32,500. The final average score was 29,560” .. Other tech sites usually show either MAX or MIN based on which OEM they are biased to …

    Thanks AA ..:)

  • Xavier_NYC

    THIS DEVICE IS A BEAST. That is all.

  • Authority_not

    Wow, what a shallow review. Pathetic, really.

  • Guest

    I really like this device and I hope, that this won’t happen.

  • Vardan Nazaretyan

    Still, one of the best devices out there!

    EDIT: I don’t know why 2 pictures appeared, but I uploaded only one.

  • G2forme

    great design
    great display
    great camera
    great battery

    • adam evans

      bad software…..

  • Cao Meo

    Wow, so happy that LG stepped up its game, and LG phones are pretty affordable too unlike Samsung or HTC.

    • BDPSU

      LG is the #3 smartphone maker, after Samsung and Apple. For some reason people seem to forget about LG.

      • Where is Nokia then dude?

        • BDPSU

          In the toilet – where getting in bed with Microsoft put them.

          • dude… get a life then :P

          • BDPSU

            WTF are you even talking about?

  • Mutomi Sconi

    you know i wouldn’t have thought this would happen but at least for me the g2 is going to be a contender for my next phone

    im kinda shocked, i know the samsung note 3 will be loaded with a ton of features(like the s4)

    but it seems like the g2 has features i’ll actually use rather than just bloated additions, the ois in particular seems to make the camera actually useful

    lets see what samsung has to announce tomorrow, need to weigh all the choices

  • Eakchai Treerattanapintusorn

    everything look good to me except on screen button.

    • BDPSU

      Once I used onscreen buttons, I found it to be much better than hardware buttons. I would never go back to a phone that doesn’t have onscreen buttons now.

      • Eakchai Treerattanapintusorn

        Understand but I just don’t like when I play game I have the white on screen button showing all the time.

        • BDPSU

          There are apps that can hide the onscreen buttons if they bother you. Sorry, but I forget the names of the apps because I don’t use them.

          I didn’t think I would like the onscreen buttons, but once I got used to them, I just see that as the edge of the screen and then the buttons. But everyone feels differently about things – which makes Android great – you have choices.

  • abrahavt

    Seems to be a good phone. Trying to decide between this and the Sony z1 and the nexus 5. Sony has the same specs with a camera that has a bigger sensor (no ois), an SD slot and a slightly better UI. This phone has a camera with ois, a bigger screen and a smaller bezel. Decisions, decisions. I hate skins so if Nexus has the same specs as this phone with the same ois camera, I may just get that.

    • BDPSU

      Yeah, I’d love to see this as the base for the next Nexus phone. If they can price it like the Nexus 4 (that I have and love), that would be amazing.

  • Name

    What’s the name of that racing game?

  • dogulas

    That battery life is seriously impressive and unexpected. Glad this will likely be the base for the nexus 5

  • Nic

    Does anyone know when (or if) this phone will come to the UK on 3 (Three) network?

  • jonathan3579

    I haven’t found a single review that comments on the speaker quality. Can you tell me your opinion? I’m coming from the HTC One.

  • macho9556

    Why is Sprint so tight lipped about it tho. Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mo have all shed a little light and info on the matter. From what ive read on another post is that Sprints variant will also work with GSM frequency making it a world phone. Which it should also mean an accesible SIM card, which should also mean a removable back cover just like the Korean version. Which also hopefully means an expandable storage, again just like the Korean version. If Sprint does bring this to their version it will, in my eyes, make it the best variant. Hopefully thts th case cuz they have been tight lipped about this matter……… Would b nice

  • Marco Bokgift

    LG G2 as its the most compact size(ergonomic design)
    great camera results
    great battery life results
    great Display
    sweet UI.
    and friendly price….

  • iameinvidia

    how’s the audio quality and volume level for the line out?

    • jimmiekain

      I’ve been searching the web like crazy to find out how good the speaker is. It amazes me that nobody ever talks about how good or bad a speaker is. I gave up on it and decided to go to the AT&T store and play some music from one once they carry it in stores.

  • wintercold74

    lg g2 is a beast, incredible all around phone does not lag like some other phones.

  • James Earley

    I think I’ll hang on for the Xperia Z1, at least Sony have a nice UI. LG seem to have taken Touchwiz and made it even uglier.

  • Balraj

    Where are the “further” review for the device..is AA busy with other reviews?

  • Thomas Waznis

    Definitely a recommend for the family guys who don’t use sd cards.

  • carlisimo

    I don’t think it’s terribly important, but why create a list of the highest-density screens and leave the highest One off?

  • biomanb2

    Issues, issues, issues. Is that the only damb word anyone knows how to use anymore? God, I’m getting so damn sick of hearing it and reading it. There’s never a problem anymore, just an issue. No one is screwed up anymore, they have “Issues that need closure” And of course, this reviewer, in his conclusion, just HAD to use it again, just to be a carbon copy and jump on the wagon with everyone else. If George Carlin were still alive today, he’d be having at least a five-to-seven minute tirade on the stupid word, I guarantee it! Okay, I’m done. I just really have an issue with that word, ya know?

  • Bexon

    If you own this phone, share your experience!
    Thinking to get one.
    THANKS !

  • Juan Monsalve

    can we have a giveaway please? yes im dying for this phone

  • Craig

    the definition of a great phone is not only having great hardware specs these days, but more so how one interacts with the phone – and for that read the software interface experience. The LG G2 skin is so heavy, to the point of being a bit ugly IMO. Such a shame that these manufacturers feel the need to meddle so much with Android. I was on the edge of buying one, but I have to say the UI is the thing that is currently putting me off making the leap. Whilst the Nexus 5 is a possibility, from the recent spec release it looks like there will be a sacrifice of camera and battery for that model. Not unexpected, but two of the most bemoaned reasons from Nexus lovers.

  • Junajted

    Any plans for drop test? :)

  • Techmed

    Love the button location because I’m a Lefty, don’t believe anyone had made a decent phone for left handed people before. I will get one just as soom as my contract expires.

  • Ro112

    Does the power button could be pressed in the pocket accidentally?

    • Keith Taylor

      have had it now for about three weeks and have not seen this happen.

  • Luke

    I thank you do a great job. I very much appreciate your balanced perspective. I do have one request, I am a kind of a audio geek and would some mention of the quality of music through headphones-earbuds.I no that this phone will process high rez audio files.Are there any other special audio qualities such as audio amplifiers like the HTC 8x. Thank you Luke

  • crey

    Recently purchased an LG G2 having trouble with GIFs . They wont open on my phone. People keep sending them and they come in as jpeg files. Any help out there?

  • richy

    Hi guys, i have had the g2 for a couple of weeks now, and so far can’t fault it, i had never had an lg phone before and was apprehensive about getting one, and very nearly purchasing the galaxy s3 , good online reviews defiantly swayed my decision, oh and the promise of more power than any other mobile on the market ;)
    I feel the need, the need for speed.

  • ShadowBlader

    Can’t wait to get this phone in febuary, I am currently using the iPhone 4 and battery life is horrible from the IOS 7 update. I love to watch some movies and tv shows on my phone every once in a while and maybe play some games. This phone will be awesome with media use. Also I work at a grocery store so there will be a lot of idle time. I am just glad verizon is getting the white color. It looks so cool and stands out more.

  • Caius Newton-Smart

    Ordering one as I type this.

  • Headache

    Silly thing is, the difficulty of transferring data from SD card to LG G2! Have a huge headache!!

  • Husodo

    After 5 months of its initial launch, this is STILL THE BEST PHONE IN THE MARKET CURRENTLY TODAY! I just replaced my Note 2 with G2 few weeks ago and now I couldn’t be happier, especially with the battery life, the camera, and the responsiveness of this phone. The only thing missing is the MicroSD card slot though, but that’s not a significant issue for me.

  • Camera is acceptable,, overall its a good phone