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The LG G4 has just been officially unveiled to the masses, boasting a super clear 5.5-inch Quad HD IPS Quantum Display, 3GB of RAM, and… a Snapdragon 808 processor. That’s right, LG opted against using Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 810 processor in its new handset, though the reasoning behind that decision might not be what you’re thinking.

The Snapdragon 810 processor has gotten off to a very rough start since its announcement a few months ago. Reports of smartphones overheating due to the chip have been running rampant throughout the internet, and Samsung even decided against using the chip in the new Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge handsets. So why did LG decide to use the 808 in the G4, rather than going with the (supposedly) bigger and better 810?

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Qualcomm’s head of marketing, Tim McDonough, said in an interview that LG’s decision to go with the 808 was made long before the hype began surrounding the 810. McDonough explains:

The decisions on which chipsets to put on which handsets come from over a year ago.

While McDonough says both chips are “very much cut from the same cloth”, the 810 boasts eight cores, and the 808 only has six. The 810 also has more ultra-HD video capabilities and has an Adreno 430 GPU, as opposed to the Adreno 418 GPU found in the 808.

According to CNET, McDonough says LG’s decision had a lot to do with cost, as well. The 810 would be available first, so it was a no-brainer that LG would include the SoC in the G Flex 2. The 808 took a little more time to make its way to market, which meant LG could choose between the two processors. Ultimately, the decision to go with the 808 in the G4 came down to manufacturing costs (the 808 is cheaper), and the fact that the G4 would be the first mobile device to launch with the chipset.

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  • Kuro

    The 810 has put me off buying the Z4 tablet unless things inprove.i so looking forward to it .

  • Wjdzm

    they bought 808 cuz it’s cheaper. oh please.

    • Ronald

      LG is a business

    • Andy Roid

      Yeah. Why wouldn’t they put the best processor in their flagship phone?

  • Marty

    “LG chose the Snapdragon 808 for the G4 because of timing, not because of overheating issues”

    Right… o_O

    • Ronald

      prove otherwise?

      • Xavier_NYC

        LG G Flex 2. Announced January 5th with the 810 chip. That’s almost 4 months before the G4 was announced..

        • I hear what you’re saying, but does that Flex 2 product line and the G4 have the same timelines for various milestones?

        • JosephHindy

          If you read the article, you’d see that the decision was actually made a long time before the G Flex 2 actually came out.

  • Rick_Deckard

    I believe in Santa Claus too lmao… Either way, I am getting the G4 for sure…

    • Scott O’gorman

      I am as well I have a g2 i like that atleast Lg takes chances with originality, making products that are different with cutting edge tech to boot

  • wat

    So they’ve admitted it was because it is cheaper, does that now mean it is going to be a cheaper device for consumers?

    • galaxyNote4isBoss

      Yeah when you only sold 7 million G3”s and your revenue and market share standing is at the bottom of the android platform you are forced to cut corners.

      • wat

        Where did you get that statistic from?

        • ASYOUTHIA

          His aśs, right where his “Boss Note 4” resides. Don’t even ask where he keeps his S-pen

          • wat

            LG just said they sold 10 million G3s.

      • Labros Kar

        dont spam around i saw you on another thread from xda .you obviously like samsung as a company. Lg ahd 23% increase in their sales and ahd almost 10 million G3 sales by october . So dont be dumb and retarded about LG .Just gtfo

      • squiddy20

        1. Not one bit of your comment even remotely attempts to answer the guy’s question.
        2. Selling “only” 7 million of just 1 product isn’t something to take lightly. I’d love to see you do better.

      • Scott O’gorman

        hate to break it to you but that quantum dot display and that camera is no contest for your over saturated super amoled and your note 4 with the 805 a I’m sure you know is definitely not better then the 808 or 810 this phone will be top one of the 3 top phones of the year

  • Agimax

    Lol yeah, cause flagships should be cut down to be ousted by the competition. Its Math for God’s sake, less sales = less profit. Screw your excuse. I’ve own 3 LG flagships, I’m finally jumping ship.
    -1 sale.

    • Sim BingRui


  • King4evr

    I smell funky bullshit

  • Karly Johnston

    i already found the bull… the steaming pile of shit is around the corner. Look! its the 810!!

  • How long is LG going to keep up these lies about the 810, first they claimed there were no overheating issues now they’re claiming they chose the 808 because it was cheaper. Smh

    • Scott O’gorman

      those “lies” started from the Nexus 6 the plastic backs blowing out because the battery was swelling/overheating from the 810 chip “fact”

      • Jamo Maxwell

        Nexus 6 has a Snapdragon 805 not the Snapdragon 810 chip

      • Billy_B

        Except your fact is wrong…lol

  • chillin2025


  • chillin2025

    Cutting edge aperture, QHD screen, 3gb ram, gross leather backing, but hey let’s save money on arguably one of the most important components, fail

  • mikaeldalc16

    This is from “The Head Of Marketing” lol. Of course he’s gonna tell us its not because of overheating issues lol. THATS HIS F-N JOB lol.

  • donuts

    “Its cheaper”. Is that really a better excuse? Why is lg making themselves look bad, to cover for Qualcomm?

  • Major_Pita

    By it’s nature a flagship device is a best-of-class device. The best way to future-proof a device purchase is buy the best available. About two years ago I bought the best device I could find at the time, With a 1.9Ghz Quad-Core, SD card slot, removable battery and 2Gb of RAM…the Verizon MDK Galaxy S4. I’m still using it, running a Google Play Edition Android 5.01 ROM. It still does the job extremely well considering it’s 2 generations old. The G4 walks and talks best of class but the SOC/GPU looks pretty thin. Six cores, only 2 of which are ‘big’ vs 4 of each… Seems like a band-aid for a lack of 14nm platform architecture like Samsung’s current Exynos in the S6. This is clearly the processor to have; one that appears to pack a potent punch without throttling issues. So much so that Qualcomm is jumping ship from it’s current silicon foundry to Samsung. And Samsung is planning on parting with ARM standardization very soon in favor of it’s own custom core design. My money is on Samsung. That said I’m dyin’ for a bigger screen and will likely snap up a Note 4 which to me is just a bigger upgraded S4 with a stylus – to use until I see what the Note 5 looks like.

  • diper07

    We already have the winner Galaxy s6 with exynos. We dont need over priced low spec plastic Lg phones.

    • Scott O’gorman

      no removable battery is a deal breaker considering the battery life is not what was it was expected to be

  • Rushan

    BullshIt, Flex 2 has 810 and DDR4

  • David Onter

    Of course they did

  • ali676

    Every Time android with you
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  • Ronald

    Stop crying girls the 808 is a beast

    • Slaughter

      Ahahhah ( haven’t seen benchmarks from gsm arena?) Ahahahah

  • Bucax

    “Qualcomm’s head of marketing, Tim McDonough, said in an interview that LG’s decision to go with the 808 was…”

    So it was Qualcomm who said that not LG…

  • mrmrdolph

    i dont buy it. so out of strategic planning Lg for the first time chose a lower tire chip for their flagship because of price. when the G4 is rumored to be in the same range as the m9 and s6. when flex was cheaper and spotted a 810. I think the flex saw a lot of flack from using the 810 so they changed to the 808.

  • dcdttu

    Why would the decision be ‘timing’ if they waited so long on the G4 that they had a choice of processors? Timing would seem to indicate the 810 wasn’t available, which just isn’t true.

  • Pez Nospam

    cough** BS ** cough

  • walid

    Yeah, and they say sammy doesn’t care about customers

  • WitnessG

    Lol, does anyone really believe them? This is a bunch of bull.

  • kiewan

    How much of a difference in usable performance is there between the 808 and 810 chip set? Suppose the G4 were to be released with both. Would there be a huge difference between phones?
    Just wondering because I am coming from an S4 pro… And its still pretty fast.