LG admits G4 bootloop problem is a hardware fault, will repair affected devices

by: Kris CarlonJanuary 26, 2016


After several months of LG G4 owners complaining of a bootloop issue to no avail, we picked up the story and confronted LG. The official response has come through and it should make G4 owners happy: LG has acknowledged the LG G4 bootloop issue is a hardware defect and will repair affected devices.

According to the numerous posts on various social platforms and YouTube, the bootloop problem potentially affects all regional models and carrier-branded LG G4 units. After a prolonged investigation, LG has identified the source of the problem as a “loose contact between components” and vowed to repair it, with apologies to LG G4 owners that have been suffering from this problem with no resolution in sight.

Here’s the full statement LG made to Android Authority:

LG Electronics has been made aware of a booting issue with the LG G4 smartphone that has now been identified as resulting from a loose contact between components. Customers who are experiencing booting issues with their LG G4s should contact their local carrier from where the G4 was purchased or a nearby LG Service Center (www.lg.com/common) for repair under full warranty.

Customers who purchased their G4 devices from non-carrier retailers should contact an LG Service Center with the understanding that warranty conditions will differ. LG Electronics is committed to providing the highest standards of product quality and customer service and apologizes for the inconvenience caused to some of our customers who initially received incorrect diagnoses.

If you have a LG G4 with bootloop problems, you should now be able to get the troublesome connector repaired and get your phone back in working condition. LG confirmed that earlier attempts to fix the problem were misdiagnoses which led to the wrong parts being replaced. With the problem properly identified, it should be smooth sailing for repairs from here on in.

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  • Synyster Helmy

    Took them long enough LOL. I wonder if I can get my device to a service center to check it for pre-emptive measures. I don’t want them to be able to escape my wrath if the device warranty expires and it dies the day after hahahahahaha.

  • Now if they could just push Marshmallow for the v10. Also has anyone else had trouble with the duraskin peeling off on the battery cover on their V10. Mine is coming apart in all 4 corners and by the charging port.

    • Falkner Ebra

      Mine has come off on the bottom side where the charging port is. Also there is plenty other spots where the phone fell xD. I just ended up buying a case which looks like the phone and a new wireless back.

      • what pisses me off is I have never dropped mine not once.

    • Lg sucks

      • jasonlowr

        Completely agree.

  • Ben

    How about other issues like “split screen” and “flashing wifi icon”? When will they address that? Also, I think they shouldn’t discriminate G4 devices from non-carrier retailers. If the problem is caused by a hardware issue then they should fix it no questions asked.

    • ChrisPollard77

      Exactly. This is now an acknowledged defect and there should be a recall on affected models, no different that vehicle manufacturer recalls. This issue should exist beyond the limits of the standard warranty and warrant free repair/replacement for the life of the device.

      • Steve Brain

        Exactly, they’re leaving themselves wide open to a law suit. It’s a problem they created, therefore they should fix it on every single device regardless of warranty. I’m just waiting for the next news article: “Class-action law suit created against LG for refusing to repair devices”

      • James Nguyen

        Android authority can you get them to clarify if they will fix the bootloop issue for free outside of the 1 year warranty? This is what I’m afraid of the most. If my g4 happens to bootloop on the 14th month, I still want it to be repaired for free since this is a known manufacturer’s defect.

      • Dr. Nipun

        Exactly. In my country (Bangladesh) they are refusing to repair as I don’t have any official warrenty. WTF??? Then what’s the benefit of the statement? LG must repair any bootloop device regardless carrier or country or seller without any qs and under special warrenty. Even the oldest batch of G4 isn’t 1 year old!!!! And the petition was to support all these “no warrenty” customers, isn’t it? If they have warrenty, this petition wouldn’t happen in first place because under warrenty LG is bound to repair the devices and they actually were doing it.

        • Khalid

          Did you repaired your phone?
          I am having this issue from yesterday. And i am not under cover of warranty.. I am from Bangladesh also..

          • Reza

            did you guys get any solution? I am from BD and having the same problem

          • Dr. Nipun

            Please my above reply. Thanks.

          • Reza Aunkon

            any idea where I can fix it? It would be a huge favor if you could help me with this. :)

          • Dr. Nipun

            No.. I couldn’t repair my phone as LG was very tricky in their statement. Here LG Butterfly engineer said that, by “local LG provider” they meant the country where the set actually was sold. If u buy from India and try to repair in Bangladesh, they will not do it. Anyway I bought another G4 under warrenty and that one also died 2 days ago, so I will take it to them tomorrow. Please inform me if you find any solution.

        • MD Masud Forkan

          which model number your device lg g4

    • Terry Voros

      Never even heard of those problems

      • David Dalrymple

        I hadn’t either until mine started bootlooping yesterday!

        • elle

          What’s the symptom, that it simply can’t boot up to normal operation screen any longer? Is it worth trying to test for this by repeatedly powering it off and on to see that it boots up properly each time?
          Does it only show up during boot up or can it suddenly start failing to operate while it’s already booted up and in use?

          • Kristie Serra Llanes

            My phone suddenly shut off during normal use. Then wouldn’t boot back up, it stayed on the LG screen. I called Verizon and they sent me a replacement phone. That one worked for a couple of weeks them did the same thing. Called them again and they sent me ANOTHER replacement. Received that one and the ear piece didn’t work, I could only make calls with speakerphone on. Called them again and they sent me ANOTHER replacement (#3). That one had the boot loop issue right out of the box. I have been fighting with them for a week to do something besides send me another G4. My only 2 options are: accept another replacement G4 (#4) or pay them the upgrade balance which is $500 and upgrade to a different phone. 😕
            They are sending me replacement G4 #4. I’ve been a Customer of Verizon’s for about 13 years and now I’m thinking about switching to another carrier.

          • elle

            That’s a pretty bad track record- was Verizon sending used phones as replacements? Assume they never send new phones, so it’s a stream of returned or refurbished ones.

          • I don’t know how you could test it, but you’ll know when it happens. Your phone will suddenly be off and when you try to power it back on, you won’t get passed the LG boot logo.

            Still trying to get mine fixed.

    • A better question is why haven’t you exchanged your phone yet? I’ve never heard of this “split screen” issue or a “flashing wifi icon.” Between a total of four different G4’s between my girlfriend and I (her first was stolen, my first got this dreaded bootloop which was exchanged by T-Mobile with no questions asked), I’ve yet to experience anything out of the ordinary (well, except for the bootloop). If something isn’t working the way it’s supposed to work, it’s your responsibility to return it to the manufacturer or your carrier for an exchange.

      • Ben

        My unit is not from a local carrier so the LG service center here won’t accept my unit.

        • fonix232

          They have to, except if the warranty was activated in a different country (and kids, THAT’S why you don’t buy phones abroad, or from countries that do not have a shared warranty contract. e.g. Nokia used to have global warranties on phones sold in MEA, but only EU-wide warranties for phones sold in EU).

          • elle

            Is it known for sure that LG has the same policy as Nokia if the phone was purchased from a third party? It’d be good to know for those considering purchases through private parties.

  • Omar Katkit

    I dont like LG particullary but i Love their support! They used to suck at it but know they have developed and is one of the best in My opinon.

    What can make me go back to LG? Capacitive buttons, amoled or oled screen! Better battery optimization.

    • balcobomber25

      Have to agree with you there. I think they make some of the ugliest phones (looking at you G4) and I don’t like their UI, but they have excellent support, excellent cameras and excellent displays.

      • Zach Champion

        I love the UI, but I didn’t get the G4 mostly because of the design. I like LG, though, so I decided my One plus One was still good enough to wait another year. So far it seems like my waiting was a good idea! (Especially with all the G5 rumors)

        • balcobomber25

          I love LG for their other products: all my TV’s, refrigerator and washer/dryer are from LG. But Just never liked the design of their phones.

      • MrDibism

        The ugliest phone? G4? My dear beauty is subjective ;)

        • balcobomber25

          G4 is beyond hideous.

    • Carlos David

      Since Samsung has international warranty and LG don’t, LG support sucks

    • LG sucks

    • Dr. Nipun

      I am quite opposite on that. In my country, the support sucks at present. Let’s see if that improves.

  • bel57

    If you have a bootloop problem, just put the G4 in the freezer. That’s how I managed to copy 10 Gb of data on internal storage.
    Then you can send it to repair center/carrier.
    Hope it helps :)

    • Dr. Nipun


      • bel57

        Yep, no joke.

    • Kimberly Sturgill

      I tried that last night. Left it in the freezer for 1 hour and it wouldn’t stay on long enough for me to backup all my data.

      • argen

        but did it work? for how many mins did your G4 stayed up?

        • Shannon McClellan

          Has anyone else tried this? I am curious as well. I just want my pictures and contacts if at all possible. The one time I haven’t backed up in over a month. I planned to back up my photos today and it just shut down about 2 hours before I could get to my computer to back them up.

    • argen

      how long will you need to place the unit inside the freezer? and for how long the G4 opened before it finally shut off again?

  • cop con

    How about buying LG G4 carrier in US, buy unlock code to make it free-of-lock. Then use it in another country. Can we still have the warranty !!!

    • Warranty is provided by the manufacturer, not the carrier. You could buy the phone, take it to Mars, and its warranty is still valid (so long as the space travel wasn’t the cause of any problems).

      • SaRPeR

        Warranty is valid only in the country you bought the device.

        • Is that so? I figured since it’s going directly to the company, it shouldn’t matter. You could still contact them.

          Learn something new every day.

          • Carlos David

            LG does not manage international warranty, that is what an LG agent told me about my Czech Republic device :S … so the warranty of my device is applicable in CZ.

          • Ben

            No, there’s no such thing as an international warranty. Each country/region are assigned their own G4 variant (H815, H818p, F500lL, etc.) and the warranty of each variant is only applicable to that particular country/region.
            I agree that it shouldn’t matter since LG is still LG regardless of the country but that’s just not the case with LG and that is what’s frustrating.

            Learn something new every day.

      • cop con

        As far as I know, the LG bought in USA by AT&T is not in the world-wide warranty. So the LG Vietnam will not take care of it. It’s lying dead on my desk for 3 weeks now.

  • Joshua Courtney

    Well you’re about a week late LG. I’ve already got a new phone. Galaxy Note 5

  • lol

    What about people with H815’s that have unlocked the bootloader? By there own terms and conditions this invalidates the warranty, however a hardware defect like this should still be covered right?

    • Martin Savage

      Ninja’d, exactly what I said

  • Syed Rayan

    I bought my phone without warranty. Is there anyway i could get mine fixed? I live in Pakistan and I dont think LG sells it’s phones here directly

  • Martin Savage

    Now the question is will they repair even if bootloader unlocked? It’s not the fault of bootloader that it is broken so they should, but they could still say Warranty void :/

    • John

      Actually they don’t have a choice, in UK under the sales of goods act or some such you are actually covered by the LAW in such situations and that law is applicable up to 6 years after purchase if you can prove it is a manufacturers fault which they just admitted.

      They can refuse you warranty but they still need to “guarantee” that the product will last reasonably long.

      • eltonit

        They don’t have a choice, but they still say NO, GO ** YOURSELF AND YOUR PHONE (LG Germany).

    • News Reporter

      In the United States they will have to repair. There is a similar law regarding modifications done to new vehicles. The auto manufacturers cannot deny you warranty, they actually have to prove your modification caused the problem.

  • Abhimanyu Aryan

    I had the same problem. I rooted my device, installed xposed. Everything was working fine until one day my device failed to boot. I flashed custom rom and still bootloop. They told me mother board problem. I unrooted it and got the mother board changed. After fix I have rooted it again and xposed is installed. No problem as if yet

    • Myth Stories

      Abhimanyu Aryan can u share the cost of replacing the motherboard?

      • Abhimanyu Aryan

        LG fixed it for free. I was in Warranty period. I suggest not to root this device

  • Ashley

    Will this fix keep all of the data that’s already on the phone or will it be lost? That’s all I really care about… :(

    • Jason Benedicto

      Just back up your data every now and then for safety

      • Ashley

        Sadly my phone was already hit with the bootloop issue so it looks like I’m going to lose everything. Hoping maybe their fix won’t wipe the phone.

    • LastKings31

      Do you still have it? I have a way it power it on! I did to mine when the bootloop happened!

  • BenGezarit

    Well that was it. Had the G2. It was and still its a beast of a phone. Then made the mistake to buy the G4 and had already the bootloop issue.
    They repaired it under warranty but that’s unacceptable to throw your money for some phone and wait for it to go berserk……
    Next time would be definitely another OEM.

  • Paul Patrin

    Just got mine replaced for bootloop. Geek squad took it and mailed a new one next day. This new one feels way snappier, although it’s a fresh install, etc.

  • tinky

    Would you guys be able to reach out to LG again and find out if they are going to extend the warranty for affected units? Some people buy phones with more than two years of use in mind.

  • Jason Benedicto

    Well they should support all those despite of the warranty option since its manufacturers fault…

  • LastKings31

    I just hope my G4 doesn’t have this issue for 3 more months while the G5 is released and after that I don’t care I’m trading it in for the g5

    • Astupidkiss

      That time there will Nobody dare to buy a G4!

  • Major Sceptic

    I think if it was me, I would be expecting a bit of good will from the company in the form of a brand new device , the thought of having my pride and joy repaired in the first place I would be pretty annoyed about, let alone the inconvenience.

  • instinct

    I have a G4 that just started bootlooping. However, my phone got wet and the little sticker is red now. Do you think G4 will still repair it? It got wet like 6 months ago after i barely got the phone.

  • Fro

    The damage has been done. I will never purchase an LG phone again. Going back to the Galaxy as soon as the S7 comes out. I only went with LG because of the expandable storage but the Galaxy S7 will bring that back. Also all the little things you cant do on the LG is pretty frustrating. Like you cant edit pictures. Really?! Even my old ass Exhibit i could edit pictures smh. And no an app for it is not good enough, love doing ot straight from the gallery. Just one of many little thi ga this phone sucked at. Smasung, ill be back soon.

    • Agreed samsung is good with build quality

      • jasonlowr

        Agree on this too!

      • Rammer Jammer

        That is true Samsung phones have the best quality but I need a removable battery phones so I can go camp out with battery packs!

    • Jack Jennings

      I’m confused – on my G4 you can edit any picture directly from the Gallery with the built in Photos app…

      • Fro

        Really? Thats odd, because I can not do a lot that i could do with the galaxy. The only thing i can do is crop and rotate but not draw on the photo or anything like I used to on galaxy phones. The only options i get are light, color, or vignette that basically just shades the pic. No option to say…. draw a circle on the pic or something like that, which i found super weird.

        • Same! Why we can’t edit pictures is beyond me.

          • Rammer Jammer


  • LG has always been crappy and cheap

  • Kaflex

    Now they fix it, i had to pay $20 for another phone

  • onstrike112

    While I’m glad that LG cares enough to fix the flaw, it still shows a lack of care in workmanship, and the fact that they’re taking so long to respond means people could have purchased other devices at their own expense due to LG’s fault. Glad I use a BlackBerry!

  • Cory Wilson

    Yeah kind of thinking that’s great and all but I already swapped my g4 with at&t no questions asked over this a few weeks back. If LG isn’t willing to handle g4s outside of warranty with this issue than what good is it that the even acknowledge it?

  • Dr. Nipun

    What the “warrenty conditions will differ” means? If those devices aren’t covered for cost-free, then what the benefit of all these hassel? ANDROIDAUTHORITY please take one more pain and contact LG about it.

    • vadiazinhagenteboa

      That means that if, for example, the screen of your device is cracked, LG will only repair the bootloop problem after you get the screen repaired, which is not covered by the warranty, therefore not cost-free.

  • xuniltoor

    G2 had sreen problems. Forget LG.

  • It’s about time! It’s been all over the internet for months.

  • Abigél Ráhel

    Hello guys! Original mail?Or lg site source?Hungarian offical LG service does not admit this news!Thanks

    • Carlos David

      Yes, support agents don’t know about this LG statements. I contacted support in my country and United States.

  • Lord Mizz

    Sprint would not honor my warrenty because of a hair line crack in the screen. Crack had been there for months before boot loop issue started. Mailed it to LG

    • KO_Savannah

      How much did they inevitably cost you? I’m in the same situation.

  • Kyle

    Hey can anyone with a AT&T G4 tell me if they went to the store to trade it in, because usually you have to do it over the phone.

    • Ashley

      I went to the store and they refused to do anything with it. They are making me go through LG which will take a significant amount of time instead.

    • David Dalrymple

      I went to the AT&T store. After telling me they confirmed it wasn’t water damage (which I already knew) they told me I could get one sent to me in 4 to 6 days or pay $15 to have one in two days. Acted like they were doing me a favor to honor a warranty for manufacturers defect.

  • Broski

    Great, now how do I send it in? I searched everywhere, can someone link me how I get my phone fixed now?

    • LastKings31

      Just call lg costumer care and they’ll tell you how

  • Carlos David

    I don’t have the problem YET, but I am worried about it since my phone serial starts with 505… as described in XDA Forums. I don´t know if LG would replace units without the fault but
    susceptible… I don’t want to face this issue beyond the warranty.

    • LastKings31

      It will happen sadly. I thought it wouldn’t happen to me. And yesterday my phone went to bootloop

      • Carlos David


    • JustThaor

      Mine is 505… I already bought a Nexus 6p after being denied service by LG… THEY SOLD ME A BROKEN PHONE AND DID NOTHING ABOUT IT, that’s ridiculous

  • Funny story. My 2nd G4 (the one LG sent me after I got the boot loop the first time) just got the boot loop. So glad that I kept my G3 for use in the meantime and glad that T-Mobile doesn’t hassle the exchange. Will have a new G4 by Friday.

  • Adrian

    LG Romania also refuses to fix this factory defect if your phone has no warranty.
    I should of stuck to Samsung phones…

  • mscarlet48

    How likely is it that my LG G4 will get the bootloop? I got it in august at a sprint store, if that matters. And if they repair it, will it erase all the data on my phone?

    • Kayla Newman

      I was told by sprint tech support that it affests 4 in every 100 phones. They told me to take to the sprint store to have it replaced, I called the nearest store and was told to bring it in and they’ll replace it.

      • David Dalrymple

        Probably more like 40 lol

  • Scott

    I contacted LG this morning after my G4 went into bootloop last night. Luckily, I still had my older Oneplus One that I was able to use on WiFi, as the G4 obviously wasn’t working to make a call.

    Not only did the LG representative seem to have the grammar of a 12-year old during a texting conversation, she had no idea what to tell me to do. After finding out that the phone would need to be completely wiped and I would lose all pictures of my wedding and newborn son, she was unable to tell me what steps to take next. I asked simply if the phone should be taken to an LG repair center, shipped to LG, or taken directly to T-mobile, she had no answer and ultimately left me hanging without any response.

    Ridiculous, LG. I will never again purchase another of your products after the way this has been handled.

    • LastKings31

      It happened to me yesterday. I found a way to make it turn on for a few minutes! Once the phone bootloops the first time connect it to the charger and leave it charging while it bootloops. Once the battery is completely charged the phone will turn on. That should give you time to recover or delete stuff before it turns back off. That gave me time to upload some stuff to my Google Drive and delete accounts before I send it to lg

  • Domingo

    LG does not want me to change the phone or repair because I do not have the receipt.

  • robin dyck

    Hello Kris,

    Would you be able to forward a copy of. This email statement from LG to me. LG Canada and the major service providers are still refusing to acknowledge the issue and I am left with a brick of a phone in perfect condition otherwise.

  • Chong Hsu-Yeung

    “Warranty conditions may differ” means that international variants do not get warranty coverage. I have a brick now. :(

  • Geoffrey ROsete

    I have an international Version also H815 variant, I have bought this on online… LG Service Centers refuses my unit because of different variant…. How could I fixed this problem if LG claims their unit is deffective???

    • Raj Singh

      My friend I’m having the same issue. I called LG in the USA about my LG G4 H815 they said that they can’t do anything because the phone is a UK variant. When I contacted LG UK, they said they can’t do anything because the phone was built in Taiwan and than asked me to contact LG Taiwan. The problem is, LG Taiwan it’s all in Taiwanese so I’m not sure how I can move forward with this. I just ten minutes ago listed this on eBay as for sales for parts/repair because I can’t think of any other alternative.

      It’s tough.

  • Nick Orth

    Has anyone had any success in having their device repaired by LG?

  • Daniele

    LG Italia not consider on warranty my LG G4 with bootloop problem: very sad, it doesn’t replace my phone because of unlocked bootloader.

    Issue was verified by “fridge” test, backup ok, but phone not replaced, very bad situation

    quote of 200 euro for repair never LG.

  • Atla

    LG Italia not consider on warranty my LG G4 with bootloop problem: very sad, it doesn’t replace my phone because of unlocked bootloader.
    Issue was verified by “fridge” test, backup ok, but phone not replaced, very bad situation
    quote of 200 euro for repair never LG.

    • Nasos Togias

      atla i am from greece i took the phone lg 32 gb at 26 march and at 28 march my phone had a big issue to the sound ..in an one hour my mobile phone didint hear anything.Insteed of giving me a new device they took it to servise where they told me tha ta mobile phone had a humidity!!!!what a lyers!!!i swear that anything bad was happens.i took telephone the servise lg hellas …guys they want me to pay 230 euros to fix it..i just bought it in 2 days and they said me that i threw waters.where i can find my mine?please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Josh DeCarolis

    mine just fxcked up last night, I AM PISSED. there needs to be some kind of compensation for those of us effected. all of my sh!t is gone. all of the hassle and inconvenience. it was their device, their fxck up

  • harrydevlin

    My son just started getting the boot loop on his LG G4 H815 purchased from B&H Photo. They provide the one year warranty since it’s a grey market device. They sent me an RMA for it. Hopefully they will take care of it, but I worry that the one they replace it with will have the same problem.

  • dkking

    “warranty conditions will differ.” for non state side, non carrier LGs. That is them saying no warranty or cover for you. Wow not getting any LG phone now. Wont be touching it with a 3 foot stick. what happens when it dies after the first year. Yea no, I rather put up money on a device that can last. This is like the red ring of death for Xbox 360 but Microsoft at least gave 2 years extra of warranty…though i don’t know if they did that for countries other than America/European Countries

  • Scott

    Total BS. Send your phone in and they’ll take 3 weeks to repair. Meanwhile you’re stuck without a phone! Last LG Phone I’ll be buying!

    • mimi

      EXACTLY!!! This is what I am dealing with right now and it is infuriating! I will NEVER buy ANY LG item ever again. Crap product and even crappier customer “service”.

  • elle

    Has anyone seen actual details on the nature of this hardware problem? Is it a connector that’s losing contact or an actual solder connection on a SMD component that was faulty, and opening up with thermal expansion and contraction?
    It’s odd that it’s so consistently reported that freezing will restore operation temporarily, making it seem more like a component problem.
    Wonder what it is that they’re doing to correct this when they’re sent back, and how likely it is to recur if they’re not really changing any process in the repair compared with the original manufacture.

  • seweq

    What about devices with unlocked bootloader…???

    • Jeff Penver

      I tried to get my phone repaired by Carphone Warehouse with an unlocked bootloader. They took 2 weeks to return it and say they cannot repair it, claiming it’s rooted. I know it’s NOT rooted but it does have an unlocked bootloader. They also refuse to replace the handset.

  • Gussy2000

    I won a G4 from AT&T back in September. Bootloop just hit me this morning. Fortunately, I still have my G3 (posting from it now) and I had done a factory reset on it so it is running great. Will head over to AT&T at lunch I guess.

  • Dacha

    Mine just died with boot loop death

  • Youtea

    I have the international unlocked version. LG US refused to fix my phone. Help!

    • Jacob Serna

      Have you had any luck? i also bought the international version on ebay here in the US and now it is bootlooping

      thanks for any info

      • Patty Mitchell

        I bought mine via a seller on Amazon. I’ve contacted them too. We shall see.

    • Patty Mitchell

      Same here. They told me to contact Singapore. I’ve sent them an email. We’ll see. Mine (purchased October 2015) died this rebooting death today. No problems before. Eager to hear if any international unlocked versions have been repaired/replaced.

  • Games Reality

    Please answer ANYONE, im really reluctant to buy an LG G4 because of boot loop, but REALLY want to since its such a good phone, does anyone know if buying an lg g4 NOW 2016 April 4th will still have a chance of boot loop?

  • AJR21110

    I was watching a youtube video and this just happened to me.

  • D. Van Nostrand

    I don’t get it. Was LG refusing to fix these phones IN WARRANTY?

    It appears they are only admitting to problems that should have been covered ALL ALONG.

    It’s not like they are doing anything special here.

    What LG should do is cover OUT OF WARRANTY phones, that they sold as defective from the beginning.

    Nothing a proper class action can’t handle IMO.

  • revelationman

    I just had the same issue recently very strange the phone was working great, then while it was plugged in it was not getting past the boot screen, and it was very warm, I message o2 and they sent a replacement next day, so this is strange,

  • John91234

    I returned my LG G4 for repair when the boot loop started a month ago. They returned it saying it was the board and when I turned on the phone it immediately started in the boot loop. I returned it once again and I received an email that they diagnosed it as the board once again. I’m expecting to get it today, turn it on, and experience the boot loop once again

  • fatnumber

    Just happened to me. Waiting for a new phone now. But if its a refurbished phone I am going to go off.

  • Janie H

    This is complete false. LG refuses to fix or repair this defect in these phones. Complaints continue to pour in. and LG uses every loophole, or excuse not to repair or replace these phones. We tried today and were immediately dismissed by the sprint rep. Its A MANUFACTER DEFAULT AND THEY NEED TO REPLACE THESE DEFECTIVE PHONES OR REPAIR THE DEFECTS WITHOUT DEMANDING ADDITIONAL $200 DEDUCTIBLE ON WARRANTY BE PAID AS THIS IS NO FAULT OF THE CUSTOMER, AND THEY KNOW IT.




  • Jordan Ray

    I bought my G4 from amazon back in august without a warranty however, i have just been informed that the H815 models are from the UK, i live in Michigan and i honestly have no idea who i should contact about having this boot looping issue repaired

  • I just wanted to say that by this: “Customers who purchased their G4 devices from non-carrier retailers should contact an LG Service Center with the understanding that warranty conditions will differ.” LG means they WON’T repair your phone. I have an international H815 LG G4 bought from an Ebay seller and nor LG Canada nor LG US wanted to repair the unit. I’m so angry :(

  • Cat Steppings

    I just bought one of these thru tmobile, hopefully mine is not going to have this problem! It was manufactured in march of this year, so hopefully they assembled it correctly to avoid the issue.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    just happened to mine yesterday out of the blue and NO changes to my phone. It just came on, phone is unusable. VZW is sending me a new phone as it is under 1 year warranty. I was using it fine. Set it down, took a nap, woke up… endless bootloops. Every now and then I can get in, but not for more than a few seconds or a minute.

    VZW butchered the 6.0.0 update. But nutty this hardware issue is just now affecting me.

    I left Samsung for LG.. likely my last LG if this is a “known” hardware issue.

  • w8m8

    The whole “we repair your device statement” is worthless if you have rooted your device, opened the bootloader or have a device that is not from your region (e.g. a taiwanese model in the U.S that you bought online in the U.S.). Its a global problem but LG does everything they can to avoid a real recall and to do more than the absolute minimum.
    @Androidauthority: there are hundreds, if not thousands of users that are excluded from their repair process, is there any chance that you may ask LG why they don’t care about this costumers? People are giving up the fight because they feel they can’t do anything against LG, so if you could pitch in it would be highly appreciated :)

  • panos

    Please i want to help me!! Where i can find the original announcement from LG??? I have troubles with the law and i want to bring them this announcement!!!

  • John Tolentino

    the problem with the policy of LG if ever you purchase your unit from a non-carrier it becomes optional for the service center to repair it or not? Is my understanding correct here? Since it’s a manufacturer’s defect then there should not be those said conditions.