Update, January 26: LG has acknolwedged the LG G4 bootloop issue is a hardware fault, and will repair affected devices.

Original post, January 25: For the past couple of months, various LG G4 owners around the globe have been complaining about a mysterious bootloop problem affecting the device. For no apparent reason, the LG G4 will randomly reboot and get stuck in a bootloop with no apparent resolution. A petition has now been formed to get LG to officially address the issue.

The petition has been created as a means to force LG into not only acknowledging the problem, but also to institute a free replacement scheme for all affected models of the G4. According to the petition’s creator, Santiago Archila, the issue potentially affects all G4s, not just specific carrier-branded or regional models. According to Archila, LG’s response thus far has been unacceptable.

Complaints have been floating around the internet since September, 2015 – and some carriers have even acknowledged the problem as a “known issue” – but LG has reportedly not handled the issue in a consistent way. Some users have had their device replaced while others have been told their model number isn’t eligible for repair or replacement.

Some carriers have even acknowledged the problem as a “known issue”, but LG has reportedly not handled the issue in a consistent way.

If you scour YouTube, Twitter, Reddit and various Android forums like XDA Developers, you can find plenty of evidence of the problem, including multiple videos showing it in effect. The problem certainly seems to be widespread enough that an official investigation and statement from LG is warranted. We’ve reached out to LG for comment and will update this story with any response.

When the problem was initially flagged, it was thought the issue only affected early model G4 units (ie those built before October 2015) and was a hardware problem related to the motherboard on specific variants. But the claims of random bootloops have persisted, with users on all carriers and in all regions being affected with no simple solution.

If you have an LG G4 and have been affected by this issue, we encourage you to contact LG and your carrier or retailer. Signing the petition can’t hurt, but you’re better off attempting to get your particular situation remedied yourself than hoping someone else will force LG’s hand.

If you have suspicions as to what is causing the problem, please hit the comments below to share your thoughts.