A collection of Galaxy devices from an NTT docomo store in Nakano, Tokyo.

Yesterday, April 8th, Japanese mobile carriers have finally announced the release of the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. This potent pair of products have been off the radar from all carriers with only Samsung itself having posted bare minimal PR information on its website. As if the consumer apathy isn’t apparent enough, Japan stands to receive arguably the most abridged line-up of all, while trying desperately to hide the fact that a Korean company, has made the product: Samsung’s name has been absolutely stripped from the device, front and back, right down to the promotional materials.

Two carriers will offer Samsung’s latest and greatest, but only one will carry both the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. Neither will sell a device in a 128GB storage option.

  • NTT docomo, the largest carrier, has announced the pair, however the line up itself is significantly stymied. The S6 will be available exclusively in a 32GB storage option, and only in Gold and Black color variants. The S6 Edge in turn, will be available exclusively in a 64GB option, in Gold and Green coloring only.
  • KDDI au, on the other hand, will be releasing only the Galaxy S6 Edge, with either 32GB or 64GB of storage, and in Black, White, or Gold colors.

Suffice to say, this lack of choice in storage size, coloring, and even standard design is a bit disappointing. All the more so given that docomo’s questionable parring of Edge color options are decidedly not to everyone’s liking.

Subjugating Samsung

Both carriers have removed all traces of the Samsung name, something which KDDI has done before but is new for docomo, which typically left the Samsung logo on the rear cover, despite reduced visibility. Let’s explore, beginning with the beginning:

docomo Galaxy Box

In the beginning… docomo wasn’t exactly trying to outright hide the fact that Samsung made the Galaxy S.

The Focus

In truth, this is a rather puzzling reality that arguably began when NTT docomo released the original Galaxy S in November 2010: the Samsung logo wasn’t hidden but it was removed from the front entirely and moved to the lower half of the rear.


While the front face contained the docomo logo as per most devices, the back cover offered Samsung’s as well, though pushed to the bottom.

Now take a look at what had happen as of Summer 2014: no carrier logo at all on the front, and absolutely no Samsung logo period. From the KDDI au variant of the Galaxy S5:

Galaxy S5 KDDI au

The KDDI au Galaxy S5 line up: the first Samsung phone released in Japan without any carrier branding on the front whatsoever. The Samsung logo is also missing from the rear, as it was on the NTT docomo variant.

Curiously the NTT docomo variant opted to keep the carrier logo on the front and left the Samsung logo on the back side, though it was extremely small.


Now take a gander at the Galaxy S6 Edge. This next screen capture comes via Samsung UK’s product page:

スクリーンショット (39)

Samsung UK’s product page for the Galaxy S6 Edge. Note the prominent branding on the front and back of the device.

And now Japan. Here is the front of the device with the KDDI au variant pictured. See the caption for details:

スクリーンショット (35)

The front of the device is devoid of anything for KDDI au (pictured), but for NTT docomo will have the carrier’s logo under the earpiece.

Here we have the rear side. I have specifically chosen the docomo variant as NTT had previously left Samsung’s logo, despite it being relegated to a lower positioning and smaller text. It is nowhere to be seen here, rather the word “Galaxy” is present. Bizarrely enough the Qi wireless charging logo appears.

スクリーンショット (37)

Here we have the backside, which contains not a mention of Samsung, yet has the word “Galaxy” and even the Qi logo.

As if this wasn’t odd enough, Samsung’s logo appears absolutely nowhere in NTT docomo’s 32-page product booklet for the S6 and S6 Edge. In fact, the company’s name doesn’t even appear until page 29 and 30, where it’s used for legal reasons. For all intents and purposes, “Galaxy” might as well be the manufacturer. This is indeed what Samsung appears to be doing however, as a customer representative from the company, Retsu Segawa, mentioned the desire to focus on the brand name when contacted earlier this year.

Galaxy S6 Japan 3

Try as you might, not a single Samsung logo is anywhere in sight.

Jaded with Japan

Behind the scenes, there is the underlying pretense that Japan, as a collective, is unwilling to accept the fact that Korea has surpassed it in terms of mobile technology. This extends to the deployed network infrastructure, wherein Japan is just now getting Category 6 LTE, something that South Korea had almost a year ago.

This is absolutely shocking given that NTT docomo was the first carrier in the world to deploy 3G network infrastructure and for ages Japan’s feature phone market was light-years beyond anything the outside world could even comprehend: NFC was introduced over a decade ago, 1SEG wireless digital TV broadcasting had been a staple from around the same time, and Japan had access to full-featured mobile e-mail services whereas the world-at-large had to make due with SMS and MMS.

Arguably, there is not a single domestically produced piece of hardware that has specs comparable with Samsung’s Galaxy. This is especially true of display technology, where Korea has not only made significant use of OLED panels, but has for the past year been curving them. Meanwhile, companies like Sony continue to rely on LCD technology; at least Sharp has made some progress with the development of its IGZO display technology. Despite all this, we have the following:

Apple-Japan-Nov-2014 Counterpoint

Fujitsu has a larger amount of market share than Samsung. Sharp arguably does as well. Sony has over double that. This jaw dropping astonishment is actually par-for-course in Japan, where it’s quite common to hear things like “I buy Sony because it’s Japanese.” Ironically even Japan’s patriotism doesn’t seem to hold much water when it comes to the iPhone however, with Apple once again dominating.

Wrap up

Some might argue that Japan tends to prefer its own products, and is less receptive to brands from other countries. This is largely, if not entirely, based on the fact that as a collection of islands, it’s therefore isolated. While the people here may indeed love foreign things such as Hollywood movies, American TV shows, French food, German medical practices and so on, with technology things have been largely a domestic affair. Given the unrivaled dominance of companies like Sony, Panasonic, Sharp, Toshiba, and NEC during the 80’s, 90’s and even part of the 00’s, this makes sense.

With that said, it is a bit frustrating to see the manner in which Samsung is being treated here. The company should be proud to offer such a fantastic product as the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, yet instead its being made to hide behind its own branding. Can’t we all just… get along?

  • rand Poke

    Samsung is inside the iPhone. The Japanese are silly.

    • sonya_y

      And so is Sony, Panasonic, Sharp etc.

    • [S]unjay

      Sony is inside the Samsung and the iPhone.

      • Wjdzm

        Yeah the lens. and done. what else?

        • [S]unjay
          • Norris

            It contributes to the android,meaning its on every android device.He meant the same by Lens i.e. sony sensors.And yes get to know that Sony uses Samsung’s RAM in their devices.In a way each company takes something from the other.

          • [S]unjay

            Yes, I agree. Specialization contributes to Android and you correct about the RAM.

          • Wjdzm

            lmao. GS6’s 50% of major components are Samsung’s own brand and yet we have barking about the theme engine, a software design.

          • [S]unjay

            Who cares? The theme engine is Sony’s code.

          • Wjdzm

            I propose a factual argument and you say “who cares?”
            end of the conversation. no need to discuss anymore.

          • [S]unjay

            You said that I was “barking” about software but software is just as important. Samsung is Sony’s code for their theme engine and there’s no way to twist that around.

    • My Galaxy Prime

      lol my mind got so dirty when I read this

  • southerndinner

    Does this extend to weeaboo tards?

  • Rayan Hamdan

    Japanese people are full of worthless pride. Just admit that Samsung is better

    • Hans Pedersen

      Nokia lived on as the biggest brand in Finland right until their end. It’s the same for all countries including the US, where US brands has always been amongst the biggest sellers.

      • DBS

        Nokia still lives on as the biggest brand in Finland and one of the biggest in Europe (albeit constantly declining since they went with Windows Phone instead of Android. This may change in the future though).
        Sony is the third largest European phone brand much thanks to their time with Ericsson which left them a legacy of users.
        Motorola was barely kept alive in the US after their demise in Europe because it was “the last American brand” etc etc.

        It’s perfectly normal that countries and regions value products of their companies over others. Remember that those companies are also employers in those regions. If, for example, Europeans started to buy only from Huawei or Xiaomi, European brands would just close doors (that happened with the arrival of Samsung for example).

        • Hitokage Tamashi

          I’ve honestly never seen very many Motorola phones here in the US, I know like one person that has one. Most people here have Galaxies or iPhones from what I’ve seen, couple of LGs here and there.

    • Anonymousfella

      This case seems silly imo. Where is the patriotism when it comes to Apple devices?

      • wat

        Apple do 10x better in America than worldwide average or EU.

    • DBS

      They can’t admit Samsung is better than Sony because it isn’t. Plain and simple.
      But are they better than Apple? Absolutely.

      • Wjdzm

        lmao. Sony is better than Samsung? Please define your “better” in this smartphone market.

        • Vlad the Retailer

          1. doubled batery life
          2. Build quality
          4.better speakers
          5. Better sound reproduction through 3.5mm
          6. Lighter and prettier UI
          7. PS remote play
          8. Cheaper
          9. More durable
          10. better optimisation overall

          • Azar

            1. Doubled bat life because it has nothing to offer but s6 still has better bat life than any xperia
            2. S6.
            3. S5.
            4. If u want muffled speakers bcz kf waterproofing albeit being on front, your choice
            5. Samsung has been tested to have lower frequency response than xperia
            6. Ui in xperia lollipop is completely messed up especially after the weird last-minute close all button in recent firmware’s
            7. That is the best thing about xperia but it still can be ported to any android and it works just as good, in fact.
            8. Cheaper? Here in qatar xperia has always been more expensive than any Sammy out there.
            9. Depends on what u mean by durable.

          • Vlad the Retailer

            1. Are you delusional?
            2. Are you delusional? S6 cam cracked in a freakin review, from just leaning on a rock wall
            3. Higher waterproofing certifactes on both Z2 and Z3 than on the S5
            4. Muffled front stereo beats one rear farting or bottom speaker any day
            5. HR audio + noice canceling headphones out of the box.
            6. Wanna talk about lag on note3 and 4?
            7.are you delusional
            8. Z3 is more expensive than S6?!
            9. I mean durable.
            10. Lets add SD support, just for fun, and see how much effort you put into the famous excuse “s6 has fast storage, it doesnt need it”

          • Azar

            1. Use the s6 and Z3 together you will see the bat life.
            2. Why not use it with a case?
            3. Unless you want opening and closing flaps all the time…
            4. Loud and more clear sound is better than muffled one
            5. LOL, any phone has noise canceling headphones out of the box.
            6. I’m not talking about note I’m talking about s6
            7. Why? It works just as good, if you are able to install it on your device and it’s pretty easy.
            8. 2900 Qatari Rial for Z3 vs 2800 for note 4. Divide by 3.65 to make it USD.
            9. I’m not sure about the durability so I can’t say which is better

          • Kevin Tompkins

            Dude, just admit defeat. Your reasons are beginning to sound desperate.

            “Why not use a case”.
            You shouldn’t have to.

            Sony’s recent tablet has no flaps but still has same waterproofing.

            You don’t know what noise cancelation is.

            In regards to PlayStation Mobile, we’re talking about the out-of-box experience.

            You just said yourself that we’re not talking about the Note 4, and there you go bringing it up.

            You lose, man. Sorry.

          • Azar

            Well, neither is note 4 laggy especially after L update.
            If you really want PS you can just install it, which is not impossible.
            Samsung has always taken better pix than Sony even in a less MP hardware and using it’s software tricks to defeat Sony. I know what noise C. is. You don’t have to use a case I am not forcing a gun on ur throat to use a case. But without a case both of them would break.

          • Vlad-the-Retailer

            well u mentioned the waterproofing on S5, now i cant mention NOTE?
            There will be only one flap on the new Z4, the charging port will be open.
            Are we talking about phones or cases?
            Millions upon millions of tests of battery life have been performed, and on all of them, 4 out of top 5 are Xperia phones.

          • Norris

            Battery life is great on Xperia devices no doubt on that but as u mentioned that you don’t understand by why Xperia phones are underrated because their software is not optimized properly.Sony supplies camera sensors to major smartphone companies like apple,samsung but still their phone camera doesn’t performs excellent as compared to them,UI after updates causes problems.If these issues are fixes why won’t any reviewer claim it among the best.What’s the use of a phone with all the latest bells having poor battery life,you won’t be able to use it,Sony always provides great battery life latest hardware but it won’t work out until they optimize their software to use the hardware properly.

          • [S]unjay

            1. No, you won’t see any. The S6’s battery life was bashed for being underwhelming at best. The Z3 destorys the S6 in Phone Arena’s and GSM Arena’s testing.

            2. Why would I need an aftermarket part to fix my phone?

            3. Wrong again. The Xperia M4 Aqua and Xperia Z4 Tablet don’t have flaps for the USB port.

            4. You know that the Z3 has better sound quality and is not muffled by any means and that stereo speakers are better than mono speakers.

            5. Does it have have Digital noise cancellation? Nice strawman.

            6. TouchWiz is a heavy bloated mess on the Note 4 and S6.

            7. PlayStation Mobile can’t be ported. Nor can Sony’s first party DualShock support be ported.

            8. The Z3 is cheaper than the S6 in USD, the Z3 is an older phone.

          • Azar

            I’m not going to repeat the same thing for different people just read my other replies…

          • [S]unjay

            So you’re not going to address that you lied for many of the points like the flaps?

          • Azar

            I didn’t lie for anything here and I ain’t a liar. You are defending your own part and I’m defending Samsung part. I am just saying what I know is to be true. Just because Sony can be better than samsung in a few aspects doesn’t mean it is better overall. How many people have u seen with an xperia phone compared to Samsung? Me personally, ive seen 2 with xperia. With Samsung, everyone (excluding apple, that isn’t our topic). Samsung has far better reputation cause Sony never keeps their promises. “L will be released by early 2015”. Then after January they said “by feb” and they failed to. Then March. And after they rolled it out they said other Z owners will get it in 2 weeks. 3 weeks past and now they’re saying Z1, ultra, Z3 dual will receive next week which means 4 weeks after they said “in the next 2 weeks”. AND THEN the Z family by may or June. Yeah that’s pretty early… I’m enjoying L on my s4 while not quite enjoying on tab Z Cm12.

          • [S]unjay

            Popularity doesn’t make the phone. Most companies rushed to release Lollipop which resulted in buggy updates. Yes, Lollipop was buggy and Google messed up. Sony delayed Lollipop to stomp at all the bugs and Sony’s lollipop does not have many bugs. Also, Sony plans to update 20 devices to Lollipop. That’s more than Samsung is doing.

          • Azar

            20?? What are they can u tell me. As far as I know they’re Z, zl, zr, tabz, Z1, Z2, z2tab, Z3, z3c, Z3 dual, z3v, Z3 tab, t3, C3 which is 15. Okay, prettytheres and this is samsungs L: i9500, 9505, 9506, n900, n9005, g900f, g900h, n910c,f, there’s way more that I can’t count as I don’t remember all of their names.
            And also, if it was to be like that, then Sony shouldn’t have given fake promises. S5 got L just after 31 days (4/12) nexus 6 was out and it had no bugs at all. My friend’s S5 is on THAT specific firmware and he is using it since then perfectly. As far as I’ve observed, it is far better than KK and google’s L. (Can’t say Sony ,I havent used sony’s L) . But from what I’ve seen with Sony it’s just plain ugly.

            (Excuse my typos if there are any)

          • [S]unjay

            20 Device. Are you including the variants of the devices in your list? I haven’t included the different variants….just device names.

            Xperia Z

            Xperia Z Tablet

            Xperia ZL

            Xperia ZR

            Xperia Z Ultra

            Xperia Z Ultra Google Play Edition

            Xperia Z1

            Xperia Z1s

            Xperia Z1 Compact

            Xperia Z2

            Xperia Z2 Tablet

            Xperia Z2a

            Xperia ZL2

            Xperia Z3

            Xperia Z3v

            Xperia Z3 Dual

            Xperia Z3 Compact

            Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact

            Xperia T2 Ultra

            Xperia C3

            Adds up to 20 + more device updates to be announced.

            I haven’t gotten Lollipop on my S4. Sony’s L looks almost identical to stock Android so I don’t believe you.

          • Azar

            Yes, I did include variants, even for xperias. And yes, sony’s isn’t that identical to aosp as there are some differences. It has both, advantages and disads over aosp. That ugly korkar style wifi icon… 1/3 of recent apps screen used by useless stuff… that’s what I hated the most. But I’d u asked “would u prefer xperia L or aosp” I’d answer xperia cause it’d be more compatible with my tab as it’s official rather than Cm12.

          • [S]unjay

            Okay. That’s subjective so I can’t argue. You’re entitled to your beliefs.

          • Azar

            Kitkat* not korkar
            Had a typo

            And “if* you’d ask” not “id”

          • Azar

            BTW what is zl2? Also Z ultra gpe isn’t Sony UI it’s Google so that one would b out of the list

          • [S]unjay

            The ZL2 is a phone. Google it.

          • Azar

            Also, what I dislike about sony/aosp/HTC is that they use too much space for toggles Like wifi, etc Especially in landscape

          • [S]unjay

            1. The S6’s battery is worse than the S5. You’re delusional if you think that it has better battery than any Xperia.


            2. The S6’s design is a just a rip off of the Z3 and the Xperia Z2 and Z1. Stop kidding yourself. Enjoy your protruding camera.

            3. Wrong again. Simply delusional. The Z3 is IP68 certified while the S5 is IP67 certified. The Z3’s ip rating is better than S5. Just look at this video. Water enters the S5, such lame water resistance

            4. More nonsense. The Z3’s speakers are better than the S5 and S6’s speakers. They’re the second best of the big brands behind HTC and they’re also stereo speakers. Keep letting your bias get in the way of your honesty.

            5. Sony has had high resolution audio output before any other manufacturer. Sony also has digital noise cancellation.

            6. It’s still much lighter and looks better than Touchjiz.

            7. PlayStation Mobile can’t be ported.

            8. Nice anecdote. The international, generic models are cheaper and there’s no way around that.

            9. It certainly has a better IP rating than the S5 for durability while the S6 has no rating….

            10. Here’s something that you did not know. Sony smartphones have liquid cooling.

          • Azar

            1. Everyone says a different thing about bat life. Some say it’s better some say it’s worse..
            2. then who ripped off iPhone 4’s design? It was out before the xperia Z.
            3. I give up on this one… I’d love waterproof phone only if it was the flap less Z4. Only.
            4. Okay okay it has better speakers. Does it have finger scanner? Nope.
            6. It took whole 5 or 6 months to finish the L update and in the end it was nothing different than AOSP look. Even TW on the s6 looks far better than xperia lollipop.
            7. PS CAN BE ported and I’ve done it on my friend’s s5.
            8. I’ve mentioned it in my previous post
            9. Why would I ever want waterproof s6 which would cover all flaps?? Flaps are so annoying and my friend has a Z1 and it’s flap broke because it was hanging when he out it on the table. Now what? Is it waterproof?
            10. If that liquid cooling was to be true, there’d be a lot of hype about that over the Internet. They don’t even advertise themselves having them. They either have an awful marketing or dint have that feature at all.

          • [S]unjay

            1. Actually, the S6’s battery is objectively worse. Most reviewers are lamenting over the sub-par battery life.

            2. The iPhone copies Sony’s design

            3. The M4 Aqua and Z4 Tablet do not have a USB flap

            4. Which is more pragmatic? Stereo speakers or fingerprint scanner. I’m glad that it doesn’t have a fingerprint scanner. Apple bought the company that build the Moto Atrix’s finger print scanner. That company is the best in the industry. The Nexus was supposed to have a fingerprint scanner but Google acknowledged that Apple bought the best company out there and they do not want to use lesser quality fingerprint scanners like Samsung is doing.


            8. Yes but Qatar’s currency and the limited availability in Qatar may make it seem more expensive but the generic Z3 Compact is cheaper than the generic S5.

            9. The M4 Aqua and Z4 Tablet do not have flaps but they have the same water resistance. They have a nanocoating. The Z4 will not have flaps.

            10. The disassembly of the Z2 shows that it has something that looks like pipes on the inside. Sony has many features that they don’t market because most consumers won’t care or know what that is.

          • Azar

            Not sure if u wrote this now or before but still, as I said before or in a different comment, I wouldnt want a water proof phone unless IT IS Z4 and I’ve clearly mentioned this. Also, u might be right about the prices, I am not sure about that in any other countries. But it’s the same even in my home country ( Azerbaijan) and s5 is cheaper than Z3 (obviously as it’s older) but even note 4 is cheaper than z3 By a tiny amount.Also finger print would be used at least 10 times in one hour but you wouldn’t use speakers that much unless you’re a music lover with 99999 songs in ur phone.

          • Norris

            If you want a debate on company’s copying each other it will never end.Every company copies something from the other what matters is even after copying how they outsell the others.

          • Norris

            Man,when I talk about S6’s performance you say its the latest and Z3 is last years so S6 will perform better.Same with battery backup,I know sony provides its devices with great battery life,but don’t forget Z4 is using a SD810 which u might know is shit and ruins battery performance.

          • [S]unjay

            The Z4 isn’t out yet and the S6 has sub-par battery. I’m also worried about the Z4’s battery life due to the SD810 but I wouldn’t lose all hope and say that the S6 is better.

          • gorilla

            I don’t know about your #8…
            Sony is one of the overpriced company there is.

          • [S]unjay

            The S6 is brand new so it costs a lot of money but lets compare the Z2 and Z3 Compact’s pricing to the S5

          • Wjdzm

            Z3 Compact Hahaha


            So Z3 Compact is the direct competitor of S5?
            Regular Z3 cost more than S5.


          • [S]unjay

            You are forgetting that the Z3 and Z3 Compact are both newer than the S5 so that doesn’t strengthen your argument.

            The Z2 was released at the same time as the S5 and the Z2 is cheaper.

            The Z3’s is Sony’s latest and greatest so it will obviously cost more. Why don’t we compare the Z3 to the S6 and see which will cost less. Going by your logic, the Z3 genuinely costs less.

          • Wjdzm

            Oh the irony.
            You say I can’t compare the S5 pricing to the Z3, or the compact, since Z3s are newer than the S5. But you are comparing the S5’s performance to the Z3! and argues Z3 is better! F*ck yeah it better damn well be since “both newer than the S5.”

          • [S]unjay

            The Z3 and Z2 have the same specs and the performance is the same. I also specifically said that I will not compare the Z3’s pricing to the S6 because the S6 is Samsung’s newest phone.

          • Wjdzm

            So people pay extra money on Z3 even though it’s got “the same specs and the performance” as the Z2?
            Man we got Apple equivalent in the Android market here!

          • [S]unjay

            Specs aren’t everything.

          • Vlad The Retailer

            People pay nearly a 1000 bucks for a phone with no removable battery, no SD, and it bends? Noone can equate iSheep as Sammy fanboys.

          • Norris

            Why Samsung’s latest flagship is better:

            1. Fast charging

            2. Build Quality(Same on both Sony and Samsung)
            3. QHD Display
            4. UFS 2.0
            5. Both have good speakers.

            6. Lighter UI and full of features.
            7. Universal Remote
            8. More durable
            9. Better Camera
            10. Best optimization for their in house chip,Exynos 7420.Best overall performance

          • Vlad-the-Retailer

            if you dare saying, both have good speakers, i´ll dare saying both have good screens. and besides, who needs 2k on a 5-5.5″? just an overkill. Z2 had one of (if not the) best and most accurate screens ever put on a phone (find some tests) . Z3 had the brightest. I am against QHD on a phone, and i will diss Sony , the same way i diss SAmsung if they put it on the Z4.
            lighter UI?! what features?! multiwindow? Sony can push up to 4 small apps on one screen at the same time, including browser, youtube, converter etc.
            As for optimization – just no. S6 may be the fastest atm, but it´s also the latest. Lets talk about last years phones, or further. My Z1 has better benchmarks than any note3, and by a 3-5k margin. Better performance in any test. Xperia e4 (lowest of the low end) has better performance at HD gaming than galaxy A3 and A5 combined ( latter being a high mid range).
            Are you EVER gonna push the UFS 2.0 to its limit? its 15% faster than eMMc , and EMMC never had any issues.
            As for the camera, Z2 and Z3 destroy S5 in manual mode. In Auto, yes, Samsung has the best one ( easier to use, more consistent), and i figure the S6 also is the best in manual cause of the latest sensor, but just at this moment – until the Z4 comes out.
            As for durability, noone can compete with the Japanese, and we all know it, its just a fact. i remember a top5 list from a year ago where the Z2 and Z3 were only “regular” phones included, the rest were phones especially made for mountaniers and such ( CAT, kyocera).
            Personally at the price range of around 750-800euro, the S6 excels at having a 15% faster storage, an overkill screen, good camera, lack of SD, an ok battery life, 10% faster SoC overly hyped by alleged 810 overheats, fragile build etc. It is by no means a bad phone, it is even the best atm spec wise, but at that price it´s just not worth it. For 450-470euro one can buy a Z3, and in real life never even notice the lack of UFS or Exynos or whatever. And i find all Xperia flagships to be the most complete phones out there. When you break them down, they´re in top3 in every aspect possible. The least compromises.
            I wrote all this, just to burst the bubble of Sammy lovers, and others who just think “Samsung is best” is a prerogative. One would think so, when he reads sites like these. Out of 100 articles, 80 are about Galaxy, and 60 -80 are praises. Even the headline of this article is bias ” Japanese best phone is Korean”. Xperia is the best for me, Galxy is the best for you, it all comes down to choice, not to superiority, as these sites try to portray. They are on par to say the least. And id dare saying, two of the best android brands for the last few years. The reason of Xperia being so underrated, and oftenly bashed by tech sites is beyond me..

          • Norris

            LOL!I think you overreacted by saying your Z1 beats Note 3 in benchmarks.As I am talking about how normal people see the smartphones.When comparing QHD with FHD,QHD has advantages.Doesn’t matter what you think about it people will go to a store and find that QHD is better than FHD and when you ask them which is better they will simply tell S6.They won’t even know about QHD but it looks better so they’ll prefer it.While opening apps the s6 loads much faster due to UFS 2.0,and its not just 15% faster(see results),UFS 2.0 will load apps faster and again people will prefer that,they don’t want to know about eMMC and UFS they’ll just see which is faster and pick it up.For battery life some care about fast charging but others will check how much the device offers in one complete charge,for that they”ll go with the Z3.To a common person a device which performs faster,has good battery life and a great camera,they will get that one.

          • Vlad The Retailer

            38994 on Antutu. 53.6 – 53.9 on Epic Citadel on Ultra HQ and in 100% resolution. 4.4.4 kitkat
            UFS over eMMc 5.1 advantage is measured in miliseconds, in real life performance. If the customers are superheroes and can notice that, than ok.
            As for the screen, me and my friends have a little test in plan. We´ll gather up S6,Z3 and an iPhone6 , make some kind of a box, hiding the shape and branding of a phone. reproduce the same image. Then ask random people which screen they like the most. I GUARANTEE that 6 out of 10 people will pick something other than S6.

            It comes down to hype, and Samsung hyped the shit out of all of you.

            S6 is a beast ,as it is the latest. But every Samsung fan here (or anywhere) just claims any Samsung beats any Sony. period. It´s not their fault, internet tells them so. That couldnt be further away from the truth.

          • [S]unjay

            2. Samsung’s build quality is better than the phone than the phone that they ripped off on? You know that isn’t true.

            3. Great, you can barely see the difference and the battery life is short.

            5. Stereo speakers for the win.

            6. TouchWiz is not lighter than the Xperia UI. TouchWiz is as bloated as it gets.

            Also, Sony has an official stock Android build for every 2014 smartphone.

            8. No IP rating? The Z3 is water and dust resistant.

            9. Sony has uses the latest sensors in their cameras while Samsung, Apple and the others all get older sensors.

            10. Fun fact. Samsung doesn’t share their drives and Exynos is as closed as it gets. Terrible for development unlike Sony that shares their drivers with the community.

            11. Sony has liquid cooling.

            12. Sony smartphones have Quantum Dot screens.

          • DBS

            1 – The Z3 line already has fast charging because it comes with Qualcomm’s chipset.
            2 – If build quality is the same (I doubt it, I still think Sony’s is probably better) then you can’t use it as a motive to why the S6 is better;
            3 – QHD display on such small screen is USELESS because your eyes can’t trully see any difference. QHD displays, however, make your battery drain a hell of a lot faster. So in my book, QHD display is a BAD thing, not something positive;
            4 – UFS 2.0 is only really relevant when you’re dealing with a system that slows down. Like Samsungs’s TouchBloat. It’s important, sure. But not something ANYONE apart from tech nerds will be concerned about.
            5 – If both have good speakers, again, you can’t use it as a reason why the S6 is better;
            6 – Lighter UI? Are you f*cking kidding? TouchWiz is the most bloatware-filled UI on Android. The thing crawls to the ground in no time. “full of features”? Yes. Full of useless features that offer nothing more than lag.

            7 – Universal remote? Really? Funny…and here I am, controling my LG 4K TV through my Z3C. By the way, Universal Remote is something that comes with Android. Having an IR blaster may be fine. But really, I had IR blasters on my Nokia’s 10 years ago. That’s neither new nor really a useful feature, specially with TVs moving towards smart platforms.
            8 – Drop it in water. There goes your durability. Drop it on the floor. There goes your durability. Use it for a couple of months. Hello lag, there goes the durability.
            9 – The S6 uses Sony lenses and sensors. It does have better software than the Xperia line at this point, I’ll give you that. But that’s mainly because Sony has been asleep.
            10 – All reviews have said that the Exynos isn’t making anything better or worse than a Snapdragon would. Actually, there have been reports of crashes and lags in the S6/S6E already.

            Well and then let’s not forget the fact that Sony has yet to present their 2015 flagship.

          • Norris

            You whole explanation makes no sense at all, except for the point 8 and 9.

          • DBS

            Then go instruct yourself and then read it again.

          • Norris

            Nope !!

          • Wjdzm

            Laughed my ass off.
            1. Double battery life. Are you kidding me? haha
            2. Build quality. Is that what you say after GS6?
            3. waterproof. GS5 was IP67. IP68 is higher but what the point for a freaking mobile phone.
            4. Speakers. Oh please. Just another useless thing people bark about. If the speakers were really something to consider, just about every phone out there is nothing compared to HTC’s front facing speakers.
            5. 3.5mm sound quality can be controlled via software tweaks
            6. lighter and prettier UI. TW no longer lags since GS5. prettier UI? that’s your preference.
            7. PS remote play. LMAO.
            8. Cheaper. Are you sure about that? cuz I just searched Xperia z3 and GS5 on Amzon, and GS5 was cheaper.
            9. More durable. MY ASS it is. GS5 was is far more superior than Z3 in durability.
            10. Better optimization overall. Okay here is the “let’s just cap it all by saying it’s BETTER.” Xperia series always has been lagging behind in performance. Visually stunning? Yes. Still true after GS6? Nope

            Sony fanbois. just admit Sony’s going nowhere. Keep loving your stuff but don’t bother comparing it to better products like that of Samsung.

          • shoolawa

            1. yes, doubled battery life when using it mostly for browsing (which is the most common scenario) . When watching media, Z is 20-30% more lasting than anything Samsung.
            2. Camera cracked by just touching a rock wall ( mentioned above)
            3. excuses – S6 is not waterproof
            4. excuses- Who needs goods speakers on a phone, or a good sound on board? Or waterproofing? well, who needs a 2k screen, when we´re at it… or a curved screen… see the pattern?
            5.excuses. yayayaya right Genius speakers sound the same as Seinheisser when you tweak the equaliser :D
            6. Note4 users beg to differ, as i see them whining about lag, on every forum.
            7. excuses
            8. Z3´s price is either the same, or 20-30 euro higher than the S5. As i mentioned above, 450euro here where i live. S6 is almost double that.
            9.see number 2.
            10. Lagging in performance? hahahaha . try finding one test where the note4 and S5 beat Z3 and Z3compact.
            Delusional brainwashed fan…

          • shoolawa

            performance and fanboyism –
            lets see you find excuses for this one :D

          • Wjdzm

            Are you seriously bringing up benchmarks to talk about performance when GS6 is wrecking the shit out of all other phones?
            Knowing they are getting ass whopped by S6 Sony, HTC, LG, etc fanbois are saying “benchmarks don’t mean anything” and yet here you are talking about benchmarks.

          • shoolawa

            you said the S5 destroys anything Sony. This screen was just to fortify your claim.

          • Wjdzm

            S5 destroys anything Sony?
            Is this like the last stage of fanboism when you start seeing things that no one does?

          • shoolawa

            You mentioned how Sony always lagged behind in performance, this screen proves it ;) we clearly see here that Samsung´s best phone of 2014 NOTE4 is miles behind even the freakin compact version of Sony´s best for 2014. Hell, even Z2 beats it in most aspects. Not to mention S5. For what it provides, it should be cheaper than Xiaomi. S6 is currently, best in benchmarks, ofc till the Z4 comes out. But tech sites wont report it, cause Sony is barely present in the US. And AnTuTu will remove any Sony Z scores from it´s app, as is now the case. Z3 is nowhere to be found on the rankings, beats me why :)

          • Wjdzm

            The common thing I found from you Sony fanbois is that you all like to use z3 compact as your reference device; a 720P highly optimized / charged “compact” device that doesn’t fit in the same category of flagship. I would imagine if GN4 had been reduced to 720p & device size, it would give you the same kind of results you are masturbating about.

          • shoolawa

            Z3 has better scores than NOTE4 in 4/5 tests.

          • shoolawa

            you are the biggest fanboy on this site, hands down. I stick to commenting on Sony news. Yet i see you bash anything not samsung, and provide such arguments as ” Sony always lagged behind, Sony is just shit ( on some other articles), yet you never used one ( or used an old device). I give you indisputable benchmarks (being that you Sammy fans are known for being spec sheet fappers and always swinging them and benches ) which prove that devices of two brands released in the same fiscal year are either on par or Sony beats Samsung. S6 is the current hardware champ, it is released a few days ago Captain Obvious. It lacks on other fields though. But for almost double the price, it´s not even 10% better than Z3 from 2014. It is better, but is it worth calling superior?
            S6 is a good phone, personally i find it hideous, with that shiny coating on the front, like a gipsy met Snoop Dog and they blinged it up. It is personal preference. Samsung is not superior as a brand, and it never was, and thats what you claimed, and i disproved. They are on par (repeat), and will be again when Sony releases a competitor for 2015.
            Dont bother replying something childish and defensive like ” you didnt prove anything etc”. Cheers.

          • Wjdzm

            “you didnt prove anything etc”

            Also it’s funny you call me spec sheet fapper because that’s what I called you.
            Keep calm and suckin’ soon-to-be-dead Sony phones.

          • shoolawa

            Sony 2014 vs Samsung 2014
            Z2>S5 Z2>=NOTE4
            Veni Vidi Vici.
            keep calm , until the Z4 comes.

          • [S]unjay

            Why don’t you argue in a mature manner. Maybe you know that the S6 isn’t superior…i’m just speculating.

          • [S]unjay

            “720P highly optimized / charged “compact” device that doesn’t fit in the same category of flagship.”

            Resolution doesn’t matter. PPI does. 720p is good enough for a small screen.

          • Norris

            put the iphone 6 in the test also,and then speak.

          • shoolawa

            i thought the fight ( discussion) and the article was about Samsung and Sony.

          • shoolawa

            So you are claiming that iPhone is better than Samsung then?

          • Norris

            S6 has a Quad HD Display and iP6 has a 720.Obviously it will perform better in gaming.S6 has to push 4x the pixels than ip6 still its just behind by a bit.

          • [S]unjay

            Then don’t put a 2K screen in unless the graphical performance has improved.

            I wouldn’t use a 4K monitor with Intel HD Graphics.

          • shoolawa

            a breakdown:
            SCREEN: Sony top3 , Samsung no.1
            BATTERY : Sony no.1 , Samsung S6 – meh
            WATER: Sony no.1 , Samsung- non existent or less, lets give it a no.2 for an effort on S5
            SPEAKERS: Sony no.3 ( HTC, BB Z30 are better), Samsung – meh
            SD – Sony yes, Samsung- meh
            FAST STORAGE: Sony former no.1 now no.2 , Samsung no.1 (around 15% faster, noone would even notice if they didnt advertise)
            CAMERA: Sony no.3 ( no.2 in manual mode), Samsung no.1 ( till the Z4 comes)
            BUILD QUALITY: Sony no.1 – thinnest and lightest devices in every possible branch ( thinnest TV, Thinnest tablet, thinnest phone). ALmost always one of the lightest. Numerous awards for durability. S5= hahaha , S6= its ok, just dont knock on the camera, and im curious how the battery will cope with fast charging ( will last a year , TOPS)
            PERFORMANCE: a clear win over the S5 and note4 in every benchamrk and performance test known to man. Even the Z2 beats most of Samsung. S6 currently the best, cause its the latest.
            SOUND: Sony -HR audio, best in class noise C Samsung: meh
            UI: Sony – Near stock, snappiest, praised by everyone. Manageable themes since 2013. Up to 4 apps on the same screen ( browser, youtube, converter, timer etc etc), ability to use any stylus, or an object similar to a stylus. Samsung: full of bloat, multiwindow up to 2 apps, champ of ugliness and laginess for numerous years ( tech sites said this)
            FINGERPRINT SENSOR: Sony – / Samsung: S5 epic fail , S6: ok
            PRICE: Z3 – 450-550 ( depending on market), S5: on par depending on market, or slightly cheaper. S6: a leg and a kidney
            Z2 demolishes S5 , Z3 blows it all the way to Pluto . S6 – currently the best specs., but lacking in other areas.
            S6 price not justified , Z3 best buy – most complete phone of 2014.

          • Wjdzm

            Dude keep spitting : )
            I love fanbois go nuts with their company.
            I seriously read through all your biased, nonfactual, list and it’s so fun.

          • shoolawa

            what is biased in this breakdown?

          • Wjdzm

            Well first of all, where the hell are you getting these information from? your head?

          • shoolawa

            are there any mistakes in the breakdown?

          • Wjdzm

            Your logic just baffles me. You present something so I ask you where you got the information. And you comeback asking if there a mistake? I am asking if your information are genuine to begin with.

          • shoolawa

            sorry, i crashed a few tech sites , The Sony global site, and modified the benchmarks, battery tests and phone spec sheets. You are totally right.

          • [S]unjay

            So you basically ignore him when he shows you how the S5 and S6 are inferior?

        • DBS

          I would answer but Vlad already did it. I’ll just add 11 – True Compact version of the flagship with no sacrifices unlike all Samsung minis.

          • Taiga

            DESTROYED LOOOL read all the comments i’m a sammy fanboy but tbh the Sony people are making me wait for the Z4!! i dnt expect muh but hopefully it is worth the wait!!

    • [S]unjay

      But they’re not…

  • Casin

    The S6 looks so much better without the Samsung logo in front though.

    • My Galaxy Prime

      IDK, I kind of like seeing Samsung on the front. It looks naked to me without it. What I don’t like is the carrier logo on the back (I’m talking to you Verizon).

    • Jaimedd

      OMG Yesss…!!! and they should bring this Japanese version Globally, that’s gonna be AWESOME!!! :D

  • Roby

    I’m already sick of seeing iPhones when reading manga =3=

  • Kevin Tompkins

    Dude, you’re taking this way too seriously. Samsung agreed to have their name removed so they could cater to the Japanese market. They know this is the way to sell more units. And that’s it. This article is longer than most. It’s ridiculous.

  • DBS

    Of course they need to strip the Samsung brand off the phones, otherwise they’ll still be unable to beat Sony at their home market. Apple only did it because of the brand-power they have where owning an iPhone is “fashion”.

  • Brandon Miller

    Japan and Korea haven’t really gotten along very well since the Japanese occupation of Korea preceding World War II. This instance isn’t as much about pride as it is about disliking the other nation. Korea and Koreans have a negative connotation attached to it in Japan and vice versa. This is less about electronics and more about the animosity that these nations have had for a very long time.

  • speedknight
    • JTCommentor

      And nor did the feature phones before them. The way you could tell who manufactured them was the code used in the model number…
      But the author of this article clearly doesn’t want to let facts get in the way of his biased opinion!

      • I fail to understand how it’s worth comparing devices that never released outside Japan with those that have. Samsung clearly has its logo on products released everywhere else. If Apple can keep its logo on the product and not have any carrier branding whatsoever, why isn’t Samsung. Simple: Apple has major market share. Samsung, in Japan, doesn’t. Now why is that?

        Additionally it should be pointed out that Sony has its brand name placed prominently on the front of devices.

        • JTCommentor

          “Simple: Apple has major market share. Samsung, in Japan, doesn’t. Now why is that?”

          Whether you like them or not, Apple has a cult following globally. People buy Apple products en masse everywhere because, well, they are Apple products. Samsung just sells Android phones. Some of those pones are premium phones like the S6. But they are still just Android phones. Japanese handset makers also sell Android phones, and sell phones that through market research and such, are more desirable and customized for the local customers.

          If a Japanese consumer is choosing between two premium Android phones – one is a generic product made mostly for western markets and the other has small things that market research has shown Japanese people like – why would you expect them to chose the other?
          It is the same story in China! Samsung is not the big Android maker over there… Xiaomi dominates the Android market in China.

          • Samsung has dozens upon dozens of product lines though. To date, which phones have released in Japan? Basically, the Galaxy S, S2, S3, S4, J, S5, S5 Active, S6/Edge, and the Note 1, 2, 3 and Edge. Japan never got ANY Galaxy Note tablets, never got the Galaxy Tab 2 or 3 series, isn’t getting the Galaxy A series, Galaxy Alpha, Galaxy E, etc. There is really no choice. It’s either premium or nothing.

            As for phones made for international markets, consider that Samsung has to modify them for Japan and Korea. Also consider that Sony itself doesn’t even release most its own Xperia series in Japan. Beyond that, LG modified its G3 specifically for Japan (the ISAI) and yet it still didn’t sell.

            With respect to China, isn’t the issue pricing? Namely that Samsung has products that cost much more than Xiaomi and made with inferior materials? IIRC that was the entire reason the Galaxy A and E series was made, though they are still expensive.

        • Way to play the race card. I’m sure it will get you a lot of page views. Too bad it’s not true. But way to go for whoring for clicks!

          Anything put on the handsets is branding / free advertising, and the value of that branding and advertising changes on a per model, per carrier, per country basis depending on many factors. Sometimes, it gets even more complicated with third parties involved in the hardware branding (example: a Disney phone, on Sharp hardware, with docomo or Softbank as the carrier)

          Sometimes, as part of those agreements, carriers may get more of their pre-installed apps or other forms of advertising.

          Obviously, docomo and Samsung business negotiators are not going to let the world in on their fine points of the fine calculus of line-items involving pre-install apps, promotional ads, in store stands and posters, advertising on docomo’s websites, etc. The fine points of how often a maker’s name, versus a maker’s model, versus a maker’s features are all debated.

          The author’s sensationalist argument of the name “Samsung” being a secret or that it’s not Korean? That’s gotta be the worst kept secret in the whole world: shops all around Japan (including docomo shops) advertise the Samsung name (in the approved font and size and colors: also negotiated) and associate it with Galaxy.

          One more thing to nail this ridiculous race baiting conspiracy theory: One of Docomo’s current 2015 Spring models, displaying alongside the S6 right now, is the docomo GALAXY S5 ACTIVE SC-02G (Not to be confused with the older non-“active” S5). And yes, the Samsung name is on the hardware.

          Oops. I guess the author was too busy playing with the S6 to notice the other current Galaxy models still being sold in the shop.

          • First of all, I don’t quite understand how I can play the race card. Japanese people are Asian, and Korean people are Asian. It’s the same race, thus the issue is a preference on domestically produced electronics, and historical context.

            Secondly, this was pointed out in a separate comment, but I spoke with an individual who works in marketing at one of the big three carriers here in Japan. She openly told me that Japanese customers don’t want Samsung or LG products, and this was in part why the LG G Flex 2 was skipped here (the original was basically a flop) and why the G3 was changed to the Isai brand and aimed at women.

            Perhaps you would care to explain why Samsung doesn’t sell televisions here. Or better yet, why its market share is just so small in Japan? It’s certainly not because customers are price sensitive, nor is it because they are technologically inferior. Instead of attacking me for writing “click bait” at least provide the “truth” as to why Samsung (and LG) are received so poorly in Japan.

            To counter your next point the Galaxy Note Edge had the Samsung branding removed from the back panel. For au and docomo. The S5 Active was released internationally much earlier than the Note Edge even if Japan got it later. Also notice the Samsung logo was removed from the back of the Galaxy Tab 8.4 LTE.

            Finally, this post begins with a picture of an actual docomo store display for various Galaxy products. Where is the Samsung logo you so confidently mentioned? I even took a picture of two different brochures where the logo is nowhere to be seen, and the name Samsung appears only on the final two pages. Just because Japanese people know its Samsung doesn’t mean they want to be reminded of it, or see the company’s name on their product.

          • “I don’t quite understand how I can play the race card.”

            Oh pu-lease. The race card and race baiting is about getting attention or creating controversy by tossing accusations of racism. And racism isn’t just about people’s skin color; it also includes ethnicity. You knew exactly what you were doing when you choose that headline and wrote an article that is can be summarized as “Samsung is great, but Japan won’t admit it. I wonder why? Could it be, because they’re Korean?! I’ll give you a hint. Japan wants to keep it a secret, because ‘it’ (the fact that it’s Korean) is ‘awful’.”

            Based on the comments you’ve provoked, I say “Mission Accomplished!” You race baited like a true troll with the slimmest of anecdotal observations.

            “To counter your next point …”

            As I mentioned in my original comment, how and why a brand name appears on one device and not another is complex and we can never know the full mechanizations. Relationships between companies are long and have history.

            They often negotiate† like this: “we let you have your logo in the prominent spot for the last X phones, so for the next phone we want just our logo. You owe us. We’ll also want a pre-installed app and in exchange the next model you release with us. Oh? The next model is a flagship model with more advertising? In that case, we forgo our branding spot now for a larger logo plus an icon on the next model. Oh, and we can’t put your cardboard stand in our stores for the next month, because we already made a deal with to display the Android brand and droid logo without any competitors for the next X quarters, and the deal with Apple requires blah blah blah ….” You get the idea.

            It’s just like how Google negotiates for makers to get and use the Nexus brand; it’s a complicated, long term play involving past models, future models, and multiple partners with competing brands.

            It’s too complicated to deduce the reason from looking at the trend of models. Simply pointing out that models A, B, and C have it but X, Y, and Z don’t reveal anything as to why. Correlation does not imply causation.

            You talked to one carrier person? Big deal. Yet another anecdote. Do you know how many people work at those carriers? Even the president of marketing at each of the big three couldn’t tell you why the logo is on one particular phone and not another. What a phone looks like and how it is branded are decided by huge committees spanning lots of time.

            “… this post begins with a picture of an actual docomo store display for various Galaxy products. Where is the Samsung logo you so confidently mentioned?”

            It is on the other current 2014 Winter – 2015 Spring Galaxy models being shown in that store. <rimshot/>

            <sarcasm>Docomo’s strategy, you see, to keep the fact that the Samsung Galaxy S6 is Korean a Secret (your words) is to hope that when customers go into the stores to browse the S6, that they do not compare it to the other Galaxy handsets in that same store which do say “Samsung” on it. Otherwise, the secret’s out of the bag!>

            † And yes, I have sat in (as an observer and technical advisor) on a few of those hardware/software vs carrier negotiation meetings. They can spend a month or more haggling over whether a small tiny model number like DD-01W in a tiny font gets put on the front or back of the phone.

          • Dude, you can make whatever accusation you want. It is not a secret that Samsung is not a popular brand in Japan. It is not a secret that Samsung doesn’t sell televisions here, that Samsung doesn’t sell computers here, that Samsung doesn’t sell 90% of its Android products here, that Samsung doesn’t sell refrigerators here, etc. Please, by all means, explain why this is. I already posed the question to you, yet you conveniently ignored it. You also ignored the other comment, about poor sales of LG handsets. Why is this? Please explain.

            Also I am most interested to see so called claim of yours, that “shops all around Japan (including docomo shops) advertise the Samsung name (in the approved font and size and colors: also negotiated) in all sorts of ways.” By all means, provide some evidence of this. Where might I find the Samsung name advertised in docomo, au, and Softbank stores? Visual proof please.

            To leave you on a final note, here’s a picture of the catalog for the original docomo Galaxy Tab, complete with Samsung logo prominently displayed on the bottom left corner of the front cover, and the back with a picture of the device complete with Samsung branding next to the docomo logo.

          • Guest

            Since you are such the internet sleuth, mind explaining to me why this (, and this (, and the phone below all don’t have brand names on them? Clearly the pics below show a phone that was probably released around the same time as the Galaxy Tab. (If you need help, its the Fujitsu F12-C Globetrotter) Please explain to me why the brand logo wasn’t included in that phone while the Galaxy Tab (and other Galaxy phones during that period) all had brand logos somewhere on the body. Can you also confirm if the brand names of ALL other smartphone manufacturers are present in all the docomo brochures?

          • I’ve attached a brochure for the original docomo Galaxy Tab.

          • Japanese Bull Fighter

            If you use a 19th century notion of “race” than Japanese and Koreans are the same “race.” But, if you look at contemporary English language writing about Japan, negative Japanese attitudes toward Koreans are often described as “racist.” Presumably this means that Japanese and Koreans belong to different “races.” For example, do a search on “racist hate speech Japan” (no quotes) and you will find many articles about “racist hate speech directed at Koreans.” It’s hard to see how the alleged “hate speech” could be “racist” unless the Japanese and Koreans are distinct “races.”

          • Well I would argue that such a thing is really about nationalism than it is race.

          • anon

            No Samsung TV because they got in trouble with some patents with Sharp, basically they pulled out rather than deal with the patent case. They do sell LG TVs. No facts checking at all…. tut tut.

          • David

            Korea and Japan hate each other. Simple as that. The Japanese took Korean women, as well as women from several other countries, as sex slaves during ww2 and to this day, they claim those women were raped voluntarily. The two nations never made amends. So it is a racial issue. Stop acting like you understand two nations that you’re not a part of.

      • David

        Korea and Japan hate each other. Simple as that. The Japanese took Korean women as sex slaves during ww2 and to this day, they claim those women were raped voluntarily. The two nations never made amends.

    • Walao

      The author is dumb as f…

    • Andy Roid

      Your Sony example has the Sony logo on it

  • seattle tech

    That gold s6 edge without the logo looks so clean

  • Ruby H.

    Thank you Android Authority for letting folks know about this issue. Japan-Korea rivalry goes back centuries and there is still plenty of hostilities on both sides. Koreans suffered terribly under Japanese occupation (look up ‘comfort women’) and anything the Koreans can do better than the Japanese is seen as a source of national pride.

  • sonya_y

    I am German and I was in Japan many times. How can you say the Japanese would be xenophobic? They are not. Not more than the Germans or French anyway…. Its always been difficult between Japan and Korea. Also Korea isn’t any better. 20 years ago even Japanese comics were forbidden in Korea. Don’t see anything wrong with the Japanese buying stuff from domestic companies. Germans would still buy Siemens phones if they still offered them. Just accept the fact that not everybody loves Samsung.

    • MrKamilovski .

      that is the best respond to this article … i agree …

    • gyopolover

      Wow du bist ein scheiß Ignorant. Japan hat Korea jahrelang gewaltsam unterdrückt und die komplette Kultur und Sprache zum Japanischen ändern wollen. Da ist dieser Bann von Japanischen Medien während der Diktatur ein Scheiß dagegen. Japan hat keinen Grund Korea scheiße zu finden im Gegensatz zu China und Korea die zu Recht oft negativ von der japanischen Regierung denken. Das wird sie aber nicht davon abhalten eine Sony Ps3 oder Sushi zu kaufen im Gegensatz zu den Japanern die einfach artige Roboter sind die machen was ihre Regierung zu ihnen sagt. Das ist aber ein gesellschaftliches Problem was sich so leicht nicht ändern lässt aber hauptsache uns Ausländer fällt es positiv auf wenn alle so nett und freundlich sind dort. Jaja einmal die Linie am Bahnhof übertreten und schon wird man von der Gesellschaft verachtet. Naja es gibt ja leider noch genug Leute die Japan anhimmeln als wer es das perfekte Land.

      Aber das mit dem ausländerfeindlich stimmt. Amis sind einfach Pussies und heulen sofort rum wenn Asiaten sie anstarren weil sie weiß sind. Stell dir vor in irgendeinem Kaff in Deutschland kommt ein Japaner oder was auch immer. Da würde jeder schreien: “Oh Jackie Chan”

      • sonya_y

        Ignorant? Hör doch auf! Irgendwann hörts halt mal auf. Wie sehr hat denn die Welt unter Deutschland gelitten? Ich will die Taten Japans ja nicht verherrlichen aber ihrer Gesellschaft hat es wohl gut getan so isoliert zu bleiben. Die Kriminalität ist so gering wie sonst nirgends auf der Welt die Leute achten aufeinander. Und auch in Japan sind alle Bahnhöfe und Flughäfen sowohl auf Japanisch als auch auf Englisch, Mandarin und Koreanisch ausgeschildert. Man bemüht sich zur Zeit sehr um Touristen auch aus Asien. Erzähl du mir nichts von wegen Japan anhimmeln. Ich habe das Land komplett durchquert und bin an winzigen Käffern vorbei gekommen und selbst da waren die Leute sehr zuvorkommend. Ich glaube hier würde niemand einem einfach so Tee oder etwas zu Essen anbieten.

        • Taiga

          translate plz

        • jonas famas

          Als Deutscher, und weiblich, wirst du am wenigsten von Fremdfeindlichkeit mitbekommen. Da wirst du sogar mit mehr Respekt und Bewunderung behandelt gegenüber Japaner. Und ja, in Japan kann man am sichersten leben. Kannte Japaner die Deutschland besuchten, die schließen ihre Hotelzimmer nicht ab.

          Aber die haben andere Sorgen dort, wie Naturkatastrophen und Nordkorea, China. Die immer noch kriegerich, jederzeit bereit sind Japan anzugreifen. Ja wieso haben wir Deutschen nicht das Problem mit unseren Nachbaren?

          Weil wir nichts in Geschichtsbüchern verfälscht, verherrlicht haben wie die Japaner. Die Regierung macht außendiplomatisch nichts falsch, außer innenpolitisch sind sie extrem nationalistisch.
          Wir wissen was wir im Kreg getan haben und fühlen uns verantwortlich. Japaner dagegen wissen meist gar nicht, was sie deren Nachbar angetan haben. Außer daß sie japanische Kultur verbreitet haben, und die überlegenen Asiaten waren.

          Das hört sich ziemlich anti japanisch:p Aber ich mag japanische Innovation, nicht nur technisch aber auch kulturel. Und japanische Wertarbeit setze ich gleich wie die Deutsche. Und ehrlich gesagt sind Chinesen, Koreaner genau so oder mehr rassistisch gegenüber Japaner. Im Grunde ein Teufelskreis.

          Achja, Gastfreundlichkeit würde ich nicht gerade nur Japan als Eigen nennen. Südeuropär, Afrikaner, Araber, Südamerikaner und alle Asiaten sind sehr gastfreundlich. Nur Nordeuropär sind halt kälter.

  • J Rivera

    It looks better without that stupid logo on the front. They should sell it that way here in the U.S.

  • My Galaxy Prime

    Not even joking but I wonder if this would be available in North Korea. Ah well, it’s not like the residents have the money to buy the phone let alone the energy to charge it.

  • h4m

    Other phones in the past got the same treatment by ntt docomo, it’s not Samsung only. But maybe it was even stricter this time.

  • MrKamilovski .

    the relation between japan and korea is very complicated . …but from what i red in this article i think the writer is taking side of samsung …do you know that still in 2015 there is sencorship of japanese media and goods in korea … i mean if im a japanese i will definitely protest having korean stuff in my country …if the japanese like their own goods why the iphone take 51 % of the japanese smartphone share ? yes the japanese still dont trust korean stuff they think they are bad quality and for japanese the quality is the first thing to look for and thats why they loose to samsung that think of quantity …samsung should be grathful to at least they sell it phones in japan ..idk why people think of samsung as the best in the world …samsung now is like the 2000==>2005 sony it will crush …next it will be xiaomi and on on ..i will be loyal to japanese goods always because they are good quality ( sony, sanyo, canon, casio, toshiba and so on ) and not like i have something against korea ” au contraire” i like korean drama , and food <3

    • antman1

      well yeah. Japanese porn is censored. But they get around anyways =D

      • bakakun028

        at least they have porn. Porn is illegal in Korea

    • Xman2014

      ” i mean if im a japanese i will definitely protest having korean stuff in my country”

      Do you even realize how much shit load of Japanese consumer products that sell in S.Korea, before you saying something stupid like this? Everything from Uniqlo clothes, Seven-Eleven, Hello Kitty, Daiso, Toyota, Honda, Lexus, Kirin beer, on and on. On the other hand, S.Korea sells what in Japan? Hardly anything, probably nothing. And what little there is left, you want to protest against it? Go right ahead. Japan’s huge trade surpluses with S.Korea prevented Japan from falling into account surplus deficits in 2013 and 2014 when your country had huge trade deficits. It’s Japan that will lose far more, if they want a trade war.

      “if the japanese like their own goods why the iphone take 51 % of the japanese smartphone share”

      As everyone said, Japanese don’t mind white Americans. I bet my life to wager that if the iPhone was a Korean brand, it would never have that kind of share in Japan.

      “yes the japanese still dont trust korean stuff they think they are bad quality and for japanese the quality”

      Yes, and you just proved the author’s point. That’s the kind of comment and attitude that’s pretty common in Japan, despite the contrary evidences. Except Japanese people don’t know that because they don’t really know what’s going on outside of Japan.

      • MrKamilovski .

        okey .. first of all .. im not japanese … i dont hate korea …
        japanese stuff are very known to be good quality ..japan and korean economy are liberal …and why the balance is for the japanese goods it’s simply because they are good quality …japan and korea both will lose if they do trade war and if you are thinking that korean economy is about samsung lg and hyundai then you are wrong …
        who made samsung galaxy s6 camera ? who is the supplier of samsung galaxy S6 edge curved glass s? who is the supplier of the what lg best flagship (G3) camera with laser focus ? they are japanese companies….
        why apple grabs 33% smartphone marketshare in southkorea in samsung’s home ? why the japanese dont mind white canadians blackberry phones or white americans microsoft NOKIA ?
        yes i do think that japanese think of korea like i think of china in terms of quality … but …i red a lot about how koreans hates japan …. and i simply want to say that if someone hates me than i will hates him too ….
        but i dont hate both of them… they are both same… but in terms of technology trust … i 100% trust japanese goods…

        • Xman2014

          Very unconvincing in everything you’ve just said. Very unconvincing. You are not very honest, and it shows in your writing, including the claim you’re not Japanese, you definitely are. But the beat goes on, it’s only up to Japan’s detriment to think you are the most superior. Keep on thinking like that, like a frog in the well.

          • MrKamilovski .

            lol .. .idk about superiority or evan inferiority complex .. i just give my opinion …im from MOROCCO not japaaaan … lol i just love japanese goods …and it’s my right…maybe i love japan most of korea …but it doesnt mean ihate korea …

  • theemptyhead

    Japan is always strict when it comes to foreign countries and foreigners except americans. Be it technology or just foreign people. I have been living in japan for 8 years now. japanese are crazy over america and americans except for some aged japanese citizens who faced the war with america. And for the rest of the world japan has no respect. specially with the asain countries. Japanese are always polite on the outside with every foreigner but deep inside they are opposite. Japanese companies are falling because of this. They don’t want to take their technology globally. The quality of their product are so high yet they don’t have bilingual. And when i ask the retailers why there’s no english in such a great products then their reply was these products are only meant for japanese.
    for some reason samsung smart tvs are not sold anywhere in japan. Only foreign brand on smart tv is lg, but they don’t have bilingual. If we want english on our tv then we have buy tvs from sharp. These restrictions are just ridiculous.

    • Guest

      Wow in 8 years you have managed to see “deep inside” every Japanese person? Thats amazing!

      Or, are you making negative generalizations for a nation of 120million people based on the few thousand you have come across. There is a word for that, I just cant think of it now.

      • theemptyhead

        I’ve been doing restaurant business in japan for 5 years now. Which is why I have to communicate with my customers and 90% of my costumers are japanese. I get to communicate with all kinds of japanese like teenagers, housewife, grannies, salary man, bosses, old man etc. They speaks their heart out specially when they’re drunk.
        I’m just saying what i came to know about japan and japanese. It’s the truth from what i had experienced others experience might be different.
        The important thing is japanese people don’t express their hate directly in your face. They’re all about manners. Which makes the positive impact to the world about how good japanese people are.

    • Xman2014

      LG TV does not sell in Japan anymore. They pulled out of Japan couple of years ago. I believe Samsung is the only South Korean company, barely hanging on in Japan. There were also rumors few weeks back that Samsung too, would pull out of Japan, due to lack of sales.

      • theemptyhead

        I don’t know where you got that info but that’s just opposite. I wanted to buy samsung smart tv 2 months ago. But i couldn’t find it anywhere. So i bought lg smart tv from yodobashi camera. It doesn’t support english though. You can find lg smart tvs on too but not samsung smart tvs.

  • Nicholas

    So much misinformation here …

  • JY

    I love the clean look on the front

  • JTCommentor

    “Wrap up
    Japan is, for better or worse, a rather xenophobic country.”

    In your humble opinion?

    For an article implying that an entire country is racist based on undeniable evidence like the lack of a logo on a smartphone, the irony in this racist “wrap up” is amazing.

  • A few comments about this piece:

    1. Someone mentioned that Several Japanese phones don’t have OEM branding. This is true of Sharp for example, though Sony still keeps its branding on the front of the device. Still, for devices only released in Japan there is absolutely nothing to compare with. In the case of Samsung, we have every other country to compare with. If Sony can keep the branding there is no reason Samsung can’t.

    2. I have lived in Japan for about a decade. I think it’s safe to say that I am definitely NOT racist given that I am here by choice, I date Japanese people, I have lots of Japanese friends, etc. With that said, I can not begin to count how many time I’ve heard people make disparaging remarks about Korea or China.

    I had a discussion with an employee at a mobile carrier some weeks ago and she openly admitted that Japanese customers don’t want Samsung or LG products, hence the desire to eliminate the branding and focus on the brand. The decision not to release the LG G Flex 2 here was cited as an example of this, as was the rebranding the LG G3 as the Isai and changing the design and functionality.

    3. People are welcome to disagree, but it’s a fact that Korea had Category 6 LTE before Japan, as it did VoLTE, something Japan got last fall. Even America had LTE capable a phones before Japan with the HTC Evo 4G.

    4. The xenophobic issue is obviously a generalization and should be taken that way. Yet notice how I pointed out Japan’s love of foreign food, and included hat graph that obviously shows its love of Apple. But again, look at sales of the Xbox. Look at the fact that Windows Phone 8 is non existent here (though one product has been announced finally)

    • Guest

      Since when is being racist dictated by where you live or who you “date”?

      Making broad negative statements (example “Japan is…a rather xenophobic country”) against an entire country’s people based on nothing more than your own prejudices or narrow experiences is OK because you live in that country? Because you “date” their people?

      The opinion of one phone salesman is the proof behind your article? Watching you dismiss all the evidence put to you about other non-Korean phones having the same treatment makes it look like you are coming from an emotional and prejudiced position. Why not listen to what people are saying and think about it. Maybe the people posting have a good point, maybe the one phone salesman you spoke to was was just stating his opinion. Why does his opinion trump the many others here? Maybe you got it wrong…

      • The opinion you mention was not from a sales person, but a marketing official. I’d wager she knows what she’s talking about since her job is literally to find ways to make people buy her carrier’s products. You’re welcome to dismiss it nonetheless. Also this article was, in its base form, written long before the comments from said individual. As I am not allowed to disclose the name of the source for confidentiality reasons, it was not appropriate for use in the post itself.

        Also consider the implications of the term racist. Have I actually tried to impose a belief that I, a white American, am somehow better than Japanese people? No. Japanese people are Asians, and the very crux of the article is about Samsung which IS an Asian company. You’re welcome to call the comment “ignorant” or “one sided” but racist is a bit much. On the other hand, I have met several foreigners who are racist, who belittle Japanese people every chance they can get, and who despise living here.

        With respect to non-Korean phones, I already addressed this issue: there is no comparison when these devices release only in Japan. Additionally I mentioned that Sony has its logo plastered on the front of its devices. Aside from that, how does my point about removing the word Samsung from even the product brochures change things? Ask yourself why Samsung has such low market share in Japan and come up with an explanation.

        Have you spent considerable amounts of time living and working in Japan? As a foreigner, have you tried to rent an apartment before? Are you familiar with the issues Japanese companies have when doing business abroad? Have you looked into the Eikaiwa industry?

        • shoolawa

          I agree the Japanese are strict , and proud of their products. And just slightly nationalist ( personally i dont see anything wrong with that).
          Sony being all smug about their absolute rule over the tech world for over 2-3 decades cost them too much. There´s no denying that. They were the only cause of their own downfall during 2005-2012. After that period, the press took over.
          I find the ” Best Japanese phone is Korean” an awfully bias statement, which again contributes to the hype of Samsung products, One of the biggest factors of success of the Galaxy line is you Matthew. Reviewers on tech blogs. It seems that American tech sites don´t realize how much impact they have on the market. Where do you think, a regular retailer gets their info on phones? 99% of daily news and newspaper sites around the world just copy/paste your articles ( and those sites are read by millions of locals). Then they see stuff like , bashing Xperia e4 for coming with KitKat, yet praising 99% of new chinese brands for doing the same. Or bashing Sony for giving lollipop to around 20 devices ( sooner or later ).
          I have been a witness of retailers literally dragging people away from the Sony stand in my local shop. When i ask them why it´s “they have awful support, do you read the news, their camera is awful etc, they are dead”
          Whenever i watch a phone review of a Sony device, there´s always some crucial software or hardware feature neglected. If it is mentioned, it´s passed by quickly, and categorized as ” It´s there, meh, let´s move on”
          When the main reviewer of Pocketnow mentioned how good the sound was through 3.5mm jack on the Z3 i couldnt believe it ( noone else did)
          Damn, whenever i watch a phone comparison of ,let´s say, phoneArena i´ve noticed how the reviewers always say the same thing (literally) about Samsung UI ” multiwindow feature for true multitasking” :D It´s as if they are payed to say it. Manual mode on Sony camera, barely even scratched. Low light performance – Go put the cam in manual, push ISO to 3200, turn off the flash then tell me what you think. Or just select the “night scene”.

          Sony has a lot of work to do, mainly with concerning their lack of intuition for the market, but their products lately are there, in the top and you know it.

          They even upped their pricing game lately, the E4 and the upcoming M4 aqua are merely 10-30 euro higher priced than the Chinese. How about some positive thoughts on that on a site like this for a change? a Dedicated article?

          Yes i am a Sony fan, but that doesnt change the fact, that the brand is severely bashed on in the media mostly withput any foundation. And you know it, and you did it a few times yourself.

          • Very thoughtful reply! It should be clarified that this post was meant to be marked as an Opinion piece, however somewhere along the lines, it wasn’t classified as such. The statement indeed has an element of bias, and thus anyone and everyone is openly free to disagree.

            And yes, you’re right about the bias issue and the sway it has on the general public. I think this is why Android Authority, and several other sites, usually try to present the actual reviews as unbiased as possible, primarily focusing on the good and bad aspects of the phone.

            When reporting news, I often try to focus on small things, because (I feel) they are important. For example, with respect to the LG G4 leaked renders some weeks ago, I mentioned the leaked pics had the company’s old logo which I thought was somewhat obvious. Upon checking other sites later, I noticed that they had totally missed the issue.

            With respect to Sony, the biggest problem I think it’s facing now with smartphones is the design issue. The Xperia Z4 looks to have the same overall design, and there are a LOT of angry comments on the post we did for that last week. I personally like the E4 specifically because of its rounded corners and have compared it a certain mid-tier big screen Nokia phone. It is fantastically affordable, but the question is: will it release in the USA? I doubt it will ever hit Japan, just as the T series was apparently skipped as well.

          • shoolawa

            I think the design of the Z series was badly timed, if you know what i mean. If let´s say, Sony stuck with the arc S design till 2015, iterated it a
            bit, and then released a device with the omnibalance looks, they
            would´ve been praised as much as Samsung this year.
            Let´s face it, it changed the game back in the day, along with the iPhone design. It is gorgeous, and it was a few years ahead of mostly any other OEM, but people got bored i guess.

            Just look at 95% of Chinese branded phones, it´s obvious who is their “idol”. I know the current form factor of any smartphone does not leave much room
            for improvisation , but the Chinese are becoming rather shameless
            lately. Hell, Huawei and Lenovo took it as far as replicating the
            available colors and even the looks of advert banners last year.
            Im all up for a market rich with choices, but ripping someone off, and making money off of their work is not cool.

            Personally, the Z devices are the most premium looking and feeling devices i ever held in my hand, but i see your point. They need an overhaul, not because it is ugly, but for building hype.
            I guess the Z4 is gonna be the last one with this looks, or it should be. No matter how much i like it it needs to change. Gotta look at the bigger picture, which is – Xperia gaining more market, and for that – evolution is the key.

            This latest restructuring and refocus of the whole Sony corp. makes me think that they are not as deaf and blind as they were for the last 10 years.
            And I still think they have the most fanatic fans , and the ones who left them for another brand still have the old “well, it´s a Sony, it´s good” buried somewhere deep inside :)

          • seattle tech

            Looks like your article subject is making its round across the web now

          • Yeah I noticed that. Someone must have caught wind of it because the removal of the logo started last fall with the Galaxy Note Edge. I actually had originally planned to post a story about that back in February when the rumor that Samsung was pulling out of Japan was circulating.

    • Das boot

      I lost total respect for you when you mentioned ” just Google “Yasukuni Shrine controversy” if you want some perspective on how things are”

      So this article has gone from Samsung to labeling the whole of Japan as racist ???

      Dude, this site has gone to hell

      Everyone, lets go to androidcentral

  • Nothing_Better_Than_CHOICE

    This should mean, “No branding, No Samsung Warranty’.

  • terrifyingpenguin

    Considering how many times Japan has invaded Korea and the heinous things done during those invasions, I’m not the least bit surprised to see that Japan is ashamed to be losing the mobile war. This doesn’t seem atypical.

  • Phil Knall

    To be fair, it has always been pretty hard to tell which manufacturer made your phone in Japan. They used to always be carrier-exclusive, and coded as something like “docomo 02-SH,” where the only indicator that Sharp had made the handset would be the “SH”.
    That did change a bit when smartphones arrived on the scene, but it’s still pretty common, not only for Korean made phones. (Though a certain dislike for Korean brands can’t be denied, and it got pretty obvious around the time the S4 came out, which was also a time of increased hostility politically)

  • Jiyeon90

    Seems like this was written by a 12 year old korean Sammy fanboy

  • From the title to reading the first few paragraphs of this article, I could not understand a thing on what really this article is about! So, close tab, and move on!

  • Jesus

    Sign. Japanese discrimination of Koreans isn’t anything new…
    …and to those who are saying that Japan isn’t a racist country, it’s because… well let’s be honest – you are not Asian. There’s much Asian discrimination within Japan.

    • That’s something I’ve heard many times unfortunately. That basically Caucasians are given a “free ticket” so to speak. Many of my non-Japanese, Asian friends (Indians included) as well as African American friends have far different experiences here.

      • Xman2014

        Not surprising when Japanese government has allowed unchecked hate speeches by right wing protestors who march in Tokyo every single week, shouting “kill Korean c*ck roaches”. The protests have been going on for 3 years, but the government won’t do anything because it’s “free speech’. Yeah, some free speech inciting death and destruction on an ethnic group that were brought over to Japan over 60 years ago, as colonial subjects serving Japanese masters.

      • Jesus

        Yep so true.
        …actually, the way they treat Caucasians… it’s a common story in most of Asia unfortunately. It’s BS, and I want to slap them who give them better treatment, like why, don’t be a dirtbag.

  • Das boot

    Oh god – you are the same guy who wrote this terrible piece ”
    My nightmare customer service experience”

    Please – oh please Android Authority – I Live in Japan and have been for a very long time, if you get rid of this guy – I will write for you for free !

    So Japan hates Samsung because its Korean – MATE I hate to tell you this but hey, you live in tokyo right ??? Dude, theres a Korean BOOM going on here !!

    Look this is a
    GALAXY Tab S 8.4 that I saw recently in Bic Camera (which is a huge electronics store like best buy). I was surprised because it was the first time that I had seen Samsung tabs in a major electronics store (i mean store not just in the phone company part).

    Ummm how many times can I see Samsung – quickly counting 4 times ? plus OH my god – its says Samsung on the tab itself……geez

    Also Mate, docomo loves to control the handsets on their network – that is why Apple did not start out with Docomo, they wanted Apple to remove their logo. They decide the branding and what apps go on the device – although the have relaxed a bit cause softbank was killing them with the iphone.

    • This piece has over 30,000 views, and considering the number of comments opposed to it are rather small to say the least, I’d say you’re in the minority. Don’t like what I have to say? Don’t read my posts!

      As for the link you provided, that is a WiFi only device sold by Samsung. It is not sold by docomo and not sold by au and not sold by Softbank.

      On the other hand, here’s a picture of the Softbank Galaxy Tab 4:

      Samsung branding completely removed.

      I will pose the same questions to you I did another negative commentator:

      It is not a secret that Samsung doesn’t sell televisions here, that Samsung doesn’t sell computers here, that Samsung doesn’t sell 90% of its Android products here, that Samsung doesn’t sell refrigerators here, etc. Please, by all means, explain why this is.

      • Das boot

        Ummm Matthew – Walao (from a day ago) got it right when he said “The author is dumb as f…”

        let me guide you to a website in Japan

        He sums it up pretty well “Either that or this is an April fools joke nine days too late.”

        Here it is:
        No, lack of maker-branding is not a sign of xenophobia

        Posted by SBS

        Android Authority has a posted a shockingly bad piece of click bait by an author who appears to know absolutely nothing about the Japanese mobile marketplace. Either that or this is an April fools joke nine days too late.

        His logic seems to be as follows:

        NTT docomo and KDDI versions of the Galaxy S6 lack Samsung branding.

        Samsung is a South Korean Company.

        Therefore Japan is, what?

        Commenters diligently pointed out that, since the very beginning, Japanese mobile phones have typically lacked any brandingwhatsoever. It was also brought to the author’s attention that NTT docomo model numbers distinguish between makers (e.g., F = Fujitsu, SO = Sony, SC = Samsung, SH = Sharp).

        To this, I’ll add that maker-branding on phones subsidized by and available from Japanese carriers is a relatively recent phenomena.

        Because these facts – facts which the author deftly brushed aside with a brilliant non sequitur about domestic versus international models – are plainly obvious to anyone who has lived in Japan long enough to remember the golden age of galapagos feature phones, the commenters perhaps assumed the author was simply unaware.

        It is particularly stunning how a set of observations can be interpreted in a way that leads to such flawed conclusions.

        • I’m not quite understanding the logic of misunderstanding here.

          1. Phones released only in Japan have not had branding. There is nothing to compare them with. Samsung phones release in dozens upon dozens of countries around the world, and all have branding on carriers. Furthermore, docomo itself kept the Samsung branding on the Galaxy phones but suddenly doesn’t want to use it with the Note Edge and S6/S6 Edge. By all means, please read through the other comments.

          2. You have TOTALLY missed the point of the article being about how Korean products don’t sell in Japan. Didn’t you even realize why the graph was included at the end?

          • Das boot

            Just write better stuff to read – Samsung pulling out of Japan for one would have been great !!

          • Das boot

            “You have TOTALLY missed the point of the article being about how Korean products don’t sell in Japan” – So ??? Korean products dont sell well in Japan equals racist, right (which you hinted at very strongly in the comments section)……American cars dont sell that well here because they are crap and too big for the streets. Lamb doesnt sell well because people say its smelly….I could go on and on and on – Oh Thai rice doesnt sell that well here (I love it)

  • Das boot

    Let me say this again – I WILL WRITE YOUR ARTICLES about Japan for free ! just get rid of this guy….im sick of reading utter sh$t

    • Again man, 30,000+ hits on this piece and you are the only one making such an offer.

      • Taiga

        I am Japanese and I really have no idea which side to take ahaha but I have to say most things of what Matthew writes is true although I may not agree with somethings it is opinionated and I think overall this is a good article.

  • Japanese Bull Fighter

    “Behind the scenes, there is the underlying pretense that Japan, as a
    collective, is unwilling to accept the fact that Korea has surpassed it
    in terms of mobile technology.” Utter bollocks. I have been teaching a course in Japanese to Japanese college students on cell (smart) phones and Japanese society. I have had no trouble finding Japanese language television reports, newspaper articles, and magazine articles all making the point that Japanese manufacturers are behind the curve vis a vis not just Korean vendors but also Apple. In the very early days of the iPhone there was some effort to claim that Japan still had the edge but that is long gone. And, it’s not just smartphones. That Japanese companies have lost it in flat panel television receivers is also widely recognized.

    • To this I pose the following question: of the conservative big wigs at any number of Japanese companies, how many of them know it? How many of them accept it? Would Japan really be in this situation to begin with if the powers that be at companies like Sony, Sharp, Panasonic and others had been more keen on the matter?

      Panasonic, for example, openly admitted to underestimating the whole smartphone boom and ended up bowing out as a result. NEC not only terminated its smartphones but also sold its PC division to Lenovo if not mistaken. Sony sold off VAIO.

      Of course the media is going to report on this, but those are the kinds of articles people don’t necessarily want to read because it’s negative.

      Make no mistake, I am hardly pleased with the situation. I miss the 00’s.

      • Japanese Bull Fighter

        Is there some law or principle that says Japanese companies should be big in the smart phone market? That they fumbled the ball seems perfectly normal. My first UK cell phone was from Motorola. Where is Motorola in the smart phone market today? My second UK cell phone was from Siemens. Where is Siemens today in the smart phone market today? What happened to Nokia? Samsung is big today. In a couple of years it might be where Motorola is. How many US or European companies had management sufficiently imaginative to see the potential for smart phones?

        “Of course the media is going to report on this, but those are the kinds of articles people don’t necessarily want to read because it’s negative.” That’s like saying people don’t like to read crime news because it’s negative or they don’t like to read news about Fukushima because it’s negative. Bollocks.

        • There is no law or principal, but it’s a larger issue no? Japan in terms of computers, televisions, appliances, tablets, smartphones.

          Samsung was arguably on the verge of a crisis that was only averted because it finally woke up and decided to make the Galaxy S6 a premium product to go with the price tag.

          As for the negativity, you are welcome to your opinion, but honestly speaking I’ve noticed many people have long since stopped trying to follow news on Fukushima and even Senkaku and whatnot. I am sure there are just as many who are concerned, but worrying when nothing can be done really solves nothing.

          • Japanese Bull Fighter

            To some extent, I agree with you. There has been a proliferation of self-congratulatory programs on Japanese television often with a panel of clueless gaijin going ape over some rather mundane aspect of contemporary Japan. Telling yourself how wonderful you are does not convince others and it does not restore competitiveness.

            Japanese electrical and electronic companies need to get out of commodity items and move to industrial goods and services. If they want to see their name on retail shelves they need to do what Apple has done: outsource the manufacturing.

            Some Japanese companies such as Hitachi and Toshiba have seen the light. Panasonic claims it has seen the light but keeps waffling: one day industrial, the next day consumer goods where it has no hope of becoming a world-class player. SONY may have started to move but it is hard to tell at this juncture and it may be too late. SHARP looks like it is down for the count.

          • Actually that reminds me of a recent conversation I had. Someone was preparing to move overseas to Malaysia for work, and he mentioned having to make several trips to Yodobashi Camera to get “Japanese electronics”. The things he was getting: a rice cooker, an electric razor and other household products made by Panasonic and Sharp and whatnot.

            I asked him if he realized that he could buy the same products in Malaysia and save himself a lot of trouble, but he replied “But these are Japanese. They are better quality.” I looked at him somewhat puzzled, wondering if he realized that they were probably made in Malaysia or China to begin with.

            Mind you the products he was buying could have been made in Japan, but I think the point at large still stands. I’m often bemused when I hear people mention how “China can’t make products as well as Japan can” and other statements that, arguably, are no longer true. This is not to begrudge people of their beliefs, nor is it to argue they are wrong for having them.

            Much in the same way “Made in Japan” used to be seen as a sign of “poor” quality half-a-century-ago in the USA, I think “Made in China” no longer has the same stigma it once did in the 80s or 90s.

          • Japanese Bull Fighter

            I would not rule out the possibility that products sold in Japan under a Japanese brand name might be of higher quality than the same item sold in Malaysia even if both were assembled in a Malaysian, Chinese, or whatever factory.

            I don’t think the issue is “Made in China.” The issue who exercises the quality control and who sets the specifications. From what I have read, Chinese companies still produce a large volume of poor quality products for the domestic market and external markets where they think they can get away with shoddy merchandise.

          • shoolawa

            True. Japanese brands (especially Sony) still have a relatively big consumer base in Europe. I figure Scandinavia, Germany,Austria and Japan are their main concern. Hence, the quality control when exporting to their markets is probably more strict.
            I have been consuming Sony, since forever, i have never ever had one minor defect or needed to pull the warranty. In fact, the devices i have not sold, and i still own are still alive and working properly. One VAIO 8 year old laptop, still working after falling off a window, 1 story high( was stealing neighbors WiFi :D ) down to a tarmac surface.
            Whenever i felt adventurous, and tried another brand (especially Chinese) , i had an issue ( maybe its coincidence) sooner or later.

          • Japanese Bull Fighter

            I have had bad luck with all SONY products I have purchased except a CRT television. My most recent purchase, a MP3 player to use while swimming went bad within a couple of months. They replaced it but I still had the hassle of making two trips to their Akihabara service station. Before that I bought a satellite navigation system for cycling. A couple of months later they announced that they were giving up on the business and that there would be no updates to the maps. I had a VAIO desktop. Beautiful build quality but an odd ball architecture and many proprietary parts coupled to absolutely crap software for the proprietary audio and video cards.

            I also had a personal run in with Morita Akio that was unpleasant. He gave a talk in SF back in the “Japan as No. 1” days. In it, he gave some numbers for engineers in the US and Japan, claiming that Japan was doing better than the US because it had more engineers (in relative terms). In the Q&A session I asked him if the definition of engineer in US and Japanese data was the same. He gave a “who are you white boy to ask ME such a dumb question” answer. “Of course, they are the same,” he snorted.

            Later, I was able to track down the definition of engineer used by the Japanese census. It included high school graduates and was counting technicians of all types as “engineers” whereas US sources used a very restrictive definition. That naturally gave Japan an apparent abundance of engineers relative to the US. As it turned out, Morita was full of miso. I still remember the put down when I see SONY.

          • Very interesting story. That kind of pride however, would seemingly explain why Sony has had such trouble moving forward with a new era of business strategy…

            Also it’s interesting you mention the definition element. I frequently meet “Patent Attorneys” and find the definition fascinating. Apparently, in Japan there is an exam for certification, but it is not the Bar Exam (for lawyers). As I have always understood it, in the USA, to be called an Attorney means that you specifically pass the Bar Exam, and that Attorneys in turn, are able to litigate for their clients. As I understand it in Japan, Patent Attorneys are not able to litigate, but can be called to court for expert testimony.

            This apparently goes back to the definition issue you mentioned, and how it’s really not the same. In one specific instance, this acquaintance was going to Washington DC for a legal conference, and I told him of the difference in the USA and that which people will assume if he says he is an “attorney”. I advised the word “Patent Lawyer” or “Patent Specialist” but he adamantly refused and said “I am a Patent Attorney.”

            Mind you I was only seeking to spare him potential embarrassment or confusion, but he was quite upset and I just dropped the issue entirely.

          • Japanese Bull Fighter

            The US is peculiar in having one category of “lawyers.” Britain has solicitors, barristers, and QCs (Queen’s Council). What they can do and what they charge is radically different. Further, the definition is somewhat different depending on whether you are in England or Scotland. Britain also has a category of patent attorneys that is separate from general practice solicitors. Although there has been some breaking down of the distinctions, barristers and QCs did not deal with the general public. They acted for solicitors who did not have the right to appear in higher level courts. My guess (no real knowledge) is that the Japanese pattern is basically European with some British influence.

          • I envy you actually. As with Japanese Bull Fighter, I have also had very bad luck. The final 2 VAIO Z series releases, for examples, each had problems with the coating on the outside lid and had to be sent back to the factory for exchange. Likewise countless prior VAIO purchases had problems with the door to the Memory Card slot, uneven battery placement, etc. Still far better than the problems I’ve had with Samsung QC though, that’s for sure.

          • That’s certainly possible. Samsung also has, from my experience, horrible QC. I can’t even remember the last device I got that didn’t have some kind of scratch on the frame or ding of some sort or improperly aligned earpiece. In rare cases I’ve had frame problems or even once a small chip on the front glass by the earpiece.

            I’ve also heard that US food companies will use ingredients and additives and such for export markets that aren’t used domestically because they aren’t allowed to for products sold inside. That one really worried me actually.

          • Das boot

            The difference between Japanese made and made in China is if you knew is that Japan has the systems in place to engineer good quality products. Thats why you see and hear about many Japanese people moving overseas to run factories and that.

  • asebfbsb

    Shameful Japan no wonder their tech companies are suffering. Instead of blaming the Korean companies like samsung and LG for their demise they should have learned from their mistakes a decade ago

    • I don’t think they blame them per se. IMHO it’s more that they were too focused on domestic sales and that’s ultimately where the problem started.

  • Japanese Bull Fighter

    Just did a search in Japanese on Samsung サムスン on the Yodobashi Camera web site. Guess what came up? Thirteen different NTT smart phones sourced from Samsung. Looks to me that Japanese are “awful” at keeping secrets. And, while it is true that Samsung television receivers are not readily available in Japan, all sorts of other projects are and you will see the Samsung name frequently in Akihabara.

    • By all means, I’d be interested to know where I might find Samsung computers, washing machines, and 90% of the other phones not sold in Japan. As for Akihabara, you do realize that’s a giant tourist area right? That is THE place to find stuff from other countries, video games and food included.

      Also you realize the whole “secret” thing was tongue-in-cheek right?

      • Japanese Bull Fighter

        Tell me about Akihabara. I first went there in 1971. I live within cycling distance. If it’s not raining tomorrow, I will probably cycle down with my older son. That I cannot source easily in Japan every piece of crap that Samsung makes does not bother me in the least. There is no shortage of generic no name stuff around that is at least as bad.

        I didn’t think the “secret” thing was “tongue-in-cheek.” I thought it was click bait.

        • Well as you are also a resident of Japan, let it be known that I have on any number of instances, tried my best to get more stories about Japan and Japanese products posted on AA. The reality however, is that sadly very few of our readers are interested.

          This is something that saddens me (especially since I am from a gaming background and therefore more people are interested in the country) but unfortunately given the current situation with technology and markets, such is what is.

          I did not title this piece to be click-bait, but rather worded it as such because there is a limited amount of space to work with in terms of what will be displayed on search results and thus had to make a concise version. I am sorry you feel it was click-bait and thus will try not to do so in the future, as Android Authority in and of itself, does not seek to post things of that nature.

      • Xman2014

        This is what South Koreans have to say, and they pretty much echoes what your article says:

        “Samsung has removed its corporate logo from its Galaxy S6 smartphones sold in Japan amid deep distrust of Korea and Korean technology in the island country. ”

        “The move is unprecedented for Samsung, but a company spokesman said, “The measure took into consideration the specialized nature of the Japanese market.” ”

        “Japan is the only market in the world in which the Korean electronics giant is struggling.”

        “Jeong Ok-hyun, a professor at Sogang University and former head of LG’s mobile phone R&D center, said, “Japanese consumers think that Japanese brands have the best technology, and mobile service providers also favor Japanese manufacturers, so it is tough for foreign companies to break into that market unless they’re selling a product that has special appeal to consumers, such as the iPhone.””

        “But anti-Korean sentiment stoked by a new far-right government meant the Galaxy S5 fared poorly,”

        “An industry insider said, “Japanese are very loyal to their national brands and have become wary after seeing their once-mighty brands get beaten by foreign rivals on the global stage.””

        • Yes, I noticed several places have picked up the story. I don’t want to toot my own horn, but it’s likely that my story is what brought this to light. Samsung had originally removed the logo from your the Galaxy Note Edge last fall and no one said anything.

          This post was actually a retooled version of something I had wanted to post back in February when there was a rumor that Samsung was pulling out of Japan. The removal itself isn’t new, thus I’m not sure why no one noticed before.

  • Desertboot

    I live in Japan and I have to say that Akihabara is no longer the mecca of incredible technology as it used to be back in the 90s when they had some very interesting phones and PDA-like devices. Singapore’s Sim Lim square, Shenzhen’s techno park and Korea’s yongsan are better.

    As for getting Korean/Chinese products here, it is easier to find Samsung and LG products but harder to find HTC or Xiaomi stuff (chinese brands) although there are some TV brands being sold in some NOJIMA stores. I think it’s because the Chinese brands undercut the Japanese and Korean stuff a lot more so they’re trying to protect their own brands as much as they can which is the problem, they’re so slow at releasing new technology as Korea/China seems to have them beat every time.

  • Das boot

    My work is done – hopefully Android Authority will now post better articles

  • Das boot

    Hey ! The maker is listed on docomos home page !! look it says Samsung – Hello ? Anyone from the editorial staff want to comment ??? Are you supporting this guy ??

    サムスン電子株式会社 – hey oh my god, it says Samsung in Japanese !!

    Ok, Im done – Looking forward to your next article…..

  • ryq24

    Japanese don’t like Chinese and Korean and vise versa. But all three love American goods and entertainment.

  • kantoExpress

    I feel that the author’s argument why Samsung does not have marketshares in Japan is not the most fair. “Why can’t you see Samsung washing machine in Japan?” itself is a very biased rhetorical question. You do not see very many non-commercial foreign washing machines here, period. I am not a home appliance expert, but if you go to Yodobashi and do a quick search on washing machines, the only really internationally recognizable brand is Haier, a Chinese company.

    I am not sure what kind of building the author lives in, but in a lot of homes there is usually only one electrical + drain hook-up for washing machines. People usually wash their clothes everyday and line dry their clothes, hence the consumer market for the type of washer and dryers American or Western markets is very small.

    I have no idea the kind of people the author has in his social circle, but most people I know end up buying those small washing machines with only a direct tap (cold) water inlet. Homes are not always equipped with central heating in Japan either.

    This is not an issue of nationalism or racism. This is simply a difference in culture. If you prefer American or Korean washing machines and dryers, go to a coin laundry. You can easily spot Maytag and LG washing machines in coin-ops everywhere.

    I do not think it is fair to blame the Japanese for not having Samsung appliances here if Samsung does not want to explore this market. I feel that the author may be overanalyzing into a business decision. It is possible that Samsung machines are nowhere to be found because the executives decide that the competition is already much too intense for them to spend the extra effort in R&D to make models compatible with most Japanese homes.

    As for computers, JIS keyboard layouts are difficult from a lot of other countries. Again it could be simply a business decision for Samsung not wanting to spend the time and effort on additional JIS keyboard molds. If a business wants to make money, they will find a way into a market. Laptops from foreign makers like Dell, HP, Asus, Acer and Lenovo can easily be found here. Here is a sidenote: while Samsung does make laptops for other markets, it is not like they are readily found everywhere. For instance, if you head over to for the US right now, you will see that out of all the laptops they sell, only 16 are Samsung. For comparison, Apple has 55, HP has 612, and Dell has 491. Samsung has ~1% as many models as these three US brands combined. Along that same note, can one not easily argue that Americans are as xenophobic, nationalistic and racist as the Japanese?

    Japan is a country with its own unique culture, economy, and people, just as other countries around the world. It is tiresome to try to live a life of one’s motherland in a foreign country all the time.

  • Ranesh Vai

    ‘Branding’ is actually quite a common practice in several places in the world. In the Netherlands lot’s of popular devices have been branded and the brand of the manufacturer was removed and replaced by that of the carrier or a smartphone-name the carrier uses.

    It’s simply a deal the manufacturers make with the carriers. Branding the S6 makes sense. As a carrier, you can move a lot of units for a relatively low price. It’s a popular phone, and apart from that, it’s a phone people can use for a longer time. So after their contract expires, they will stay with the carrier their phone is branded by.

    Samsung sells the phone still for the normal price, so for them it’s all the same.

  • Whoa… Glad I didn’t read this article when it was fresh.

    Don’t know how long you’ve been in Japan @MBenson:disqus but Samsung smartphones simply weren’t getting pushed here because the domestic brands appealed to customers with functions and designs they liked more. With the exception of the Note (because of the big size that appeal to some) they rest of the lineup is an also-ran.

    Also please note– OEM branding is a recent thing. No phone I’ve ever owned here said who it was made by except in small lettering or within its model number. This includes the ‘gala-keis’ I’ve rocked since J-phone and Tu-Ka.

  • PlayStation4Life!

    I love Japan but the nation is very xenophobic, and VERY censorship… if im not wrong, they censored a lot of war crimes they did back in WW2 on their history books, which is probably the main reason why Korean and Chinese are still deeply hating on Japan :P.
    Japan should just apologize and admit the wrong things they did like the proud German. Don’t be a coward, japanese…

  • Chan Jong

    People dont realize this, but Japan is in its own bubble. Japan has convinced itself that Japanese brands are still omnipresent and that Japan electronics rule the word. I read a story about how you’d see Sharp and Toshiba in electronic stores everywhere in Japan, but the name Samsung is foreign to majority of Japanese people (despite it being bigger than Sharp, Sony, and a few other ‘big’ Japanese companies combined).

    Compounded with that, Japan can’t bring itself to accept that Korea, the country that Japan belittles and looks down on, is beating them at the global market.

    To put things into perspective, Japan was a the only major market where the Korean song Gangnam Style wasn’t in the top 3 (or even top ten) when it was literally topping charts around the world to the point it became a Global phenomenon. Why? It’s Korean. Simple as that. You can say whatever you want, but Japan is falling behind Korea and they refuse to admit it.
    (Japan’s view of ‘best Asian race’ from the WW2 Era didn’t really go away, but hey, don’t every country have that?)

    Also, they’re both racist against each other haha.