How to install Adobe Flash Player on Android

by: Brad WardMay 30, 2013


As you know, Adobe Flash Player was ditched in favor of HTML5 on Android. While that’s certainly not a bad thing, there’s still some faithful Adobe Flash Player users. So we’re going to show you how to manually install Adobe Flash Player on your Android device. It’s a fairly easy process.

As usual, if you’d rather watch the video, just head to the bottom of the article.


As I mentioned, installing Adobe Flash Player is very easy. First, head into your Android device’s Settings > Security and make sure to check the Unknown Sources box. This will allow us to install the Adobe Flash Player app from a source other than the Play Store.

Next, open up Google on your Android device and search for “Adobe Flash Player archives” (or just hit this link from your smartphone). After that, hit the first link on the page. Once the page is loaded, you’re going to want to scroll down until you see the Android 4.0 archives. When you find it, you’re going to want to tap the first version you see to begin the download, which is the version that Adobe still updates regularly.


After the download is finished, simply tap the notification and you can begin installing the app. Keep in mind that you can’t use the stock browser or Google Chrome with Adobe Flash Player, as they don’t support it. You’re going to need to use something like the Boat browser or Firefox.

Setting up Flash

If you have Boat browser installed, inside the browser head into Settings > Page Content settings, and make sure the flash plugins are enabled. After that, you can head on over to YouTube to make sure it works. Just make you’re using the desktop site and not the mobile page.

That’s it! Adobe Flash Player should now be up and running on your Android device!

  • wonshikee

    I was surprised because my HTC comes with Flash and it works with the stock browser. The only good thing about Sense 5.

    • javallee

      My HTC OX+ has flash in it’s stock browser also. :)

    • icyrock1

      Many OEMs have kept flash in there handsets, the s4 also has flash along with many other flagship phones.

      • wonshikee

        Ah I see, my last phone was a GNex so I was not aware they kept flash.

      • Joshua Hill

        Not sure about the S4.

        • icyrock1

          Engadget said it did in their review.

          • Joshua Hill

            Just had a look at their review. Three mentions of flash but all were for the camera. No mention of flash player.

            Care to provide a link or link with quote to backup our statement.

          • icyrock1

            Ah, it seems I was mistaken (I tried finding the article I heard it had flash support and couldn’t seem to find it), though, now I wonder where I heard that from…

        • lalala

          s4 has it in fact almost all of samsung phones browser support flash.

          • Joshua Hill

            Last person claimed that, even mentioned a review but so far seems erroneous.

            Could you provide some proof? As I said there are a lot of ‘how to get flash on S4’ articles for something that allegedly is available stock. The S2 a previous flagship doesn’t support flash anymore (without user intervention), I know because I own one. I doubt almost all of their phones have flash like you claim, but once again it’s just a statement made by you with no corroborating evidence.

          • lalala

            my bad i was not using the stock in my s4 i was using boat.i thought i was using stock.

          • WildFire

            my note 2 certainly does not support flash or has it pre installed

        • Hunter

          Yeah, my s4 didn’t come with Flash and this installation didn’t work either

      • Steven Fittro

        The T-Mobile S4 doesn’t have flash. Not sure about other carriers.

    • 윌 스튜어트

      I got last years One X I’m my household and Flash works as normal after the Jelly Bean update.

  • JaredGuy69

    Works With Dolphin Browser Beta as well

  • Joshua Hill

    Hmmm there sure seem to be a lot of articles telling you how to get flash on these phones people claim already have it.

    I used to have it on my sgs2 but lost it with 4.0 or 4.1

  • FrillArtist

    Unless you want to view ads in your browser or kill your battery faster. Flash player is pretty useless on mobile devices at this point.

  • kat

    Thank you soo much!! Works perfectly

  • Terence Wilkinson

    Thanks you really saved me a lot of frustration with a new android tablet for a new android tablet user.

  • Aldy Helnawan

    Does it work for Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 ?…

  • babygirl

    This download is grat. Had no problems getting my flash player to work.

  • capt-goodguy

    How can you install on tablet or is that possible?

  • banana can not open the file

  • mj

    Thank you! Once I added firefox to my S4. I was able to get the download Adobe to work. Thank you for these instructions.

  • Aprilanne

    Thank you so much. Your so smart. (8

  • Aprilanne

    Thank you so much. Your so smart. (8

  • agus

    I tried it on my tablet npte 8. I can play youtube in your post. But oyher web video that require flash content cannot. It say operation is not allowed. Can you help me? Oh i am using boat free version

  • Hunting.Targ

    The page on the adobe site, to which the article links, has a table of suported runtimes for different OSes. Included in this table is an entry for mobile devices. This entry links to a page with a drop-down menu to list devices by manufacturer. Selecting your device’s manufacturer will display ANOTHER table, where you hopefully can find your device and the last certified runtime vereion of Flash for that device.
    I unortunately could not install flash on my Galaxy SIII using either method; the article method leaves me looking at a screen of ASCII gobbledygook instead of downloading the file (presumably the installer runtime code), and the alternate method I listed above let me download the file; however when I go to install it I get a dialog fom android:” The document could not be opened because it is not a valid PDF document.” So I can’t download the plugin. If anyone is still paying attention, suggestions are welcome.

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    Ho to install adobe flash player on iphone5 ??
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  • Best android apps

    How can they pull the app and not support the versions they’ve
    previously released? Their software is on many phones and for them to
    just abandon it while people still have it installed is ludicrous. The
    fact it could harm innocent users over time is beyond reprehensible.
    There are people,(many people) who don’t know the first thing about any
    of this technical nonsense and could fall victim to malicious code
    because the software that is on their devices is outdated and
    unsupported. That’s just marvelous.
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  • EcrOp

    I found a nice little app which helps you installing flash on your device.

  • Charbelgem2000

    Does it work on samsung galaxy tab 7.7?????????

  • Sniper

    Great tut, Brad. Also the suggested Boat Browser is wonderful too. Thanks for sharing these with us. Bye, S.

  • Guest

    The be my ok.

  • Darren Huntley

    Is works on Xperia z browser, thanks

  • steve

    It works on Nextway F9x tablet as well thank you very much :-)

  • Simon

    Try Falcon Flash Player on This app allow you to play any flash content on your android 4.0 or higher device. NO plugin or adobe flash player is needed. I just tried it and it work perfectly smooth on my Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 7.

  • pcnexus

    Install flash player on galaxy note 3 by using best android browser like UC browser HD and mozilla firefox.

  • Gregg Hutzler
  • Vadim

    Nope. Flash plug-in doesn’t work in either Boat or Firefox, on Android 4.4 KitKat. It worked in 4.3 Jelly Bean. You can officially say good-bye to Flash in KitKat.

    • gordon brown

      I do not agree with you … flash can be installed manually on kitkat devices here is a tutorial . its working

  • saleh

    love and helpfull for me good and its working on android version………………..

  • Jot

    Hmmm didn’t work. Nexus 5 boat and dolphin. I will keep trying.

  • john

    How to enable the plugin on firefox

  • GeeCokerz

    this didn work for me on note 3. the boat browser kept crushing when ever i tried playing a flash video

  • Leroy

    How can you put on Acer adobe flash player on an android device

  • droidiot

    I have a 10″ off brand android 4.2.2(jellybean) that has flash player 11.1 pre loaded, but when I try to view content is say’s not supported. I have a stock browser and chrome pre loaded also, I am a novice to android, and don’t know what to do.

  • droidiot

    I have an off brand 10″ android 4.2.2 (jellybean) with flash player 11.1 pre installed, when I try to view content it say’s not supported. I have a stock browser and chrome. I am a novice to android, I have tried a few other apps to replace flash but uninstalled them. I don’t want to jump thru hoops to view stuff and don’t want clutter either. Can someone help please?

  • joe r.

    i have an older android im not sure wat version but its a zte warp does anyone know how i would go about installing adobe flash on it

  • John Harbour

    Great Tutorial but i was already install throught this great video tutorial

  • jack

    Why samsung note 3 cannot download flash player and no new version and how to download this please anybody can answer this and so can download game but no working and stopping went i want to play the game gangstar rio and my email please

  • MikeZ

    You mentioned two browsers but only gave directions for Boat Browser. How do you install on Firefox?

  • Se7en Soft

    Quick and easy download install adobe flash player for android you can this is very good.

  • Se7en Soft


  • skinny

    Problems with the lenovo tablet. Can’t get adobe reader nor flash player. Have tried all I could think of. Can anyone come up with solution please, please

  • Ashfaq Ahammed