Huawei P9 photographed in the wild

by: Robert TriggsMarch 21, 2016


If the numerous rumors that we have seen so far turn out to be correct, then we already have a pretty good idea about what we can expect from the upcoming Huawei P9 flagship. Just to reaffirm a lot of the earlier leaked pictures, a new set has appeared online capturing the P9 out in the wild.

The pictures appear to show the Huawei P9 out for a spin with one of the company’s presidents. As before, we can spot the same dual rear camera configuration, along with an LED flash and space for a sensor that could also be the laser auto-focusing system that has been alluded to in some spec leaks. The P9 appears to retain a rear fingerprint scanner placement, rather than opting for a home button alternative, and looks set to come with a metal uni-body build.

Huawei P9 shot 1
Huawei P9 shot 2

One of the other major talking points about the smartphone is that it is rumored to come in three variants, each with slightly different specifications. The Huawei P9 Max is said to be a larger handset with additional RAM and a QHD display, while the P9 Lite is a more affordable 1080p handset with just 2GB of RAM and a Snapdragon 650 processor. The regular P9 sits between these two in terms of price and hardware.

The Huawei P9 looks set for an April 6th launch, so there isn’t long left to wait for all of the official details.

  • vmxr

    it looks to be honest

    • legendlord4751
      • Andre Senge

        It looks fairly crap? Dude the phone hasn’t even come out yet, you never had it in your hands, plus that might be a prototype.

        • legendlord4751

          I know it could look a whole lot different upon release, and in real life, but from that image, i think it looks crap

          • Andre Senge

            Not at all, I love how thin it looks, i don’t like the color so I’m hoping it comes in black or at least grey and black.

    • DRAW2
    • Airyl
    • The Guest

      Be honest okay…

  • charlie Jason

    So many ugly little black holes on the back.
    Huawei just doesn’t know how to make a good non-nexus phone.

    • Yosef Elgart

      just bought nexus 6p

    • Anon

      sure looks better than the LG G5 to me

    • balcobomber25

      Looks better than the G5 and S7 to me.

      • Andre Senge

        Yup, i agree but if this phone or company didn’t exist then i would have gone with the LG G5.

        • balcobomber25

          I would go with about a dozen brands before LG. I love LG’s TV’s but their phones are too ugly for me.

          • Andre Senge

            Yea true, well i would avoid Samsung at all costs but Huawei,LG,One plus are my three favorites for right now.

          • balcobomber25

            Mine are Xiaomi, Meizu, Huawei and Gionee.

          • Andre Senge

            Gionee is nice too but their phones don’t carry U.S band support for 4G LTE and i don’t want another H+ smartphone, I’m hoping the P9 will have enough band support.

          • balcobomber25

            Gionee’s phones are usually sold as Blu models in the US. For instance the Blu Pure XL is the Gionee E8.

    • Airyl

      Goodness Charlie. The politically correct term is ugly little African American holes.

      Also, those are probably the dual cameras and the laser autofocus.

    • Andre Senge

      Dude thats just the quality of the photo, dont judge the phone until its in your hands.

    • Andre Senge

      Also dude that’s the quality of the photo, don’t judge until you see the phone in your hand or when its out.

  • Mark Pointon


    • Airyl


  • Andreas

    Pretty sure this is a prototype only. Would not make sense he would walking around with the final version..

    They are usually showed for closed doors only

  • Airyl

    I can’t wait for iPhone fanboys to call this a clone of the iPhone SE.

    • Andre Senge

      Dude, this phone looks nothing like the iPhone SE…….