Solid build quality
Beautiful mirror finish
Vibrant display
Fantastic audio experience
Excellent camera
All-day battery life
Edge Sense is intuitive and useful


Very slippery in the hand
Attracts fingerprints
No headphone jack

Bottom Line
by HTC

With its fantastic build quality, top-of-the-line specs, and stellar camera, the U11 will tick all the right boxes for most users. The overall experience is rounded out with a rich audio experience and unique Edge Sense feature, making HTC's latest flagship a truly compelling package.

There’s no denying HTC has had a rough go of it in the extremely competitive flagship space, and the company needs a hit on their hands to make a comeback. Now, with its latest high-end offering, HTC has gone a completely different route from what we saw with the 2016 flagship, the HTC 10.

With top-of-the-line specs, a smooth and snappy software experience, and a squeezable chassis, does the U11 differentiate itself enough from the competition? Is it worth the money that you’ll have to squeeze out of your wallet? Find out in our full HTC U11 review!

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HTC has always had a penchant for beautiful design and solid build quality, so it’s no surprise to see the U11 excels in this area. Instead of a metal construction like it normally employs on its high-end offerings, HTC has opted for metal and glass with the U11. The device features rounded corners, curved edges on the front and back, and an aluminium frame sandwiched between two glass panels. This all makes for a seamless, comfortable in-hand feel.

This design is bound to turn heads

This design language is something we’ve seen numerous times now, but what makes the U11 stand out is the liquid glass surface on the back. This design is bound to turn heads, and the way to color shifts and changes depending on the angle results in a stunning effect.

Even though it's beautiful, the U11 is a slippery fingerprint magnet

Because this is a rounded, glass phone, it’s also quite slippery. HTC thankfully includes a clear plastic case in the box though, so perhaps this isn’t the biggest issue for folks who like to protect their devices. One other thing that case is good for: protecting against fingerprints. The U11 is an absolute fingerprint magnet, so keep that in mind if you’re worried about your phone looking smudgy.


While most other companies are going for taller and narrower display in 2017 (Samsung, LG, and Essential, just to name a few), HTC has gone with a more traditional, familiar display on the U11. The device comes with a 5.5-inch Quad HD Super LCD 5 display, with a “normal” 16:9 aspect ratio.

The front of the U11 just seems dated compared to the Galaxy S8 and LG G6

The bezels around the display are pretty thick. Although it doesn’t affect how you’ll use the phone, the front of the U11 just seems sort of dated compared to the Galaxy S8 and LG G6.

The quality of the screen itself is fantastic. It’s sharp, crisp, has excellent viewing angles, and vibrant colors. Outdoor visibility isn’t an issue, though I do wish the display was able to get much dimmer. It feels a bit too bright when using it at night or in the dark, but that’s only a minor complaint for what’s otherwise a great display experience.


In terms of specifications and hardware, the U11 ticks all the right boxes. Under the hood is the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor backed by 4 GB of RAM, and overall performance is just as fast and fluid as you would expect.

The U11 provides Pixel-like levels of performance

Touch response and scrolling is excellent and it runs apps and high-end games with no issues at all. Multi-tasking is also nice and quick, but I did notice that the RAM management is quite aggressive with the device sometimes closing apps after opening only five or six of them. While that isn’t a big deal for me, it’s still something worth noting.


The U11 in the United States comes with 64 GB of on-board storage, which you can expand up to an additional 256 GB via microSD. There’s also a global variant of the device that comes with 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage. That’s great news for folks outside the U.S., though we wish the higher-end model was available for everyone.

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The U11 features the same woofer and tweeter combo that we first saw with the HTC 10, but it has been improved significantly this time around. It is much louder and with better clarity, and HTC is leveraging the entire phone as an acoustic chamber to make this happen. You can literally feel the audio resonate through the device when holding it in your hand, and there is a huge difference in audio quality and volume when listening to the U11 and HTC 10 side by side.

The U11 doesn't come with a headphone jack, but it's forgivable because of how good the audio sounds through the USB Type-C port

The U11 doesn’t come with a headphone jack, but I think it’s completely forgivable because of how good the audio sounds through the USB Type-C port. The USonic earbuds that are included in the box are some of the best sounding pair of earphones I’ve ever listened to. They’re able to analyze and tune the audio specifically for your ear structure and also feature active noise cancellation.

If you don’t want to give up your current pair of headphones, HTC also includes a 3.5 mm to USB Type-C adapter in the box. Using the adapter will give you a much better audio experience, as it actually sport a built-in DAC. This allows you to drive higher impedance headphones.

HTC has finally (finally!) caught up to the rest of the pack on the water resistance front

HTC has finally (finally!) caught up to the rest of the pack on the water resistance front. The U11 sports an IP67 rating for dust and water resistance, meaning it can survive after being submerged in water. This is a huge step up from the IP53 rating of its predecessor. With most current generation flagships featuring similar protection from the elements, this was definitely a smart move on HTC’s part.

On the front below the display, you’ll find the standard array of capacitive keys HTC usually includes on its smartphones. The back button and recent apps keys flank the home button, which also doubles as a fingerprint sensor. The fingerprint sensor, as is the case with most other HTC phones, is speedy and reliable.

Battery life

The U11 does a lot of things well, but none of that matters if the phone can’t last all day. Thankfully, battery life with the device is extremely good despite featuring a 3,000 mAh battery, which is a fairly average capacity by current standards. The phone never struggled to make it through a full day of use even with heavy usage, and I never had to reach for the charger in the middle of the day.

I never had to reach for the charger in the middle of the day

When you do have to charge the phone, it gets back to a full charge pretty quickly thanks to Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 3.0. It’s pretty impressive that HTC was able to extend the U11’s battery life without the need to include a larger battery this time around.


When HTC announced the U11, one of the biggest topics of discussion was the device’s camera. The company was eager to tell us that the U11 has the highest DxOMark score of all time, outranking the Pixel and Galaxy S8 by one and two points, respectively.

Overall, the U11's camera lives up to the hype

The U11’s main camera comes with a 12 MP “UltraPixel 3” sensor, with an f/1.7 aperture and optical image stabilization. Overall, the U11’s camera lives up to the hype and is capable of taking some impressive photos. There’s plenty of detail in each shot, and color reproduction is natural and not overly vibrant.

Photos taken in low-light conditions are incredibly sharp and well detailed, too. Noise levels are kept under control, and the noise you do see is very fine and compact. Low light photos aren’t splotchy at all, which is something we don’t see too often in smartphone cameras.


HTC U Ultra review

March 24, 2017

Although this is a new sensor, it does suffer from one issue in low-light situations that we also saw with the U Ultra. Highlights are very heavily overblown and snapping photos that have light sources causes a lot of streaking, lens flares, and floating light particles. This was also a pretty big problem with the U Ultra, which is why I believe this might be caused by the phone’s reflective back. If that is the case, there isn’t really a permanent fix for it, other than using a case. Still, it’s not an issue many people will find to be bothersome.

HTC U11 camera samples

The front-facing camera no longer comes with OIS like the HTC 10 did, but you are getting a much higher resolution 16 MP unit for capturing better and sharper looking selfies. Both the rear and front cameras are also leveraging a new feature dubbed HDR Boost, which auto-processes as HDR to give you the clearest and most well-balanced photo possible, similar to what Google has done with the Pixel.


Not a lot has changed on the software front compared to the U Ultra or even the HTC 10 before it. The U11 is running Android 7.1.1 Nougat with HTC’s Sense on top, and with that comes all the familiar features HTC normally includes in its phones: BlinkFeed, a vertical scrolling app drawer, and a theme store.

Read more: Android 7.1.2 Nougat review

Sense is still one of the cleanest takes on Android, but it is starting to feel a little dated and in need of a refresh. The U11 was a perfect opportunity for HTC to do that, but unfortunately that didn’t happen. I do appreciate that the U11 doesn’t come with a lot of pre-installed bloatware, though. Even on the Sprint version there are only a couple pre-installed Sprint apps. If you do want the least amount of bloat, you should probably check out the unlocked version.

The biggest standout feature on the U11 is the new Edge Sense technology, which is HTC’s new shortcut for accessing different apps or functions on your phone. You can make it do anything from opening up the camera, to launching Google Assistant, to turning on the phone’s flashlight. While some companies like to add an extra to button to the side of their phones for added functionality, HTC has decided to make the U11 squeezable. It does sound like a weird thing to do, but it is surprisingly intuitive and works extremely well.

We’ve talked a lot about the Edge Sense feature in the past, and what you need to know about it is this: it’s weird, fantastic, and is certainly one of the most interesting ways we’ve been able to interact with phones in a long time.

The U11 will come with HTC's Sense Companion, Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa on board

AI assistants are a big part of smartphones right now. The iPhone has Siri, Samsung phones have will have Bixby, and Google and Amazon have been bringing the Google Assistant and Alexa to many different Android phones. Not only does the U11 come with Google’s Assistant on board, it also sports HTC’s new Sense Companion that first launched on the U Ultra. The Sense Companion will give you suggestions based on your location and the time of day, and will learn your usage habits over time and provide information that it thinks you may want to know.

For example, it can randomly update you with the weather information for the day, provide restaurant recommendations when it is time for lunch or dinner, remind you to charge your phone, or give you traffic updates based on your commute. All of this is shown in a card style layout, which may sound familiar since Google already does this. However, it does work fairly well if you choose to use it, but the big difference is that there is no voice component to the Sense Companion. This means you’ll have to use the Google Assistant for voice dictation.

If two AI assistants weren’t enough, the U11 will also support Amazon Alexa, with the update to activate this feature expected to roll out in July. When that update comes, you will certainly not be lacking in choice when it comes to which AI assistant you want to use.


 HTC U11
Display5.5-inch Super LCD 5
2560 x 1440 resolution
534 ppi
Gorilla Glass 5
Processor2.45 GHz octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 835
GPUAdreno 540
RAM4/6 GB (depending on market)
Storage64/128 GB (depending on market)
MicroSDYes, up to 256 GB
CamerasRear: 12 MP (HTC UltraPixel 3 with 1.4μm pixel) with ƒ/1.7 aperture
OIS, dual LED flash, Pro mode with manual control, slow motion video (1080p@120 fps), 4K video recording with 3D Audio, Acoustic Focus

Front: 16 MP with ƒ/2.0 aperture, 1080p video recording
Battery3,000 mAh
Quick Charge 3.0
Water resistanceIP67
ConnectivityBluetooth 4.2
Wi-Fi: 2.4/5 GHz 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
USB Type-C
SensorsAmbient light sensor
Proximity sensor
Motion G-sensor
Compass sensor
Gyro sensor
Magnetic sensor
Fingerprint sensor
Sensor Hub
Edge Sensor
Network2G/2.5G- GSM/GPRS/EDGE
850/900/1800/1900 MHz
900/850/AWS/1900/2100 (B8/B5/B4/B2/B1 with 900/850/AWS/1900/2100 diversity), HSDPA 42, HSUPA 5.76
4G LTE (up to 600Mbps download speed/with 2CA, 3CA Carrier Aggregation and 256 QAM, service dependent)
FDD: Bands B1/B2/B3/B4/B5/B7/B8/B12/B13/B17/B20/B25/B26/B28/B66
TDD: Bands B41
VoLTE,Wi-Fi calling
Cat 16 LTE ready with 4x4MIMO, supports near 1 Gbps download speeds and upload speeds of up to 75 Mbps
SIMSingle or dual nano SIM card slot
SoundHTC USonic with Active Noise Cancellation
HTC BoomSound Hi-Fi edition
3D Audio recording with four microphones
Hi-Res audio stereo recording
Hi-Res audio certified
SoftwareAndroid 7.1.1 Nougat
HTC Sense
Dimensions and weight153.9 x 75.9 x 7.9 mm
169 g
ColorsAmazing Silver, Sapphire Blue, Brilliant Black, Ice White, Solar Red
(depending on market)


Pricing and final thoughts

If you want to buy the HTC U11, you have a few options. HTC is selling it through its website for $649, and you can also buy it on Amazon for that same price. If you need a carrier partner, Sprint is the only U.S. carrier that will carry it in-store and online.

At $649, the U11 is certainly more reasonable than the U Ultra ($749) and the Galaxy S8 ($725). It isn’t an overpriced phone by any means, but it certainly falls outside of impulse buy territory.

HTC has also put itself at a huge disadvantage by not having this phone available through other carriers. The U11 is trying to compete with the Galaxy S8 and G6, after all, and unfortunately consumers aren’t going to see the new HTC phone on display when they walk into their T-Mobile, Verizon, or AT&T store.

The HTC U11 isn't a phone that should be overlooked by any means

The HTC U11 isn’t a phone that should be overlooked by any means. With its fantastic build quality, top-of-the-line specs, and stellar camera, this device will tick all the right boxes for most users. The overall experience is rounded out with a rich audio experience and unique Edge Sense feature, making HTC’s latest flagship a truly compelling package.


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3 weeks ago
  • relax8ion

    Honestly, I’m all for it but i’d like to know if wireless charging was finally incorporated. That would kick ass

    • Roasted Wookie

      it does not have WCharging as it seems…

      • jimmy

        wireless charging is overrated anyway. the only way wireless charging would be useful is if the pad itself didn’t have to be connected to a power outlet. and you could charge the pad up and use it anywhere just like a battery. right now I just don’t see why wireless charging is a high demand for some.

        • DM725

          And it’s slower to charge

          • daftrok

            Unless the phone maker incorporates fast wireless charging like the Samsung series. Almost as fast as plugging it in and I just place it on my desk. Being able to grab it and go without worrying about plugging or unplugging for $15 is not a bad deal for me. And the fact that HTC downgraded by going glass back and not incorporating it is a slap in the face when the two relevant competitors have it.

          • wombat

            it does have stereo speakers

          • daftrok

            The top front facing “speaker” is actually just the tweeter for the high and mids and the bottom side facing “speaker” is actually a woofer for the lows. They did not put a speaker on the top with a twetter and woofer and the same on the bottom. They split one speaker so there is no stereo effect. It’s a split mono speaker.

        • steadymobb

          I love wireless charging while I’m at work or just at home on my nightstand. I won’t buy a phone without it now. Fast Wireless charging isn’t that slow.

          • jimmy

            hey it’s all in what you like but wireless charging just doesn’t do it for me. I like to use my phone while it’s charging and I also like it to charge fast.

          • wmurch3

            Really this is a big deal? I would rather the increase in battery capacity and efficiency than have wireless charging. I take my phone off the charger in the morning and it lasts the entire day without having to charge. Plus, with QC 3.0 it takes like 20 minutes to get 50% more battery life.

            Wireless charging is overrated but I could see why those already vested in the technology would want to be able to use their charging pads.

          • jimmy

            same here I’d take bigger battery capacity over wireless charging any day. yeah I can understand why some like wireless charging especially those with office jobs where they can just sit their phone on their desk if they have to tend to something or have lunch etc but for me as much as I be in and out of my truck I prefer the 3.0 fast charge and my phone just sits in the cup holder. different strokes for different folks I guess.

          • jimmy

            I think what would be a good idea for the future of wireless charging is make pads with battery capacity of different sizes at different prices that you can charge up and use it anywhere plus have a built in outlet for 3.0 cords for those like me that like to use my phone while it’s charging and I would also have the option of sitting my phone down on the pad if I wanted. why not have the best of both worlds? just a thought lol

        • K_Keima

          But there are “wireless” powerbanks already! Plus some cars have wireless charging so you can just throw it on the centre console and it charges while you drive. No need to waste time looking for cables

          • jimmy

            how about the phone slides off the charging pad while driving?

          • K_Keima

            It doesn’t because it’s a tray, and the phone stays there.

            But you see, a lot of people ask for wireless charging in this phone because:
            1 – It’s made of glass, and that allows wireless charging (if it was metal there’d be an excuse)
            2 – At this price point you want your phone to have a complete pack of 2017 features
            3 – The pad (inside the phone) takes almost no space at all!!

          • jimmy

            I’d have to have a hands on experience to know for sure if wireless charging in a vehicle would be as good as charging through a cord, it depends on the shape if I can stand the phone up in the tray etc if it can only lay flat then that still wouldn’t work for me despite even if it does not slide off because when I use navigation I have to have my phone facing me and it fits in my cup holder perfectly for that while connected by cord charger even in landscape, also it allows me to listen to slacker radio with the screen on so I can just skip a song if I want. but I agree that since the phone is glass they should have included wireless charging I do not understand why they didn’t because all it would have done is made the phone more appealing to a broader audience therefore making it a selling point for many that do like wireless charging.

          • K_Keima

            Of course cars that feature wireless charging already include a full packed infotainment system, but yeah, I didn’t see a wireless charging phone stand for cars yet so it only works if the phone is laying flat on the tray

          • jimmy

            yeah in that case the cord charger works better for me. perhaps one day wireless charging technology will advance enough to where you can purchase a device that has its own battery is small can be placed in your truck office etc and like a Wi-Fi the device will pick up your phone and start charging it soon as you’re within so many feet of the wireless charging device and of course it will only start charging whatever device you give it permission to and you can add multiple wireless charging capable devices plus be able to give it voice commands an say only charge such in such device for now etc. now that’s one wireless charger I’d be interested in.

          • K_Keima

            I also imagined that “true wireless charging”. Imagine you walk into your office, a school or some shopping, connect to its wifi and boom, your phone is charging.

            But that is too ambitious so “wireless charging in clothes” would be something kinda cool too. Slip your phone into the jeans or jacket pocket and it charges there. But, yeah, if you’re really low on battery you can just pull out a cord and charge while you use it


    Lol after this phone is released in the market, I guess the durability test will be the same as HTC U ULTRA in JerryRigEverything. Just look at the design, looks almost same as HTC U ULTRA except the rounded camera lens. I am just going to facepalm if HTC fucked up again

    • DM725

      The HTC 10 was an absolute beast though.

    • Tony Davis-Coyle

      I looked at the test on JerryRig……aren’t they a little unrealistic?

      How many people are going to take almost diamond-strong instruments to their phones? No-one with any sense.

      The bend test was flawed, IMO, test it when you’ve not just taken a load of strength out of the phone by cracking the glass to pieces.

  • The front looks meh, what they really need is an iconic design that differentiates from other brands. I know it is a Samsung when I spot the edge display, I know it is a Sony from that sexy blocky minimalist look and I know it is an iPhone, when I spot a hipster.

    Other than the back’s choice of finishes, it still looks like a Motorola, Asus, Acer or other 2nd tier manufacturer brands, and the front, it is freaking horrible to begin with

    Please Help This Company

    P/S their HQ is just a block away from my office~~~

    • Tony Davis-Coyle

      Jessie, the front looks like a…..phone, like most phones out there. Only the S7/S8 Edge phones really look any different

      • All I’m saying is HTC’s recent design lacks identity and are rather generic,
        look at their previous M series with front speaker grill, now that’s an identity

        • wekebu

          Looks ain’t everything. Give me excellent speakers, camera, display and battery and I’m happy. Oh, fast updates. How is HTC on this?

  • Roasted Wookie

    Sorry HTC but NO! No headphone jack, no wireless charging, small battery, poor implementation of the digital Back and Task Mgmt hard buttons, and a Barbie style design! No way I’m gonna spend my money on this toy..when the G6 and the GS7/GS8 look much more ok, have more features and I don’t look like a cartoon character with those on my ear!

    • Tony Davis-Coyle

      “Poor implementation of the digital Back and Task Mgmt hard buttons”????? How?, it’s implemented in exactly the same way as 90% of phones out there.

      “Barbie style design!” So the fact that they offer a blue colour means it’s “Barbie style”???? Seriously!?!?!??

      “G6 and GS7/GS8 look much more ok”……just OK, not fantastic, just OK…..lol


      HTC always fuck up in their phones nobody cares about them

      • Maximillian

        or you buddy

      • Tony Davis-Coyle

        And that’s exactly where you’re wrong. HTC phones have been absolutely solid, for as long as I can remember.

        What’s been the downfall for HTC is their marketing. Nowhere do I see adverts for HTC, magazines, TV…nowhere. Samsung on the other hand take every opportunity to market their devices.

        I have had an HTC device for about 15 years on and off, and don’t mind saying that I am a bit of a fanboy. But I’m not blind to the brand. I’m disappointed that HTC are where they are, I feel it’s an unjustified position for them to be in given the quality of their handsets.

        xXENDER what phone do you have, just as a matter of interest?

        • xXENDER FREAKXx

          Mm Xperia XZ. Previously got Xperia SP which is very bad. Endured for 3 years till now it starts to hang so hence I get a new one.

    • illregal

      I have a g6 and this looks better in every way.

    • wombat

      I see no one complaining that the s8 has only a 3000mAh battery but because HTC only has it that is a problem. I am mixed about the headphone jack but mostly I get a day out of my HTC 10 so not terribly worried. Wireless charging is not important to me since I can quick charge the phone from dead to full in under an hour, but usually need only 15-20 minutes to top off the charge. Even with the fast wireless charger from Samsung you are looking a 2+ hours to charge the phone, where the old slow wireless charging took 3-4 hours.

      • Neflictus

        Well, that’s 3000mAh on a 5.2inch Amoled Screen VS 3000mAh on a 5.5 IPS LCD Display. That’s a big difference.

        • Glyn Hall

          A buddy of mine has been running a HTC U11 for nearly a month and says the battery life quite happily matches the whole day of the HTC 10. He has been using both versions, 4Gb/64Gb and 6Gb/128Gb, and says the 64Gb is not as power hungry as the 128Gb. So it appears that the concerns over battery size are unwarranted.

        • skinybone

          its a 5.7 inch screen for the s8

        • wombat

          The S8 is a 5.8″ screen so not sure what you are talking about and the S8+ has a 6.2″ screen. So the better comparison is the S8 with the 3000mAh battery as the HTC U11 is a 5.5″ screen

  • Tony Davis-Coyle

    I like it. They’ve answered a lot of questions regarding audio, including a ‘professinal grade’ DAC, and a converter to 3.5 in the box.

    I like the idea of the edge sensors, and I’m not bothered by wireless charging….perhaps there’ll be an adapter at some point to provide this. Who knows?

    I’m looking at reducing my screen size, the Ultra is just too big for my hands, so I’m going to look very carefully at this, and keep my eyes open for the Pixel 2 later in the year.

    For those who haven’t tried the new batch of HTC phones, I can honestly say you’re missing out. The Ultra, currently on my desk, works really well. It’s fast, doesn’t lag, offers some great functionality with the 2nd screen, and is a solid, all-round performer. It wants for nothing, even the 3.5mm jack, as I’ve got an adapter.

    • jimmy

      maybe I’m in the minority on this but for me the 3.5mm is extremely useful as it allows me to watch videos TV slacker radio etc while my phone is charging and the AUX cord is connected to my truck speakers. it also comes in handy for long trips when I use navigation in the daylight I can turn the brightness all the way up hear the directions fine over traffic through my truck speakers or listen to slacker radio that if the phone is charging the screen will stay on making it convenient just to skip to the next song without having to wake my phone up on the road and no matter how long it takes me to reach my destination I always arrive with a full battery for when I’m out an about away from a charger. so no 3.5mm would definitely be a big inconvenience for me and I’m pretty confident I’m not alone on this one. far as the wireless charging etc I think it’s overrated the quick charge 3.0 is a lot better IMO. I have no doubt the U11 and ultra are solid performers as I currently have the 10 and it’s been a great phone and all the other stuff with the U11 I could live with like glass back (although I prefer a metal design) no wireless charging etc I’d even be fine if the camera wasn’t all that great but that no 3.5mm is a deal breaker for me. after being with HTC for the last 5yrs the U11 not coming with a headphone Jack almost feels like a death in the family.

      • DM725

        It has a DAC USB Type C to 3.5mm in the box.

        • jimmy

          lol read my comment again and you’ll understand why a 3.5mm adapter still does me no good.

          • Daggett Beaver |dBz| ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

            Like I said elsewhere, can’t you just use a USB C charging hub to charge and listen at the same time?

          • jimmy

            I’m not even sure what a USB charging hub even is I’ve never used one thanks to the 3.5mm. nor do I see how it would allow me to listen with my AUX an charge at the same time if the phone doesn’t have a headphone Jack.

          • Daggett Beaver |dBz| ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

            It’s just like a USB hub, only it provides a charge as well as extra ports for extra stuff (like a storage device or an external DAC).

          • jimmy

            I’ll have to check into it if it does what I want it too I’m all for it. how much do USB hubs usually run?

          • Daggett Beaver |dBz| ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

            Actually, I have to take that suggestion back. I browsed Amazon for them and while they all have charging pass-through, they don’t have extra USB Type C ports. The hub provides other USB (type A, microUSB, etc.) ports.

            That seems very odd to me. You’d think there would be USB Type C hubs by now.

          • jimmy

            yeah that is odd it has all those ports except USB type C. this is why it would have been better to just leave the 3.5mm alone from what I hear the U11 is already thick and they could have still made it waterproof just like Samsung did with the S8. I think it was just an incredibly dumb move on HTC’s behalf. all they’ve managed to do is piss off their base and inconvenience them.

          • Matt

            You could always go a Bluetooth receiver that plugs into the 3.5mm in your truck.

          • jimmy

            will that still work on a truck that doesn’t have Bluetooth?

          • jimmy

            so you’re saying there’s a device I can buy that will make my truck Bluetooth capable? I haven’t checked into all these things yet because I’ve always just relied on my 3.5mm.

          • Matt

            Yep, check out Belkin Hands-Free Bluetooth CarAudio Connect Aux on Amazon. Will do Music and Phone calls.

          • jimmy

            I appreciate the info that 3.5mm to Bluetooth device may just do the trick then, I’ll definitely check into it. if that little thingy can make the U11 do everything my 10 can do then the U11 very well may be my next phone.

    • wekebu

      Camera and speakers are important to me. I currently have the Nexus 6P and the speakers are loud and clear. This U11 could be my upgrade.
      I dislike the too skinny phones, they look like telephone poles, so this one appeals to me. I’m petite, but don’t mind using two hands – I have two so I use them :)

    • Grant D

      an adapter for wireless charging? You do realize what you’re saying right? The back of the phone doesn’t come off, and the device probably isn’t built to allow for added wireless charging (otherwise it would have already been implemented).

  • Kunal Narang

    The only reason to purchase the HTC U11 would be the audio quality. I want to request AA to conduct a showdown between HTC U11’s audio quality and that of the LG G6.

    • jimmy

      when it comes to external speakers I would give the edge to the U11. and when it comes to headphones I would give the edge to the LG with that 3.5mm and DAC.

      • Kunal Narang

        Yes, I’m inclined towards the LG G6 because of the headphone jack. Just need a good pair of in ear headphones to find that out.

        • Tony Davis-Coyle

          Won’t the buds on this do the trick? They’re supposed to be very good, and with that DAC too….could be killer

          • jimmy

            to the average consumer the buds will probably do just fine but when it comes to audiophiles they will prefer the 3.5mm which is why all the big audiophile studios still use the 3.5mm and it’s variant.

          • The headphones sound amazing. I couldn’t believe how wide a sound stage they create. They really need to be experienced to be fully appreciated.

      • DM725

        Not in the U.S. There is no additional DAC in the G6. The U11 will blow the G6 and S8 away.

        • jimmy

          I thought it was only in the U.S that LG phones came equipped with a DAC? so the U.S G6 doesn’t come with the same built in DAC as the V20?

          • DM725

            Correct, the U.S. got wireless charging instead. Wooopty dooooo.

          • jimmy

            and a DAC.

          • illregal


          • Thosewhono

            And 32GB of space because according to LGs market research, we don’t care for 64Gb.

    • kamiller42

      LG V20 wins.

      • illregal


        • kamiller42

          The V20 has the best DAC on market. Ok. The G6 in Asian markets has a quad-DAC too. Doubt the DAC in U11 dongle will be better.

          • paraninos23

            Just because its a “quad DAC” doesn’t mean the quality will be better.

          • kamiller42

            It has been tested by audiophiles to be better. Outside superior sound quality, see if your DAC can handle high impedance headphones. No eh? Do your homework.

          • illregal

            The lg stuff was basically equivalent to the htc 10.. This has improved on that.

    • wekebu

      How about against the Nexus 6P?

    • DM725

      and the Galaxy S8 because boy howdy does this thing have mediocre audio at best.

    • The audio quality on the U11 is excellent. It has nice loud boomsound speakers. The U Sonic earbuds do active noise cancellation. The adapter comes with a high quality DAC. It really is a winner on the audio front.

  • Ronald

    No Bluetooth 5.0?

    • DM725

      Surprising but not a deal breaker. The dual audio devices on 5.0 on the S8 is practically irrelevant. Unless the S8 is within 5 to 10 feet of both speakers, they lose sync and it begins to echo.

  • ctk4949


  • roeshak

    On paper looks ok but that’s on the surface. Not just a question of having OIS and and f1.7 lens, the quality of that lens and stabilisation system is the critical thing so performance is still very much to be confirmed lol.

    • The photos are out there and the ones that everyone is sharing were shot largely by amatuers. I was amongst the crowd.

  • David

    No headphone jack, no wireless charging, thick bezels, unwieldy dimensions, and a gaudy chrome metal design? Pass. At least it has the 835…

    • DM725

      It has a DAC USB Type C to 3.5mm in the box.

      • David

        So? An adapter is just a band aid to cover up the ommision of a useful feature.

        I won’t be able to charge my phone while using my headphones, something I do all the time. I suppose I COULD charge wirelessly while the port is occupied but oh wait no wireless charging either. HTC dropped the ball.

        • DM725

          I get what you’re saying, but you can charge and listen to music on bluetooth headphones then switch back to the included ones.

          I have far less of a problem with this than Apple. Apple did it to sell bluetooth Air Pods to people and didn’t included a good DAC. Not to mention their ecosystem is basically there to prevent people from using High Res Audio.

          HTC is doing this so that they can include noise cancelling headphones in the box, that are powered by a DAC that is going to improve the sound quality far greater than the compeition (G6, S8).

          • David

            …or I could just buy one of the many android phones that has a headphone jack. Going to go that route. Keep my G6 or try an S8 that is.

        • Daggett Beaver |dBz| ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

          Can’t you just use a USB Type C hub to charge and listen at the same time? I’ve seen them on Amazon for as low as $16.

        • Seriously, you charge and listen to music at the same time through wired headphones? Wow, you must like being tethered.

          • David

            Well I’d charge wirelessly but oh wait!

          • …But you’d still have to leave your phone resting on the pad right, so you would be anchored down “wirelessly”!!! Got it!

    • Understand the thin screens of the G6 and especially the s8 don’t offer you the full space when watching videos and movies. Go ahead and compare them. 16:9 > 18:9 because that’s the screen ratio people shoot in for movies and YouTube.

      • David

        Actually the screens of the S8 and G6 are closer in aspect ratio to movies than the HTC. Movies aren’t filmed in 16:9.

        And the G6 actually perfectly matches the aspect ratio of a lot of shows like house of cards and Marco polo which are produced in 2:1 aspect ratio. Also does Dolby Vision so these shows look amazing on the G6.

        Its also nice to be able to see more of the screen when the keyboard is up or when in split screen mode. 2:1 aspect ratio is the way to go and will soon be the standard among smartphones.

  • pintoil

    They have unieke bezels …its big!

  • zclubber1

    I’ve been using only HTC since the old Touch w/ Windows Mobile 6.0 in 2007. Then came the EVO & Android. Then the M series and all the other manufacturers. For years now, I used only HTC for primarily 2 reasons. 1. Minimal UI overlay. The U11? Check. And 2. All aluminum back. 50% of my HTC loyalty has disappeared. I don’t want a glass back! But I want Touchwiz even less.

  • Joe Carroll

    I mostly like. They nailed it on many things, but I wish it had a headphone jack and slightly larger battery. I don’t care about the “squeeze” feature, and would rather not have a heavy UI at all (but if anything is going to run it smoothly, it’d be an 835). I guess this dethrones the Pixel as the best cell phone camera, and I like it better than the S8 TBH, but I would potentially still lean toward the G6 overall (mostly because it’s nearly as good as the others but at a lower price)…however, if money were no object, this would probably be my top choice (pending in depth reviews, especially on durability and Sense UI bloat).

    • Joe Carroll

      Oh yeah, forgot one thing – I’d much prefer the fingerprint scanner on the back – especially with a curvy device like that that isn’t likely to lay flat.

    • bboyheat

      I agree.

      Add a headphone jack, drop the squishy squeeze feature, and ideally install a tad bigger battery or screen.

      I’m being picky but the only non negotiable is the lack of an audio jack.

      Overall it looks like a nice device.

  • Merglet

    This would probably be my phone of choice but I want to see what the OnePlus 5 offers first. Don’t really care for the extended screens of the S8 and G6.

  • Peter Vassiliou

    I stopped reading at “The Samsung S8 offers more”.
    Are you kidding us? It is really sad to see how the bloggers (I wouldn’t call you press or journalists) fall for the Samsung hype and bash HTC because it is just not popular or successful. I wonder what it would take for you to become more objective.
    You are writing that the HTC U11 offers only 4GB of RAM. Why “only”? How much RAM does the S8 have?
    Of course the U11 will not be as successful as the S8. Samsung has a much stronger marketing presence and it is being heavily pushed by mobile operators. HTC does not have a chance to become the number one in sales. We all know that, but I would at least expect you to compare devices as objectively as possible.
    The same happened with the HTC U Ultra, which is really a great device, despite the bad press it got.
    I am sad that such blogs exist.

    • Matt

      100% correct, Samsung fanboys are even more cancerous than iSheep.

      • Grant D

        True, because they think that Samsung is “underrated” when really it’s just overhyped. They offer good products (for the most part) but they’re popular AF and fanboys should acknowledge that.

    • Edroid

      I agree 💯, for some reason everyone has decided that Samsung is the standard. I regret that I bought into that and should have waited on HTC. This phone is clearly superior to Samsung S8 if not just as good. Two features clearly make it automatically the phone to beat. The camera is the highest rated ever by an objective body. And by all accounts the speakers/ boomsound is far superior to Samsung. Not even getting into what I feel is not a gimmick but potentially a game change in the squeeze technology. I’ve never purchased a Samsung before because their OS system is completely gimmicky….And as far as looks go…beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I prefer my fingerprint scanner on the bezel not the rear. These bloggers are clearly biased. I think they on the take.

  • K_Keima

    Kinda unrelated but when will the Lenovo Tab 4 Plus be released? I thought it’d be this month…

  • C Lo

    Looks like a phone from 2016.

  • Daggett Beaver |dBz| ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ
  • Giles Peach

    I have an S8, and I like it quite a lot. I came from a Nexus 6P (which I still adore), and am enjoying the smaller form factor and super fast camera. I don’t love the S8 though. The curved (but stunning) screen, Bixby button, and odd fingerprint scanner placement are all annoying for me.
    This U11 intrigues me. If the camera is as good as DXO says, and I am able to launch it with Edge Sense, that is a major selling point. I do a lot of sports, and being able to reliably fire up a camera while out and about is an attractive proposition. While I’d miss the 3.5mm jack, I use bluetooth headphones while exercising anyway, and it’s still not as annoying as the 3 misses on my S8 mentioned above. So yes, this HTC phone is of great interest to me.

    • jimmy

      yeah if no 3.5mm bothers you then I think you would fall in love with the U11. HTC makes great devices and they don’t get bogged down like some of the others. and although I’m not a big camera person I was thinking the same thing when I learned you can snap pics under water and said to myself that’s going to be a big selling point for many. I’m not going to go as far as to say the U11 has a better camera than the S8 I’m no expert on cameras but I’m willing to bet it’s at least on par with the S8 cameras when reviewers get their hands on it to do comparisons. I’m like you there I’m not a big fan of the curved display and am glad HTC didn’t go that route. if edge sense is immune to accidental touches then I think it will prove to be a very useful feature and will force other companies to adopt the same technology. since you mentioned about the odd fingerprint scanner on the S8 another thing you will come to love about the U11 and I speak with confidence because I own a HTC 10 that has a similar setup as the U11 is the responsiveness accuracy and placement of the fingerprint scanner on the U11 that also serves as a dedicated home button. and when it comes to audio you will certainly be in for a treat there especially if you’re a gamer as you can grab the phone from any angle and still won’t muffle up the sound, and maybe just maybe you won’t even need Bluetooth headphones while working out because what I can gather is the sound comes out loud and clear.

    • The camera is extremely impressive. I have plenty of photos up on Twitter and Instagram. I’ll post more as I take them. The U Sonic headphones they provide are excellent as well. They even do active noise cancellation.

  • bboyheat

    Fuck Apple and their greedy vision for an audiojack-less device…

    They screwed us all.

  • Gus

    If this phone had a 4.000mah battery like it was rumored i would have totally bought it. Can someone explain me WHY every year batteries are being the same or smaller? My biggest pain point is carrying a battery pack everywhere and no cell phone manufacturer seems to worry about that. Why do i want a cell phone that is 1mm thinner than last year if i still have to carry a big battery pack? I am so dissapointed this year it hasnt changed…

  • Evangelos Aktoudianakis

    Being a crazy techie at heart, I’ll tell you guys this – my feelings for all the flagships thus far this year.
    – S8/S8 plus: come with red tint on amoled, bleeding (on black lines), screen burning (on the bottom edge) – however living in the UK means I have a Samsung support center 5 minutes walk from where I live. If something goes wrong, I can take my device, walk there, and have it resolved. Have done it before. Resale value: Most S8s drop like a rock in the first month or so, so waiting about a month to get one as new on ebay is a sweet deal – there’s already pluses at the 625 mark, and normal ones at the 525 mark.
    – LG G6 : That’s the phone I was planning to go for, however – LG in the UK has a between 1 and 2 / 10 review on trustpilot when it comes to warranty and repairs. Customers with the bootloop issue have never been served, and it would be terrible for something bad to happen to the device and be left with no proper support whatsoever.
    HTC 11 (10): I did have the HTC 10, in many variations – now I am a screen OCD person, and screen quality is super important to me. The Sharp panel variants of HTC 10 suffered from gridline effect on whites, and a bit of light bleed along the top edge. The tianma ones, had neither problem – however, the screen whites were a mixture of red/yellow shades. A lot of people complained about that on XDA, myself included. With that in mind, I -never- had a problem of reselling my HTC 10 very close to its original price on ebay. It seems like HTC handsets maintain their original price mark for a long time after they go on sale….
    Speaking of price, or all of the above, however –
    If you can get an S8 for about 500, or an s8 plus for 600 (ebay price dropped), would you then get an HTC 11 for more than that?
    I think HTC , as it stands, suffers from pricing. It has produced some average handsets (Ultra, play, bolt), and its fan-base (myself included), are skeptical. It’d benefit them if they cut the cost and tried to sell the handset for as less as 100 dollars. (or pounds in the UK). With the One plus 5 around the corner, the HTC needs to offer something very unique to compete with the top dogs and be worth the buck. And for me, I don’t think that the squeezable frame is all that important.
    This, coming from an HTC fan who currently sports a OP3T :)

  • Grant D

    I like the idea of edge sense, but I don’t know if the sensitivity is adjustable (can someone tell me?) Because I sometimes grip my phone tightly, because I don’t have big hands so I have to hold on for dear life to avoid dropping it sometimes, and I want to avoid triggering edge sense. This probably won’t be as big an issue as Samsung’s edge screen feature getting triggered accidentally, but it could still be an annoyance occasionally.

  • Glyn Hall

    It never ceases to amaze me that some people have the gall to attack something that they actually have no firsthand knowledge of!
    The HTC U11 was launched yesterday and it will be a while before they are available to Joe public. Yet you have people here ranting about no 3.5mm audio jack, bezels top and bottom and Sense UI looks like last year’s HTC 10 and Bolt, only being IP67 waterproof, etc. etc.
    From the top – the 3.5mm audio jack – HTC have supplied a Type-C to 3.5mm jack as well as good quality earphones optimised for active noise cancelling. Now the negative arguments put forward have been unable to charge while driving – this was countered with “you can use bluetooth” which was rejected because bluetooth didn’t give perfect sound!
    Am I missing something here? You are driving in a car which has interference noise from the engine, road and wind and somehow you expect “perfect sound”!
    Next peeve – bezels top and bottom and Sense UI looks like last year’s HTC 10 and Bolt. If this had been an iPhone there would be ooh’s & aah’s from the media and iPhoniacs obsessing over how great it is that the UI is so familiar, thus easier to transition to the new model. Because it is HTC, it is “old fashioned” but then they want decent sound from the speakers which kind of require the bezels, don’t they? Not to forget the front mounted fingerprint reader which from all reports is better than the one on the HTC 10 and that is excellent!
    Now the HTC U11 has ‘only’ got IP67 rating for dust & waterproofing where the S8 has IP68! Shock horror! So what is the difference between IP67 and IP68 on these 2 phones? IP67 is tested to a water depth of 1 meter for up to 30 minutes. IP68 is tested to a water depth of 1.5 meters for up to 30 minutes so we are talking about half a meter!
    I feel I should add that I have had a mobile phone for around 25 years and I’ve never had the urge to try using my phone underwater or in heavy rain!
    Finally, most, if not all, negative criticism has been aimed at the HTC U11 by persons who have never ever seen or used the cellphone as they have a preconceived assumption that the phone isn’t their preferred brand. If it hasn’t got a half chewed apple on it or a “Sam-wei” sign then the blinkers are applied irrespective of quality or beauty of the opposition.

  • I wouldn’t mind buying one if it was in the 600$ range tbh

  • It’s amazing how much influence market presence has on the industry. It is clear that the U11 is a superior phone for 2017. The reviews out there prove it, the hands-on reviews by some of the (what i’ll call non-media) people who have attended the launch confirm it, the specs show it. Objectivity is what is missing in this industry and it is this lack thereof that is hurting a great brand like HTC. An absolutely beautiful beast of technology with innovative features keeps getting swept under the rug by corporate monsters. Why is it that I keep running into people who use samsung phones always complaining about lagging, slow, etc, etc and every HTC user i run into absolutely love there phones? Stop pleasing the massess and go with your guy and be just a little more objective. …. Please.

  • That70sdawg

    This phone sounds great and I have one on pre order. How about adding it to the HTC forum here….

  • sayandip

    HTC is finally back with a bang but I seriously wish it had a 3.5 mm headphone jack that can be a deal breaker for many people.

    • disastrousrainbow

      I have a feeling it’s a deal breaker to a very small minority that’s very largely vocal about it. I dunno, I guess I’m basing that off the fact I just didn’t see a huge uproar from the regular Joe Schmo’s I know when they got their iPhone 7’s. The anger I did see was when some of them didn’t realize an adapter was included in the box.

      • balcobomber25

        Not only that but bluetooth headphones are becoming more and more popular and are cheaper than ever. It’s a big deal for the people on forums like this, other than that most consumers will either use a connector (i see them all the time around town with iPhones) or just use bluetooth.

        • bboyheat

          It’s ONLY a big deal in the sense that the consumer must choose between listening to their connected headphones OR charging. .

          Something they didn’t used to have to do. :(

          • balcobomber25

            The only time it was a big deal for me was the one time I forgot my connector and my bluetooth headphones died in an airport. Other than that in over a year of using one as my main phone I never had an issue. I charge my phone while I am sleeping so I never faced that scenario you described.

            And given that this phone has excellent battery life, it won’t be a major problem for many people.

    • David Martrano

      Great phone good price. Much better than the Bolt and U Ultra. One problem no marketing so consumers won’t even find out what a nice phone it really is. The true HTC fans will purchase but the rest of the world will chase down Apple & Samsung. What a shame! Yikes!

  • Sprytle

    Awesome color design, check, great display, check, fingerprint sensor where it should be, check, great performance, check, great camera, check, good battery life, check, water and dust resistance, check. Unlocked out of the gate, check. Acceptable Price, check.

    Squeeze input; don’t care, no audio jack, don’t care, use bluetooth for that for years

    No wireless charging, big uncheck. Large bezels, uncheck.

    Rooting for HTC, but other than eye candy with that back, stll no reason to upgrade from GS7 Edge. Would get an unlocked G6 if really needed a new phone at the moment because of wireless charging. Love that feature since Palm Pre.

    • 40jimlloyd40

      No wireless charging isn’t a big deal for me.

      • Ricardio

        that would be the cherry on top if it has wireless charging

      • David Martrano

        Will this phone suffer the same fate as the 10. The best phone that HTC ever produced. One US carrier & no marketing. Again, the best phone that nobody bought! Just saying!

    • illregal

      I’ve got the g6 and I was quick to pre-order the U11. The g6 offers the wide-angle cam, and thats it. Looking forward to the superior audio, superior cameras front and back, screen, etc. on the 11.

    • Lucas

      literally 1% of the market knows what wireless charging is and only 1% of that 1% use it.

      • Sprytle

        Well that settles it, I’m one-percent of the one-percent. Your stats are no doubt based in fact from intensive consumer and market studies. LOL

        • Lucas

          No it’s called common sense and personal experience. Out of everyone I know and have talked tech with I’m the only one who knows about wireless charging not only that but if it was so important companies would have wireless charging standardised and would sell first party pads and everything but they don’t because wireless charging is an unknown gimmick that almost no one cares about.

          • Sprytle

            dude, throwing out made up stats from your personal anecdotes just to justify an unpleasant comment isn’t helpful. It’s totally legit to prefer a device had wireless charging.

    • Charles Sanders

      Really? I have the edge 7 and I couldn’t wait to upgrade. The edge has horrible battery life and lag.

  • munkyboythethird

    any chance you can link to full size photo samples?

  • Scott L

    Finally something reasonable from HTC, but no wireless charging and no headphone jack are already making me hesitate.

    • Ching-Yuan Ian Lee

      Some people do have the issue of using headphone and charging the battery simultaneously. There’s no solution to this yet.

      As for using headphone, a 3.5mm to type-C adapter is included. There’s no problem for one to use any of his/her old headphones.

      • Rajat Negi

        Personally I believe that is only an issue for some teenagers or an adult trapped in a teenage mind, at least i don’t know any reasonable adults screeching for not being able to charge the phone while listening to music but then again I don’t know many people to be fair. As far as the glass body goes it’s most likely due to edge sense i.e. maybe they tried it and it didn’t work so well with a metal body which kind of makes sense to me and Edge sense is not just some gimmick and a replacement for a dedicated button because it actually serves as two dedicated buttons which you don’t have to reach out for by adjusting your grip.

        No phone ever will be perfect, maybe that is why Google decided to ditch ARA because it gives them basically less money. I think you just have to take your pick when it comes down to it and just get the one the checks off most important functions you use actively.

    • Ricardio

      You’re looking at either a S8, G6, or Moto Z with wireless charging mod then. I wish more phones would come with that feature too. But the U11 is still on my short list.

  • daftrok

    I’m sorry but this is just a no go for me. If you’re not going to do wireless charging, just leave the back metal. Bring back stereo speakers and either give back the 3.5mm headphone jack or put two USB-C ports (one on the top and one on the bottom) so I can listen and charge simlutaneously.

    • Ching-Yuan Ian Lee

      For the point of stereo speakers, U 11’s sound quality absolutely beats its predecessors.

  • Salvo Furnari

    Absolutely the complete smartphone we expected from HTC

  • I’d rather get the HTC 10 in red, wait for the USA unlocked version to get red, have a budget for it, and wait for better type c accessories before I totally give up the 3.5mm jack.

  • Sivad01

    Its a great phone all a person will truly need. I feel people nitpick a bit to much. not to many phones have wireless charging so since when did become a make or break thing. they sell adapters where you can charge and use your headphones at the same time. its really not a big deal.

    • Lucas

      It’s the enthusiast who are never pleased and swear that their phone from 2009 is the best thing ever.

      • Sivad01

        Yeah I guess lol

  • Ching-Yuan Ian Lee

    Edge Sense is definitely a very useful feature. I “squeezed” my U 11 as I took it out from the belt case. Guess what,the camera was ready to shoot before the phone reaching into my sight. No extra press and swipe were needed. It made a difference when I tried to take a photo as quickly as possible before the precious moment disappeared.

    In addition, there’s an app called “Edge Swipe” available for free download. If you select this app as one of the two “squeeze” options, it pops up a list of 4 apps, which you can choose your most commonly used ones, on the screen upon squeezing the phone. It’s a small step, seemingly insignificant, which gives you very pleasant convenience. I am sure more and more apps will come out to make Edge Sense even more useful.

    Quite a number of reviewers called Edge Sense “Gimmicky”. Absolutely disagreed! Try it and you will know what I am talking about.

    • cryosx

      I want it to play music. Hopefully they implement that.

      • Ching-Yuan Ian Lee

        I am sure it should help, either directly activated by Edge Sense or via the 3rd party software such as Edge Swipe. Good luck.

      • Freddy Macias

        You can set it up to open the music app of your choice but doesn’t play music when launched… At least not yet anyways. Hopefully they can do something similar to what they did with the camera app, maybe short squeeze to open the music app and long squeeze to play music.

  • Adi Susanto

    Almost the perfect phone…unfortunately no IR blaster really turn me off…i guess will wait around for other flagship that has one.

    • ewilliams1911

      You’re going to be waiting forever.

      • Adi Susanto

        Nah not really…huawei p10 plus has all i need. Im just waiting for the next mate 10 pro maybe…im pretty sure there will be one around the corner soon.

    • bboyheat

      Problem is the demand for IR.

      I use mine a few times a week but you just don’t see the general public caring about this feature, sadly.

      Mainstream seems to be dropping it.

  • haxan jutt

    The only negatives for me was the bezels and screen size. Wanted some more screen. Other than that superior stuff. I love the htc build quality. No compromise on that. Gonna get it. Waiting for mine. <3. Htc fan Pakistan.

    • bboyheat

      I know what you mean. Getting harder to find anything over 5.5″

      Only a few options and most of those aren’t very exciting.

      • haxan jutt


  • Joe_H

    This all looks great – I was actually hoping to upgrade my Note 2 to the new Note 7 until the phones started exploding, so for me, this looks like a decent replacement, sans the smart pen. But the deal breaker may be the lack of headphone jack, for the work I do I need to be able to make sure the phone can stay charged all day while connected to the headphone jack. Is there an adapter that would allow it to charge while still playing music through the usb adapter?

  • Enigma

    Looks like a great phone, but WHY exclusive to Sprint?! Bad move and the only reason I won’t get one. Not in my budget to drop close to 700 bucks in one shot on a phone. Guess it’s the Pixel 2 for me.

    • Ryan

      There’s multiple pre-order coupons that take 50 dollars off, so it’s 599. That’s still a lot though. Too much for me. It’s probably not carried by the other carriers because they don’t want it. They don’t sell much, they sit and take up shelf space and stock space in the back, and by certifying it on their networks, they’d have to do a bunch of testing for software releases and also testing to make sure it meets their so-called standards. Probably just not worth their time, effort, and money. I would think that while this sucks for HTC, they probably sell better overseas anyways, so investing money here is a lost cause. People in the US are mostly iOS users, or want to be. In other countries, people use Android MUCH more and choose between different brands for the best value. In the US it’s Apple, Apple, Apple, and if you want something cheap, get a Samsung phone half off. I wish it were available through Verizon though. I’ll just wait for the Pixel 2 as well.

  • Happy Little Tree

    They need to change from “thick bezels” to “thicc bezels”.

  • Lucas

    1. a very very small minority of people even know what wireless charging is.

    2. Charging and listening to music is easy. It’s called Bluetooth. How can you even dance to the music you’re listening to if you cant move always from the plug.