Update #3: Here’s the complete HTC 10 wallpapers collection

by: Edgar CervantesApril 9, 2016

HTC One M10

Update #3, April 9: The complete HTC 10 wallpapers collection has been released by @LlabToFeR. Download them all from here or check them out in the gallery below.

Original post, March 26: The Samsung Galaxy S7 and LG G5 are the hottest devices around right now, but another flagship is joining the fight very soon. The HTC One M10 (otherwise known as the HTC 10) is expected to be unveiled this April 12th, with shipments probably starting on the 15th, only days after.

Leaks and rumors have been plentiful lately, but we know it’s never enough. ROM developer @LlabToLoFeR is giving us a taste of what the home screen in HTC 10 will look like by sharing the upcoming phone’s wallpapers.

Of course, these will be in HTC Sense 8.0. They come in QHD (2560×1440) resolution and mostly consist of minimalist patterns including straight lines and corners. You can download them right below if you want to be rocking them until the HTC One M10 hits the streets!

Whether they end up calling it the HTC One M10 or simply the HTC 10, this phone is looking to be a good option to keep in mind. Nothing is confirmed yet, so you should take everything with a pinch of salt, but rumors say it will come with a 5.15-inch Super LCD 5 display, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor, 4 GB of RAM, “world class” cameras in the front and back, a 3,000 mAh battery and BoomSound speakers.

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Will the new HTC flagship be all that we are hoping for? We have to wait and see. For now just sit tight and wait for the official details to arrive. Meanwhile you can play with these wallpapers and keep it tuned to Android Authority for more details.

  • Zenpen

    Abit small screen? Looks nice to..

    • Aditya Sharma

      5.15 inc, it probably would be a phone, not a phablet! It already, according to the rumours, hangs in between the phablet and phone category. 5.15 inches isn’t small, both ways, IYKWIM…

  • Roby

    How do I say this?
    It lacks the ‘oomph’. There’s nothing spectacular about the phone compared to the competition.

    • JC

      It’s funny you say that, the phone isn’t even out yet, and none of these leaks are confirmed.

      • Gibbs

        well that’s judging form the results ‘for now’. I think the same. but if it is not expensive sounds like my next phone. but it has a small screen :(

    • Shani

      Its not officially out yet and you have an opinion ? Seems like you’re a samshill

      • bavanai

        “The only way someone could disagree with my opinion is if they’re paid by Samsung” excellent logic there, buddy.

      • Roby

        LG had a completely redesigned modular phone with redone software and Samsung had waterproof handsets with SD extension and vastly improved batteries in the rumor mill at this point.

        This one… This one has just marketing talk like ‘world class’ and ‘boom sound’ while having lost its front facing speakers.

        It’s a nice phone but no, I am not the least bit impressed.

        • Matt

          The Samsung was all marketing talk before release also, and the fact that HTC have had SD expandability for years is a negative for HTC? If the leaks prove true, HTC will have a battery improvement too.

          Who said it has lost its front facing speakers? 1 front facing speaker and 1 down facing speaker still trumps most of the competitions 0 (ZERO) front facing speakers.

          Stop trolling mate, its way to soon to make any of the calls you are making.

        • 3165dwayne

          It also has a better DAC. That a bigbig selling point for me. To sense is normally the best Android skin as well so I’m looking dl forward to it.

        • Amazing how you know everything, and the phone has not even been released, and nobody the Fk knows what it has. Btw it looks insane! This thing will feel so ultra premium, and to still have hardware stereo with the look masses buy from Sam and Apl, I really hope this is the home run for HTC, if they struck gold with camera finally. Personally I don’t care much about camera. This thing is what’s next in the mobility, can’t wait to see what it can do, esp the exclusivity with VIVE!!! Drooling!

    • neo905


    • Mail carrier

      Dual boom sound speakers and astonishing benchmarks smoking every phone out there? Um…. OK…….

      • King_Android

        All phones are powerful. Benchmarks doesn’t really mean much anymore. It has nothing really going for itself. What would make someone get this over the 6p or Sammy or LG offerings. I use to be a big fan of HTC but since the M8 nothing has been compelling enough for me to purchase from them again. Now if they include the Vive with the M10 purchase then that might be different. But as it stands there’s no point in getting this over the competition.

        • Jack Bertrand

          HTC’s multi-task is usually amazing… Better than Samsung… We’ll see with this one but I’m confident Sens UI will destroy TouchWiz!!

    • kurolife

      so what the oomph the competition does bring ?

  • Moose05

    I’ve never used an HTC device. This looks good. Does HTC lock down the bootloader?

    • nikola

      they do, but unlocking process is rly easy :)

    • Dennis Wu

      With the latest One A9 they let you unlock bootloader without voiding warranty. Also they have own HTC dev site makes it very easy to do.

    • Naomi

      HTC Phones are now on sale only at NewSmartphoneDeals:com

  • Daniel Moraru

    “The Samsung Galaxy S7 and LG G5 are the hottest devices around” –> that’s so debatable when exists Xiaomi MI5 with same power, but half price.

    • Mitchell Cripps

      More people want the s7 and LG g5 it has nothing to do with specs. People pay for the brand name. Why do you think a phone that uses 3 year old hardware (iPhone) sells so well?

      • Nibbler

        Oh you mean the 3 year old hardware 6s that meets or exceeds these phones? This HTC phone seems to rule them all with the leaked bench marks though. So there’s that.

        • Mitchell Cripps

          At least you aren’t fighting like one of my friends. I get that iPhone isn’t crap. Just that android does it better. But at least no one on here is saying that it’s got an iMac processor and gpu.

        • Gibbs

          it benchmarks better :) specially on GFX :P

      • Aditya Sharma

        Yes, it indeed doesn’t depend on the specs. Neither on the age of hardware used. Why do you think Samsung stuck with the same displays on the GS7, when they already were a year old? When something is already above great, why tinker with it?
        And as for iPhone, I am not defending it, neither am I a fanboy, but really, real life use must be accounted for. Yes the iPhone lacks in camera and display, but, unless you compare, it fares very well.
        And as for performance, the 1 year old hardware still kicks ass of the latest and greatest (not all) hardware found on other flagships. Benchmarks tell the same story too. We already have all that analysed.

        • The Ultra

          Partly true.

          The 1 year old is still in the same price category as the new ones and as said before specs don’t matter, there is more to a phone. (Camera, build quality, … )

      • The Ultra

        you are right

    • Gibbs

      and sadly it only in china ;(

    • Osakwe tochukwu

      Maybe try and watch youtube video comparison btween mi5 and s7 or lg g5. You would discover the reason behind the price

  • prusiner

    I have had HT ONE M7, M8 nd M9, and I have been extremely happy with them three, being M7 my preferred one (in terms of setting a standard of design and quality) and M9 (in terms of responsiveness and overall quality) M9 has received unfair critiques, in my opinion.
    But above all, HTC software is rock-solid, which is the main thing I expect froma a smartphone.

  • Pinetrax

    How about a Google Play Edition? That would be sweet

    • King_Android

      Why the 6P is still one hell of a device

      • Gibbs

        battery is not so great, only problem. and no fast charging.

        I’m waiting for new one anyway, must come soon!

    • Gibbs


  • rd

    i think if they samsung or apple everybody would be drooling over this phone.
    like samsung or apple only make great phones.

  • Gibbs

    Benchmarks… Benchmarks… grow up!

  • Gibbs

    But sounds like a good device, specially if it has dev support!(custom roms and etc). If it’s not really 900$ I’m buying it! (maybe if around 600-700$ max)

  • Dr Phone

    nice wallpapers! I really hope that the one 10 will be good.

  • Ivan Budiutama

    the 3rd and 4th pic looks like a tilted “7”. Nexus with Android 7.0 (N) from HTC is confirmed. or not. just kidding, don’t hate me.

  • Ethan Campbell

    Chromebooks were built for downloading this! Downloaded the ZIP and got the pics instantly. Going to put the images on my iPad and pretend it’s an Android now. Thanks.

  • s2weden2000

    htc m10