HTC One X9 rumored to be “packed with city smarts” and stunning specs

by: Edgar CervantesNovember 8, 2015


If the latest rumor is to hold true, HTC’s line-up is about to get very interesting. The Taiwanese manufacturer’s M series has always been known for housing flagship devices, but it seems there may be a new breed of HTC smartphones in the works.

This rumored handset is said to be named the HTC One X9. We have a set of stunning specs and a nice promotional flyer to go with this murmur, but we would be a bit wary of their accuracy due to the fact that the rumored components look more like they come from an M series handset. And we also can’t stand behind the sources so far.

The flyer simply displays the murmured smartphone, a beautiful background and a quote that says “Packed with city smarts” (whatever that even means). But it’s the stapled specs that have us scratching our heads (and being hopeful that these rumors are true).


Reports claim this phone is to have a 5-inch QHD (2560×1440) resolution, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 (or MediaTek Helio X20) processor, 4 GB of RAM, a 23 MP rear camera, a 4 MP UltraPixel front-facing shooter and 64 GB to 128 GB of internal storage. All powered by a sizable 3500 mAh battery.

The image also shows capacitive hardware buttons and what look like BoomSound front-facing speakers; all in usual HTC fashion. As we said above, it’s hard to say how accurate these details are, though.

Does all of this information add up for you? I believe a phone like this wouldn’t make much sense, unless HTC is thinking of changing its usual naming scheme. This does sound more like an HTC One M device to me, at least considering the specs. We won’t know for sure until more details show up, though. That is, if they ever do. Regardless, it will all be discovered in due time.

But what do you guys think? Are you digging this rumored handset?

  • Ira

    If this is true, they may be learning from their mistakes – right now, they are in the same position as BlackBerry; make or break.

    However, for QHD I’d rather it was closer to 5.5″ as anything up to 5″ works better with FHD (and is better on battery). MicroSD support would also give them a bonus point. Battery is VERY generous, though, especially for 5″ screen!

  • I can see a “Silky smooth touch: Premium metal unbody; More in every inch: 60% screen-to-body ratio; Shoot like a pro: OIS and RAW capture for brilliant imaging; Cinematic Surround Sound: HTC BoomSound with Dolby Audio surround” along with a picture of its back on the bottom.

  • Dusan

    5″ with those bezels…

  • Robert Squyres

    I hope they really DO use capacitive buttons. Because they don’t waste screen real estate. That’s one thing that I don’t like about my HTC One M8. Samsung uses them and it makes the screen seem bigger, because there are no stupid buttons in the way.

    • Daikenkini

      On-screen buttons are actually making the screen bigger, because they decrease the size of the bezels around the display. On-screen buttons are positioned where normally capacitive ones would be, which cannot be swept in and do not rotate with screen orientation, and are therefore decreasing potential maximum screen size.

      • Mark Washington

        I don’t agree …. Unless it’s the Nexus 6 Moto

      • Subliminal

        Nope. I do not agree. And I do NOT want my buttons to hide away. I want them available at ALL times and not rotated. Rotating 90 degrees is not issue at all.

        Also, if give you no more screen estate by having on screen buttons. It would be the same. You actually lose screen size with on screen buttons.

        • CpuKnight

          Think he’s trying to say that on some games and apps, one can hide the back,home and recent apps button with immersive mode. Works really well too since if you want the buttons back, its just a simple swipe down away. Works really well personally.

          • JJameson

            Exactly. To each his own but I can not go back to physical or capacitive buttons for daily use. They are far too easy to mistakenly hit when I’m watching netflix, playing a game, etc. They are simply cumbersome. With on screen buttons, I simply switch to immersive mode as needed using power toggles. Because of my Z3+, Moto X Pure Edition, HTC One M8, I am an absolute fan of front stereo speakers and on screen buttons.

      • ChowMein

        Except a lot of the phones with on screen buttons still have big bezels.

        • Daikenkini

          Well keep in mind the Sony, Motorola, Nexus and HTC flagships have front facing stereo speakers, which take a lot of space themselves and otherwise wouldn’t have been possible without on-screen buttons.

          Samsung’s biggest design flaw ATM.

      • FQ2

        No, they’re not. Screens are the same size (ex. 1080×1920), and software buttons use some of that. If that wasn’t the case the added height would be VERY obvious, and it would mean black bars on the ends when watching videos.

      • Robert Henderson

        If you think the capacitive screen hardware runs front to back for the entire thickness of the phone, you are sadly mistaken. There are other components there, so your theory doesn’t work.

    • Asif Hasan

      Don’t agree…. Capacitive buttons make for some stupidly big bezels in already large phones nowadays. Makes more sense to add dual front facing speakers instead.

  • Samplethief

    hmm if this turns out to be the M10, they’ve got it all right except for the bezels. Would like to see it in black/grey!

  • Waris Choy

    Of course its fake. You know how I know its fake? The lack of htc logo bar is a dead giveaway.

    • Samplethief

      Not really. HTC might have removed it due to the criticism it has had.

      • Btort

        samsung never got rid of touchwiz due to criticism and don’t even mention slimmed down touchwiz, because when I tried that POS it lags like a mfer

  • mrjayviper

    that back is distinctively an HTC. the A9, not so much

    • Herve Shango

      The A9 is a direct copy of iphone 6

      • Jacob Cuevas

        The iPhone 6 is a direct copy of the M7

        • MaxPower27

          No. No it’s not.

          • mrjayviper

            the 6s is derived from the original iPad mini. and the M7 and iPhone6 looks different.

          • Subliminal

            iPhone 6 took the design from the whole HTC One series (not the X series)! Get that up ya!

        • Herve Shango

          :D i know right

        • Subliminal

          Almost a direct copy of the M7. Very damn close. HTC had that design first! I agree with you!

        • Karly Johnston

          Then the M7 is a direct copy of the iPhone 5 if you live by that logic.

          • Jacob Cuevas

            Umm no, they look nothing alike. Unless you’re an idiot that’s thinks apple invented aluminum

          • Karly Johnston

            Unless you’re an idiot who thinks HTC invented antenna bands…

          • Jacob Cuevas

            Stop talking to me. You’re too dumb to have a conversation with

          • Karly Johnston

            You are the one whose last name means cave man.

          • Strike em out Kinney

            You’re well known around BGR as an iPhone fanatic, anti everything else. Why you’re even trolling Android authority is truly perplexing. Totally ridiculous.
            Your life must be empty much like your head.

          • Karly Johnston

            I am well known everywhere because I am everywhere.

          • Strike em out Kinney

            Nah, because your life is meaningless so to fulfill that you make it a point to become a “professional ” tr0ll.
            Stick to Apple.

          • Karly Johnston

            nah, i don’t even own a crapple.

          • retrospooty

            Karly, why would an iPhone fan spend time on an Android fansite? Please, let us all in on your reasoning as to visit a tech website dedicated to a platform that you obviously don’t use and know nothing about.

          • So f**king dumb to understand that Cuevas is Caves.

          • Henry

            The M7 and iPhone 5 look nothing alike…

          • DDroid45

            Dumbest comment on here, walk you idiot

          • Karly Johnston

            You are going to the same place HTC is… flushed down the toilet.

          • DDroid45

            I’ll love to see you try and flush me, you go be highly disappointed

      • JJameson

        Actually, the back is very clearly an evolution of the One M7/M8. The front looks like a combination of elements from the GS6 and 6S. The bottom looks like the Huawei P8. My point is all these phones have a lot in common. It doesn’t matter who did it first(HTC) or who copied who as all technological improvements are made by first copying then expanding on what is currently available. A good product is a good product, a bad one is bad, and that is all that should matter to anyone.

        • Herve Shango

          Preach to brother, preach!! :D

  • Eric

    That front reminds me of a Droid DNA/HTC Butterfly

  • Roberto Tomás

    its a great phone and timing is really everything for it. If it only makes it to market in Q2 2016 .. then they will be too late to get a lot of the premium market with what is otherwise a pretty premium phone. I mean, the biggest downsides on this thing are the lack of any mention of amoled and the 4MP ultrapixel camera (which is too small for 4k).


    Couldn’t be an actual HTC device, there’s no HTC black bar

  • Qbancelli

    Hardware buttons= Fail.
    Try again HTC.


    • Jacob Cuevas

      Hardware buttons are superior, you try again

      • MaxPower27

        Weirdly, it turns out that different people have different opinions.

      • Subliminal

        You fail! Give me hardware buttons any day! I hate on screen buttons. Especially when they disappear and you endlessly have to scroll up to get them back. ewww. Speed it what we need. No fumbling to get buttons to display.

        • Subliminal

          Sorry, that was meant for Qbancelii

        • Jacob Cuevas

          Exactly. I hate how finicky software buttons are. They do dumb crap like staying visible during YouTube videos and just a bunch of other annoyances. Plus they take up screen real-estate

          • Bryan Kwong

            They actually don’t stay visible during Youtube disappears along with the status bar lol

          • Jacob Cuevas

            They’re supposed to, they don’t half the time…

          • Shreedhar

            Only when when there is an ad before video :)

          • Rui Silva

            And here I am typing on my LG G4 and never an issue with on screen buttons… Not even with my older moto g….

          • Cakefish

            True, YouTube is really buggy currently :(

    • FQ2

      LOL. no. I miss the hardware buttons on my One X, there’s a full inch from the bottom of my M8 to where the display actually starts. Hardware buttons just make more sense.

  • Luka Mlinar

    The main problem with HTC these days is that their prices are not realistic (mid-range One A9 is $630 in the UK) considering the brand is no longer desirable as it once was.

    • abqnm

      Lately most of the big manufacturers are giving the EU the shaft, not just HTC. The M9 was typical flagship pricing, but the A9, well that’s a joke. It’s fine at the US promo price of $400, but any more and it’s not worth it. And Sprint charging $700 for it is damn insanity.

      I’d truly love for the specs to be real and this to actually be the next One Mx, or hell, they can call it whatever. But knowing HTC they will find some way to take what stands to be a fantastic device and totally screw its chances of succeeding.

      Maybe it will launch in Asia only. HTC likes doing that. Or if it does go international, maybe it will start at $799 unlocked in the US. And then you can add another $150 or $200 to go from 64gb to 128gb. So figure £630 or $950US in the UK, €900 for the rest of the EU, for the base version, unless they decide that the UK should get a lesser specced version, say 32gb/3gb ram for the same price, which they’ve been known to do.

      I want it to succeed, but HTC has become so good at being it’s own worst enemy, I have a hard time believing it will be anything like the hype will make it out to be. Though this is one of the few times I hope I’m terribly wrong.

      • Luka Mlinar

        Those prices you mentioned are highly likely. Shame if that happens tho.

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  • anthonyalessi74

    This would be perfect iff it has great camera performance, a fingerprint sensor in the sleep/wake/power key & A9 (fast updating) version of sense with BlinkFeed & Themes. Anything less will disappoint the fans, who are the only ones considering HTC @ this point.

  • Ben

    what i think it all adds up is absolute awesomeness now i have one hell of a decision this or the new note from samsung next year

  • The pic is fake but the rumour could be true.

  • Cole Cawtuh

    Where did you hear it was a 5″ display? I saw this on another site but it only said quad hd display. Would love your info to be spot on. As other people probably already said that it looks like one of the m series phone along with the butterfly phones.

  • MyNameIsLOS

    I call bullshit

  • Sal

    I hope HTC seriously steps things up in a serious way. Next year for could be goodbye for them unless they really knock things out of the park with the M10. This X9 sounds promising but I’m taking all of this with a grain of salt.

  • notafan

    htc logo not on te bottom bezel…….successs!

  • S Dot

    Soooooo 1. Picture looks fake 2. Battery that’s basically the same size as the 6P but only 5″ screen soooo where are they fitting all that battery while also keeping boom sound speakers? Fat back phone? 3. With the pricing of the A9, is this going to cost $1000 for the 64GB?

    Just seems WAY too odd of a spec list. I mean even the camera..blah

  • Draylax

    Forget about the main specs: if it’s a real 2016 phone, most of those are a given anyways (or at least they should be).

    I’m personally more excited about the 5″ screen!

    I mean, a not completely, needlessly oversized flagship phone for once, following some sort of craze? Sign me up!! Granted HTC’s 5″ phones are the size of 5.2″ phones, but still – it’s not a damned 5.5″ colossus! There’s barely an article that mentiones a 5.5″ phone that I don’t immediately close.

    It may be too little too late, but if HTC do release this, almost all will be forgiven for the mess that 2015 has been.

    Now, if only this whole rumour proves to be true…

    (Except for the Helio X20 thing. Just…no. Custom Qualcomm cores all the way.)

  • Arabella Blair

    capacitive buttons are a dealbreaker for me honestly

  • ?

    I’m digging the specs, not so much the design. The front looks a tad dated, strikingly reminiscent to the likes of the Droid DNA, and the back looks almost EXACTLY like the iPhone 6 – even more of a clone than the A9 (though I can’t tell if the back is supposed to be curved or not). The inclusion of capacitive buttons as opposed to on-screen buttons makes me mostly happy, though I’m not sure how I feel about the return of the multitasking button – another feature that, at least to me, feels dated coming from the original One M7.

    Also, no fingerprint scanner? What gives? Maybe it’s embedded in the home button, or maybe they’ve gotten ahold of some magical technology that uses the screen as a sensor and actually works (looking at YOU, Galaxy S5). I personally feel like the design they’re going with would look better without any buttons at all, but if they’re going to use all three, then I would love if they had scanner home button like the one on the A9 flanked by capacitive back and multitasking keys – bonus points if the home key clicks (a la Samsung).

    My prediction is that they’re going to ditch the One M series completely and use these two devices to start two entirely new lines of phones. The X-series could be their new wave of flagship devices, while the A-series could be a set of upper-midrange/sub-flagship phones. It does sound like sort of a strange idea considering they already have the Desire series, and stranger yet that the X9 is priced LOWER than the A9. Maybe $470 is another promo price and it’ll go up another hundred after launch as well. At this point, who knows what the hell HTC is thinking? What I DO know, though, is that they’ve definitely piqued my interest.

    • DDroid45

      DNA is a beauty and I’ll take a phone designed off of its blue prints 2 yrs from now

      • dadip68

        Love the wireless charging on the Verizon HTC DNA but now I use it on T-Mobile. I charge it at work on a TYLT charger that is always at a 45 degree angle. It just needs a bigger memory, battery and front speakers. It still lasts a full day on normal usage even when I don’t charge it at work.

  • Karly Johnston

    That finally got rid of that $#%@ logo bezel.

  • Marty

    If the display is OLED, I’ll be in.

  • veritas

    It looks like HTC A9 is based on HTC M7 design sketch A – from HTC Facebook page – March 11, 2013. I also noticed that sketch A phone is a bit narrower than sketch B phone (which is later M7):

  • Dimitar Gospodinov

    Remember when having a million devices was bad for Samsung? We are starting to see too much letters from HTC.

  • Todd Simmons

    HTC is close to being dead to people so they need to do whatever they can to bring better attention to themselves and give more phones that are affordable with good features like a 5.5, front-facing speakers, memory card reader, and a good camera. HTC wasted their time and money making the non-innovative, small-screened, and over-priced One A9. This One X9’s design is a good step for HTC. Let’s hope HTC keep making customer-wanted choices for their new phones. I hate to see a good company suffer.

  • Javid Nazim Mammadov

    Come on, 5″ again?

    • Btort

      there are a ton of 5.5+ inch phones out there in the market, and only a few that’s under 5.2 inch. not everybody is into the phablet hype, even though I have a nexus 6p I’d still get a smaller phone like the m10

  • Kiss my Asthma

    Well the specs are good, hopefully the camera which is HTC’s Achilles heel is actually good this time around, and hopefully that image is fake because if it’s real then HTC might have lost it’s design chops, but what boggles my mind is why doesn’t HTC release a phablet version of its flagships, I mean the market has proved time and time again that while yes 5 inch phones still have a good market share percentage, phablets are also extremely popular. I just can’t understand HTC’s refusal to address that segment, give me the same specs with a good camera in a phablet body, and I’ll pick HTC every time (mainly for their Sense skin and boomsound speakers) yet they still choose to ignore the phablet segment.

  • iAndroid

    Look at the right bottom, it’s pics of the A9, so it’s a fake.

    • veritas

      The right bottom pic has camera at the corner while A9 has camera at the top center.

  • teomor

    Not digging it, unless it’s got soft material on the back (or even matte plastic). I’m done with shiny, slippery metal (or glass).

  • Samplethief

    If HTC wants their next flagship to succeed. All they literally need to do is the following:

    QHD Screen (Make it a 5.7″)
    Snapdragon 820
    Large Battery
    Thinner Bezels and remove the HTC logo thing at the bottom
    4Gb Ram
    SD Card slot
    Improved Camera
    Fingerprint scanner on the back

    It literally is that damn simple. You can charge as much as you want for it, but if it has all of these things, people will pay it.

  • PC_Tool


    I really hope HTC does not go the capacitive keys route.

  • M42

    Compelling for 2014 perhaps, but not for a future release.

  • soup

    ugly af

  • JLV90

    They got rid of the black bar and replaced with with a white bar just what everyone wanted /s

  • Nicholas Gay

    so this is very interesting, but capacitive hardware keys. I think it looks good but it’s not going to save the day! and it should be HTC One m10

    • Walter

      HTC needs to go back to naming their devices with proper names like EVO or Sensation. M this and M that is just lame.

  • alekh yogidas

    Defiantly couldve looked better …. Specs looks compelling but this will be the specs of almost every other flagships of 2016 (except s7 hope they use the exynos 8890) as we all know megapixels isnt everything the nexus 6p and s6 pretty much proved it .as for the battery 3500 mah looks good on papper who know with android marshmallows doze feature it might be a good performer.

    Ps- thanks for bringing boomsound back

  • Xchris

    I can confirm that these specs are correct for the US. There will be a slightly different version for the UK that comes with 2GB of Ram, 1 front facing Boomsound speaker, a 1080p screen, a brownie camera and will retail for £2,000.

  • Robert Henderson

    I would have given serious consideration to a Max version 2 of a phone that looked like this, but they have missed the boat again so I bought a nexus

  • NoNickname90

    I’m looking for a Phablet device. Though that rendered device looks really nice.