HTC announces One M9+ “Supreme Camera” Edition

by: Andrew GrushSeptember 29, 2015


Back in April HTC unveiled the One M9+ to the world, giving HTC fans a QHD-equipped variant of its flagship, that also saw the Qualcomm processor traded out for a MediaTek chip, and a few other changes such as a fingerprint scanner inside a front-facing home button. The device initially launched in Asia, and later made its way to Europe as well. At a special event today, HTC announced the Butterfly 3, as well as a new upgraded version of the M9+.

The new version is officially called the One M9+ “Supreme Camera” (Yes, really), trading out the 20MP sensor from the M9+ for a 21MP camera with OIS and laser auto focus. While the M9+ had duo camera lenses, this time the M9+ Supreme Camera offers the laser AF system in the second rear camera’s place.  Outside of the upgraded camera, the new M9+ variant is pretty much the same phone as before.

As a refresher, that means you get a 5.2-inch QHD display and a MediaTek MT6795T Helio X10 processor with 3GB RAM. Other specs include 32GB storage, front-facing speakers, a fingerprint scanner, and a 2840 mAh battery.

At least for now, the M9+ Supreme Camera is only slated to arrive in Taiwan, starting October 6th, with a price point of $630. Considering the modest improvements, we sincerely doubt the phone will ever officially make its way outside of Asia.

  • Siddhesh Dalvi


  • Kass

    “Supreme Camera” Edition? Seriously?

    Finally, conclusive proof that the HTC marketing teams haven’t got a fucking clue.

    Why? Because I am willing to bet some money on the fact that this “Supreme Camera” has nothing special – that is, it won’t be the best smartphone camera at the point of release as this…imbecilic marketing ploy leads us to believe.

    This whole thing stinks of horrendous desperation from a once mighty brand flailing about like some fish out of water. To be honest, I hope HTC just call it a day sooner rather than later. There’s no point in dragging out this death for yet another few years. Or flogging the same dead carcass of a phone in five slightly different variants to try and get out of their mire (which they created their damn selves when they chose to release a so-called flagship phone that was quickly superseded by at least 2 or 3 other phones in quick succession.

    What a mess.

    As a HTC user for the past 4 years with no fail, who was looking forward to my upgrade this year, this state of affairs depresses the hell out of me. As it is, I’m hanging on to my M7 that little bit longer. At least, this particular phone was conceived when HTC actually seemed to have a clue.

    • V-Phuc

      I don’t own a HTC phone so cannot really talk about my experience. However just reading blogs, HTC seems to be (in) a big mess, to say the least. For the last 2-3 years, they kept releasing different versions of their so-called flagships every 6 months. Copied Sony? Samsung is not any better lately. All their flagships are similar, no more identity. OMG. Take your time to design a good one, include everything you need and have 1-year release cycle. Less confusion, and less anger from customers. Who really wants to buy a “flagship” today, only to see another one superseding it a short while after. What’s going with this big mess?

    • 3223

      Same here, kinda. I’m holding on to my m8. They (m7 & m8) were the last few phones from htc that were actually worth a damn. But to be fair to htc, this year it, and plenty of other manufacturers, were screwed right up their butthole coz of Qualcomm and it’s craptastic batch soc’s that really personified the ‘dragon’ part of their name.

      • Xchris

        The m9 pisses all over the m7 and m8

        • 3223

          It would’ve, had they released the 64gb internal memory option to all markets. But sadly, with 32gb built in, it would appear more of a side grade rather than an upgrade for me if I were to switch to an m9. Plus, they don’t have GPE roms like how they do on the m7 and m8.

      • FYLegend21

        Well this year it seems most other manufacturers are aiming for smaller batteries and thinner phones – I don’t care if they’re better optimized. HTC on the the other hand stuck to an incremental battery increase but still a fatter phone than the others.

        I’m holding on to my Butterfly s but the broken headphone jack is driving me nuts (had it fixed in Taiwan once before but it just wears off and broke again when I dropped it on soft carpet). The M8 seemed nice but I would have preferred a higher resolution camera. E8 looked like a pretty good deal, especially now it’s around the equivalent of 260 USD in Taiwan.

        • 3223

          Form defeating function huh.. Seems like it. Could it be, gasp, that this year android manufacturers are catering to its users inner apple? :p

          If the camera isn’t a huge priority to you (which was why I picked the m8), I think the e8 would serve you just fine. Really well in fact. But a broken headphone jack would seriously reduce me almost to tears… Yes you can use Bluetooth, but I’d like to have options.. :(

          • FYLegend21

            I would still prefer some more resolution than 4MP so I thought the E8 was a good option, though it is not as good in low light.

            The headphone jack works fine with some headphones but most headphone plugs insert too deep and there is this buzzing sound. I have to pull it out slightly, which makes them less than ideal for portable use (only my Xiaomi Piston 3 works fine unless the plug is pushed in a lot).

          • 3223

            Well, if you’re not taking photos in low light, the e8 would be a decent purchase. I was also considering the e8 way back then. But the 16gb built in with SD card support wasn’t enough to satiate my app hoarding needs. So I figured, screw the mediocre ultra pixel camera, and I’d rather get 32gb built in with SD card support.. Plus, the aluminum build was an added bonus. :)

            Nevertheless, I think the e8 would be a good buy. Try find the black and gold coloured version. The matte feeling is quite nice in the hand. :)

    • BlackBarHater

      HTC died the second Scott Croyle left the company, the former head of design department and the very designer of the M7. They haven’t manufactured a single smartphone even remotely close to being desirable in years. In fact, the M7 is the only HTC smartphone with a bit of engineering decency behind it. This is 2015, you cannot possibly produce something with bezels the size of a truck, capacitive AND sensitive buttons. The designers in charge can not figure the very basics of smartphone manufacturing.

      • TheDeity ?

        Hilariously false. People LOVED the One M8 and it was often touted as the best smartphone of 2014.

        • BlackBarHater

          Wrong. The M8 was deemed vastly inferior to the M7 design-wise by all of the web reviews, namely because of the wasted screen estate and the useless black bar.

          • TheDeity ?

            The black bar has the hardware components of the BoomSound speakers under it. It wasn’t meaningless.

            But was it so bad to the point that people hated the phone, despite fast and reliable hardware, world-class software, best audio in the cell-phone business, good camera performance, still better design than anything else on the market, and it’s deluxe fit and finish?

            No. So calm down. I highly doubt you’ll be capable of a sensible comeback considering your username is”BlackBarHater”.

          • BlackBarHater

            Yes, it was that bad. Are you a desperate die-hard HTC fan for trying to convince yourself so hard that it is a somewhat desirable device? I couldn’t care less, honestly. Facts are facts.

          • TheDeity ?

            Design? Debatable, but in your case no.

            Anything else? Very desirable.

            I’m a fan of tech in general. I have no bias to anything. I own a iPad Mini, Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.4 Pro, Samsung Galaxy S5, and a HTC One M9.

            But there will be no converting you considering your name.

          • FYLegend21

            If you look at the teardown for the M8 and M9 on ifixit, there doesn’t seem to be anything significant under the black bar. If I recall, Linustech suggested it may just be there for balancing out both sides when holding it horizontally.

          • TheDeity ?


            Looking at his particular video, it seems that the battery is what takes up that black bar space.

          • It’s a design cue not for anything else. I’m sure they could have thought of another way to make the components fit. Look at the HTC Desire 510. Terrible phone and no BoomSound yet huge bezels.

    • FYLegend21

      It’s actually just called “HTC M9+ with Optical Stabilization and Speed Focus”. The Supreme Camera name comes from their link name and is not official, nor is the “Aurora Edition” name as some articles state.This product is released for the Taiwanese market, where HTC is still somewhat popular and their marketing is actually pretty good.

      If the AF is really that fast and the photo quality is good enough I may consider it when I go to Taiwan, but I’m looking more into the Xperia Z5 or the Moto X Style (which uses the same camera sensor as this new M9+), but this year’s lineup of phones has really let me down – Qualcomm ruined it for the most part. Also, this year it seems most other manufacturers are aiming for smaller batteries and thinner phones – I don’t care if they’re better optimized.

      I’m even more disappointed with the Butterfly 3, which was already released a few months ago in Japan. I have the Butterfly s and it has a 3200 mAh battery which lasts me about 10-12 hours in heavy use. Why not stick to a large battery? I guess I’ll be hanging onto it longer but it’s headphone jack is broken.

    • Hey, M8 is the last sensible awesomeness you must agree! I’m on it and will be for a while too.

    • Cakefish

      Nah, thousands of people rely on the company for employment. For their livelihoods. Saying you hope they fail is pretty harsh. I personally hope they recover.

  • Dan McSweeney

    Still a ridiculously ugly phone.
    The bottom speaker grille has the weird Samsung home button looking fingerprint reader jammed right into the middle of it. More than one third of the top speaker grille is taken over at the right by the selfie camera and proximity/ambient light sensors. There’s still the absurdly large bottom bezel complete with in your face HTC logo. The rear is like some sort of homage to Apple…..

    There’s just no flow or logic at all to the appearance of the phone. Whole thing looks like it was slapped together without even looking at it… half a speaker here, another bit of a speaker there, a big expanse of functionless black bezel here, shove this piece over to make way for this, that or the other.

    • deskjob

      I agree, except for the back of the phone. That’s actually an original HTC design that came out with the M7. Apple actually copied HTC on this one.

      But yeah, I don’t know what the rest is about. The speaker grills were symmetrical on the M7, which I think had the best overall design by HTC over the past couple years. The capacitive buttons on the M7 made the black bar useful and made the 4.7″ screen “bigger” since there’s no soft button taking up valuable screen real estate.

      Honestly, all HTC needed to do with the M9 was to enlarge the M7, add in the more powerful speakers, microSD support, put in Snapdragon 808 (810 I think we all know now is not worthy it), and for the love of god put in bigger ultrapixel camera with higher spatial resolution (8MP to 12MP is the sweet spot). Also, fire their entire marketing team because are complete morons.

      For the M10, just take the above, put in a 4000mah battery and the Snapdragon 820 – boom profit.

  • Scott Ricketts

    HTC is all over the map. Weren’t they going to focus on just a few phones to hit each market segment and keep the “One” brand moniker and styling for all of them? It’s almost like they’re trying to go out of business.

  • BlackBarHater

    “Supremely Ugly” would’ve been a better fit for this utter garbage of a smartphone.

  • Leandro Brandão

    Why they don’t just called it M9+ EYE? so it creates a camera focused line of htc phones.
    i’m still waiting for the phone that will be released with marshmallow and helio x20.

  • Rob Earls

    Calm down, calm down. This is the Asian name for it.

  • Elegant Young Gentleman

    HTC declaring bankruptcy in 3,2…… Maybe I should unload my M8 so I can get a phone from a company that will actually be in business to service it.

  • TheDeity ?

    “we sincerely doubt the phone will ever officially make its way outside of Asia.”

    Dies on the inside a little.

  • & yet the States is left out again. My M9 is a pretty good upgrade from the M7 but, in another 2yrs the One series better get its ass back to the States

    • Kamakazeeeee


    • Right. Considering the flop that the HTC One M9+ was, which mostly steemed from teh camera, you would think they would be smart enough to release it here in the States.

  • Paddy

    We should all remember that Apple almost died at some stage as well. HTC makes some fantastic (albeit a little stale the last year) devices and if they can get the right directors onboard who knows what the future could bring.

    • No disagreement here but, when is the last time you’ve seen a HTC commercial. In one sitting watching a one show on DVR I’ve seen a iphone and galaxy series phone. That would help, one would think

  • redowan nafi

    rip supreme camera,rip toshiba sensor,rip htc

  • Karly Johnston

    Swirling around the drain….

  • Bhavin

    Apple, Blackberry, Samsung, LG, HTC, Asus, Xiaomi, Huawei, OnePlus, ZTE, Oppo etc. major smart phone brands r loosing battle against Sony & Motorola by not concentrating on waterproof phones fr market.
    They r proving their incapability of technical expertise by not launching at least one waterproof Flagship!

    • JY

      samsung launched the s6 active but only on at&t and it had no fingerprint scanner

      • Bhavin

        Do it has waterproof feature?

        • JY
          • Bhavin

            Buddy, I m frm India. We dnt hv AT & T here & Samsung Galaxy S6 Active hasnt been released here, too. But it is a nice phonec really & can compere Sony Xperia Z5 premium by all means.
            Only 1 flagship feature is missing in both those phone is zero bezel display which only new company LeTV’s new phones give in their flagships.
            But, in them waterproof feature isnt there.

            So u know, there is no complete flagship phine is there in is present, at present!


            Thanks fr videos.

            Good day friend.

          • JY

            Oh right, I like the look of thin bezels but on a waterproof phone then I guess its a compromise, hopefully 2016 Samsung will launch the active and note internationally.
            Good day to you too

  • If HTC is not competing or attempting to compete with Samsung or iPhone, then what’s the point. I have the HTC M9 and it’s not a 1/2 bad device, until you do comparisons with other well known devices, go figure

  • Sajib Saha

    Why Android Authority doesn’t make a review video on this htc m9+ supreme camera edition?????