HTC One M10 rumored to use the same camera sensor as Nexus 6P

by: Andrew GrushFebruary 11, 2016

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It’s no secret that HTC has been losing favor with Android fans over the last few years, and the One M9 did very little to help stave off this issue. In fact, some would argue it sped things further along.

Some of the biggest points of contention with the One M9 was the over familiarity in design, some of the performance woes associated with the Snapdragon 810, and, unsurprisingly, camera quality. It’s still too early to say if HTC will be able to fully address some of the complaints regarding design and performance with the One M10, but the good news is that camera hardware may finally be an issue of the past.

In the previous generations of the One series, HTC had made some pretty odd choices in the photography department, sticking to its UltraPixel guns, long after it was proven to be a less than ideal strategy. The M9 promised to finally bolster up the One series, bringing its camera experience up to the same level as the competition. Despite its 20.7 MP shooter sounding great on paper, the actual real world experience wasn’t so well received, largely due to poor processing of picture data. Thankfully, HTC may be finally bringing its A-game.

According to well-known leaker LlabTooFeR, HTC Perfume (aka One M10) will offer a Samsung s5k4e6 5MP UltraPixel camera on the front, with the rear sporting a Sony IMX377 12MP 1.55um + Laser Autofocus + PDAF. It’s the main cam that really piques our interest though, as that happens to be the same sensor found in the Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P, both of which are regarded as two of the best Android camera phones available. Of course, just because the HTC One M10 uses the IMX377 doesn’t mean it will end up having an amazing camera.

There’s other aspects that go into consideration beyond just the sensor, including the post-processing, which is an area where HTC has clearly stumbled in the past. Still, it’s a positive sign.

As for what else we can expect regarding the One M10? The rumor mill paints the picture of a Snapdragon 820 powered device with 4GB RAM, 32GB on-board storage with microSD, a 5.2-inch QHD display, and a design that is supposedly similar to the HTC One A9 (which by extension means it will bear similarity to the iPhone).

What do you think, excited for the HTC One M10? If not, what would it take from HTC to get you interested in the company’s flagships once more? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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  • Daniel B.

    That’s nice, but the real magic is done by HDR+ on the 5X/6P. If only google would allow it to be used on other devices. :(

    • Noah Williams

      Meh. I disagree, I shoot in manual 80% of the time (with the manual camera app) and the other 20% I shoot with the Google Camera app. When I use Google Camera, I keep HDR turned off because I only use the app for quick shots where I don’t have time to fool with settings and HDR is too slow. In any case, I’ve been consistently stunned by image quality on this device, even without HDR+

      • Daniel B.

        Okay, that’s a good point but i’m even more stunned by the detail gain in low light made possible by hdr+ :). At least if you look at the pictures in 1:1. Sadly i couldn’t find a 5x without a faulty display (I ordered and returned 13 devices…) and the 6p is a bit to expensive (and i’d prefer sub 5.2″) considering the 820 is on the horizon.

        • Noah Williams

          True though HDR+ is damn impressive in low light

  • That means nothing. Post processing is a factor too.

  • Leandro Brandão

    While S7 will bring a new BRITECELL sensor HTC will just use the last year’s 6P sensor.
    This year i will leave my htc m8 to a S7 or G5.

    • Jake Lamotta

      How dare they settle to use arguably the best mobile lens out…

      • Leandro Brandão

        For now, let’s see how it will compare with true 2016 cameras like s7, g5 or iPhone 7.
        I’m too skeptical because of the rumored removal of stereo speakers, that is my favourite thing on my m8. Looks like m10 will not have anything to stand out from competition, if it gave the 6p camera + boomsound I would buy it at launch.

        • fitnesspro22

          Stick to your M8. A new model does not mean “better.”

  • Suika

    That’s kind of nice, but uh, the sensor is a very small portion of the story here, HTC.

  • charlie Jason

    Throw in OIS, a quality lens, big aperture, and good image processing and you will have a killer camera.

    • Ismail Akram

      OIS is also there don’t worry leaker also mentioned that

      • Rob nuttz

        Yes leakster approved and confirmed. Leakster police here.

  • Matthew

    Everything seems good as far as hardware, just hope it still has the brushed aluminum finish on it.

    • fitnesspro22

      No it doesn’t. Insufficient information.

  • daftrok

    Put OIS on it, put OIS on it, PUT OIS ON IT!!!!!!!!!!

    • If this *is* the sensor being used in the M10, then it probably won’t have OIS, given that neither he 5X nor 6P had it.

      • Ismail Akram

        It have OIS leaker also mentioned that.

    • Ismail Akram

      OIS is also there man yes it’s there it’s not just nexus 6P sensors it’s 6P sensor with OIS

  • sateeshk

    That is nice to have the camera quality of the M10, but the design aspect, they say it looks like A9, sorry that is what i do not want to happen with M10, hope the rumours are wrong, there are so many good render design out for m10. If they do it it looks more like apple, samsung, then it will not be considered as flagship phone at all. I am expecting a lot from M10, as i am HTC fan and i was waiting since long for M10, but when we are near to launch and hearing the design of the phone, i am loosing hopes on HTC now, also they are getting features of camera from last year flagship phones, come on HTC now it is high time to showup what you guys are capable of getting the flagship phones like M8.

    • Ismail Akram

      If you are HTC fan then know your loving boom sound is gone. But I think M10 will look pretty for sure. They using big sensor so back won’t look like iPhone anymore

      • sateeshk

        i hope so, but they would have comeup with having finger printing scan at the back rather than front side, or comeup with other unique thing for getting finger printer scanner, yes the boom sound feature will be gone, dont know what M10 will upto now.

        • Ismail Akram

          I just wonder how would be S7 be any different from M10 this time.. S7 won’t have any new design. would be an upgrade so it seems M10 and S7 both will be same. both have almost same performance, maybe have almost same camera. area where they differ is software. I think this year M10 will be one of the best smartphones. for HTC users this would be great and probably a big upgrade. (I hope so if camera really work out great and also battery)

          • sateeshk

            Yes Samsung is all same, i am sure i will not go for Samsung if M10 did not cameup to what i expect it to be. There are other better phones in market than samsung. I also hope M10 would be different and will make difference, except the design aspect, people think of iphone, i do not want that, when you look at other One M series, there is a significant different with iphone design.

          • Btort

            Samsung might really bring back the sd slot and water resistance for them to be ballsy and keep the same design. We all know how htc got bashed for this, so samsung might have really listened to the people hopefully….Removable battery are a thing of the past, as long as a phone can give 4 SoT, they should be fine

  • Rybone89

    That’s great HTC, but Samsung and LG are probably bringing something NEW AND BETTER.

    • fitnesspro22

      You want better? In one word, “NEXUS 6P” As for me that is NEXUS 5 and 6P, both NEW.

    • John Quincy Adams

      Sammy’s bloatware is a deal breaker.

  • Pedro Obengar

    after the nexus 9 its impossible to buy anything from HTC, exchanged 4 of them, all with light bleed and crappy buttons! Worst company ever!

    • John Quincy Adams

      Must be you..

  • Zak Taylor

    That’s great and all, but the sensor, and lens is only about 60% of the deal. The rest of the magic is providing software that can correctly interpret the data the sensor captures in a quick fashion.

  • fitnesspro22

    An iPhone look a like? No way. What about the Marshmallow, the operating system, the CPU and the g heartz with the 820 processor? Small wonder that the 800 and 801 remain the best, regardless. I want a smart phone, not a pro camera or gaims. OK And nothing but pure Android. The only bad thing for sure is that is designed by Koreans, whose brains are used to making perfect copies bot no creativity at all. Size appears to be OK. But what about the price with all the bells and whistles? Heck no. I am a proud owner/user of NEXUS 5, 6P and 7 (the tablet), all brand new at very affordable cost. What do you say to that? Most importantly, no problems, pure enjoyment.

    • kliggins

      Koreans have no creativity? Really? What other little bigotted prejudices do you have?

    • Scott Lowe

      Well, seeing that HTC is a Taiwanese company, I’m guessing you would pull the all Asians look alike card, too.

    • vahdyx

      Koreans make more than just phones. How about not generalizing an entire race to your short sighted views. If I’m not mistaken Samsung leads the world in display and TV technologies. If anything people are copying them.

      Just because you follow a trend doesn’t mean you’re copying. Did you wear your outfit today based on a thought from a vacuum, was your style something you thought of from nothing? Was it your own thought?

      How about designing your house (assuming you worked on one and own one), did those styles come from a vacuum or is it inspired by something else?

      If iPhone is leader trends and Samsung wants to make something similar for another demographic is it copying? Or following a trend? Companies do this all the time. See it on car companies. Why do you think we have so many DRL made from LED strips. Or 4cyl turbos or In Dash Navigation, or airbags! Hell why are traditional contracts in the US going away? Someone had an idea people like it and adapted.

      • Fitnesspro

        Hello Vaxdyx, I appreciate your intelligent argument. You most certainly are entitled to your opinion. However, I simply commented on the facts as stated about the strikingly similar design as the iPhone. It is clearly evident that Samsung is going for looks rather than functionality, probably out of desperately trying to arrest its plummeting revenues. Being influenced by trends is not the same as copying, which is exactly what Samsung, LG and HTC are engaging in. The evidence is irrefutable, and it is there for every one to see but the deaf and blind. Apple is being very generous lately for not litigating such flagrant violations of the copyright laws.

        Just note what good designs these companies have made under the leadership of Google.

        • vahdyx

          I think there’s more to it than you think. It’s not just some Korean designer going, “I can’t think of anything so lets copy Apple and profit” it’s more likely management saying, “do like Apple” the entire design team is probably being pushed by an executive that is indeed feeling the heat of decline. So they’re picking up on Apple’s trend. Is it shameless? Perhaps, but I still see it being influenced, rather than a copy! Any blind person as you mentioned can tell a distinct difference but see similarities! Maybe even heavily influenced, but par for the course in today’s world IMO. Everyone is borrowing in one form or another.

          I disagree with your thoughts, but as you said, “I’m entitled to my own opinion” and I couldn’t agree more because this is water under the bridge in terms of both our lives. It doesn’t really matter! Sales shouldn’t matter to an end user, market share, influences, etc. it’s all there to arm fans with pointless arguments in our debate guns!

          Samsung sells more phones than Apple globally, Apple is on the rise, so naturally something has to give, it’s to be expected.

          If people enjoy something and buy it and are happy with it, it doesn’t matter at the end of the day. It’s a choice that still allows this person to sleep at night.

  • kliggins

    More important to me is the decision to do away with the front speakers. I may have go with the Nexus 6P.

  • John Quincy Adams

    Sounds fantastic to me. May have to replace my M8 with the M10.

  • M P

    What else is important? Don’t put the three main buttons on the screen. Keep them live 100% of the time below the screen. And Android, listen carefully: Don’t ever take a button away again!!!!!! The “back” button is one of the the most important functions and apple doesn’t have it. Will always miss the “menu” button.

  • Jean-luc Bachelot

    Htc has lots a lot of brand recognition. It has one good phone and one shitty phone in the desire. There good phone cost a lot but is not great. With poor camera quality and an OK battery. And sadly I’m just forgetting the htc name. You will need to make some good phones, sexy phones. And more than 2 available phones that don’t suck to build up your brand. But that’s me, I not only want to give my money to a good phone but a winning team.

  • Ibiyemi Biodun Olatomiwa

    can any one help give solution to my HTC M8w any one please