New leaked image gives us our first look at the HTC One M10 in white

by: Jimmy WestenbergFebruary 18, 2016

HTC-Logo-3 (1)

Between the LG G5, Samsung Galaxy S7 and HTC One M10, I think we’ve all seen our fair share of blurry-cam images over the past few weeks. The Galaxy S7 and G5, which are slated to launch in a few days at MWC 2016, have leaked out quite a bit, and we already have a pretty good idea as to what those two flagships will bring to the table. As for the One M10, HTC apparently doesn’t have plans to announce it until April 11th, but that’s not stopping the phone from showing up in a leaked picture or two.

The latest leaked image of the One M10 (or whatever HTC plans on calling it) comes to us from none other than Evan Blass, or @evleaks. He’s already given us a much blurrier look at the device a few weeks ago, but this image is a little more clear.

Taking a closer look, we can see the Samsung-like physical home button that will likely sport a fingerprint sensor. There’s also an earpiece above the display, a large front-facing camera sensor (likely to be of the UltraPixel variety), and well, that’s about it.

Other rumored specs include a 5.2-inch AMOLED display, a Snapdragon 820 processor, 4GB of RAM, the same 12MP rear camera that’s found on the glorious Nexus 6P, and it will also run the latest version of Android. For more speculation and rumors, check out our full HTC One M10 rumor roundup linked below.

So, what are your thoughts? Are you liking what you see so far, or do you think HTC is going in the wrong direction with this one? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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  • Arkham Knight

    Samsung Galaxy M10

    • cdm283813

      No; it’s the Samsung iPhone Galaxy M10.

  • Shellyman 8K

    Good bye HTC…

    • Alex Lin

      Don’t forget to take this with a grain of salt. HTC could unveil something way different than this.
      Also, the picture looks fake. Some things like the home button look pretty blurry compared to the rest of the phone, and there’s a rectangle around the home button that has no reflection. Not to mention that the screen is blurred out for some reason.

  • David Nowicki

    That’s seriously the new M10 ? WTF HTC ? That doesn’t look like the M7,
    M8, or M9 one bit. Looks like a cheap Samsung clone. Wow HTC extremely
    disappointed, they are capable of so much better, not copy cats. I am actually completely shocked here, like no way would I have expected HTC to release the “Galaxy One S10”. I was worried the One M10 would be an iPhone 6S clone, never thinking it would be the Samsung Galaxy clone, wow. That Samsung looking home button is pathetic, never liked it on any of the Galaxy phones, much prefer Android phones with no front buttons at all, the clean look of Nexus phones or the HTC One M series.

    • Davi Jones

      Dude just relax lol

    • Mark

      It’s fake

  • Evangelos Aktoudianakis

    Personally – by now, for me, Android phones appeal to me based on both design and software. HTC’s software is one of the best I’ve ever experienced. Samsung – well, I’ve rooted all my Samsung phones.
    If I were to choose between two similarly looking chassis, one sporting HTC software and the other one sporting Samsung software, my choice would be easy :)

  • S Dot

    No front-facing speakers?…… of the top selling points for HTC?…I’m continuously reminded why I gave up on them after my M8

    • TheDeity ?

      The vast majority of consumers don’t care about speakers.

      I do, as I own an One M9, but I know the average smartphone consumer could care less about it.

      • S Dot

        Where’s your data on this “vast majority”? If you don’t have any, please keep the conjecture to yourself.

        Also, is it something that would hurt them as they try to differentiate themselves? They’ve spent a lot of money an that was their one thing they did better than anyone else…

        I’ve sold cellphones before and I can tell you that things like the standout features really matter when it comes down to purchasing time. Music streaming is a big thing these days so I’d really like to see the “vast majority” data that says consumers wouldn’t be influenced by top notch front facing speakers.

        • TheDeity ?

          Take a look around you. All you see is iPhones and Samsungs.

          Not saying that my statement is correct or absolute fact, or you’re wrong, but the sells speak for themselves. Boomsound isn’t as much as a selling point as it was before, even if the speakers are the best on the market.

          I do agree that HTC needs something to differentiate themselves and the speakers, while they’re a good idea, is played out and they need something else.

          You’re absolutely correct. Music streaming is big, and I think HTC was on to something with the inclusion of 24 bit audio on the A9 and it should definitely be in the M10, AND it should have Boomsound front firing speakers in my opinion.

          There’s only so much debate I can do with you since you sell the phones themselves, and YOU’LL KNOW. You’re the expert.

          • PaulC

            Wait, you think Boomsound (TM), with those big speaker grilles on the front of the phone, isn’t much of a selling point, but you think 24-bit audio is? I guarantee you 95% of phone buyers don’t have a clue what “24-bit audio” is. And I bet 99.9% couldn’t tell the difference.

          • TheDeity ?

            It’s a marketing gimmick that people will eat up. Like, in my opinion, the Edge screen on the Galaxy S6.

            It’s something that people consistently use, earphones, that’ll make their lives better.

            Now as an M9 owner, I’ll take the speakers of course. But it isn’t selling phones. Just that lone feature.

          • sp

            I actually agree with you. Some people like stereo speakers but the majority don’t really care. HTC managed bring in more income from the A9 than it did with M9 although it didn’t take them over the red line to make a profit.

            you don’t blame manufactures who make their phones look like iphones because the majority want that and they have proven it with the A9.

          • Mischievous Tay


          • Gabi Dipla

            The iPhone sells because of the IOS and Samsung is not doing so hot for a few years now. Motorola Haa front firing speakers on their flagship and also the last two Nexus phones had them. I’m pretty sure that the next Nexus will have them too, so I think they are an important feature to have. HTC have no real strategy at this moment, they just try different things and see what sticks. I bet this phone won’t change their fortune…

          • retrospooty

            Samsung consistently sells more phones than anyone including Apple and they make billions in profit every quarter. The only thing “not so hot” is that they arent making quite as much $$$ as they made in recent years, but there are still more Samsungs sold than any other phone every year, consistently. HTC sells almost nothing. Just saying.

          • Gabi Dipla

            Well, Samsung released more than 20 models every year for the last 5years or so, Apple just 2 in recent years. Also, no other OEM’s has the market so well covered like Samsung, so it’s normal they sell more. But their market share has constantly shrunken in the last 3years or so and the trend is likely to continue. Big companies like Samsung care very much about this thing, and they realise they will have to make major changes to break the trend. After all, Nokia used to be the absolute market leader only a few years ago…

          • retrospooty

            OK, look at HTC sales of their front facing speaker models. Almost none… In fact it appears they are dropping it. It’s not being dropped because everyone wants it, believe me.

          • Ichibanmugen

            Marketing gimmick or not there have been polls online and/or just read the first comment and see how many people upvoted it.

            The fact that Apple and Samsung didn’t embrace it doesn’t make it a niche requirement. When you read the reviews on HTC units and some Motorola handsets people really embraced the Stereo front facing speakers. Now that HTC (by this leak) seems to have got rid of it they’re actually removing whatever they had that was good from the rest of the crowd.

            Sony probably has the best build phones but their prices are sky rocket high and still they’re not dominating the mobile markets.

            Now that people have large LCD/plasma/OLED screens in their houses. would you go back to the old bulky CRT TV’s?

        • retrospooty

          ACtually they did a poll on one of these Android fansites a few months back. The lowest rated feature cared about was sound… so, yeah. Obviously some people like it and would miss it greatly but the vast majority dont care about hte difference between dual front speakers or one rear or bottom. Why? They dont listen to music on it, or when they do its via bluetooth or headphones. What you lose with 2 front facing speakers is a small phone/screen ratio. The One M7,8,9 have HUGE bezels and for someone that doesnt care about speakers it makes it a lousy phone.

          • S Dot

            Who is “they”? Also, least important doesn’t equal not important. One is a relative term and the other absolute. Furthermore, I just posted above about an Android sites poll showing about 80% of 9,000+ people who responded saying that speaker experience was important to some degree.. with most saying it was very important

          • retrospooty

            and, actual sales tell you a very different story. If most people wanted it, most people would buy it… They simply arent.

          • S Dot

            Yet again..poor analysis.. The top rated answer was “Very important, but I would consider other phones as well”.. see taking the time to actually understand what data tells you is important.. What this means is exactly what your poll seems to infer.. It’s important but not the most important..Heck.. Apple has lagged in several features when compared to Android.. does that mean no one cared about widgets, copy and paste, pull down notifications, et al?

            We all have our personal opinions.. that doesn’t mean it’s a good representation of objective reality

          • retrospooty

            You are still confusing your preference with what most people care about. The end result is simple, if it were important enough people would buy phones with it. The only major phone to have it is the HTC One series and it hasn’t sold well. In fact, as obvious in the article above even HTC is dumping it so now almost no phones will have it. How is that a popular feature? Again, remember this thread is not saying some people don’t use and love it, or that its a bad feature, just that its not important to most people. Most people use bluetooth or headphones when listening to music via their phone. Its really not complicated.

          • S Dot

            So again.. I’m not the one confusing anything.. I’ve used actual data.. you’ve used none.. There was a time when Samsung refused to build an aluminum bodied phone when HTC had it.. If this conversation was happening at that point you’d say.. “See no one cares”.. Now you’d say.. “oh well people DO care!”.. This is why I keep talking about actual data analysis instead of your conjecture.. two polls when taken together support my thoughts that speakers are actually important but not the most important.. As someone who builds technology every day I know firsthand that you’re always balancing priorities.. there are plenty of features you know your customers care about but maybe it would cost you too much, limits a business strategy that makes you more revenue or it would limit your ability to knock out a more important feature so you don’t build it that way.. none of that means it’s not important to customers.. The point is this.. Technology isn’t a perfect representation of every single “very important” feature.. some are very important but not deal breakers.. some are not going to make a top ten list of most important things but of you don’t have them you’ll lose big (imagine Facebook without a logout button, few people logout of the app but when it’s not there when you need it…)… Anyway.. Enough of this.. Believe what you will

          • retrospooty

            Math disagrees with you and you seem to be in denial about what is happening right in front of you. I get that you like it. If I listened to music on my phone without bluetooth or headphones I would too, but most people dont, its that simple. Let me ask you this, since front facing dual speakers is important to you, what is your next phone going to be?

      • I do care about speakers. The vast majority of consumers I know do too.

        • retrospooty

          I dont think they do care about dual front facing speakers, otherwise they wouldnt be buying so many phones without it. Very few phones have it, like HTC One series and they do not sell well at all.

          • Phantom240

            They sell poorly because the standout features of HTC phones aren’t strong enough to carry the otherwise mediocre staples such as battery life and camera. I love my M9’s speakers, but if they had created a phone with better battery life and a decent camera, it would have sold much better. The life of the M9 is adequate, but nothing special. The camera is a hot mess though.

          • retrospooty

            There have been many phones over the past several years that have had front facing speakers. None of them have sold well. I am not saying is a bad feature, I am not saying it’s useless. In fact if you use it and like it,then it is a great feature. all I am saying is that most people don’t care about it and that is why you don’t see it on very many phones

          • Mischievous Tay

            Front facing speakers matters, if paired with other good features. It’s good to have. The problem is camera and battery life comes first for most people. And also, front facing speakers phones are primarily from HTC and Sony, which sucks at marketing.

          • It doesn’t have to be dual front facing speakers. It just needs to sound good. Example: iPhone’s mono speakers sound better and deeper than Xperia Z3 Compact’s front-facing stereo speakers.

          • Mischievous Tay

            Don’t agree, iPhone’s speakers sounds horrible,

          • OK, they sound horrible to you. But they’re definitely better than most phones’ speakers (e.g. LGs, Sonys, Samsungs)

          • Mischievous Tay

            Totally wrong, Xperia has far better speakers then iPhone. Everyone I knows whom played music agrees on this, if you think iPhone speakers are better then Sony, there’s something wrong with your ears.

          • If you think Xperia speakers are better than iPhone, there’s something wrong with your ears.

          • Mischievous Tay

            There is nothing wrong my ears, I was in the music industry, and so far over 100 of musicians I known from symphonic orchestra to folk to J-Pop all agrees that iPhone has lousy speakers while HTC and Sony has the best. If you think there’s something wrong with my ears, it’s means yours is the one that’s wrong. Layman don’t come and argue with professional musicians over audio quality. Our ears and at least 10 times better then yours.

          • 手機聖人

            Totally agree. This Nizar fellow must be deaf to say you are wrong. I played in a orchestra before and know friends whom are in bands and we all agree it’s either HTC or Sony. Apple, LG and Samsung’s speakers all sounds horrible. Anyone whom knowns how to appreciate good music would like Xperia and One over Galaxy and iPhone.

          • 手機聖人

            There is nothing wrong with his ears, everyone I knows whom plays music agrees that iPhone has loud but lousy speakers while Xperia and One have the best speakers. Only people whom are half deaf likes the loud iPhone speakers.

          • I play music instruments and still got perfectly functioning ears. So obviously your statement isn’t true. I much prefer iPhone 6S’ speakers than Xperia Z3 speakers because the latter sound thin and weak, while the former has got more depth to it.

          • 手機聖人

            You are 100% wrong. End of debate. We are all professionals. Z3 is way better.

          • Suuureee. You sound very scientific with your opinions and your nonexistent so-called friends’.

          • Mischievous Tay

            I am sure his friends all exists, because I also know people in music industry and we all agree the same thing. You are just unable to take the true that you are 100% wrong.

          • Phone Master X

            My friends all exists, maybe your instruments don’t, that I am not sure, but my friends sure does.

          • If you’re talking about the sound quality over headphones or bluetooth streaming, then I will agree that Xperias and HTCs sound better than the newer iPhones. But if you’re saying that Xperias’ loudspeakers sound better and deeper than iPhones’… That’s just a profoundly maddening fanboy delusion.

          • Phone Master X

            No, they don’t sound deeper, they sound better. They are clearer, more natural with more true to original and has less noise. The stupid iPhone speaker distort the music and the only things that sounds good from it are rock and metal, everything else sounds bad from iPhone speakers because it’s distorted. It’s like the audio version of Samsung’s cameras and screens, oversaturated and unnatural, looks nice to layman but looks distorted and ugly to real photo takers,.

    • The-Sailor-Man

      The front-facing speakers are the biggest BS-gimmick EVER.

      Why the TVs don’t have front-facing speakers anymore? Even if most of the ppl don’t use sound systems.
      Shall I start again to explain you the law of the acoustic?

      • Except that this is different. A speaker on the back, and especially on the bottom of the phone, is easy to accidentally block. Ones on the front aren’t.
        Other than that, TVs most likely abandoned them to allow for thinner bezels, because my old TV with them sure had a hell lot better audio quality than my new one (although a lot worse in every other way).

        • S Dot

          To add to this.. Most people don’t sit in the privacy of their own home and use headphones.. They also don’t usually share videos or audio through headphones.. so speakers can be important.. people don’t carry around surround sound for their phones (outside of some expensive headphones)

          • retrospooty

            Most people when in “the privacy of their own home” arent using their phone speakers to play music. They are using their home system, or if using the phone, going through much larger speakers via bluetooth or the audio jack. Why is this so difficult for you? Again, the key here is “most people” and that part seems to be eluding you.

        • sjesudasan

          And to add one more point… TVs have relatively powerful speakers that get loud enough to fill the room, But in mobile phones, having stereo speakers on the front will give you much better volume than the one with speaker on the back. I own nexus 6p and LG g3, with Nexus 6p I can watch YouTube videos without earphones, while in LGG3 its hard to follow what the guy says…

          • The-Sailor-Man

            See my answer !.

        • The-Sailor-Man

          You could accidentally block the front speakers too. Big deal?
          BTW have you heard about ‘acoustic box’.
          With small front speakers on TV and especially on smartphone’s micro speakers you can’t emulate ‘acoustic box’.
          You get nothing but tweeters.

          • Yes, accidentally blocking them is a big deal. I currently have a OnePlus Two with the speaker on the buttom of the phone, and I’ve had a S5 with it on the back, both which I’ve accidentally blocked a few times.
            The way I hold my phone, at least, has no risk of blocking the speakers…
            Oh and my sister has a One M8 and the speakers are epic for being a phone, so I’m not just making this up.

    • rolf

      BoomSound! Dual front facing speakers, is quietly brilliant. Well, the management of HTC has been slow suicide a couple of years now, and this will be the final chapter of the business.

    • S Dot

      For those below who are discounting the importance of speakers to consumers, I tried to post this last night and I don’t see the comment anymore.. but I’m posting a recent 2015 poll on it

      Also, the LG G5 is going all in on its sound experience.. so there’s that..

      I’m posting the link separate because I’m thinking it was deleted for linking to another Android site

    • Charlie

      Maybe it’s just my phone but I have the m9 and the speakers suck compared to other phones my wife has an iPhone and we’ll both be listening to music and hers is much louder and more clear than mine

      • Mischievous Tay

        It’s just loud, not clear. The iPhone speakers is loud but sounds lousy. I am in Music, I know.

  • Da_James

    Just call it the HTC A10 and be done with it. The M line should have front facing stereo speakers.

  • charlie Jason

    Calm down people. At least the side bezels are slim and the corner curves are pretty good looking. No one mentioned the welcome absence of HTC logo band in the front either. And we can expect some metal on the back too.

  • basejumpbr

    Looks like a Galaxy…

  • David M Hunsinger

    I don’t really care that the front looks a bit like a Samsung, nor that boomsound is gone, what I don’t like here is that from the front you can’t tell that it’s an HTC device. Atleast put some kind of logo on the front..

    • Mark

      *SMMACK*….no stinking logos please!

      • David M Hunsinger

        It looks like an iPhone mixed with a galaxy s5

    • Chauntella Stephanie Brown

      That’s would be the time people would start complaining even more! According to the majority of smartphone users, they hate “tramp-stamps” on devices.

  • Mail carrier

    Why the hell didn’t they keep Boomsound, add a removable battery & SD card support like everyone has been bitching about since the S6 came out? HTC could have been the heroes of the cellphone world, now they’re the zeroes. I don’t expect HTC to be around much longer if this is the best they can come up with.

  • Mark

    This picture is a fake and you all are falling for it…..smh. Look closely at it. It’s photoshopped and compare it to the last leak he dropped that he was so adamant about it being the design. His sources are messing with him and he is messing with us. His HTC leak track record hasn’t been too reliable lately, why believe him now???

  • Mark

    Things that show fake….no volume or power buttons, looks totally different from the last “leak”, there is a faint box around the inserted home button area, the top is clearer than the bottom, the screen…too many inconsistencies in the picture.

    • Eric Xu

      If only it was fake. The ‘faint box’ around the home button is just lighting. Same goes for the top being clearer than the bottom. The volume rocker is on the right, and the ridged power button is below it. It’s not very clear, but if you zoom in, you’ll see them. Either this is a really good photoshop, or it’s real.

      • Mark

        lighting does not do those things and there are no buttons. explain the drastic difference from last week’s leak??

        • Eric Xu

          Look at the right side, the buttons are there (but slightly obscured due to the camera angle). The thing is obviously a dummy unit since the screen is matte, but it’s a real photo nevertheless. The rectangle around the home button is probably just sticky tape or something, btw.

          • Mark

            believe what you will, but this is not the true M10.

    • PaulC

      I think the “faint box” is a reflection of the phone taking the picture. And if you look at the detail on the table you can see that the focus is a bit off near the bottom. The screen is obviously obscured, not sure why but that doesn’t seem like an issue. Like Eric Xu said, you can see the volume buttons, and to a lesser extent the power button, on the right hand side if you zoom in. The only “inconsistency” I see is that the home button is a different shape than the leaked photo of the black version.

    • jasonlowr

      Keep telling that to yourself. This is obviously real

  • Tony Tone

    I’m really disappointed. Not sure I will take my one4life free upgrade on this, keep my M9.

  • Jeán Hubbard


    The CEO and designers need to be fired for that garbage.

    • Tony Tone

      Could they be this out of touch?

  • Ronnie Brewer

    it’s good

  • Mit Shah

    it looks like an iphone and a galaxy had coitus and produced this crap…

  • Silver Dynamite

    seriously wth is this? It isn’t even like an iPhone and is like a Galaxy!

  • Balaji Ramanujam

    No.. Not liking the design.. This was the only thing htc had going for it and now this is lost too..

  • Let’s call it HTC One Jay Leno

  • Marty

    Looks promising. Might be the best HTC device in years.

  • The-Sailor-Man

    If this leak is true, this will be the last HTC phone. RIP

  • T.J.

    I really hope this isn’t real. The home (I won’t call it a button because it looks the same style “button” as on the OnePlus Two) key isn’t even centered between the screen and the bottom bezel. It looks ridiculous.

  • Todd Simmons

    Without front-facing speakers nothing about this phone stands out! HTC is just doing worse and worse as time goes by. I like the htc phones I’ve had in the past but I started to give up on HTC a little. If they made the One M9+ an international phone they might be doing better by now. I think they can come back from disaster but they need to work fast.

    • The-Sailor-Man

      The front-facing speakers are the biggest BS-gimmick EVER
      Have you heard about ‘acoustic box’?
      With small front speakers on TV and especially on smartphone’s micro speakers you can’t emulate ‘acoustic box’.
      You get nothing but tweeters.

      • Todd Simmons

        If a phone ever get an “acoustic box” I would be one of the first ones to sell on of my kidneys to get it LOL An acoustic box on a phone is a great idea but any kind of front-facing speakers is better than back or bottom facing speakers. Phone’s out-going external audio could still get better so the world is going to have to wait and see what’s done for mobile external audio.

  • Shred

    That’s so sad. They copied the Samsung type of look. Which I personally feel looks terrible.

  • Ferro

    People who can’t shut up about the boom sound speakers missing from the M10 it might have even better and louder speaker/s but not in the form of front facing

    • Chris

      Clearly you never used a htc phone

  • Ferro

    I want the m10 over any phone ?

    • Haik

      Why? is it Motorola RAZR V3 ? Jk :D

  • b

    Front- Samsung, back- iPhone, no boomsound- HTC are officially dead…

  • Haik

    Very bland looking device, looks like some Samsung A series phone. Nothing left of that legendary and unique HTC design, that made ppl consider an Android phone before going straight for an iPhone.
    So very dumb of HTC to gave up uniqueness over some generic and bland features.

  • Abhinav

    Quite inconsistent as compared to the previous allegedly leaked black M10 by evleaks himself.
    White one looks longer and even has a wider oblong fingerprint scanning button compared to the black one! Worth to wait for the official launch than falling for such leaks….

  • Noel

    Nothing striking to see here. The face looks just like any other cheap $200 Chinese device. Let’s wait and see if these images are for real cuz I think we expect more from HTC.

  • Goran

    This time samsung made htc flagship…revamped bigger alpha. Propably with the same destiny….htc should just stop producing phones while so ocupied with vr. No focus, no idea, no taste. Nothing.

  • faddy

    htc needs to go back to it’s roots and not be like samsung or apple. Who remembers the original htc desire? they need to remake it with specs of today.

  • Jamie Sanger

    HTC Galaxy 6 Plus. Did they make an Edge version too?
    I have had m7 -> m8 -> m9 (current) and this device in the image follows exactly zero of the design principles of a one range. Maybe only just a bit from the one Max range (home button). That looks like an all glass front, no boomsound, possibly still alloy unibody but it just looks like zte copied iPhone and Samsung galaxy. Its can’t be a one range and I’m really disappointed that they haven’t continued it.

  • Martyn Wright

    I have the m9. The sound is great. The software is some of the best on android. Having owned iphones, galaxy phones, and a nexus5, the HTC is the best overall experience. They need to retain the decent sound, and improve the screen and camera, and include a decent fingerprint scanner, as that is where the iphone and Samsung’s have taken there phones forward. As for the design, I like the HTC one m9, and personally all I would do to improve on that would be to reduce the black bezel size.

  • Chris

    Such a shame they got rid of the boomsound speakers

    • The-Sailor-Man


  • Robin George

    People are so stupid and freaking biased
    We can’t have the best of both worlds… But when lg or OnePlus or other innovating plus cheap companies strives to deliver a smartphone having most of the stuff for a reasonable price… These freaking Samsung and apple fans down other’s by saying… Faults like bad ui etc etc…. These people are like crocodiles… They won’t let another company have the crown… Although their own company is out of ideas and making stupidest of the phones ever… (changing design in s6, change in dimension of iphone, getting the best camera Sensor from sony(not their own innovation or something)) this is all what these company has done in the past 2 years nothing else(stupid water (s7) protection which was copied from older sony devices–this is innovation? What the freak is there to rave about this?) … Still they think these mediocre additions is greater than others helpful and innovative additions like LG’s camera plus battery mount able cover, highfy DAC for superior superb sound output,, superb front camera, superb control over video and camera mode, freaking removable battery in previous devices, OnePlus has providedd super cheap phones, etc…
    Still they think that Samsung and iPhone is superior which fools them with their stupid devices…

    • Chris

      Clam. Down

  • saksham

    it looks like an s5 -_-

  • Derek

    This is a doctored image for sure.

    What if HTC’s reason for delaying the M10 is because they actually have 2 or 3 designs in mind? It could be possible that these leaks are an attempt to see what everyone’s true reactions would be to drastic changes. Then, after getting our true opinions, they go with the design that best meets what the market wants. It also gives them a bit of time to see the market’s reaction to Samsung and LG’s new phones and then adapt changes to the M10 before a final release.

    HTC never said front facing speakers were gone.

    Everything right now is pure speculation based on a very low quality, blurry image of a phone that may or may not be the M10.

    The media and bloggers have all been sheep following these rumors. All it is at this point is thin air. No substance or fact or proof.

    I think if HTC is really holding out and allowing these leaks or even feeding these leaks to get our true reactions, then it is a clever idea. Dangerous, but clever.

    People may make up their minds before even seeing the “real” M10 and go with Samsung or LG based on leaks and speculation. Shame on them for being foolish. At least wait for an OFFICIAL image from HTC of the M10 before making a choice.

    I will wait for the real M10.

    • jasonlowr

      Lol. Think that to yourself. These phones are usually in mass production at least a few months before they officially launch it. It is what it is. You think a company can “just change” a design in 2 months time? Lol

      • Derek

        They would not have to halt everything and “change” production like you said if they haven’t even started yet. And they haven’t started mass production. They won’t hit markets until May! That is 2 and a half months away still. How long do you think it takes for them to make a phone? Not that long at all. Once they have the design settled on and everything geared up to go, the can do thousands in a day. It’s not some week or months long process to produce a phone. Many of the parts are ready to go, they just need to assemble.

        I truly believe both images are fakes. I think HTC will include front speakers. None of the leaked information ever said they were doing away with the speakers. If they don’t include them on the M10, I’m sure a month or two later they will have a premium version available like they did with the M9.

        Wait for the real truth before jumping ship or not.

  • Kathleen DiAngelo

    The two front speakers were the best part of their design and a.big reason I.choose the M8. I think they are making a mistake in dumping them.

  • M42

    Looks like my A9.

  • Ferro

    Both phone’s fingerprint scanners differ from each other so I will not take either of the leaks serious. Only if the M10 gonna be as reliable and fast as my m8 I will buy 1 with closed eyes

  • OBoi

    Why does the screen look fake, its not symmetrical at all?

  • Canh Antoszyk

    What wrong with the edges of the screen look very closely at the bottom corners

  • Shemploo

    This image looks really odd, at least to me. – Look at the bottom edge of the screen, the shadow seems to be casting at about 8 o’clock direction, the left edge edge it seems to be casting at about 10/11 o’clock.

    It could be that it’s just the result of a blur being applied to the screen, non the less, it looks odd to me.

    Plus why blur the screen? does it have some sort of branding or identifiable information itself? I don’t think I’ve ever seen a device do that?

  • King_Android

    Nobody trully wants this crap. Bring on the HTC Nexus we are hearing rumors on. Tall and skinny like their phones in the past. I use to love HTC but now, they seem to not get it. I dont understand how they just dont get it. And now they are copying Sammy and Apple in their designs schemes.

  • Man1

    Why would HTC make a flagship that looks like an old iPhone? People buying the new iPhone 7 will be mainly existing iphone users. I’m an existing HTC user and I don’t want an iPhone I want a HTC! I want BoomSound, sense and distinguishable design not this shit. This has to be the most stupid smartphone maker around presently. Bye HTC!

  • martynalexandro

    I rather have the Boomsound of my M9 and M7… Those timy damm speakers sound GREAT!

  • Tim Shillington

    Dual stereo speakers was going to bring me back (M7, M8, LG G4) but I’m very disappointed. How did they manage to mess up again!!!???

  • csnack

    Like some others have said, it’s true that the most popular/sold phones are by Samsung and Apple and those don’t typically have these front-facing speakers like the One lineup thus far. If this leak is real then probably what HTC has in mind is that they know and expect to lose some customers – namely the M7, 8 and 9 owners who loved and can’t live without BoomSound, such as myself – but they hope they will gain more customers than they lose – namely the Samsung and Apple croud who may now consider going for an HTC phone for their next upgrade. I mean if this leak is real then that must be their train of thought and hope, especially since those who haven’t experienced BoomSound would not know/care what they’re missing and may thus be more likely to warm up to this M10. And while BoomSound is totally dope, there probably IS a larger number of users who listen through earphones than those who use the phone’s speakers and they are who HTC would be catering to with this leaked M10 design. That would put me in the minority then, as even though I have some great IEMs I don’t always want to put them in in order to hear great sound every time I open a YouTube link. Great sound on the fly from the front speakers is dope and now I pretty much refuse to go without it in my new phone. I’m a current M7 owner for the last 2+ years and it’s been a badass phone all around with the camera leaving a bit to be desired. I am now eligible for the 2yr contract upgrade discount via Sprint. I’ll not be getting the M10 if this leak proves real, but I’ll likely just get the M9 before it vanishes and have my BoomSound and a phone that’s a little better than my current M7 and just use that for a few years or whatever. But, since the M10 release is right around the corner, I’ll be waiting for an official release/confirmation of the M10 specs before spending my upgrade on the M9. That’d be the smart thing to do.

  • Mark Washington

    Both leaks are fake they both look different

  • Tim Kelly

    Has anyone else noticed that the first leaked image of the black version differs slightly from this second leaked image of the white iteration? First, the fingerprint scanner home button seems to be more of an oval-shape on the white version than on the black version. Second, the top speaker grill is thinner and longer on the white version. Third, the set of sensors on the white version is above the speaker grill and on the black version it looks like they might be below it given that the green light is below and on the white version there’s no sign of anything like that being below the speaker grill. Just a few observations. Thought it was a little sketchy considering the pictures weren’t leaked too far apart from one another.

    • csnack

      True, but I suppose it’s possible that HTC intends to release the M10 in, say, black and white and with each color having slightly different aesthetics, but otherwise the same phone. I think I’ve seen something like that before in other types of products. Don’t know what sense that would make for HTC to do that here, but it would be the only explanation – if those leaks are legit, that is.

  • BlackStratCat

    I bought my M8 for the SD slot and the speakers. I still use the SD card all of the time but the speakers… not so much… BTW, I still love my M8 and will not upgrade for a while. Android for life…