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A couple of days ago, HTC unveiled its new One A9 smartphone, which marked quite a few changes from the company’s long running One line-up of products. As well as new hardware and software features, the HTC One A9 is also a change in direction from a design standpoint, which sounds like it will become the norm for future HTC devices.

HTC North Asia President Jack Tone said today at the Taiwan launch of the One A9 that its new design language will be extended to the company’s future premium M series of smartphones, along with the affordable Desire range. HTC is pinning hopes on a more fashionable look for both its high-end and mid-tier devices, to help turn around its dwindling smartphone revenues.

“Starting with the One A9, our design language will enter a different and fashionable phase,” – Jack Tong, president of HTC North Asia

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The HTC One A9 features a full metal unibody design like the One M series, but has a much more rounded look and a flat back this time around.

HTC has been struggling to maintain sustainable profits for a number of quarters and recently crashed out of the TWSE 50 Index. The company posted a quarterly loss of NT$4.48 billion ($138 million) in Q3, after revenue fell to just NT$21.4 billion ($658 million) from NT$41.9 billion ($1.29 billion) in the same period a year earlier. Despite featuring competitive hardware, many believe that similarities between the One M8 and M9 meant that the handset failed to grab consumer attention. Perhaps this is the issue that HTC’s smartphone redesign plans aim to address.

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HTC One A9 first impressions: trying some new things

October 20, 2015

Do you believe that HTC’s focus on features and design over raw performance with the One A9 will win over consumers?

Robert Triggs
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  • Пешо Пешев

    Features? WHAT features? A9 is just mid-range phone with standard amount of features and insane price tag…

    • J G

      Whats doesnt make it a top line phone? the fact that it doesnt sport the new snapdragon 820 is the only issue i see. You get alot for just $400. If you want something with good specs, ok build quality for less than $400 go with the nexus 5x

      • Derek923

        plastic build quality

        • J G

          yeah hate that about the nexus 5x

      • Пешо Пешев

        Or ZTE Axon Pro… Or Moto X… Or at least 10 other models with SD 808 or 810… In fact there are so many better models that only fucking idiots will buy A9 for such high price…
        A9 is not bad model, but price tag must be no more than $329 for 32gb version- in $400 range every other model is better…

        • J G

          apples and oranges. Lets see axon with marshmallow, and moto x with a full aluminum unibody. plus 12 moths of free ADH insurance and 15 day os updates. seems pretty well priced for $400. all about what you value more…

        • King_Android

          But you also gets HTC customer service along with it and tbh blows any other phone manufacturers warranty/customer service out the window. Especially MOTO or Samsung.

          • J G

            thats exactly what i just replied below just now lol

          • King_Android


        • Xchris

          Don’t even think of comparing the a9 to those other phones. They are just bricks. Nobody mentions that design actually costs money and people are prepared to pay for that. A good design is worth more to most people than the latest specs.

          • Пешо Пешев

            HTC & design in one sentence- how dumb shit are you??? GO FUCK YOURSELF… If you can’t it’s no problem- give me an address, I’ll send 2 big negros to fuck you hard…

          • Xchris

            Seriously. What kind of a prick are you. I’ll take that as you admitting your stupid ignorance you racist fuck.

  • As a HTC M9 user I really think that to be successfull HTC must split its products in two: low-cost ones to go head to head with the Moto G, Idol 3 and the Chinese entry and mid conterparts and high-end premium to compete with the flagships.

    Right now HTC is focusing on premium. Most users don’t buy expensive flagships or expensive mid-rangers (like the A9 wich has mid specs in a premium body).

    Another issue is the fact that they haven’t released officially in Europe and in the USA phones like the E9+ or M9+ that are really flagships that can go head to head with the best of the best out there.

    I really like the M9. It’s a great phone that I’ve got after all the software updates so I have no issues with heating and battery life. It runs smooth unlike other Android flagships that have memory and software issues and need constant restarts. I really see HTC as the iPhone of Andoid. I also love the Themes and that was a big reason for me to go with the M9 (I was a Sony Ericsson and Nokia user before). It’s old fashion and it works great without sporting the best specs out there – specs that Android users love even if some are just marketing – like using 2k in a 5″ screen and you see the difference vs. a FHD only if you use a magnifier glass. The bad part of this is that Android phone makers don’t have the hardcore fans of Apple. Today you can have a HTC and in two years a Samsung or LG. That’s because Apple is the only phone maker that uses iOS. So HTC must take also in consideration those aspects if they want to be with us 2-3 years from now…

    • Пешо Пешев

      I hope that you are gay and have no heirs- we don’t need another stupid fuck like you…

      • Troll…You are just frustrated. Get a life and leave people alone especially when you have nothing intelligent to say…

        • Пешо Пешев

          go to suck dicks, dumb fag…

    • King_Android

      I actually totally agree with you. I love HTC but had to pass on the M9 because of it being so similar to my M8. I just recently went to the S6 Edge for Samsung Pay alone but its not worth it and I honestly miss my M8. If this was the M10 or had the A9 design with updated specs I would get this easily over the 6P that I am no debating on getting.

      • Well, the best way to upgrade is not yearly but at 2 or 3 years. I have a 2 year contract with my M9 so after a maximum of 3 years I will upgrade. I prefer a flagship at 2 or 3 years instead of buying an upper mid-ranger every year. Those are my needs. Others may upgrade more often or very rarely.

  • Marc Perrusquia

    Does this mean Boomsound is dead?

    • Diego


    • Singkawang

      This is the mid-range.
      Expect the M10 with SD820 and similar design soon…

  • Asif Hasan

    Fashionable= Blatantly Copying the iPhone??? More like the end of a fashionable phase.

    • ‎‎

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    • Johan Fourie

      What the hell are you on about? This is the evolution of the M7 all the way through to the M8. If anyone copied the design, it’s Apple.

      • J G

        everyone forgets about the m7 lol

        • Johan Fourie

          It’s bloody ridiculous. A lot of tech sites also forgot about the M7 and branded the A9 as a Android version of the iPhone 6/6c.

          • J G

            yeah it kinda of pissed me off too. but at the end of the day all they did it was for click bait. nothing more. some websites i saw mentioned the m7 but that was like 1 though lol.

      • Diego

        m7 copied the iPhone 5

        • Hans Pedersen

          I’m sure people who’s never had functional eyes agrees 100% with you.

    • Stephane Chan

      Except it’s Apple who copied HTC One’s (M7) antenna design onto their iPhone 6/s. Get your facts right, M8.

      • STT

        Refer to the side of an iPhone 5. I do not think any company copied anyone up until the A9, how can it not look more like an iPhone 6 than a m7,m8,m9?

    • hate their crap

      Another piece of crap from htc, how surprising. Why don’t they just die already.

      • manohar

        I think they all ready dead, its just jombi style

  • M42

    Poor battery life will tank it.

    • J G

      that would be my only complaint with battery size. lets see the reviews before though. still betting it gonna suck

    • Singkawang

      Agree with you.
      How’s on earth they think 2000’s something mAH battery in 2015.

  • Andy

    Dont aim Iphone user’s, aim android user’s, doesn’t mean it looks like an Iphone it can substitute an Iphone.

    • Diego

      People want iPhone because it runs iOS

      • Xchris

        Most iPhone users don’t know what iOS is. I’m not joking either!

        • Andy

          Exactly, all they know is it’s the latest version I saw it on TV. Lol

  • Theo

    i want this phone soooo freakin bad! ? can y’all send me this phone? lmao

  • Hans Pedersen

    Nice to see then getting basic things like the finger print sensor location right, but why keep the big lip? It makes the phone longer and that makes an already big phone feel way too big. Apart from that, this actually looks really polished.

    • gmc262

      Agree, looks like a quality build but too much bezel for me.

  • a67543210

    The only way to effectively have a massive comeback is to do the way Samsung did. Repent and come full force, spec and design wise. Just coming full force on design alone wouldn`t cut it, unless you are Apple with a chunkable sheeple client base.

  • aaloo

    Man, this is not evolution of m7-m9 design. This is straight up copy of the iPhone 6/6s design. It’s ok. No need to hate. HTC is in dire circumstances right now and this will sell. I hope they sell a lot of these. Most consumers either want an iPhone or a phone that looks like the iPhone.