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It sure is neat having your phone secured with monthly updates, especially after the Stagefright vulnerability took the tech world by surprise. Preventive measures are key, and today one of the best looking Android smartphones is getting its share of security goodness.

The unlocked version of the HTC One A9 is currently getting the January security update. Those who haven’t received a notification to update should be able to pull it from the settings. Don’t worry too much if it takes a while, though. Remember these things can often roll out in stages.

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You will also be happy to learn that the security update is not coming alone. The Taiwanese manufacturer decided to pack in a bevy of bug fixes. We currently don’t know all the details on these improvements, but you likely won’t notice much of a difference from a user standpoint.

The HTC One A9 continues to be one of the best looking mid-range smartphones in the market, so it’s good to see constant updates continue to come through. Hit the comments to let us know if your update already arrived! Have you noticed any significant differences?


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  • The international version of the Note5 only has the November patch and its almost February. I’m getting an iPhone after this phone.

    • TheDude

      Or, you know, a nexus. (but that’s just my opinion, no hate)

    • jasonlowr

      I’m getting the s7

      • I’m getting a Note 6 lmao. Who am I kidding. I’ve had Notes for almost 6 years

        • jasonlowr

          6 years? Theyve only been around for 4 years+?

          • Correction almost 4 years sorry. I upgraded a year early from the Note 4

    • balcobomber25

      I am getting a Xiaomi, updates every Friday, costs half as much as Samsung.

      • Crap software though. Unless you want to root it

        • balcobomber25

          MIUI is infinite times better than TouchWhiz.

          • You retarded

          • balcobomber25

            Excellent comeback. Touchwhiz is one of the worst UI’s on Android. It’s full of bugs, full of bloatware and never updated.

          • Like I said. You’re retarded.

          • balcobomber25

            Like I said excellent comeback. You can’t offer anything of value so you resort to failed attempts at personal attacks.

  • jasonlowr

    What about ios9?

    • androidDude0923

      Sucks. On the iPad at the very least.

  • M42

    Midrange? It’s a far better phone than any of the so called top tier phones that are out there. I got one the first week they came out and it’s by far the best phone I’ve ever owned and that includes the two iPhones I’ve owned.

    • gg

      It’s a midrange phone: hardware and software wise.

      • androidDude0923

        Midrange software? Did u just make that up?

      • balcobomber25

        What is midrange software lol?

  • Karly Johnston

    Did anyone here actually buy one?

  • Tony Wallis

    I got my update on the weekend. It might be me but the camera is brighter and sharper.
    The HTC A9 is probably the best looking phone in the stores. easily the best phone I have ever had and that’s after looking at phones for 3 months before deciding. Very very happy. if only the masses knew how good it is.

    • Rob nuttz

      I agree 100%…i hope the next flagship follows the A9’s lead.

  • Rohit Chauhan

    I checked this morning. No updates in India yet.

  • Rob nuttz

    HTC One A9 (unlocked) … Been running 6.0.1 for over a month now and I get updates every month. Since it’s unlocked I don’t have to wait on AT&T to certify anything. I hope HTC’s next flagship continues these super fast updates. I’ll get an unlocked version for sure.

  • from562

    Kinda miss my a9 but the 5x is much smoother