HTC One 2014 video leaked

by: Robert TriggsMarch 3, 2014

HTC One 2014 leak

We’ve already seen our fair share of leaked images and rumors regarding HTC’s next flagship device, but this latest leak is the closest look yet that we’ve had at the new HTC One 2014. Some young scamp has managed to get his hands on a pre-release model of the handset, which we can only assume belongs to his parents, and has uploaded a video of his impressions.

The original video has been removed, but fortunately duplicates have been uploaded to Youtube. I hesitate to recommend that you sit through the whole 12 minutes of amateur footage, as I did. Instead, I’ll summarise the little pieces of information that can be gleaned from the video.

Just like the various leaked images that we’ve seen, the old and new versions of the One look very much alike. The video confirms that HTC has decided to move the buttons on screen, and the manufacturer also seems to have moved the light sensor, although that’s far less important. Software wise, the video offers us a look at a new update to HTC’s Sense UI and adjustments to Blinkfeed, the version number of which is “protected” in the settings menu. The source says Sense 6.6, but we can assume he means Sense 6. From what you can see in the video, functionality remains the same as previous versions.

HTC also appears to have made several changes to its camera app, and the camera’s quality receives a highly respectable “8.7”/10 from our reviewer. Beats audio and the popular dual speaker setup remain in the HTC One 2014, which the youngster attempts to confirm with a moving 2 second rendition of the classic “Soulja Boi”. Finally, unlike the original HTC One, the 2014 version appears to have an SD card slot, although this could just be a feature included for development purposes.

htc-one-2014-camera-back HTC One 2014 Blinkfeed HTC One 2014 side by side htc-one-2014 camera app

If you’d like to take a look at the features yourself, I’ve included the video below. There’s also another copy here, just in case it goes missing again.

Of course revealing such an important piece of hardware is bound to have repercussions, and the kid left plenty of clues with which to identity the unit in the video. HTC’s Communications Manager, Jeff Gordon, has already issued a stern warning to our leaker via Twitter, although the original comment seems to have gone AWOL. Bad news for the source, but the uproar makes this video seem legitimate.

What do you make of this brief look at HTC’s new flagship handset?

  • Mattya1989

    Glad to see HTC have included a Micro SD slot.

    • rubber chicken

      yes that was one of the reasons i went for a s4

      • Mattya1989

        same here :D

      • Kartik Tripathi

        And now your S4 Is half the price you bought it for :P
        That’s the reason I took my classy One!

    • Balraj

      Fingers crossed
      I hope the author is wrong about developer purpose

  • Mike Bastable

    someone is in big trouble for leaking this! HOWEVER the phone DOES look a lot better that the renders we have previously seen so HTC the leaker did you a favour really.
    Do you hear that strange quiet noise? (no not:…it is the beginning of a buzz surrounding the new One, so be happy and do slap the leaker too hard ok

  • HitokiriX

    If the final version has a micro sd, they will have gained my consideration. I have not purchased an HTC phone since the Touch Pro… I’m still having nightmares about that phone

    • Mike Bastable

      aren’t we all, awful

  • Hendri Cen

    You don’t watch the video,
    you just don’t,I dare you.

  • M3D1T8R

    I’m pretty sure the new One in fact does not have Beats Audio. Beats Music maybe, but that’s not the same. The good news: nobody who likes music cares about Beats Audio and it’s artificially increased bass. I have it on my DNA and shut it off after trying it for about one second with good headphones (ATH-M50). Of course the new One does still have dual front facing speakers, what HTC calls Boomsound, again not to be confused with Beats Audio.

    • Amine Elouakil

      Exactly, also the new One sounded louder and clearer than the previous one suprisingly, which means they enhanced everything most likely that is, because the song wasn’t played from the same source and probably don’t have the same compression rates and what’s not

  • chaki-

    If it has micro SD and a good battery, then this will be my new phone this year. Sense is actually good optimized and very battery friendly in my opinion. Finally i see some improvements in the HTC department :)

  • MasterMuffin

    This is why you don’t do this kind of stuff unless you know what you’re doing. Someone’s in big trouble (though the internet loves you ♥) :D

    • Tjaldid

      just like the Xbox 1 leak were the guys knew whose kid that was :D

      • MasterMuffin

        Oops :D

        • Tjaldid
          • MasterMuffin

            Yea I saw that, he realized he had fugged up and tried so hard xD

          • Amine Elouakil

            I feel sad for his parrents, I saw this yesterday, and the second I saw the IMEI and all the other info I was like this guy will have it hard

          • MasterMuffin

            I think they’ll get to keep their job, just no more prototypes for them!

          • Amine Elouakil

            Yes probably if his parents do the necessary and apology, although we are talking about the US of A, where worker protection/rights is not as strong as europe, and they can be fired for such a mistake but that is extrem imo

          • MasterMuffin

            It would give HTC too much bad reputation

          • Amine Elouakil

            indeed, it might start a shitstorm and some would want to ride on it

          • gommer strike

            Word on the street says one of their parents lost their job over this.

          • MasterMuffin

            Word on the street says that HTC One has 4K screen ;)

          • madmills92

            I was laughing so hard when it showed up, in truth though , how did he not know this would end in legal issues ?

          • madmills92

            Even shows his face in the camera hahaha

          • gommer strike

            It’s because it’s some kid who didn’t care or couldn’t be bothered. Well this is the reason why…when something’s private, oh hell it’s *private*.

          • Jeffry

            I think Jeff Gordon will give bad reputation to HTC if this case continues to a lawsuit..He is only a kid..common

          • Tuấn Ankh

            That would end up pretty bad for HTC. The company is already in a not very good shape…

  • Shark Bait

    Looks nice, any clues as to what the dual lenses do?
    That’s looks the most interesting bit

    • AussieGreek

      Apparently its to focus a picture after you’ve taken it.

    • Amine Elouakil
      • Shark Bait

        Yes I had read a similar article, sounds awesome.
        Biggest development since dual core phones came along !

        • Amine Elouakil

          If it delivers what it promises in theory, this is much more important than dual core CPU in my opinion, the image quality would be similar to what the boomsound is to smartphone sound quality

  • Luka Mlinar

    I personaly don’t find it better looking than the original but worse. But that’s just my opinion on the matter. The general problem on the phone is the size of the top/bottom bezels. They should have at least taken out the HTC bit.

    • Amine Elouakil

      I would have agreed with you when it came to renders, but the One is just a much more polished product especially with aluminium curved and the side, and no more plastic in between the aluminium back and the front pannel it’s all in one piece of metal (hence the more accentuated curved) not to mentioned ther brushed aluminium look, is much nice to the eye imo

  • Bishop

    It’s ok. Glad they added the the micro sd card option…. As an S4 owner, I still see no reason to upgrade to this, the S5, the G Pro 2 or the Sony. Mainly because the Snapdragon 805 cpu is coming out with the next batch of phones and hopefully, the QHD displays as well. I’ll gladly wait out 7 more months for the Galaxy Note 4 which I hope will include a QHD display.

    • Amine Elouakil

      The new One would offer a substansial upgrade for the sound, camera quality, built quality and smoothness, moving from the S4 or even worst from the S4 LTE-A to the S5 is not really justified (the S4 LTE-A and the S5 are almost identical)

      • Bishop

        While the HTC One has great speakers, I really don’t listen to much music or extended videos over the speaker phones to justify upgrading. While I’m sure the camera is great for a cell phone, that’s what I’ve come to realize. All these cameras are good for a smart phone but they don’t compare to the point and shoot cameras and they pale in comparisons to actual camcorders. The quality just doesn’t match up for me and those are points that will not motivate me to spend another $600. Although they are nice extra features. Same way as the 4k recording capabilities are a nice extra feature since 4K consumer camcorders are expensive at the moment.

        Built quality? Well, regardless of the design, I always put my phone in a case and with a screen protector, so I will barely notice the built quality, the screen is what I look at most of the time. After a year with the S4, I would like a larger screen and hopefully a QHD display.While it will bring a faster processor than my current S4, the Snapdragon 805 is right around the corner. I prefer to just wait than to settle with the Snapdragon 801.

        These batch of phones are great for people upgrading from older models, even from the phones that came out in the spring of last year. But at the same time, it doesn’t seem like these phones are a big improvement over the phones that came out last fall. I would just rather wait 7 more months and spend my money on the Note 4.

        • Amine Elouakil

          Like I said it depends on people needs, I don’t use my one to disturb people around with music, but on the other hand, when I use speaker, during conversation the phone audio really shines, it makes conference much easier and clearer, but that again is me so I will not go trough this

          As for the S805 you’ll have to wait at least 6 month from till you can buy a device using it, the first device to use will be most likely the LG G3, but my issue with the 805 is that it is the same as the S800 8X74AC with Arm-v7-a instruction sets, the only difference is on the GPU side (of course I’m talking about the S805 8X84AA) Qualcomm is a tough spot about the 805in the next 6 month every competitor will move on to the 64bit and Arm-v8, but I guess at the same qualcomm is not that worried because of it integrated solutions advantage and that even if the performance is slighly inferior to the competitor they will keep their market share

          • Bishop

            Yeah, I agree that the HTC One does have the best speakers and the best positioned speakers of any smart phone.

            As for the 805, by the point those new phones come out with that chip, Qualcomm will probably have something else prepared. But I think the advancements in the GPU of the 805 are worth the wait. At least for me at this point.

          • Amine Elouakil

            If you are in the Samsung ecosystem, and your upgrade is not due till a couple of month, then like you said it’s better to wait, the Note 4 will most likely have an S805 as the G3 and some other phones.

          • Bishop

            Thanks. Yeah, I’m leaving all my options open. I’m more into the android eco system than the Samsung one, plus I buy my phones up front and I’m not on an upgrade plan. So I will see what the other OEM’s will offer at that point, although the Note 4 is the most likely one.

            If I had to upgrade right now, I would highly consider the Oppo 7 though. It seems to be the phone that will deliver the higher specs, but we’ll see.

            Given the choice between the Galaxy S5 and the new HTC One, I may have given the M8 a shot, depending on the final reviews. Can’t help but be disappointed that Oppo may deliver what Samsung couldn’t with the S5.

  • gommer strike

    Aside from the incredibly annoying kid in the video…you don’t just flip the phone over, and go “oh whoops” and them block the IMEI sticker with your thumb. Stupid kid, you just cost one of your parents their job.

  • Saish Dabholkar

    Kid, you’re gonna have more problems than “copyright infringement…”

  • saud

    no finger print lock?, shit

    • turboguy

      really, finger print is not the next level of security
      A guy just kills you and jabs your finger to the phone he gets access compared to pin code where you stay alive ,Well for some more time ;P

  • tony solinan

    I like the design, and the looks of the new HTC one,or m8,or 1+,whatever they are going to call it,I am waiting until April, before I see what’s available, then I will decide what to go for!

  • phantomsofthedesert

    Really someone should tell this guy to give up. He is not a reviewer. maybe he should have written a script and follow it. he has really no idea what his saying.

  • Dan Hymer

    Is the notification light still just a piss ant attempt hidden behind a speaker grill?

  • Pobrecito hablador

    It’s a pitty they don’t include wireless charging.

  • friendster

    I’ll wait for the official review from Josh. I dont want to spoil the excitement.

  • Heisenberg

    It looks nice. I’m glad HTC has stuck to the design language of the original One. And poor kid :(

  • David Loman

    Looks like the kid was on drugs! Man… I got so desperate trying to follow the guy. He stutters every freaking second! I guess it’ll be worse when police shows up to his house

  • quina

    Dammit HTC. Why did you move to onscreen button, but leave that stupid black bar that do nothing but put your logo on???
    Waste the screen real estate. Waste bezel size. It effectively make the usable screen size less than the old HTC One, but making the phone bigger….

    I am disappointed HTC….

  • SeraZR™

    RIP his parents’ job

  • Steven Rodriguez

    Can anyone confirm for certain if the area between the right of the top speaker grill and the left of the camera is a light sensor or a new, larger notification LED?

  • tony solinan

    i am glad to see that it will have à micro SD card
    Slot,like the other Main Mobile makers!

  • tommy23

    I wonder about the battery on this new htc one.