The M8 is said to look “strikingly similar” to the HTC One

The HTC M8 could launch in late March at New York, says the plugged in @evleaks, but if you were expecting a brand new look, you’re in for a disappointment.

@evleaks has delivered accurate leaks time and again, and HTC is his specialty. In fact, the leaker is so good that his actions drawn the ire of an HTC exec, who publicly accused him of causing millions of dollars’ worth of damages with his tweets.

The leaker’s latest gem relates to the release date of the much anticipated HTC M8, which will soon take the One’s place as HTC’s flagship:

Though there seems to be some uncertainty about it, a release in New York makes sense for the HTC M8. The One launched at a dual event in London and New York in February 2013, but technical issues threw off the synchronization between the two events. New York is close to the headquarters of many big media outlets, so holding a launch event there guarantees some great coverage. As for the date, we haven’t heard any chatter about the M8 launching this month, so March seems like a good bet, considering that HTC can’t afford to give Samsung and its Galaxy S5 a head start. The S5 is rumored to launch in March, with in store availability by the end of April. @evleaks also chimed in on the M8’s appearance:

This is not a surprise: alleged leaked images of the M8 as well as cases made for the device show that HTC is going for the tried and true look of the original One. The phone may come in four color options and feature onscreen buttons instead of capacitive keys, but overall it’s going to look very much like the HTC One.

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