Here are the specs of HTC next flagship, according to @upleaks

by: Robert TriggsDecember 4, 2014

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Just a few days ago we received our first rumors regarding HTC’s next flagship smartphone, dubbed the One (M9). Today, @upleaks has come forward with a rather different hardware list, so let’s compare notes.

According to the tweet, the next HTC flagship will be called Hima, at least internally. The smartphone will be a 1080p 5-inch handset, with 3GB of RAM, Cat6 LTE capabilities, a 20.7MP rear camera and the possibility of either a 13 megapixel or 4 ultrapixel front facing camera. Perhaps that will depend on regionality?

The Hima will also apparently feature a Snapdragon 810 SoC, with four ARM Cortex-A57 cores clocked at 2.0GHz and four 1.5GHz Cortex-A53 cores in a big.LITTLE configuration to save on power consumption. The Snapdragon 810 also features a top of the range Adreno 430 GPU. The only questionable specification is the seemingly small 2840mAh battery, although this might not be such a problem with a 5-inch 1080p display and more power efficient SoC.

For comparison, earlier rumors suggested that HTC’s flagship would be a larger 5.5-inch QHD smartphone, with a 16MP camera, 3500mAh battery and a Snapdragon 805 SoC. There is certainly quite a difference between these two proposed specifications. Perhaps HTC has multiple handsets in the works, or one, or both, could simply be wrong.

We can no doubt expect more rumors in the build up to next year’s MWC. In the meantime, which of these specifications would you prefer to see in HTC’s next flagship smartphone? The slightly better SoC with a smaller battery, or a 5.5-inch handset with a bigger battery?

  • Boonerski

    I hope it’s water-resistant…

  • slawo

    5″ FTW!!!

    • Lisandro O Oocks

      Yet somehow same size as the Note

      • jumpygsmkwa

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      • Mark Kendrick

        Something to do with high quality sound I think, two kickass front facing speakers.

        • Lisandro O Oocks

          Which is why Z3 is best all around IMO

          • Mark Kendrick

            I’ve read that it’s a great phone but I’m currently on Verizon and they F’d up the design with the Z3v. I’ve got to get away from Big Red but their service is second to none in my neighborhood.

          • Aleksander Hoff

            Buy a phone off contract, just save up the money to do just that instead of getting phones with a contract. That way you get none of those nasty logos from the operators etc. and you can choose whichever you like. Or can’t you do that in the US?

          • Mark Kendrick

            We can do that with some carriers but unfortunately Verizon isn’t one of them. For me it’s not the money but the coverage. If I can get my wife’s phone hooked up to her jobs wifi I’ll jump ship to T-Mobile since they’ll pay early termination fees and have access to unlocked phones.

          • beedub

            Traded my m8 for the z3,never looked back. 3gb of ram is sick as F.

          • Question Authority

            I have the Note 4 and sometimes 3 GB of RAM is too small. I have to clear cache and clear RAM. I hope one m9 has 4 GB RAM

      • Noel

        LOL…i hope not. I hope HTC shed their HUGE BEZEL shell as they move into 2015. They have to realize some ppl didn’t take a bite on the One M8 due to huge bezels, screen wasting huge logo bar and the small battery.

        I am hoping HTC will go with the 5.5″ screen ( QHD ok but preferably 1080p) with very very slim bezels (80+% screen to bezel ratio), the BIG 3500+mAh battery can go as high as 4000mAh, 20.7MP rear-cam, 5MP front cam, QSD 810, 3 or 4GB RAM, 32/64/128GB int storage plus SD card slot, slimmed down BoomSound speakers with Bose tech plus all the other top techs of 2015. Please NO SPACE WASTING LOGO BAR, make it an almost all screen face and hopefully keep it under 146mm tall.

        • Agreed. The logo bar wasted space. One logo on the back please and thank you HTC.

          • blitz4075

            But how will you be able to be constantly reminded who made your phone? What if you forget???

          • Noel

            Lol…i doubt u will forget.

          • blitz4075

            dont doubt me noel

        • PoisonApple31

          But but there was stuff behind the logo bar! =)

          • Lisandro O Oocks


          • Noel

            That is their excuse…how come LG and other OEMs make devices without the need for space wasting huge logo bar on the face of the phone. I am pretty sure HTC can make the M9 with an all screen face.. I hope they do it…they must. :)

        • TheSony/AppleFanatic

          You just described the LG G4… HTC won’t make a phone with that thin of a bezel.

        • Aleksander Hoff

          If you think the One M8 weighed a lot before.. imagine the weight with the battery you are asking for here.. damn.. it would rip holes in your pocket.

    • MasterMuffin

      YUP and this rumor seems more legit

    • Rolf Brandser

      This seems legit.
      there will also be a plus/prime version with a larger screen.

    • qu4ttro

      agreed, size it like my M7 and upgrade the hardware only.

  • android freak

    I trust in HTC wisdom of choice but all I want from them this time is the Wight is want it to be extremely lightweight with bose sound

  • dodz

    If this doesnt have that ultrapixel crap as the main cam, I might sell my note 4. lol.
    they almost had the perfect recipe for the perfect phone, too bad it was spoiled by the ultrapixel camera.
    we’re hoping for you next year HTC, better not disappoint us.

    • Chris

      They won’t. They have improved a lot in recent years

    • Mark Kendrick

      I had the M8 for just over a weak and retuned it because of the sucky camera.

      • Lars Jeppesen

        Funny I love the camera. Low light ftw

        • Mark Kendrick

          The low light shots were fine but the other images weren’t to my liking. Fortunately there is choice in the market because we all have different priorities and likes.

  • Kacho_ON

    YES! Please have Gorilla Glass 4 and Google Play Edition

  • Preben Nielsen

    Gimme, gimme, gimme!

  • Joshua Mora

    I’m gonna be a true fan of HTC if this specs is true and hopefully the design will get even sleeker.
    From a future owner of One M8

    • Stachura5

      I had a One M7 and I fell in love with it… Especially the 4,7″ screen, metal body and speakers, but I had to sell it because it had 2 manufacturing problems and I had no money for repairs :/ Still miss it after 3 months

  • Luz

    the thing with the battery…

  • (elcas)

    still no waterproof? still not buying !

    • RGS

      This is not a final spec list, and this is not something officially released by HTC. Wait till the phone actually gets announced.

      • (elcas)

        please understand that it’s my opinion on this rumor
        so i wasn’t actually running around to put my money back in my wallet
        I was just stating that untill they release/anounce something waterproof i have no intention of starting to look at their product
        (which then goes through the stage of other spec sheet, test and review then buy)

    • Chris

      So you won’t buy a phone that’s not out yet that’s RUMORED specs were posted?

      OK then. I’ll won’t buy the phone I’ll be buying I’m ten years…. Same with that car…..

      • Raj

        Noooo you gotta get that phone in 10 years man

  • Roberto Tomás

    I’m confused .. there are apparently two variants of the snapdragon 810 already? Look up snapdragon 810 “adreno 430” and .. you find lots of hits. But the same is true with what I thought the 810 came with, the adreno 440.

    This version is downclocked too I think, they were talking about 2.5Ghz earlier but that at least makes sense when you consider thermals

  • Leandro Brandão

    i hope is true. 5″, still full hd, no meaningless QHD display, bigger battery, most powerful soc than others, awesome camera, 3gb of ram (2gb would be fine because sense is so light and optimized), i hope they improve speakers and build quality even more. is a win fot htc.

    • Chris

      And if it does have higher resolution so be it

      • SaRPeR

        On a 5” display 1080p is enough you can’t spot the difference between FHD and QHD anyway.

    • Cole Raney

      I don’t see why you are parading the fact that itbis a 5 inch screen. It is still as big as my G3 with a 5.5 inch screen.

  • black88halo

    I don’t thing this is the M9.. I’m sure it’s another project because I don’t think they wont be part of the QHD displays and they never called the One series anything else but “M” (M7 & M8).. Why change it now.. And the tweet doesn’t refer anywhere something about the M9. Just specs..

    • ConCal

      Good point.

  • Cao Meo

    64bit then should be 4GB RAM

    • Luis E. Cornejo

      No, It shouldn’t. It must have 4GB RAM yes or FU…ING YES.

  • Romeo

    I would very much like to see rapid charging tech on the next HTC, as well as a replaceble battery, 5.5 inch screen with boomsound speakers, but much smaller bezzlez on the phone ( LG G3 style body with the speakers from the HTC Eye for reduced body size ). That would really be an awesome device…

    • Chris

      Replaceable batteries are going away. If battery tech can improve the quality there’s no need for that crap

      • Cole Raney

        But batteries are barely keeping up. Really, they aren’t keeping up because they have to use bigger and bigger batteries to get comparable battery life.

        Plus, it is always nice to be able to replace a bad battery without sending it in to the manufacturer.

        • Chris

          My battery has yet to go bad. I think people are just scared because they think they look cool or something by flipping batteries around

  • [S]unjay

    “2840mAh”? Get your stuff together HTC. It shouldbe 3000mAh

    • Chris

      Calm down there buddy. Nothing is official yet

      • [S]unjay

        I guess that’s true.

  • The specs seems to be a monster ,i hope at least they try yo upgrade a 8 or 13 UltraPixel.
    5 inch display and 1080p for me its enough.
    Nice !

  • Chris

    Some get angry over anything higher then 1080p. I remember those same people got angry over 1080p rumors and they said we don’t need it. 720p or less is fine enough….

    I wouldn’t mind seeing a higher resolution screen. Or at least give us super omled

  • Nabeel

    must kill ultrapixel

    • TheSony/AppleFanatic

      ultrapixels are a good thing…

      • Nabeel

        I know it is Good but, it still looks as it is in Beta stage…low light bring S*** out of me

  • jumpygsmkwa

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  • Filip Stefanovski
  • frhow

    This makes alot more sense, this is HTC time to gain marketshare back from Samsung and they cant skimp on any specs.

  • dave

    It’s just guessing and speculation at this stage.. too early to tell.

  • Bob

    A 4mp Ultrapixel for the front camera is a great idea. Low light selfies are really bad with most phones. Hope that this 20.7MP deal actually takes good, crisp pictures and they aren’t just throwing in huge amounts of MP’s to just bump up specs and satisfy the pixel hungry haters.. I have seen pictures taken with 16MP phones that look better than 20+Mp. Heck, I’d be happy with an 8MP Ultrapixel on the rear (with OIS of course).
    As far as the battery goes.. as long as 5.0 and the new Sense are optimized I don’t see a problem, plus that 810 chip should help with battery life.. unless they do use a QHD display at release. My M8 battery is absolutely great.
    5″ screen size is big enough IMO.. I really don’t want a phablet as my next HTC flagship phone
    (although I’d probably get it regardless) — HTC Fanboy here..
    Shorten the top and bottom a few millimeters on each end and we have the perfect phone. Haha

    • Ben Edwards

      100% agreed.

  • Prady

    I am ok with any of these.. could be the phone to beat & HTC will have a winner..

    5″ FHD+810 SoC+Adreno 430 GPU+20.7 MP Rear camera with dual LED flash+5MP Front facing camera with dual LED flash+2840 mah battery+32GB Onboard storage+3GB RAM+Memory Card slot+ Android 5.0/Sense 7.0

    5″ QHD+810 SoC+Adreno 430 GPU+20.7 MP Rear camera with dual LED flash+5MP Front facing camera with dual LED flash+3500 mah battery+32GB Onboard storage+3GB RAM+Memory Card slot+ Android 5.0/Sense 7.0

  • Botmun

    It would be great if they go for FHD!
    I don’t believe they will go with 20.7MP camera.

  • Me

    Plz let this be true. They can release a max model later w/ a 5.5 in QHD screen, but I’d be more than happy w/ 1080p w/ a 810 processor.

  • i_say_uuhhh

    If this is true I would be amazingly happy. I am sticking with HTC since I love the quality of the phones and I love how simple Sense Ui is compared to any of the other skins besides stock android. It’s fluid and quick.

    I just hope that the 20 MP camera will actually take decent photos unlike the current 13 MP I have on my Desire 816.

  • Vuyo Ncube

    Full HD FTW. Less pixels, less problems, more power!

    • ConCal

      True that. Especially at 5″ the extra pixles would just consume battery and processing power.

  • ConCal

    Man the 810 is going g to be such a beast. I just wish the Nexus 6 had it!

  • ConCal

    An HTC phone with a super small bezel would be my dream.

  • crutchcorn

    Now THIS I could get into

  • SaRPeR

    5” 1080p with Snapdragon 810 is better.

  • Mitru Raul

    Htc who ? :P It would not be a surprise if they will put a small battery in their future phone . That is the reason I don’t buy their products from 2011 till now .

  • Jehan Kateli

    2.0GHz does not seem right…

  • Ben Edwards

    I like these specs much better than the previous rumours.

  • Marc Perrusquia

    I really don’t want to go down in screen size I’d love a 6 inch or even larger display with the prime version. Still at 1080p though to preserve performance and battery life.

  • Question Authority

    I’d prefer higher resolution.

  • Chad

    I love all of it! I really hope HTC does this. The only thing though a 2K display and maybe a 3200mah battery would be nicer.

  • Replicant Jason Booth

    Ok let’s take that “5 display coupled with that 3500 mah battery along with that s810 processor, 1080p panel, boomsound, = perfection


    Just lose the crappy ultra pixel crap and it will already be one of the best smartphones ever made. I love mine but just can’t deal with the camera which is why I’m rocking the Note 4 now which is hands down the best smartphone ever built IMO and what I hope the M9 is minus the S-Pen obviously and a 5″-5.2″ display instead of the 5.7″ on the Note 4.
    If they end up putting a 64 bit processor then they better jump up to 4gb of RAM or they’re really losing their chance to make the first future proof Android device.

  • purplelove7

    Yep … I can upgrade any time now. Time for some Jedi patience for this NEW device , yes indeed …

  • Danny Samuel

    Way to go HTC…this time no mercy on other Falgships

  • ParSa

    Come on, leak PHOTOS so we could see that gorgeous glorious phone before HTC introduce it, specs aren’t enough!