HTC 10 will allegedly have “World First, World Class” camera on front and back

by: John DyeMarch 15, 2016


In a marketing tagline worded just clumsily enough to merit a second read, HTC has announced that their new device, the HTC 10, will have “World First, World Class” cameras on both the front and back of the device. With claims like that, it looks like we can expect the smartphone to be a first class, first world device.

“HTC 10” isn’t the handset’s official name, but company execs did tease that the 2016 device would be released soon when they spoke at Barcelona at MWC in February. They also noted that the device’s design would focus heavily on the camera, which many HTC fans met with a sigh of relief. The most recent entries to the company’s M-line have been pretty lackluster in the camera department, and plenty of long-time HTC fans who were also photography aficionados were starting to gaze into the greener pastures of Samsung and LG.

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If the HTC 10 will in fact have a “World First, First Class” camera, that means it’s going to have to topple the current contender, the Samsung Galaxy S7. The Galaxy S7 might not look like much with its 12MP stat, but tucked away under the hood is a revolutionary dual pixel technology which has never been used on a mobile device before. This increases visibility in low light settings and makes all images crisper and clearer. It has been called the best camera on the mobile market today, so HTC has a steep slope to climb.

What we do know is that it looks like they’ll be using the Sony IMX377 sensor (which you might recognize from the Nexus 5X and the Nexus 6P). No complaints there by any means, but they’ll have to juice up that sensor pretty hard to meet the claims they’re making. What’s more is that HTC seems to be implying that they will be using this sensor for both the front and the back of the device. Traditionally, selfie-snappers have been lower-quality cameras than their rear-facing counterparts.

What do you think of the this smartphone’s alleged “World First, World Class” camera? Do we already have world class cameras on the mobile market, or could the company have a real game-changer up their sleeve? Let us know what you predict in the comments below!

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  • Sammy Phillips

    Sounds ominously vague in an “Ultra Pixel” way.

    • Well around back you get the 6P sensor with added OIS and a better lens. On front, the theory is that it’s the first front facing camera to include OIS.

      • Sammy Phillips

        I don’t really care what’s on the back or the front. I care about HTC coming up with stupid marketing slogans that don’t make sense.

        • Aki I.

          Don’t make SENSE. ha!

        • It makes plenty of sense, they’re basically just saying that the cameras are great and will stand up to every other flagship.

  • Blane Stroud

    Seems hard to believe they’ll have a better camera than Sony or Samsung. Who would even provide sensors for a phone camera that good? Besides Sony…

    • David Onter

      It’s the same sensor as in the Nexus 6P, that’s already confirmed. With OIS.

    • Kurgan

      Sony makes great sensors, doesn’t mean they make good cameras. As far as high-end devices go, sony’s cameras are mediocre at best when compared to samsung and lg

      • legendlord4751

        Its kinda funny, when Sony has some of the best dslr cameras in the world, but their smartphone cameras aren’t up to par

    • Jesus

      Besides Sony? Samsung.

      S6 / S7s come with either Samsung’s ISOCELL or Sony’s sensors… Users can’t tell them apart.

  • Jackson Veliz

    as far as i know, samsung s7 has 12mp not 14mp

    • David Onter

      Yeah, it’s a mistake.

      • John Dye

        You’re correct! Fixing it.

        • Anup Singh

          still not fixed. jus saying.

  • xnay

    If this is the same sensor as in the 5X and 6P that means it’s nothing revolutionary, quite an old sensor. If it doesn’t have the PDAF focus then it’s dead on arrival because this thechnology makes focusing so much faster in the S7 and other devices.

    • David Onter

      It’s the same sensor, but it has OIS which the 5X & 6P don’t have.

      • Daggett Beaver

        Yeah, but the 5X and 6P get the latest stock Android first.

        –Nexus fanboys

    • Horus Jarilo

      IMX378 = IMX377 with pdaf, LF, OIS, f1.89

      • xnay

        So there’s hope! But the article here says it’s the 377 in the M10 so let’s hope it’s wrong.

  • 1213 1213

    Seems like pointless rhetoric but I’m sure they have something up there sleeve. It will probably just be the best selfie camera or something.

    On a slightly unrelated note, the android sphere has been pretty interesting over the last few months. With declining profits there has been a lot of restructuring of everything from management to product lines of all the major brands.

  • For one, I believe they will implement a great camera in both hardware and software (image processing). I mean they really don’t have the space to slip up this time around.

    Secondly, I’m glad if they do decide to amp up the front-facing camera. As years go by, and social media has grown and so many use video chatting apps, and picture-based social media platforms like instagram, snapchat, and the like that are known to be filled with selfies, seems pretty ridiculous that very few if any manufacturers have tried to upgrade the tech of the front-facing camera. I have faith in HTC.

    Lastly, if they execute both cameras well, I wil return back to being a Loyal HTC advocate and consumer.

  • Daggett Beaver

    So HTC is going to compete with LG’s marketing strategy of “let’s sell a camera with some phone features”?

  • Daggett Beaver

    This is what I think about when I see so much emphasis on phone cameras…

    • Eric

      As a millennial with a 6 month old daughter, the camera is the most important feature for me.. But the pic still made me laugh

      • Anon

        What does being a millennial have to do with it? Surely, ‘as a parent with a 6 month old daughter’ is more apt…

        Taking photos didn’t become popular after 2000 ya know ?

        • Marawan

          Because Daggett’s comment was about millennials

      • Johnny Dwyer

        Good for you on being a proud papa. But I think it’s an absolute joke when people believe the camera on a PHONE should be the most important factor. I mean who cares if it has good antennas for signal strenth, who cares if the battery can last more than a few hours, who cares about good performance, who cares about call quality right? As long as the ” phone ” takes top quality pictures. I mean of course everyone wants there phone to take good pictures. But if that’s the most important feature for who ever, here’s a bit of advice, BUY A GOOD CAMERA!

        • Anon

          ? too true, tho that hasn’t been HTCs style to date. Anything better than M7 camera which I’m currently using is an improvement so I don’t mind.

          I’m genuinely starting to get a bit excited about new HTC 10, think it’s gonna be awesome

        • PaulC

          You use your phone for what you want, I’ll use mine for what I want. If you think a smart phone is still a “phone” first, then you need to wake up. Some say “If I want a great camera I’ll buy a real DSLR”, I say “The best camera is the one you have with you”. If the one I have with me is crap, then I might as well not have it.

          • Johnny Dwyer

            I need to wake up, lol! Mine will always be a phone first along with most people in the world. Only douchebag’s don’t use it as a phone. My phone rings at least 25 times a day and I call out about half that. You know why, I have friends and a great family. Your obviously an ass and people don’t find the need or joy to want to associate with you. You must be one of those dorks who spend all day pulling out your device trying to capture something on video. First and foremost these are communication devices to most of the world. I need to wake up my ass. Enjoy spending your days with JUST your device my man. I can’t stop laughing because of all the jokes I hear about people like you, turns out its really true, hahahaha.

          • vahdyx

            I wouldn’t really categorize these ‘phones’ as phones anymore. They’re more like computers with a phone app. It’s not a “phone” anymore. It’s primary function now a days is data. It’s an portable internet machine. Hell even your phone calls are digitized now. If you use a smart phone for calls primarily then good for you, but I use my phone for everything else; media consumption, email, research, social, sms, IM, photos, videos, navigation, etc.

            I personally don’t think it’s that ludicrous to want a smart phone to take good pictures, I personally don’t think it’s wrong to want a smart phone to have good speakers. I personally don’t think it’s weird to want your phone to do it all.

            To me your mentality is, “Can’t take a photo with my phone because I have a DSLR at home” or “Can’t use my phone for GPS, because I have a GPS in my car” or “Can read emails, play games, watch movies, or use the internet on my phone because I have a power computer at home”

            Seriously it’s the stupidest mentality I’ve ever seen. “Want a good camera, go buy a good camera” well to you sir, want a good phone, go buy a fucking phone. You don’t deserve a smart phone.

          • Juan S.

            But you’re the one acting like an anti social douche…putting a stranger down because he doesn’t use his device the way you like it. You must be a fun boyfriend, “babe, quit taking selfies, it’s a phone! Buy a camera for that!” “Babe you don’t eat pizza like that” “babe that music is garbage, listen to this instead”.
            Just by the way you express yourself I can tell what type of guy you are. ….

          • Mark Mann

            i dunno…it seems to me you just called it a smart “phone” …so it would make sense to use it as a phone…it’s not a smart “camera” or a smart “gps”…it’s a smart “phone”

        • Eric

          All the top flagship makers produce phones which are about equal in every area you just mentioned. There are very few areas these days which actually differentiate phones outside of personal taste for a certain OS or physical design.

          Whether its Apple, LG, Samsung, or the newest Nexus, I know I am getting a good phone. So yea when I am trying to decide between the current well reviewed flagships, the camera is something that will stand out. With how good cameras on phones are these days, it doesn’t make allot of sense to buy another camera, especially when most photos I take are not planned. Most pictures I take are spur of the moment.

          I should note that I prefer large phones, so battery life which use to be a biggie for me is no longer a worry. They all have large batteries.

        • The best camera is the one you have with you. When that camera quality improves, everyone wins.

    • Juan S.

      For me camera and display are the top things I look at, if my phone takes mediocre pictures I get annoyed because I take tons of them, that’s the reason I couldn’t stand the note 4 and left it for the 5 despite the sacrifices and not looking back

  • iPhonehasspamandmalware

    we have all seen the same sensor in random phones, all are tuned differently with different results. they either have a google of employees coding the camera software….or IOS really improves the lens THAT much. I’m calling BS with a hint of “ultrapixel rhetoric”.

  • Steven Fox

    Xiaomi opted for the best OIS on the market, but not the best quality of photos, Samsung opted for the best Low Light shots, but again skimmed on the quality. We are yet to see how the LG G5, Huawei P9(probably with Laica lenses, very excited)and the new Sony X line will perform compared to what HTC will offer, and what S7 and Mi5 are currently offering.

    • Jerry Rich

      How exactly did Samsung “skimmed on the quality”? You might have to wait for the Sony Xperia Y line to find a better camera than what’s on the S7.

    • Johnny Bravo

      Actually the 4 Axis OIS what Xiaomi opted for is a real BS. Either they would’ve ruined it while implementing that or they might’ve over exaggerated about it. If you see the OIS test videos of MI 5 in youtube then you will get to know the jittery ness of the camera. Its the worst OIS I’ve ever seen. Disappointed like hell

    • RunningGreat

      Samsung has the best Camera atm. Xiaomi is not even close.

  • Hel Thanatos

    Selfies have no reason to be detailed

  • Gliff

    I’m getting a strange feeling HTC took some advice from someone over at AMD’s marketing department and decided to hype up a very mediocre product

  • Jerry Rich

    I thought the HTC One M8 had the worlds best camera, at least that’s what all the HTC fanboys were saying at the time. Of course in reality the camera was proven to be crap.

    • Jake

      Yeah, the Ultra Pixel camera sensor used in the HTC One M8 was allot of crap! Personally, I think Samsung’s own ISOCELL sensor is probably one of the best mobile device camera sensors available on the market right next to the one developed by Sony.

      • Jesus

        That’s indeed true, since the S6 / S7s come with either Samsung’s ISOCELL or Sony’s sensors… Users can’t tell them apart.

    • Johnny Dwyer

      No one said it had the world’s best camera. People said it had a good camera to go along with the world’s best device. So I don’t see anything wrong with people making that claim. Only a fanboy of a different manufacturer would disagree with that fact.

  • vampyren

    As usual HTC makes one thing better and removes or degrade other features.
    So far I’m excited about LG G5 thanks to SD card plus removable battery. Only wish it had at least 64GB. Waiting also for note 6 and next one plus to see how good they will be before upgrading.

  • Kibs

    I believe htc will bring out a wow phone this time or else they’d have to forever hold their peace

  • gusto5

    Introducing the successor of the ultrapixel, the hyperpixel camera!

  • Rishu Agrawal

    They have been saying this in variegated forms conjoining keywords from the tech jargon, since 2012 and for all I know, the cameras in all the HTC flagships that I have used thus far have been downright awful in comparison to what other OEMs produce. So, I will believe HTC only when I see it. At this point, this marketing gimmick does nothing for me.

    • Anthony Rintala

      The HTC One M8 was the best phone of 2014, the only phones that rivaled it were the G3 and Xperia Z3.

      • You are fucking moron…

      • Rishu Agrawal

        No, it wasn’t. It’s biggest flaw was again it’s underwhelming duo camera which turned out to be a dud in comparison to what the competition had.

        • Anthony Rintala

          I could care less for camera, and it gets the job done. I can take better pictures than my father’s Note 4 if I go into Manual mode on my M8. Except for zoomed in shots. Bit performance wise nothing stood up to the M8

        • Anthony Rintala

          It was the best by FAR. Camera was actually good if you went into manual mode. Lots of features included too.

  • jasonlowr

    Meh, still a copy of iPhone and samsung home button. Don’t try to be fancy all that htc

    • Anthony Rintala

      The only part of this that looks like an IPhone is the front, but the back is entirely HTC. If this leak is even real. Many phones have front home buttons, just because one phone has it doesn’t mean it’s a copy.

      • Jake

        I agree! Besides android phones which have a physical home button usually have capacitive recent apps and back buttons next to them.

      • Jesus

        “Many phones have front home buttons”

        If you’re talking about squarish ones, then you mean Samsung… or Chinese clones. …and now this random HTC.

        • Anon

          so now samsung owns patents to “squarish” shapes for buttons? (you mean rectangle)

        • Johnny Dwyer

          Don’t matter what shape it is Samtard, Samsung put a home button there to once again mimic Apple. So it’s ok for them but not for HTC. You seem to know so much yet you failed to mention LG also uses the same home button.

    • Johnny Dwyer

      Yeah and Samsung devices are a COMPLETE copy of the iphone and the IPHONE is a copy of HTC M7 and M8, so what’s your point?

    • Ferro

      HTC been making premium phone for a long time must cause u didn’t have HTC before u think its a copy of iPhone and Samsung but the fact is iPhone and Samsung copying HTC making premium kind of phones but surely not to HTC’s level. I will still buy HTC m10 purely for the reliability and premium feel and looks of HTC not just the camera but if it’s gonna have the best camera aswel then that’s the bonus.

  • Jim Smith

    360° VR camera for virtual phone calls. You heard it here first.

  • Sun Sand

    I am just happy it will ship with USB C port (Samsung is pretty lame).

  • devilreaper

    So it is a 12 mp camera with OIS with PDAF and the DTI feature like the Mi 5 along with laser autofocus which is powered by a separate soc and dedicated RAM. The flash would be a RGB flash like the lumias along with a dual tone flash for the front. Anyone interested?

  • Sbvff

    Great but we still want stereo speakers this is what people expect from a HTC phone.

    • Johnny Dwyer

      I do agree, big disappointment! They just can’t seem to figure out how to use front facing speakers while getting rid of the black bars and big bezels. If someone, ANYONE for HTC would just pay attention to those concept designs they would have a hit. Sony already started to use that design with the speakers towards the top. Wake up HTC before it’s too late, you don’t have to make your phones look like the iphone in the least bit.

  • Rohit Raja

    Yep…them claims begin, after they actually see somebody, for once, do better. Dont fall short HTC….

  • monsterdonutkid

    I’m really hoping this is true. They tried to market UltraPixel in 2014 as this new, revolutionary mobile camera technology that would blow the competition out of the water. It turned out to be crap. Double crap. Here’s to hoping that HTC really steps up their game this year.

  • Shane

    The Galaxy S7 might not look like much with its 12MP stat, but tucked away under the hood is a revolutionary dual pixel technology which has never been used on a mobile device before.

    LMAO never heard of “Ultra pixel” huh??☕

    • chillgreg

      2 different things entirely O.o

  • Robino J Jenkins

    Too late for me I have already jumped ship to the Samsung Galaxy Edge S7. I have been rocking with HTC since the HTC Touch & HTC Diamond days. However after the cameras in the HTC One M7 & M9 I could no longer wait.

    I love the camera on Galaxy S7 series. Feels nice not having to ask someone with an S6 or iPhone 6 to take a picture because my M9 is crap lol.

    Much luck to HTC though, I think this is a good lesson for any OEM pay attention to your market and listen to the overall consumer response so you can immediately address any discourse with them.

    • David Martrano

      Agreed listening to consumers is the thing to do. HTC, LG should listen more and their products would be much better. Samsung did and the edge is leading the pack. Lg has a 2800 mamp battery but at least it’s removeable but then again who wants to carry a spare and modules. I don’t. The 10 is overpriced no wireless or waterproofing yet the price is 700.00. No way jose!!! These companies pay the price for being stupid besides HTC hasn’t had a good phone since the M8. The M9 should have been the 10! Do they need a bolt of lightning to strike before they LISTEN !!!!

  • neural_physics

    I really doubt the m10 will have a better camera than the s7. It I’ll probably have a great camera, but there is just no way it will have a better camera than the s7, especially if it’s using the same sensor as the 6p, which has a much lower quality camera than the s7.

  • Žydrūnas

    I hate how they rejected front-facing stereo speakers and well-crafted design in order to match other mass designs of smartphones instead of concentrating on fixing what’s actually broken—camera quality and poor GPU.

  • Juan S.

    HTC has been kinda bad at cameras, I don’t expect much which is good because low expectations are easy to beat. ..but with the s7 being so good. ..I don’t see anything other than idle claims by a dying company to capture any hype it can

  • I really really like HTC. Please don’t screw this phone and you might win me back!