Signature HTC design, with refinements
Chamfers help with handling
- Super LCD 5 display looks great
- Performance is smooth and snappy
- Expandable storage
- Incredible sound experience especially with headphones
- Quick Charge 3.0 with solid battery life
- HTC's best ever smartphone camera
- OIS in front facing camera
- HTC Sense is simple, functional


- Metal construction still plenty slippery
- Fingerprint reader disjoints motion gestures
- Boomsound speakers not as loud as before
- Camera doesn't quite match up to other flagships

Bottom Line
HTC 10 !

By refining established strengths (audio and design) and improving core weaknesses (camera), HTC has returned to the flagship arena with the HTC 10, which brings everything the high end market requires in HTC's own signature style.

It would be an understatement to say that HTC has hit a bit of a rough patch over the last couple of years. While HTC’s 2015 flagship brought with it everything the company is known for, including an impeccable design and fantastic software experience, the device failed to live up to expectations in key aspects, such as the camera, which was especially disappointing in a year where the competition was particularly focused on camera performance.

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HTC 10 release date, specs, features, and more

April 12, 2016

Editors-Choice-2016HTC may have dropped the One moniker this time around, but are certainly hoping that their latest high-end offering will be the one that results in a reversal of fortune.

Is this truly the complete package from HTC that we’ve been waiting for? We find out, in this comprehensive HTC 10 review!


htc 10 (2 of 15)

The all-metal unibody construction that the company is known for makes a return with the HTC 10, but with some refinements and additions to the design language to create some separation from its predecessors. At its thickest point, the HTC 10 is 9 mm thick, which is a bit more than its competition, and the overall footprint of the device is also slightly larger than other high-end smartphones. However, with a subtle change in the backing, the device does sit comfortably in the palm of your hand, and the slightly higher height, width, and thickness will largely go unnoticed.

htc 10 by autom3otives (24 of 28)

Up front is where the majority of the difference can be seen between the HTC 10 and its predecessors. Gone are the dual front-facing speaker setup and more importantly, the highly disliked black HTC bar below the display that is seen with almost every other smartphone from the company. While the lack of previously standard speaker setup may be disappointing, the good news is that BoomSound is still around, this time consisting of a front-facing speaker above the display, and a sub woofer at the bottom, next to the USB Type-C port. Just below the top speaker grill is a notification LED, and next to it is the larger front-facing camera package.

htc 10 by autom3otives (22 of 28)

On the back, the same great metal material remains HTC’s calling card, but there is a nice change made here as well, with new chamfers all around that give the device a bit of a curve. This is a nice subtle addition to the rear aesthetic, as light reflects off of the edges to provide a silhouetted look.

Of course, the slight curve and chamfers contribute to the handling experience as well, allowing for the device to sit nicely in the palm of the hand, making this slightly wide smartphone easier to manage in one hand. However, the metal does make for a very slippery device, and while that isn’t something new and was seen with previous generations, it can be a bit of a nuisance if you aren’t careful.

htc 10 by autom3otives (12 of 28)

HTC proves once again with the 10 that it is very capable of making very attractive smartphones. For fans of previous HTC devices, some elements that distinguished those phones from others have been removed, such as the usual BoomSound speaker setup, and even the dreaded black bar. However, the updates to the design language are enough to please anyone that wanted a more neutral looking smartphone all around, while also differentiating itself from its predecessors.


htc 10 (9 of 15)

The HTC 10 comes with a 5.2-inch Super LCD5 display with a Quad HD resolution, resulting in a pixel density of 565 ppi, and making this the first smartphone from the company to feature this resolution. The Super LCD5 display performs well, with high brightness, that allows for easy visibility even in direct sunlight, as well as good amounts of saturation. Granted, it isn’t as vivid as an AMOLED display, but HTC has made sure that this screen adheres to the NTSC standard.

htc 10 (11 of 15)

The color temperature can be changed in the settings, but the default option hasn’t raised any concerns thus far. As expected, given the higher resolution, text is very sharp, and gaming is also a joy  on this display. Speaking of gaming, a nice feature of the Boost+ application is the ability to lower the resolution of certain high-performing games to save on battery life, and when using this, we still had a lovely time playing games on this device. It has to be mentioned that some banding can be seen at certain angles, with the color fidelity also falling a touch. Though these viewing angles won’t be a huge deal to most users, it does take a tiny bit away from what is otherwise a fantastic display experience.


htc 10 by autom3otives (7 of 28)

Much like any other flagship smartphone that has been released so far this year, the HTC 10 comes with the latest and greatest processing package currently available. The device is powered by the quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor, clocked at 2.15 GHz, and backed by the Adreno 530 GPU and 4 GB of RAM.

htc 10 by autom3otives (5 of 28)

We’ve already mentioned gaming in the display section above, which has been as smooth as ever, and as expected, this excellent performance is seen across the board. HTC did say that they wanted to have the touch latency to be as low as possible to add to the snappy experience.

However, what is more noteworthy is the streamlining of the HTC Sense UI. Instead of having multiple versions of the same application, as has been the case before, Sense now keeps either the company’s own version, and in other cases, sticks to Google’s iteration. As an example, the device now comes with Google Photos instead of, or along with, HTC Gallery.

htc 10 (8 of 15)

The device flies through the various elements of the user interface, without there being any slowdown when loading applications, or switching between them via the Recent Apps screen. We also haven’t experienced any major holes in app performance, with no major crashes, or even lag, to report.


htc 10 first look aa (14 of 19)

Moving on to hardware, HTC has made a few key additions in this area that further enhance the experience, starting with the fingerprint reader found in the capacitive home button up front. This implementation is similar to what is seen with the HTC One A9, and works the same way as well. It can sense the fingerprint when in standby, and unlock the device and go straight into the home screens. The scanner is easy to setup and fast and accurate, but as was also the case with the One A9, it poses a bit of a conundrum.

htc 10 by autom3otives (6 of 28)

Motion Gestures is still available with the HTC 10, where the phone knows when it has been picked up by the hand, and will then react to a number of different commands. Swiping in different directions directly opens different apps like Blinkfeed, and a new addition is the gesture of swiping down twice to launch the camera app.

However, having the fingerprint reader somewhat eliminates the usefulness of the Motion Gestures, since it doesn’t make sense that you perform a swipe action, and then have your fingerprint scanned anyway. With that in mind, it would have been nice to have an easier gesture to launch the camera, like a double tap of the home button, instead.

htc 10 by autom3otives (26 of 28)

The device comes with a standard suite of connectivity options, including NFC. Using the full speaker up top as the phone grill as proven useful, with the call quality being good thus far, and speaker mode provides an even better time with the dual-speaker setup. The only thing that is really missing compared to previous generations is an IR Blaster, and while some users have appreciated its availability before, HTC did mention that it isn’t a widely-used feature anymore.

htc 10 (1 of 15)

The audio experience that is possible with the HTC 10 is one of the marquee features of this device. BoomSound is still available, but in a different implementation this time around, with a single front-facing speaker up top, that is paired with a bottom-mounted subwoofer unit that helps provide richer lower tones. This speaker setup doesn’t get as loud as the front-facing stereo speakers from previous generations, but the sound stage has been improved due to the better lower end. However, don’t expect to share the sound with people around you as easily as before.

htc 10 (5 of 15)

The headphone jack, centered at the top, is where the magic happens. Plug in a good pair of headphones, or the high-res earphones that are included in the box, and you will hear the difference that the HTC 10 really makes. HTC put a 24-bit DAC and a headphone AMP here to really make BoomSound earn its name.

This also due in part to the available Dolby enhancements, which come in the form of user-definable audio profiles that adhere the sound to your listening habits. These settings are found in the BoomSound section of the Settings menu where, either a few simple questions, or full control over the equalizer, help create these profiles for better listening.

htc 10 first look aa (12 of 19)

The HTC 10 can really drive headphones, and it is a lot of fun to get lost in the sound. Especially with good headphones, there is no need for a separate DAC or AMP anymore, which is great. Overall, listening with headphones results in some of the loudest, and best quality audio that we’ve ever gotten from a smartphone.

Battery life

htc 10 by autom3otives (11 of 28)

In battery, the HTC 10 comes with a non-removable 3,000 mAh unit, and given that this is current capacity standard with this year’s flagships, it’s no surprise that HTC has followed suit. We haven’t had a difficult time getting a full day of work and play out of this device, with the phone allowing for around 4.5 hours of screen-on time.

Of course, your mileage may vary, but with more frugal usage, it can certainly be possible to get a couple of days of battery life out of this phone, helped along with the battery-saving Boost+ application. This app helps in a few ways, and as mentioned before, allows for games to be scaled down to a Full HD resolution to save power.

HTC does boast the phone offers two days’ worth of battery life, and with its fast-charging capabilities via Qualcomm’s QuickCharge 3.0, a charge for half an hour will give you back one full day of use. The USB Type-C port also helps in this regard, but it is still a standard that we are yet to get used to. You will definitely have to keep a mindful track to make sure that you have the appropriate charger and cable when the battery is running low.


htc 10 by autom3otives (27 of 28)

While HTC’s previous flagships may have been up to the mark in other aspects, the performance of the camera has unfortunately been a point of contention, and one of the main reasons for HTC’s poor run over the last couple of years. HTC is hoping to put the past behind them this time around, with the return of Ultrapixels, now in its second generation.

htc 10 camera samples (32 of 45)

Much like a couple of other smartphone cameras we’ve seen this year, HTC is prioritizing pixel size over megapixel count, and as a result, 12 Ultrapixels is what we get, with a 1.55 micron pixel size. An f/1.8 aperture further bolsters low-light performance, and the camera also comes with optical image stabilization.

htc 10 by autom3otives (20 of 28)

The camera application has been streamlined somewhat in its latest version, with all of the different modes found in a single main menu area. Auto-HDR helps get a good shot in almost any situation, and does a pretty good job of knowing when to activate as well. Various modes available include panorama, hyper lapse, slow motion, and more, and work as well as expected. The only real issue with the camera app is when using the Pro mode with full manual control. All the settings occupy most of the space on the viewfinder and covers the frame, until you pick the setting and put the slider away again.

htc 10 by autom3otives (17 of 28)

Going back to the camera performance, the change to a lower amount of larger pixels certainly gets the job done, and it feels almost uncharacteristic for an HTC smartphone camera to provide decent shots consistently. Details are captured well in well-lit conditions, and colors are accurately depicted as well. Zoom into any of these pictures, and you will see the noise appear, as is expected from having less detail captured because of the lower megapixel count. This is exacerbated in lower-light conditions, where the exposure might be decent, but details suffer further.

HTC still has a big problem with back-lit subjects, or just about any blown out area in a scene, and is something that even HDR can’t seem to fix in most situations, so you can expect to see quite a lot of flares in situations like this. In low-light conditions, the HTC software usually opts for a slower shutter speed, and as a result, steady hands are still required, even with OIS helping out. All said and done, the consistent quality in most situations makes this a worthy camera companion, as long as you know some of the drawbacks when shooting indoors or at night.

htc 10 (15 of 15)

Perhaps the best addition to the camera experience has been the 5 MP front-facing shooter, which also comes with OIS, a first for a front-facing camera, and allows for high-res audio recording when shooting video. While OIS might help with taking selfies in low light conditions, I found its main usefulness when it came to recording videos, such as vlogs.

htc 10 camera samples (3 of 45)

The stabilization is a great idea for anyone who wants to make selfie videos for social media, or even use the Full HD footage for longer form content. The inclusion of OIS with the front-facing camera is a good move on the part of HTC, and is the HTC 10’s distinguishing feature, compared to the 2K video capture possible with the Samsung Galaxy S7 and the wide reaching wide-angle lens of the LG G5.

The overall camera experience available with the HTC 10 is far from the best, but it is also by far the best the company has managed in a long time. Unlike its predecessors, there is less rhetoric about how good the camera is and instead, real-world results to prove it. It may not surpass the other flagship smartphones in this category, but this phone camera certainly belongs within the ranks.


htc 10 by autom3otives (3 of 28)

On the software side of things, we have Android 6.0 Marshmallow with the latest version of the HTC Sense UI on top. HTC Sense is about the same as it has always been, and given some of the major changes Android has been going through recently, this can be taken as a very good thing.

For starters, an app drawer is available, for anyone fretting about its omission, and is a vertical scroll that is simplistic, but functional. The home screens may have a little too much gap between apps and widgets, but Blinkfeed is still around, and is one of our favorite built-in second home screen experiences, allowing for a good glimpse at the headlines, your social media feeds, and more.

htc 10 by autom3otives (25 of 28)

Where HTC tried to streamline things is in the app spread. No longer are there duplicate apps for the same functions, with users getting either HTC’s or Google’s version. For example, HTC’s internet browser is no longer available, replaced by Google  Chrome. The idea behind this is to lighten the load on the phone, but a few questionable choices have been made, such as, the inclusion of HTCs own messaging app, when Hangouts is available, or having a Zoe Video Editor, when Google Photos already creates “highlights” from all of the captures. Nonetheless, the result has been a very smooth and snappy experience, in line with HTC’s claims regarding these changes.

htc 10 by autom3otives (15 of 28)

Additions to the software suite include Boost+, an app that can, among other functions, find and clean out junk on the phone, and help with RAM management. As mentioned before, a favorite function of ours is a toggle to make certain high-performing games play at the Full HD resolution rather than Quad HD, which seems to help with battery consumption.

The other addition is in Themes, which is as robust as ever, but now includes a Freestyle layout that doesn’t adhere to grids the way typical Android home screens do. It is an interesting concept that requires special icon or image packs, and with only one of these Freestyle themes currently available, it is still a young feature that needs to be hashed out further.

Aesthetics is always a matter of personal preference, but for most Android enthusiasts, functionality is king, and HTC Sense provides a lot of it. The app drawer is a fan favorite that already elevates this version of Android, and without any overly cartoonish elements or flourishes, HTC Sense is a user interface that simply works.

We might stop short of saying that Sense is our favorite version of Android, but it is certainly nice to come back to something familiar.

We might stop short of saying that Sense is our absolute favorite version of Android, but with all the changes we’ve seen so far, and will continue to see in the future, it is certainly really nice to come back to something familiar.


 HTC 10
Display5.2-inch Super LCD 5 display with curved-edge Gorilla Glass
2560 x 1440 resolution
Processor2.2GHz quad-core 64-bit Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor
Storage32/64GB of on-board storage
MicroSDYes, up to 2TB
Fingerprint sensorYes
SIM typeNano SIM
ConnectivityUSB Type-C
3.5mm stereo audio jack
Bluetooth 4.2
Wi-Fi: 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac (2.4 & 5GHz)
Google Cast
HTC Connect
SoftwareAndroid 6.0 Marshmallow
HTC Sense
CamerasRear: 12MP HTC UltraPixel 2 (1.55µm pixel size) with laser autofocus, OIS and f/1.8 aperture
Front: 5MP (1.34µm pixel size) with OIS and f/1.8 aperture
SoundHTC BoomSound Hi-Fi Edition
Dolby Audio 4
BatteryNon-removable 3,000mAh battery
Quick Charge 3.0 compatible with cool charge
Dimensions and weight145.9 x 71.9 x 3.0 - 9.0mm
161 grams
ColorsCarbon Grey, Glacier Silver and Topaz Gold


Pricing and final thoughts

The HTC 10 is available for pre-order now, and will be shipping in May, with the unlocked version of the device starting at $699. Its main competitors obviously include the Samsung Galaxy S7 and the LG G5, and stay tuned for in-depth comparisons between these three high-end smartphones.

htc 10 (6 of 15)

There you have it for comprehensive look at the HTC 10! While retaining some of what HTC is loved for, like the all metal design, the 10 shifts its focus on what matters most, audio and camera, to great effect, and it really feels like this phone has been a long time coming. The sound experience is second to none, proving that BoomSound is not only back, but here to stay.

It might not a perfect 10, but the HTC 10 just might be the comeback we've been waiting for from HTC.

Though the camera may not be the best out there, it is certainly on par with the competition, which is something the company hasn’t been able to claim for a while. What is most compelling about the HTC 10 is that, this year, HTC has managed to find themselves back among the other flagships. It might not a perfect 10, but the HTC 10 just might be the comeback we’ve been waiting for from HTC.

Image credit: Autom3otives

Joshua Vergara
Writer, blogger, and videographer - Josh is a former support technician that learned much about technology by fixing everyone else's. On the side, he wrote and performed spoken word, maintained his own personal blogs, and began his own video podcast. Now, he's here at Android Authority looking to put it all together!
  • Great review! although you reviewers constantly miss the fact that it’s not just usb-c but it’s usb-c 3.1! do some research on what 3.1 has to offer over 2.0 of the other usb-c flagships.

  • Editor’s choice already? You do realise it’s still April.

    • MattPortland

      There aren’t a finite amount of Editors Choices. It’s not like a “Best Phone of 2016“ award.

    • Aloof

      So many flagships were released prior to this phone. Does that mean they all don’t deserve the title?

  • Novage

    Too Ugly for me

    • WhereIsPolariS

      get your eyes checked!

      • LeVvE

        It has the same ugly button placement as the A9 and A9 was the ugliest phone of 2015. They only got rid of the logo.

        • Sapiderman

          and that empty space above that button make my OCD sense tingling :-/
          cant they make it horizontaly center?
          or just use X9 front design, its alot better

      • Novage

        Still to ugly

        • Henry

          This phone is most definitely ugly. HTC made the back look hideous. It looks like it’s got a cheap TPU bumper case slathered around it.

          Whoever decided to make the slope that fat deserves to have their scrotum skinned.

          • Marduch

            You probably forgot it has really large senzor on its back behind display. Larger than S7 or iPhone have, and equal to Z5, but opposite to Z5 not above display but behind display. Doesn´t bother me 1 or 2 milimetres thickness added due to the largest senzor in the market.

      • The Doctor

        Just because Novage doesn’t share your opinion doesn’t mean Novage’s eyes don’t work.

    • Daniel Sandeep Jupudi

      U need to replace those eye balls

      • Novage

        Still Ugly

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      It is indeed ugly.

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        Je suis partout

  • Ball

    If your looking to buy it for its camera, don’t. HTC’s has always been the worst cameras I’ve ever used, pretty the trend will continue w/ the M10.

    • Dxomark is saying the opposite man. It’s on par with the S7 :-).

      • xoj_21

        DXOmark also said z5 camera was the best and it was crap.

      • Jairus

        DXOmark is very unreliable, releasing a review on the day HTC 10 was announced without even releasing the review samples, it’s more like a blind review. And their score for the HTC 10 video capability is only 86 while the S7 scored 88 yet the HTC 10 still have an average of 88 making it on par with the S7, I wonder how they calculate for the average camera score.

    • It’s undeniable that HTC’s cameras have been poor in the past, but the sensor used in the HTC 10 is fantastic. It’s a ridiculous assumption you’ve made that the HTC 10 will be as bad as its predecessors when the samples provided (from Android Authority and other Android blogs) show otherwise.

      • Ball

        Don’t get me wrong I’m not being biased I’ve owned the 3D, M7, and M9. I just don’t want to make the same mistake again.

        • Xchris

          That’s like saying don’t buy a Samsung s7 phone because of the plastic build. Your logic makes no sense.

          • Ball

            I’m not going to argue with every HTC fan out there. There’s something called reputation, HTC has the reputation of horrible cameras. I don’t care what the reviews says, what the specs say. The M9 was said to have a decent camera, but my grandfather’s S3 takes better pictures than my M9.

          • Xchris

            You obviously didn’t read any of the reviews then. It was common knowledge.

          • Zsomer

            Oh so you are THAT kind. I suggest you to go to a local store when it becomes avaiable and try it… im sure it’ll hurt noone.

          • Anthonydotcom

            I see what you’re saying. I wanted the m9 to shine too but… It looks like the 10 has it’s camera right where it needs to be now. Its colors are more natural than Samsung, and some low light shots ive seen appear to be better than Sammy’s. Im not mentioning the fruit phone because most Android cameras are better than it now.

        • Da_James

          I’ve got the M7 currently, and those huge pixels and HAAC microphones still smokes a LOT of other phones in concerts (that’s basically the ultimate test for me), and S6’s videos do show a lot of audio distortion at high volumes. Still waiting for the S7 to shine in here, but I don’t have my hope up.

          • abqnm

            I love my M7 for the same reasons. No distortion in recorded audio when the SPL is extremely high and the ability to take video and images in next to no light without the flash. 4MP is not great, but I have a real camera and a G3 if I want higher resolution shots.

            I’m just curious as to how the 10 performs with audio recording. With the ability to record high resolution audio, I hope that they utilized microphones that also can keep up with the M7 and don’t distort at high SPLs. If they got this right, I’ll likely be buying one of these ASAP.

        • Ah yes, because the only thing a smart phone is useful for is taking photos….

    • Paul Mcnevin

      I usually buy a camera when I’m looking for a camera.

      • Steve__S

        Do you carry a dedicated camera around with you everywhere you go in addition to your phone? No? Okay then….

        • Anthonydotcom

          I do. But I also use my phone for quick snaps when I want it on social media. Not to rain on anyone’s parade but no smartphone camera can even come close to what a ten year old DSLR can do.

          • Steve__S

            Really? You carry your dedicated camera (DSLR) with you wherever you go? Congratulations, you’re the one! I love my dSLR and obviously prefer it when I plan to shoot. However, as the saying goes, the best camera is the one you have with you. The phone is always with us. For most normal people, our dSLR is not always with us. In fact, it’s usually not with us.

        • I don’t because I tend not to have a memory like a sieve nor do I feel the need to show off a slide show of pictures to every person I meet. I’ve had my phone for 7 months and taken a grand total of 1 photo. Just because you can take a photo doesn’t mean there needs to be a photo taken.

          • Steve__S

            Interesting anecdote about your personal needs. Nonetheless, the phone has far eclipsed the stand alone camera in terms of popularity. Is that because quality is superior to a dedicated camera? Of course not. However, apparently most people lead more interesting lives and see more interesting things than you. As such, they use their phone’s camera when that’s all that’s available at the moment.

      • Anthonydotcom

        Agreed. Not sure why it’s the be all end all of a miniature computer that fits into our pockets that makes phone calls and also takes pictures. All of a sudden everyone is a cellphone camera snob. “Well Jeeves, the Galaxy is the low light king of cameras, and I know cameras”. LOL!

        I personally want my pocket computer to run fast and have a smooth UI. This camera is just as capable of any cellphone camera, yet for some reason everyone reads a review, pixel peeps, and becomes a pro. Cameras don’t take good pictures, it’s the people taking the… oh nevermind.

    • Anthonydotcom

      I disagree. I took great photos with my M7 and M8. The M9 stunk for sure. As it stands if this camera is any better than the great camera on my Moto X Pure (and it is) then it’s good enough for everyone. My S6 edge was nice in low light, but everything was orange and at the time it was considered the best. Heck, it’s still a top ten camera. People complaining about “camera this, and camera that” need to just go buy a pocket camera and call it a day.

    • Aloof

      I’m a Moto fan, but are you sure moto is not weaker than HTC when it comes to camera? Well, maybe Moto is insignificant for many people.

    • Michael Allen

      You can never just assume that this is true (look at the Nexus 5x and 6p)

  • WhereIsPolariS

    i want the next nexus made by htc *_*

  • Pooma

    i lov samsung but i wish Htc a great financial year ahead.. not because they are trying hard for their survival but also because monopoly of 1 or 2 companies is a terrible thing for consumers

    • Timebomb

      Probably the most astute and sound comment I’ve read. Nice big picture attitude…. Cheers.

  • Southall87

    Another good, but not great phone from HTC that lacks any new and interesting features or anything that makes it stand out from the crowd.

    • sateeshk

      100% agree with what you say, being a HTC fan i am feeling that should i buy this or wait, i hope there should be many out there who will be the feeling the same thing. Really thought HTC would comeup with something new and unique this time, but nah, looks on the other hand Samsung is improving a lot

    • Paul Mcnevin

      The boomsound and the included DAC make it stand out. As does the tank like built. Are you awake! ;-)

      • xoj_21

        all phonr have dac, s6 s7 have amps too

        • Paul Mcnevin

          You don’t know what you are talking about go back to school

        • illregal

          Yeah.. built in qualcomm garbage. They have one, otherwise there wouldn’t be a headphone jack. They all suck compared to HTC’s and have for years.

          • xoj_21

            the exynos have dedicated cirrus logic/wolfson and Maxim MAX98505 class DG audio amplifier
            wolfon dac are better than HTCs

          • FYLegend21

            HTC has always used the integrated DACs for their devices but added a Class D amplifier and other tweaks to reduce distortion and crosstalk. They said the 10 uses a 24-bit/192khz, which is the same spec as Qualcomm – a lot of people doubt the 10 has a dedicated DAC like the LG V10.

            Mediatek devices have integrated Wolfson DAC – so HTC M9+, X9 and E9+ etc. all have Wolfson DAC plus Class D amplifier.

      • The Doctor

        The DAC doesn’t make this phone stand out. The LG G5 has one also.

        • kurolife

          You have to pay for that one (DAC Friend heck it was pulled off from LG website so can you even get that anymore). but for me the 10 is a very compelling offer : included 3.0 Quick charger, included hi-fi headphones + the whole package.

      • Bert

        As expected, the HTC 10 is a much more premium looking phone compared the gaudy/cheap looking s7. Sense not only looks alot better than touchwiz, it runs circles around it in the performance department (again). Really glad htc is still going and that i don’t have to settle for average phones :)

        • Vincent

          Gaudy and cheap s7? Lol. Fanboi……I live my s7 edge and has features the 10 doesnt like IP 68 and wireless charging. I do have to admit though if the 10 had come out at the same time as the s7 I would have had to give it a look. HTC cameras have always been garbage but it seems they have gotten much better

          • Roger smith

            wirelesss charging is a retarded feature more again for a non removable battery that will be fucked by 10% at the end of the year, a lot better to have quickchagre 3 instead of 2 who is faster and nicer fo the battery circles

          • Vincent

            Retarded? Says you. I don’t agree. I love the feature and I like having a second way to charge a phone. I have seen many people wear out their charging port and can’t keep a cable in it after a year. I wont ever have that problem. And even if I did lose 10% capacity I never keep a phone more than 1 to 1.5 years and seeing as the battery in my s7experience is 3600mah I wouldn’t notice anyways

          • Roger smith

            well, if you dont mind losing 10% battery ofc its a good feature, enjoy !

          • Vincent

            Your ass-uming that will even happen. But I would with qc 3.0 there is just as much chance of that happening. I have a turbo 2 with it. It gets really hot using qc 3. Way hotter than wireless charging. But it has an SD 810 so I dunno. My point is your quibbling over nothing. There is no credible proof there is any drawback to wireless charging and certainly not any worse than quick charging.

          • Roger smith

            no its absolutely not the same between qc 3 and your thing, read some stuff about it you’ll understand, this being said, your allowed to like whatever you want, its your choice, i was just telling the truth, if its not an issue for you, its perfect

          • Vincent

            Didn’t say it was the same thing but they both generate heat…fact. your say8ng wireless charging generates more and I refute that. Especially since I have seen different in person. I am a tech for a living and wireless charging works by magnetic induction. Same principles transformers and electric motors use. I have had several phone that have qc and wireless charging. So I know very well how it all works. Mayne you need to educate yourself.

          • Roger smith

            you’r wrong, and I’m right, use google, you’ll understand

          • Vincent

            Lol throwing a tantrum when you prove me wrong. It’s OK buddy do whatever it is you do. I prefer to rely on my technical training. Be ignorant if you want. Have a blessed day

          • Actually the HTC 10 has water resistant protocol, but not higher then the s7. But knowing that, we can clearly see that the HTC 10 its more complete package phone than the s7. Both are the best, but there’s only one throne

          • Vincent

            I don’t see the HTC as more complete. Personally I like bigger screenscreen and battery so I went with the s7e. I don’t regret my decision. I do like where HTC is going though. They have made improvements

        • James Theodore Retuya

          it’s easy to see that both the htc 10 and the samsung s7 are premium, well-built phones. neither are cheap/gaudy and you know it.

      • K9

        Oh thanks. Why anyone don’t pay attention to the 24-bit DAC?. Every review says that this smartphone has the best quality audio( among smartphones) in earpods. For me it’s not a trivial matter.

    • dre

      I agree. This is not a bad phone, but it does not wow me. It’s like HTC is just playing catch up after years and years of terrible phones.

      The deal breaker for me is that it’s too ugly. The front looks kind of awkward, and don’t even get me started on that back.

      • Henry

        The thick border on the back looks like a cheap TPU bumper case slathered around it.

        It’s as if a 5 year old “designed” it with his fat fingers on an ipad kiddy drawing app.

        • Anthonydotcom

          Funny, “It’s as if a 5 year old “designed” it with his fat fingers on an ipad kiddy drawing app.”
          I’ve been saying that about Touchwiz for years.

          • Henry

            Don’t know what that has to do with anything, but ok they’re both ugly.

    • David Martrano

      I said the same it’s average for a 700.00 phone. I would have thought the boom sound was gonna be the best. Overpriced and the song remains the same. Boring and not much better than the M9. Where is the wireless & waterproofing. The perfect 10 NOT!!!

  • Gio_90

    Why camera problem ?

    • Apostol Apostolov

      Seems like Android Authority is in conflict with what DxoMark Mobile states.

      • GuidoConrad

        Which is funny since most sites actually agreed. Check TechnoBuffalo for example, arsTechnica too

      • LeVvE

        DxOMark is not reliable in real world usage.

        • And yet when that site ruled HTC One M9 to be the worse thing to ever happen to smart phones there seemed to be a never ending queue of people happy to cite DxOMark as a reliable source to back up their claims. So when DxOMark says HTC sucks everyone piles on but when DxOMark says that an HTC phone is good that they magically become not reliable in real world usage.

          • LeVvE

            It’s almost like it’s not the same people commenting on those two topics.

            I didn’t even know the M9 scored poorly, I couldn’t care less.

            It’s as dumb when people say “you guys are never happy”, IT’S NOT THE SAME PEOPLE COMPLAINING!

  • Anon

    weird. some of those samples look good like the s7 while some looks like some pictures i’ve got from my 2013 nexus 5. inconsistent i would say

  • charlie Jason

    Great phone. A little on the pricy side.

    • Paul Mcnevin

      It’s cheaper than the 6s!

      • sachouba

        Being less expensive than the most expensive smartphone on the market doesn’t exactly make it cheap.

        • Paul Mcnevin

          Didn’t say it was cheap. It’s not much dearer than other flagships and not the dearest.

          • Sayed ahamed

            it would more expensive probably than the current flagships s7 edge or s7 or iphone6S

    • kurolife

      You can get 100$ cheaper in NA and 80£ cheaper in the UK.

  • neural_physics

    Why is the review so early? That is super unprofessional, you can’t form complete opinions in less than 2 days from the reveal.

    • Seventh Reign

      Tell that to every other person who has ever written a review for a product since the dawn of the universe…

      • neural_physics

        Reviews are not written this early most of the time, you should know this

        • MattPortland

          Media embargo. They have had the phone for awhile.

    • Raikozy

      they actually have the phone way before it was revealed, so they have more than 2 days most likely. So you know when you see those posts about phones being leaked early before they got revealed? Most likely then not, sites like AA already know the answer

      • neural_physics

        What makes you think that? I disagree completely

        • nebulaoperator

          Thats how it works with AA and other websites. Their had phone prior to announcment. Thats the fact they ocasionaly mention to reader. Today internet is full of HTC 10 reviews.

        • That One Guy

          If you would have watched their hands on video, Josh said we had the phone quite a while so the review may come sooner than later this time!

    • Mr Mop

      They’ve had the phone for much longer than 2 days, they just couldn’t talk about it cause of NDA.

  • smokebomb

    It just looks like a Samsung phone. I’m disappointed they went away from software home/back/recent apps buttons. LG is doing it right. If the G5 battery wasn’t so small I’d get it.

    • Anthonydotcom

      How does it look like a Samsung phone? The oval button? If they made it round it would like the fruit phone. I get what you’re saying there, but there’s really only so much you can do with fingerprint sensors.

  • jetscreamer01

    I’m rooting for you htc.

  • kurolife

    This just got a couple of reviews naming it the best phone of 2016, such arstechnica and engadget, the only negatively toned review was from theverge claiming it’s has nothing special yet it’s great at everything and gave an 8.

    For me it’s a no brainer just waiting for my 100€ discount to get it.

    • Anthonydotcom

      CNET also trashed it, and really praised the S7 in doing so. Makes me wonder who’s paying their bills…

      Samsung makes a great product, but that UI and its consistent lag is something that Samsung just can’t seem to iron out. HTC won me over this time. Those who argue against it havent owned a recent Samsung (S6 Edge) and HTC (M8)side by side. On paper and in benchmarks the M8 was slower but in real life use the m8 was fluid and always fast. The S6 was fast until it wasn’t, and then it would slow to a crawl. Sense has always been fast, and Touchwiz has alwa__ys lag__ge_d. It’s strange how Samsung has such a huge following for making great hardware with crippled software. I guess that marketing has paid off. Or maybe people really love those backwards buttons.

      • kurolife

        didn’t watch/read CNET review yet, but i got the opportunity yesterday to watch a dozen of reviews on youtube, and the vast majority agrees it’s one if not the best phone of 2016 so far. it goes to shows that there is a consensus about this phone, with a couple of exceptions. which doesn’t change a thing.

      • Cakefish

        My S7 is fine. No lag here. Though I have the Exynos which has been found to have superior software optimisation to the Snapdragon version.

        • Roger smith

          you got it 2 weeks ago it would be hard in that case to not have a smooth navigation lol, but come back in one year :)

          • Cakefish

            Over two weeks. I had it preordered and got it on the 8th March. So over a month now. Still going strong.

      • James Theodore Retuya

        lol if anybody’s got dissenting opinions from yours they automatically must have been paid? joke of a reasoning.

  • Beardr8

    Can you really have a fair review of a phone 2 days after it’s released?…

    • Dan McSweeney

      I think tech reviewers working for sites like AA get their hands on the devices a few weeks before release, but are restricted from revealing anything to the public by non disclosure agreements.

      So Joshua has probably been using the phone for much more than two days.

      • Beardr8

        I get that they were under an embargo and probably did have the phone prior to release but don’t manufacturers usually send out review units with pre production software and then finalize it a few weeks later?

      • MITM

        yea, its been about 5 days now

    • Lik-chung Li

      They’ve had theirs longer than 2 days.

  • K9

    According to your reviews the battery life is similar (and sometimes better) to the Samsung s7, why the m10 got 8.5 and the s7 9?

    • Roy


    • Jay Kim

      The htc 10 has a 5 hour screen on time and the s7 has a 5 hour and 36 minute screen on time.

      you can kind of figure out which is better.

    • Kyle Rozic

      also how does touchwiz get 8.8 and this sense/google hybrid gets 8.7?

      • Zoidbort

        Yeah this site is totally samsung endorsed.
        They are as bad as Engadget at the bias reviews…so obvious it is embarrassing.

  • Pobrecito hablador

    It’s the best phone of 2016 for me, but considering the high prices of flagship phones of companies like Samsung, LG or HTC I think I’ll pass for the moment

  • And you playing kingdom hearts unchained X.

  • Gibbs

    Good phone! If it wasn’t for the new Nexus or the small screen it would be my next! Speciallly with those headphones it’s tempting… And the price sounds OK. The price might drop later….

  • Bassiette

    u said mate 8 is sucks but this only 8.7 while mate 8 8.6

  • Daniel Suárez

    I think something is wrong. In DXOMark review, they calificated HTC10`s camera as the number 1 with the same puntuation that the S7 has, and here you say is far from the top.

    • EJ

      Because AA are apparently closet Sammy Fanboys. LOL

      • Sayed ahamed

        Every other reviewer says they are not as good as S7

    • Anthonydotcom

      You also have to wonder if they’re just tech guys reviewing a camera? To me it looks like there’s something smudged on the lens. From my experience I’ve only seen ghosting like that when the lens was dirty. Ya can’t take clear blur free pics with oil on the lens.

      • Ninja Squirrel

        I would say it must be something wrong with camera software. The HTC 10 has the same IMX377 sensor which has on the Nexus 6P, but I feel the Nexus 6P camera is way ahead of the HTC 10.

    • Ninja Squirrel

      According to almost every review I read so far says the camera is not impressive as other high-end phones. I can even say it judging by sample pics. Whatever DXOMark says, HTC 10 is not the phone if want the best camera. However, It’s still good enough for average photographers. The Z5 and S6 Edge Plus have the same score according to DXOMark, but Z5 camera is nowhere near to the S6 Edge Plus. The actual results are what matter to us.

      A Phone is not all about the camera. HTC 10 is a great overall phone. I would say HTC 10 is the next best phone after the S7.

    • Jay Kim

      DXO mark doesnt use real life tests, they just check it in house.

    • Aloof

      the x pure 2015 also ranked high in dxomark, does that make it one of the bests? I doubt you think so.

  • Ordinary Geek

    Nice review. Looks like you were in San Francisco! Welcome! Hope it wasn’t too cold for you! Regarding the 10, I’m really bummed at the absence of front-facing stereo speakers. These were HTC’s calling card. After all that effort bringing them to market, and seeing the market actually RESPOND, by other phones picking up the feature, it just seems a shame for HTC to abandon it now. I’m due for an upgrade this year, but for the moment, I think I’m gonna stick with my M8, and see what the next Nexus looks like. I hope the front-facing stereo speakers aren’t gone forever!

  • Nila

    Camera isn’t the best out there? That’s not what dxomark says and I somehow think they did more extensive, heavy testing. They class it as tied with the S7!

    • Derek

      I already got mine in Taiwan. Have been using it for a day now. The camera is absolutely great!

  • balcobomber25

    Seems like it’s the phone that could return HTC to it’s glory days but there is no way I would pay $700 for it.

    • Derek

      I bought it in Taiwan for 700 USD. Taiwan doesn’t get the coupon codes for $100 off. But if you live in the USA or Canada or the UK, you can get $100 off. Even though I paid the top price, I am very happy with the phone. It is superb!

      • balcobomber25

        I wouldn’t pay $600 for it either lol.

  • T Redd

    Looks great.. I was hoping they would announce an 5.7 inch model.

  • Sammy Phillips

    I wish sites like these would let two people review the camera: one “average joe” user and one professional photographer. Every time I see “camera shootouts” and galleries the reviewer shot, they’re crappy bar pics or ho-hum images shot around the city. Then the average joe reviewer (no offense, Joshua) says “Eh, the camera could be better.” Really what he means is “I prefer the oversharpened, oversaturated images from Samsung.” LG did it right last year by sending a test G4 unit to that pro photog and having him publish a review…the images that came out of it were stellar.

    • Timebomb

      My new canon gets crappy cell reception…want a professional camera? Buy one.

      • Sammy Phillips

        I have one. Thanks for the tip!

      • Shamoy Rahman

        Alpha A7R2 master race ;)

      • dontpanicbobby

        That was hilarious!

    • Roger smith

      you are so fucking right, they should first of all make a comparison with a pro camera since a single picture without model is useless, we could see at what point the gs7 photos are made for marketing only

    • James Theodore Retuya

      oh so you can read minds now, eh? your post made good sense until you made that baseless assumption.

    • Natasha Gomes

      HTC Phones are now on sale only at AndroidSmartphoneDeals;com

    • john

      HTC phones are now on sale only at NewSmartphoneDeals;com

  • Larry Whorley

    I understand there will be updates to the camera to fix some of the problems you mentioned. Everything doesn’t always work perfectly with test models.

    • Derek

      The first camera software update was sent out a day ago. I installed the update and the problem with the laser auto focus error is still there, just not as often as before.

  • The Doctor

    A huge con, for me, is that there is no way to make this phone water resistant as there are no LifeProof cases for it nor is there any IP68 rating for it.

    Another huge con is that this phone has an LCD screen. Colors aren’t as vivid on LCD displays as they are on AMOLED screens. Plus, there’s always the issue of light bleed.

    • Dano

      SUPER LCD. Reviews state it’s more saturated than LCDs normally are but not as saturated as Samsung’s.

      • The Doctor

        Super LCD is still LCD.

        • Dano

          Smh.. He said he like over saturated colours. The super LCD 5 display is more saturated than regular LCD panels. Thanks for your useless comment.

          • The Doctor

            It’s about as useless as your comment.

  • Evan Adams

    I am willing to bet the camera issues can be fixed in software updates. Perhaps the HTC minimalist approach got in the way of camera software. For me this is the best we are going to get to a Nexus mid year update. Unless something comes at I/O with tango

  • Marty

    I’d like to have all three…the 10, S7 and G5. Nirvana!

  • Jay Kim

    2 days ago was a hands on. this is a review. many things can change during initial impressions to a review.

    I also dont get the point about the slippery design. what of it? if its slippery its slippery. the s7 also stated it was slippery yet a premium design.

    • Derek

      It isn’t slippery at all. The back matte finish on the HTC 10 actually has some grip to it.

    • EJ

      My point is that everyone considers metal to be a “premium” build quality and yet AA found a way to turn that into a con.

  • s2weden2000

    htc m10

  • Dane Cubelic

    Does the Htc 10 have ANT+

  • Juan Carlos Alpizar Chinchilla

    Looks promising, very promising. The thing is I’m still uncertain if it’s not too early to make a final review when the phone is not even out, and based on what I’ve seen in some videos, there are different sofware versions being pulled (I’ve seen videos with software version 1.20 and 1.21 so far, not to mention on XDA there are rummors of version 1.23 being rolled out) so I don’t know how would this pre production release software affect the final result on things like camera and battery life =

    Besides that, I don’t find anything wrong with photos, I’ve seen the same noise on S7 photos, they just look more color accurate than the over saturate photos from S7. The flares are a problem for sure, but again I’m not quite sure if that could’ve been solved by the time the final software hits the device.

    One last thing: he page title says “OPPO F1 Plus Review” lol

  • Derek

    My HTC 10 that I preordered just arrived today. I live in Taiwan so I am lucky I don’t have to wait until May.

    I am more than pleased. This is an AMAZING phone!

    1. The build quality is supreme. Absolutely seamless. Feels fantastic.

    2. The screen has deep darks and vibrant colors.

    3. Boomsound from 2 speakers is back baby! It sounds BETTER than on my M7! You have to make sure you are in the correct mode. It makes all the difference in the world. There are 2 settings for the speakers: internal speaker theater mode and internal speaker music mode. Music mode is where it sounds the best when using the 2 external speakers.

    4. The headphones and high-res Dolby audio is PHENOMENAL!!! I was BLOWN AWAY by how good the audio is through the headphones. Put them on and crank the volume up and WOW!

    5. The camera. It is the BEST camera HTC has made so far on any of their phones. I am not saying it is the best camera on any phone, though. However, I have an iPhone 6S and I have to say, the HTC 10 camera is on par if not slightly better. It is faster to focus, better in low light and better color quality in my opinion.

    I held off on buying the M8…I did not like the M9, so I held off on that purchase too. The A9 was beautiful but I wanted flagship specs. So I held off for the HTC 10. I do not regret buying this phone at all. It is the BEST phone I have ever owned. I also think it is the best on the market right now.

    HTC, welcome back! You hit it out of the ballpark!

    • Kem

      How is battery life?

      • Derek

        So far, so good. I used all day yesterday. I was testing everything from speakers to video quality to camera to browsing the internet to making calls to downloading apps, etc. That was from 11am to 9pm and when I was done I still had 30% battery left. That is 10 hours of continual use! Not bad at all.

      • Derek

        Battery life is great. I’ve been using it all day today…about 12 hours straight now and I am at 77% capacity. Not bad at all!

        • Kem

          I’m not surprised, my M8 has fantastic battery life and became even better after the Marshmallow update…the only thing I’m going to miss is the IR blaster.

    • GNS

      How is the screen in direct sunlight? Is it still bright? That’s one thing I’ve been hearing so far, that the screen is dim …

      • Derek

        That depends on how you set the brightness of your screen. At 100% brightness it works like a charm in direct sunlight, but your battery will drain faster at full brightness. I keep mine at about 60% – 70% brightness and I think it is fine.

    • Vas Lee

      couldn’t agree more, HTC 10 is the best Android phones out there, its premium built quality is on par with iPhone, probably even better according to past history when it comes to dropping your phone at normal heights and its boom sound speakers and audio are the best in the market right now, no one can beat them. There is no OIS on Nexus 6P therefore it’s not that great during jumping or shaking conditions.

      • Derek

        UPDATE: My HTC 10 is now suffering from over heating, stuttering videos and stuttering sound and problems with the laser auto focus. I have only had the phone for 5 days now here in Taiwan, and already these big problems!

        I contacted HTC and they are offering to replace the phone. I will keep this updated.

  • James Theodore Retuya

    well, point taken. but just because you don’t see any cons, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t have any, objectively speaking.

    • EJ

      Yes, there are cons to everything out there, but my point was for them to not make up cons that contradict their previous articles on this very same phone. Know what I mean? :)

  • Frettfreak

    too many blown out low light shots. Reminds me too much of the hell that was the m7 camera. no way i can deal with that again. Samsung ain’t perfect, but their cameras are so much better in this respect

    • Derek

      It is not just the low light shots. The bright shots get blown out too. Blue skies end up being a bit dull.

  • Stadi

    Can you start the camera other than the double-down swipe? Like doublecklick on the home or power button?

    • Derek

      The only way to start the camera is to double-down swipe or launch the camera app via the the camera icon.

      However, you can snap a picture by tapping the screen, tapping the shutter button, assigning the camera app to automatically take a shot when it detects a smile, or assign the volume rocker to take the picture.

      • Stadi

        Thanks! I like how the Galaxy S6 starts the camera by double-homebutton or how my OnePlus One starts it by double-powerbutton. I wish something like this was the default everywhere.

        • Derek

          I think the double swipe down works great on the HTC 10. It opens the camera super fast!

  • jumpman

    In a real world, there’s no such thing as a perfect phone much as there is no perfect user…or a reviewer. Everything is subjective.

    The thing is, even if you take a Samsung GS7 and slapped it with an HTC 10 branding, people will still call it a crappy phone. But interestingly, if this 10 would have been entirely a GS7 phone, I wouldn’t be surprised to hear or read positive comments on it.

  • Athul S Prathap

    Different sites,,,different opinions….one site says its the best phone ever…another says its a “refinement”….by far this is the most honest review i have come across…though you guys missed out on one thing…the display is a bit pinkish…and the camera(ranked no.1 by dxo…i won’t rely on them ever again)all the sites i came across said the camera is ok…but not good enough to beat the others…hmm…from my point of view i would say this phone’s an all-rounder…still haven’t decided which phone to buy(i’m stuck with an iphone 4s…its still a superb phone but storage..thats whats killing me…should have been more careful with my oneplus 2…dropped it…

  • Derek

    I reset my phone (factory reset) and then tested it again. The stuttering stopped, but the overheating is still happening. HTC sent a software update for the camera yesterday too. After installing, the laser auto focus error still shows up but not as often. I will be returning my HTC 10 to HTC for replacement tomorrow. Not sure if getting a replacement will help.

  • Nibbler

    People said HTC was dead. Where they at now?!?!

  • Garrett Brown

    Honestly I’m enjoying my HTC 10. I gave my S7 Edge to my girl. I couldn’t get my mind off the idea of having to pay $250 plus just to repair a damaged screen on a phone, let alone one made primarily of glass. He’s, I have a case on it, but still.. I read up and found out HTC offers a phenomenal warranty on these phones and considering my job has me squatting, climbing etc and the phone stays in my pocket.. I couldn’t get over the thought of potentially damaging the phone.

    Needless to say, the S7 Edge was a phenomenal phone, what I couldn’t understand though is how did Sense UI score lower than Touchwiz? Android OS is about control and customization, of which Touchwiz’s does not have. To boot, touchwiz is littered with useless apps, duplicates, and considering carriers often times add their own crap to it versus a version of Android that is very close to what google has envisioned for Android.

    I’m liking it so far, yes I am missing the bright and colorful AMOLED screen but the one on the 10 is also great. I’m missing the freakishly fast camera on the S7 but when my carrier posts the updates that HTC had released I’m sure it’ll be fine, yes it’s tough adjusting from a 5.5″ screen to 5.2″ but I enjoy that it’s easier to put in and pull out of my pocket and doesn’t press against my leg when I crouch down.

    The build of this phone instills me with confidence that if I drop it on its back I won’t be running to the T-Mobile store or have to call HTC. It’s also very pleasing to the eyes, like the S7 Edge, and very pleasing to the eyes, again like the S7 Edge. It just feels great in my hand.

    The UI is slick and extremely responsive while, not bad in any means Touchwiz used slow animations to produce the effect of fluidity while Sense is just plain fast. The amount of customization is tremendous, and the sound, well let’s just say at 75% volume the HTC 10 is louder than my S7 was at 100% and crisper to boot. Also reading up that HTC is #2 when it comes to timely updates instills a lot of confidence, and HTC making a promise to release Android N around the time it’s released is a huge plus in my book.

    The battery is good as well, I’ve found myself making it through the first real day of usage with 3 hours and 23 minutes SoT, Bluetooth on and music streaming for about 9 hours and considering I’m in and out of low cell signal areas all the time, I found when I put it on the charger at 6 I was at 31% and considering I pulled it off the charger at 6am.. 12 hours and still almost 1/3 of the battery still to go that was not bad at all, not as good as the S7 Edge, but I had time to condition that battery.

    With all the positives and knowing the camera issue has been fixed and is just awaiting carrier approval does not leave me with any sense of remorse or doubt, this phone IMO for me is probably the best phone of the year. The S7 is no slouch, but HTC has hit a lot of high notes and with their customer service, fluid and speedy UI, it’s tones down, relatively bloat free Sense UI,, simple to learn and master UI that isn’t cluttered and the fact that it has an awesome warranty to boot makes this phone worth it’s price tag.

  • Alpert

    Frankly I still prefer on screen navigation bar.

  • Damon Adrian

    does this have a dedicated DAC? I haven’t heard anywhere that this has a dedicated DAC. If it doesn’t then don’t bother calling it an audiophile phone.

  • HTC’s advertising says this phone records 24-bit audio when shooting 4K video…..But what about when shooting HD video? I never shoot 4K.

  • PayPaul

    The one big problem now with this phone is, that after almost a month in circulation, very few major manufacturers of smartphone cases have produced one for the HTC 10. Amazon IS the only place with at least a few pages of cases for this phone and they’re made by less well manufacturers. Why is that? I’d also like to see a side by side comparison of this phone and the Samsung Galaxy 7. On specifications alone, the two seem remarkably similar,m except for the USB-C on the HTC.

  • HongKonger

    By using the HTC10 for 4 months, I really think that it is the best android phone.

  • Gordo

    thanks providing this phone people this phone is awesome this phone is probably like a girlfriend you want to marry I’m telling you nice display is 5.2 inches great sound great camera and it runs like champ the software is smooth and easy quick settings are very good it’s got DLNA oh my gosh and when I put it in Airplane Mode I almost went into the sky with a pair of wings my cell I mean I almost ordered a pizza office phone I’m sure I could probably cook it too that’s how good it is if you don’t have the HTC you better get one now you better get with the program Samsung get your butt ready to go down yep I’m like a rapper who raps all day so Samsung get with it cuz you’re going to go away