How to Unbrick Your Amazon Kindle Fire

January 21, 2012
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    In many cases, a failed installation of a custom ROM often results in a soft-bricked device. With so many tutorials promising safe procedures for upgrading your device, there’s some chance that you could end up scratching your head thinking about what could possibly have gone wrong.

    With over a million devices already sold, the Amazon Kindle Fire is certainly the best Android tablet around town. Featuring a decent dual-core 1 GHz processor and an entertaining 7-inch IPS display, the Kindle Fire is no ordinary device to mess around with.  Flashing custom ROMs and over-the-air (OTA) updates are just some of the few reasons that could likely brick your precious device during a failed attempt.

    Owners of the Amazon Kindle Fire who have soft-bricked their devices will finally be able to unbrick their tablets and bring it back to life. Thanks to the application known as the Kindle Fire Unbrick Utility developed by the guys at XDA-Developers, you can now resurrect your Kindle Fire to full gear.

    The application is easy to use and can be applied to your tablet, regardless of the firmware that it is running. The best thing about this tool is that it generally addresses the most common causes of your device’s malfunction.

    From failed modding of framework–res.apk to pesky recovery boot loops, the Kindle Fire Unbrick Utility generally covers everything. Think of it as an all-in-one Kindle Fire solution for your soft-bricked devices.  With the simple to use interface, it is perfectly safe and easy to follow.


    • Amazon Kindle Fire
    • Computer running Windows
    • Java installed on the Windows machine (Get Java here)
    • Kindle Fire Unbrick Utility (download here)
    • Ensure that your device has at least 60% of power left so that it doesn’t get turned off once the unbricking process starts.


    1. Extract the contents of the Kindle Fire Unbrick Utility to your computer.
    2. Open a command prompt and change directory to where you extracted the Kindle Fire Unbrick Utility files.
    3. Run KindleUnbrickV1.0.jar (it’s a Java JAR file).  You can run the JAR file by executing “java -jar KindleUnbrickV1.0.jar” (without the quotes).
    4. Connect your Kindle Fire to your computer using a USB cable.
    5. From here, you’ll then be able to choose from 5 different options with their corresponding number of choice. The options are:
      1. Recovery Loop
      2. Stuck at logo
      3. Framework-Res
      4. Modded /system/app
      5. Other…
    6. Click the appropriate option that best describes the current condition of your Kindle Fire.
    7. Depending on the choice you made, the recovery process will roughly take 10 minutes to finish restoring your device to normal state. Your device will automatically reboot itself after the recovery process.
    8. If your device continuously reboots itself after the recovery process, repeat the procedure to unbrick your device.

    Congratulations! You have successfully unbricked your Amazon Kindle Fire with the Kindle Fire Unbrick Utility. You can now use your device again.


    • geust

      device not found on selection stuck on logo

      • Lance Poore

        @guest: you may want to try to run the file as Administrator in windows. Not sure how the Windows java application is coded, but if it uses ADB then you will want to be running it with administrator privileges.

        • Cameron LaPage

          How do I run as administrator?

          • cudna kaca

            xp- logoff and loggin as Admin. w7– right click -> run as administrator

    • Moka Satoma

      - exec ‘/system/bin/sh’ failed i get this when i try this program

      • Waqar Malik

        I’m in same case. Is ur kindle fire fixed???

    • Ambuj 67

      My adb is not giving root previleges.
      su shows segmentation fault?

    • Antonio711

      I tried but this came out on the CMD prompt
      -exec /system/bin/sh’ failed: No such file or directory

      So, any thoughts what it may happens. My kindle fire is identify by my computer as an android phone, so de ADB works. My screen is stuck with the logo screen. It does not by pass this point. I tried the “Stuck at the Logo” option but the same information appears on the screen. No luck at all. Help!!

    • Fernando

      You would appear to not have the! I’ll get it for you…
      –2012-04-13 11:12:54–
      Connecting to||:80… connected.
      HTTP request sent, awaiting response… 200 OK
      Length: 191110843 (182M) [application/octet-stream]
      Saving to: `update/’

      100%[======================================>] 191,110,843 1.23M/s in 3m 13s

      2012-04-13 11:16:09 (965 KB/s) – `update/’ saved [191110843/191110843]

      error: device not found
      Time to flash the update!
      error: device not found
      error: device not found

      ^CÂżDesea terminar el trabajo por lotes (S/N)? n
      error: failed to load ‘/sdcard/’
      error: device not found
      error: device not found
      Your kindle should be rebooting with the stock Rom.
      C:UsersDellDesktopKindle Fire Unbrick Utility>
      C:UsersDellDesktopKindle Fire Unbrick Utility>

      That´s what i get, when a i try to unbrick my kindle fire, is ver frustrating, please help me.

    • Dtorq

      I see life in what was a completely, utterly, bricked Kindle Fire. Thank you so much!

    • coltalain

      can some explain to me how to do #2 on here bc im new and very confused =/

    • trent

      it is stuck at logo but that selection isnt working, actually none of them recover it. it reboots and back to the logo. It isnt mounted, it shows up as removable disk H:

    • Cameron LaPage

      How do I do number 2?

    • Cameron LaPage

      None of these unbrick methods work! Why, because it can’t find my device, and it can’t find my device because it won’t register that it’s plugged in until you unlock it, and you can’t unlock it unless it boots! And what’s my problem? It won’t boot!

      • n2aos

        Hi Cameron, come on over to and we can help you. We have a free tool at the bottom of our site called Restore2Stock that should work for you. If you are having driver issues we can help there too.

        • Cameron LaPage

          Thanks but somehow my kindle started working again yesterday. I’m not sure how.

          • n2aos

            great, glad to hear it. :)

            • Cameron LaPage

              I don’t have TWRP anyway but thanks. However I may take a look at the software once I get back home. It looks really cool.

            • Cameron LaPage

              I mean this rooting method looks more trustworthy. Especially after what happened with Kindle Fire Utility

    • n2aos

      The unbrick methods have become much easier since this post was written in 2012. We now have a free tool at the bottom of our website called Restore2Stock that will restore you Kindle back to factory settings again. No tech skills needed. google n2aos for our homepage.

      • sharon

        i love you !!

    • Anonamus
    • JorgeJuan

      Mine Keeps saying: error:device not found. I am running as a administrator and my cable is plugged in securely. Can anyone help?

    • mitzi

      stuck in recovery loop and my compy won’t recognize the device

    • ciscop1977

      Its stuck on the kindle fire menu and wont do anything. I tried the restore2 stock but it still isn’t doing anything.

    • cudna kaca

      to use KUU do I need the file called zergRush, aperently its corupted…

    • cudna kaca

      i’t did not solve the problem… still bricked