How to Share Your Galaxy S 2’s Internet Connection

by: Rann May SmithNovember 11, 2011

The beauty of an Android phone does not only lie in its sleek sophisticated design or in its impeccable, powerful processors. Your Android phone possesses powerful features that will surely blow your mind.  For instance, most recent high-end Android devices are capable of tethering their Internet signal to other Wi-Fi-capable devices nearby.

In this article, you will learn how to set up your Samsung Galaxy S2to share its Internet connection and act as a Wi-Fi Hotspot.

What is tethering or mobile tethering?

Tethering is the process of using your own device, such as a Galaxy S2, as a modem or Wi-Fi router in order to feed other Wi-Fi-capable devices such as laptops, PDAs, other handsets, and tablets. To put it simply, you are sharing whatever incoming Internet connection you have to other Wi-Fi-capable gadgets.

Can all Android phones use mobile tethering?

No. Tethering is only supported by Android devices running at least Android 2.2 Froyo. Devices running any version lower than Android 2.2 are not capable of tethering.

How to share the Internet connection from a Galaxy S2

Before we start with the basic instructions and steps in making your Galaxy S2 a Wi-Fi Hotspot, first make inquiries with your network or service provider regarding data charges. Other networks would ask for one-time payment for you to use unlimited Internet access on your mobile device. Some networks, however, would charge you per megabyte or gigabyte of data or per number of hours used.

On to the steps:

  1. Go to Settings from the homescreen of your Galaxy S2.
  2. Tap on “Wireless and network.”
  3. Scroll down to “Tethering and portable hotspot” and tap it.

    1. Two options will be given to you: “USB tethering” and “Portable Wi-Fi hotspot settings.”
    2. Tap on “Portable Wi-fi hotspots settings.”
    3. Tap on OK when a pop-up comes up informing you about the increase in battery consumption and data usage.
    4. You may now be prompted to create a network SSID.  Do so and and then tap on Save.

  1. You are then asked to key in a password in order to secure your network SSID so that only those you have given permission can access your Internet connection.
  2. You are done! Your Samsung Galaxy S2’s Internet connection is now ready to share with other Wi-Fi devices.

Using your Samsung Galaxy S2 as a Wi-Fi Hotspot is just one of the many perks of owning this powerful device.  Do you own one and do you share its Internet connection to your other Wi-Fi devices?

  • Anonymous

    I may have missed it, but you should mention that this is usually a feature that you have to pay extra for.

    • Andy Hilton

      Now that carries are placing limits on data they really don’t care how you use your limited data. In fact, they are hoping you will use this feature and run up a higher data bill.

  • Guan_bokkwok

    Some HTC phones like the hd2 has free internet sharing via USB but for samsung you’ll need to purchase the service

  • Imranjg14

    very very awsome feature

  • Shootnsee

    Its really a very fine feature. where ur phone works as a router and u can use wifi in ur laptop. its quite working good on my galaxy note. it depends on the speed of internet u have subscribed. better to have an unlimited internet package.
    In the place of security u have two options try to select.the other than open. so.that U can have a password.
    Enjoy this incredible service provided by android. hats off!

  • Tongey

    Thanks. Really easy to follow. Got it set up in about a minute!

  • michaelbmcgee

    After set-up and using the Wi-Fi tether, do I need to disconnect it to prevent further data usage? Thanks!

  • Rattana

    I always share wifi hotspot to my pc and my friends’pc to be used hahahahaha great feauture

  • Ian

    I set this up on my virgin phone and all its no extra charge

  • mr .j

    its taking along time to load in ma s2 sayng “switching wi-fi on” but not working…..:-/

  • cc

    What if the window to set a password never pops up? Just says it’s active and that’s it…

  • Adz

    Awesome backup as my home BB went down, this was invaluable. Currently a free to activate service but will obviously use your data tarriff (Samsung galaxy S2 with Android Ver: 4.0.4)

  • Nikki

    Thanks for the helpful article.
    I have a question if anyone can help.I have been using my Samsung S2 as a wifi hotspot for months now and it is fantastic except for one thing.
    When my laptop is connected to the wifi hotspot and I try to access a secure site, or log in to some banks, or password protected sites, I get kickied off the internet.
    When I close down the hotspot on the phone it shows an error message and won’t close. It is as if the hotspot was not on even though the blue wifi symbol still glowing.
    Any ideas I can try please? I suspect I may need to change a security setting or something
    I suspect it is

  • pablo

    why my galaxy s2 dont got that aplications?

  • thatfloorguy

    Awesome, thanks for the info. Set it up in a matter of seconds. Now the kids won’t fight over the online iPad while in the car. :)

  • bdaniels31546

    My laptop will recognize the device but will not comnect.

  • kyng

    Virgin mobile and i can’t find the option please help

  • rahnev

    nice and helpful!