How to Root Your Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus 3G P6200

by: Ken EastDecember 19, 2011

Android tablets are competing in terms of their sleek designs and software innovations, but sometimes software updates just take forever to arrive. In this case, we turn to a last resort of some sort–to get our devices rooted.

Do you have a Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus 3G P6200 and do you want to root it? In this article, you will learn how to root the Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus 3G P6200.

There are a few simple instructions that you have to follow to successfully root your device, but before dealing with the actual rooting process, take note of the important requirements. For you to be able to root your Galaxy Tab, you need to have the rooting files, the latest version of Samsung Kies, and an external SD card installed on your tablet (at least 1 GB).

Steps for Rooting the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus

If you already have all the requirements for rooting your Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus 3G P6200, you can now move on to the rooting instructions. Below are the rooting instructions. Remember to follow them carefully. If you are not sure about this, don’t do it or you might brick your device in the process. Also, remember that we do not guarantee that these instructions will work for you. Proceed at your own risk.

Here’s how to root your Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus:

  1. Install the latest version of Samsung Kies. Get it from here.
  2. Download the rooting file to your PC. Get the ZIP file from here:
  3. Connect your tablet to your PC. Copy the ZIP file to your tablet’s external SD card.
  4. Power off your tablet.
  5. Reboot the device into recovery mode by holding the Volume Up button along with the Power button. As soon as you see the Samsung logo on your screen, let go of the Power button but keep the Volume Up button pressed.
  6. Once your tablet has booted in recovery mode, select the option to install update from external storage.
  7. Locate the file in your external storage. Select the file by pressing the Power button.
  8. The rooting process will begin. When it finishes, reboot your device.
  9. Go to the Android Market and search for the SuperUser app. Install the app and update the SU binary.
  10. Install the BusyBox app from the Android Market.

Your Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus 3G P6200 is now rooted. You can now tweak and further customize your tablet by installing custom ROMs.

  • Phantom

    Done rooting with this method! Real good! :))

    • Richard Le

      Question? What is the benefit when you do the rooting for the Tab plus? What parts of the bloatware will be eliminated? Thanks

      • Rei


        After rooting your Tab and installing an app like root explorer, you can pretty much delete any bloatware, permanently. Just be careful which app you remove. It may be needed by the device to run properly. I usually remove live wallpapers and carrier specific apps first since i find those pretty useless.

  • Trialdownload

    Fail, in the recovery mode, I only found “Apply update from …….”, after I select it, it said “Fail to mount the /sdcard”.

    • ajay

      OK i got the solution insert only 1GB card and copy the file on the sd card after that reboot your your tab by pressing the power button and up volume button after that you will see the root file now go to it .

  • rich :-)

    I did all this from the tab, just download then move it to the sd card, reboot in recovery mode, apply update, reboot and install su :-)

  • Max


  • Sexy

    after root, how to un-root???

    • jim

      Use from here and install it

  • Honglight

    I see only apply from SD card only, when I choose this it fail to mount SD card is red type!
    What should I do?

    • lavagirl

      same goes to me. Too bad :(

  • Aznan001

    i cant get my tab to reboot when im pressing the power and volume up button…its just recharging itself..

    • Aznan001

      DUH~~~ remove the cables~ then power button + volume up = works fine :P

  • Aznan001

    finally i succesfully root my device…but..the theres something wrong with my connects..but no internet..any ideas?

  • Pardedeondo

    Done the root and installed the superuser + update us binary then installed busybox.
    But still can not move my application to memory card!
    Anyone can tell me detail how to move it? Please…

  • Dennis Santamaria

    how root Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus 3G P6200L

  • daus

    How to backup galaxy tab 7.0 plus using pc…

  • Ubuntu

    Why must install kies into pc? Can i just download root file from my tab and move into my sd?

  • Wilsoncat2006

    muito bom, fiz agorinha aqui no meu galaxy tab 7.0 plus p6200, e ficou até mais rápido e já estou instalando umas coisinhas que nem dava acesso, kkk…
    valeu pelo tutorial…

  • Yumm

    When I press “” my tablet says
    –Install /sbcard…
    Finding update package…
    Opening update package…
    Verifying update package…
    (in red) E:signature verification failed

    Why is this? How do I make it work?? Thanks-

  • ajay

    Hi Ken,

    I am having the same problem “”””” Fail, in the recovery mode, I only found “Apply update from …….”, after I select it, it said “Fail to mount the /sdcard”.””””

    Please tell me how to solve this .

  • Everything fine but when I cant update SU binary……

  • Arvin

    Still failed after i move the to the sd and reboot., says intallation completed., but when i check it through root check application says still no root access., what was that? Anyone to share info?w

  • chathur

    Can anyone answer my question.
    I cant update the su binary via superuser app
    Why is tat can anyone help me?

  • D. Siahaan

    Thanks :-)

  • 123

    all is fake its error error error……….

  • jhane

    why is it the update of su binary too long.?? its just saying “gaining root access”.?? is it normal?

  • jonathan12

    i cant update my su binary.. can anyone help me. plss

  • ksk

    Hey i did it successfully but when i pressed reboot it just stick at samsung logo not completing the boot and i tried a lot but it sticks at boot logo please help what i have to do ?

  • Khelawan Verma

    there are 2 super user apps in the market …which one to use ? tell me the developer name

  • ebrahim peer

    it says failed to mount sd card. wat next?

  • Karthi Us

    how to update us binary??