How to Find Your Long Lost Android Device With Plan B

by: Matthew SabatiniDecember 28, 2011
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Now that you can track your phone’s location online, and even track other people’s locations, it is almost impossible to lose your phone given that you have an application that tracks your device’s locations. But what happens when you don’t have one of those programs installed? Now, thanks to Lookout Labs, you can turn to Plan B. More specifically, if you lost your phone and did not install Lookout Mobile Security, or any other location tracking service, simply go to the Android Market Web Store and install Plan B remotely.

After the app has installed, it should start up by itself. However, you may have to send yourself text messages to get Plan B going. Once it has started, Plan B will send your phone’s location directly to your Gmail address. (Plan B will send your location to your Gmail address only. Therefore, no one else can track your phones location) Now that you know exactly where your phone is, you can go out hunting for it. Therefore, if your phone is on the move, simply send a text to your phone with the word “locate”.

And don’t worry if you didn’t have GPS enabled when you lost your phone, Plan B can automatically turn on GPS for some devices.

Have you tried this app out on your lost Android device? Let us know about your success stories in the comments below.

  • haha sounds good!

  • Joshua Kenneth13

    is it available in the philippines?

  • Joshua Kenneth13

    is it available in the philippines?

  • jan crispin

    I can’t this to work with the Galaxy tablet. Any suggestions? I get an error message saying there is no phone associated with the gmail address I am using.

  • Brandon_berg

    My gril freind has lost her andorid lastnight and its on silent mode. She donst have a locater downloaded to it. Is there any that I can install by useing her phone number and to to make it go off

    • jan crispin

      Plan B sounds great….until use actually try to use it. It is impossible to download.

  • Osborne Alison

    Sounds fabulous! Lost my android phone last night and it’s on silent mode… However, when I try to download the app it tells me it is incompatible with my phone… How does it know this? Via my gmail? argh….

  • Sandhya

    What if the entire system is rest by the thief and all applications unistalled?

  • Anne Slater-brooks

    nothing is happening. Downloaded it I think but no way of knowing since I dont have the phone. Got no gmail email and tried texting locate to my phone also with no response. any ideas?

  • LLL

    As with almost all tracking programs, Plan B will NOT work if your phone is turned off, service had been cut due to restricting your service as a lost/stolen phone or if your phone has been ‘flashed’. We need a ALL cell phone providers to be forced by law to track all their customers by the serial number of the phone being used. This is the only likely method of retrieving stolen phones.

  • Punitgaurav

    lost my android tab. its does not have sim in it… installed plan b.. now what??

  • Ridakhan2001

    My android is an tablet and i can’t send text messages


  • Sevensmj34

    Ok my daughter lost my Android (I literally have everything on that phone) Saturday night, didn’t tell me until last night. After feeling every emotion from extreme anger to extreme sadness I downloaded Plan B from Lookout this morning. Does anyone know how long it takes to get the initial email with the phones location? And then how long does it continue to try and locate the phone?

  • Woodlinej17

    Does plan B work when your phone is off

  • Hotlegs120667

    how do i instal

  • Johanna

    I have installed it on my stolen tablet, but I don’t get any e-mails… and I can’t send a sms because it’s an tablet not a phone :'(

  • cannot get this to load on my lost Asus Eee Transformer tablet

  • Sarah

    My phone was stolen today. I tried to install plan b but it says in incompatible with my phone! anyone know what to do? or any other apps that work like this one! please hurry!