Hollywood’s nightmare, Popcorn Time, aims for Chromecast

by: Erik EggersJuly 9, 2014

Popcorn time Android-2

Popcorn Time has grown in popularity due to it’s ease of use and Netflix like experience. Oh, did I mention that it is free? The open source software streams Bittorrents of movies or TV shows while the viewer watches. Whether or not Popcorn Time is illegal, is not very clear. Even the Popcorn Time website admits the uncertainty. That hasn’t stopped the new team of developers, Time4Popcorn, who took over after the original developers decided to no longer contribute to the project. Popcorn Time has since expanded their supported devices and added many new features, including VPN support.

When it was first developed, Popcorn Time was limited to just computers. Recently, an Android version of the streaming software has been released by Time4Popcorn and is available to download from their website. The group of developers have announced through their blog that the alpha version of the Windows app now supports Chromecast. The beta of the Windows version will be released within a week. They also stated that the Mac and Android versions are soon to follow if all goes according to plan.

This will allow users of Popcorn Time to easily stream movies and TV shows directly to their television without much effort because of the convience the Chromecast device offers. The list of Chromecast compatible apps continues to grow and makes the $35 streaming device something extremely hard to pass up.

Are you an user of Popcorn Time without a Chromecast? If so, does Chromecast support make the little streaming device more attractive? Let us know in the comments below.

  • Blane Stroud

    There are plenty of apps like this that can be streamed though Allcast or LocalCast. Showbox for instance. There’s alai TV Portal. All work just fine. There’s almost no need for an app like this to natively support Chromecast because there are all in one solutions out there. That being said, they are obviously less convenient and less user friendly.

  • I’m not going to comment on the legality of this – it’s pretty obvious.

    What should be more apparent than ever is technology – and more specifically the internet’s – ability to consistently disintermediate antiquated business models and forms of distribution.

    • Dexter Johnson

      The same can be said that business models in place are trying to disintegrate the internet and it’s ability to share. Big business has been terrified of the internet since it’s inception because it is afraid it will lose revenue (when it already has plenty mind you).

      Granted it is apparent that this app in question is illegal. However, the cases of business/media companies trying to screw over and undermine the workings of the internet need to stop — the internet is open and should remain that way. For example, take a look at the instances of ISPs throttling Netflix, YouTube and other streaming services….for what? It is all due to money and it isn’t right. Traffic is traffic.

      • Henry Dorsett Case

        Well if I watch a cc licensed movie is popcorn time still illegal? Something used for illegal purposes isn’t illegal itself.

        • while inherently true, its not always agreed to by bureaucrats. its the same thing as saying “guns dont kill people, people kill people”, all it takes is a small push for people to throw out reason for emotion.

          • Henry Dorsett Case

            Well that’s what bureaucrats want to push as a public opinion. Is it the truth though? As with the gun case, guns can’t have many other non criminal uses, at least not for the most population. Even so this isn’t about something inherently bad. Companies try to make the net a non-sharing environment because replication is a problem for them, that doesn’t exist in physical form. So they try to pass replication as a crime.
            Instead of being productive and invent new ways of taking our money they try to control our rights to share, to back up and to own. And if we accept those views we are doomed to lose many of our internet freedoms, which aren’t in a good place either way by now.
            So shouldn’t we fight to keep internet a “network” rather than a means of mass consumption?

          • thats exactly right, my point with guns was only in general terms. just because some could be used for ill, it often faces adversity for just that reason, i could use video games as another example, there have been so many studies trying to find a connection to video games and crime/delinquency.
            there are very few companies that see the internet as a new means of business, requiring a new method of interaction. organizations like the MPAA and entertainment industries in general have treated the internet as a manageable static audience, but they miss the fact that its nature is in disruptive technology, meaning they [the industries] need to become ‘disruptive’ in order to survive in it. amazon and netflix have already joined this curve, but they still have opposition from entertainment companies through their streaming contracts. these big old companies dont want to change their business strategies, and they are trying to force their old world markets onto the new.
            I think this archaic approach has been what really drives these quasi-illegal sites. if the entertain industry refuses to adapt to the changing environment, other communities will.

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  • nsa dont kill me

    Downloaded the windows alpha version yesterday to try it out, only showed one of the chromecasts in my house , and didn’t even play on it, trying again later tonight, and also for those wondering this app is completely legal. They’ve checked 4 times to make sure

    • I personally don’t care if it’s legal but I heard it’s not illegal basically due to the law being for downloading and storing movies, there is no law against streaming movies.

      • sam

        You do realise that when you stream something you are still technically downloading it right.

        • Honestly I don’t even care I’m just going off what another article said about this app and the law. How things are worded is very important in court so lawyers can argue a case based on the way a law or court order was worded and win I’ve seen it done.

        • John

          Not true. If there is not a complete copy of the file in the end it has not been downloaded. You don’t download websites but to say you technically download them is just stupid and you know it.

          • Name :)

            When you play a movie from this app a folder is created on the computer and the movie is downloaded there and then after you finish the movie and close the program the folder and the movie that was “Downloaded” to the computer gets deleted. This is why some people in the past did get letters about copyright.

  • I personally love Popcorn Time. Watched a couple movies on it thru Chromecast last night though today unfortunately I can’t get it to even play trailers but it’s an alpha build so it’s expected oh well won’t give up on it. I have Showbox which seems to only be able to update when I disconnect WiFi and haven’t used it much yet but to download 2 movies (months ago) want to buy the Allcast app but heard bad things about it, tried to use LocalCast but the movies never loaded so that’s my story. Oh yea and Showbox seems to force close when running ART.

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    • Jayfeather787

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  • Time4Popcorn is not the only developer working on a Popcorn Time fork. They are also possibly dangerous, I would advise everyone to steer clear of them.


  • Selo

    There was an app like this, i forgot the name of it, it has been removed from play store for a while, what was that app

    • Melvin colvin

      The app you may be talking about is Movie Tube, You can still find, if you google it.

      • Androidphan

        I think Movie Tube just searches YouTube for movies at least it did when I had it. There’s quite a few movies on YouTube actually.

    • Giovonni Fareed

      Its called showbox!…even better than popcorn