Samsung Galaxy S6 hands-on and first impressions

by: Joshua VergaraMarch 1, 2015

Samsung is recovering from a difficult year in the mobile phone business, thanks to the seemingly poor sales of the company’s 2014 flagship, the Galaxy S5. While Samsung hinted the Galaxy S5 would be a dramatic departure from its predecessors in the S series, the final product came under sharp criticism largely due to the fact that its aesthetics weren’t the major change many had hoped for. Even worse, critics felt the phone’s dimpled back was actually a step back in design.

With all that said, Samsung has just announced the Galaxy S6 here at MWC 2015, and it seems that the Korean giant has finally brought a much needed update to Samsung’s design language. Is the latest member of the Galaxy S family what we’ve all been waiting for? Let’s jump in and take a look!


samsung galaxy s6 25

For those that have been waiting for Samsung to move beyond its typical plastic builds, the Galaxy Alpha and Note 4 were the firsts sign that Samsung was ready to make a change. With the Galaxy S6, this vision for change continues. This time around, the S6 has a glass back panel reinforced by Gorilla Glass 4 and an aluminum edge surrounding the entire phone. This makes the device feel all-around more premium than past Samsung devices. In combination with the glass back, the metal really gives the S6 that luxurious touch that Galaxy S phones have lacked so far.

samsung galaxy s6 18

Of course, just because the materials are clearly different from the company’s previous handsets doesn’t mean that the Galaxy’s traditional design elements don’t make an appearance. In terms of design, the S6 has a familiar home button — complete with upgraded touch-based fingerprint reader — that’s flanked by capacitive menu and recent apps buttons. You’ll also find staple features on the device like the a heart rate monitor. Looking at the front or even the back of the phone, there’s no mistaking this for anything other than a Galaxy.

For fans of waterproofing tech, it should be mentioned that this is one area that the Galaxy S6 doesn’t come through, though an “Active” model is rumored to be coming our way at some point in the future.

samsung galaxy s6 31

The audio jack, USB port, and speakers are all placed on the bottom edge of the Galaxy S6, which features plastic inserts to let radio waves through. Coming to the sides, you’ll find the traditional Samsung button layout, with the volume rocker on the left and a power button on the right.

samsung galaxy s6 10

On the back you’ll find that the most striking design feature, aside from the obvious addition of glass, is redesigned camera and flash modules. The metallic accents look nice, but unfortunately the camera protrudes quite a bit, so you may have a hard time using this device on a flat surface, especially without a case. That’s a sacrifice that Samsung needed to make in order make the Galaxy S6 just 7 millimeters thick.

samsung galaxy s6 6

It is worth noting that the Galaxy S6 does feel a lot more manageable in the hands from its predecessor, as the phone is both lighter and the bezels are now smaller when compared to the Galaxy S5.


samsung galaxy s6 apps aac 1

Samsung has made huge strides with OLED technology, and the Galaxy S6 is truly the epitome of that. While the company has decided to keep the same 5.1-inch screen size, the device has received a nice upgrade to a Quad HD Super AMOLED display with an impressive pixel density of 577ppi. Like on all modern AMOLED devices, colors are extremely vivid, with deep blacks and best-in-class contrast levels, while viewing angles are just as good. And, if you prefer colors to be less “in your face” Samsung offers several display modes you can choose from.

The difference between QHD and Full HD at this screen size might be hard to detect with the naked eye, but it’s still nice to see Samsung raising the bar on just about every level.


samsung galaxy s6 13

Under the hood we have a 64-bit Samsung Exynos 7420 processor backed by 3GB of RAM. We’ve heard rumors of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 810 processor experiencing some overheating issues, so it’s no surprise to see Samsung’s in-house built processor in the new flagship.

The Galaxy S6 has a non-removable 2,550mAh battery this time around, which is 250mAh less that the Galaxy S5’s battery. However, the 14nm processor and other optimizations may keep battery life on par with the previous generation. We’ll need ample time to test out the S6’s battery before we make any assumptions, so you can look for full battery stats in our final review. However, a nice change that will be welcomed by most users is the addition of fast charging technology. Samsung quotes that the device will have up to two hours of video playback on just ten minutes of charge, with a full charge reached in around 80 minutes.

The Galaxy S6 also comes in 32GB, 64GB, or 128GB storage options. But there’s some bad news that comes with this. Due to the device’s all glass build, you won’t be able to pop out the back panel to change out the battery. Additionally, there is no microSD card slot on the device. These features have been staples of Galaxy devices so far, and it remains to be seen how users react to their removal. While the removal of the SD card slot will disappoint many users, it’s nice to see Samsung combat the change with a bump up in internal storage options. Additionally, wireless charging is finally built-in the Galaxy S6, and with a twist: the Galaxy S6 is the first phone to support the several standards on the market (WPC and PMA). This means the phone will work with just about any charging pad.


samsung galaxy s6 43

When it comes to the camera, the Galaxy S6 boasts a 16MP rear-facing camera with smart optical image stabilization (OIS), and a 5MP front-facing camera with a 90-degree wide-angle lens. Samsung has added a handful of nice camera features this time around, now allowing you to double tap on your home screen to launch the camera app in only .7 seconds. Also, the rear camera has a new feature called “tracking autofocus”, which tracks moving objects in the frame, such as moving cars or kids. The camera app comes with the same Samsung features we’ve grown to love, though the new HDR mode has been revamped with some nice changes as well. The new Auto HDR Mode now automatically turns itself on when the camera thinks it needs it.

It’s still too early to fully judge the shooter in the Galaxy S6, though we have to say we like what we see so far.


samsung galaxy s6 15

On the software front, the Galaxy S6 is running Android 5.0 Lollipop out of the box, with Touchwiz on top. Touchwiz looks just about the same on the Galaxy S6 as we’ve seen in the past, with only a few minor aesthetic changes found around the UI. Although the visual changes with the software aren’t in abundance, there are far fewer apps preinstalled on the device. We’re sure most Samsung fans will really enjoy the toned-down software Samsung is now offering on their new flagship, and the addition of themes makes for a nice added touch.

samsung galaxy s6 edge themes aac 1

Samsung has also created a new mobile payment system called Samsung Pay. Thanks to the company’s recent purchase of mobile payment system LoopPay, Samsung Pay incorporates NFC, barcode, and MST (Magnetic Secure Transmission) technology that is slated to work with 90% of retailers’ POS systems. Samsung’s new payment system won’t be available until Q3 2015, and will release in the US and Korean markets first. While we will definitely have our full review up before then, we’ll be sure to test Samsung Pay in greater detail when it becomes available.


Display5.1-inch Super AMOLED
2560 x 1440 resolution, 577 ppi
ProcessorExynos 7420
Storage32/64/128 GB
Camera16 MP rear camera with OIS
5 MP front-facing camera with 90 degree wide angle lens
ConnectivityWiFi a/b/g/n/ac
Bluetooth 4.1, NFC, GPS + GLONASS
NetworksLTE cat 6 300/50
Battery2,550 mAh
Fast charging
WPC and PMA-compatible wireless charging
SoftwareAndroid 5.0 Lollipop
Dimensions143.4 x 70.5 x 6.8 mm
138 grams
ColorsBlack, white, gold, blue


Wrap up

So there you have it, a quick first look at the Samsung Galaxy S6! Samsung has definitely made some big changes this time around, both aesthetically and internally. Whether you’re excited about the changes or not, it will be interesting to see how this device stacks up in our full review. The Galaxy S6 will be available in Black, White, Gold or Blue. Samsung has yet to release pricing details and an exact launch date, but we’ll be sure to update you when we get more information. Be sure to stay tuned for our full review, and keep it locked at Android Authority for more great MWC 2015 coverage!

  • namesib

    Erm, a bit early.

    • hjg

      It seems tech sites got a hands one earlier this week before the announcement

  • Oscar Antonio Mejia Castillo

    Come on Samsung!!! I rather have a micro SD card slot than wireless charging!! The

    • Anonymousfella

      Thats now reserved for the Note i think…

    • Ken98045

      Yeah, and I’d rather have an replaceable battery than a pretty phone back. I mean, do people really spend 30 minutes a day admiring the back of their phone. Most people don’t even see the back of their phone after they put a cover on. Get real Samsung!

  • holy crap. That phone is faster than anything I’ve ever seen.

  • Shashank

    Am I the only one who still thinks Galaxy S5 is still a better bet, due to higher battery, microSD option, IP level weather resistant and heck cheaper than this windy castle?

    • shivansh

      Yes its you only.

      • Shashank

        Oh, I can see that you already orgasmed just by the announcement dates

        • shivansh

          Kind of . lol

    • Sébastien

      Totally agree with you . I was looking everyday for a release date . I dont even want it now . It will be the biggest flop in the s series ! And anybody could have tell except samsung obviously :-/

      • Ben Bird

        I certainly won’t be getting it. Removable battery and SD card. I’m fed up with paying through her nose for little reward. Sim only for me!

        Samsung seem to have been influenced by the reviewers who keep harping on about its phones being made of plastic, so they’ve gone down the “style over substance” route and put the phone in a shiny package while at the same time introducing two major downgrades (replaceable battery and Micro SD slot).

        As someone who uses a phone because of its functionality, rather than as a fashion accessory or status symbol, this is a disappointment. I think I’ll stick with my S5, which still works perfectly and hasn’t been “dumbed down” like this new one.

    • NoPonyInRace

      If it had the dumbed-down version of TouchWiz, I’d grab it instead. Had it sold better, when lollipop upgrade becomes available, maybe they would have also include a more S6-like version of TouchWiz too.

      If that does become available, I’d kick myself for spending $200 on the S6 when the S5 will be had for little/nothing.

      • NoPonyInRace

        FYI, I finally played with an S5 in a verizon store the other day. The touchwiz version on it is very boring and did nothing to sell how great the phone is. The probably year old demo unit was also running pretty slow/lagging compared to other phones in the store (though better specs in terms of hardware).

        In terms of looks, I didn’t find the design (plastic) terrible in my hands. Felt like a nice phone to me. The newness of the HTC One has passed (M9 doesn’t look much different), and the G3 all-metal back doesn’t look that cool to me anymore, it looks unfriendly. I asked a verizon salesman and he said most are buying the S5 recently (still at $199 there!). Apparently just not as many as samsung hoped for 2015 as a whole – the design may have had more impact at the beginning of year, killing expectations of a giant year.

        Note: Though the camera is basically same in terms of pixels on S5, the S5 reportedly doesn’t take the best pictures. If huge improvements, as reported, are made on S6, that could be another reason to get it. (For some)

        How about we start reason to buy S6 list? (making +/- scale completely out of thin air)

        Pros for S6

        * DDR4 RAM (doubles speeds to memory) +5
        * 3GB RAM +3
        * Improved rear camera lens and software (taking better advantage of 16MP) +2
        * 5MP front camera +2 (might be higher for selfie fans)
        * Better/less TouchWiz (hopefully no lag – we’ll see won’t we?) +2
        * Lollipop now (less Wiz’ed on, and will come to S5 someday though, right) +2
        * Higher display resolution/brightness +2
        * New design +1 (+2 for metal, +1 for premium look, -1 for glass back)
        * Better fingerprint scanner +0.5
        * Themes +0.5

        20.0 pts

        Pros for S5

        * Price (once S6 out) +5
        * Expandable SD +4
        * 2800 mAh battery +3
        * Waterproof +2
        * Removable battery +1

        15.0 pts

        I got +5 for S6. Close, so if you score differently in a category, you could be leaning the other way. (And sure I’m forgetting something major – which no doubt will be pointed out in the rudest fashions)

    • Rack1600

      14nm processor will give better response with lower power use.

    • sero583

      I have to s5 i mean youre little bit right, i mean the design of s5 is 1000 Times better as a S6 but the processor is on beast mode! But you still not the only one.

  • SaRPeR

    Just make the phone a little thicker and put in a MicroSD slot, a bigger battery and a non-protruding camera. Is it that hard ? I got sick of this thin phones without removable batteries and MicroSD slots. Worst part about them is small batteries.

    • Guest

      Ou think u still need SD card in 64or 128 GB phone ?

      • AndroidBrian

        Yes! Are you aware the 128gb version will be $100 more than the 32gb version. 128gb SD card cost less than that. And you can keep that SD card forever and transfer it phone to phone. How could people not want SD cards!? I’ll buy the Note 4 before I buy this.

        Samsung isn’t trying to appease the Android fans. There trying to appease the iPhone lovers. I have a hard time believing this phone will be better than the LG G4, The next Nexus and the next HTC. Its great they cut the bloat out of Touch wiz. But that & putting the Exynos in all versions of there phones is seriously the only thing they did right IMO.

        • abhish3k

          Support for MicroSD sucks (I don’t care for the battery though, gotten used to it) but I believe the internal memory is going to make S6 a lot faster than any MicroSD card. (UFS 2.0 memory modules, remember?) SD Cards act as a bottleneck. Maybe, that’s why Samsung ditched it. TouchWiz doesn’t seem to lag anymore. Smooth Sailing from now on.

          • droidtomtom

            Remember Lollipop added back in additional External MicroSD support.

          • abhish3k

            Yes, I do. I think Samsung wants people to forget that TouchWiz lags anymore. They get a lot of crap for that.
            Also, file transfers (between PC and phone) can be done through Wi-Fi (peer to peer) or through ‘Remote Manager’ in ES File Explorer.

        • Mike Bastable

          Using exynos makes the next android update difficult….

          • AndroidBrian

            Whatever. Just switched to the Note 4 today and still waiting on Lollipop. If your not picking up a nexus don’t hold your breath waiting for the update. My LG G3 just got the update a week ago. That is Androids greatest weakness. Its always “difficult” for phones to get the newest version of Android.

          • Mike Bastable

            Updates are indeed Android’s greater weakness….my European G3 was updated ages ago….real quick from LG

      • Jamies

        Also, it is always faster transferring loads of data directly (via a card reader) then via a cable to the on board storage. Besides that, people who like to flash custom roms(like myself) would much rather have a convenient and safe place to backup(which will not be formatted). Besides all this, it allows people like myself to upgrade the card(went from 16gb to 64gb) WITHOUT changing the whole phone. Overall, I prefer the galaxy s4/s5 since, at the very least, that money spent on a card will not go wasted

      • fearsome

        Micro SD expansion is needed. First carriers don’t always offer or have the high capacity devices in stock. Second having a removable storage makes backups, and moving personal files around much easier. If they don’t give me removable storage are they going to let me partition the internal storage?

    • fearsome

      Wow you are tight they really screwed this phone up good buy Samsung, I hope you don’t destroy the note line like you did with this. Last year it was making it one of the worst phones to repair, this year you remove features like replaceable batter, how I am I going to put a nice Hyperion extended battery on it? And no more microSD expansion is a joke too.

      • averymla

        How is the phone screwed up? Can you support your claim for me please?

  • shivansh

    This little beast is looking sexy and performing far so good, its the first time I am impressed with Samsung after a long time.

  • yildirim

    love this phone..

  • deltatux

    For the majority of people, 32GB is more than enough. I personally find that MicroSD suck at not burning out if you write into them enough times. Personally on my OnePlus One, I can never figure out how to fill it’s 64GB internal storage and I’m a heavy phone user…

    • Duncan1305

      same here i have a Galaxy S5 but then bought a Oneplus One simply due to the reaso i wanted more internal Storage and at 64 gb i have loads of paid apps and games and still have about 35gb free. I think its brilliant that samsung have went for 32/64/128 will be so much better than having to use micro sd which half the time for me seems to format itself or not transer the app properly

  • AndroidBrian

    Everybody says they wanted a more premium feel. I couldn’t care less. The note 4 has a great feel and still has a removable back. No SD & no removable battery. Battery is small too. I won’t be buying this phone.

    • V-Phuc

      Wholeheartedly agree. As said in my own previous post, the Note series appears to be the only true Samsung flagship devices. At least one that deserves a second look. I own a Note 3 and hope (and pray) that Samsung doesn’t screw up anymore by messing with what has been good with the Note devices: removable back to change battery, microSD card, etc.

  • AJ

    Definitely looks pretty good, but the non-removable battery and lack of external storage are two crucial blows. :/

  • Szabolcs Kéri

    Oh my, what a butt ugly phone…

    Samsung is absolutely going backwards? iPhone 6 design (aluminum edge), protruding camera, no SD card slot and removable battery?

  • Rick_Deckard

    I am not going to lie… I am so disappointed for the S6 isn’t going to have the Micro SD…. Although, the S6 seems to be a fantastic improvement than the predecessors…. I am so going to get the S6!!!!

  • How thick?

    If the camera module protrudes by 2mm then the phone is not 7mm thick, it’s fucking 9mm thick.

    • Alvyn Kazeki Augustine

      Or meaning to say you always hold by the camera lens?

  • sebastien

    No removable battery , i will have to pay a huge price for more storage instead of using my sd card ? I have been switching from note and s twice a year for a while now , but not this time ! This looks too much like the bad things apple does .

  • Mike Bastable

    I don’t think Samsung has done enough really, they have lost stuff their user base loves and not really added any compelling reason to buy these…. Difficult year ahead I fear……

  • Chris

    You clearly don’t know about Apple. iPhone 6 does not have a 32gb variant.

  • Rav-man

    Cmon, at the end of the day what % of users actually use the removable battery and micro SD features…I don’t know why everyone keeps harping on about it.

    • fearsome

      I and everyone in my family use it, so that’s 100% for me. Its not rocket science you just lost a bunch of sales with this stupid move. Samsungs decline will continue the up and comping Chinese competitors will likely provide such features and continue to take over market share. LG went back to adding microSD explansion, when everyone else is starting to figure out what a mistake it was to get rid of it why did Samsung screw this up?

      • Rav-man

        While your right in that Samsung will loose some sales from no longer offering these features I think they have just gained a whole lot more by changing to more premium materials. Hopefully they will continue to offer these features in another handset (S6 Active?) to please die hard users…time will tell

      • Because Samsung.

      • NoPonyInRace

        FYI: I just saw that the S6 battery can be replaced. Just have to take the back off (disassemble as it is not built to come off). The actual battery is not permanently attached. So, diehards not afraid of breaking their phone can change it if needed. Apparently the instructions to remove the battery are in the S6 user’s manual. Here’s a link:

    • Ken98045

      I don’t change batteries frequently. However, as soon as I get a phone I change it at least ONCE. I get one that has 2+ times the capacity as the OEM. AND when that battery stops holding a charge well as ALL batteries do, I get a new one. Yes, event built-in batteries do stop holding as much charge over time. After a year or two there is significant degradation. .

    • FlyGuy

      You guys are all missing the point of losing the replaceable battery! I have been an avid user of this feature in my last 3 Galaxy phones, but the S6 has them all beat. I will not need to carry an extra battery, as I will carry a portable Qi charger that includes a power bank. There are many that are as small as the phone, and will even keep the phone charged while they are both in my pocket. I can use a wireless charger anywhere, and no cable tangle.

      As for the micro SD card, good-bye and good riddance. Even the high end cards that I have bought get slow at 128GB. I will likely never get close to filling the 128GB of storage on the S6, and I will enjoy the pure speed that the on board memory responds with.

      My S6 Edge can’t get here soon enough!

      • NoPonyInRace

        Overall, I think it’s a bad idea. 2-3 years ago I was considering the then new HTC Droid DNA – first phone with 5″ screen, and blazing fast specs. Only down side was 16GB w/o microSD. And it got slaughtered. The iPhone sold – same limitation (or was their base model only 8G then?). The iPhone and droid markets are not fair or comparable. Droids must be perfect and Apple can do whatever they want and the masses don’t care (how they got away with 4S and the C-line models is a joke).

        Unfortunately, there are consequences in the droid market for doing anything wrong. Losing a percentage of what’s left over after Apple hurts. This is wrong to some, and will cost samsung sales. But, have to assume samsung thinks in the droid market it lost more because of better designs by every other competitor. So which design to follow? How about the one killing it in the market? iPhone’ish seems reasonable to me.

        And everyone complaining about water proofing, SD cards and batteries. Unfortunately the S5 sales were terrible. There was nothing wrong with this phone (other than TouchWiz) by everything I can see. But it didn’t sell. So, how important are those features when the iPhone has none of them and dominates?

        We’ll find out won’t we. I don’t think it was wise to drop 3 features on a droid. But, I’m okay with everything missing (would prefer they weren’t, but that’s no argument against what samsung did) and will get the S6 next month as soon as my upgrade is available. Will compare against M9 if out, but can’t wait for G4. I don’t even try to figure out all the customized Motorolas Verizon throws out there.

        My personal reasons for S6 (over S5 that is $1 now on amazonwireless w/ contract):
        * 32GB is plenty for me (as of 2015, not sure about 2017) – I’m justifying to self I don’t need SD card
        * No use/need for changable battery – have never changed on any phone (more justification)
        * Speed of DDR4 RAM and processor (latter needs benchmark testing asap)
        * I finally want something new (have the S3, which I got a year old for $1, and a $1 phone before that)

        None are really compelling reasons. And I research and work in technology (computer software). The last intangible reason is driving my decision. I’m honestly admitting the stupidity. Else the S5 is a great phone and makes more sense. But the market doesn’t make sense as with everything, but design, the S5 DIDN’T SELL! And samsung, in opinion, is just trying to figure out what the heck we want.

        So, keep bitching and maybe some of these things will come back in the S7. If the S6 sells enough to keep them alive.

        FYI, why can Motorola (and some others) do whatever they want without uproar? Is it that Samsung is supposed to be the next best thing? (“next” meaning, after to Apple, not future) Thus, they get criticized the most?

  • Mister__Sister

    When does the “Galaxy S6 Active” come out?

  • OldYellerKing

    Seriously? From what I’ve read the s5 didn’t sell well. So Samsung’s solution is to strip out features like the swappable battery and sd card on the s6.
    Really unfortunate.
    I wonder if the Note 4 will be Samsung’s last phone with an SD card slot.

  • Rav-man

    I think its environmentally irresponsible for corporations to release new phones on a yearly basis (Also for consumers to upgrade yearly). This drives unessary consumption & waste. Why aren’t we seeing bioplastics and other biodegradable/recycled materials being used in new phone construction? Yearly updates also cheapens the brand. Why do u thinks theres always see massive line ups at apple every two years and not at Samsung. I think we as a whole need to stop with this “must have right now” mentality.

  • Marty

    Though I was hoping it would have a chromed frame, I’ll hold off judging it til I see it in person and hold it. Right now in pictures it looks like nothing more than an iPhone 6 copy.

  • Jose Romero

    Your auto-playing video player is horrible.

  • Jiff

    Wow disgusting as fuck

  • comawhite94

    I can live without micro SD because they’ll have a 64 or 128 GB option, but the battery is what kills it for me. If they had gone 1080p then it may not have been a huge problem, but as is, the battery is sure to suck. A quad HD display demands at least a 3000 Mah battery. And what’s more is that the M9 has a 20MP camera. Hard to believe, since last year Samsung had quadruple the resolution on it’s camera. I know that mega pixels don’t tell the whole story, but come on. Samsung clearly is and always has been about high end specs. At least bump up the camera resolution.

    So I think that I’ll go with HTC for the third year in a row.

  • Louie Kulla

    Samsung mobile division is gone….. this is going to be the last Flop….

  • V-Phuc

    Wow, what I have read so far seems to indicate a huge opposition to the new Samsung Galaxy S6, and…I agree. At this point, all the people working on the SGS line ought to be fired immediately. I would go even further by saying that Samsung should simply slash their S series all together. Keep the Note series as their true and one flagship device line. Do NOT mess with removable battery, microSD card expansion, and battery size. Things like unibody, metal frame, are totally gimmick to me. Who gives a sh…t about that once you put your phone in a case? Samsung lost in profit last year, and they just made another dumber plunder. I can’t see how their Note wlll save them because at this point, that’s the ONLY device of Samsung worthwhile to purchase (or to upgrade). Samsung, I hope you’re listening. Copying Apple for metal frame, non-removable battery, no microSD, that’s just dumb!

  • I HOPE AND PRAY THIS WILL NOT HAPPEN TO THE galaxyNote5. So depressing.

  • Jose Alberto

    Anyone remembers the ad of samsung making fun of iPhone users as “wall huggers”, that fast charge needs to be really fast, Now there will be a reason to upgrade from S5 to S6?

  • Samuel Rodrigues

    Phandroids are beginning to cry like apple fanbois. You hated the plastic built by Samsung and its bloatware, now they offer a premium quality product without removable battery and SD Card and there’s yet a problem. I own the Galaxy Note 4 and I hope the Note 5 is as good and beautiful as the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge.

    Talk about cheap phone buyers, Samsung ditches their phones from plastic to a premium built.They have now offered 32, 64 and 128 gigs along with fast charging better camera, slim down version of Touch Wiz and that sill isn’t serious enough. Android phone buying men want a Mercedes-Benz but made by Ford.

    Is it that this phone is truly out of reach for most Phandroids and you can’t stand that Samsung is leaving its poor customers behind? Or is it that Samsung is getting good and becoming the new Apple of Android therefore, you cheap phandroids just want them to now fail. Apple knows this phone is the shit and thst it can take sales away from them. That’s why they went and posted photos of people photos showing how well there camera is on the iPhone 6. The iPhone doesn’t even hold that edge anymore. (Pun intended)

    • NoPonyInRace

      I voted your comment up really just because you are calling out all the cry babies. I’m not really into the Apple-Droid trolling wars going on and ignore anyone that seems biased one way or the other. Apple trollers make zero sense (you win, the world agrees your phones are the best – so go away). Phandroids, bashing droids just makes more run to Apple – so what are you doing? :)

      Listen, based on the market and sales, manufacturers (other than current Apple and old Microsoft) make tough decisions. And sometimes they make bad decisions (like sticking with plastic body but providing industry best in everything else in the S5). But, the 2015 phones will sell or not sell based on the masses liking them – not nerds (self included) bitching over details in forums. So personal preferences here or there are only so important to what is offered. They gave us waterproof in S5 and no one bought it. Our fault its gone. Assume industry is pointing the same way with sd card and battery, in terms of vital features. They could be wrong there and it will cost them if they are (but I think they know this people!)

  • DetroitTechnoFan

    No removable battery? No micro sd support? Not waterproof?

    I would have wanted to buy the 128 GB version, add a 128 GB memory card, have a battery three times the normal capacity for most of the time and still have the regular battery with the waterproofing so I could take my phone swimming. All those things they took away are only useless if you don’t use them.

  • garlinp

    A swing and a miss. The battery, the SD storage the water resistance are all steps in the WRONG direction. I’ve had the S2 and the S4 I will not be getting the S6 as I had planned. Perhaps they can replace me with an iPhone customer who won’t expect much other than fashion snobbery from their phone.

  • Superman

    Although the design has improved, the note 4 is the Best phone ever with a removable battery and and microsdslot…samsung please dont do this to the note 5 and keep these essential features

  • Eng. Abdulaziz Al-Shareedah

    Pros: the metal is cool, camera OIS is excellent, fast charging is good

    50/50: the glass is ok, —- the higher resolution, and wireless charging not that important

    Cons. the removal of SD card and IP is NOT cool, also smaller battery and a high camera bump just to make it thinner is wrong

  • NoPonyInRace

    Glass backs. Can’t find any info on breaking and iPhone learned this is a terrible concept, ditching with 5 series.

    Is no one else concerned about this? When your front screen is cracked, you can cut your fingers moving over the wrong spots. The back cracked could make phone unusable/holdable).

    Well, just thought I’d post when as I was changing the cracked front glass on my S3 last night, that perhaps this isn’t a concern with the S6. If I can grab a front glass for $5, then there will be replacement glass (and other materials like carbon fibre, rubber and leather) to swap out for the backs on the S6 as well. Just have to give the market some time to come up with these replacement parts – but they’ll come. Agree???