Motorola DROID Turbo 2 owners plagued by odd green line

by: John DyeJanuary 11, 2016


The Motorola DROID Turbo 2 is a handset renowned for its supposed ruggedness. The screen is advertised as shatterproof, and the device performed well in drop tests. However, some users are experiencing a performance issue that Verizon and Motorola are blaming on users dropping the device: the appearance of a green, vertical line on the screen.

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The thing is, the users who are experiencing this problem are saying that they never dropped their devices. The green line just appeared without warning. Some say that it will stay for a while before vanishing, only to reappear if the device is pressed or squeezed.

Nobody is debating the stylish color of the line, which offsets red-framed devices in a particularly striking way. But however aesthetically pleasing the green line is, most users are flagging this one as a bug, not a feature.


Fortunately, Motorola’s crack team of world-famous customer service representatives is ready and willing to tackle this problem head on. No, I’m just kidding. Motorola’s notoriously labyrinthian customer support system is driving users crazy. The company’s devices may be top notch, but customer service has not historically been their selling point. Nevertheless, users are reporting that they are eventually able to secure a replacement device if they stick with it.

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In spite of claims to the opposite, Motorola and Verizon seem to be taking the stance that this problem comes as a result of dropping the device. Verizon even released an internal statement describing the DROID Turbo 2 as “shatterproof, not shock proof.” Users are countering this assertion by saying that, even if that were true, then it would render the advertised ruggedness of the device useless, since drops still evidently affect the DROID Turbo 2’s functionality.


To make matters worse, some report that the mysterious green line on their screen is slowly and steadily creeping wider like some kind of nefarious alien fungus. One may assume that eventually the whole screen will turn a gorgeous shade of green, which, while lovely, would at least slightly impair the device’s usability.

Neither Verizon nor Motorola have announced a fix for this problem yet. Right now, the best option you’ve got if a green line appears on your screen is to reach out to either company’s customer support.

Are you a Motorola DROID Turbo 2 owner? Have you fallen prey to the curse of the green line? Let us know about your experience in the comments below!

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    It’s a retina scanner, guys. Hold your eye close to the FFC and let the camera focus. You’ll then see the green line move side to side as its scanning your retina. Pretty cool actually. Don’t know why its turned on by default

    • John William Dye

      Ah, so it’s a feature not a bug after all!

      • saksham

        i think hes joking

        • John William Dye

          Me too ;)

        • Rotaru Cristian-Florin

          Watch out, we have a Sherlock over here

    • Sergio

      no it’s not… I have a purple line and it appeared this morning. have never dropped my phone


        You know that was a joke, right?

        • Sergio

          now I do… haha.. i’m not not good at reading sarcasm online

  • Lim Ming Quan

    So basically no one knows if it’s a hardware or software problem… yet. Well Motorola should investigate and get a fix out quickly.

    • JoshGroff

      Its likely a hardware issue if it’s that intermittent. My launch day Turbo 2 has had no issues as of yet, aside from a loose speaker accent. (Which really doesn’t bother me enough to have it dealt with.)

      • Nicholas Stewart

        I have that loose little grey plastic piece too. It is annoying, but doesn’t seem to hinder me hearing the calls. Still, I don’t expect to have loose plastic pieces on a phone that costs this much.

  • Bmore

    This is hilarious!

  • Rodney Berryman

    Motorola sucks to be honest. I’ve got a 1st gen Moto 360 that has been replaced 4 times since I got it in April 2015 because the back plastic always breaks around the band connection. Poor products, poor quality control, and poor customer service.

    • Maximus

      I’ve had two Motorola phones including the original Droid Turbo. Both have been excellent quality. They have been long known for producing high quality products. To say any company flat out “sucks” is just plain immature.

      • BlackGlamour

        ditto, i’ve had two motorollas as well, i have been loyal to motorola since the flip phone razr back in ’06, that phone took the BEST selfies!!

      • Rodney Berryman

        Your experience has obviously differed from mine. My experience with Motorola devices has “sucked” no two ways about it. You calling me immature for merely stating how much my experience with them has sucked is unnecessary at best. You could have easily said that your experience was much better than mine and that my comments should be taken with a grain of salt but you took the low road and went for the insult, good job.

        • Maximus

          Pointing out that your comment is immature is not the low road. Using terms like “sucks” and labeling a company that way based on just your experience is the low road.

          • Rodney Berryman

            Excuse me for using a general/colloquial term to describe my opinion of a company in a quick manner. I felt as though if I were to say that my experience with Motorola’s products has been extremely unsatisfactory to the point that I have considered legal action against them and am now wary of any Motorola product for fear it will be of the same poor quality as I have experienced already, that it would be an overly long comment and my point might be glossed over by those searching for quick opinions. My comment in itself was not immature it was merely my opinion of Motorola’s business, products, practices, and customer service. In other words MY experiences with them have sucked (to speak colloquially). But I’m very glad that you and apparently many others have had positive experiences with them.

          • Maximus

            Well stated…

  • Eyro

    I own a Droid Turbo 2 as well as sell them, and I’ve dropped my phone several times on purpose to show customers the screen won’t break. I’ve seen one Droid Turbo with this line and it was fresh out the box. Blaming users is typical bull.

    • MR.B

      YEP your 100% right Eyro! this is so a class action lawsuit, motorola quality control f*#k up and released this phone product with defects and now they are running the insurance scam of just send the claim callers around the marry-go-round. I purchased here in Brasil and I had my Motorola X Force phone exactly 8 days and never dropped it, and on that 8th day i had it in my pants pocket and pulled it out and a lovely green defect line was there and has never left. And customer service guy even explained this happens alot and that if you press on a almost any of the phones glass and squeeze the phone (he demonstrated with his thumb on the glass and fingers on the back and squeezed down near the bottom of the phone and just left of center, and he squeezed and more green lines appeared on my phone and said this is common. So i left my phone there to fix service order WO3216812 and he said 3-5 days and check online for when its finished, so its been over a week and I’ve been checking online and they never updated the timeline tracking, it says its still in the first stage waiting for a technician and expects five more days. So today i called and they told me they couldn’t find my order number then after a lot of drama they say its been canceled , i ask by who and so whats that mean and wheres my phone and they say we don’t know we will send a email to the technician , they refuse to let me speak with a manager and refuse to give me a number to the location i had to leave the phone. Motorola sucks donkey balls! i am going to get them to fix this green line or replace my phone and then sell it and never touch a shitty motorola device again and never have to speak to their terrible customer service department again. Google owns them now and should remake the company and change the name because the motorola is awful and i will never be a customer again.

  • Ryuto Arisato

    Good thing the G3 I bought for my mom is good.
    And to make this article short, Verizon and Motorola are acting like two big jerks bully the poor users who have green line on their phones.

  • not a fan

    droid wars : the line awakens
    looks like a lightsaber to me

    • Larry Jester Davis

      I’ve been calling it a light saber.
      I had my phone on the dash, turned a corner, phone went out at 20 plus miles per hour. Some damage on corner and a light saber. No shatter.

  • Tony Klein

    Had the dreaded green line on my fist phone. Verizon said it was hardware issues and sent out a new phone at no cost. Well besides having to buy a new screen protector. Only took 15 days for my second phone to develope the green line. Guess I’m going to go broke buying screen protectors or why bother if they aren’t going to last more than two weeks.

  • Sam Corona

    First you have to establish if its a hardware or software issue. In this case, sounds like hardware like a short in the screen connectors. A hard drop just disables the screen all together. sounds like a bad batch.

  • Marc Perrusquia

    Motorola has the WORST customer support of any major OEM. I’d rather try to get a replacement decide through Oneplus than Motorola.

    • Robert Johnson

      Motorola will go away and Lenovo customer service will replace it or at least a name change but regardless if you have a valid defect th company has to fix it

  • I felt sorry when I found out Lenovo is phasing the brand out. But with this issue, I say good riddance!

  • Ban-Hammer

    On my 3rd Turbo 2 because of this issue. First one was fine for about a month, got a refurbished unit, line appeared after 4 days on the refurb, got yet another refurb unit, it’s been okay for 2 weeks (knock on wood). Verizon has a 3 strikes policy for switching phones due to issues like this, waiting for the green line so I can get that sweet V10.

  • Ryan Taylor

    Yes it has happened to me as well I did not drop it at all mine comes and goes!!!! I sure hope the line doesn’t come back are I will not buy another Motorola again.I can’t stand a company that puts blame on the customers…

  • Scott Mains

    I got a turbo 2 in early november. Cool phone, lots of nifty features…no green line, BUT then my phone started randomly restarting. Got to where it was doing it multiple times per day. ToOK it to the vzw store soft reboot. Nothing. Multiple factory reset. Nothing. They finally recommended sending it back to Motorola.
    Still waiting.

    Anybody having similar issues?

  • Kaellen Henderson

    I don’t have this problem at all

  • Brett H

    Have never dropped this phone. Pulled it out of my pocket at work and there was 1 line. Since then it has grown every few days, I’m up to about 10 lines. Mototrola is the worst, they want me to pay to replace it, and continue to have technical issues with my exchange… Will never buy Moto again!!!

    • mirrinigma

      The exact same thing is happening to me. They’re treating me like some sort of criminal because their RMA system keeps messing up when I file for one. I will also be be buying another brand for my next phone.

    • Robert Johnson

      As I mentioned tell them you need written information from them telling you that you need to pay to fix it. If they ask ‘why’ and you live in the USA you tell them you need it so that you can start a small claims court case against them. Then see if they replace it for free. If not hire a lawyer. Make sure the lawyer is ready to collect legal fees from Motorola (Lenovo) as part of the claim.

    • Ariel Petresky

      The same problem hapend to me. Here in LATAM is Moto X Force, but is the same phone. Im very disappointed with Motorola

  • Leandro C Marzliak

    Had the same problem with my moto x force (international version of turbo 2). Two days after the purchase. No drops, no water, nothing at all. Just appeared from nowhere. My retail store replaced the phone without a glimpse.

  • AvalancheRyder

    There’s also an ugly checkmark at the bottom of the phone between the speaker grills. Is anyone else experiencing that?

  • Stephen Hemingson

    Green line happened to me, no drops. Started of very faint and would go away and then kept widening and soon would not disappear. I filled out an RMA request on Motorola’s website and mailed it in. Verified with a chat rep that it is a known issue with some Moto Maker models. They eventually sent me a new Design It code. Fingers crossed with this one.

  • Say What??

    That’s not a line from dropping the phone, that’s a line from having a defective LCD. I’ve seen this in laptops for many years. It’s a shame they would blame it on dropping it.

  • Nickdigreat

    Thats why I love my nexus. Stepping away from them other carriers was the best thing

  • s2weden2000

    screen hardware faulty…

  • Timothy Taylor

    Just had my green line pop up on my droid turbo 2 this morning. All I’ve done since I woke up was go to work and set (quite gently I might add) my phone on the desk. 20 min later the green line was there. Definitely not from dropping it. My Samsung Galaxy went through a beating and never experienced this. They should just admit it’s a manufacturing default because it definitely is.

  • Timothy Taylor

    Also my line is in the same exact spot as the one shown above. It’s definitely a bad batch of phones. I’m curious if everyone else’s phone has the line start from the same spot. Mine came as a bright green line and just stayed.

  • AK

    Turbo 2 owner since 11/2015. No major drops. No green line. Just purchased Incipio 5 layer hard case off eBay. BEST INVESTMENT EVER

  • Gentle Robot

    why would you buy a case for a phone with a “shatterproof” screen?

  • Mar Shaw

    Happened to mine yesterday- 1 month in- no drops, no rough handling. Green Line is in same exact place- right over the right side of the Verizon Checkmark. Starts with one thin LCD strip, now two. Seems to happen more when its warm.
    Called Verizon level 2 support- 866-221-4096 they handled it quickly, are sending out a replacement- no issues, no argument.

  • Ryan Taylor

    Updated:: I called Verizon about my green line and sure enough they sent me a brand new turbo 2 out BTW I bought mine the week before black Friday…

  • Kyle Galpin

    Got mine in early December. The first green line showed up January 6th. I had never dropped or abused my phone in any way. I called the Verizon warranty center and they advised me to go to the Verizon store where I had purchased it. I went to the store the next day and they offered me a new phone overnight. I knew that meant a refurbished unit and told them I wanted a brand new one. Had to wait around awhile while they “talked to their manager” and they finally came out with a brand new unit. They began setting it up for me and then realized that their billing system was going to charge me for it and they couldn’t find a way to work around it. They asked if I could wait a few days until they figured out the billing issue. In the meantime, the green line have multiplied to about 10 or 12 lines. After almost two weeks I just got off the phone with them. They said the billing issue still hasn’t been resolved but another manager knows a way to make it work. They promised they will have the new one ready for pick up tomorrow at 10:00 am. We shall see how that works out.

  • tony frayling

    My UK Moto X Force has this problem, thin green line appeared after 3 weeks from new, slowly growing, and most certainly has never been dropped or suffered any kind of physical damage. Sent back to Motorola UK for repair over a week ago but still no news. I won’t be happy if this doesn’t get replaced!

  • Terry Cypher

    Purchased three droid turbo 2’s for the family. Two of them now have the green lines. Phones were not dropped. Went to Verizon and they offered to send refurbished phones. The phones were purchased in october, now instead of a new phone I get a refurbed phone. Doesn’t seem reasonable to me. Very disappointed in Verizon and Motorola.

  • RajivMote

    I’ve got the green line. And it’s growing. I’ve been holding off on replacing the device until I hear from Motorola that the manufacturing flaw was fixed (so I don’t have to go through this with the replacement device), but that doesn’t seem likely to happen.

  • Dave

    I am STILL at war with Motorola. They have had my T2 since Jan. 9th. Told me on the phone that once they received it, there would be a 5 business day turnaround. Today is Jan. 22nd. I STILL DONT HAVE A PHONE!!!! Verizon store did NOTHING for me. Sick of BOTH companies.

  • I have never dropped my phone and I have this issue. Verizon wants me to use my free 1 time replacement on this, when I did nothing to cause the problem.

  • Ethan Lang

    I have the green line:/ I hope I can a replacement at least.

  • Jose Serrano

    I’ve got the line!

  • Jose Serrano


  • MinnesotaMary

    Just got the lovely line. Haven’t dropped the phone at all. Fix it phone folks! Don’t care if it’s Motorola or Verizon, I’ve got 1.75 years left on this thing

    • Nicholas Stewart

      I’m in the same boat. I just got the phone in December, so now I have to deal with this thing for the next 1.5 years. What a pain!!! I had my Samsung S4 for 4 years and never a single problem. That’s what I get for upgrading.

  • Mary

    The green line showed up on my droid turbo 2 after I used Verizon’s phone optimization tools. Could this be a contributing factor?

  • John Rowe

    I had my first D2 replaced because of the green line. the good people at VZW said that was the second one THAT DAY, and they had seen several others within the week. My replacement now has the same line. So…. 2 phones and not once been dropped (either one) I can safely say that dropping the phone is NOT the problem :) Honestly my suspicion is that the pressure put on it while simply being in your pocket is the culprit but I do not have any scientific evidence of that. Only that both times it happened I had just taken the phone out of my pocket.

  • Droidaholic

    yes. I have the same problem with a phone I purchased in October 2015. This just started happening. Verizon said it is a known issue and told me to reset the phone to factory settings and the condition would go away. This didn’t work. I went back and they offered me a reconditioned one, but couldn’t guarantee it didn’t have the same problem as the one I have. I can’t see paying this much for a phone (Verizon’s plan) and being left with a substandard product.

  • Allie

    I have a wide green line that started as 1 small one and it just keeps getting bigger. Its hard to read and text stuff.

  • Charles Knighton

    This green line has sealed the deal for me I’ll never buy another Motorola again in my life the company is a joke. And version can kiss my — to they don’t wanna help. Motorola says mail me your phone we will look at it but you ain’t getting another one till we do. Sorry but who in these times are going to give up your phone for god only knows how long to have them come back and say oops you dropped an advertized non breakable phone and it broke tough —- turn it in on your insurance is what they told me to do Verizon said same thing pay $200 on your insurance and get you a new one. Sorry I can’t post the words I have for Motorola and Verizon

  • Ariel Petresky

    I bought the phone in Brazil, pay quite expensive. For a month and a half was excellent. The best phone I had and I have had several, speed, battery, pictures, etc, etc.

    Then began to apears green lines, one, two , now I have more than 10, and I can not use it any more. Out of nowhere, nor I dropped it. From what I saw on the internet there are several cases more with the problem. I’m still waiting for the response motorola support brazil. = (

  • Ariel Petresky

    Every day that passes is worse, more lines appear out of nowhere. I claim to motorola 72 hours ago and the only response I’ve had is that they are discussing my case. I never dropped the phone!!!!!!!!!

    • Tyler Z

      Call Verizon level 2 support- 866-221-4096

  • David Lawson

    The green lines have appeared and are growing at a rate of about two per week. Like looking through a picket fence. Shame on Verizon and Motorola for denying responsibility for an obvious design flaw.

    • David Lawson

      I presented my phone (with green line issue) to Verizon and my new phone is in the mail. I retract the above comment. Thanks Verizon!

  • David Lawson

    Verizon is replacing my phone due to the green line issue. No hassle.

    • Tyler Z

      Yeah i called called Verizon level 2 support- 866-221-4096 and explained my issues with Motorola support, seems like the agent knew what was going on and offered to send me a new one without any issue. Very happy with Verizon, but obviously Motorola is blaming the customers here and not the LCD, so im sure it will happen to my replacement phone sometimes soon..

      • J-bone

        Do you have insurance on your phone?

  • Colleen Wallace

    I have had my Turbo 2 since 11/16; always in the case, handled carefully. Walking around with the phone my back pocket, listening to music on my BT headphones. Pulled it out of my pocket to check the time, and vertical pink/purple line all the way down the screen. This sucks. Have to go to the Verizon store tonight to start getting a bunch off BS before I can (hopefully) have it replaced.

    Pray for me…

  • Sophie

    Ugh mine has that damn green line and I am beyond pissed about it. I spend $600+ just to have a shatterproof phone with screen defects?! Wtf Motorola! This is my first android and am honestly disappointed beyond belief.

  • Mike

    Yep, just bought this phone oct 2015. I have the green line on the display. I could swear that this happened soon after they updated my to the new android version 6.0 Marshmallow. I started noticing the green line after the update. It would appear then disappear. Now its on all the time. Either way, the phone is defective or something in the update is causing it? I plan to contact verizon and get it replaced. If they dont do it, I will change providers after being a customer for 10 years now.

  • FatMike

    The line appears, then disappears at random.

    If the line exists while I make a call, it will hang up randomly.

    • J-bone

      I can reproduce/ eliminate most of the lines by pressing a certain part of the screen..

  • Turbo 3 anyone?

    Line appeared overnight right after Verizon OTA update, the only thing dropped was the ball by Motorola and Verizon

    • J-bone

      Mine was the same! After the update to marshmellow 6.0 this green line appeared..

  • Nicholas Stewart

    I also own the Droid Turbo 2 and have the same brilliant green line going down my screen. My phone has been dropped by my daughter from her hand to the carpet (Maybe 12-14″ of a drop) a few times but other than that the phone has been perfectly protected. I have had a list of issues with my phone, ranging from microphone not working to text and gmail apps randomly crashing. It’s en-route back to Motorola but we’ll see what they say when they get it. You can only pick 1 item to be wrong when you fill out the online form so I accompanied my shipping label with a list of things wrong with the phone. I do like the battery life, but everything else has been below my expectations.

  • Jamie Brown

    My boyfriend and I both have droid turbo 2s and his had the line straight from the box. After 2and 1/2 hours on the phone Motorola sent an email with a FedEx label that was two days expired to use to return the device. We waited a bit seeing if the line changed and it steadily got worse it did and now 15% of the screen is green/white and they refuse to sent another email lable and Verizon’s insurance company is claiming that it doesn’t fall into their warranty even if his phone was opened by a Verizon worker in store. Now 2months after that my phone is acting up and I was using a shock Proof case because I have a 2year old. Really considering a different phone.

  • Melisa Joy

    I started seeing the line after a system upgrade. It was real faint at first and would come and go. My husband suggested turning my phone off and back on again. This made it stay. Then stupid me, I thought well maybe I’ll try to turn it off one more time. I let it sit for a good long while before turning it back on. Now it is there all the time and now super bright. I, too, have started calling it my light saber. I’ll probably go to a Verizon store this weekend to see what/if they can do about it.

  • Alec Holt

    Here is mine. I have a pink and green line.

  • Alec Holt

    Here is mine(edited for protection) with a pink and green line.

  • Justin Appi

    My Droid Turbo 2 has just developed a “pink” vertical line, top to bottom. I brought it into the Verizon store yesterday and signed in. After waiting 20 minutes to see a rep, I turned on the display, and lo and behold, no line. Oh well.

    So a day later, tonite, the pink line reappeared. So, it’s off to Verizon in the morning. 8ll follow up with results. And this phone has never been dropped either and has spent it’s 3 month life in a case.

  • andrea L

    Mine has a vertical pink line that showed itself today. No drop or other trauma precipitated this.

  • sazetts

    I’ve owned the Droid Turbo 2 for 7 months. The thin line has appeared. I don’t recall dropping it. The line is in the same location as all pics in this post; biased right of center nearly aligned with the right edge of the speaker. That’s not coincidental and likely points to an LCD vulnerability.


    I have a Droid Turbo 2 and the line appeared this last Thursday. It was very faint at first but by this morning it is a bright green and has doubled in size!I took it to a Verizon store on a Sunday and they have heard of the problem and ordered me a replacement. Probably a refurbished one. But here’s where it get’s odd. This morning I received a text message from the General Manager of the Verizon store letting me know if she could do anything for me do just text her. I have been with Verizon for over 5 years and have never gotten a text like this before. Then, this afternoon I get an e-mail from Verizon stating that I have been pre-selected to receive a “New Phone, Any Phone”, even though I’m not do to upgrade until November of 2017! And at the bottom of the e-mail they have suggestions of phones to pick from and none of them are Motorola’s. I just find all of these recent things to not be a co-incidence, but maybe Verizon is aware of a bigger issue with these phones it’s not willing to admit to.

  • Andrew

    I had a faint green line, I was living with it. Now its a thick pink line

  • Richard Mann

    Yeah the green love appeared today in what looks like the exact same place as in the picture and it’s bright green. I’ve had the phone about 4 months and never dropped it.. What can I do?

  • Meshugame

    I also had the dreaded green line (also referred to it as my light saber)…mine grew to about 1 inch in width before I had a chance to go to Verizon. They replaced my phone (also my husband’s who also had the single line beginning to form). The problem is they blamed the line on the charger being defective/getting too hot. They were also willing to replace our chargers too…I had to drive to different Verizon store find out it was very unlikely the chargers caused this issue. Irritated to drive 80 minutes to discover this issue. ?

  • Terry

    Here’s my experience of a new Moto X Force (UK) from eBay, also suffering from this issue.
    I had the phone for 7 months with no issues then a single pixel wide green line appeared. The phone didn’t have any major drops or knocks and I’ve always had a case on with a hardened glass protector. I noticed that applying some pressure to bezel below the line would temporarily fix the issue. Seemed like some kind of connection issue. After a few days of normal use, the line was wider and growing.
    As this was a private purchase from eBay, I wasn’t sure where I stood with the manufacturer’s warranty but gave it a shot anyway.
    I initiated a support chat session from the Motorola UK site to report the issue, stating the problem and provided details such as handset model and IMEI. At first, they advised a factory reset :| I insisted that this was a known hardware issue and even linked to this article (Thanks AA). The support rep eventually provided RMA details. Due to the recent change of Motorola ownership, I was required to initiate an RMA with a 3rd party – Anovo – who appear to have recently taken responsibility of repair duties (formally repaired by SBE). An email communication provided steps to send the device – be sure to follow the instructions very carefully. I was asked to supply ‘Proof of Purchase’ I printed a copy of the PayPal Transaction, as eBay doesn’t record details of purchases over 6 months I think. I attached this to the requested details and sent the package via Royal Mail Special Delivery. RM Tracked is sufficient but I didn’t want to take any chances, although Returns postage costs are not covered by the warranty.
    The delivery was confirmed and signed for, then I heard nothing for 12 days. I started another support chat session to try to get an update on the status. The support rep advised that they would pass my query to the relevant team. I heard back the next working day, and was apologetically told that there was currently no way to check the status of the device due to the recent change in repairers, however they would ‘repair and return the device without delay’.
    TBH, I was sceptical but I received my phone back in good condition and repaired the very next day! It looks like they completely replaced the screen. Hopefully the issue doesn’t return! Thanks to AA for this article and kudos to Motorola and Anovo for their quick turnaround!

  • Alex

    Yep – happened to my UK Moto Force – glad I’m not the only one.
    The fact that the green line appears in the exact same place for most users demonstrates it’s clearly a bug!

  • irritated

    Has anyone successfully received a free replacement? Either through Verizon or Motorola?? My husband has the Droid Turbo 2 and has been living with what started as 1 line and has grown to about a 1 inch section of screen that is all green!! I feel completely screwed!!

    • Kim

      Ive had the green line for a few months now but finally called Verizon today. Super easy with tech support. They said it was a known manufacturer defect and my replacement should arrive in 2 days with no cost to me.

  • Alex

    I purchased my device from EBUYER and they have just attempted to refuse my replacement. Standard practice from the retailers and manufacturers – sketchy af. Will see what happens.

  • Alex

    I bought mine from EBUYER and they have refused to fix or exchange the device. It’s a complete con – every person gets the green line in the same place – it’s a hardware defect obviously. EBUYER AND MOTOROLA ARE A SHAM

  • Mike Craig

    Never dropped but I do have a green line. Grrrrrrrr.

  • James

    Yup about 3 weeks ago I noticed a small green line on the right side of my screen.. a few days later a small reddish line appeared on the left side.. if you press on the bottom of the screen they will disappear, but unfortunately come back… Today another one appeared next to the first green line… great!. I’ve have had a protective cover on my phone since I purchased it almost a year ago, it may have hit the floor once of twice but those green lines didn’t appear then and that was a months ago. My thought is the touch screen sensor has separated in spots causing those pretty green lines…I guess the Droid turbo 2 isn’t built as well as advertised and I’m pretty sure we’re screwed, Motorola nor Verizon won’t do anything about it…. wonder what the next phone will be like, this was my 3 Motorola think I’ll switch to a LG

  • Jennifer Manning

    Funny but my line is purple not green. If you apply pressure to your home button it goes away and ones back again. I haven’t reached out as it just came up on my screen yesterday but I plan on it. I better not get the run around either. My reason for purchasing this phone was due to the advertised ruggedness

  • Aaron

    Mine just started to do this. The line is even on the same vertical row as the picture above.