GREE unleashes free to play military game Modern War in Google Play

by: AdrianJuly 31, 2012
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Although it operates the largest social networking service in Japan and it has seen some success with a couple of basic, but addictive iOS games, GREE hasn’t made much efforts to get into the Android game (both literally and figuratively).

The only GREE title available in Google Play until a few days ago was Crime City, a crime game that probably doesn’t say much to many of you. However, the new Modern War might just put GREE on the Android map, as it looks like a pretty fun and challenging little MMO war game.

Before anything, I have to warn you to not expect high-quality 3D graphics from Modern War, because you’ll be terribly disappointed in that case. Then again, the game is available for free over in Google Play, so, as you can imagine, there are other aces up GREE’s sleeve.

One of these is surely the addictiveness of Modern War, claimed to be “the first ever graphical military game”. The “rich and engaging storyline” consists of more than 300 missions and 200 goals to complete, as well as over 30 areas around the world ready to be explored.

The target of the game is, of course, to rule the world, but unlike similar titles, strategy and alliances seem to be more important here. You can choose to fight for the US, Russia, UK, Germany, China or Iran, and the multiplayer aspect of the game is also pretty complex.

You can form alliances with friends, but also make new friends to help achieve your in-game goals, which is clearly GREE’s way of combining gaming with social networking. There don’t seem to be many different kinds of weapons in Modern War, but you can build up and customize your own powerful military base, which is a nice touch of originality.

Getting back to the game’s visuals for a sec, it has to be said that the existing Android trailer doesn’t look so hot. As you’ll be able to see at the end of the post, the characters and environments seem unidimensional and lacking depth, which is not a good thing, even for a free to play title.

That said, you can give Modern War for Android a quick whirl, if not for anything but out of curiosity. The existing user reviews on Google Play are not half bad, giving the game a 4.5 star average, so it might be worth a shot.

  • Oscar Sail

    I dont recommend this game, there is not clear rules and it is expensive if you want to go on, If you dont take care, you can expend thousands of dollar on it. I did it

  • warning

    this game is nothing but a money digging scheme to rid you of your real income. no strategy needed..too slow of advancement for free to play players. skip over and try something else

  • Simmo

    Game is great – ive only spent 1£ on this game, which I didn’t need to, and have had hours fun and hold my own in battles with other players. I’ve had no technical issues. And no I don’t work for gree…

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