Google Settings

Some of you may have noticed a new little green Google icon in your app draw this morning, named “Google Settings”. No, it’s not some malware app, but part of Google Play’s latest update.

The new shortcut gives you quicker access to the numerous Google app settings, which were previously hidden in all manner of different places. It’s a welcome update for people like me who sometimes struggle to find the right settings to get Google Maps to access their location properly.

Think of it like a master settings menu for the standard Google applications, Google +, Maps, Latitude, search history, and apps requiring your Gmail user name, which can now all be managed from a single location. This is especially useful as these settings often move around a little bit if you switch ROMs or upgrade Android versions. It makes so much sense to finally have all these settings in one place.

I know it’s not a major update, but it’s nice to know that Google is still paying attention to the little things.

Robert Triggs
Lead Technical Writer at Android Authority, covering the latest trends in consumer electronics and hardware. In his spare moments, you'll probably find him tinkering with audio electronics and programming.
  • Pretty unnecessary if you ask me

    • dude

      I guess it’s a good thing no one did then.

  • Xavier

    I would like to know how this was installed in my phone without asking me or even gave a notice. It makes me wonder what else kind of things could be modifying in my phone and with my data without I even know it. I like the idea of the button, but I like more the idea of being in control of my devices and information or at least know what is going to happen before it happens

    • anoma_dotNET

      What exactly are you scared of, Xavier?

      • Xavier

        That any kind of software is installed in my phone without asking or notify me. It makes me wonder about the privacy and/or security of all information stored in my phone. If operating stuff is changed in the background anytime with out my knowledge, how can I be sure that malware is not running right now or could be capable of doing this kind of stuff? I mean, if I use android I should trust google, but how to make sure that this kind of behavior can´t be done by any other app, company, or person that I have not explicit granted permission?

  • Chti_Suisse

    Today this app was updated (silently again)
    A change : an add id is now present in ads setting
    The application icon is now grey