Despite the cool designs and dazzling hardware of today’s hottest and most modern smartphones, many users would agree that apps make the phone. We all know what happened to the likes of Nokia, RIM, and HP simply because they didn’t manage to spur the creation of better app markets. All were completely clobbered after the debut of Apple’s App Store and the Android Market, which is now known today as Google Play. To make matters more complicated, there is also Amazon’s Appstore, which was actually created long before anyone had heard of the Kindle Fire. Nevertheless, apps are what make our devices the magical things we know them to be. Without apps, are devices would be lifeless entities, much like the dumbphones of yesteryear. Apps are everything. So what platform has the best one going? Google, with their Play Store (Android Market), or Apple, with their App Store? Check it out below!


It turns out that although Android owns more than 50% of total smartphone market share, developers have, thus far, been reluctant to flock to the Android platform with their apps. In fact, there are more than 4 times as many iOS developers as there are Android developers. Why, you may ask? Quite simply, developers have long known that Apple device owners are closely locked into the Apple ecosystem, with credit cards on file. Many a study has been done, and the results are unanimous – Apple device owners are more willing to pay for apps. That being said, there are many apps in the Google Play Store that are also on Apple’s App Store – but are free, or ad supported.

Membership Cost

Before you can even build an application for either market, both Google and Apple require you to cough up some dough. For iOS developers, Apple wants you to hand over $99 whether you are an individual or a company. Google, on the other hand, wants $25 for the sole purpose of keeping their market “less spammy”. Google figures that if they charge $25 one-time, they will scare off bogus developers.

SDK and Language

Apple offers Xcode to their developers that code for Mac, iPad, and iPhone. In addition, iOS apps are restricted to Objective-C, C, C++ or JavaScript as executed by the iPhone OS WebKit engine. Google offers their SDK for free online. Despite being available for Windows, Mac and even Linux, it is not as simple as just downloading and installing one application like Xcode. Furthermore, most all Android apps are coded in Java. But C/C++ apps are not forbidden from the market either.

Downloads and Fragmentation

The most frustration for developers on the Android platform has come from one evil word, which is fragmentation. As noted in the image above, thanks to The Next Web, iOS versions are adopted much faster and in far higher numbers than any recent version of Android. Ice Cream Sandwich, however,  still has not passed the 3% mark of all Android devices.

Furthermore, according to GigaOm, 45% of iPhone and iPod Touch users purchased at least one paid app every month. Only 19% of Android users bought a paid app every month. In addition, iOS users almost double Android users in the total number of apps downloaded per month.

Number of apps

AppBrain, one of the best websites for finding great Android apps, tabulates the number of apps currently in the Google Play Store. At the time of writing this article, the website claims that there were just over 430,000 apps in total at the time of this articles creation. Furthermore, over 311,000 of those apps were free. That translates into about 72% of all of Google Play apps being free. On the other hand, 148apps claims that the App Store currently has over 615,000 apps. The average price of an app in the App Store will run you $2.02. Finally, only 287,000 apps (46%) were free.

iCloud vs. Google’s Cloud

If you own multiple devices, syncing all of your apps, music, and books can become a very tedious job. That is why both Apple and Google offer “cloud services”. iCloud (Apple’s cloud) does a nice job of keeping all of your purchased goods on all of your devices. If you were to purchase an app on your iPhone, it would show up on your iPad as well. However, iCloud is lacking one feature that I find very useful.

Instead of just storing your data online for you, Google took it one step further. When you visit Google Play, you can surf through all of your music, books, apps, and movies on any internet connected device. Furthermore, you can even install apps to any of your devices directly from the desktop store. For example, if you left your phone in the car and you really wanted to download Angry Birds but don’t have time to go get it, you can simply go to, search for Angry Birds, choose your device and it will magically appear for you.

User Interface

It is certainly no secret that the Apple’s App Store has been around for much longer than Google’s Play Store. But, in the short time that Google’s app market has been around, they have changed the name, added books, movies, music, and have gone through multiple designs, finally arriving at the Play Store you see before you now.

Google Play

The design you see above took Google a few tries. Personally, I believe that this update is by far the best of any previous version. In addition to the landing page with a large featured ad spot, you have quick access to all 4 sections of the market. Moving the focus into the “Apps” section of Google Play, all of the apps have been sorted into 27 categories ranging from Games to Widgets. Google further categorizes their apps into top paid, top free, top grossing, top new paid, top new free, and even trending lists. But, if you already know what you are looking for, the search bar will certainly suffice.

App Store

Like Google Play, the App Store also has a landing page with featured apps. In addition, Apple and Google use similar categories to sort their apps. The only main difference between the two markets is that Google has chosen to use big and vibrant pictures to represent new and featured apps, books, movies, and music, and Apple has not. Although many people could argue that “ads” are just annoying, the makers behind the health app RunKeeper would disagree. After becoming featured in the Android Market, the app saw a 637% increase in downloads. Finally, Lightbox was a featured app during the holiday season of 2011 and received over 500,000 of the 1.2 billion total downloads that occurred during that time period.

Content Management Client

iTunes, Apple’s cornerstone for the past decade, is a Mac and Windows application for buying, organizing, and playing music and movies. Not only can you search and buy new music, but all of the content you have downloaded on any of your devices can be found in iTunes. Making new playlists, watching movies, and even syncing to your devices is all part of iTunes’ job, for better or for worse. In fact, it’s worth mentioning that iTunes is often iDevice owners’ main complaint with the platform, as there is simply no way to avoid using it – short of jailbreaking the device.

On the other hand, Google recently introduced an online marketplace. Along with the new version of the Android Market, otherwise known as Google Play, Google has re-introduced their cloud management client. First used as just an online music player, Google Play now allows you to manage all of your music, apps, books, and even movies. Furthermore, by visiting Google Play on any internet connected device, you can play all of your music just like on iTunes. You can also read all of your books, and manage your movies and apps between any of your Android devices directly from the Google Play website.


Ah, multitasking

As you can see, both markets are very similar in a lot of ways. Although the App Store definitely has the advantage with developers, the overwhelming number of Android users are beginning to attract developers over to the Android platform en masse. For those seeking a more mature and established platform, iOS has been around much longer and therefore has had time to develop and improve their iTunes software and respective App Store. However, Google has quickly put together an online client that allows you to sync up your music and play it from anywhere. In short, there really is no clear winner here in this contest, except for you and I, the consumers. Both are robust, full of great apps, and are fantastic at helping you find what you are looking for. If anything, you would be wise to consider sites like Appbrain and others if your quest is finding apps that are hidden in the fold somewhere.

At the end of the day, what matters not is the number of apps, or the number of downloads. Smartphones, tablets, and Google and Apple  are not going anywhere, and we are all witnessing the beginning of a revolution in how we access, use, and play with our mobile devices! So – what say you, dear reader? Apple’s App Store, or Google’s Play Store? Who shall reign victorious? What is the better place for apps? Let us know!

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Matthew Sabatini
Matt has been an Android fanatic since the original Motorola Droid. In addition to designing web pages, running his own company, and going to school, he finds time to write for Android Authority. Matt still owns that good old Droid 1 and a Xoom Family Edition.
  • Milner99

    Both app stores are good however te google one limits too much content to the USA. In the uk you can browse all the movies and even buy, but then can’t play them and get presented with a message about not being able to play in your country.

    That aside, both are good and being so close helps push the design ad feature set of the app stores and the apps themselves.


  • AndroidBrian

    I’m a android guy but IMO app store is the clear winner. They have better exclusive apps. Much easier to actually find what your looking for (you think Google, the number one search engine in the world will win this category but no). You can seriously know the exact title of your app and still have problems finding it in the play store. And app compatibility is a problem too that iPhone users don’t have to worry about.

    Its just a matter of time tho till android completely surpasses iphone in every category. Its a simple numbers games. There’s a flagship device coming out every quarter of every year for android and just one iPhone every year. Android already has far more users than apple and now its just a matter of time for the dev to transition to android.

  • The choice isn’t really a problem for Android developer when you ask them – they see the big benefits from that. The only ones who complain about that are usually iOS developer who are not used to the Android plattform and often stumble because they try to use bad cross plattform tools like titanium to develop – which is a big fail.

  • Feedback

    It’s still a FACT that for developers making money via the App Store is an easier and lower risk proposition. Apple users are used to spending money on apps. It’s still hard going to get an Android user to part with their money….

    • ElfirBFG

      I never once bought an app from the App Store on my 3GS, I had Installus. I regularly buy apps for my Atrix using Play. My phone was capable of sideloading .apks from the date of purchase, but I still chose to buy. I hated the AppStore, it was(/still is) ugly as sin, same goes for iOS in general(JB’d it can be beautified).

  • CrappStore

    Sounds like its not just me that cannot search for an “exact title of the particular app” which by the way is my own app! I hope someone from Google is reading this and fixes it…

  • Arch

    AppStore is qualitatively superior IMO, with Play Store packing lots of crap/useless apps. But in the longer run, Android may not be clear winner, the key here is ‘integration + consolidation’ of mobile and computer OS. For which Apple and Microsoft are in much better place, I suspect if these two are able successfully provide foundations to develops apps for multiple platforms by reducing the need to re-tool/re-code applications, Google can kiss good bye to its current dominant position.

  • Steve_

    What’s the goal to compare Google Play (Store) and Apple App Store using Apple’s rules?

    Google’s business model is ‘FREE+Ad’. Google Play isn’t have a ‘Store’ in its name. But is a store. Because ‘Store’ is a place where everything has its price tag.

    And developers developing for Android should use properly the same business model: ‘FREE+Ad’. Google’s business model was never supposed to provide MORE paid apps and have more users paying for apps. Free apps + Ads money. It’s Google’s DNA.

    And to be a successful Google Android developer developers should understand HOW Google works. What’s the point to compare different business models?

    It’s not bad at ALL that Google Play apps are mostly FREE, people on the planet are different, some want PAID TRASH, some want the same but FREE TRASH. It’s types of humans.

    It’s stupid NOT to bring your apps to BOTH types of humans, to make it work on BOTH business models.

    Google and Apple are different companies with DIFFERENT business models. And every DEVELOPER must learn how to be successful on Google Play (Store)

    Android has more than 450,000 apps and games, it was repeated tens of times before after the latest Google conference. 450,000+. And new I/O will deliver the figure 500,000 apps & games. Holu SH*T who does need even 10,000 apps in their smartphone?!

    The point of this article is to bash Google Play using Apple’s rules of bashing?

    It’s a marketing ILLUSION and Apple’s invention do distinct itself for consumers that 450,000 apps and games in Google Play (Store) can’t FILL your smartphone/tablet with AWESOME 200-300-400 apps, more than enough to feel happy.

    It’s an ILLUSION that FREE = low quality. FREE =/= Low quality. Low quality = lazy developers. There are tons of quality apps in Google Play, more than ENOUGH to have a full smartphone of quality stuff!

    Yes, Google Play (Store) is not perfect, but Android matures, Google Play matures, Google matures.

    So called fragmentation is growth pains. Android grows and matures, it can’t be unified and polished from the beginning. It changes constantly. Another thing that Google could make CLEAR guides and transparent instructions for developers of all versions. BTW there are 3 versions which hold almost all Android ‘fragmentation’.

    New level of software can’t be installed on G1. It’s inevitable thing. New PC games often need more sophisticated hardware, don’t forget. Yes, Apple avoid the term ‘fragmentation’, they just CUT OFF hardware-hungry new features and allow to install it even on the first iPhone, but IOS5 will NOT work properly on it. And here we see that Apple pushes customers to buy new hardware to install NEW software and use ALL its features. It’s just One PHONE. We have seen Android ICS on G1, but who needs such experiments just to see experiments?

    Android is awesome. But Apple should be afraid of NEW Google, polished, unified, consistent. Google isn’t Microsoft and Apple will not be able to beat it easily just repeating for 30 years that Macs avs PCs BS.

    Google is a very smart competitor, very sophisticated.

    • There is one huge disadvantage to Google’s Free-Ad model, any good ad-blocker can simply torn it apart, I for once, use a tool to block all adds, which create nuance and unwanted distraction, and I think there are many like me out there. So, freeware can go only that far.

      On to Android, I’ve never owned an ‘stable’ android, starting from Galaxy S to now SIII (if everything else is working, at the least TouchWIz will crash at random for no reason). In fact a friend of mine have to go through six S3’s before he finally gave up and bought an Lumia 800 instead, and I’m on my 2nd S3 unit. Add this to ‘rather complicated UI’ compared to competition, and picture doesn’t look that good.

      Compare this to iOS (except for on iPhone 5, which I haven’t bothered with so far) I’ve never had any stability or general performance issues with it till iPhone 4S.

      To sum it up, Android is an OS for someone who like to fiddle around with things, customize etc. but for someone who just want it to work right out of the box (like iOS or WP) it may not be the right solution.

      • David Longmire

        Why do you want to block the ads from apps you get for free?

  • Jasmine Johnson

    I was definitely a regular phone user who got caught up in the cellphone companies switch to all internet in all devices thing so here i was having to make a decision between android and iphone. luckily for me iphone had just sold to verizon and because of my very awesome 120 gb ipod crashing i was forced into that market (no i cant live without my music). now i have a 32 gb phone that is full of music to the point where all of it does not fit, my phone is starting to run very slowly because of this, i would love some apps but they don’t fit into my phone, and although i have been team iphone since the phone first came out i have always been much more about windows and google. soooo as android introduced play and all my music is now online i wish i could access it from my iphone. in conclusions ihpone either needs to make a device with more memory orr make an app for google play or they will start to see the customer much like my self start going back to android or even downgrading to my old phone with no apps at all and an internet that is of no match to what we have now just so that we can avoid all of the headaches. apple also needs to make their ipods with more gb space because that is the reason i did not go for a itouch an keep an old phone because the space was way to small, but you can still get apps on a touch so that would still be great if there was more space.

  • Barraob1

    Google have ruined market I bought an android phone because I dont lie apple, now Google wants to be apple. Windows phone for me now so long Google privacy invasion!

    • David Longmire

      Right, because MS won’t do that. They only have more control over your phone, and have more compliance with the state. Dunce.

  • i think Apple is clear cut winner………..atleast when it comes to quality apps……….

    • I think u tried a thought, good try but don’t waste yourself away. Clear cut labotomy.

      • shivam

        just said what i felt like…………..!!

    • David Longmire

      Neither have many quality apps. Apps are shitty by their very nature. Their clones of clones. It is where developers go to test their mediocre beginner skill or to die.

  • Guest

    i bet apple users cant even view this page =]
    in my personal opinion apple is going to face a huge loss with the iphone, because its limited, and if you think having more developer is good, then you are wrong, too much developers means you will have deal with app with just more title than content, and low quality app, too bad apple is just using the brand name more than caring about customer need, when was the last time they thought of changing the home screen layout or the springboard layout, maybe the phone call numbers ? and the iphone 4s is such a big epic fail, its like curving for pizza and then having salad.
    well, my advice is go for Android, its used by many good famous smart phone companies, plus its the best chance to lay off apple’s right hand teasing !!

  • Rsirotka

    ronald je buzna

    • enigma108

      Android je buzna kradená -.-

  • This is a very comprehensive article comparing the two marketplaces. Thanks. I published a free app on Google Play a few months ago and recently published the same app on the Apple App Store and within a couple of weeks, I’ve had many more downloads in the Apple App Store. I have not paid for any promotion of the free app in either marketplace. It’s an interesting observation and it will be especially interesting to see the comparison of a paid app which I am targeting for both marketplaces.

  • MEl-Man

    “Free” isn’t always better. Google is promoting bad ethics, to an extent, to its customer base by indirectly telling them that everyone is entitled to free things. Nobody is entitled to anything. Apple promotes “investment” within its customers. I rather pay $.99 cents to the app store and all developers as recognition and acknowledgement of gratitude for developing the app that I am using. Its about paying it forward. This society has become spoiled. This society now days thinks they deserve the world.

    • David Longmire

      Yea, because I’m going to pay a dollar for a phone game, or a flashlight app. No, I ust wouldn’t use it. As it is now I don’t play phone games, they’re all most exclusively bad. Despite this I am choosing to develop apps for the Play Store, and I am putting them up for free.Software is often free because some people just enjoy providing open options for people.

  • KagakuGakusei

    I think a point that was missed is that you have to develop applications for ios on a mac, so if you don’t own a mac then that is just an added cost.

  • Farrah Collins

    I asked this on and most people went with Apple lol, I can see why. I recently switched from Android myself and I can say that it was a great choice lol.

  • Dylan

    I’m sorry, WHAT GOOGLE PLAY MUSIC!!!!!!!???????? Why don’t I have that on my Samsung galaxy s III??? I just have apps movies and books, no music!?

    • playerjungle

      Maybe you need to update your Play Store.!download|980p11|2779459044|Google_Play_Store_3.7.13.apk|5322|0|0

      There’s you a link. Although I have a feeling that it’s Samsucks doing. They probably block the music. Kind of like HTC blocked movies on my HTC Inspire.

      • playerjungle

        copy from the https: to the last 0

    • download gtunes on the play store. its free and an awesome music app thats like itunes but u dont pay for it

  • I get to spend a lot of time with both iOS, Android phones as part of my job, and I have Android phones myself and used to have an iPhone. One point is that you find many apps on Android that the equivalent just does not exist. In the end I think it’s not features, price or apps that matter, it’s personalisation, something which Apple doesn’t get and will never get. Oh and Swype.. you can take Swype from my cold dead hands.

    • Timpster

      is why i LOVE android play store it’s AMAZING I CAN HAVE ***WHATEVER*** i want — i just can NOT do that on ios – gotta be able to customize it

  • I read this article and bledbfrom my eyes and ears. Full of brain numb bias. The graphs are incorrect the figures are bogus and the fact that apple uses a code as well as androd codes doesn’t somehow make it unique or giving extra.
    Simply put app store is a fundemental joke with this guy looking battered and caved in when he started spraying stench in the form of any cred or bravo for the attempt. Aptoide destroys anynremnant thought of Sapp for ibuy more and pay for clag. Oh android has officially over 10 000 000 apps moron. Before the latest aptoide intaller update I had a database of over 25 000 apps in multiple directories. Iconifed,star rates, download volume, discriptin when chosen,if the dbase has the instal:info or go for a market mega complex search.
    Itunes! Pls don’t degrade youtself again. I’m being serious. What a bucket of crayons with no colors. U want a music player that will tear your face and life away with raw meat. Poweramp IS a dedicared sound system that all u need is a Bose surround or evenma conventional Bose 901 set will all u will need. Or for:multitaskng and not olayin around with the features I use the maitive music player with audiomanager. Bang! Cop a bita that iWishful. There’s other nice arrangements of music players, I’m just rumming out of time checkn them. Nothing on any system beats poweramp:I’ve seen.
    Audio video players. Oh yeah, itunes again? How convenient and SHIT. You have no idea my clueless leftover(I’m only have fun witchu bruz). Seriously android jethosesmand powersteams before a sonic spaying of assortments gor your attitude or your droid op lifesyle. Me I cranck the best. Mx player with codec 7neon atm. Holy mother of impressive whoever u are. I can’t say enough about this gem.its throwin 30frames a sec of HD 32 BIT color and stereo solit variable 44100 * 2 fequency in .acc or any variant simultaneous at normous bitn rates , on screen gesture for amplification with over pumped sub amped for Armn van Buuren. It doesn skip a beat. I have 5 others but mx is my baby.
    Interfaces… oh look obliteration I think is the optimum word to use at moments like theses.
    Robin Paterson

  • Excuse my spelless checking.

  • EduCamp

    The good thing about the app store is that you don’t have to worry about scam, thief, malware, or fraudulent apps since Apple has people working on approving those apps and on the other side, Google has an automated program that checks for malware but it’s not 100% secure. I like both stores but if I had to chose one it would be the app store. This is only in my opinion. Thanks!

    • james farough

      hahaha App Store Faggg lol Apple is behind on every piece of software and hardware Samsung Galaxy S2 came out way before 4s and still blows that phone out the window !

    • Anonymous

      An application cannot steal anything from you as long as you don’t grant any permission. Including programs that requires root access.

      • Timpster

        actually it just may be able to — if you have android go to play store and look for an app you want and look down at the permission….. see

    • Tang Ina Nio

      android shows you a list of permissions an app is asking before installing it. goggle assumes that the user is intelligent enough to know what not to install. while apple assumes the user is an iDiot who needs hand holding everytime.

      • fun

        iOS users is to windows users what Android is to linu… oh wait

  • james farough

    I will say this I prefer google and android way more iPhone are way more harder to crack jailbreak and stay jailbroke ! and the unlocks are fucking rediculous I am all bout customization . I prefer widgets and home screen iphone are shit always will be till Apple Realizes people are growing smarter want things

  • The Appstore is just progressing too slowly…. its competing with the Android Market from 2years ago, now… Android users have the Play Store, sorry Iphone lovers… its leagues ahead of the appstore.

  • ameerZZ

    As much as i hate Iphone,Ipod (LOVE THE IPAD THOUGH). Apps store is the clear winner. Im not a fanboy, most of my phone is android os. Xperia S etc but Playstore lacks entertainment and game. About the android piracy BS. its the same as Iphone
    but no. some stupid developer just want to own more money and if a platform is full of piracy. they will not release it. WTF! idk if porting or developing a game for android is hard or not. Infinity Blade and other Triple AAA title on ios should be release on android. Android is better in everyway. better multitask,faster processor etc. PLEASE SUPPORT ANDROID FOR FUCK SAKE!

    • David Longmire

      Why do you love iPad? It’s just an upsized iPhone/iPod touch. You could get a more powerful, much cheaper, Nexus.

  • DarthStrawberry

    As an owner of many Android and Appls devices, I’d have to say that Apple still clearly wins when it comes to its app store.

  • that guy

    apple has best apps hands down. all of best apps come to apple app store first.

  • goldhoney

    I only have the Apps, Books. & Movies showing up on my Android device (Asus Transformer) – no music section is listed. Nor can I find anything about any Google Cloud. I like Android, but at this stage, Apple still has it over Android with it’s iTunes (where’s my google play music????) & iCloud (where’s my Google cloud?)

  • madenbay

    i dont care about the apps on my phone and i dont use the playstore on my sgs3 niether on my apple ipad too much … but i think the appstore is the winner since it offers several apps . on the other hand and in general andriod phones are much beter than iphones espaiclly the s3 which is the strongest phone ever featuring super amoled and snapdragon s4 prossecer with 1.4 ghz quad core and 308 ppi and 8 mega camera woth face detect also smart stay etc

  • Andrew C

    Of course I had to giggle when starting to read this article and I see the Developers graph exactly as it was presented to 2010 on Mashable. I don’t care about the possible plagiarism (I assume the author is not a professional writer), but to present a 2010 graph as a representation of the state of play is 2012 – particularly in such a fast moving market, is laughable. I could only assume the rest of the article would be equally as amusing, and didn’t continue.

  • Andrew C

    An interesting reference article is at:

  • DrMarkus

    Sony screwed up by not licensing out Beta. VHS was inferior, but prevailed with that technology. Sony made other unwise decisions and now is only a shadow of the company it once was.

    Enter Mac. Apple decided not to license out hardware. Mac became a niche computer market when it was obviously superior to the competition (Windows 95 was basically Apple ’82).

    Lightening struck again for Apple with iPod, Phone, and Pad, and their still not licensing out the hardware. Android will prevail in this technology because more people making the hardware increases competition and makes the technology cheaper and more widespread (whether or not it is better.) iphone is already old-school to many younger consumers. The app world can and will turn very quickly, and so will not save Apple.

    Will Apple blow it again? Remember that GM and Sears were both the biggest at one time, too. Incredibly flawed corporate strategy can devastate even this amazing company.

    • Timpster

      Maybe Microsoft will (eventually) ok idk i don’t hate MS but dam i wish they would really STOP vendor lock in

      this is*STARTING* to improve with Office 365 haha dam

      they are now supporting the new 1.2 ODF documents
      but really — do YOU want to pay $100 +/ year for Office?

  • keith

    Thump up for android tablet and down with ipaditouchiphone why? Repeat after me freedom freedom I could plug in my microsd and usb flash for endless space for my app music and have anyone even noticed how much space ios apps used up on your device compared to googleplay and their ridiculous price for ipad iphone all for bigscreen is evil.I ordered for cheap less than 100 bucks chinese tablet and been happier sinc so try the tablet and be free.

  • srob

    Its easier to design for apple, because you know exactly what your designing your app for. On the other hand if your designing for android your app could end up on one of a 100 different devices and it probably wont work as well as it could.

  • something that no-one is mentioning is that there are whole CLASSES of apps like widgets, live wallpapers, custom keyboards and launchers available on play store that are not available on appstore. this is a major play store advantage

    • Timpster

      HELL YEAH IT IS!!!!!!! i downloaded a Dvorak keyboard — can’t do that on a (non) jailbroken idevice APPLE APP STORE YOU SUCK!!!

  • ljbarrett5

    the fact of the matter is, quality goes where the money is. The android market is composed of open source developers who don’t mind making free apps, most of witch are imitations anyways.

    The app store however shows time and again quality and quantity because its more attractive for a sophisticated developer to make a profit.

    • David Longmire

      Most everything on noth i shit. Apple has more quality and more shit is all.

  • HTC One S user

    Google Play store have tons of apps. But, most of the apps are like this one “iOS 7 launchers, iPhone 5 launchers, Fake iPhone 5”

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  • Merlin Santa

    Great comparison. I can’t agree with you more and it definitely make sense. So thanks.