This just in: Google thinks you should give the Nexus 6 a try because chances are, you’ll end up liking it.

Once upon a time, the “enormous” Dell Streak lived in a world of its own: a 5 inch screen was unthinkable on a “phone” at a time when most weren’t even 4. Perhaps ahead of its time, consumer interest limited at best and sales never quite took off.

And so people gradually forgot about “large” phones, until Samsung’s Galaxy Note was announced. With a 5.3 inch screen, it seemed even more outlandish, but amazingly it caught on. Since then, just about every company under the silicon sun has gone on to release their own big screen device, which the media has affectionately branded a phablet. Disparaging remarks about looking foolish while talking or needing two hands to operate a big phone eventually began to subside, and even the most adamant detractors would finally released a Plus-sized product just last month.

Still, it was peculiar when Google’s Shamu began to circulate the rumor mill: a Nexus device made by Motorola with a six inch screen?! And yet, here we are on the edge of tomorrow, and it is no small claim to say Android users are not sure what to make of the gigantic Nexus 6. Google on the other hand, has already decided we all need it.

nexus 6 vs nexus 5 back

At a recent press event to show off everything Android, Google’s Vice President of Engineering, David Burke, fielded questions from the media. When asked about the substantial size of the new Lollipop reference device, the answer was quite clear: “If you gave them a phablet for a week, 50 percent of [consumers] would say they like it and not go back,” he told CNET.

“If you gave them a phablet for a week, 50 percent of consumers would say they like it and not go back.”

This reply may be the clearest explanation yet as to why Google decided upon such a radical departure for the Nexus phone line which, as of late, has been more associated with affordability and mainstream standards than the whale which its codename implies. One might argue that Google naturally wants to sell product, and convincing people they will like a phablet is essential to for the success of a $600+, 6 inch device when it releases next month. Yet, the funny thing is, Burke is probably right.

Find someone with Galaxy Note, LG G Flex, Sony Xperia Ultra, or any of the large phones out there. Ask them why they like such a device. Chances are, the reply will include things like ease of typing (larger keys), great for watching movies (big screen), longer use time (big batteries), and even a more comfortable experience (large hands).

Phablets are wonderful for those who want to do more with their phone than simply make calls, but who don’t feel like carting around a separate tablet. They often have features not present in normal phones, including multi-window options for true multitasking which may appeal to power users, and stylus input which is a boon to students, designers, or even a casual user who wants to annotate their latest selfie. Responding to criticism,  some OEMs are now adding optional features such as ease of access shortcuts and settings to reduce the onscreen picture size so as to simulate a “smaller” 5 inch experience.

It’s no fluke that Samsung has sold well over 4 million Note 4’s in the few weeks since release. In fact, not only are phablets getting bigger and better, they’re also evolving as Samsung proved with its new Galaxy Note Edge. The curved display featured on this device allows an entirely new level of user customization and quick access.

Nexus 6 size

Granted, there will be a learning curve: the size jump will inevitably require a short adjustment period as you learn how to handle such a large device, and become accustomed to the sheer size of it. But this was true of the initial jump from feature to smartphone, and even from 3.7 inches to 4.3.

Those who are quick to jump on Google for commissioning such a large device ought to spend some quality time with it to fully experience the ways in which a phablet can enrich the user experience and bridge the gap between phone and tablet. Especially in countries with customer-friendly return policies, what’s the harm in trying; there may be more to this craze than meets the eye.

  • Junaid Ansari

    I was really against getting this phone after selling my Nexus 5 I tried the Galaxy Note 3, HTC, OnePlus One but I just can’t get used to any other android phone other than a Nexus. I just love the Stock Android experience as well as the XDA community support the Nexus devices get for CUSTOM ROMS. So now I will be picking up this phone as I have enough money to buy it. I was planning on getting a tablet as well but I think this is going to be a good investment as a tablet and a smartphone.

    • rick invy


  • Jose

    I went from 4.7″ (SIII) to 5.7″ (Note 3) and I definitely fit in the ‘never looking back’ category. My Note 3 is awesome, but I’m over TouchWiz and all the other bloat slowing me down and causing issues, so I’ll most likely be trying to grab a Nexus 6 soon.

    • Neil

      Last year I went from a xperia ray (3.3″) to the xperia z1 (5.0″) and am now on OnePlus one (5.5″) at this rate, I’ll be carrying a TV around soon Haha, but seriously the jump is fine and you adjust in about a week

      • Anthony Montalvo

        I don’t suppose you have an invite to spare do you?

        • Neil

          Unfortunately no, but the preorder system is back soon I heard

    • Netwern

      Flash CyanogenMod 11 and then turn ART on, you’ll be blown away like how the Nexus 5 users blown away in Nov 2013, although you’re still late to the party but hey late is better than never.

      • samsunite

        From what I’ve read, lollipop is causing issues with rooting phones with locked bootloaders.

        • Gray05

          Lollipop will cause root issues for those without unlocked bootloaders.

          Having an unlocked bootloader makes it extremely easy.

      • Gray05

        I’m happy about the switch to ART.

        BUT, trying it out on 4.4 ART, L dev, and final Lollipop preview hasn’t yielded any noticeable performance benefit.

        Maybe the final release will.

    • starscream1180

      touchwiz has always been crap.

      • Gray05

        ALWAYS. It just keeps getting worse.

        My galaxy s and s2 are far cries from what TW looks like today.

    • SContrerasMer

      That’s why i love custom ROMs

      If you get a pone that is hardware awesome but sftware crap, you can root and go for a AOSP ROM
      is what i didback in 2011 with my GSII

  • किंतु मुझे एक आसानी से प्रयोग किये जा सकने वाला फोन चाहिये कोई हाथी का बच्चा नहीं !
    But I need a phone that I could use easily, not a Baby Elephant !

    • Josef

      It is a common misunersranding. It is a portable, reallly personal computer with phone function. If you want a phone buy a phone.

      • मुझे फोन ही तो चाहिये । मेरे लिये तो ये संगणक का कार्य नहीं कर सकता ।

        I need a phone only. This couldn’t do the work of a computer for me.

        • KentuckyHouse

          Then why are you here? There are plenty of options when it comes to Android, even stock Android now. How about the Moto X 2014? S5? G3? Or even the Z3 or Z3C?

          • हाँ । अवश्य ही ये फोन तो मेरे लिये नहीं बना । मोटो बेहतर है ।

            Yes. This phone is definitely not made for me. Moto is better.

        • jj14x

          Unlike on competing mobile OS(s), Android device manufacturers give you choices. You don’t want a baby elephant? don’t buy it. Get Moto X. Want something smaller? There are other choices :)
          Google believes there will be sufficient demand for this phone.

          • एकदम सही । ऐंड्रोईड इसी कारण मस्त है । किंतु ये थोड़ा छोटा होता तो बहतर होता पर गूगल ने अपने प्रतिद्वदियों को देख ऐसा किया व व्यापार में यह आवश्यक भी है । लाभकारी होगा या नहीं ये तो समय बतायेगा ।

            Exactly . Android is cool for this reason. But it would’ve been a little smaller then it would’ve been better, but then again Google did this in response to the competition and in business it’s must to do so. It would be beneficial or not, only time could tell that.

        • neoand12

          Then buy a Nexus 5?

          • हाँ वही बेहतर है नहीं तो मोटो एक्स ।

            Yes, that’s better else Moto X.

        • Gray05

          A good phone and a good desktop is a good combo.

          Although, rounding that out with a Surface Pro 3 doesn’t hurt at all.

          • किंतु यहाँ तो फोन की आवश्यक्ता है अभी । सरफेस प्रो ३ ठीक है, किंतु तभी जब मैं इसमें आर्च लिनक्स चला सकूँ ।

            But here there’s a need of a phone for now. Surface Pro 3 is OK but only when I could run Arch Linux in it.

    • Anoop Asokan

      i guess, its a pretty big move and its appreciable… you know I still remember those days when people looked at me in a weird way when I had the “biggest” galaxy s. Soon after I have seen those same guys using the same phone and its updated versions… so I bet you too, you are also going to use a big phone very soon… mark my words

      • मुझे तो गैलेक्सी एस भी केवल इसी कारण नहीं पसंद आया था क्योंकि वह बहुत बड़ा था तो अभी तो ऐसा नहीं लगता कि मैं उसका जैसा ही बड़ा फोन प्रयोग करूँगा । जिसको प्रयोग करने में कठिनाई हो उसका प्रयोग क्यों किया जाये ?

        I didn’t liked Galaxy S just because of the same reason that it was too big so as of now I don’t think that I would be using a similarly big phone. Why to use something that is hard to use ?

        • Gray05

          You must have TINY hands.

          • असल में मेरे हाथ किंग कोंग जैसे नहीं है :P

            Actually my hands are not King Kong size :P

          • Gray05

            I probably have average or slightly above average hands. And I can easily one-hand an iPhone 6+

            Everybody has their habits and preferences. But it seriously doesn’t take large hands to use these phones.

          • सैद्धांतिक रूप से बडे आकार को बडा आकार ही सम्भाल सकता है । मेरे लिये ५ से ऊपर का आकार अनावश्यक रूप से अनुपयोगी है व ऐसा ही अधिकतम लोगों के लिये होगा ।

            Theretically, big shape could be handled by a big shape only. For me 5+ size is unnecesarrily useless and it would be the same for most people.

  • FRanatic

    Sure I’ll give it a try.
    Just make it available in the Netherlands. All I need is a date and pricetag…

  • Neither the size or the price is my worry, its the lack of a RGB (or any) notification LED.

    • Torraint

      since it was manufactured by motorola, it will likely to have a notif led like moto g did

      • KentuckyHouse

        No notification LED. It’s got Ambient Mode which is pretty much the same thing as Active Display on the Moto X. It’s confirmed to not have a notification LED.

        • MJay

          Where did you read it was confirmed not having led notification? I searched everywhere and could not find any info. Just like I searched last year and could not find any information on notification led for N5 but it ended up having one.

          • KentuckyHouse

            I’ll try and find it, but there was a hands on video that showed how the Ambient Mode worked and there was no LED flashing when the screen was off. Maybe this was just a pre-productin model that doesn’t have the LED and there will be one, but I can’t imagine there will be with Ambient Mode present.

          • MJay

            You are referring to the car warehouse very where the guy has the note 4 and prototype nexus 6. You are right, I looked for one when the screen was off and saw nothing; however, it only works when looking directly at the phone or picking it up so how the heck is this going to replace led notification? For premium price, I expect premium hardware and software. Google dropped the ball if they removed led notification. Seems like they cut corners again, but did not cut price.

          • KentuckyHouse

            Have you used the Moto X with Active Notifications before? It doesn’t only work when picking up or looking at the phone. If Ambient Mode works the same way as the Moto X, then your notifications will light up the screen.

          • MJay

            How long? How often? How much battery life is being used? I watched the video review for the moto x and the screen would light up once when the notification first came and then only if the phone was picked up or looked directly at.

          • Gray05

            Is a notification LED that useful. I find it more annoying than anything on my Nexus 5.

    • shadowstewie

      Since Android 5.0 will support the Ambient Display feature like on the Moto X and other devices, it looks like the Notification LED could possibly be old news. I have used the Ambient Display on my Nexus 4 with the Android 5.0 ROM on it and it’s pretty awesome. It was one of the main things I wished my Nexus 5 would have had. Same thing with the feature Always Listening will be available on the Nexus 6.

  • Josef

    About the myth of two handed operation. As a Note user from the beginning, I nearly never use it this way. You learn different handling of the device than small phone. Instead of griping it, you lay down phablet on 4 fingers. Palm of the hand and thumb is above the screen and you can reach everywhere with the tip of your thumb. Non slippery back of Note helps. I am not so sure with slick iPone back.

    • Scooterch

      One vs two hands was Apple’s invention. They seeded the notion that a phone has to be operated with one hand, as a way to justify the small size of their phone in the face of the oncoming popularity of larger screens (big phones have been popular in Asia years before Americans started to adopt them). Ever since, commentators and especially the media have been focusing on that as if it is a real issue. I am stuck with an iPhone 5s for work (4″ screen) and I often use it with both hands.

      • Joel Purvis

        Actually, like so many things, Apple wasn’t the first to the one handed operation party, they just coopted it. I got my first smartphone years before the iPhone (2004) and one handed operation was constantly discussed in forums. That was a big reason many people loved Treos and were against landscape (sliding) keyboards. Personally I think it was a non issue than and it’s a non issue now. I can’t wait to preorder the Nexus 6 tomorrow.

    • Jimmy

      Problem is when i’m walking or running or driving, it’s a nightmare one-hand experience. You may argue I shouldn’t do what I do especially when driving, but there is a need from time to time, especially when walking (or running) on the campus in an attempt to catch a (late) class.

      • Gray05

        I would encourage to not run or drive while using a phone. There really is no excuse. If you’re late for class, you should be focused on getting there.

        Do any texting or whatever once you get there. You’re just going to hurt yourself or somebody else.

        • Jimmy

          Ye I figured I need to work on my time mgmt hah.. Anyway, before I become better the N6 would’ve got outdated and replaced by… N10? I may have been kinda dramatic in my OP but imagine some time when you need to walk and use your phone for justified reason. Tell me you can think of several instances pls XD

          • Gray05

            I sometimes walk and use my Nexus 5. But certainly not run. And I cut out phone use while driving a few years ago.

            I don’t see any reduction in usability while walking between a phablet and “normal” phone.

    • Gray05

      I’ve been resistant to phablets. But since nexus 6 is coming out, I took the time to go try out phablets at Best Buy. Note 4 and iPhone 6+ are both easily used one handed. No appreciable difference in one handed use compared to my Nexus 5.

      You’re right, it’s all about how you hold it.

  • wat

    It will stop at 6 though, or maybe 6.3 at absolute most so now the real innovation has to start again now that screen sizes are stabilising.

  • Francisco Eduardo Larenas Orti

    The problem it’s not it’s size but it’s price! The nexus line used to be awesome since it was cheap. This one it’s not and since it has a better size, better features and is almost as pure as a nexus experience, I’ll go for the new moto x

    • ed

      Only the last two nexus phones were cheap. Nexus phones used to be high end developer phones designed to push the limits of android. This is Google going back to what it used to be. I guarantee they view Motorola as the new cheap stock android company.

      • TemporalArc

        That’s not true…Google makes far more money from people using their devices than from people buying the hardware. I suspect the real reason why this phone is priced so high is because it shares too many tricks with the Moto X and in general outdoes it in every way. Lowering the price on this, would more than certainly cannibalize the Moto X, not something Motorola would approve of since it isn’t under Google anymore.

        • bulletmark

          Nexus 4 and 5 undercut LG phones. Nexus 6 is priced extravagantly because this is the first Nexus to be sold universally by the carriers so that would have been a condition of the agreement. Sadly they’ll probably sell way more N6 than ever with those flashly stores and salesmen pushing them on payment plans to the punters now.

  • msal

    Once you go vanilla Android, you never go back.

    • DonPorazzo


    • Stone Phalanges

      I went back. No sd card mainly. The only thing I DONT like about my new phone is the size of the screen (5.5in). The Nexus 6 is very unappealing to me

      • Netwern

        If you really love microSD card then you should stay at Shamesung, we stock Android lovers don’t really want you. Perhaps you should educate yourself more since you have the opportunity to gain access to the internet. read about why Google is against microSD card.

        • keenmay

          May be “you should educate yourself” and look at a wider picture. For what you said to work, you need data plan and they are expensive. Some people like to have a nice phone to play with but only use it for emergency calls, so they don’t need data plan. Samsung offers you option to carry extra memory.

          • John Garlits

            I think he meant “indoctrinate yourself.”

        • John Garlits

          Why should he care if you want him? Are you in a cult? High school cool guys group? I like stock myself. I had the faux Samsung Galaxy Nexus and have the 2013 N7. However, Nexi have limitations, as Stone made a valid point. I’m probably not going Nexus again for similar reasons, and, no, that doesn’t mean I have to go with Samsung. You know, there are other OEMS! Lots! I frankly don’t have much love for Samsung at all. Maybe it’s you that needs the education, friend. Also, I don’t care why Google says they’re against micro SD. They want to make the choice for me, and I say no thanks. I have a 128 GB sd card and have ALL my liked music from Google Play Music on it, and still tons of room to spare. I also shifted tons of other data on that so my onboard space remains cleaner, and my device runs smoother. I did that with a handy software HTC packaged in, without root, even though no other non-root app seems to be able to do that anymore with Android 4.4. I can listen whenever the f*ck I want to any of it, and you can’t do that on any Nexus that exists or is coming out anytime soon. It’s not like Google is offering huge storage on devices to make up for it. If you like restrictions so much, maybe you should have gone with Apple.

          • Netwern

            Look son, a faggot, a Nexus hater precisely. I don’t fucking care if you own Shamesung Galaxy Nexus or Nexus 7. You don’t like what Google done to microSD? GTFO from Android and get an iPhone. Without Nexus (the father of all Android phones) you can’t even get an overweight-metal-end-up-in-a-case pathetic HTC or other OEM phones.

          • John Garlits

            Ha! I pity you. It seems you’re the one full of hate. Good luck with that.

          • Netwern

            Not hate dude, just stating opinion.

          • John Garlits

            You are one of the most hateful people I’ve ever met. Seriously. Look around and compare yourself.

          • Netwern

            You’re the one that are hating Google killed microSD. Who’s the hater now? You should respect Google’s decision and get over it. Internal phone storage wins over external phone storage already.

          • John Garlits

            Oh, far be it from me to criticize your god, Google! Please don’t call me names again. I care so much about your so informative and eloquent opinions. You should really go look up a concept, called projection. It’s in psychology.

          • Netwern

            Wrong, projection is in iPhone. Go get your projection there. You’ll not regret it.

          • John Garlits

            I think you failed at googling that.

          • Netwern

            I Bing, u mad bro?

          • John Garlits

            No, I don’t get mad when people choose other options, as you clearly do.

          • Netwern

            More like you mad lol.

          • John Garlits

            That’s your retort? Really? Read your original reply to Stone up there. Or maybe a couple of your comments that are probably getting removed. I’m still waiting for you to “educate” us as to why onboard storage wins. Because you say?

          • Netwern

            Of course it’s getting removed because some hater that cannot take it reported my comments. Educate yourself with Google, don’t expect to spoon-feed you.

          • John Garlits

            I don’t “expect to spoon-feed myself”, unless maybe I’m having ice cream, or cereal. Again, I wait for anything to back your claims. You’ve so vehemently stood behind them, but they appear empty at this point. I’ve given real user-case arguments against, and your response is name calling, no knowledge. This is not the way to convince anyone of anything.

          • Netwern
          • John Garlits

            Thanks for finally providing something besides insult. I hope your sleep helps with your manners.

            Posted directly from your reference article: “…devices will generally either have an SD card, or a large internal storage, but not both. I totally get that a lot of people like SD cards, and I miss USB Mass Storage myself. But then, that’s why it’s great that there are so many devices to choose from. :)”

            Ok, so basically one engineer says they don’t want Android to be too complicated. (Having an SD hasn’t made things too complicated for me, but maybe it would others.) That’s fine, and I appreciate it to the extent that it doesn’t become oversimplified and hinder function. Thus, they chose to not have the option on Nexus devices, which they fully control the design of. That’s fine. Many of us buy them anyway. I have. You have. However, I have chosen differently as of late and have seen multiple benefits (storage space, offloading the onboard storage for better performance, less reliance on mobile internet). Many others have as well, hence, I think, the resurgence in having the option on tons of new androids this year. The engineer here even recognizes what you do not, as does Google’s recent marketing of the Nexus 6. It doesn’t say you have to be a nazi fanatic about Nexus devices or only using stock android. That’s the Apple approach, a primary reason I don’t like Apple’s approach, and I hope Google never goes that way.

            Primarily, Google is an internet/data/software company, so it’s not surprising that they would support their cloud solutions and such as much as possible. I think it has been to some detriment and unnecessary limitation for Nexus users. In fact, from a hardware selling point of view, I think it’s a huge missed opportunity where they could further differentiate and be better than Apple devices. It would also pull market share from OEMS like Samsung that have people stick with them largely for this reason. However, Google doesn’t care that much which android device you use because they’re not primarily in the hardware business. If Google were like Apple, there would only be Nexus devices, SD card and various other things would be outlawed, and no other OEMS would innovate and bring other options to android (many of which get adopted by google in software or hardware in time). Google was smart enough to know that the OEMs competing would spur innovation and growth, and that it probably needed that,especially in the earlier days.

            There may be other technical niceties about not having the SD card and having to support it, but it’s certainly doable, is in fact being done, and successfully so. Google could do it as well (and perhaps better) but chooses not to, for its own reasons.

            What trumps all is user individual choice, and for me, having it is far superior to not having it. I wish Nexi allowed them, but they don’t, and I don’t foresee it happening. Maybe one day tech will evolve so that we don’t need it, or hardly any local storage, regardless of where we are, but that day is not today.

          • Netwern

            My manners is better than yours. tldr lol

          • John Garlits

            Oh, sure theys is.

          • Robert Delahunty

            These comments are hilarious. I went back after Nexus 4 to Sony. Great hardware on the Z2 but I miss stock Android. Everything just works on a Nexus. I’m excited by the Nexus 6 but not sure if I can pony up the cash for the unannounced European prices. I would like a great camera and Nexus 6 may be okay. I’ll wait for some reviews before figuring it out.

          • John Garlits

            I thought the Sonys were pretty close to stock. What problems did you have?

          • tangoalpha

            I am with you. I was looking forward to the Nexus 6. That is until I found out it has an “unchangeable” battery and no sim card. I do not want to have to rely on the cloud for my information or ensure I have connection to access my music or anything else. Granted most of us won’t use all the on-board memory, however, I would like the choice.
            It seem kind of i-phoneish.

          • Wow

            You do realize the Nexus 9 has a microSD slot, right? I have owned every single Nexus to date but you are showing your immaturity like no tomorrow. Grow up.

          • Netwern

            Nexus 9 does not have microSD you dumb ass. You’re not even a Nexus user, can’t even get your facts right. Stop lying and again i don’t fucking care you own what kind of devices including Nexus devices.

          • Richard Mipana

            On the internet you can call people all these sorts of names but all it does is show your immaturity and how much of a fanboy you are. It’s ok to have different opinions and views. That’s how competition is created and what pushes manufactures to create “better” devices every year. Grow up, kid.

          • Netwern

            On the internet do you really think that how people look at your comments? You’re wrong. Every year? More like pushes manufacturers to create “mediocre” devices every month. Ok, or bump specs and release it every 6 months.

          • Richard Mipana

            No name calling this time. You’re making steps. When you post a comment on the internet full of “faggot” this and that, it takes away from your point and turns things into a fanboy war rather than a conversation about the article. And notice I have “better” in quotes. It’s highly subjective.

          • Netwern

            Who cares if it’s a fanboy conversation? It’s the internet. Everyone is a fanboy inside themselves, if you’re saying you’re not maybe you’re just lying.

          • John Garlits

            Tell us, what besides owning and using a Nexus device is required to be a Nexus user? Do you have to go online and post insults or pray to Google?

          • Netwern

            Okay let me guide you, first you have to accept microSD card is longer relevant and stop being hateful to Google killing microSD. Just accept it.

          • John Garlits

            Actually, no, I don’t have to, and you’ve given no actual information to back your claims. I’m not beyond convincing, say if there were 100% always reliable cloud for free or near free, or if onboard storage could be bought at the outset for the same price as adding an sd card. I have 32 + 128 GB. Show me a nexus with 160 GB onboard. Do you have these arguments? It appears not. You only have name-calling and schoolyard babble.

          • RyanBeesley

            Cloud storage is just the work around it isn’t the driving factor. Let’s look at all the options…

            Before the Nexus S, onboard memory and expandable memory were two different spaces. The onboard memory wasn’t usually enough to store all of the applications being installed, but there was plenty of room on the SD Card. Borrowing from AOSP ROM developers, Google added it’s own version of Apps2SD. The AOSP method was potentially dangerous to data on the SD Card because the card could be ejected while the volume was mounted. Basically it turns the expandable memory into a more permanent memory, but it isn’t readily exchangeable. You can’t just put in a different card with other music on it because the phone won’t work properly with that additional space removed. The installed apps are not protected on the SD Card, leaving a security risk.

            The official Android solution solves the problem by registering and unregistering applications installed on the SD Card when the card is unmounted, but you still have problems with the volume being removed unexpectedly. Whenever the phone is started, a significant portion of the start time is in mounting the SD Card and registering those apps. Also by controlling how those apps are installed to the SD Card, they are wrapped in a secure format that limits the security risk.

            While for some users this process is reasonable, for others it is just as confusing and shows down the device. Depending on the Class of SD Card memory, it may be too slow to be used reliably in this way.

            I haven’t even begin to talk about the hosted memory problem in treating the SD Card as a USB thumb drive. If it is exposed to external devices as a USB drive, they have direct access to writing to the volume and Android can’t mount it. When your applications are on that volume, that just further complicates things. With the current method, the SD Card is still managed by Android and so it doesn’t have to unmount the volume. Your PC is basically talking to a program running on Android that looks like a USB drive over the cable.

            Expandable memory is just a huge problem.

            The cloud offers a reasonable alternative for most people. Increasing the fast onboard memory so that it handles most application space, the cloud is available for user data.

            I do miss the ability to choose how much memory I put in my device, but the latest offerings of onboard have been enough for me. Google has made the right decision about how to handle expandable memory, and probably for the same reasons iOS don’t support it. Right now expandable memory options just don’t offer a better solution.

          • Seth Forbus

            Good points, but expandable memory is only a problem if used improperly. I use the external SD card on my Galaxy devices for one thing. Media. Its perfect for storing pictures and music. I have like 40GB of music on my SD card synced from Google Play music. Its only an issue when you try to put applications or mission critical data on the external storage.

          • RyanBeesley

            Yup, but to do that requires dedication on the user’s part. As an alternative, what if music was on its own card and just mounted under /sdcard/Music. You’d still have to figure out how to surface the camera or other use data. You know how to work around the problems and make expandable memory work for you, but it isn’t the best experience for most.

            The Nexus is the reference device for Android and represents how Google thinks OEMs should build devices. As such, they prioritize the user experience in that they think the no SD Card design is the least confusing and least complicated for users.

            Obviously if you choose to get a device from a manufacturer that has expandable memory, Google is saying don’t blame Android if the experience is sub par. If it works for you, then that is what you should use.

            Again, variety is what makes Android stand out amongst its peers, even though I’ve always owned a Nexus or reference device. Simply that users have the choice demonstrates the benefit of the platform.

          • John Garlits

            Thank you for the detailed explanation. I only came to android with the GNex, so I didn’t know much of the history prior.. I still don’t reach the same conclusion and prefer the SD option for myself, using it for excess media storage to mitigate the fact that the cloud is not nearly as reliable and costs in money, use of limited data allotment, and battery life. I appreciate seeing a reasoned argument on here rather than schoolyard BS of Netwern. You truly are a scholar and a gentleman!

          • RyanBeesley

            Gosh, a gentleman and a scholar. I’d be happy with one of those.

          • John Garlits

            Cool stuff. 64 GB is pretty good, and I’m glad they’re finally pushing that up. I hope it pushes others to follow. I agree, it would be ideal to just have one huge onboard storage space, though historically the price for that has been abusive, trend set by Apple, it seems. I know it’s not the same thing, and you would know more about that, but for media or other such files, I think it works fine, and I’d rather have the option than not. For somebody that is going to keep a device for 2 years or more, it offers some peace of mind that you won’t keep running out of space and have to keep offloading to cloud or elsewhere. I had to do that before, and it was kind of a pain. USB transfer was unreliable, and wireless transfer was better but kind of slow.

            I like Google Play Music a lot, started from the beginning and have the lower intro price still. I think I originally uploaded ~3k songs, and my total library there is just shy of 12k songs, with just over 4K on my thumbs up list than I pin on my SD card. There’s about 40 GB of music on my card, a few GB of other things, and no worries of running out any time soon. I have 6 GB of my 32 onboard free, which would be gone if I pinned about an 8th of what I have on my sd card now. I could probably remove some games I rarely play or have yet to try, but it’s nice that I’m still ok and don’t really have to.

            Yeah, Google isn’t going to go back to it, not with their own devices, but I hope they don’t try to force OEMs to follow suite unless we see a trend of higher onboard storage being offered. It’s a shame the N9 only goes up to 32, though perhaps the rationale there is that you would mostly use at at home where cloud accessibility is likely much better on home wifi.

          • SContrerasMer

            Still, many peoplecan’t afford the data plan needed for the cloud to work propperly, i have never installed apps on my SD card, it is exclusively for media fit all my songs on the 8Gb on board memory of my Moto G, thankfully, it is the 4G variant, so it has a microSD card slo, where a 32Gb memory lives
            i think that appwise (if that is even a word) the SD is notgood at all, but for the media, is better and cheaper than data plans for the cloud and bigger onboard storage, which, By the way, should not be so expensive

          • Netwern

            Ya if you don’t accept it then just stick with your Shamesung or HTCrap. No one is begging you into stock Android.

          • SContrerasMer

            Moto G LTE and 2nd Gen have both micro SD card slots, and run (almost) vainilla android

          • smokebomb

            I like to store what’s in the cloud locally when there’s no internet, because that happens. We don’t have WiFi or mobile internet everywhere. We don’t even have the same network speed everywhere because telecoms suck at spending their billions on network and coverage upgrades.

          • RyanBeesley

            I’m sorry, but I believe you are wrong with respect to the Nexus 9 having expandable memory. You are right about the lack of respect and maturity level Netwern is showing.

          • ObviousNinja2

            You do realize the Nexus 9 DOES NOT have a Micro SD slot. Check your facts.


            The Nexus 9 DOES NOT have a microSD card slot. You’re mistaken. Nexus devices never have MicroSD slots. The Nexus 9 has a Micro USB port but that’s different than a MicroSD card slot.

          • SContrerasMer

            Nexus one is the only nexus to have a microSD card slot, but there was that one , so you can not say that “never”

          • BP

            It does NOT have a microSD slot, do you have any link to prove your point ?

          • andrewsami70

            Bless you.

          • RyanBeesley

            The reason Micro SD isn’t on Nexus devices is because there is no good way to provide storage for user installed applications and make them removable at any time. As such, there become two user writable partitions. Unless the use fills both partitions equally, they may never notice, but more often than not one of the partitions becomes completely filled and one has plenty of space. This is a horrible experience for the user.

            Streaming music from the cloud isn’t WHY Micro SD cards aren’t on Nexus devices, it is the alternative option that eases the removal of expandable storage options.

          • John Garlits

            I see your point, and I’m actually fine with having applications in the onboard space. That makes sense, like how Windows OS has been on its own partition of a hard drive. However, I don’t find anything about having this awesome expandable storage a “bad user experience.”

            On the why: Let’s just say not having expansion or large storage options works in favor of Google’s cloud business. I think it’s naive to think this doesn’t factor into their decisions and choices at some level.

          • RyanBeesley

            There’s also Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, etc. Google Drive of course has really good support but you have a lot of other options on Android. I know that doesn’t solve your music issue because your complaint is about local storage, but I don’t think Google is trying to make a lot of money off cloud storage. Just like Gmail isn’t about selling you a upgrades on mail storage. They offer very low costs overall.

          • John Garlits

            I have most of those services, but they just aren’t available reliably as I move around. I’d much rather have things on the device, and sd card option is great, doesn’t take extra space like an external drive, and can be quite massive. I also doubt Google is making a ton of money from cloud storage directly. Most would just offload material or delete things rather than pay. However, it fits into an overall ecosystem where Google leverages our data for things like targeted advertising. I don’ t mind, as they provide lots of “free” things in return and perhaps more importantly put competitive pressure on the whole tech marketplace. Maybe it’s even better if I’m more likely to see ads for razors than tampons.

            So much is advancing with smart phones, but some things like storage space are still dragging behind, all while apps are becoming larger are more sophisticated. Soon there will be more content for QHD, and that’s also going to take up more space. It’s great if cloud solutions work for you in your situation. For me, it’s only a sometimes-available backup, not to be fully relied on, and using it drains limited resources like allotted data and battery life. As much as I love stock android, you don’t need a Nexus to get it or very close, even out of the box. There are still skins, but many are lighter these days (e.g. Moto, Sony’s – and I don’t even mind Sense that much, though I did have to eventually switch in Nova Prime Launcher, which I even put on Nexus devices). Therefore, I think it’s less likely now that I would get a Nexus device than in the past, even now that they are higher end hardware. I guess I’m a bit spoiled now and would like to be able to use sd slots going forward.

        • Eric Rodenhaus

          I don’t understand why so many people get their panties in a bunch over not having microSD…

          • Netwern

            Mainly those Shamesung fags or HTC fags. They just want to carry all their 120 GB porn + nude pictures anywhere they go.

          • John Garlits

            Not hateful at all, no! LOL

          • Netwern

            Are you one of them? Right to the knee LOL.

          • John Garlits

            One of who?

          • John Garlits

            Try it, and you won’t go back. (j/k) I only recently had a phone with a slot, and it’s really nice. I think maybe the best thing is that you don’t have to worry about space on your onboard storage and can offload a lot of things to keep your device running smoother. It’s a great option since onboard space is really not keeping up or is made prohibitively expensive.

        • Sounds like someone is upset they didn’t get no expansion options on their future “whale in my pocket”.
          Jokes aside, microSD card is one of the best features a phone can have, specially if your phone has less than 64gbs. IMO, if a phone does not have a microSD is because they’re making some money on the side to push the cloud storage or to make customers spend more on the larger size variation.

        • Seth Forbus

          WTF? We should be hating on the iPhone, not eachothers Android devices. I chose the Note 4 over the Nexus 6 even though I like stock android better because I wanted the S-Pen. That is why Android is AWESOME. Its because we have choice. Its because our phones aren’t the same. Not because they all look the same. Thats what we hate about Apple.

          • Arturo Carter

            Exactly. I’m no fan of Samsung but variety is key. Androids different flavors is the reason it dominates the market. I don’t like SDcards, I prefer cloud storage. But many people prefer SDcard over cloud. I’m glad there is a choice to satisfy everyone.

          • SContrerasMer

            And i Prefer MicroSD Cards because i listen to a lot of music and i always have a low budget, so i can’t afford high storage options or a big data plan , is all about choices, yeah

          • Niks

            “Androids different flavors is the reason it dominates the market.” No, Androids cheap price mark for low end phones is why it dominates. There is a reason that 69,8% of all Android phones are not even on the SECOND LATEST OS, Kitkat. And that is the reason for developers choosing the iPhone first every single time. And no, im not an ifanboy or what you are about to call me. Im a guy who’s about to buy the Note 4, but at least im serious instead of just hating and being blind.

          • Arturo Carter

            Cheap price point? Man I’ve heard that “cheap” argument so many times. If that was true than why is it that I can be anywhere an see some woman with an EBT card (food stamps) in one hand and an iPhone or Note in the other hand. IPhones are subsidized just like the rest of the phones. So, someone can walk into ATT, and get the iPhone for a cheap subsidized price. I see it all the time. But, the majority of people grab androids, price has nothing to do with it. I make 6 figures and have never brought an iPhone. I’ve always like the freedom of android, as opposed to the communism of iOS.

          • Niks

            Price has everything to do with it, as long as it ain’t the high end LG G3, Nexus 6, Note 4, HTC M8 and those. Just to take an example, my grandparents both own a very cheap Samsung that runs Android. They do not even know what Android is. They would never buy the iPhone because of it’s price. And that’s fine. But it is an important argument. That is probably also the reason for iOS still being the “winner” when it comes to which product is used most on the internet. That is the normal measurement for showing that your phone is still massively popular. You can talk all you want about “no price is not an argument” when it for sure is. Just as I gave you an example here, the same goes for cheap tablets and phones to small kids. And yes, I know kids do have iPhones, but those who dont aint running around with the M8 or Note 4/S5 cause they then just get a cheap phone. Therefore, I believe my argument is good, and I don’t see why you would say it aint an argument. Those who buy the high end android phones, for those, price is usually not a concern, true. Im a Note 4 guy myself. So im not biased in any way.

          • Arturo Carter

            Because I see iPhone selling for $199 with a two year contract all the time. No more expensive than a high end android. Like I said. I know females on welfare with iPhones. Plenty of low income people have iPhones. I see people working in McDonald’s with iPhones. I have family members that make minimum wage, that have iPhones. So no, I don’t see the whole price theory. But hey, it’s not a big deal.

          • Ridge

            Well said.

          • Zack Simpson

            Could not have said it better, my friend. “Together. Not the same.”

          • John Garlits


          • Laurensius Lukito

            everyone has their own opinion wheter its samsung or iphone respect it please

          • Niks

            “WTF? We should be hating on the iPhone” This – right here – is why you idiot fanboys should close your mouth. Because you do not like the choice that Apple gives you, hate on them. You only, normally, choose one phone, and you can choose between the package Samsung, LG, Sony, Google Nexus, Apple iPhone or some other phone gives you. Why the fuck hate on it. Because you have to do it to feel that you belong in the society. It is pathetic. Choose the package that gives you the most value to the money you spend on it. Be happy with it. Let others pick what they find give them the best value for the money THEY spend.

            When you hate on a company, it only sounds like you are sad about not doing everything you want, because if they did you would buy their phone. That is how you come across whining. Grow up.

        • wargamer1969

          Call names all you want I’m loving my Note 4 with 128gb micro SD card in it.

        • Ian McLerran

          While I agree on the matter of hardware buttons, and personally I prefer not to hassle with an SD card and their limitations, I must point out that one of the things that makes Android so great is that manufacturers can build their devices as they choose. This means more options for the end user, and greater innovation!

        • Seriously, can you NOT make those of us who prefer stock Android look like complete jerks to everyone? I prefer to be able to express my preferences without having every fan of Samsung or other companies who skin their OS assume I’m about to go into a profanity-laden, elitist tirade. I couldn’t figure out why they always seemed so defensive until I started running into comments from people like you.

          Come on. Let’s be together. Not the same.

        • RyanBeesley

          I’m the most Nexus of anyone I know, but your response is inappropriate. Expandable memory creates an awkward user experience and it’s own set of problems, but for some users it is right.

          The best part of Android is that users have a choice. While I’m very satisfied with onboard memory and streaming music from the cloud, I acknowledge that my preferred use of a device may not work as well for someone else.

          Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but you should never be so callous if someone has a different opinion from you.

        • Grady Philpott

          Who made you king of Android. You sound like your off your meds.

          • thelastguyX20

            Probably because he is. Just report and ban him out of existence.

        • npco534

          Ahhh, how good it must make you feel to consider yourself among some group of like minded “we”. How pathetic people’s tendency towards a pack mentality.

          As for why Google is against SD cards, it’s most certainly not what you think. All their security concerns could be solved by mandating the formatting of an SD card in ext3 or ext4 format instead of FAT. They already provide universal access to ext3/4 formatted internal volumes through MTP, so there’s nothing preventing them from doing the same to an ext3/4 formatted SD card. On a previous phone with an SD card (before I bought a Nexus), I kept the SD card in ext3 format to maintain permissions data of certain files.

          The real reason they’re against SD cards is to limit the amount of data that can be stored on your phone, and hence force you into various cloud storage options… which oh, what do you know, they just happen to have one of their own. But being such a blind fanboy, you remain utterly unaware of how YOUR use of the products YOU purchase with YOUR hard earned money is being manipulated to serve the interests of a corporation. Like I said… pathetic.

          • Netwern

            Your statement is just pure BS without base. Yeah right real reason? That’s just what you’re assuming and who cares if your data stores in the cloud, if you’re afraid to leak your nude photos then please, stop taking nude photos. Android engineer Dan Morrill already explained the reason why they are killing microSD, yet you still blatantly denying his statement, how pathetic you are.

          • npco534

            Yes, I am denying his statement, because none of his arguments reflect issues that removing the SD card actually solves.

            Unifying internal and external storage and removing SD cards does not solve the issue of running out of space, at best, it simply delays it slightly, at worst, it brings it about even sooner. Fill up the internal storage on your Nexus with some media and app data, and you’re in the exact same position of having to delete something to make room. Yes, before, we could end up in a situation where internal app storage was full while many gigs of free space existed on the SD card. But how has this truly been solved? You can STILL use up internal storage, and now it’s even easier to do so because you’re forced to share that with general media files that used to go on the SD card. And at one point, Android itself supported moving app data to the SD card specifically to get around this issue.

            His ease of use argument doesn’t hold water either, because it’s inherently worse to physically run out of room with no option than to start deleting stuff than it is to face some minimal file management.

            One of his last comments was particularly laughable: “devices will generally either have an SD card, or a large internal storage, but not both”. He left out the one scenario that has come to pass – devices with NEITHER SD cards NOR large internal storage.

            Security and FAT licensing issues, which are also often cited, are non-issues for the reasons I outlined in my previous post – format the SD card as ext3/4, don’t include FAT support in the OS at all and you have your security and don’t have to pay MS licensing fees for FAT.

            Are you simply incapable of critical thought, or are you, as you appear to be, so blindly zealous that you not just lap up whatever your fed, but go on the attack on the behalf of a corporation who, truth be told, cares not one iota beside what money it can make off of you?

            Oh, and I love how you edited your first post to remove your cultish, adolescent comments. Perhaps some day you’ll understand your ignorance.

          • Netwern

            You’re the ignorant douche that thinks himself better than Android engineer’s explanation, gtfo from Android then.

      • Israel Lai

        Tell me, how well are you doing with SD cards?

        • Stone Phalanges

          Great. You put stuff on it and you can access it without internet access.

      • Miguel Ortiz

        I like my 5.5 inch, what’s wrong with it?

        • Stone Phalanges

          It’s too big for me. It doesn’t make it impossible to use by any means but it has less utility for me. Also, past 4.5 inches the extra size doesn’t add anything for me. I’d still prefer at least a 7 inch for reading or comics, or even to watch a movie at home.

          To each his own, I know lots of people love the size, but not me, and I’ve had the phone over a month. I love the LG G3 in every other respect but the size is a minus for me.

          • Miguel Ortiz

            I love the 5.5inch since I get a nice big screen for videos and games. And since I’ve gotten used to it, it doesn’t feel too big. And isn’t the G3 in a form factor that’s similar to a 5inch phone?

          • Stone Phalanges

            It’s somewhat similar, but I have trouble with 5 inch phones as well. The size doesn’t make it unusable just less comfortable.

        • yolo

          Mine is 12 inch ghehe

    • starscream1180


    • KpomKwem

      Take that, TouchWiz!

    • Couldn’t agree more. Which is unfortunately rather limiting. I have the Nexus, or now the much larger Nexus, or the Moto X and G. So I miss out on a lot of the cooler, bigger-deal phones thanks to their reliance on skinned interfaces I just can’t stand anymore.

    • smokebomb

      I went from a Nexus 4 to a note 3. Couldn’t stand the bad battery life and lack of memory expansion.

    • msal

      wow so many upvotes

      my life is complete!

  • BatDroid

    I want the launcher, it just looks awesome… couldn’t they just release it in the playstore.

    • Abbas Mustafa Bhaiji

      It might get updated on Nov 3

  • Planterz

    Try it! It’s only $650-700.

    • MasterMuffin

      Can’t you return it and get your money back?(?)

      • Of course, you may have to drop a $50-$100 re-stocking fee if you return it within 14 days.

        • Jimmy

          Returns & exchanges

          Google wants you to love the devices and accessories that you buy
          from the Google Play store. If you aren’t happy with something you
          bought, you can return an item within 15 calendar days after the day you
          received it. We’ll send a full refund (minus your original shipping
          & handling charges) to your Google Wallet account within 14 business
          days after Google receives the device.

          Google Play doesn’t do exchanges. You can return your purchase and use your refund to buy something else though.

    • starscream1180

      if you upgrade thru a carrier itll probably be just 199.00

      • John Garlits

        Yeah, if you sign your freedom away for a couple years.

        • Vato_loco1

          I foresee my need for a cellphone for another 2 years, whats the big deal of a contract? Besides if i decide to cancel my contract i end up paying a little extra which still is cheaper than buying a phone out right.

          • John Garlits

            That’s fine if it works for you. Was a nightmare for me at one point. Thanks to T-mobile, I don’t have to go back.

        • starscream1180

          well i need a cellphone and i dont plan on leaving a great carrier + service.

        • Gray05

          I’m not a big fan of contracts, but most people not only sign contracts but do stupid things like AT&T Next.

          Personally, I’m grandfathered unlimited data. I don’t get a discount for not subsidizing. So if I don’t upgrade and use the subsidization, I’m leaving money on the table. So, once Anandtech puts out a review, I’ll must likely buy on contract.

    • + taxes and fees…

  • BatDroid

    I want the launcher, it just looks awesome… shouldn’t they just release it in the playstore.

  • Abbas Mustafa Bhaiji

    I’ll try it for $350

  • Ebbin Jones

    everybody’s crying about the price of the phone not considering it’s the cheapest phone in its class. What other phones are going to be $650 with a qHD display and 3 gigabytes of RAM Snapdragon 805 with Adreno 420?

    • MasterMuffin

      *QHD, qHD is 960×540 :D

      • Ebbin Jones

        Good ole speach to text. Lol

        • KentuckyHouse

          Is “Damn you speech to text” the new “Damn you autocorrect”? LOL

        • vodka4boris

          riiiiiiiiiiiiight, speech to text did that..

          • Ebbin Jones

            I try to never ever type

    • Derek923

      Droid Turbo by Motorola is expected to sell at $599. It has all those specs.

      • Zzzyzzx

        A Verizon exclusive.

        • Derek923

          Yeah, with Unlocked version as well

        • med-phile

          Black Nylon version is going to sell International Unlocked. Wait a week for the official announcement.

          • Jimmy

            THAT capacitive button though. Moaning for Nokia?!

      • Ebbin Jones

        I don’t consider them in the same class though. I ment phablet sized devices…5.2 is LG G2 size lol

    • med-phile

      Going to be? Note 4 and Motorola turbo, just before the Christmas.

      • Ebbin Jones

        Note 4 $650 not seeing it for a long time. And the turbo and nexus 6 aren’t in the same class in my opinion.

    • dimnex

      Except some of us couldn’t care less about those specs. The spec wars for some are OVER. If it’s fluid I don’t care if it runs on mice on a mill. Plus it’s a behemoth. In reality they only had to upgrade the Nexus 5 in the areas it sucked or could use some help. Battery, speaker and the camera. Not against a premium Nexus but don’t let it be your only new offer (and a phablet to top it off)

  • Mark

    If Google believes that everyone should try a phablet then they should give everyone a free trail at their expense. Otherwise don’t tell me what i need just give me what I want!

    • ed

      What do you want?

  • Pancake_Lizard

    I have the S5 LTE-A SM-G906S with snapdragon 805, 2k display and adreno 420 same specs on the nexus 6 except the Android lollipop OS. I have most of the stuff like dial pad, keyboard, play store just not the official OS! hope samsung roll it out in December.

  • Bull Winkle

    Makes good points. I think Google should reign in it’s OS. Any ol’ body can put Android in their phones. There’s no quality control. So heavy overlays give Android a reputation for being laggy. Overly-tricked out Samsung units give Android a rep for being too confusing. Fragmentation… late updates… no updates – all a result of too many random phones w/ Android in it. It affects Android’s reputation. If Google wants to run a marathon, not a sprint, it should only produce a 3 Nexus phones – phablet, smartphone and budget phone. As it stands, there’s always so “new release” for an Android. Nobody cares or listens because there’s one every week. If Nexus was the only game in town, all the the anticipation for the Notes, S5s, G3s, Ones & Z3s would be focused on one device. Apps would run universally smoother. Android would be less of a science project. There would be more continuity.

    • ed

      Have you ever heard of open source? This is what android is. They literally can’t stop other companies from using android as an operating system. They can stop them from having access to Google services, but companies will still use android because it is easily modifiable. And that would very much be against Google’s interests. They want Google services on as many devices as possible. This is the problem they are running into in China. Companies are using android without Google services. So Google is essentially competing against itself.

      • Bull Winkle

        It doesn’t have to be open source. Then Google can control who gets to use it and employ quality control. Google makes tons of money with Sam and HTC, etc using Android, but they’re running a sprint. Quality and reputation will last.

        • Gray05

          Android has a great reputation with a lot of people. And it is lasting. And improving/expanding.

          • Bull Winkle

            Yeah… Lag. Bloatware. Fragmentation that makes designing apps that consistently work across platforms a challenge. Fragmentation that calls for constant updates just to work on a billion overlays. No consistency or quality control because anyone can us the platform in any piece of trash device. Samsung will release 10 versions of its flagship, thereby dropping the value of the first nine. This is why iPhones are more valuable. Folks anticipate an iPhone release because they are once a year. When you have just one company releasing flagships every month, no one *outside of the tech world* cares. These affect Android’s reputation. I prefer Androids because I can just do a lot more with them & they are customizable. However, to many folks over 30, they are still a bit of a science project.

          • Gray05

            Bloatwear, blame the carriers.

            App development is more challenging on Android than iOS. No doubt. However, if you want to reach any market outside of the US, you’ll need Android.

            No consistency and control across all Android devices doesn’t mean there are no quality devices running it. There’s plenty of crap, but there are plenty of good options.

            Samsung releases so many variations for a reason. Somebody is buying at least enough of them to warrant their trial and error approach. I think it’s silly. I was done with Samsung after my trusty Galaxy S2 died. Plenty of people take issue with Samsung’s customizations, feature/software overload, and shotgun blast approach to devices. We all know about it. It really doesn’t need to be covered over and over and over again.

            “iPhones are more valuable” Proof? How are you measuring that? Against what android devices?

            I see a lot of talk about android reputation, security problems, fragmentation, etc etc etc. However, it’s all in news articles. And on tech sites. I’ve never met an Apple/iOS user that cited any of it for why they prefer iPhone. Usually, it’s the fact that iOS allows very little “customization”. It works the way it works. You have no control over it. It just works. Apple is deciding a lot for them. And they like it. They don’t want to bothered with those controls and choices. It’s never about security concerns. Or fragmentation. Or even an indirect result of those supposed issues.

            The funniest thing about all that, the two are converging. They’ve both had to move towards the middle. They are both adopting the other’s traits and features. For a casual user, if they had two weeks to use an iPhone 6 and Nexus 5 each… They’d probably like both. I bet you could even replace the Nexus 5 with any current flagship android phone. Android isn’t very complicated. Enthusiasts like me use android for the POSSIBILITIES of control over the device. But everything I do isn’t available, relevant, or on the radar for the average person.

            The Android vs IPhone war is waged not by the average consumer. It’s waged by the tech press, marketing departments, and enthusiast users. The average person would be more than happy to use either.

    • Gray05

      If they stopped the AOSP, say goodbye to custom ROMs.

      They are reeling it in to an extent. Breaking out parts of the OS to apps is a big move.

      And I’ve seen more stock android (Motorola) lately than ever before.

  • asdasd

    Google biggest mistake as always is media coverage, and low supply (i guess)

    No launch event, no previews, no reviews, no (price info for eu) no exact launch dates, no NDA lift dates, NOTHING! its one huge mess on top of the not so popular price (which i don’t mind at all) its premium phone.

    • bulletmark

      Nexus 5 and 4 were premium phones at launch but half the price.

  • Jay

    There is still no UK release date/price!

  • jay555

    Message to Google: Drop the price and people might try it.

    • KentuckyHouse

      They don’t need to drop the price for me to try it. In fact, I’m glad the price is in line with other flagships (actually cheaper when you compare other phones with similar specs). Hopefully this means the supply will keep up with the demand and we won’t see the same 2 month back orders that we saw with the Nexus 4 and 5 because less people will be ordering.

      • bulletmark

        Your history is wrong. The nexus 4 had massive supply problems but the nexus 5 did not. There were no issues at N5 launch and later on there was only an occasional 1 week delay on some model options in the play store.

  • CzF

    For someone who was seriously considering the Z ultra GPE for next phone, the nexus 6 size is great. Even a bit small.
    I have a HTC m8 for 6 months now and I can’t stand that small screen (I know, it’s kinda crazy but, whatever, it’s just the way I fell).
    I am going to the US in December, will try to get a nexus 6

  • I’m sure I would like the Nexus 6 if I tried it. I like phablets much better than 5 inch or smaller phones. I also don’t think it is too expensive relative to its specs and what other new high end phones cost. However, I think all late 2014 high end, expensive phones are pushing their luck at a time when less expensive Chinese phones are so much on the rise. High prices won’t be sustainable in 2015 and expensive phones could go the way of the Amazon fire phone. Will I buy the Nexus 6? Not likely given that I recently got an LG G3 which is hard to beat and not as expensive.

  • Ed

    One more day for pre-orders lads and gals!

  • fatlantis

    Sure. Send me one for a week.

  • Mohammed

    I tried the vanilla android in custom rom in my shamesong galaxy s4 and i will turn to nexus 6

  • John Garlits

    They say that, but Google should really do a better job of getting demo Nexi out for people to try. I see they have sections at Best Buy, for example, but they’re all about pushing Chromebooks and not much else.

    • Gray05

      Best Buy briefly stocked the Nexus 5. Other than that, you couldn’t see one in person.

      This time should be different. Nexus 6 will most likely be in stores like Best Buy and all the carriers. You’ll have a chance to check it out in person.

  • ainek

    Sorry I have enough troubles pocketing a s5, I don’t even want to think about a 6 inch screen….even 5.7 seems to be too much for me on the note. The 5.5 g3 is as high as I’m willing to go

    • Gray05

      You ever try your back pocket?

  • felicitations

    I have been wondering how smartphone makers decide on the default homescreens and it seems to be a significant part of their marketing strategies. For example I notice many phones sold in India have bold, varied colors which is reminiscent of Holi and colorful sarees, etc.

    But, the Nexus 6 caught my attention. So here we see an image that breaks with tradition. BUT, I can’t help but wonder about this one….so Google and Motorola’s marketers must know how best to sell devices, but for every marketer there is still that question lurking around, “we know that sex sells, but how can we profit yet not abuse that?”

    In the past decades, firms have experimented with subliminal messages and I think the Nexus 6 might be doing just that. See the two folders on the upper left of the Nexus 6 homescreen? Since the folders are circles, I find it interesting that the background image is placed in such a way that these two circles are directly where the woman’s breasts are. From a blurry distance, this could subliminally seem to accentuate the protrusions.

    The image itself seems very benign, but with the help of the placement of those folders, it might tap into someones subconscious.

    An experiment at Google to see if sex really sells?

  • Ace

    Its crazy how people like all these other phablets out here but think the nexus 6 is just to big, I know a lot of people who have the galaxy mega 6.3 and the xperia z ultra, nexus 6 is not the first 5.9 inch phone, I mean HTC even have a phablet phone. I remember when 5 inches was to big for people but got use to it to were 5 inch phones is no longer phablets. People these days got everything to complain about. The nexus 6 is the same size as the iPhone 6 plus but the nexus 6 screen is bigger with a 5.9 inch while the iPhone 6 plus have a 5.5 inch screen, but the over all size of both phones and the hand is the same. So its not really to big when you think about.

    • Gray05

      The people that even know what a Nexus is are a subset. This is the first time that Nexus customers have had to face the phablet issue.

      The gnashing of teeth will pass, just like it did for the general public.

  • Dawid Poleszczuk

    send it to me then so i can try it.

  • Viswanathan P


  • speyside

    No so card, no removable battery, double the price. Wtf google. We love you because you give us flexibility and options to customize our devices. This is like an iphone…. awful. I’ll stick with my note 4.

    • Gray05

      But this isn’t the first Nexus phone to exclude removable battery and expandable storage. You have options that give you those, through OEMs.

  • Mark Wood

    Its funny how people like to hate on android and apple ios. But what some people need to realize is that this world loves competition. Some people love apple because of how simple the phones are and they’res really not alot to the phones while you have these android phones that has so much capability of doing alot with the phones. Like Samsung with multitask screens on how you can watch a video and text at the same time.. Some people enjoy that while others could careless about that kind of option…. People say apple is living in 2012 with there minimal upgrades but I for one love apple phones because of the build quality and how responsive the phones are… unlike a lot of android phone like the note 3 and s5, s4 and so on all feel plasticy and not so durable compare to the iphone 4 and 5…… But long explanation short everyone loves phones period. Weather you like heavy phones, light phones, phones that feel cheap or phones that have a better camera or the simplicity of apple phones. All Im saying is that androids might be better then apple or that apple is better then android but realistically there is no phone better then the other because its all about that persons preference. Ive had a note 3 and it felt like samsung got lazy and wanted to use some cheap ass material with the iphone 5s felt more sturdy because of the material. I now have an htc one m7 and the build quality is so much better then all these plastic phones… But then again thats my preference…. So just saying.

  • Ten TenJohn

    I would buy note 4 anytime of the day because it has an expandable micro sdcard for all ur offline needs like movies, offline maps, music and off course torrent. Removable battery, I personally don’t like to carry wires and charger so instead I carry an extra battery so there is no need of power saving mode or turning of the data to save some battery. And since I take a lots of note I use the pen a lot. It’s so much easier to note down number or any important notes at any given time. These are the functions or features that I like but I am not a fan of tough wiz, so just to get that out of way I use nova launcher and a minimilistic theme like vibe or something else.
    If u want to be more extreme u can always root the phone and install a custom rom. You can get nexus 6 in note 4 and more but not note 4 in nexus 6. u can always tweak note 4 to look like nexus 6 off course in terms of theme and function.

    • Gray05

      Not trolling. Legitimate question.

      How much storage do you actually use in your phone? Do you actually ever use more than 64GB across internal and external SD?

      • Rasmus Kristensen

        Depends. If I have 128gb Ill fill about 80gb with full HD movies and tvshows alone. And add 15gb worth of music, or more. If I have 64gb I adjust downwards. Generally its not needed, but its nice to have.
        However, thats not even close to my only reason to take a Note 4 over a Nexus 6. I have far better reasons than storage.

      • Ten TenJohn

        I have thousands of pictures, video, and music. Then I’ve got movies and TV series that I update. So yes I do need a lot of space.
        I have the 32gb note 3 which I use only for apps and a 64gb SD card. I’ve already used 32gb of my SD card.
        The thing is I don’t have to worry about my phones storage getting low. I don’t have to delete my old pictures or videos at all. I can always buy a higher storage SD card.

  • es

    What’s the harm? $50 restocking fee from T-Mobile.

  • Heimrik

    Thats their marketing strategy? Their tagline? “Try it, you’ll like it”?? LOL

  • Mark

    You guys are all so mad, lol.

  • fitnesspro

    Yes, once you go pure Android, it is a love at first site but not that size. It’s like a type of girl you love but suddenly she ganed 30 more lbs. Quite quite. That is why we’ve got NEXUS5 with the new LollyPop 5. I have had mine Nexus5 for 10 months now and will keep it for a while. The lack of memory card in Nexus6 is a big disappointment and so is the behemoth size. I have the Nexus 7 tablet and am quite satisfied with its performance. I want to see the Nexus6 in my hand. Then, I will decide.

  • cxxc

    I have had a couple android phones. The HTC evo 3d and the galaxy s4. I have always rooted them and tried out different ROMs. AOSP and tweaked stock ROMs so I know a bit and people are right. Android is all about choice and even if they want apple now because of a bigger screen its all about choice. All phones essentially do the same thing and if you want all the bells and whistles like faster CPU and WiFi to stream media or fingerprint scanner or just a normal phone to make calls and check email then I’m glad we all have that choice and technology is evolving to make things easier.

    • Scott Lowe

      Well said, sir.

  • awareunlikeu


  • Are you going to give us an easy way to try it, Google? Because if you set up some sort of trial system, like Motorola did for the X, that would be awesome, and I’d definitely be willing. I do think it’s possible I could get to like it, but there’s no way to know that without actively using it. Assuming I can even find a store with a demo unit, the giant security device will prevent me from actually knowing. And ten minutes with it in the store won’t tell me what it’s like in my pocket, in my car dock, on my nightstand, in the jeans my girlfriend prefers me in, in a pair of shorts while exercising, etc. Help us try it.

  • Adam

    Only thing is have had a Galaxy Note series phone before was really not impressed after just a few weeks with using the stylus/split screen. Thought with going back to using a phone like the Nexus 5 would be hard. Actually kind of like this better not as heavy in your pocket, much nicer to just grab and use for what you need and the screen is not that much of real hindrance actually. Just think with Nexus 6 Google abandoned what the Nexus is about aside from stock Android it might be good but jumping a full inch at first right reports were a lie. Like the Galaxy 3 going full inch bigger with S4. Anyways also the price is problematic also jumping $250 is not a lot but what would be the difference if most people are going to need go back on contract just to buy it opposed to the other Nexus phones which were a lot more reasonably priced. But on the one gold side this means that my Nexus 5 will probably recieve one or two more upgrades after Android 5.0 Lollipop since sure that people are still going to be choosing it if they want a Nexus just not a Phablet. Could actually just have understood if they went 5.3 inches around there but all the way to full 6 almost is pushing it. Kind of told myself if there was ever a Playstore edition of the Note 4 would consider buying that. Looks like if I’m getting a new phone might be the new Motorola not a big fan of Motoblur but being able to design a phone might be the next big thing they truly could be one of a kind then finally.

  • med-phile

    “…and even the most adamant detractors would finally released a Plus-sized product just last month.” Good, Finally you [Google] admit Nexus is now a Flagship device competing against other flagships. That wasn’t hard, was it?

  • Scott Lowe

    I still kinda like my old 16GB Nexus 4, and my 2012/2013 Nexus 10. I just can’t see the wisdom in ponying up $650+ dollars for any phone. I really like Android and iOS (I was given an iPad as a gift), but my options phone-wise for the future will be with Android simply because there are multiple phones out there in the $350-400 range that are way more than adequate. I’m holding out hope for a continued Nexus 5 line that updates every year.

    • Gray05

      I really hope to see the same.

      Two different sized nexus devices every year would be great.

  • msal

    I love sd cards, but seriously stock android is that addicting. The experience is totally different (better!) than what you get on TouchWiz. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t completely hate Samsung. There were two things I used to dislike about their phones:

    – build quality
    – TouchWiz

    They seemed to have addressed the first issue with the Note 4. However, TouchWiz STILL sucks. Seriously, I don’t know how people keep using it. Yeah, it has a couple of nice features.. but I think those are overshadowed by the fact that Stock Android is faster and gets updates much quicker.

    I remember getting ICS on my SGSII several months after the Galaxy Nexus was out. I assume it’s only going to get worse as Android evolves and Samsung will be lagging behind with updates.

    I couldn’t agree more with Google. Try the Nexus, you WILL love it.

    • Gray05

      It’s actually getting better. Since Google is released the dev preview and OEMs ate realizing we want updates, it seems to be getting faster.

      Most are promising 5.0 by the end of the year.

    • Rasmus Kristensen

      you mean quality feel, not build quality, I assume?

  • Ebbin Jones

    Heads up!…the only real place to get it from is the Google Play Store if you want it to work on ALL carriers.

    • Gray05

      That isn’t true. There is one SKU for the US. Hardware is the same across carriers.

      • Ebbin Jones

        I’m talking about IMEI numbers. Verizon will have Google play imei# but not att imei# so you got to be careful where you buy one from.

        • Gray05

          That only concerns the “unlocked” cellular function. Which can be unlocked by the carrier if you own the phone.

          • Ebbin Jones

            Ok well the avg user isn’t going to manually unlock it so they need to know that they can’t get an art n6 and run to sprint

          • Gray05

            Well that may be valid…

            But the comments section of an android fan site concerning a relatively niche phone isn’t going to inform the average user.

            And I guarantee that the carrier that a hypothetical customer is trying to switch to would gladly inform them about how to leave AT&T. Lol

    • Juline An

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      try this out

  • Jakub Kuchnio

    why shall I spent 500 quid to try if I like it or not?
    so far I don’t like it so wont spend any single penny. If David is willing to spare me one then, yes, I could put it on test.

  • decisivemoment

    I like everything about the Nexus 6. Except, IT’S THE SIZE OF A FREAKIN’ CHECKBOOK WALLET!!! 5.2 inches please. And not 1/32nd more.

    There are people who will love the Nexus 6. Brett Favre. Jesse Jackson. Shaquille O’Neal. People with big, big hands. My little mitts can barely deal with something this size two handed.

    The biggest deal in the Nexus 6 is the total network interoperability, the first US mobile device in the digital era of any operating system to work on every single network, codec, band and frequency. I’m OK with leaving it to Motorola, Samsung, LG etc., as to whether to have things like SD cards or not (I prefer having them but don’t believe it’s essential), but please, stand up to the carriers and make this network interoperability a reference design.

  • jdoe

    So the point is that if google decides to put phone capabilities on a nexus 10 and I try it I will love it and never come back? I don’t think so. What I think is that they will (or they should) keep some how the 5 and 6 inches models in the market and perhaps as the budget and fancy models to keep the larger segments happy. If they stop producing 5in options which is the larger I’ll ever going to have, I will just move to specific brand. Which is sad because I love nexus in the original concept

  • Laurensius Lukito

    i’d stil. go for OPO thank you

  • Ron Harris

    I am still hoping one of these journalist will report this phone was designed and priced solely to suck up to the carrier’s, like Verizon. Or explain to me who other than the carriers benefit from a high priced Nexus? This price will force some Nexus lovers to finance with them and sign crazy contracts to get this phone. Conspiracy? Maybe. But, I bet its happening.

  • I love big screen phones, I havea ulefone u 7, it’s a 7″ full hd phablet and its beautiful. I understand it might not be for everyone, as I use it more like a laptop alternative rather than just for calling. Myother android device is the Xiaomi MiTab and this too is just as amazing and even faster.

  • thelastguyX20

    Disclaimer: I have not read the whole article but the quote of the guy saying “If you gave them a phablet for a week, 50 percent of consumers would say they like it and not go back.”

    That’s a lot of balls to believe that does not exist people who don’t like big phones. Ever heard of small hands?

    • Rasmus Kristensen

      Do you not understand how percentages work?

  • developer

    Sorry, but this is bull, i was waiting for nexus6 for 6months and im totaly disapointed … too expencive, too big, my hands aren’t so small but still need to use it with two hands. ihad nexus 4 5, but 6 no chance.