Google admits to not keeping up with Nexus 6 stock

by: Jimmy WestenbergJanuary 29, 2015

nexus 6 first impressions (6 of 21)

If you’re an owner of Google’s Nexus 6, consider yourself lucky. The handset has been extremely hard to purchase from the Play Store,, and even from Sprint, T-Mobile and AT&T. Not to mention, Verizon hasn’t even launched the handset yet. But during Google’s Q4 earnings call that took place this afternoon, CFO Patrick Pichette elaborated on the Nexus 6’s supply constraints.

Pichette explains:

While the Nexus 7 was very well received as a new phone, we had real issues and were unable to secure sufficient inventory to meet the demand that we had forecasted.

Note: Pichette said ‘Nexus 7’ on the call, but clarified that he meant to say ‘Nexus 6’ later in the talk.

So, there you have it. Google has admitted they should have been keeping up with Nexus 6 demands. It’s tough to tell whether this problem is caused by a certain portion of the hardware or whether it stemmed from multiple components. Either way, we’re sure Google offering carriers the ability to sell the handset doesn’t help the situation at all. Hopefully Google has learned their lesson and won’t run into this problem the next time around.

  • John Doe

    One month later and Motorola (Mx) cant send muy Nexus

    • Gilles LeBlanc

      It seems there are allot of haters, even reviewers are saying its to big as they use it themselves. How is it your not getting honey dicked into buying a Note 4? The white wash would have effected my decision at this point had I not gotten my nexus 6 early. I wonder is your opinion swaying at this point?

      • John Doe

        Even if I want, I cant. Motorola doesn’t allow me to cancel The order

        • Gilles LeBlanc

          No way??!! I would probably just get the note 4 that’s BS. I mean by the time they get their shipping sorted well aready be 1/2 way to the next nexus. As great as N6 is that oculus stuff with note 4 is damn sexy. Oculus porn anyone? Gigidi

      • thomas sim

        Many reviewers had later change their perception. Still big but not too big.

        • Gilles LeBlanc

          Really? Closest I noticed was a self glorifying reviewer saying he’s all special and that’s why its a good phone for him lol. I supose in fairness some people dont have my sasquatch hands. I can totally empathize with people saying its to big. But is that as relevant now that we are nearing tablet to phone convergence ?

  • paxmos

    They had issues with Nexus 6 too!! ( Nexus 7?… :————–))

  • Grahaman27

    I swear partner OEMS only allow google to sell a certain amount at a given time.

  • Aca

    hilarious… Google never had an interest in keeping the stock of Nexus 6… more or less it looks like that Google did a favor to just-sold Motorola out of pity and said “oooook, ok, ok – you can make another nexus phone” … so Motorola design team jumped on it – and changed the design image size in Photoshop from Moto X blueprints – to new-born Nexus 6…

  • Breambeem Beem

    will probably wait for htc now. it will take forever for nexus 6 to be officially available to buy in my country. i guess i could stand using sense.

  • Rafael Muniz

    Got my nexus 6 tuesday and i love it.I’m with tmobile and it was hard to find a store that had it in stock.

  • neoand12

    This isn’t shocking. Google fails to meet demand again. It will be like this for the next nexus phone as well. I still don’t understand how a phone sells out within a matter of seconds. I was there at ground zero to pre-order.

  • Rzr

    Due to all the delays the N6 had…I decided to go with the IPhone plus. Still miss android UI but the battery, camera and solid hardware…I’m ok with it until my 2 yrs are up.

  • crutchcorn

    Why guys… Just… Common

  • Sam

    So why did T-mobile decided to give 50 USD discount a few days back?

  • Jose Romero

    Isn’t this the third time that Google has screwed up demand? First Nexus 4, then 5, then 6, each time getting worse.

  • Arron Hall

    Even I am trying
    to grab one device for me but always failed to order from Play Store even on
    Wednesday. I don’t think Google has any plan to keep it in the stock and just
    concentrating to sell the device through carriers. However, while searching for
    Nexus 6, I find a deal about 6 Port USB chargers on Amazon with additional 8%
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  • MattEgansHairLine

    Faked demand, why else restrain production. I think someone is desparte to appear popular.

  • Darxide Garrison

    I was lucky enough to get mine when I did. Largely due to the fact that I have a friend that works at a Sprint store

  • Heiko Quant

    The phone is boring crap anyways. I had it and i didn’t “consider myself lucky”. In fact demand was bad too, since I wasn’t able to sell on a one day old N6 at a 100 $ discount. Consider yourself lucky if you can’t get this dark screen fingerprint magnet back peeling excuse for a flagship phone. Get something interesting for a lot less money instead…

    • This Guy

      News just in, random guy says Nexus 6 is crap after one day of using it. Considers it boring, have you never used stock android before. Go suck an apples stem

      • Heiko Quant

        I have been using the Nexus 7 LTE tablet since the day it came out. It is currently on a Lollipop ROM, since it took Google until yesterday to finally come up with the Lollipop factory image. I have been using the HTC M7, the M8, the Lumia Icon, the OnePlus One, the iPhone 6 Plus, the Note 4 and the Mate 7 in 2014. The N6 is easily the most boring of them all. If I get bored with the phone after just one day, that is saying something… But hey, have fun with the N6. Enjoy the baby oil appearance of the back cover after like 10 minutes of use. After a while you max be awarded with an additional peeling effect. Enjoy the killer feature of notifications after picking up the phone. Root the device and use a power sucking app just to get the notification LED to work. Type in your pin (if you use corporate Exchange) every time you use the phone, since Motorila skipped the fingerprint sensor. Enjoy the mediocre battery life on a phone the size of a Ford 150 truck. In short enyoy the N6, for the fact that it is at least priced like a flagship phone…

        • Caleb Johns

          Bullshit you owned all of those devices.

          • Heiko Quant

            I buy them on ebay classifieds and sell them on at a little loss on the used purchase price after a short while. Not the N6 though, which I bought new. So I did own all of these devices over the course of 2014. The 3/32 GB version of the Mate 7, the Icon and the Nexus 7 are my current daily drivers, believe it or not…

  • blackballs

    Google messes up nexus whatever supplies again, big surprise.

  • Karly Johnston

    Nexus 7… Giggles doesn’t even know their own product names.

  • Rakesh Bhatia

    Not worth taking Nexus 6, Screen is way too costly, its better to opt for Xiaomi or Micromax yu

    • Caleb Johns

      Shut up.

      • Rakesh Bhatia

        I think Caleb better read about Net etiquette instead of abusing persons.

        • Caleb Johns

          Why are you referring to me as a third person, and why are you linking to a website that Chrome refers to as malware?

          • Rakesh Bhatia

            Thanks, I never knew about it

  • Paulius Krasauskas

    So is it worth taking Nexus 6 now?

  • Don G

    Was looking forward to buying the nexus 6 but unable to buy it in Australia so im over it, I will wait for the newer higher spec cheaper chinese phones to hit the market. May be next time Google too late now.

    • Caleb Johns

      I bought mine from jb hi fi with no troubles mate .

  • Darktanone

    Without solid shipping/sales figures, this claim means ABSOLUTELY nothing!

  • IronLiver

    I thought that moto is already in lenovo’s hand why is google still in the picture?

  • Sam

    fake demand. This is the most profitable nexus device and its hard to believe that they can’t step up their game. This is at a time when t-mobile is offering 48USD discount on nexus 6. Unavailability in Play store is probably not to admit failure and fake demand, hoping for potential buyers.

  • hmico

    The true is nobody is buying Nexus 6, is just piece of garbage. Good need to go back with LG for new Nexus so they can also go back to original Nexus price.

  • enamul

    Google marketing policy is bullshit. I am still waiting for nexus 9 4g tablet but it’s not there yet. They should change manufacturing company.

    • MattEgansHairLine

      That’s not a marketing issue.

  • Andrew

    I do consider myself lucky.

    And it gives me a hearty laugh when someone says (frequently):
    Idiot: “Wow is that the iPhone 6+?”
    Me”: “No, this has less bezel and more screen, its better, it’s Nexus”
    Idiot: “Wow, that is so much nice than an iPhone”
    Me: “No shit, Sherlock”

    • MattEgansHairLine

      Check your own comment, you are stating that only idiots think your phone is good.

      Wha, wha, wha, wha whaaaa.

      • Andrew

        No I’m saying idiots think every nice piece of tech must have an Apple stamp on it.

        Check the context, dickhead.

        • MattEgansHairLine

          Sorry cocksucker, didn’t understand your bearly literate statement, just saw a haemorRoid with bullshit for brains and thought this wanker needs putting straight, what a cunt.
          Now I just think ‘What a cunt’.

          • Andrew

            Ha, what a pathetic little specimen you are.

            And LOL at the irony, you sure you don’t mean *barely literate? Think you’ll find that is you then.

            Go back to school little amoeba. You’re dead to everyone here. Nobody cares, get back behind your keyboard like a good little soldier.


          • MattEgansHairLine

            That’s why your missus comes back for more, like you keep commenting, you love it