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The Glass team is still working hard on the consumer version of Google’s augmented reality headset. They stopped selling the $1,500 developer iteration earlier this year, with the plan of polishing the product and making it something we could all afford and use. But it now seems the team behind Google Glass is looking far beyond those tiny screens in front of their eyes.

According to Business Insider, “sources familiar with the matter” swear the team behind Google Glass is now known as Project Aura (not to be confused with Project Ara). It’s also apparent the group is no longer focusing only on this head-mounted gadget. This report suggests Project Aura is to expand its plans and start working on wearables, as well. The source describes Project Aura as something along the lines of “Google Glass and beyond”.

Google has partnered with eyewear brands like Oakley and Ray-Ban. Will this help popularlize smartglasses or at least drive down prices?

In addition to taking on more endeavors, Project Aura is to welcome some talented new members. What’s more interesting is that the company recruited this new employees from Amazon’s Lab126, the online retailer’s hardware division (which let go of plenty workers recently). These include software development manager Dima Svetlov, manager of technical program management Tina Chen and director of software development Amir Frenke.

Obviously, no one is commenting on the matter just yet. We will have to wait until this develops before we get to see what Project Aura is really all about. So far all we have heard about Glass is that the 2nd generation is being launched with professionals in mind, mostly targeting those in healthcare, energy and manufacturing. A second report says it will come with improved battery life (thankfully!), a stronger Intel Atom processor and a larger prism display for more comfortable viewing.

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What is to come out of this Project Aura ordeal (if it even exists)? We are not sure, but rumors say Google is still dedicated to Glass and a consumer version is to come. Now, I wonder what those side wearable projects are all about.

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  • ITprogrammer

    Google Glass should come out with devices similar to the better (i.e. plastic) Google cardboard devices, and promote them as fitness devices. Put it on and watch Netflix (or Google Play Movies) while on the treadmill (or if you can still actually be aware of your surroundings with the things on) jogging at the park. That is what you do with actual consumer products: you design the tech to meet a need or want that currently isn’t being met, or offers something that others don’t.

  • trwb

    People just don’t want to wear computers. Especially on their face.

  • Vince Lupe

    I would prefer that Google matches it to what Microsoft is doing right now with HoloLens… Pretty sweet stuff there ;)