Google Glass Vision

Google has been keeping rather quiet about Glass since the Explorer program was put to bed, but industry sources have come forward with information about the next iteration of Google Glass – the ‘Enterprise Edition’.

Several sources familiar with advanced prototypes of the product suggest that the Enterprise Edition will feature a larger prism display, a higher performance Intel Atom processor and moderately improved battery life.

The larger prism display is designed to reduce the eye strain issues that affected Explorer users after a prolonged time spent with the headset. By extending the prism width, the user simply has to look up to view the display, rather than looking up and to the right, which should reduce the effort required to view the display. No details about any changes to the display’s resolution were given, but it is apparently “better” than before.

In addition to the new prism design, Google is also said to have opted for a new low-energy Intel Atom processor to power the Enterprise Edition; gone is the Texas Instruments SoC as previously rumored. The exact SoC model has not been specified, but the clock speeds are apparently slightly above the current processors found in high-end smartwatches. As a result, heat and performance are improved in the second generation Glass.

Sadly, battery life, one of the biggest complaints about the original Google Glass edition, is only moderately improved in the new model. Again we don’t have any figures, but Enterprise Edition devices with a Google-made external battery pack have been spotted, which suggests that a separate battery is required to keep heavy users juiced up throughout the day.

We are still waiting on a timeframe for the launch of the next Google Glass model. Although previous rumors have suggested that we may hear something official soon.

Robert Triggs
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  • shanealder28

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  • Dis

    Intel, interesting.

  • John Doe

    I was under the impression that there was supposed to be a complete re-work of the device…
    Processor and a small change in the prism is not what I would call a complete re-work, tho I am happy to
    hear that they are still moving forward with changes/improvements ..

    • darkflame

      My guess is theres two parallel developments at Google.
      One is Glass, which is doing a rework but not a full redesign – they arnt going for a flashy thing but more a simple thing usefull for some industry. They dont want to take too long on this, however.

      The second track though, more long term, is there MagicLeap tech. Id guess they are aiming for a few years development there as getting it into a hmd will be much harder (let alone a portable one)