Google creating an iTunes-like Android software store?

by: Darcy LaCouveeMay 31, 2008
Photo courtesy

Photo courtesy

At the recent Google IO developer conference, Google’s Andy Rubin hinted that Google is looking to put together a way for developers to easily sell their applications to Android phone users in a way that is similar to what Apple has planned for iPhone apps on iTunes. To quote Andy Rubin:

“It would be a great benefit to the Android community to provide a place where people can go to safely and securely download content and where a billing system would allow developers to get paid for their effort,” he said. “We wouldn’t have done our job if we didn’t provide something that helps developers get distribution.”

The fact that a “Market” icon showed up on the home screen of the mystery device that Google was using to demo the latest Android UI only increases the probability that a store is in the works already.

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