Google CEO Sundar Pichai assigns Hiroshi Lockheimer as head of Android, Chrome OS and Chromecast

by: Edgar CervantesOctober 10, 2015


Google’s new business model was sure to result in plenty of changes around the company’s headquarters. While plenty of Google subsidiaries are breaking up to become their own projects (Alphabet), Google will continue thriving under the leadership of new CEO Sundar Pichai. The dust is starting to settle and it’s time to assign chores around the house, and that is exactly what Pichai has done.

The Search Giant’s Chief Executive Officer has promoted a few of vice presidents to higher roles. Neal Mohan is now Senior Vice President of Display and Video Advertising. Phillip Schindler is also taking on a new role as SVP of Global Sales and Operations.

More importantly (to us, at least) is the new position Hiroshi Lockheimer is taking on. He was just assigned to look over our favorite mobile OS, as well as a couple other projects. Surely, jotting down “SVP of Android, Chrome OS and Chromecast” on a resume is no small feat. And it just so happens to be a position Sundar Pichai is very close to, as he used to be SVP of Android, Chrome and Apps.

Nexus event google (3)

Moving forward, we are all but guaranteed to be hearing a lot from Hiroshi, a person most of you probably don’t know much about just yet. He is no small timer at Google, though. Lockheimer has been int he company since 2006, and has been acting as VP of Android until this promotion. Lockheimer is a key player in dealing with falling profits and expanding onto new platforms (automotive, wearables, IoT, etc.).

Some new faces are about to start showing up at announcements, guys! It’s pretty exciting, but more exciting is thinking about the changes this new leadership can bring. We are sure Sundar made smart choices here, so we are excited to see what comes out of this, as well as Alphabet.

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  • Mark William Diano

    There’s the noisy unpausable video ad again :(

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    • Kanoosh

      adblock :)

  • Chris

    No American? Why is that terrorist Sundar destroying google? He needs to be deported and if he refuses or comes back, and well there’s something

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  • Pamela Doe

    Get rid of material design and stop allowing our phones to be gimped for our “security safety” otherwise move along and bring someone else who will bring the android we love back.

    • Kanoosh

      “get rid of material design and bring back the android we love” – said no one ever.

      • Pamela Doe

        with the way things are going there will be no reason to get an android phone over an iphone except for the price.

        • Kanoosh

          again.- said no one, EVER

          • Pamela Doe

            i’ve read many comments in posts saying what i said, especially about hating the material design (from review websites included). you must not follow comments too much except for mine…so… said many people 4EVER&EVER.

          • King_Android

            Lol um.. yea no. Dont justify that ridiculous response. Android with or without Material is still light years ahead of iOS.

          • Pamela Doe

            i agree it is better, but it’s still fugly and boring.

      • makapav

        The lack information density is becoming a bitch. Bigger phones are showing less information than smaller phones a few years ago.

    • I agree wholeheartedly. Stop the iphonification. Give us one-click option to root in developer settings. Make unlocked bootloaders mandatory for the Google apps.

      • makapav

        Exactly – root should be inbuilt. One might have to go through twenty hoops to make sure idiots don’t activate it for shits and giggles but that’s about it.

    • fonix232

      If you can’t appreciate Material Design, go grab an iDevice. TBH the only “review site” raging about it was The iVerge. All the others were happy with it, and I’m yet to meet someone who would say that Material Design sucked.

      And yes, gimping is required. Your phone is not just a phone any more – it is your wallet too. Google is not trying to avoid people rooting, but malicious apps using the SAME.EXACT.SECURITY.HOLES. Sure, a one-click root built in would be nice, but do you realize how many users don’t even know what “rooting” is? How many would just enable it for the sake of enabling “all features of the phone”? I can tell you, a LOT. People don’t think like “geez it might harm my phone” but “geez another option I can enable, awesome!”, without caring about the consequences. Then when an exploit appears and their bank account is cleaned out by an app, they will say “Android sucks”.

      • Pamela Doe

        This is where being an adult comes in. If you are using a pay app with a rooted phone then you deserve to have your info stolen. What I’m saying is that people deserve an opt out of security features and not have it forced on them which is what android used to be about before they sold out to get government and business users. I’m not naive, even windows 10 on my pc forces security on me i can’t turn off without google help. i know nothing will change it will only get worse but leave the Nexus phone open. Nexus phones are supposed to be developer phones, now it’s just a pure google experience phone, wth?. Material design has too much white and it’s bland looking like the iphone it was inspired by… (Samsung ui on the note5 looks like it was inspired by a shag carpet from the 70s now compared to kit kat since it went material) and google took away the dark theme the only step in the right direction they made with material.

        • fonix232

          You’re wrong on many levels.

          First, the Nexus devices were not developer devices. They were an “industry standard” for manufacturers, a guideline, a representation of what Android is, sold to the users who want the best support, and thus sacrifice manufacturer customizations.

          Leaving Nexus phones open is a bad idea. While yes, their exposure to the market was limited 3-4 years ago, now it’s just a commercial item sold for profit. Many people buy it, who never want to mod it, and just use it as a phone.

          I agree that there should be an opt-out option, hidden, hard to access, in a part that is not accessible by an app running on the phone, even as elevated user. But it’s not gonna happen. Manufacturers don’t want you playing with the software.

          And no offense, but even KitKat looked like shit. Holo was okay in the three years it lasted, but times change. Today’s trend is being simple, unified, minimalistic. Holo was everything but minimalistic. But if you like the design so much, why don’t you go back using it? Or better, go buy an iPhone. That never changes any way…

          • Pamela Doe

            I used android because i wasn’t interested in the iphone game. android is very close to being the iphone now though. nexus phones were originally made for developers, there was an area for developers on the nexus phone page which has been gone for at least two years now. also this is cut and paste from the htc nexus one wiki page:

            The Nexus One ships with an unlockable bootloader[60] allowing developers to participate in the Android Open Source Project in addition to developing applications.[61] The Nexus One operating system can be unlocked and flashed with the fastboot utility which is part of the Android Open Source Project.

            i’m shocked there is so much support for company control especially in an android community, maybe i’m used to xda. people think verizon is the red devil for the lockdown they do.

          • fonix232

            The open bootloader is still there, and it is still possible to modify the Nexus devices with ease. That hasn’t changed.

            What company control are you talking about? The major integration of Google services? Like if it was any different two or even five years ago. Google is providing services, and most manufacturers go with those, because they are convenient. I don’t see any company control over the platform.

            You do not realize that there’s difference between locking the system into security (SELinux, secure boot, etc.), and locking the system into a secure environment (e.g. Windows Phone).

          • Pamela Doe

            Here is where company control comes into play. SELinux is set in place for a number of reasons, allowing the kernel to control and monitor things like root access etc. Now this is a good and bad thing, first off this move was made by Google obviously to allow some sense of security for manufacturers who are producing services such as samsung pay, allowing better security in the business field (ie filling the void that blackberry left in terms of a secure platform) and better spreading of android (which is owned by google) to larger markets. what does this equate to, money. How so? Google ad revenue, more devices in hands means more money. Hence why Apple incorporated api for iphone developers to block ad revenue from google, one of the largest data revenue resellers known to man to hurt them. What this comes down to is any platform you are on, the term “security” can be used in it’s intended purpose, invoke fear, or financial gain which is for control.

        • King_Android

          If you odnt want Google watching then dont use Google Apps. You dont have to use Google Apps just because you own an Android device. Thats the beauty of Android, you have choices.

  • I hope this will bring direct updates for Android from Google instead of having to wait forever for security fixes to be implemented.

    My next device will not be android if not fixed when I upgrade next time.

    • fonix232

      Yes, Google will definitely take on the task of updating the near 5.000 different models out in the world (and I have not accounted for the variants of these models!)

      • Actually, there are not that many chipsets for mobile.

        And even if there would become, Microsoft have been doing it for a long time for Windows PCs.
        They even do it for hardware drivers that are made by third party manufacturers.

        If Google were to provide direct updates to all devices that come with Google play and only do it for the of part Android that is what Google maintains then that would be a great improvement.

        Why should we have to wait for weeks, months or perhaps not even get security updates for our brand new phones?

        • fonix232

          You have clearly no idea how Android works.
          The whole source, AOSP, is maintained by Google. But most manufacturers take it, and add their flavouring, which means overriding a LOT of core stuff.

          For Windows, it’s easier. There’s no source to play with, and manufacturers usually just tend to add their crap apps. There’s no system level integration, no custom theming (apart from wallpapers), and so on.

          But it isn’t just that. The framework of Android heavily depends on the underlying hardware. Libraries must be compiled against specific chipsets (audio, graphics, wlan, gps, and so on), the framework itself must be built against the hardware (screen resolution, RAM, etc.), and I could go on.

          For Windows, it’s easier. They can dictate to HW manufacturers what to do. Android, nope. Every manufacturer just builds hardware then optimizes (with or without success) Android on that.

          Asking Google to update all Android devices would be like asking Linus Torvalds to come to your place and fix your Gnome 3 install.

          • makapav

            “…would be like asking Linus Torvalds to come to your place and fix your Gnome 3 install.”

            This couldn’t be the first time that statement was used.

          • Actually, alot of Linux distributions are updated and compiled at the local machine. seldom one uses a precompiled version to upgrade or install.

            There is no problem for Google to do it, it would be easy to allow security updates without allowing feature updates.

            If Google were to do it the whole way I’m certain that the device manufacturers would embrace it and make sure that their code can handle it.

            And, even if not all manufacturers would embrace it Google can require it in order to use the Google Apps and Google play.

            But, really, why should we accept having to use unsafe devices?

            Google can do it, this is a company with alot of money so much that they can do almost anything, especially what others already are doing.

          • fonix232

            Google won’t do it for a great deal of reasons, as I explained it before. And you’d be surprised how little of the Linux using community actually KNOWS how to compile a kernel. Don’t think as a developer, geek, enthusiast – think as a regular Joe from the street who can use their computer for Facebook and Netflix and that’s it.

            So, the reasons:
            1, Money
            3, Manufacturers rarely give out sources, even to Google. Hell, especially to Google, they don’t want the Big One to see their shitty coding.
            4, Proprietary blobs, NDAs
            5, The framework is device-specific. Currently there are nearly 9000 Play Store compatible models out there, that means supporting 9000 devices for free