Google found a way to bypass Adblock in YouTube

by: Edgar CervantesSeptember 7, 2015


Adblock has been a life-saver to many web advertising critics out there. This software makes publicity disappear in most websites, but the problem with a cleaner internet is that those running these pages have found themselves affected by lower revenues. Pagefair’s studies corroborate that about 144 million users take advantage of Adblock as of the end of 2014, which accounts for about 5% of the whole internet community. This would seem like a small number, but since these numbers are mostly concentrated in western markets, profits have seen a significant impact.

To put it into perspective, about 27.6 of the surveyed USA-based participants claimed to use the ad-blocking services. This likely also means that over a fourth of the possible earnings are being stripped away from online businesses, which often depend on advertising. Of course, Google and some of its services is also going to see a negative effect from such services, so they have decided to take action. A bevy of online reports tell us the Search Giant has found a way to bypass Adblock’s effects in YouTube.

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According to these reports, YouTube is now treating video ads as pre-clips, making it impossible to avoid them. The most interesting part is that it seems those with Adblock services activated will be worse off, as the option to skip the video will not be present for them. This can be a huge disadvantage considering some ads can run for multiple minutes. Those who want to skip videos will have to either white-list YouTube or disable Adblock services. And yes, it seems like these changes don’t only affect Adblock users, but also those who utilize similar software.

Obviously, there will be some workarounds the internet will find, but this is a clear move against ad-blockers from Google. What do you guys think about this whole situation? Are you an Adblock supporter? If so, what is your reasoning. Hit the comments and let us know where you stand on this. Will you be affected by these changes?

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  • xxKobalxx

    Good on ya google. Content creators make there living off of ads. If you block the ad, you block there paycheck. If you dont want to support the creator by watching the ads, then dont watch the creator. Thats my opinion, welcome to any others.

    • paxmos

      Ah, go f*** yourself

      • Duder12

        My last job was working for an eCommerce online sign making company. Almost ALL of our customers were found via Googles advertising and wouldn’t exist otherwise. This is great news for startups and businesses everywhere that rely on Google

        • YenRug

          So, let me get this straight, your job is creating advertising for advertisers and you’re seemingly surprised that most of your customers come from your adverts? You do realise that you’re preaching to the choir with your adverts, don’t you? Your average consumer has zero interest in your advert for your advertising services, in fact they’ll be annoyed that it’s being pushed in their face.

          When I used to watch TV regularly, I won’t deny that I enjoyed the fun adverts that showed up, but I would guess only about once a month did an advert make me think about buying something: the problem, though, more often than not the advert would make me think about the type of product and if I did decide to go buy something from that it would rarely be the actual one advertised.

          Here’s some advice for potential advertisers: make your advert fun and something people would be happy to watch/look at, they may not buy your product but at least they won’t think less of you for it.

          • Duder12

            Unfortunately for your rebuttal my company made more money on making home decor ( than it did off its sign division which all sales also all came from google advertising

          • YenRug

            How did my rebuttal fail? I asked questions and my assertion, based on the information you deigned to provide us with, was:

            “Your average consumer has zero interest in your advert for your
            advertising services, in fact they’ll be annoyed that it’s being pushed
            in their face.”

            My point is that irrelevant adverts are annoying and prompts people to install ad blockers.

            Your response will probably be something along the lines of, “Well, why not let Google know your ad preferences?” The problem with that kind of tracking is that it, too, quickly becomes irrelevant as I’ve usually purchased the thing I wanted, which cookie trackers then spend the next week asking me do I want to buy it across every bloody website that I visit.

            So, no, advertisers have yet to implement a reliable and interesting advert system and so I’ll keep blocking them.

          • YenRug

            Something I’ve realised, after re-reading your reply: your company didn’t advertise anywhere else, did it? That’s the reason why all of the sales come from Google Advertising, it’s your only resource, so of course you’re going to defend it. It’s known as a lie of omission.

        • mrnowise

          Who care? Be glad there is one less parasite in this world.

      • Joshua Hill

        That’s really not a necessary comment. If you disagree with the poster, be a human and do it politely.

        • paxmos

          That is why I censored the F word :)

    • Jack Mehoff


    • MWisBest

      My issue is, for example, I may find a video on YouTube that I didn’t like and stopped watching it. In that case *I DON’T WANT TO SUPPORT THEM*, but before the video starts I have no choice but to support this content that I may or may not like.
      This then causes trouble for anybody whose content I *do* like though, because it’s not like I can easily filter AdBlock by user, and I’m not going to keep flipping it on and off.
      Rather than see/watch advertisements to support a website or something, I’d rather pay them a few dollars a year directly, which would be far more than they make on me just for looking at advertisements. This is standard practice for stuff like Android apps already, why the hell can’t places like YouTube and many websites I frequent do the same god damn thing!

      • Yami

        They are paid based on how long you watch the add and if you click it they get a bonus.

        I you dont know if you will like a video then why would you have clicked it?

        • Peter

          Oh yes, sure, because that’s how it is with YouTube… it’s a curated content website where you don’t usually have to browse through videos to find one that is actually useful etc. What planet do you live on ?

      • adam fisher

        “””I may find a video on YouTube that I didn’t like and stopped watching it. In that case *I DON’T WANT TO SUPPORT THEM*, but before the video starts I have no choice but to support this content that I may or may not like.”””

        So, you’re unable to hit the back button during an add? Because if you accidentally click a video of someone you don’t really like or want to support, you do what anyone else does, and hit the back key…

        • MWisBest

          How am I going to know if I like them until I watch them a little while? You make absolutely no sense.

    • techieland

      do you need to have ads everywhere online, does it need to be an ad on every video, the reason ad blockers have become so popular is that the methods used to show ads are beyond abusive, disabling back button, popups that only can be closed by alt-F4, etc,

    • Their*, man, not “there”. Their*!

      • Justin

        there, their, they’re life’s not that bad. is it?

    • Joey Lichty

      xxKobalxx, I do not care for their fucking business. Do you understand. I do not care if they lose money. I don’t care if they continue to cry like little bitches. I have blocked advertisements of all kinds for many years and I will continue to do so. You have failed, Google, because this shit won’t stop me or anyone else who love blocking your useless fucking shit. Fuck the market, fuck people who need to advertise. I do not care. I care about what I do on the internet, I do not care about other shit.

      P.S On this very page I have their advertisements blocked. LOL FAIL!

      • adam fisher

        If you ever own a website I hope everyone blocks adds, so that you have to shut your website down, because guess what, the computer you’re using runs on electricity. Which isn’t free. Programmers aren’t free. How do you want them to get money?? Shit ain’t free nigga, period, you tell me a better option

        • XyleXN

          There are more ways to monetise, look at WIKIPEDIA, YOU KNOW?
          Tip-jar, donation systems, subscription system, market section, ecc or simply there is some people who does it as a hobby, for passion, you know? Never heard of that?

  • paxmos

    Bye by youtube until there is a workaround

    • Lars

      If everyone used ad blocking software, the Internet would quickly become very closed and expensive.

      You get to use amazing services, read news and blogs, use social networks – and everything is free. The least you can do is to not block ads.

      If you do, you deserve to be greeted by a pay wall. :)

      Ads grant a free and open internet that everyone can use.

      • alex

        Are you so ignorant? If everyone used ad blocking software do you really think the industry would become closed and expensive? Very few would pay for content should this happen. A different business model would be found.

        • Duder12

          Yes. The business model would include subscriptions with way less users and way less options.

          And way less jobs since companies wouldnt be finding near as many customers from the advertising

          • Annonymous

            Except content creators exist before ads did, and that there a lot of companies that give services and products without using this shady and stupid business model.

            Oh, and Netflix and the other billion subscription-based services that pop-up every month call bullshit in that because THEY EXIST REGARDLESS OF ADS.

          • Duder12

            Netflix replaces cable. YouTube does not

          • nope

            not in my country. netflix is dead and unaccessible

          • Annonymous

            So? I’m talking about internet as a whole just like everybody else here.

          • Piyush

            Which are VERY few successful ones, if you try to name them. Compare that to those many thousands of successful YouTube channels, which are possible ONLY because those small time creators can earn money by ads (without having a large infrastructure of their own).

          • Annonymous

            If you are talking about the guys that play videogames, yes, there are very few that get successful without ads. However, in every other aspect there are successful content makers who started without ads. The entire Nostalgie Critic crew, Smosh, Nigahiga, Ashens, Maddox, Marques Brownlee, etc.

            Supporting yourself with ads is a terrible business model. You don’t get money if you don’t have a lot of views and if you do then there are other ways to monetize your content.

      • Stewart Miller

        It is not free, we all pay for internet access. We don not pay for that to have adverts thrust in our faces. Personally, as a matter of principle- i will not buy from such pushy companies that force ads onto me, and if there is anything i do need to buy, I GO LOOKING FOR IT- I DO NOT WANT OR NEED IT TO COME LOOKING FOR ME!!

        • Adblock user

          if you don’t like ads thrust in your face, don’t thrust your face in their websites.
          I use adblocker because sometimes ads are annoying and boring, okay.. most of the time, yet I feel guilty about it, because that’s the main source of income for websites, without ads they wont be able to pay for their staff or employees, that’s why its free, a subscription model comparison between social networks and netflix is just plain retarded.

          • See, that’s how they start eventually coercing and bending you to their will, they make you feel “guilty about it”.

        • Piyush

          The problem with your logic is, since you think you are paying for “internet”, you think are are paying for all the ‘content’ that is uploaded on it. A ‘free’ email service to you costs money to the provider, a free video service like ‘YouTube’ costs money to Google. You are angry because you want everything free, but unfortunately that’s not how the world works. You can pay for most services if you dislike ads, and the remaining ones will offer similar ability soon.

      • doloresanto

        If you can’t think of a way to advertise in a graceful manner showing a token of respect to people instead of treating them like dollar meat, then you, your business and your product do not have a reason to exist.

        • Lars

          That’s a weird way of looking at the people who work hard providing free content for you. :) I agree that ads shouldn’t be too obtrusive, but blocking them is a threat to the web as we know it today.

  • Name goes here

    I simply cannot stress this strongly enough. Fuck Google!

    • Duder12

      My last job was working for an eCommerce online sign making company. Almost ALL of our customers were found via Googles advertising and wouldn’t exist otherwise. It was also the best paying and best work place I have ever experienced.

      So FUCK YOU

      • Ry Wong

        People nowadays take things for granted – Advertisers pay the bills, but users feel that the “free lunch” are really free that they kick the real bill payers away.

      • Abhi

        I agree as much as I hate ads, you can’t expect free stuff without a catch. YouTube is generally in a barely break even level after paying content creators and server maintenance and expansion costs so people need to understand that. Do people really expect them to run it at a loss?

        • Kamalnath

          what if the adds are way too much even the contents are free…

          • Trilerium

            Not worth it? Find a different site. Worth it? Keep watching.

          • Kamalnath

            or you can complain & change the situation….

        • Dinosaurs were in a barely break even level until they broke. Now we’re here. However you see it, things are what they are because they moved forward. If Google fails completely, the Internet won’t be over. There are alternatives to EVERYTHING in the virtual space. So fear not.

        • YenRug

          Then, surely, that means Google/YouTube are paying creators too much? Explains people like PewDiePie, who needs to die incredibly quickly.

          • Nikilauta

            U are jelly :)

        • SummerRing

          Once again like the other poster said..he’s not against ads in general just the obtrusive, resource hog kind.

          • Abhi

            That I agree with you.

      • No, fuck you! Everyone making virtual “produce” feels entitled to real money to make a real living. When’s the last time you actually produced something? Work the land, plant, raise and crop produce, make household items from base materials, stuff for basic living. No, y’all just wanna get rich on Youtube.

        • Duder12

          Ladies and gentlemen. We have found the biggest hypocrite of them all

      • Peter

        No. FUCK YOU.

        Ads ruined the internet. Most websites use too many of them. They are too abusive, they block the screen, they hog the CPU, they ruin your bandwidth.

        Also, if the company you worked for can’t find customers through other means than Google Ads, it’s a shit company.

        To sum up, even though I’m 100% sure you won’t agree with me anyway…

        Nobody is against ads! We simply refuse the reality where you get 3:7 content to ads ratio because we crossed the line between ridiculous and completely mad a long time ago…

        • Duder12

          Yeah must be a shit company.. 75 mil in revenue with 300 jobs in less than 10 years. 20 of those employees dedicated to giving to the community and nothing else.

          Get a fucking clue

          • mrnowise

            And fuck you, if your business is ad dependent, it deserves to die. Period.

          • JosephHindy

            You do realize you posted this comment on a site that employs the use of advertising…using a comment system (disqus) that is also somewhat ad dependent right? Lol, you’re not paying for any of this, ads are :)

        • Alex Mavity

          The problem is, you end up shooting yourself in the foot, eventually Youtube will have no choice but to charge people to use Youtube, in effect it will become a subscription basis, as youtube need 400m a year just to keep it online, cost of 36k videos posted every hour.

          Other top sites will follow suit, eventually it will cost you to visit top sites, and the end result is the users who fork out for constant subscriptions, either that or the internet crashes as online publishers cannot pay wages so effectively the internet dies, more and more each time some idiot installs adblock

          You need to use your brain, the end result is the internet for many sites crumbles, jobs are lost, it effects the economy, income google pays as tax, all because you cannot stand to wait a couple of seconds before a video plays.

          People are not going to work online for free, the millions of sites effected will simply start charging for services, or they will go out of business, most will probably adopt subscriptions based services, something nobody wants.

      • SummerRing

        Willing to bet none of the customers even heard of adblock. I’m willing to bet the people who use adblock even if they saw your last jobs ad would never have brought from it even if they did see it

        • Duder12

          Whats your point?

  • Christopher Holly

    What about Adblock for Youtube? Does this eliminate the issue?

  • GerudoDragon

    Meh, I usually white list websites I visit often like youtube anyway.

  • JaggedXJ

    This should surprise precisely ZERO people. Google is an ads company that happens to offer a lot of cool services and tech.
    The internet is running on an ad based model for now, that may change with services that allow you to pay some $ to see less ads. Time will tell what the market will bear.
    – A uBlock user

  • groundfighter

    It’s a cat and mouse game, just like security. There will be a work around to their work around.

  • Mario Gaucher

    It was about time for Google!
    I always show full ads (adblock disabled for everything) unless ads are so annoying that they prevent me using the website properly. Currently I only have one website were I block all ads.

  • Xbreezes

    One reason I use adblock on Youtube is because it saves bandwidth; talk about unreliable internet at 2.5 megabits (not megabytes) per second.

    • Scott Hughes

      Why specify Megabits over Megabytes? The two measure different things.

      • Xbreezes

        To emphasize how slow my internet speed is; megabits is 8 times slower than megabytes.

        • Scott Hughes

          Yeah, but you use Bits to measure speed and Bytes to measure size like the size of a hard drive.

          • You can still measure speed in size though.
            Apps like torrent clients use bytes/s to display the speed of your downloads.

            (just because 10m³ is a volume doesn’t mean you can’t measure it like “decreasing with 1m³/s”) if you get my point.

      • Xbreezes

        Also, some people don’t seem to notice that there is a difference.

    • If you’re getting 2.5Mb/s and wanted to avoid confusion over Mb vs MB, why not say you’re getting ~300kB/s ?

  • Jerry Marshall

    i use adblock and have for years, i’ll just simply whitelist youtube, but as for the fact that websites rely on ads for income, my understanding is that you have to actually click the ad to generate said income, i never click ads to begin with

    • Matthew Lee

      There are not one, but two ways to earn money from ads: pay-per-click (as you mentioned) and pay-per-view. On the latter revenue system, if an ad is not displayed, the content creator gets no money for that website visit, despite the fact that the user is using/ consuming free content from the site (which is not free to make, due to upkeep expenses, time constraints, etc.).

      • Ry Wong

        The most deadly sin is to use AdBlock to stop contents owners from getting any money, and at the same time abuse the user rating system to force the owners to do more. What’s the world like? Slave for guaranteed free best service?

  • cristianer

    Until now I haven’t watched any ads in YT. But, if I watch just one, boom, uninstalled Chrome.

  • giant22000

    The reason I block YouTune ads is because there are too many of them. I don’t mind a few ads evey now and then prior watching the video, but I can’t stand them stopping the video to show me an ad. They are way to obtrusive now.

    • Kamalnath

      ummmm the adds are becoming more of a headache later…

    • Cakefish

      The number of times I have seen the Galaxy S6 advert with Rita Ora singing the same damn song clip over and over and over and over and over and then over again. It is ingrained in my head now. Does it make me want to buy an S6? Nope.

      • IHateLies

        The ads will go away if you buy an S6. It will be replaced with the ad to buy the Note 5.

  • Nayviler

    I personally don’t have a problem with this. For the brief time that I DID use adblock, I had YouTube white-listed anyways because I didn’t want to affect the income of YouTubers.

    • Matthew Lee

      Thanks for your actions- I bet YouTube channel creators got 0.003 cents MORE $ for your views! ;D But in all seriousness, that does make a difference to us Youtubers.

  • Nayib

    The reasons I hate and block ads is because of three reasons:
    – My Intenet is not so fast (2Mb) so it means some more time loading
    – My PC is not that good, the less things to load the better
    – Most of the ads I see are fake, so fake it makes me angry the fact that someone creates them with the idea of fooling people and making money out of lies

  • Stewart Miller

    Put it this way, i find ads intrusive and unwanted. I will NEVER buy from those who annoy me in such a way so the ad providers are wasting their money trying to flog me something i have no intention of buying. If there is something i need to buy, I go looking for it- i do not want or need it to come looking for me. It is quite arrogant the way they think we should have to watch their ads when they have absolutely nothing to do with what we are watching or looking at. If sombody uploads a video they do it to share with others, not for ad people to make money out of.

    • neonix

      Well, ideally, the ads *should* have something to do with the video you are watching or your interests. If you let Google keep track of your interests, search habits, etc. of course.

    • jared

      I just said this. I totally agree. In this case it’s better advertisers recognise this and allow people who don’t want to see their shit to block it so they can be more efficient with their money and concentrate their efforts on people who do want their products.

  • Pamela Doe

    I don’t mind an ad that is a simple picture in my website, non intrusive. However when you get pop ups that sprout more pop ups or ads blocking your article until you click the X and then its still partly in the way those advertisers can eat my adblocker.

  • Zaher Abbara

    I’ve been using ABP for the past few month and it has blocked thousands of ads for me .. yes I know that YouTube profit from these adds but still they are annoying as F***
    plus the amount of fake and/or porn ads is huge and both me and my internet connection are not willing to deal with this crap

  • Annonymous

    I hate all these idiots who want to take the moral route with the “hurr, content creators make their money that way.” No, Google makes their money this way, content creators get nothing but crumbles.

    If I wanted to support content creators, I’ll donate money direclty. Not to a big ass company like Google who is not only taking and selling all the data about me they can, but also want to push ads up my ass all day.

    If ads weren’t annoying, intrusive, lying and destroyed the entire Web layout I wouldn’t block them, but alas, I’m sick of having seizure-inducing banners everywhere telling me that my machine has one trillion virus.

    Not that it matters anyway, because having ads displayed isn’t going to give the page any money, you need to click them (that’s why some pages attempt to open them in pop-ups.) So unless you are clicking every single ad you see like an idiot, you are not helping anyone.

    There have been amazing content creators that didn’t use that bullshit way of monetizing their content.

    Also, the whole “thanks to this Internet is going to be more closed and paid for” is asinine bullshit sold by marketing companies so you don’t block ads. Every week they are releasing a new paid service anyway, and there are still content creators that do amazing stuff for free.

    • Matthew Lee

      Dude. Pay-per-view is, to my understanding, what YouTube itself uses. So adblocker does have a negative effect on us content creators. Also,YouTube doesn’t take all the money. As in the famous case of PewDiePie, successful Youtubers do not get “crumbs.” More like a banquet…millions of dollars in revenue.

      • Annonymous

        Crumbs compared to the insane amount that Google’s making. If I wanted to support them I’ll donate directly to them. That’s what Patreon’s for anyway.

        And yes, the videos give money if you see them fully. Otherwise the amount is diminishes. Oh, and the in-video pop-ups are not pay-per-view.

        Not that it was the point of my comment anyways, the ads found in sites like this do not give anything if you don’t click them.

      • Jerry Marshall

        Never asked anyone to put up videos on youtube so why should i click ads to give them money?

  • As long as adcreators doesn’t learn how to make ads that are pleasuring to the eyes, that don’t flash or use stupid colors or just false advertise, I will keep using adblock.
    I have nothing against commerce but ads on the web are atrocious and just plain stupid.

  • jrod3737
  • anonanon863

    Making billions isn’t enough clearly.

  • Maximo Arriola

    I think that this is only going to be a issue for a few weeks maybe a few months for the ad block plus Dev team to over come and find a work around & to find future workarounds that google doesn’t even know about it but it’s going take Google a year or years to block 1 work around and to make it stick. I’ve got no worries

  • Tony T.

    As an AdAway user, I’m OK with this. As long as every single video including ones that are only like 2 minutes long get minute long ads.

  • Mauro-Mohamed Elkastawy

    Instead of enforcing our civilization’s bs market, advertise what people care about at least! No grownup would wanna see adds for fucking Nintendo!

  • Matthew Beke

    I dont care about the ads in the beginning of the videos, the uploaders deserve their money; but the only thing that i hate are the ads in the middle of the videos.

    • Morten Ulv

      Those exist?

      • Matthew Beke

        Yes, i think on like 40min+ videos.

  • not necessary

    so what now Google wants us to pay for youtube premium accounts for no adds mother fucker greedy for money

  • Reed

    Make ads less intrusive, you’ll find they won’t get blocked.

    Interrupting my video to show me an ad, despite showing me one before it began as well? There’s a reason you’re getting blocked.

    Android banner ads while browsing the web are a a joke too. I love it when I have a pop up on top of a pop up on top of a banner displaying me three different ads, and all of the X buttons are either off the screen or conveniently small. Then I scroll down and this massive full page ad takes up the screen and makes me wait 5 seconds before an X appears.

    You abuse the system, we remove the system.

    • The fucked up reality of smartphone internet is that if you use it in landscape orientation almost 50% of the screen gets filled with useless content, which makes large screens and millions of pixels just as useless as those of the yesteryear. You have a banner ad, then too many times you have the site’s persistent top menu which STAYS ON the page even if you scroll, then you get the mid-page ad, the you often get the full screen ad or prompt to “like/subscribe, please”, so in the end what you’re left with is a small chunk of a really large screen to get your content on.

      • Robert Miles

        No kidding. Advertisers seem to have backed off *a tad* in response to well-deserved flaming over the issue. However, now that portable devices are prime, these same ads make browsing near impossible again. I don’t think advertisers deserve anymore second chances. Block, block, block!

    • FlutterRage

      I absolutely love those floating ads that have their close button off-screen and if you try to scroll there to click it the fucking add moves to stay centered. Fuck you very much.

    • adam fisher

      AFAIK, videos with multiple adds in them are placed there by the channel holder right?

    • neonix

      I had no idea that YouTube ads were now being presented in the middle of videos… How long has this been going on?

      • dbest180

        Mostly American site. Doesn’t happen here in the UK

    • JosephHindy

      This entire thread is nonsense and everyone knows it. I’ve heard it over, and over, and over again that no matter how “non intrusive” ads get, people will still block them. Using legitimate problems to justify behavior you’d do even in the absence of legitimate problems is simply hiding the truth.

      • Gorgeous George

        Moron thinking his OPINION is a fact. You have any stats to back up
        your mouth or are you just spouting bullshit?

        • JosephHindy

          Every single person who says “why would I buy YouTube Red when I have adblock?” proves everything I just said.

          I don’t see the adblock community trying anything. Their move.

          • Bleus

            Out of pure principle, I will *NEVER* *EVER* intentionally click on an ad, or buy anything off of one. *EVER* — if you, as a retailer, want to absolutely GUARANTEE that I will NOT EVER BUY your product(s) / service(s), then you should definitely advertise them to me in an online ad…

            If everyone followed this principle, the complete and utter bullsh*t online horror-show that these ads are would finally die a VERY-much-deserved death…

            Also, I don’t use any ad-blockers whatsoever: I just add the domain-names of all ad-services servers as un-configured entries domains on my internal-DNS server. It works quite well and effectively solves the problem for every computer / device connected to my network simultaneously!

            (oh, and also for various analytics services, so all the machines here are also hardened against that kind of tracking as well)

          • JosephHindy

            You do realize that ads also keep an impressions count right? Just seeing the ad gives blogs and websites money. So you don’t have to click on them, period, just viewing them is helpful.

          • Bleus

            With the poisoned DNS lookups, I simply don’t get ads on sites anymore unless they’re hosted locally (the way it SHOULD be!). Instead, I only get empty placeholders where ads are supposed to be.

            As such, there’s no reporting, tracking, downloaded images, video or data either pulled or sent to such sites. It works *exceptionally* well, protects all machines and devices connected to my network and doesn’t require the installation, or management of any additional software or tools. It’s an excellent and optimal solution that’s easy to implement and broadly beneficial. The *only* downside is that most of these sites wait on the ads to load BEFORE they display the content, so I’m sometimes left waiting, wasting my time, for the ad software to timeout before I get to see the site I’m looking at. Given the value of my time, this donated waste MORE than compensates for my visit…

            MAYBE when websites like Forbes/Wired et al are willing to assume ALL fiduciary liability for the ads / content served on their websites, I’d consider viewing their ads, but as long as they disclaim ALL responsibility for the harm inflicted by malicious ads that they FORCE people to view, they can go eff themselves…

          • JosephHindy

            First of all, almost every website does ads differently. Second, how on earth are you supposed to know if any of this happens since you don’t view ads anyway? Justify it how you want dude, but at the end of the day, you’re taking food out of people’s mouths and that’s a fact.

          • Mario Gaucher

            exactly my taught also…
            this is why I still have adblock installed on Chrome… but configured in a way that all ads are shown… except on those websites where they are so intrusive that they make the website unusable.

          • JosephHindy

            See that’s reasonable. I don’t like ad block and I wish it would just go away, but like 0% of people realize that just viewing the ads helps too. You don’t have to click on stuff to be contributing to a website’s bottom line and helping feed some people (and their families/pets/etc)

          • Brandon Lewis

            Dude, you sound like an advertisement shill, mmmm sucking that big business dick aren’t you? But we only use adblock because it prevents malicious ads from installing malware and adware on our computer’s, just because you want to continue on with your retardation is on you but don’t stand on a soap box and act holier than thou, fucking moron

          • JosephHindy

            You have no idea how the Internet really works, eh?

          • Mario Gaucher

            everything is free means no one can make money right? ;-)

          • JosephHindy

            With ad block, you would be right.

          • Brandon Lewis

            No, I know how it works, just not in the mood the deal with a Trojan every time I go to look for emulators and roms for said emulators

          • JosephHindy

            Maybe you should stop surfing shady sites then.

          • Brandon Lewis

            No thanks, those sites are made safe with AdBlock, so I’m going to continue using it, have fun with your malicious ads every time you go to the wrong site “by accident”

          • JosephHindy

            So your comeback is to project your browsing habits onto me as though I browse just like you, and then criticizing me for it? Lol, whatever you say man, whatever you say.

          • Brandon Lewis

            Nah, I know that some malicious websites appear legitimate to try to fool ill-experienced people, even happened to a friend that tried to do online classes, a vindictive ex employee of an online Uni. made doppelganger websites and took revenue that the Uni. would have earned and didn’t provide the classes he paid for

          • Bleus

            1) Did you genuinely just try to imply that Forbes DIDN’T get raked over the grill for EXACTLY the scenario I described? Because while there’s only a few hundred articles covering it, I suppose you could be so far up advertising’s butt that you didn’t hear it and/or don’t want to acknowledge it.

            2) I’m an independent I.T. Contractor. I make a decent amount of money cleaning up computers that have been compromised by malware, some of which invariably came in via poisoned ads.

            3) So what? I’d take food out of the mouths of crack dealers and pedophiles too if I could that easily! — Unless/until advertisers/content-providers start exhibiting even an iota of basic decency/morality, I’m more than happy to continue depriving them of sustenance!

          • JosephHindy

            1. Did you just imply that every website should be ad blocked because of something Forbes did? Are you pretending like the entire ad structure of the internet is exactly like one website?

            2. Then tell your clients to stop downloading porn and visiting torrent sites. Legit ad programs don’t have that problem anymore. You’d know that if you actually viewed advertisements. You can wave your credentials around all you want to, but the fact is that you haven’t experienced this stuff on your own since you made your little set up so your opinion on how ads are now is literally irrelevant.

            3. Are you comparing journalists, YouTubers, bloggers, reviewers, and other hard working folks in the industry to crack dealers and pedophiles? I’m too awe struck by the depravity of that comment to even begin to fathom a comeback. Especially since you read this content while literally verbally and financially abusing the people who spent non-refundable time writing it. It’s like, using your analogy, buying crack from the crack dealer while criticizing him for being a crack dealer at the same time, all because you don’t think you should pay for crack. The fact that sentence was written should allude further the lunacy of the original statement.

          • Bleus

            1. Retard — no, I didn’t imply *ANYTHING* — what I *ACTUALLY* SAID was that every website that distributes ads that they did not personally vet and are unwilling to stand behind should be blocked, and that Forbes and Wired were especially guilty as a result of their recently adopted policies of demanding/enforcing the de-activation of an effective safety mechanism rendered those who visited their site susceptible to malware that they DEFINITELY WERE disseminating through their third party advertising. Note that that’s an entirely different argument from the BS straw-man you constructed.

            2. You’re STILL apparently retarded… do you HONESTLY not realise that computers can AND ARE infected EVERY DAY simply because the user visited a website that served up a poisoned ad? Also, since you’re so effing smart, why don’t you just outline for us all, the method by which you propose to stop EVERY user from falling prey to (spear)phishing, poisoned 3rd party ads, and social-engineering attacks … It’s really a shame you’ve kept this information to yourself all these years, I mean, it’s not like you could have made MILLIONS selling this amazingly perfect and 100% effective plan that apparently SOLVES the greatest set of malware infection vectors in use today!

            3. Clearly you’re either monumentally stupid, or you’re acting so; either way, I SPECIFICALLY identified advertisers and content providers. I’m at something of a loss as to WHY, other than to cause confusion, or because you’re an idiot, you decided that “Journalists, YouTubers, Bloggers, Reviewers and other hard working folks” fall under either of those banners? (Well, the “hard working folks” bit could be ANYTHING, it’s a complete red-herring, I’m sure there are “hard working” crack dealers, and “hard working” pedophiles, and “hard working” pornographers in the world too, would you suggest that they’re somehow vindicated by virtue of being “hard working”? …and if not, WTF (again, other than sowing confusion) was the point of putting such an idiotic qualifier in your list?

            To help your apparently febrile mind out here:
            “YouTubers” are NOT the party responsible for advertisements on that site, YOUTUBE *itself* IS,
            “Bloggers” and “reviewers” (unless they also create and manage their own sites) are also not responsible entities, but whomever put the requisite sites together on which their content is hosted ARE (and if the bloggers/reviewers are also the creators / managers of their own sites, then, in THAT role, they too *ARE* responsible)…

            Seriously, the amount of effort you’ve employed to distort OBVIOUS shortcomings in your position leads me to strongly believe that you’re one of the cretins about whom I’ve been speaking all this time; you definitely seem to have a personal, vested interest in apologising for the unforgivable!

          • JosephHindy

            1. I don’t think you understand how ad networks actually work and your insistence that such ridiculously overzealous precautions be taken border on the paranoid (not the good kind, either).

            2. Stop going to torrent sites, piracy sites, most porn sites, and other shady sites. While there was a problem with these kinds of things, modern, basic security measures and improvements to the ad platform in general have all but fixed this issue on legitimate, mainstream websites. I’ve not used ad block in my life and my computer remains unaffected by these ridiculous issues you claim are everywhere, hiding in every shadowy corner waiting to strike. Again, you sound paranoid, and not in a good way bud.

            3. I didn’t decide anything. You’re the one comparing thousands of legitimate workers to criminals. Not me. Putting your words in my mouth and pretending I spoke them, then criticizing the result is a classic Internet troll tactic and I’m afraid I’m not going to fall for that. You made comparisons. I criticized your comparisons, I did not make any of my own. Nice try.

            If you’re so agitated and scared of a few blogs and a few ads, why are you even on the Internet? You have every option of purchasing magazines and using feature phones, bypassing the problem entirely. Your paranoia is not a good justification for denying hardworking people the compensation they deserve while still engaging with their content and insulting them directly to their faces.

            Or better yet, start your own website, devoid of ads entirely. Stock it with writers, refuse to pay them (because you generate no revenue), and pay for the server space out of your own pocket. See how long it lasts.

            Toodles :)

          • Robert Miles

            Which “Improvements to the ad platform” are going to protect me from seeing any more of those stupid, fake Outbrain “around the web” advertisements? You could tell me not to visit sites that use Outbrain, but Outbrain is fairly ubiquitous. Just one example.

          • JosephHindy

            Knowing the name of one ad network doesn’t mean anything. Those ads are harmless (I don’t use ad block, but I use malwarebytes occasionally which tells me my machine is clean).

            I really think your objectification comes from a bad experience you had years ago and you haven’t yet realized that the Internet isn’t like that anymore. Even so, Google Chrome prevents that crap from happening these days anyway.

          • Robert Miles

            No, I’m talking about today, not years ago. The one Outbrain example I mentioned is a contemporary ad platform.

            To clarify, I am not saying these ads are a security concern. It’s the brain pollution. I will never click on nor buy any product from any of these “1 weird trick…” or “new rule in xxx city leaves drivers furious…” ads, so why should I have to see them at all? It benefits noone to have me look at them.

          • JosephHindy

            Well you don’t pay for it yourself, you don’t view ads, so what’s the alternative? We all do this for free just because you don’t like seeing some ads here and there? Advertising is literally the only stable way for websites to make money without directly asking for it or selling a product.

            I can admit that some sites overdo it and the ads get cluttered in with the content, but that’s no excuse to paint with such a wide brush. I can read stuff on 90% of websites without feeling like my experience is being compromised. Maybe I have more patience or something, but I understand that it’s a small price to pay to have most of the Internet at my fingertips without my having to pay a dime for it.

            ISPs are expensive enough as it is.

          • Robert Miles

            These are substantial tradeoffs. You may have more patience than I. I’ve likely been around the block enough times to want some mental rest and relief from the constant pressure of advertising, while still taking part in the intelligent exchange of information.

            Some sites are experimenting with paywall systems in lieu of advertising. I expect this is worse for them. A few sites give an ad-free donation support option, and I typically take that option if they are doing something I want to support.

            Adblockers (my current solution) aren’t great because they reduce revenue for the content creators. Believe me, I do empathize. When a site asks me to turn off the blocker, I give it a chance.

            Fortunately, the browser is the user agent, so I’m looking for a solution that *loads* the ad (helping the content host) while not displaying it to me (helping me.) The moral issue here is the same as closing my eyes, leaving the room during the commercial break, or round-filing the ad section of the community newspaper before reading it. It is also minimized by the fact that I, personally, tend to poop-list obnoxious advertisers and their products – so it’s actually better for the advertiser if I *don’t* see – and therefore take offense at – their ad.

          • JosephHindy

            You can justify it how you want, but at the end of the day, content on the Internet is a product that no one wants to pay for, no one wants to support, no one wants to help… And yet you all want to read it. Seems disingenuous to me.

          • Justin

            Take YouTube for example, as far as I can tell, it started out as a bunch of people simply wanting to share their videos with others. As far as I know there was never any intent to make fucking money off it as people seem to expect these days. It was just a way for someone with a cute cat video to share their experience. Then low and behold greedy fucking corporations(yes you too, Google) learned that they could profit from this by shoving ads in people’s faces who wanted to see cute cat videos. This is wrong. And this is why people are fucking pissed.

          • JosephHindy

            Okay 3 things:

            1. Hosting more video content than several people could watch over the course of their entire lifetimes isn’t cheap. Getting this stuff to play with the consistency that it does is expensive. Storing all that video footage is also expensive. At some point, someone was gonna have to start paying money.

            2. Advertising is not site wide, it is turned on by individual users. Google does not “force ads in your face”, the content creators do. Google gives them the option, it does not do it if the creator turns monetization off. Which leads me to…

            3. Creating content is freaking expensive. Getting good equipment, props, lighting, audio equipment, and a computer capable of doing this stuff is easily a $1000+ investment on the low end. Then you factor in time spent creating the video. The really good stuff on YouTube is not some silly kid recording their cat doing dumb stuff and comparing giant productions like Rooster Teeth, Android Authority, MKBHD, etc to those videos is extremely disingenuous. They are not the same thing. Ads help pay for the production so that people can spend more time producing stuff worth watching.

            Things evolve, what you’re arguing against ins’t YouTube, it’s “change in general”. The internet is better now than it was back when we had ebaumsworld, 4chan, and Yahoo Mail. I don’t mean to sound terse, but you’re gonna have to deal with it bud lol.

          • Josh Foakes

            Skipping to number 3.
            Are you implying that journalists, youtubers, bloggers etc get decent money for monetizing? Ad revenue goes to making big corporations while giving a few pennies here and there to whoever signed up for it. The rich get richer, the poor stay poor. Why should I support that system when it goes against my ideological beliefs?
            Also, how about we not take food away from people who have no choice in their sexual preferences? If you meant child sex offenders (this is more aimed at previous post BTW) then go ahead and specify, but discrimination against a group of people for having something different about them, which they have no choice over? Fuck off.

          • JosephHindy

            What on earth are you talking about?

            I said bloggers, YTers, etc aren’t comparable to criminals and deserve compensation for their work.

            If you don’t think they do, that’s your opinion, but it’s one that isn’t overly educated because you don’t work in that industry. I swear, bloggers and YTers have to be the only profession on earth where the people who engage with their content actively argue against them being paid for it.

  • Kanoosh

    meh, everyone getting greedy EXPECTING you to pay them for what you are we are automatically supposed to fall to our knees and worship your content ..pfft stfu..everyone is out to make a buck or two and people going around crying like little babies because they can’t have it their way..
    That’s reality for ya , trying to find the easiest route to riches .. adBlock for life! and as for Youtube, once a workaround finds it’s way, ill be adding that too.

  • fdmz

    Currently browsing your site using adblock browser by adblock plus , Yes a solution will be found but even if not I will continue using adp as some sites even some well known ones fill all pages with ads , even full screen ads and surveys that hides the content , one click opens several popups , or opening site redirect you to Google play and many other annoying ads .
    I personally do not have problems seeing ads , even if they are video ads , animating ads , but I don’t want to see ads that makes it almost impossible to see content

  • thisismybag

    Honestly, I didn’t know that YouTube had become insufferable because of my ad blocker. I’ve been closing the tab entirely if an un-skipable ad came up in an imbedded clip. I’ll try white listing YouTube. That said, I will continue to close tabs if a pop-up window appears asking me to “like” the article or join their newsletter before I can even read the article or when a list is coded as a slideshow that requires you to click the button and reload the entire page to read the caption. That’s just obnoxiously bad coding.

    • It’s n not bad coding, it’s smart advertising ;)

      • thisismybag

        A list that takes 10 minutes to read because you have to reload the entire page for each entry is not a list. I should be able to scroll down to read a list. I will continue to immediately close the tab when I see a “click next” button.

      • thisismybag

        I don’t mind ads that still allow me to read or otherwise view the content I came for. But if you make the ads obstruct the content, your tab is getting closed immediately.

  • WardyBobs

    uBlock Origin ;)

  • LY Lee

    I like AdBlock. It can make a smooth run there, but now, I can’t skip ads anymore. But of course, the workaround is by refreshing the page. It usually works.

  • Dan

    I still don’t see ads. I use uBlock Origins on Firefox, and using Fanboy’s Ultimate List filter.

  • Echoes Player is an open source alternative player for listening and watching media from youtube.
    Currently – it doesn’t show ads (accidentally) since it uses the youtube api to play videos.
    Amongst many other features – it supports a standard media player playlist – which means you can queue videos to a now playing playlist, persist of now playing playlist, create playlists which are saved in your youtube account and search for videos and playlists with some filters.
    FREE –

  • riocharles

    I only got 2GB data per month, so I don’t want ads eating up my data.

  • Roby

    Lol, those ads of theirs are starting to violate basic human rights.
    I’m joking here but seriosly, they make for a pretty crappy web browsing experience and expose many of us to danger with click bait, especially the computer illiterate users.

  • Agon Hoxha

    I use it everywhere, because I usually spend a lot of time on torrent sites, and actually downloading something from there, is quite realistically impossible without opening a dozen popups. YouTube is no better. If I actually want to watch a video – I actually want to watch the video – not something else. YouTube could just go with ads at the sides, and little banners here and there, but nooooooooo, they just have to do this fucking shit.

  • Yad

    my adblock still works on youtube :D

  • Piero Collevecchio
  • John Bromley

    Adverts before & after a videos I don’t mind so much, as long as you have the option to skip them after a few seconds, but the ones that interrupt what you’re watching every 10 minutes are ridiculous. On a funnier note, the ones they do show, as long as they’re not for Game of War or Coca Cola I’m happy lol

  • Vishnu Unnikrishnan

    Funny nobody talked about this, but the reason I installed an adblocker is because my processor was idling at 40% on just chrome with a few tabs. Adblock brought that down to 5%. I’d gladly whitelist youtube.

  • David Onter

    I would gladly pay a monthly fee not to see ads. I really hate video ads that block the content I want to access. The YouTube ads are ridiculously annoying.

  • VN

    Xposed working for me

  • Black Water

    Ads? More like spam.

  • Nik

    I don’t mind ads but sad truth is that nowadays either you block ads or ads block your content

  • Tom Penders

    I use ABP because I want to see the website and not only ads. Many websites use too Damn many ads and some of those are too Damn big in size and MB’s!

  • Mark Nemeth

    Ads make watching youtube a headache. If I cannot block ads, offer me a subscription based service to be able to get rid of them.

  • Mike10dude

    they only did this with there own chrome browser

  • Paul Ciorogar

    The internet used to be an open road… yes there are banners everywhere but they didn’t slow or stop you. Now its like there’s a toll system every 500m and you have to stop for 5s or more to let a banner cross the road. PS is not blocked on my adBlock. watch and youtube with and without adBlock you’ll se why

  • Maximilian Tobitsch

    I tried it right now and adblock plus works as always on youtube

    Blocks the advertising videos and the ad banner on top of the “homepage” is also blocked, does anyone know when these changes will be activated? OR is adblock plus not affected?

  • B4rt0

    There is very easy fix for Google Chrome, since it isn’t YouTube itself that changes ads to pre-clips, but YouTube app which is default in Google Chrome. You just have to go to chrome://apps/ and remove YouTube app from Chrome. You won’t notice any negative changes on YouTube after removing app, but Adblock will work again. Cheers.

  • paulie

    So, I guess that ABP will have a update coming out soon to fix this

  • john doe

    I see so much people uncivilized with each other. But I do understand the frustration with google and their 10 seconds -1 minutes ads, and I do have adblock, and google should see the issue where we dont need ads, they can post their unlimited ads somewhere on but dont be posting it when people are trying to watch a video. Its that simple. And for xxKobalxx and the rest of people who agrees with Google. YES we may not be paying for anything or donating, but its all about the viewers and what the viewers want, thats how Google is making its money, by “viewers”…

  • Andrew Hope

    To the minority voices out there that are happy about this story because they think they hold the moral high ground or because they’re content creators, frankly I couldn’t give 2 f*#&s what you think. There are frankly enough non-tech savvy people who don’t know how to turn your spam & nuisance ads off. I , however, am tech-savvy and use several extensions in my browser, along with blocking cookies and trackers. I also use Adblock app on my rooted Android phone along with YouTube ad away Xposed module. Still not happy completely with my mobile experience, but can’t have it all I guess.

  • nsage

    ABP is a lifesaver

  • nilbud

    Force people to watch ads, what could possibly go wrong.

  • Robert Kopczynski

    The main difference between YouTube and TV is that when you come home, sit in front of a PC screen and you’re able to eat your meal watching your actual show instead of finishing the whole dish when the ads stop running. Look, I do accept the little pop-up ads, sometimes click them to support the creators, but the ads that interrupt the whole show is something that denies the purpose of an on-demand video service. Not to mention they are always the same ads, and mostly louder than the video itself, which is just frustrating. I get that many people want to earn money that way, but if the ads were less invasive we would tolerate them more. I know that every youtuber can choose what type of ad will be displayed in his videos, therefore I think that youtube should have a “” url type instead of “”, so that we actually can adjust adblock to it. It’s never going to happen anyway.

  • dranod

    so – people don’t like the ads and block them – so lets find a way to force unwanted stuff in your face against your will.
    “eat your greens, or we will inject them into your veins while you are tied down….”
    this is what’s wrong with the advertising world – they try to force people.
    I often boycott brands and products out of revenge based on advertising – this will only make it worse.

  • The only reason I used Adblock was to disable Youtube ads. Now that youtube has a clever workaround I’ll just unsubscribe the next time I see an ad.

  • Reid Huff

    I wouldn’t mind it as much if I saw different ads. On my tablet I see the same damn Amazon ads every time. I have it memorized. The worst part is that I pay for Prime. The ad is useless.

  • Gerald T

    I blocked YouTube ads because there’s ads inside the video, why add more ads before the video? This is very annoying.

  • Chalfounios

    i think Ad-block is good for blocking these annoying ad that flashes in front of ur face on many websites but YouTube should be white-listed cz YouTube is a free service that offer amazing content and for people like me who has a YouTube channel (My YouTube Channel is called Chalfounios Check it out), ads let us earn some money. So instead of making a monthly subscription to YouTube to see the content that we want like other services like Vessel, Google or YouTube is putting ads.I think we should support this!!

  • Joe Sixpack

    For the fast majority of cases I don’t enjoy adverting and when adverting is perceived as “bad”, it’s even less fun. But where do we draw the line for “free” entertainment? I don’t watch cable TV anymore and hated that they inserted ads even though I was paying for cable.

    But on the internet, it’s different, I pay the cable company JUST for INTERNET, I don’t pay web pages at all, except by letting them tempt me with ads. Unless people want a pay wall in front of every “great” web site, ads are here to stay.

    Google is fair in doing this, what other choice do they have?

  • Robert Banu

    Anything that can be done can be undone so I am pretty sure adblock will find a way to avoid this .
    There are other options already like .

  • TattoozNTech

    apparently this is actually being tracked as a chrome bug, not an overt action by google. source link below. can others confirm this?

  • JDL

    I hate ads. Period. There is nothing you can say which will make me disable my ad-blocker. I am sure someone will find a way around this little problem.

  • wuafri

    Don’t use adblock plus.
    Just use the regular adblock

  • s2weden2000

    off course because..we all love ads and commercials…

  • DETodd

    AdBlockPlus has an “acceptable ads” policy. Unless you go disable it by hand (which most users don’t know how to do), ads that meet their standards work just fine. So if you aren’t using obnoxious popovers and blaring music and taking up half the screen, your ads get through just fine.
    Stop crying about lost revenue and design ads that meet the standards.

  • Drew Colpurs

    I have adblock, and I already disable it for YouTube, I only use it on sites I DON’T want to support, like Facebook and click bait (Buzzfeed).
    I’m willing to watch a few super short ads or close a couple banners if it means supporting content creators and the free platform I’m using.

    • Drew Colpurs

      Besides, some of those ads actually show good products. I’ve made a purchase based on ads before.

  • Hotbod Handsomeface

    Good thing there are plenty of other ways to block Google’s annoyances.

  • D guy from neighborhood

    If that solution release public, we re fked.

  • Guy Dviri

    Ads can showes at the sides, but when they start taking my time , this sites for me are gones.

  • Joao Feliciano

    It’s very easy to bypass ads now, just refresh the page, when you refresh it, ad’s gone

  • deimos

    i dont mind watching ad for a video but i hate it when i listen music and it stops thanks to a fucking ad

  • Ahmed M’khinini

    still using adblock and ads are blocked and they dont annoy me as usual! Cant see any differrence :) with like 2 or 3 ads in each video that’s really abusive

  • saqlain rattansi

    I had a block but I’ve now deleted it because I want the online content creators to earn money. By clicking on a little x on a video, I can help out the content creator and that’s all I can really do. I do my part to support em.

  • Cakefish

    Mobile adverts use incredible amounts of system resources. I recently tried out Adguard on my phone and the difference it makes to the smoothness and fluidity of browser based web scrolling is night and day.

  • jr

    I support it. If pages didn’t have so many ads we wouldn’t need ad block. Take YouTube for example. An ad or 2 of to the side maybe a 10 second one everynow and then hey im fine but when I’m watching an ad 4 times during a video I get a bit pissed. Some pages use so many ads that I can’t view them on my phone. I either can’t see the main page or the web page will actually freeze up from ads

  • Brody Knight

    I think if you like someone’s content and watch it regularly you should be okay with watching a 15 second ad before it. The content creators do get money this way.

  • Brian Savoir

    I hate seeing ads before every video I watch. Some are a few seconds others are minutes. Very annoying, I understand they need money but damn. I remember the good old days when ads on YouTube never existed.

  • vivzZ

    I absolutely use adblock

  • Nikilauta

    It seems like, i should start making youtube videos again!

  • Morten Ulv

    If they give me a way to pay to remove the ads, I don’t mind at all. I love youtube and would be happy to support the content creators with my money!

  • Jonathon Rios

    Kind of annoying, but if more companies made ads that were 15 seconds like geicos then I wouldnt have much of an issue if they make me chuckle slightly.

  • Falenone

    The reason I block ads is that a lot of them are scammy and shitty “Win free iphone”, “Your phone is infected, download this shitty cheetah mobile adware to fuck up even more”. Companies are whining that users block ads. It means there’s something wrong with them.

  • Steve Brain

    Been using Adblock Plus and Magic Actions for Youtube for years and haven’t seen a single YT advertisement in that time.. If Google have changed it somehow to bypass that I haven’t been victim to it yet.

  • Abdurrasheed Desai

    I put adblock off on youtube, you are getting a streaming service for free, at least pay them back in some way

  • kzm

    I support content creator such as Android Authority..

  • Kork

    The solution is very simple. Once I see an annoying commercial about some product, I write down a note and then I never buy that product. This way I spend money only on products from companies that do gentle advertising.

  • Mauro

    Here is a workaround if anyone is interested:
    1) Open the Chrome Apps (or go to: chrome://apps/ )
    2) If you updated Chrome (well in fact it was automatic) you will see a “Youtube app”
    3) Right click it and uninstall it (“Remove from Chrome”)
    4) Youtube will work normally and AdBlock will work again
    5) ???
    6) Profit

    Credits go to someone on Tumblr. Thank you mystery man :’)

  • YouTube ads are the worst. Like others said there are just too many and usually about crap you will never buy. Also, Google blocking the skip button if you use adblock was just a dick move.

  • Ekto Sknot

    well, make the petition, i’ll sign it. But should be about exterminating the Google parasite!

  • Szabó Róbert

    I’m watching videos, movies… on the internet because I hate the ads on TV. But now? Okay… I will download videos from anywhere, and I will not watch youtube…

  • Danny DeVito

    I genuinely don’t care if I have ads, but what I DO care about is when they’re like 5 minute videos, or they literally popup on your screen, hide the button to x out of it, and continue staying front and center of the screen when you try to scroll down. I also hate when a website just randomly redirects you to an ad and you can’t get back to the damn website, you’re stuck on the ad. Press the back button? Guess where it redirects you again. The reason I block ads isn’t because I don’t want to support content creators, but it’s because I don’t want them shoved in my face. I’m not going to buy any of the advertised products, and the ONLY ads that have any relevance on my life are movie or TV show trailers. I make sure to add the particularly obnoxious ads to my list of products to buy. The best solution I can see for everyone is to enact a tip jar system for websites and content creators, OR, preferably, make the ads less obtrusive. Put a little ad at the side of the screen and I would stop using adblock. As things are now, this is an abused system and everyone is trying to squeeze as many ads as physically possible into their space, to the point where people stop caring about their content or CAN’T care about their content, because they can’t even see the content because they keep getting redirected to the same damn ad!! Content creators and advertisers are just shooting themselves in the foot at this point. I’m not going to stop blocking ads until they start treating internet users with some fucking respect and don’t try to shove their damn ads up your nose in hopes that it’ll reach your brain. Damn.

  • William B.

    I am fine with unobtrusive ads. the ones that don’t cover the page are fine. When the just sit in a corner somewhere they are fine. The pre-video clip is annoying and makes me not want to use you tube. Ads are even more annoying when using a phone are tablet, sometimes you can’t fine the close button, and I usually just give up on those pages and go somewhere else, so they gained nothing by doing that.

  • ScoobyJD

    Just used magic actions for youtube…done

  • NoMoLies

    An ad now or then is not a horrible thing. I’ve been using ad-blockers for as long as I can remember. A few months ago I surfed the web on a friends PC and was horrified at the experience. I was accessing the same sights I normally frequent, but the experience was terribly obnoxious. I took a peek and sure enough he was not using any ad-blocker. I installed an ad-blocker for him and to this day he profusely thanks me for that. The experience of browsing without ad-blocker protection is one I would pass on completely. I would never use the web if I was being bombarded the way he was.

  • Csaba Robert Bekefi

    Bottom line. Adds suck. Not only on the net, but tv and radio as well I understand it is the way THEY make there revenue but is our time not worth anything? For one tv movie, the average of commercial time is about a half hour. Emagine if you put all the adds from tv, radio and internet all together and fuiger out how many minutes it takes out of you’re day. We pay good money to use these sevices.
    Therefore I feel we should have the right to NOT have to watch these adds. And if THEY insist on forcing to watch all this annoyance,
    I feel we as the paying public should be compensated for our utterly waisted time.
    Does anyone agree?

  • Big Mike

    This is awesome! Progress! Google’s revenue is largely from ads, so of course they want to circumvent users’ experience-cleaning gear. But the ad blockers will keep innovating too and neither front will ever “win” (except that ad block users de-facto win, with variable effect due to innovation fluctuations on each side). To reach a static equilibrium ads needs to get A GREAT DEAL better: that means to actually improve the user experience rather than diminish it. Which means being A GREAT DEAL harder on advertisers and matching ads to content by RELEVANCE instead of just advertiser bids. Currently Google’s in the process of figuring out the math: revenue lost vs ad blocking software + revenue gained by its temporary circumventions vs revenue projections for showing ads by a strict set of UX based principles to ensure that advertising measurably IMPROVES web browsing rather than the current model of polluting it. Geeky to say this, but what a cool quirk of history to watch unfold!

  • AziD

    It sickens me that youtube advertise this way. I would rather see 10 min advertising before watching anything else while logged in than be pestered every third or fourth song i hear. In my case i use youtube most for whorshipmusic and it sickens me to be bothered with all that bullshit when I pray and listen to music. I give ABP by best thanks. It does the job on my pc, but for my samsung tab4 it is no way to avoid this crap. Only realible solution is Tubemate, but it has limited functionality i.e fullscreen require individual download each song. Pls keep ABP strong and I hope it will work soon also for android again. Thanks.

  • IHateAds

    I’m totally for AdBlock. Why? Because there are ads on every single video I watch on YouTube. -_- An ad every now and then is fine, but every single video is annoying as heck.

    • Mario Gaucher

      Complain to the content provider… Ads are there because the content provider makes a lot of money from those ads.
      Yes Google makes money from those ads too… But if the content provider doesn’t want ads on their video, they will also get no money from them

  • Jared

    If someone annoys the shit out of me with an advert I blacklist that company. I will never buy from them. Therefore showing me ads works against the intrests of these companies.

  • Jasper

    I block every ad I come across with my firewall, or mute the tv. If the websites only source of income is advertisements, then they should not be in business. I have never, and will never purchase anything I saw in any advertisement, be it television, the internet, or smart devices. A good way for a startup to keep getting the money from sleazy advertisement firms would be to create a portal to searchable ads which the consumer could rate and delete. It would do three things, first provide a solid way to Shop and find the best deal on a good product, and second it would slow the progress of worthless shit and third, it would only keep in business those sites who have something worthwhile to sell.

  • emvat

    I don’t know what this article is about. I have never experienced anything about that Google is trying to bypass ad blocking. I continously using Ublock Origin, and I haven’t notice any problem on youtube by ad-blocking.

  • Shawn

    I block YouTube ads for 3 reasons. When I show a video to the kids to distract them to remain still when they are getting restless, kids do NOT need to be subjected to advertising and it’s a waste of time and they don’t sit still while it’s playing ads.

    Second, these days, most phones have Data Plans. Why should I lose my data for ads I don’t want to see when I want to show someone a video while out and about. Ads are then costing ME money.

    Third, I just hate being forced to watch ads over and over, especially for things not relating to me at all. One day, I saw the same diabetes ad on every single video I watched on my Roku. The Roku YouTube app is the worse in providing you with 3 min ads for 20 second videos. That is insane and should not be allowed. There should be a limit/ratio of time of videos to ads whereas much less ad time per video time.

    While I haven’t found a way to block the Roku Ads, I have reverted to spending $30 on a wireless keyboard with touchpad installed, so I can use my Linux Media Center computer to see youTube vids with adblock and enjoy the videos.

    I’m tired of being “the Product” and wish these people, like Google, would get a clue that they shouldn’t force people to watch ads. yes. I know it pays for the content, to a degree, but that’s what Cable TV was all about. PAY for your viewing, thus no commercials. That’s how cable TV started. then the greed kicked in. Now you have to pay like $100 for a decent channel line-up and watch more commercials than ever. I no longer will pay for cable TV. I’ll just hook up an HDTV antenna and go from there. Or, download the shows and watch them later. I have no interest in the media’s methods for news, so I don’t care to watch live stuff about who killed who, who raped who, or what politician said this or that. What happens will happen whether I watch the news anyhow.

    Anyhow, that’s my rant on why AdBlockers are popular and SHOULD be around for those of us to use. :)

  • dpsttmpst

    As of 2016, AdBlock Plus is still doing its magic. With the proper filter subscriptions in AdBlock Plus, YouTube Red is useless.

  • Robert Miles

    “..about 27.6 of the surveyed USA-based participants claimed to use the
    ad-blocking services. This likely also means that over a fourth of the
    possible earnings are being stripped away from online businesses, which
    often depend on advertising.”

    First of all, if your business *depends* on advertising, then your product sucks. Furthermore, if one quarter of consumers are blocking ads, then that segment of consumers don’t see advertising as a positive experience. These are the consumers you don’t *want* seeing your ad – because they’ll remember the name of the company responsible for forcing an advertisement down their throat before letting them get on with their personal lives. Especially if it is an annoying ad or is insulting to their intelligence. When that happens to me, I consciously choose a competitor.

  • Rooted user here, I havent seen a youtube ad in years :3

  • fhdkjlfhldh dsjfhdshl

    Honestly, I think that they should remove Youtube Red entirely. Yes, it helps other people, but their way to sign up for the free trial and their methods are cruel. The only way to get the free trial is to shove your credit card information up their faces so they can get money. If it’s a free trial, then why force us to enter our credit card information? Let alone have a button that says “Try it free!”.

  • Chris

    I hate the cologne advert where there are these hot women who drop their conveniently placed “clothes”, only for the camera to pan up to a sexy male model with a horny face…
    Also the adverts that are so fking loud!!!

  • nubstiller

    If i valued my life so little Id waste my precious time sitting there watching ad after ad, I might as well just kill myself right now.

  • Robert Alston

    Fuck Google!!! the arseholes are intruding in every part of our lives and now are taking away control of what we want or not want to watch. I have tried to use multiple adblockers but NOTHING works. I can’t wait until one of you wonderful computer geeks come up with a solution to block the pre clips.

  • Justin

    I’m done with ads, particularly on YouTube. I like to put a video on for background noise when I go to bed, and I’m tired of phucking loud ass annoying long ass ads interrupting my video. I can handle one or two at the very beginning where I’m awake and can wait 5 seconds and skip, but these phuckers seem to be unavoidable about every 10 minutes. I’m done with it.

  • I have adblock so when I preview my own videos on YouTube, I don’t watch ads on my own videos, which is against YouTube’s TOS.