Google has made ADB, fastboot, and other Android developer tools available as a standalone download. Previously, accessing these tools necessitated that users download Android Studio or the Android SDK, which meant grabbing files between 290 MB and 1.6 GB in size. Now you can download the platform tools (which contains ADB, fastboot and more) for Windows, MAC and Linux in .zip folders ranging from 3.4-3.7 MB.

ADB and fastboot are go-to tools for Android users who want to do things like unlock the bootloader, or flash an update rather than wait for it over-the-air. The whole development suite that the tools were bundled with in the past wasn’t always required by casual users as it was targeted at developers first and foremost.

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January 6, 2017

As the files are coming straight from the source, they should be kept up to date, meaning you won’t need to hunt down the latest versions on third-party sites anymore. Download them via the links below.

Scott Adam Gordon
Scott Adam Gordon is a European correspondent for Android Authority. Originally from the UK, Scott has been tinkering with Android phones since 2011 and writing about them full-time since 2014. He now lives in Berlin with three roommates he never sees. Befriend him on Twitter and Google+ at the links.
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  • Bradley Uffner

    It’s about time. “Minibal ADB & FastBoot” has been one of the things I install right after I get a computer up and running. It will be nice having an official package.

  • David Pottage

    I guess the situation under windows is different, but under linux there are no large downloads or any difficulty in obtaining these tools. For example, on Ubuntu box, the android-tools-adb package is only 68k in size, and only depends on basic system libraries like libc and libssl, so I would only have to download that small package in order to install it.

  • Αχι Κ.

    thanks for sharing

  • Drb500

    Hello..I’m new to the rooting process…Is it possible that you could make a video on how to download the files and transfer them to my Nexus 6p phone running 7.1.1… Thanks