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It’s a small change, but users that struggle to keep their inboxes under control will appreciate it. Gmail now lets you star contacts as favorites and sync them between the web and Android.

To mark a contact as favorite on the web, click on the Gmail dropdown on the left, pick your contact and simply click on the star next to their name. On the Android app, you can do that by opening up a message from the contact you want to star and clicking on their picture. You can also do it from the People app, which now has a special Starred group.


Because the starred/favorites sync between Android and the web, you can better keep track of your important contacts and highlight their messages in your inbox. Previously, you could only favorite conversations and access them from the Starred group.

It’s true that contact management on Gmail isn’t exactly intuitive, but it’s good that Google is working on adding new features. Last week, the company made waves (mostly unwarranted) with a new feature that lets you send emails directly to your Google Plus contacts without requiring an email address.

Bogdan Petrovan
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  • Jayfeather787

    Hooray for increased organization. Go google!

  • Luka Mlinar

    For the past year they killed messaging by introducing hangouts. Thank god i found a way to go back to Talk. The killed YT by adding G+ commenting and the redesigned Gmail inbox looks awful. First thing i see is a bunch of letter icons in my inbox that distract me. Also most of the time I’m not sure if I’m looking at a bunch of unread mails or that there’s simply no new mail in my inbox (i have notifications set to off). Google is really pissing me off with these 3 things.

    • I don’t like the letters either. It’s mostly a sea of letters and a few profile pics here and there.But I don’t find it hard to tell between read/unread.

    • I’m not saying it’s perfect, but you can turn off the letters/pictures in settings and go back to check boxes. I had to do that for my boss at work.

      • Luka Mlinar

        Thanks for this :)

  • On the “feature or bug” front, a “feature” for Google’s multi-front master plan to get us all to live in G+, that beautiful ghost town with hundreds of millions of account holders who have no use for its social features because our friends don’t “hang out” there, and so only visit when GOOG routes us through the site, e.g., to get to our phone’s uploaded photos…

    …but a bug for users as it allows more people who can simply find our accounts there to bug us via email….. :/

    • So how many emails did you receive from Google Plus users since the new feature rolled out? I have 1000+ in my circles and zero emails. People get worked up over nothing, IMO.

      • 2 or 3. But I’m waiting. This is brand new – and one by one my Android buying friends are getting G+ accounts – about which I do get a stream of emails from Google.

        Not only that, more and more of GMail’s being incorporated INTO G+ (while G+ is being incorporated into YouTube – like comments, etc.). G+ is also where all your phone photo backups live – and where it’s trivially easy to share them by email, on G+, and to other social sites. And all of these are designed to get you to spend more time there.

        So activity on and engagement with the service is inevitably going to increase. Google’s not letting go of this.