Galaxy S7 could launch in Europe on March 11th

by: Robert TriggsJanuary 29, 2016

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+-15

The smartphone world is eagerly anticipating the launch of Samsung’s Galaxy S7 flagship smartphones next month and it turns out that a European roll out for the phones could be scheduled as early as March 11th, according to the latest report.

The date comes from the same source who provided us with an exclusive look at the LG G5’s redesign and the Galaxy S7’s dimensions, as well as correctly detailing the size of Galaxy S6 Edge+ last year, so we are pretty confident about this.

The release date also matches up with a slide spotted from China Mobile back in December, which suggested that the Galaxy S7 would be landing in that region in the same month, and @evleaks has hinted at the same March 11th release date for the US. We appear to be looking at a simultaneous global release schedule for the S7 this year. Last year, the Galaxy S6 didn’t land in Europe until mid-April.

For a closer look at what we can expect from the Samsung Galaxy S7 and its Edge variant, check out the latest rumors at the link below.

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  • Žiga Štupar

    If its true its perfect same day my 24month contract is up and i will buy S7 or S7 Edge but still im not decided.

  • TheDude

    I hope it actually meets my expextations, and arrives in my country not a month after the rest of the world.

    I also hope that it’ll actually cost the MSRP+ taxes price rather than MSRP+taxes+50% price when they launch it here (as it usually does, and then the price meets worldwide prices like two months later….smh….)

  • Roby

    Mother of OCD, anybody else noticed that little piece of string above the phone?

    • Thanks, now I can’t unsee that

    • pseudo


    • I think it’s nose hair. They don’t have some editor with a clone tool somewhere? Gimp is free for cryin’ out loud.