And the leaks keep coming: fresh new pics of the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge

by: Bogdan PetrovanFebruary 10, 2016

Update: Just minutes after we published this post, we’ve come across yet another Galaxy S7 leak. This one shows a Galaxy S7 dummy unit, complete with the curved back we’ve seen in other leaks. Source: Pisapapeles – via: Nowhereelse


Gone are the days when Samsung was able to keep us in the dark on its flagship plans. These days the surprise is thoroughly spoiled by a flood of leaks, weeks ahead of the unveiling of the Galaxy S7.

Following the press renders and hands-on images that revealed the S7 and S7 Edge last week, today we’re getting a fresh look at the Galaxy S7 Edge, courtesy of @evleaks.

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samsung galaxy S7 edge leak

The image above shows the silver version of curved-screen device, which, according to the FCC, will launch with a massive 3,600 mAh battery. There’s not much we can infer from the shot – the device looks almost identical to the Galaxy S6 Edge+. The biggest difference is the subtle curve at the top and bottom of the device, complementing the more dramatic curvature of the laterals. This is a design touch we’ve noticed in the hands-on image of the S7 Edge as well.

Up until now, leaks revealed the all-black version of the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge, so this is our first look at the silver variant.

All in all, this is just another confirmation of something we’ve been suspecting for a long time: the Galaxy S7 will bring just minor design changes compared to its predecessor. The difference that most users will notice is probably the camera lens, that protrudes less for a more streamlined look.

The countdown is on for the release of the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge on February 21 at MWC Barcelona. But MWC is so much more than Samsung this year, and you can get a good idea of what we expect to see at the show from our MWC preview.

Thoughts on this design?

  • Žiga Štupar

    I like silver color better than black plus fingerprints on back maight be better hidden

  • vmxr

    corners looks a little bit different

  • Chief

    Ha ha people are strange. This looks exactly the same as last years, which was not a very handsome device to begin with.

    Why is it getting so much attention?

    • Nallaikumaran

      Jealous so much. Have you no shame? Not at all.

      • Chief

        Ha ha jealous of what? I could buy one if I want. Why is it, every time somebody comments something other than praise for Samsung, you get some sad little offended fanboy coming on to attack you?

        Get a life you sad cunt.

        • Nallaikumaran

          How lame you are (Hater). Your only problem Is your own mind, Let’s clean your dirty mind. Shameful..

        • My Galaxy Prime

          Yeah, I didn’t get that. You could buy the device if you wanted but you don’t like it. That’s your choice. I personally love the look of the S6 but that’s me. You shouldn’t be criticized for something as trivial as this.

        • KRS

          WOW does your mommy know you use words like that.
          Come on android authority ban this one for such nasty words.
          If you don’t like the phone fine but you don’t have to be so rude about it.

    • Žiga Štupar

      Well i from start knew S7 will look very similar too S6 becouse all rumors pointed on small changes too design.

      S7 its getting attention becouse its so popular

    • The ferg

      Because last years version was a great phone and this year they are adding water resistance, huge battery, micro sd for up to 200gb which connects to the phone storage so you can now use for apps, better camera, new audio chip, faster processor, more ram and possibly a force touch style type screen. All packaged in some kind of stronger magnesium alloy casing. Sounds pretty awesome to me.

      • Милен Стефанов

        In fact sounds boring- it’s just S6 + actual hardware, nothing interesting…

        • Ben

          look how long it took for crapple to change their design, why care if the design almost isn’t changed? all specifications are going to be better than the previous phones anyway

          • Милен Стефанов

            There are only 2 really important things- bigger battery and better camera. About other specs I just don’t give a fuck- even S4 is way too powerful device for 99,999999999998% of users…

          • JDMillest

            You need the spec to push better camera.

          • My Galaxy Prime

            What if you had a bigger battery and better camera, but the internals made the device too slow and too power hungry that the battery and camera became unusable?

        • KRS

          No its not

          • Милен Стефанов

            Seriously? It’s not? Please Samsung fanboys- go suck some black dick…

          • KRS

            Sounds to me like you need a life.

          • Милен Стефанов

            I do have a life and life is good- just finish banging your wife and now your daughter suck my dick after fuck her in ass…

          • KRS

            Hay stupid I am not a guy. Do you feel like a big boy talking to a woman that way.
            Android Authority would you block this guy he has no reason being here talking like this.

    • retrospooty

      The S6 looked great… The issue was lousy battery life and for some lack of SD card and removable battery.

    • le_lutin

      I think most people thought it was a handsome device. Have a look at all the reviews to get an idea.

    • KRS

      Last year’s s6, s6+, s6 edge and note 5 are the best looking smartphones out.
      And no it is not exactly the same, but no not a lot different either.

    • Timothy Rhodes

      Question. Do you sit around looking at your phone all the time? If it’s up to your ear, you aren’t looking at it. If it’s in your pocket you aren’t looking at it. If you are watching videos, etc, you aren’t looking at it. I really don’t understand this way of thinking. Give me a better phone, couldn’t care less what it looks like.

  • payaxy

    Actually, the biggest changes I see is that Samsung finally learned something from anaemic sales of S6 range, and started to implement features requested by customers again – bigger battery, SD cards…

  • Dt Bell

    bump up the battery, ram, and processor and you have an S6 ++ I’m intrigued. I’d stick with the black tho..

    • Ry

      Micro SD and water resistance apparently too. It’s no ++ everything will be updated just won’t look too different.

      • Dt Bell

        I like the look/size..a little less fragile, mebbe

  • Michael Parker

    Never liked the protruding camera of the S6 but somehow the more flat camera here cheapens the look of the phone.

  • charlie Jason

    Anyone else having lag issues on Android authority website using chrome? I have a 6P and its usually pretty smooth.

    • Ryan

      Not this site but a couple websites that are usually smooth for me have been lagging for me on my 6p as well.

      • charlie Jason

        Still, even if the ads are badly optimized, 6P shouldn’t lag.

        • Prince

          The lag is probably on the server side as the page loads, not on the phone side.

          • charlie Jason

            But after a while, when all the ads have completely loaded, it still lags.

          • Sebastian Nuñez Del Prado

            No lag here. But then again I use Adaway

    • jendrush

      I have same issue on Note 4. Too many ads i think.

      • Jake

        Just install firefox and the adblocker plus addon! That should help it load allot faster.

        • jendrush

          Thanks, i’ll try.

    • trwb

      No lag with Firefox on a N6 using ublock. I think it’s the ads.

  • aaloo

    Man, silver looks good. That gold colour looks like poo though.

    • le_lutin

      What gold colour? If you’re talking about the top pic, then I think that’s sliver too.

      • le_lutin

        Actually, looking at is again, maybe it is gold.

    • Tandem

      It’s the same as Silver Titan Note 5 which is only sold in Asia. I don’t understand why Samsung can’t make the color options of their phones entirely consistent all over the world. It’s just a freaking painting job.

  • Timothy Lim

    Looks like the S6 built some muscles and lost some fat

  • Scott Ricketts

    Have to say I’m totally stoked for this one.

  • Mike Bastable

    A kind of wierd HTC vibe going on here…beautiful product.small changes mean i am not sure this is going is going to have the impact or sales the expect…a little bit underwhelming.

  • devoncatt

    Daft real button on front, Non release of S7 Edge in Europe, slow release of Android updates Touch Wiz OTT No wonder their profit is down

    • Fag

      But their profits arent down?

    • Andreas Larsson

      Why wouldn’t the s7 edge come to Europe? Ofc it is

  • aditya sharma

    it’s a same shit as previous year with additional extra bucks!! dense mofos samsung

    • JDMillest

      Same goes with all other oems

  • JDMillest

    Why people are always complaining about design? Who cares if it as long the phone have what we want buy it.

    • Timothy Rhodes

      Exactly! Couldn’t care less what it looks like as long as I can get a bigger battery, a microSD card slot and it fits in my Gear VR and doesn’t overheat in there.

    • Samrq

      Mind you, majority of the complainers use a cheap platic case anyways.

  • sprikitew

    I’m just going to fake my surprise when s7 is unveiled. however that silver is cool

    • My Galaxy Prime

      lol this is too funny because i’m doing the same

    • Burak

      Same here lol

    • Hoggles

      We know (think) the regular version will have one….but I just hope that the Edge version has a microSD slot as well.

      Maybe for both, it’ll be a sim/microSD combo slot. If that could even work?

      • neonix

        It definitely could. The Xperia Z5 has a combo slot just like you mention. I believe a number of other phones do as well.

  • Kody

    Is it just me or did they make the backs of these things more reflective? Anyway I like what I’m hearing but I’ll reserve final judgement for when I find out about how thick it is.

  • Manoo Bahar

    Guess what,it’s because they are leaking them.. why because the third model s7 will be forgotten until 21…the foldable s7

    • st3phenson77

      Well if you’ll notice none of the leaks have been of the bottom or top, so you can’t look at features and confirm the usb-c charger and micro SD slot. And all the old leaks that showed what it could look like were just guessing really

      • Roflsome

        There’s no USB type-C on the S7. Disclaimer: Haven’t seen it myself but my colleague did.

  • Karly Johnston

    I said the black one looks like glossy plastic, this one still looks like glossy plastic.

    • Samrq

      I remember when galaxy s6 leaked on xda. It looked like a greasy platic (reminiscent of galaxy s3’s glossy plastic). We’ll just wait and see.

  • Cyberstriker

    The design is ugly Samsung 12-megapixel sensor isn’t worth being like Apple iPhones, if they were smart samsung should just keep the 13MP or 16-megapixel ISOCELL sensors.

    • Chris

      stupid bruh? they are using 12mp BRITECELL sensors that would be a lot better than ISOCELL

      • Cyberstriker

        NOT with a 12-megapixel camera sensor if it would have been 13MP or 16-megapixel sensor quality wise that would have been better cause samsung started supporting SD card slots again.

  • nikolas ostropolskiy

    Please let them release that silver color at launch. Beautiful.

  • FlipJumpman

    Looks nice but let’s see what they do with TW… Also, update your damn phones Samsung!

  • Roger Swiper

    Looks good. Nice design

  • neonix

    The silver looks gorgeous.

    And the larger battery size is fantastic news! That’s one concern of mine taken care of. If the SD slot rumors turn out to be true, then I may finally be returning to a Samsung this year… once a root method is available, of course.