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When Samsung formally took the wraps off the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge earlier this year, the reaction was a mysteriously mixed message: the Korean conglomerate was clearly showing the world – and its most vocal critics – that producing a “premium” non-plastic device was hardly beyond its ample means.

At the same time however, the lack of a removable battery and microSD support angered some long term users. The big question now, especially amid mounting rumors, is just what the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge will ultimately shape up to be. According to a new report from The Korea Times, the shape itself may not be such a surprise.

Specifically, an industry source has said the following:

The venue for unveiling new Galaxy smartphone, tentatively named the Galaxy S7, is still undecided. Though Samsung has so far been preferred to hold its own unpacked event for new products, the S7 will get a little change.

Another source, who spoke to the news organization via telephone, offered the following:

As the S6 and S6 Edge represented progress, the S7 will have improvements both in picture quality, performance and other some new features. But because smartphones have already been commoditized, you don’t need to spend more on a surface overhaul…The key point is can consumers enjoy content with enhanced viewing quality and boosted processing speed.

To this end, it is suggested that the new pair of premium products to release early next year will focus more on increased performance from the SoC, and new DRAMs, and a brighter and/or higher quality SAMOLED panel.

Rumors have suggested the S7 and S7 Edge may see a return to the inclusion of microSD support. Those hoping for a revival of removable power cells however should potentially prepare for disappointment now.

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Tears of a clone: Could the S7 and S7 Edge look virtually identical to this year’s flagships?

Analysis: more of the same?

In the recent past, Samsung has been suffering from declining mobile revenue and market share due in no small part to keen competition from China. Once the undisputed leader in said country, domestic OEMs such as Xiaomi, Huawei, Oppo, and OnePlus have eroded the stronghold Samsung once had.

These manufacturers, many by selling exclusively online and thus eliminating costs associated with marketing and traditional distribution channels, are offering highly competitive products at costs far below those of the “old guard” of Android. The game has changed significantly in the past two years. Vlad Savov of The Verge recently said “the flagship smartphone is dead” and mused that, “the demise of terrible phones has made all phones exceptional.”

The demise of terrible phones has made all phones exceptional. (Vlad Savov, The Verge)

Samsung’s top management is well aware of this situation, and has been taking drastic action in recent weeks, with perhaps the most noticeable being yesterday’s replacing the organization’s head of mobile operations. This comes shortly after a powerful call to arms from the conglomerate’s Vice Chairman, Kwon Oh-hyun, who stated that “If we resist changes, then we won’t survive.”

Assuming today’s report of some similarity between the S6 and S7 pans out to be true, it would suggest that Samsung has accepted the change in market and thus did not feel it prudent to spend mass scale resources on designing a brand new looking handset when the existing one is more than sufficient. Apple successfully does this every other year, and even Sony and HTC have followed suit with their flagships in recent times.

Samsung Galaxy J7 & J5

According to Counterpoint, the Samsung J series has been performing the best in the third quarter of this year.

Where is the growth?

Assuming that Samsung isn’t going to make significant superficial changes to its 2016 flagships, it follows logically to infer a segment of its potential customer base, be it existing or future, might not feel compelled to upgrade to the new variants coming next Spring. Those that have the S6 or S6 Edge might see little reason, and those who don’t might find the 2015 models to be of better value given that their cost will invariably come down even further.

The question then, becomes where Samsung might be getting the money it may be missing from this situation. The Korea Times points out that:

Counterpoint, a market research firm, recently said that Samsung’s market share gains have come at the low-end in the Galaxy J series during the third quarter of this year, strengthening views that price and hardware-initiated specifications are the “factors” rather than the appealing and curvy surface design.

Indeed Samsung’s fantastic third quarter earnings this year were such largely due to component sales and a favorable exchange rate. That the company would seek to push hardware internals in 2016 as opposed to spending large sums of cash on design R&D makes sense. Likewise, any new breakthroughs or developments made can ultimately help the OEM with future B2B contracts for components.

Wrap Up

We would like to hear your thoughts on this issue. For those that own an S6 or S6 Edge, would you feel compelled to buy an S7 or S7 Edge even if they retain an extremely similar design? What might make you upgrade? For those who don’t have an S6 or S6 Edge, would you be more likely to purchase them instead of next year’s offerings due to cost-performance issues?

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March 22, 2016

Please feel free to take our surveys below and then drop us a line in the comments section to voice your opinion!

  • Mark Kendrick

    I think that would be a good move, It’s not being lazy it’s being smart. Case makers would appreciate it as well, it saves everybody money. There will always be people that upgrade based on internal improvements, that’s the part of a phone that matters to me most.

  • Avieshek Rajkhowa

    Maybe, they spend more on marketing especially, bitching Apple than on design R&D or touch-wiz

  • Jprime

    I think companies should start to do the complete opposite and behave more like PC’s or TV’s. Let the S6 be the flagship for a few years, maybe bump up some specs and keep calling it the s6, and when a major change happens release the s7. Maybe the s6 from 2015 will be a little behind the s6 from 2016, but most people wont notice and samsung fans wont have instant buyers remorse.

    • Avieshek Rajkhowa

      “Keep calling the S6”? So, sum1 buys 2015 S6 and tells the future buying S6, it’s the latest one and even sell them on internet.

      Or, people stop buying the latest one, since one has to give money, than it falls out that Samsung shuts down manufacturing after 7 years.

      • Jprime

        No. Its like the ipod classic–kept calling it that even as it got thinner over the years. Maybe its thr same s6 with slightly better battery. Or other tiny changes. Would also make software updates much easier.

        • Avieshek Rajkhowa

          Now, wh’t happened to iPod as a whole.

          As for software updates, Samsung yet haven’t released Marshmallow update

          • Jprime

            They sold a ton of em? iPod made Apple even bigger and blew up the itunes store? I dunno, whats your point?

  • Avieshek Rajkhowa

    How to like this article, rightly-perfectfuly-wonderfully said.

  • saksham

    lol why would the phones be identical.. this is samsung we’re talking about not some fruit full of shit (apple)

    • Avieshek Rajkhowa

      So, u’ve telepathy

      • saksham

        im a diehard samsung fan

      • saksham

        im the no.1 fan of samsung

        • Avieshek Rajkhowa


          • saksham

            im subbed to samsung on youtube USA , India and samsung mobile

          • Avieshek Rajkhowa

            U Indian?

          • saksham


          • Avieshek Rajkhowa

            Hello, bro ?

          • saksham

            hello where are u from?

          • Avieshek Rajkhowa

            India, Gauhati.

          • saksham

            nice.. im in delhi

  • Avieshek Rajkhowa

    However, online voting generally doesn’t reflect reality.

  • Dickson

    I’d grab the Note 6, as long as it has MicroSD support and a 128/256GB model. I will never bother with cloud storage, mobile data is WAY too expensive in NZ/Australia.

    • saksham

      long way to go for the note 6

      • Dickson

        You’re telling me. I’m still using my Note 3! Was waiting on the Note 5, but it was crap. No 128GB version + no MicroSD support = 0 interest from me at all. I then hoped to still be able to get a 64GB Note 4 but they’ve all disappeared. I actually do use the stylus quite a bit, so I got the mrs a 128GB S6 and figured I’d put up with my ageing Note 3 for another year.

        • saksham

          the note 4 was the best a smartphone could have .. well it is available on amazon

          • Dickson

            Yeah but the 64GB version Note 4 with LTE is basically gone. It’s so bloody hard to get, especially new.

          • Dickson

            Just been looking, supposedly there are sites selling both 64GB and 128GB versions of the Note 4….. seems dodgy. Being sold from China too. Asking them to send me a screenshot of the device details and internal storage. If it is actually (somehow) legit, I’d probably buy it.

  • Kunal Narang

    Interesting to see that so many people require micro SD cards as the top priority rather than the design or the specifications. Is it really that important?

    • PLuToNiuM^Pu

      Exactly, i just don`t get why an ugly phone with expandable storage and removable battery is preferable to most people, maybe because some of them didn’t get to compare with other phone sin real life

      • saksham

        ugly? srsly -_-

      • Dickson

        Try having a phone with expandable memory so you aren’t chopping and changing stuff all the time, and then try going back to a phone with very limited storage. Trust me, it sucks. I know a few people that find having removable batteries to be very handy as well, because recording video ir playing online games kills batteries on all phones. The only alternative for them is to get something like the ZeroLemon battery cases, and those are cumbersome.

        • saksham

          u may be like snapping photos or recording vids all the time but we are not !

          • Dickson

            The thing is, I don’t. I have a few items in my gallery, then most of the rest is either taken up by a chunk of my music collection, which I go through all the time, or other media that I consume. I have a few games on my phone for casual play, but due to Android taking up about 6-10GB out of the base 28-32GB that the phone comes with, there isn’t a lot left on the phone afterwards that you can use. You need to keep at least 1.5-2GB free on there for the phone to run smoothly, so you have about 15 or so GB to use, and then you have your expandable storage.

          • saksham

            well at least its better than a 16 gb iphone .. dude pls phones nowadays do not lag at all u can bring ur storage down to 200 mb free and the devicce will perform like new

          • Dickson

            Yeah 16GB is a joke. I was expecting that by now, 256GB options would have hit the market. I’m a bit cynical there though, and wouldn’t be surprised if it takes Apple to do it first before the others decide to do the same. Most of the companies right now seem to just be slowly moving. They could easily jump ahead on it but would rather screw everyone for just a bit longer. If Apple does it then they’ll have to move out the better storage options as well, so that they don’t look like they fell behind.

          • saksham

            i also suggest u download clean master it got rid of 5 gb on my s5 !

      • Kunal Narang

        Actually, the problem is that Samsung has supported Micro SD cards just before this year in their flagships and people have gotten accustomed to it. Still moving to a no expandable storage in S6 was a big move by Samsung. But are Micro SD cards really that important that people just don’t buy a phone without that feature?

        • kr3000

          For me, yes.

      • pjtpjt

        Ugly? I neither want to have sex with my phone, nor I want to show it off with the gang. What is in it matters the most. However, I wouldn’t call the Note 3 or Note 4 ugly…

        • PLuToNiuM^Pu

          Am not specififying a phone here just saying in general, and if shape doesnt matter for you then you should be ok with the same phone for at least 3 years

          • pjtpjt

            Are you the person who buys two feet of red books, and one foot of green books for the bookshelf? Why on earth would I ever change the phone for its looks? For the faster hardware, longer lasting battery and a better, bigger screen I would. And I don’t really care if this in a plastic housing, or metal, or glass. I leave it for those who don’t buy phones for themselves, but for others to watch it, and envy it.

          • PLuToNiuM^Pu

            by looks i meant screen too, if you are changing your phone for a better bigger screen then you are already in the looks department

          • pjtpjt

            Yeah, no. At least not by the rules of the English language. It’s totally different if you buy a bigger screen for showing it off to your classmates, of if I buy a bigger screen, because it’s more comfortable to read books, or watch TV shows, or movies.
            You are buying it for the looks, I am buying it for the ergonomic features.

          • PLuToNiuM^Pu

            lol starting to get technical here

      • Bob F

        My phone is not a fashion statement – it’s a tool.

    • Dickson

      Cloud storage is not an option as coverage in Melbourne absolutely sucks, and mobile data is expensive. I have a 32GB Note 3 and a 64GB MicroSD card in it. My phone has about 3.5GB free across both the phone (2.5GB free, so performance isn’t too crippled) and the card (just over 1GB). I only have a work laptop and a PC I built for the mrs, so I tend to copy a lot of stuff from the PC to the phone to watch or listen to, plus I have a few games and apps on the phone. All that storage gets eaten up really quickly. I’d find a much larger capacity phone to be extremely useful, and MicroSD for additional expansion would be practically a non-negotiable for me.

      • Daggett Beaver

        I don’t know if this would be an option in your case, but network storage works extremely well, and it has the advantage of allowing multiple people to access it simultaneously. It’s just like cloud storage, only the storage is either on a portable WiFi access point, or on your laptop/desktop computer. Some portable WiFi devices even include an external battery for your phone, although you obviously have to connect it via cable for that.

        • Dickson

          Yeah I’m planning on setting that sort of thing up eventually, but any money I have at the moment is going on getting bills out the way (and a couple of speeding tickets, oops…). I hate having to keep sorting files off and on to the phone, though, it gets frustrating after a while. The lack of space gets irritating.

          • Daggett Beaver

            Yeah, but that’s the cool thing about network storage. You don’t sort files on and off the phone at all. You access everything as if it was stored on the phone. And most of the devices I’ve seen take microSD and SD cards, so it’s not like your investment in these cards is lost. But I get the bills thing… I live paycheck to paycheck so my options are just as limited.

          • Dickson

            Yeah living like that sucks. I hate being on monthly paychecks too. I was doing that as a contractor 2 years back and it was awful. I was paid a terrible rate and the monthly pay looked nice at first until you realised that it had to last you a month…. Fortnightly pay cycles are so much easier to deal with. But I moved countries and am back on monthly pay, but at least the pay is much nicer. I can just barely make it to the next pay each time now lol.

          • Daggett Beaver

            By the way, here’s an example of what I’m talking about. I didn’t look for the best example, just one that has the features I mentioned (this one is only $40):


          • Dickson

            Not bad, that!

          • tomn1ce

            Nice find…

      • Bob F

        Yes. The latest 128gb MSD card I saw cost about $40. Even 32gb internally on a phone will get eaten up quickly in modern times. I have several family members with 16gb phones and I’m always having to find myself clearing space for them, so 16gb shouldn’t even be in the conversation.

      • Avieshek Rajkhowa

        Than, Sandisk 512GB MicroSD card for u coupled with a 128GB version of u’r phone, format it with Android 6.X

        And if u use Evernote and Dropbox to store PDF, even better.

        “Keep Calm & wait for Note 6”

    • Hans Pedersen

      It is after all a gadget blog, not very representative for the general population. 95% would probably also “demand” it to be Nexus, or anything not-TouchWiz had that option been in the survey. :D
      I think the flash sales (pun o/) of large SD cards shows how popular SD cards really are at the moment.

      • V-Phuc

        where do you live? If it happens that you have perfect Internet coverage, that doesn’t mean the rest of the world does? Hence, some dependency on the microSD card. As for the battery issue, did you laugh about the Apple wallhuggers? Humm, how about now? Just saying…

    • Espen Bjørk

      As long as the base model has (at least) 32 GB of ram and there is an ample of cloud storage available for free (or very little money). I frankly couldn’t care less about the micro SD or the removable battery for that sake. The most important thing for me is innovations. Thats what separate the big brands, such as Samsung and Apple from the lesser brands – the successful implementation of useful innovations.

    • Luka Mlinar

      Its probably not. There’s a 128Gb model anyway. People will complain no matter what, they always find something.

      • droidtomtom

        But is the base model 128GB? Nope. And that should not be a luxury.

        • Luka Mlinar

          Why not. Everything else is. It’s not like you can get a SD card free. A 128GB one will cost you 130 buck.

    • Javid Nazim Mammadov

      I agree. The S6’s base model has 32GB of internal *flash* storage, which is way faster than any MicroSD card out there. I don’t think the lack of SD card is such a big deal.

    • Sophia

      Samsung Phones are now available online only on

    • Falenone

      Yes it is, period.

  • AnneBoleynsHead

    I love having micro sd.
    I love having the feeling of safety of instantly backing my photos or files onto a flash drive than the files just being saved straight to the phone’s hard drive.

  • Dis

    They need to launch S7+/Edge+ whatever you wanna call it it at the same time though, not 6 months later. People prefer different screen sizes.

  • Bob F

    If I can’t swap the battery, I would AT LEAST need a much larger one than is in the S6. Micro SD is a must, though.

    • Ben

      Same here, even though I could live without Micro SD IF the built in memory would be sufficient. But not being able to swap a battery is a definite deal breaker for me.

      Let’s hope that LG is not going to screw up the G5 as I am kind of looking forward to that one now. So far all the released androids this year and last year have disappointed me. So much even that I am still considering getting the Lumia 950 XL

  • 1213 1213

    Don’t care about design really, but I’m expecting the same form factor with a bigger screen and less bezel if they do keep it the same.

  • Javid Nazim Mammadov

    Design of the S6 is fantastic, I’d love to have an S7 with an identical design to S6.

  • Lou Burgin

    Samsung are saying there going to make much more changes from the S6 to S7 and just making the phone more powerful,but will offer the micro sd card option,but how can the Galaxy S7 really compete with Apple iPhone 6s,as Samsung will be planning ahead for the release of the Apple iPhone 7 instead,and will creating a Premium phone to release at the same time,just wish a new type of “Edge Plus” could be created with the micro sd card slot

  • BarKohba

    Quantum Dot, aka Triluminous, a technology Sony has been using for years in their TVs and Smartphones, but because of the technical cluelesness of many big tech publication, it’s presented to us as something new and innovative from second-hand late adapters (and re-branders, in order to fool us thinking it’s something new) like LG.

  • Richard

    Why? Thought the sgs6 was the best selling galaxy phone ever made? But just like most things samsung says this was all lies and them samsung phones are stop selling because people get sick of the weak ass brand.

  • jdawgnoonan

    I don’t see why people care so much about external SD card storage. On board storage is far superior. I have never had an SD card in my phone last much longer than a year, I have had several SD cards only last for 2 or 3 months.

    • V-Phuc

      Other people care. For all the reasons you may already have heard, so I won’t rehash here.
      It’s just funny to see (perhaps) the comeback of microSD support. Hold it long enough, Samsung will bring back a bigger, removable battery.

    • droidtomtom

      On-board storage is hardly far superior, unless Samsung were to adopt the PCIe interface for memory like Apple does for their mobile devices. This is in-excusable for a company like Samsung who manufactures the leading memory products to be using eMMC5.0 and UFS2.0.
      My external microSD card is equal in speed to the internal memory in my Snapdragon 800 powered Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro device. And UFS2.0 in the S6 was still not impressive. Now if the base model phone is 64GB with an option for 128GB I could see a point for it.

  • thepabulum

    S6 design with bigger battery and stock Android, I’d be first in line (online).

  • trob6969

    As much as i liked my HTC Rezound, when i decided to buy a new phone i still left HTC for Samsung and bought a Galaxy S4. Ironically, i just left Samsung for LG because of the EXACT same reasons i left HTC: Samsung took away features for the sole reason of mimicking Apple’s way of doing things to chase after iPhone’s loyal customers…stupid.

  • 404

    This is basically an S6s (like iPhone 6s). Of course Apple doesn’t get blasted for repeating the same design, but HTC did, with the M9 (basically M8s).

  • MidtownDawg

    The other very important factor for me is water resistance. I don’t care about a removable battery. I don’t know why people do. I do greatly care about the phone being water resistant so that it can handle real life (rain, sweat, spills, etc).

  • Chris

    If they can get rid of that jumpy bootup(feels like 2 minutes till you can officially unlock and use the device) and make the smartlock smoother(you don’t use the phone for a while you have to unlock and then swipe to get in) with similar memory capacities and specs. I can only hope if its usb c they use a good cable and adapter.

  • Choo Choo

    Still using an S4, I’m not seeing anything out there that I want. An S7 with removable battery and SD card might do it. They want me to buy a phone I have to replace because it will no longer hold a charge. Then give me 50% trade in for that flawed phone.

  • SD card support or death. So far the only phone I’ve seen that excuses its nonremovable battery is the Droid 2 Turbo. Unless Samsung can do something similar, my next phone will be an LG.

  • PairedPrototype

    The S Edge devices look great, but I hate bloatware. So I’m looking towards upgrading my Nexus 5 to either the 5X or 6P, not too sure which one yet.

  • Peter

    I would get the S7 if it still retains the microSD card support and removable battery design, on top of the glass design as the S6. Otherwise, I’ll be staying with my S5 for now.

  • Goran

    I think Sony showed what people think about glass phones no matter what specs….if Samsung continues same path…HTC and Apple will be very glad bcs real supreme and best phones to be made stays on them only.

  • Michael Parker

    In most stores now the 32gb S6 is literally half the price of the 128gb model and I could never justify myself to throw away money like that.