Owners of the Samsung Galaxy S6 lineup have been rejoicing as of late, as their devices have finally begun updating to the latest major version of Android, 7.0 Nougat. And while customers on Sprint and Verizon have been enjoying the new features that Android has to offer, AT&T users were seemingly left in the dark. This is finally changing though, as users of team blue have started seeing the new OS rolling out under build NRD90M.GxxAUCU6EQCF.

The update is pretty hefty at around 1.2-1.3GB depending on what phone you’re using, so you’ll definitely want to be connected to Wi-Fi while the process is ongoing. AT&T has also bundled Google’s April security update in with the OS upgrade, so users can rest assured they’ll have the latest in Android security on their device.

So far the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge are the only devices showing the software update on the official AT&T page, but we’re sure the Active page will be updated soon to reflect the changes.

Do you own any of these devices on AT&T’s network? Looking forward to getting the latest and greatest on your device? The Galaxy S6 is still far from obsolete, so it’s good to see ongoing support across 3 of the major carriers.

David Imel
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    Enjoy all the sweet nougat bugs, S6 users! ;)

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  • HalfSoftCookie

    It’s a shame my S6 Edge died a month ago. I’m unsure of what to get next.

  • AndroidUser

    Will the Galaxy A9/A9 Pro also receive Nougat?

  • Joel G

    If I have an unlocked At&t S6 Edge on a different carrier, will I get the update? (should I update at all?)

  • Chris

    If I have an unlocked At&t S6 Edge on a different carrier, will I get the update??